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Your Calling

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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October 31, 2020 11:54 am

Your Calling

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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October 31, 2020 11:54 am

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The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore

Modern I recall General Motors switch recalling General Motors, the man we know that you gave me something in my reading say radio show no sign or calling you try to guess that what you're calling today on the Christian Car Guy showing before getting all that I got a calling for God is calling you to set your clocks back to you know that yes it's probably how fun is that.

And at the same time God wants you make it to church on time tomorrow so you have searched your clocks. I guess you you fall back. That's what's going on so we get an extra hour sleep and how fun you know we don't want you showing up at church too early, maybe that might be good.

I don't know but I know this is one place that you're getting a call so you know if fame is laughing and skip bear that Lily Tomlin played just copy the general of General Motors is just a classic stuff. Then we got to question Croce with his love that he thought would save him. I you know that's really chilling kind of discussion amendment and then last week somebody challenge me on whose ukulele that was underneath, you know, welcome the Christian Car Guy show and I know is the Hawaiian guy who sings somewhere under the rainbow but I looked it up is is what people refer him to Ms. Izzy is Israel like Hawaiian my name starts with the cave.

It's really long but it's a beautiful somewhere over the rainbow version is you never heard it and I love ukulele that's under that so use that and then electric light Orchestra right if you think about how many songs I can use dozens to talk about phone calls but you got a call it's coming from God. It's all the time and you know a lot of men they struggle with that and so we got a boot camp, been really really fun. I would blast and turn the radio. As with other things that I get to do my finest things I did to his boot camp and were going to start that one. November 12 to the 15th for about 10 days out and very very exciting. By the way, that's all Christian Car if believe me a lot of people flying in from out-of-state stuff to the same. It is were it's a time that we spent alone with God. There's no cell phone coverage up there so you can get a loan you have plenty a covenant of silence time for you to print a lot of things we pray about is what is our calling right a lot of men struggle right here including me got what you want me to be when I grow up. There's a lot of instruction there and so this this particular.

I happen to draw that talk slow talks that goes on a little bit later and that and it just intrigues me on how we kinda triangulate that position and so I've been studying that always really really hard because I have that talk and then yesterday was my birthday so really really fun. My daughter my granddaughter came over to help me celebrate my daughter Tess is the nurse and as you know, you would do it at the family dinner know Tess is telling us that she really think she might have PTSD from what she experienced this week and that and I really didn't have any idea all what nurses go through at times, but clearly you know she was in. She works in the operating room in the trauma center Baptist Hospital and there was a gunshot wound to a 22 month old baby and she happened to be, you know, not in a normal position, but she was helping out some of the weapon call scrub text. I don't know all that much about it. So she had scrubbed them in order to help them get ready for anything that might show up in a while she scrubbed in whatever that means exactly. I suppose nurses and doctors out there know what but I know while she's scrub.

Then all of a sudden, here comes this complete trauma case of the 22-year-old child had been shot and oh my goodness what she described that she went through and I did not know that they keep the operating room market 100° while going through something like this and if she begins to describe all the things that they were doing to save this baby's life and as I'm listening to her. I'm realizing the call that's on her life to do something just like really significant. I can see how this and unfortunately the child lived at least through the first couple surgeries and last I heard they were still in critical condition and we can still be praying for that. It means a whole lot of my daughter. Believe me because she feels like oh my gosh that we were in the operating room and 100° for like five or six hours and in seeing this doctor just do amazing things that would sale this change. Save this child's life. But as she's describing it enough to me. She says you know dad like when you when you when you clean the fish and you see this and she's describing things that you and then also did hit me. That's right.

One of the reasons that Tess wanted to be a nurse was. I took her fishing Flynn cheek was a kid and part of the thing that you know my son was never all that wild about cleaning the fish. Tess loved it and one of the things I used to love which just sounds really gruesome, but it turned out to be instrumental that God would use this in a powerful way that like oh my goodness I'm I used to love to.

If you catch the fish and you and you get the guts out really quick. You can watch their little heartbeat and it just was neat and I used to show Tess look at that you can see his heart still beating and and and so she she just fell in love with this whole process and and and so part of the reason that she wanted to be my my mother was a nurse and she love that idea service, but she really wanted to be a nurse and involved in things about think a lot of people in an actually having gifting towards but clearly she does it. As I'm sitting there watching this. I'm looking like oh my goodness, how did this happen. How did she understand this, and I realized that because of some of the callings that God had on my life which was I love to fish.

I actually loved to clean fish. I love to hunt.

