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Pslams 119:109 - Life And Death Soul Thirst

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 17, 2022 5:00 am

Pslams 119:109 - Life And Death Soul Thirst

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 17, 2022 5:00 am

Psalms 119:109 My soul is continually in my hand: yet do I not forget thy law.

When you feel like your life is in your hands is when your faith is cemented. Those words you will never forget - Robby Shares a Story on The knowledge our souls need.

Psalms 119:109

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Treasurers of only big into some knowledge fifth verse of none section in the hundred 19 Psalm actually it's verse 109 and it's a bit perplexing cigarette reads in English to me.

Anyway, it says verse 109 is my soul is continually in my hand yet I do not forget, by law, so clearly one of the questions I'm sure we all have is what is it mean to have your soul continually in your hand and obviously he felt like he was under persecution and what exactly is going on with that and the beautiful thing is the none as we talked about is the word Nefesh and the nice thing about the fashions. It is definitely usually thought of as the soul, but is also you know when he breathed into Adam. He became a living being, being and so this idea of having our life in our hands. It might be a better way to look at the verse from my perspective, especially since the way it was translated in first Samuel 19 when it says that King David came up against Goliath.

He had his life in his hand. Yes he did in that that sling needed to hit true or otherwise. You know that that would be the obviously the end of of David's life and and so in summary different ways. You know it's interesting that by faith.

David stepped forward to take on Goliath and had the faith in his own hand in order to obviously preserve his soul. But of course we know that you know God is the one who's going to direct his hand so that that that he becomes the victor, but interestingly if you look at the life of the psalmist you know he he did live a life were quite often. You know, his life was in his hand. Either the end of the sword or the end of sling was his own son chased him and you you got all these things that happened in his life where you can see that he was praised for this kind of thing. But the point is that of the obviously none that he's telling us here of the knowledge he wants us to grasp hold of his in spite of the fact that he's been through this constant struggle. It says not unlike what you might remember the verse that we did in the hoof section where it actually said you know I become like a wineskin in the smoke. Yet I did not forget by statute were that easy, is that same idea of I did not forget it. In other words, because of the conflict I'm entering into its causing me to not forget.

In other words, the more intense that the struggles that we have, the more the messages you know, come home, the more the messages become unforgettable has it would be right at night.

You know I just look back in my own life and I can I can think when I had the brain abscess and I felt like my life was in my hand well those passages those Psalms that I studied those places in my Bible that are in red because back I told you this before but I'll say again that when when I was in the hospital at that time with the brain abscess and was probably the closest to death. I've had through those illnesses that that happened in that time in my life. I had a red pen that I was using to make my notes in my Bible at the time and so that's the only time I've ever used that red pencil when I look at in those particular notes when I see that red marking. I know what that is.

I know when it was and what was going on time and I can tell you that one of the places that I will never forget right is my wounds faster is is is one line that's in the Psalms that that I wrote all over in red because I was so experiencing what it was that that the psalmist was experiencing in here he is experiencing this constant place where his life is in his hand when it's in our hand.

You know when were experiencing life-and-death kind of stuff. Well, those words of the Lord that come through in this particular time will be knowledge which it's interesting that the word knowledge in Hebrew, and as we talked about these seven anointing's that the that Jesus gets in Isaiah 11. Well, you know, the shift is knowledge and its in Hebrew. It's a dilated and it ends with the top and it's in is the idea of a servant that is going to be able to and it it's a dollar and I and and a top and in the idea is that you will be able to servant will be able to see the truth.

That's knowledge and invited Jesus, you know, just to bear witness to the truth right and so as we as we see the truth that brings life. We talk about how much ardent of fishes and much of our souls are connected to the idea of life. Friday breathed into became a Nefesh became life will life is connected and in so many different ways to God that idea of life. It has to do with it with the hat and and that idea of being connected with God and so this is why knowledge is important to our discussions and specifically knowledge of the truth which is Jesus, and again as we look at this anointing we get the idea of all my goodness these things get ingrained in us through our life lesson through NR souls are continually in her hand. That's when things count as were our faith means the most is where the rubber meets. Thank you for listening today. As we continue on the none section of the hundred 19 Psalm

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