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Satan's Objective - Oxidize God's Seeds!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 30, 2021 12:36 pm

Satan's Objective - Oxidize God's Seeds!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 30, 2021 12:36 pm

Super awesome.  Where there is smoke, there is music.  What?  Yes.  It's true.  Just listen and enjoy

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts of starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network's mission to submit information. Really, what else can you do when faced with what can anyone do selects his promised simply in bloodsoaked soil.

See the tree have grown hasn't been too long wasn't being that she got mad the first day that she planted was just between welcome card radio show Satan's objective is to oxidize God's seeds today on the Christian Car Guy Seifert title.

It just describes what I'm talking about so I really got this understanding this week and wanted to share with you and share some other really cool things aggressive in teaching me and really has more to do with cars and then sometimes but the whole idea of oxidizing God seed so you know if that's Satan's objection oxidize God seed when the first important things you got understand is how he oxidize something and so is a car person I can tell you that you can oxidize something by fire, like when your car is running down the road. It's oxidizing it's fuel that's part of what happens the oxygen mask.

It takes more oxygen and as fuel because oxygen is what you need to have fire or rest when you see rust on the car. Guess what, that's oxidation to its different kind of oxidation, but it certainly is another way that really is hormone were my first clue came this whole concept is when you choose something you are oxidizing right in your body needs that energy that fuel in the food that it eats so when you choose something you are oxidizing at that's part of what you doing so.

Satan uses and in Jesus even mentioned it rough in arrests or burn up.

You know, or chewed up in all those cases you got oxidation so if you listen that intro it's really really amazing that's actually deleted scene from the movie the hobbit and having read the book. It's kind of like critical little understanding there that Bilbo is kind of looks like he's in the no-win situation like everybody's gonna die and he stops in the blood.

Blood he soil any plants and acorns as a resentment. As you know, sort of like this. Hope that here. Life is going to come out of this place of death and and those seeds are so critical in so many different ways in life and in Job 41 were going to get all into that.

So I think you're gonna end up really delighted to be a it sounds a little down in a little bit with time at this but I think you're gonna see how cool God's plan is for all this and you heard at the end where it says I hope you dance because there's a beautiful passage in Job 4100 talk about Leviathan where it says that we will dance and in its from my perspective, a clear picture of what the end of the story. Looks like so there is a verse, and it's called verse 20 here in Job 41.

It reads like this.

It says out of his nostrils and his talk about Leviathan, which is a clearly he's talked about Satan, who is the one. If you remember, it's kinda responsible for Job losing his 10 children and losing all his everything he's had this been oxidize. Believe me, and especially his children had to be the thing that really really hurt him.

And so you hear God in verse 41 is explaining to Job about this Leviathan is essentially oxidized his seed so out of his nostril go smoke and out of a seething pot as excuse me out of his nostrils go smoke is out of a seething pot or cauldron now so the key word in this particular passage. As it turned out, as I stated it was smoke because the word smoke. I'm actually been a Bible study over the weekend. Wonderful in my neighborhood that they started and the pastor was bringing up this passage from Genesis where Job and excuse me, Joseph's brothers hated him. I start to look at that word hate and I said that's interesting to hate is to oxidize their seat or the seeds of faith in others. This shim, which means to oxidize something to chew it or to burn it or those Things and then so you when you're oxidizing somebody seed.

You're essentially cutting off their line and so if you got away with murdering Joseph, which they did to, they would've cut off, obviously from MMS and that's the whole idea. What we don't want to hate her brother will get into that more but when I looked at the word smoke is realize I just studied hate and malice of my switchover to smoke and I went oh there's iron in front of the word hate meeting to see the oxidation of seeds, what's not smoke, but really really cool. Most Bible commentators will tell you that smoke is a metaphor for God's judgment and someone God starts burning seeds which eat he does throughout he's burning Satan seeds right because the way you're gonna cleanse something if you got a bunch of Satan's hate district.