I actually loved address dear, you know it's something I've always done and I and I did not realize all my goodness. God would use this in order to save or help save this particular person's life or maybe all kinds of people that God is working on in so many different ways. Well just sit back there thinking about it, but there's this wonderful movie clip that we use in this talk that you but just as down and everybody sold its ever seen in his arrogant little in the in of the Olympics near the turn-of-the-century. He was a runner, but he was also want to be a missionary to China, and in this little quote bear his sister's trying to talk him in the just being a missionary and he says, but, but God made me fast and to not run would be to hold him in contempt because when I run I can feel his pleasure and to win is to honor well the point is that quite often. Our calling isn't that big thing to go to China. It might be. I mean all those things are part of it, but we were called to an abundant life, and there's little things in life like that could be a huge part of your calling because you feel God's pleasure. When you do that, it may be playing a musical instrument which part of what I'm doing.

This is an brothers and watch all the commas you may know, I chopped up my little finger and I play guitar/at the end of this on the play might and then my 12 string came off my lemon string guitar. The little part that holds it up. The bridge is gone. So I'm in a play classical gas on 11 strings with nine fingers okay and you get a chance experience as you go is by giving a talk about this calling and you know there's a lot of really, really powerful forces that are at work here. But then there's always something really simple that God just trying to get at and all of this and any really kinda makes it clear just in Genesis when he just gives you your first calling right because he he sits Adam down. He says okay. The very first thing he says to Adam is what the fruitful. Oh my gosh. Can we dive into that but here's what I want to do to help share would meet him today because I'm all by myself and I need your calls is what you do and it may not be your actual occupation or maybe what you do where you feel God's pleasure. It might be someone, you know it it it it might be doing something else to work him aboard a church. I don't know what do you do where you sense God's pleasure.

While you do it 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH I would love to hear your story today. I don't want to be all alone. So call me in the hand me a thing in and will say your calling in the Christian car guys show God's calling you actually call me all the time. The question is do I pick up the phone, but meanwhile we have. I'm very excited. I asked where do you sense God's pleasure in what you do elastic people calling and share with that with me which I'm very excited to have Jonah's in Greenville, South Carolina John you're on the Christian car show good morning good morning so I am dying to know what what what you want to share with okay when I was growing up. And I probably did not like my mother.

I immediately saw that one coming. And not only that, but I really week where we take it out of the blue to a nearby church Bible study and prayer have prayer Bill day and we are able to do that because of the really bring court made in 1980 constitutional that we could do that as long as the other parent permission and do it like I think that one opportunity date when they were acting at my character teacher and not let him try happen and I never do anything in Cali in teaching people were and how it comfortable middle have not been definitely take me and my comfort down but it's been difficult at times because the medical is a hard line and everybody worked with them big contact with feel like I'm not getting pretty I'm not doing any good here but yet there then there are times when I'm telling a Bible story and they are just hanging on to every word… It smiling down at that time. I know I'm doing God's word at work in the community where I will plan now graduate high, going to college or working to make it that I have the hardest time I one that are going to be very and get out till he got Barnett gifting. It really might heart validate what I'm doing it but I didn't think that's the feeling got and I call that the this can sound a little weird, but I've always thought about this. You know, I call it the buck knife strategy. And here's the deal that those kids that are difficult to work with and I dealt with a lot of them over the years a buck knife. There really really really hard to get sharp and and I really think Jewish people to a great extent not to know.

I don't know to be judgmental or whatever but I've I've met a lot of Jewish people and their really really really hard to get sharp. But once you get a buck knife sharp. It stays sharp. I mean, it really can do a lot of cutting and so those same kids their influencers and and they really have gifting's but of course they got different attacks because Satan is very aware of what those kids are capable of and he's been coming after him big time right and and 08. It's so beautiful that you know you have this testimony that others listing you know maybe it's worth the extra 10 minutes with us to this drive me crazy so that beautiful artwork in difficult, as one get up at Rian how got it working just beautiful Joan God bless you, thank you for calling and sharing.

I really really appreciate it.

Thank you so wonderful to have your call to live here. Thank you, Joan, thank you all right you know you got some to say you are welcome. Please me dying to hear what you say, 866-348-7884. You know you sense God's pleasure when you're doing this, even though it didn't seem at the time like this would be some old God was imminent. He was in that fishing trip.

He was he was in that time you went you know out and started playing the piano or whatever the situation was.

