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Bible Wonder- A Women's Body

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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April 12, 2021 9:22 am

Bible Wonder- A Women's Body

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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April 12, 2021 9:22 am

Talk about wonderful!!! Song of Songs  7:7 Your stature is like that of the palm, and your breasts like clusters of fruit.

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This is very broad one wonder about something is absolutely wonderful and that's a woman's body go. I think that what God teaches is beyond like you to God. This whole subject. If you look at the song of Solomon, which happens to be my favorite booklet on top about. It's interesting how they did these verses you ever number them is pretty good at it. Song of Solomon chapter 7 verse seven has got a whole lot to wonder about mirror and the neat thing about that versus you find it late in the book. The books only got eight chapters and so at this point in time, and their love affair, and I hope you're familiar with the song of Solomon, that's between.

Hopefully Jesus and his bride.

Another words you know how God loves us, but as we look at this particular section is definitely about a woman's body in it for the biting bride of Christ is really neat applications to that that will get into in a minute but this is song of Solomon chapter 7 verse seven and to just read that verse for you. This is by stature, like to a palm tree in my breasts to clusters of grapes is the way it reads in the King James version. I found it a phenomenal blog by Catherine Armstrong and I think a woman is just the person to describe this better than me and my buddy boots trying to clump around in this verse but I think this is amazing. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did when I read it on the post the link course in the podcast notes but here we go. She says as the earlier part of the verse. Compare Solomon's wife to a palm tree more consistent continuation of the thought might be comparing her breasts to clusters of dates or some similar fruit of the poem. Perhaps the imagery of the bride's breast being like clusters of ripe fruit is a natural simile for men or maybe even for most women it was a natural one for me. At first I think of a customer fruit being grapes dates or coconuts as being lumpy and bumpy and I think of breasts as being one soft round and entity more like a peach. However, as I meditated on what our Lord. The living word in the internal author of the song might have been trying to teach. I remember back to the days when I used to nurse my infant children as a girl. I assume that milk flowed from her mother's nipple in a single stream rather than like a kitchen faucet.

I'll never forget the first night my infant son started drowning because he couldn't keep up with the flow of milk he choked and began to cough, releasing his grip on the nipple milk sprayed and no less than seven distinct streams a good 3 feet away from us in all directions, including his tiny face that really enraged him and I realized with amazement that a woman's breast is not a single fruit. It's really a cluster of fruits. Indeed, studying the encyclopedia reassured me that I was not normal, a woman's nipple consists of 15 to 25 irregularly shaped lobes leading from each lobe is a duct elective Ferris docked which opens to the outside of the nipple, from the encyclopedia Americana 1995 through 1949 so here's another example of the connectedness and the person perfection of the word. A woman's breast. Although soft and smooth externally is indeed a cluster of fruit organically and internally. Also Solomon the human author was a brilliant man and an avid student of natural history, and he could have received with appreciation the essence of nature of his wife's breasts as a cluster of fruit.

Now that in mind, the basic unit type that is exempt begin to think now where the bride of Christ and how does this exactly work for you know Paul made reference many many times about the milk of the word. Well, as you who wonder about the word of God, like I do and I'm so grateful for your wondering with me in this today. You may know that one of God's names is Al Shaddai which you know can kinda mean the many breasted one will. His word is milk its business.

It's made reference to. There's no doubt.

And so as we learn his word. Just think how cool is it that we have up to 25 different docs in each breast in order to have all sorts of families of ours are children and so many different ways feeding from what God has for us and so is Jesus said in a freely received so freely give and to teach the word of God I believe is what Jesus is referring to when he looked at his bride. In the song of Solomon chapter 7 and he said your breasts are like clusters of some wonder about today on Bible wonders

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