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Christmas Moments - #5 OH CHRISTMAS TREE

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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December 19, 2020 5:00 am

Christmas Moments - #5 OH CHRISTMAS TREE

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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December 19, 2020 5:00 am

Christmas Trees And Ancient Prophesies revealed

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The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore

As I start to think about this.

Remember in trees.

It was going through my head and all of a sudden I remembered this study.

I once did. In Deuteronomy 2122 right which I have here on a paper plate.

You'll see why it's on a paper plate. If you go to Christian Car because I I started to think about. This is where we get the idea of hanging someone on a tree used is from Deuteronomy 2122 Somebody does something worthy of death you hang him on a tree while I knew what that look like in regular Hebrew books Holy Spirit just prompted me to go to the ancient ancient Hebrew was a completely different script and's and the Jews teach that maybe that was a common way but if you look at the most ancient Hebrew. You can find like stuff they found on vases in the King David's time to find it's a different script in the Hebrew that you will normally see today will this become significantly smiling but but it's a leading my paper plate so I had that I couldn't find anywhere were somebody had. Deuteronomy 2122 in that ancient script so I took the time to write it out.

I didn't write it out. I did go from left to right like you normally would do Hebrew so I could see it is paired English and when you look at this. I'm telling because good letter to love which is in this several times is across and soreness as you hang them on a tree and you put that in ancient Hebrew and by the way, I got a picture of my drawing there the Christian Car you find there are three crosses. There are two males and three shepherd's task is to use pictures writing instead of letters and these pictures are very significant and at the end of the verse when it says tree. Guess what you got. It's it's as attic. It's that tree right that were all made righteous on

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