All these things that he is sown, you know, lost rage, all those things that he sent one of those all laying around ready to to grow into a full-grown plant. You got to do some burn and and when you do that you get some smoke and that's the deal. But that's judgment. You see, but on the other side right. If nothing revolves felt some judgment coming from self-righteous people like you feel judged when you're left. You know what that's hate there there there judging you and it. It's like smoke out since I'm pointing my finger at everybody. Let me point back at myself sincerely got one going forward. Got five going back so this is a perfect picture. It's an absolutely glorious example of road rage okay which I struggle with my family will tell you. So if I look at verse 20 from the standpoint of road rage in my kids or sit in the backseat. They see out of his nostrils is going smoke like a seething pot or cauldron they can see me see the they can see that pot of Steelers to smoke and what am I doing I'm judging the other driver that guy that's on my bumper right he's right there in like I can't go any faster because there's a car in front of me. Why do you have to place yourself 2 inches off the backside of my car and put me in danger in my family in danger and so I'm judging him and I'm seething. My pot is just seething was really cool thing about seething pot as we begin to study that is the word for cauldron is actually reads her bulrushes and I'm like what in the world because I'm trying to figure this out. My model of the pond or stuff like how in the world could cauldron be reads and some people translated that the that pot was being boiled by reads that were smoking a lot and make some sense. But as I really began to ponder.

I love this picture that I got. If you've ever been to Yellowstone National Park you seen a hot spring and it just so happens that one of the few plants that will grow in hot Springs. Her bulrushes now. If you've ever been around Robbie when he is road raging or other times that I go off, it does remind you Old Faithful is good you get the picture. I oh my goodness. Now that the challenges as we are seeing this in our living. Verse 20 Job 41. Who is this guy well this is Satan himself.

I mean so out of my nostrils goes this judgment right like a seething pot or cauldron It's Old Faithful you know you can see it and so like wow you know how Jesus said if you call somebody stupid right it's the same as murder him or what you gonna have to go on after their seed so this is like 10 account, can I spot this in so many different ways and what then can I do about it. Well when you get to Job 4122 this is the dance part okay. It sits in his neck and instilled of describing Leviathan aces in his neck remains his strength in the you know about being stiffnecked. I bet you enjoyed that sometime when you try to ride a horse, and his sorrow is turned to joy before him all that word joy would be better translated in my opinion, dance, and so the idea being is God gone in there and essentially you know oxidize your seed, whatever that looked like it was really, really painful.

I think about the time I was diagnosed with cancer and I was crushed between the Jeep and same year there's a lot of stuff that was getting crushed but at the same time it was the worst of times, but it was the best of times, because God came through for me so much during that time that I literally danced inside to see the picture. So the question today is when did you dance in so you then under the thumbs. Satan 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Promised simply in bloodsoaked soil see the trees have grown hasn't been too long wasn't being so today show on the Christian car guys show Satan's objective is to oxidize God's seeds is God's objective is for us to so so so right Mormor seeds that right love, joy, peace, patience, all those kind of seeds but then also think about the opportunity we have, especially here at the Truth Network to so God's word, which is all kind of amazing seed when we tell somebody something that we read in the Bible we possibly with their appetite to go to the Bible to get more. The Bible then your selling all sorts of seeds in your heart, which become really a literal wall against Satan's attacks because you might remember when you when you talk about putting on the full armor right one of those pieces of armor. Obviously you know is is the sword of the Spirit, as is the word of God so is worth thinking about this word of God and and and is our defense against obviously Satan's attacks as Jesus did that.

You know when he was tempted. The neat thing is, as we see God come to our comfort when Satan is attacked and oxidize this lab that looked even if it was in the road rage experience. If you turn to God in repentance and say help me out here he is he standing there to comfort you so that you can dance in front of your enemy and if you think about the 23rd Psalm the way David said it was you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemy and what a beautiful thought that that that really is what what is telling you is that if you turn from whatever it is that that Satan is in the middle of this attack. You have a virtual feast that is waiting for you right over here in the way of comfort and sometimes these things come on us like you know in Job's case, all these horrible unbelievable things, losing his family, you know his own illness and all his friends put them down all the things going on in his life and yet God gives in this piece of encouragement in Job 41 that you can dance and sorrow, and so is your thinking about that. I would love your story right where you danced in sorrow. You know that was a good time at one things that were just beautiful, but I remember my father's funeral I really do of being at the you know the place. My heart was broken. I was enjoyed such wonderful relationship now is gone. Here I am, but I get a chance to honor him and and set something straight with a lot of people that came to his funeral that I knew were not charter members of the Bob Gilmore fan club and explain some things about my dad and his personality in his life. You know, to just honor it and so you know, that was no time for me.