It's just amazing to see how the stuff comes back so as I'm preparing for this boot camp. I I am looking at these things that I've used in the past to try to help me what I call triangulate my position so if you went out to try to find your way right now to somewhere you would probably need a map or GPS system or a lot of times you triangulate your position with your eyes. You just don't even know it is like I'm sitting here and I know where the microphone is which kinda tells me where my producer is right And based on where that window is I kinda know where I'm supposed to sit or what where I'm headed because I'm actually triangulating my position with my eyes which is what you do if you're out at sea and and you. You've got a bully over here the left and the and an island to the right and then you take your compass and you see what degrees that's headed that way about when you triangulate your position, but in order to do that you need a really good compass that knows were true horses and you also need a really good map and so as I'm doing this talk for the boot camp with the three touched points that are going to be talking about that we used kinda tried to letter calling our desire like something you really, really wanted to go fishing or maybe teacher not desires a big one of those three things you can try. You laid on validation which you just heard John talk about that. You sense God pleasure God's validation from a lot of places, but validation from God. This is my beloved son in whom I will please means of time and the third one is risk. Now the map. My guess is your life story and the compasses you might also this is Jesus/God. So when we get back to talk about that but I would more like to talk about your story because that's how the stuff really comes and see how God is actually doing this in your life, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the network and no your calling today on the Christian guys show where do you sense God calling you and where do you feel his pleasure. You know it's it's an amazing thing in one of the places we hear the Christian Car Guy shall actually feel God's pleasure we get to do this is in the Jesus labor love where we help out single moms, widows and families in crisis and you may know that with it. I got a new volunteer here about 56 months ago. Scott, who he's told me about these phone calls and how he can since God's pleasure as he gets a chance to pray with these ladies and see what they would do. But the most interesting goblins, calling on me this morning to go.

You know you really need somebody else to help you because lately we've had a lot of cars donated is just an absolutely wonderful and keeping up with all that is been a struggle to stay between the people that need the cars and the people but donating the cars in getting cars fixed and all that stuff so it maybe you would feel God's pleasure in dealing and that would somewhere you can go to Christian Car and there, of course, you can listen to all the shows past podcast Christian Car Guy theater, but you can easily see how to email me if if you want to get connected to the Jesus labor love. There's all sorts of stuff there, or maybe want to go and come to the boot camp and here the complete talk on calling that I'm in a do and all that stuff you can register for the boot camp right there but getting back to the stories.

I'm really blessed because we got a couple callers calling and I got I think it's is it JM Durham good morning.

I find I can, I try to book but only spent three decades ago Dallas colony and finding out course and from then on dad formation taking place in my night and not like the idea for something a transformation of the hard things that I was sure what that night. 838 antennae on dad kind of opportunity that I had not had an okay go to South Korea and that I was going right at the Korean war dead needed case to all the public key to say that I had never had a chance to get in forward education from the get go there when I made a way that is my second language. I knew what cost cutting. I nearly got my down hard I had to study twice hundred and 98 and was about 20 years ago and I can't count how God had opportunity 92 days and career opportunities that open the gospel and may not like that got setting but that 199 my mind and my open many doors that country that every person that other people do not have been lying you to see dad for the test to check and I get so excited and equipment Co. K. You must have been quite the link you talk to Christianity you know and sometimes I would go on and on and on your I am over powering this with a method that understanding so I have to come to refrain myself and yet responded. And I know from past experience that your working in oncology and you gave people this poem right you sent me one time and I had opened the door to clerk at the time, but I'm tempted to do a very powerful date creating word that up to that high and any patient to have a total dad and I told when I know that to hospice care. From then on I take and I would put them trying to put I am not when I try to make connections.can't wait to make a call at all and I made a friendship and dandy day at home as I can make the rest went to my take on what I would to come now and I put you to tell you and funny. I now it was not much of the time my son, I had to get the point.

You know what's happening to you. Have you thought about what happened to the ticket – spread the wall on Wednesday, but I consider pretty late that night. God had put that high and intensified after my husband died of heart attack at the age of 58 after being there. During that time. Of course nice get away and compete for it took a full like to get out yesterday rescue me from day or but he intensified the passion even Janet and Jennifer become a Christian. So I died like a cool body dictating from cancer the body and mind. The ravaging by that.

I see this so word feeling that what state that what God had created most precious thing that we like created by God and Satan was to destroy what God created when a player got me an opportunity what to say and I went directly between the Sinaloa say yes I'm dying because you got it. Got to work but in time I would tell Dan but they can just take time to read correction event affected you believe that you prevent directing your new body opportunity. I my way and many people are time on dictation, but it may not like I get an dive into that say the reason you get their attention is because literally when you're connected to the vine right he's got the power to touch hearts. We don't have that power. But he can touch people's hearts through us when we give him a chance.

I got up. We gotta move on to thank you so much for that wonderful testimony absolutely beautiful exactly where you are God's pleasure and what a story you just keep up the great work. My friend will be praying for you and of course thank you thank you thank you but I got my good friend Sarah Lynn up in Port Orchard, Washington, who also has a story for Sarah you're on a Christian card I show the morning.

Oh, about the time I say good morning, here comes a brace music as we got to go to break Sarah but when we get back to hear more from Sarah, but I gotta tell you, when he just said to be fruitful. There's a secret. In the Hebrew word fruit and if said first letter, which means it's God's presence.