You know that I danced in sorrow.

I could see clearly the table that was set before me because with whatever persecution comes in. I was special kind of of I guess encouragement or a special kind of provision for that moment in time you're going through this God reaches out with something unique for that time and then you got a chance to sit it out or dance.

I love that song. I really do is by Leanne Walmart and you get a chance to either sit it out because you feel bad or you got a chance to dance and when you're dancing. If you think about it it's it's really an idea is that you can plant some your best seeds is your member in accidents as you receive power from on high. When you're my witness will when he's out there comforting you and people can see that there something in you there's hope in all that you are planning some truly, truly amazing seeds of faith okay and and again get back to the parable of the soil you not to talk about that is just one of those things it really gets me the God talks about a sword goes out to so in the course.

There's one part in it where he says you know don't sewing on the hard path because the birds will come and pick it up.

Well that's there you go there statements approved example he hates seeds okay. He hates seeds and if you wonder why abortions a problem. Now a lot of people and a lot of folks are involved in whatever they're involved in, but when we tell you who the author of that is you look at the baby's face and you are seeing a picture of God totally innocent, totally beautiful, totally full of life and all sorts of potential and Satan hates that he hates it and so he has been throughout time. You can go back to whatever part of the Bob you want to look at and you're gonna see Satan is going after the babies even when the first murder happened right able's blood cried from the ground part of Whiteley's blood cried from the campground is that all his seeds went down with him right there all right right in their and it doesn't take long, and their sacrifice and their kids in the fire right to buy all the deceit there.

Satan's plan to get these oxidizing seats. That's what heat we know what he's done in so many different ways and so many. But in spite of that, right. We know the end of the story that the end of the story working to get a chance to eat at this table. This can be set before him as a lot of other amazing stuff that I got kind of surprised that nobody wants to dance today. I'm all here by myself.

I desperately need your calls because you know I was expecting somebody 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 and again there somebody nuggets in this passage I did podcast all week on Bible wonders if you want to hear some of the other things that I picked up this passages absolutely fund the deal. I started to do that every day so you can go to the mic podcast which is prescribed and get those of the Bible wonders we come back and talk about some scales and not the kind of skills you drive a that we need to hear your stories about when you danced, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH will be right. You're listening to the Truth Network and Promised simply in bloodsoaked soil. See the treaty how bigots will hasn't been too long wasn't being objective to oxidize God's seeds today on the Christian car guys show you know may be better when have you danced in sorrow was very fun. I got the lines just lit up and I've got all sorts of people to talk to him so excited about that but I need to mention that coming up at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network Eastern time is Amy Cabo and the cure was really sick. She got a Christian counselor coming on today talk about family struggles. Specifically, depression and suicide and the question that the kind of pondering and you can call and live on this is God. All we need, which is really good really really good question so well. We want to go to Laura in Raleigh in which the she's got comment on her seeds on excited here at Laurier on a Christian car guys show up we lost Larisa will go to Randy is in Charlotte Randy are on a Christian car gush of the morning good morning I am excited to hear your story really am. Well, years ago I was working on the dog were to move out of their lives in the year they would give me a heart that little guy reading my Bible my great they would confront me that he had mandated that they shouldn't do that let out voicemail green in the way that the will. People come on the job on a break lunch break whatever big does whatever amount they do that with a be a party or will began getting drunk and talk about the Bible is below the middle term have a date anymore be read by. There was also some rows over me in that particular area. I work as supervisor out scriptural of the board of robbers regarding wisdom so that the back and read it told me take that down the all right, all right, I'll be down and not post again Again. They came to town what it close that particular aeronautical and the particular people trying to get rid of me.

There were math and I know it was with really not fighting against flesh and blood became the kind where even math manager there director of the hospital area you might think of to get rid of me. It went down they called me at that day did you remove one third of the boat so I did not witness the where will you be willing to think about addicted show and I passed this black coat that which already knew what would and eventually and even her director. Whether it didn't take the gene talking band and astronomy annuities burned to me but I know it may eventually close that area. Two people lost their job well this thing in the house is the main thing. My job there.

They may have stolen that that that where that direct an area also confronted me about reading the Bible on my last break, mind you add eventually develop that will need to do something that would get that when I could, she went back and told the director would not obey our order. They terminated me bad. Eventually they terminated me but rejoice in the Lord and 1/2 of the new withdrawal what went down.

The lady that up to get rid of me and I rejoice the night and try to go look for another job and I just prayed that the Lord, knowing because I went to hearing about your me before they closed a little bit area with old valid director email day when it clouded the gift you thought that you might have the ball with that did not prove it by way of an undetected bear the want to purchase.

If you terminate that had you remember what little bit of milk and light. I went to a hearing at that time and they here dictate and notice came back to me that we feel bad that you should be asked.

Just a lot I didn't worry about. I had just bought a new car. On top of that, I rejoice thing God is big, not great, not right is not pleasing, even unto me and I prayed about in the dark God does rejoice there. My joint, I went to another hearing that you want elevated to appeal and here dictate. Get back with them later.

Which was a month later feeling all this, I got bills to pay. I rejoice in the law. One morning I rejoice in the Lord of the phone call came through and the man on the back. If there you will want to get your job not only that you like to get paid, but every day you know yes sir I hung up the phone. I began to read George Gray anything report to work the next morning I put on my supervisory white block walk to note many of them apart below ground out looking around proud of what God and the fate of the in animals. The other study was to get rid of, but at that moment, but eventually they did their job. God is good.

Just stay with the battle don't give up. You might not always win the battle but you go in the wall that is awesome and mild time you're reading your Bible and filling up with more seed in Morse even more seed.

I mean that's just awesome. Thank you for that story makes my day.

God bless you and appreciate you calling is as well ago everyday. Thank you again Randy. God bless appreciate I got a whole bunch of other folks to get to him.

We got Keith is in high points been hanging on for quite a while.

Keep your on the Christian car but deeply there we lost Keith to move on to Carolyn Carolyn, I hope you're there.

Carolyn and all right so Carolyn tell us your story and Dr. Holland grandpa David Monorail and coming out and I got claustrophobic bad that the adrenaline gets Pouring and it didn't help and I got that was a very change person and get anything at home and an outline and with really going down because I got to sleep anxiety for weeks and finally had to go into before I got some bad time all I get out about it one day and opening state in Exodus 17 the Lord is my banner victory jumped out at me just dangerous. And I didn't know how powerful they are.

And even during that really hard time.

I didn't feel God's presence. He shouted at Elder and Elder and Elder again and I was in the hospital had to hoped that I could get them to bring one of my Christian type I Samuel 1747, expected victory was like spirit. Even now I mentally could not capture all of that and during that time daily to people that I met in the hospital there is a potential anxiety disorder program in St. Louis and gives an incredible program to help people go through that bad. One of the people he was known he had never slap one panic attacks, recalling that he might not never go everybody with Caleb at heart and she had such a fear that she can't jump in here, will you stay with me because I'm dying to hear what happened there, and not to mention I love love love you start a family. That's exactly the dancing was sorrow that I think only he's a hunter that can relate to.

So thank you and hang on for us right back like so much more. We got Elder and they have Truth Network and Promised simply in bloodsoaked soil see the trees have grown hasn't been too long wasn't being dies dance in sorrow today on a Christian car guy show and we left her hero Carolyn see wow quite a story and just horrible anxiety or as a result of experience on the monorail and then God came for her in the midst of that and I love the fact that he often does that through music and you had you had that what what was a passage in Sam in first Samuel Lori victory.