So I thought about this. You know you can't have fruit without God. You're listening to the truth and recall your calling today on the Christian card I show speaking of calling coming up at 1 o'clock in the Truth Network you got the cure and their show today is moviemaker and the star of the new show faith under fire which gets right in the calling, consider right before the break I mentioned that in Genesis 128. It actually made this really, really simple if you just stop right at the first when he here is tell Mme. here's what you're supposed to do, be fruitful, okay.

And so you may be aware, in Galatians 5 they give us these fruits to come to give us an idea of what that means and their love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and of course self-control.

I don't know as I was thinking about this in order to have fruit right it takes two to make a baby takes two to tango.

In other words, I gotta have Jesus and he says that in John 15 right abide in me and you bear much fruit which glorify my father.

Me, that's kinda how the deal works but that last fruit of the spirit that is always been a bit of a challenge for me to know if it is for you, but it's called self-control, and I had to just pause on that this morning and think what for me to get self-control rely on somebody other than myself right that's fascinating that it's kind of a oxymoron. Almost like self-control, he can't be done in I love yourself. It takes God in order to do that deal. And so, if you will stay in his presence.

He can face like it says in Chronicles right those who seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then these can or if you know that's where all fruit comes from its his face with his presence, getting back to Sarah. I didn't mean the whole job but I want to get those thoughts in his ear before we got your story, but now I'm ready gotta force you your program on about my grant granddaughter thinking about maybe different understanding of monthly actually went to a glare headed for when we will return with our Lord and and that we will be. Will I be thinking about that and I was thinking about the fear that she might granddaughter Eric had a blocker and we didn't discover it till much later date when she was little Mohammed, you did mommy and me in learning to swim and anyway, that was when she was just something that happened in her life and she had a fear of water. We didn't know that and I dare anyway.

She had her stepmother, who is very precious woman had given her. Anyway, the thing is that Clearwater will godly really going to be.

I can't give you all that I'm thinking about how those fears are gone now and that she with the Lord and those things that God is going to be blasting her in that new creation and keep blasting her now and I started writing a poem well because that's the way I for my thoughts and I'm working on it still that all the things that problem to life in this life, God is going to make damn blasting in and that and are forever life like you know and I know this is a list of the cylinders just one of my dearest friends coming. I just so glad you call this week is a big missing her early life she had struggles forming thoughts and sentences so these poems that you do child and I want to miss out on this because I want to run out of time so it would you mind reading to us what you got so far. Okay when I got far it got working on it like body we are apart. The arc of our salvation. We are the heart forever.

It is hard life.

We mentioned placing heart daylight.

We find when we received him, become preserved eternal treasures preserved within our heart within within the new heart. He did give it are stored.

The blasting week will not with our body from his broken heart, which were made and I have to write a sentence saved kinda goes and then I was thinking about that just put it. The C illustrates a number of things but there's this beautiful number one I can sense God's pleasure.

When you write your poems and and it's interesting that when you look in the description of King David that that the name was coming. Have King David sitting for Saul and played his heart. It says that this man is skilled at playing an instrument, but he is also a man of war in a warrior and the idea of a warrior poet which the Scotsman did for years. You see there's a side of us that has to fight Satan but then there's this other side of this. That's all for all of us as a poet and an MMA come out through music or it may come out through some other art form of drawing or whatever but you see when you sensing God's pleasure in all that you literally are seeking his face right yeah and as you're there, abiding in him. Then you can bear fruit comes including self-control because I do it just if everybody was listing to this segment.

I hope you did talk this right Sarah. Linda was given the gift of poetry to help her frame, her thoughts so she could communicate with them and that's a form of self-control when she's in God's presence.

You see, you see what happened all of a sudden she she framed her thoughts perfectly because if you get some other parties were listening right.

It just is and you granddaughter. I was also thinking this Jesus is the living water. Satan would love for us to be afraid to walk, but there is no reason to fear because there's nothing, nothing compared to the living water and just absolutely it springs up to eternal life just does. And so as I was thinking about your precious granddaughter and struggles, and her mother. What a treasure. What a pleasure it's going to be and I will put my arms around you guys in heaven. Looking forward to go see the light, as though that is going to be like Jesus and we can see what all he's done and you will thank you Sarah for calling. I've been missing you going on learning about that very site we got around that music told him about other times I can sermon God bless is always praying for your loss within the so's you listen nothing about where do you sense God's pleasure what to call at work and I bear fruit at this situation as we seek his face, especially this coming week. The closer we can get two eyes on Jesus parts on Jesus. Well, I mean we can't miss. But bear fruit. If he's there with us. That's the deal. He's in control so slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done and your truth and

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