It really is and him you know I have a Bible at home is actually I gave it to my youngest daughter because she wanted it but it was the Bible that I had when I was really, really, really sick with with a brain abscess and almost died and the passages that were in that Bible that I wrote at that time or in red, for whatever reason I use a red penance. When you look to the Bible anything that I was making notes on at the time or amaranth and and it's just so precious to me because those were times in out when I danced in sorrow and in a car accident trying to learn skills and everything to control.panic attacks just to be able to think intention to benefit those people and the liturgist gave this to make it really didn't matter. It would you like to now and be free and to get our government but we did and it said that in a group therapy session that he did not take care of our country dad and started crying it out because that was the color that moment that he will exiled the Catholics always knew there was more about Jesus never knew how to get to go do something that would you like to know how to not have to fear and I shared the gospel with her and she seemed really did. Except the Lord and the same thing. She said the same thing that I did know we could have a relationship with Jesus one little finger clicked it with my notice and I was sitting on my bed Out Totally Empty Didn't Really Just Didn't Have an Identity of Myself Anymore and She Said Sick. You Are Just That Moment That Jesus by Signing, Train Me and I Know without Any Doubt at All in Me Coming.

Jesus Really Really Is and He Was the One That Was Shining to Craig and He Was the One That Put Me Back Together and Went to My Charts down in Front of Everybody That Have Been Met.Got Me Back and I Wouldn't Trade It for One Penny Stock That Felt so Thankful I Went to Because God Shouted at and He Assured Me and How He Changed Me When I Think about It so Clearly What Satan Meant for Evil, and That My Ride.

God Used It First for Such Good Not Only for Obviously the Two Patients That You Had a Chance Associates of Their Life Also for All the People Are Listening Today Because He Had the Courage to Call Carolyn. I Bless You, Thank You so Much for Your Story and Fram Occurs Calling to Check Your Love and Delight to Buy Them into Selling out Elders Venting on Absolutely Forever Elder Is in Gastonia on a Christian Car Guy Show Elder Jerry Good Morning, When Absolutely Sorted It When You Got Force Well Allocable. It Was One of Our Light Divorce 24 Years of Marriage Together, but Also I Went through Stomach and Was like Those You Thought You Have Allotted My Dad Came in Bottle with Light.What It Now. I Speak Wanderlust Go about Me That Because the Door I Got My Father Keep My Finally My Heart.

I Was Very Well Loved the Wrong Item. I Got It Was Going to Die of Cancer, but Because I Was Black Because It Betrayed Me Anyway. But I Will Go When I Find out Not Be Given Epic by the Beloved One.

Nobody Big Right Oblate People and I Want Think You Do Because I Went to Boot Camp.

Yeah, I Met You and I Was like I Knew about the Situationally like She Never Mentioned Stomach Cancer. All I Don't Really like about beyond That Will Be Marriage, Divorce and All That about the Blood That I Will like to Get Back to My Ear.

I Gonna Let You Go. Have a Wonderful Personal Relationship with That I Will Not Write Anything I Have Allotted My Heart and Got You Dance in Sorrow I Get That Completely Idea. Now I Know Right Where That Where That Place Is Now That You Know You Are a Dear Man I Am so Grateful That I Got a Chance to Spend Time with You That the Camp and for Colonization Here Now and I Love That You Will Be Oddly Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Male That Was Being All You Guys A Lot Easier in Years That I Met A Lot Of Pleasure That Many of Them.

They Give Me A Lot by and I Can Wait to Go Back to the Applicant Did Not Take Big Bottom Heart.

I Think Prefix to Get It up in April Were Were Working on Date Right Now Little Tough in the Times That We Will Get Together. Thank You Elder so Much. God Bless You by Then We Got Her to Call Back from Raleigh's Were Not Try to Get Her in My 22nd. So When I Don't Want People to Miss out on Your Seed If You Can Condense It As Quick As You Can Go Ahead, Think Again Lighted It, Get That Monolith. Now When She Had Anxiety Right Can You Go Real Clear outside the Hospital Sitting on a Bench and I Was Physically Not Well. I Was Scared and I Leaned down and Cry Really Hard Lord If Your Real and Powerfully Allowing Their and so You Dance in Sorrow That Is Beautiful and Thank You for Coming Back Ensuring That I Hate Were on Time. I Really Really Do It with Your Sword and Get More Stories from Live Another Show Coming up Soon. Meanwhile, Thank You Felicity Christian Car I Remember Slowdown. Jesus Walked Everywhere He Went, Got All Done in 33 Years in This Week As We Get Opportunities Dance in Sorrow and Show the World What It Means to Have Cheese.

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