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Don't Do The Heisman!

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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October 17, 2020 3:29 pm

Don't Do The Heisman!

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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October 17, 2020 3:29 pm

NO, it's not's the Christian Car Guy.  This is the closest Robby will ever get to talking "sports".  Great lessons today with Bob Young in studio too!

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The cuticle if you're the devil's worst nightmare with the and out podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories will realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds in joy at Sherritt but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network on tomorrow so one initiation five.

Radio show. Yes, I bet you're wondering after all that today show.

You can hear that sports music because it don't do the Heisman. That's the name of today show you tickled. It's with don't do the Heisman.

So maybe I can picture the Heisman for a second. Return metal trophy little guy got his arm stuck out there and he's got his lowball and he wants to take his ball across his goal line and they've got his hand out.

There is no push away. So my 60th are the classics to form were doing today and will get into what that actually is. I gotta tell a story kind of show you why this was run around in my mind so in the a friend of mine went by Volvo in this this friend of mine has plenty money could buy 10 Volvos and pay cash for all he could pay way big, probably big Volvos think about that a lot.

So he goes in the about us Volvo in the Volvo. The sticker price and the swallows $48,000. And so when they sit down to bite his spine. The car for his wife and he's like, well, I'll give you $40,000 cash and they come back talk to the boss with everything I do and they just say no, they don't make a counteroffer they don't they just say no when he goes to do anything less and then he may go no site. To make matters worse, he goes home he looks on the Internet in the same places on the same car 46,000 on the Internet that courts will be of interest in cargo, people tell me about a thing was he's telling me this is being someone is trained car salesman for years and years and years and years and years. There was a basic standard thing that you and like one of the first lessons like car salesman 101 would be that I would give him this guiding principle Bob and the principal went like this never ever never tell somebody what you won't you always tell them what you will do it by telling them what you won't do I mean by telling them what you will do you be telling them what they want what you what you won't answer the point being. Obviously the guy says I want to give you $40,000 for the five okay so if all you'll do is 47 999 at least come back somewhere and say something because negotiation Bible style is where is your listing to the beginning comes from a stand of I want to serve you okay and and and so if you heard of the very beginning.

It says the little man from BR gases.

Life is so unnerving for a servant to us in serving. I and then you might remember Bugs Bunny offers Yosemite Sam, take one step well it that's what negotiation is. It's a serving one another. It's like take a step. Take a step right negotiation Bible style like Abraham was saying to God will Abbott after two people 25. Whatever you might remember the story when he was destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, but underneath all of this is this concept of servant and so if you look deeply, from my perspective. Jesus not only taught this idea of never tell him what you won't do tell him what you will do my tone, and in any taught it clearly. If you look at any time somebody asked Jesus for something he gave them something they may not get what they asked for but Pete would tell him what he would. And so I think the one he illustrates so beautifully so beautifully is when John and James write the boys of thunder that they come up may ask if they can get good seats. Is it okay if we sit with you at your church at your table, and he said to them, you know what sure you don't know what you're asking aces. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, or to be baptized with the baptism of which I'm been baptized, and they said all yeah where were ready and he says the cup that I drink you will drink which you know he knew obviously a lot when you can imagine what Jesus thought I'd you know he knew that James would be beheaded. The he knew that John would be boiled in oil. It didn't kill John, but I mean he knew that they would be wrapped. That's but they did it. They did it not with the Heisman. They didn't have their ball trying to get the best seat at the table. They did it in order to serve Christ me and think about it and then you know all the all the guys got upset if you've gone and the story marrow like Jesus. What's up with these two direct up the good sleep and that's when Jesus gives him the secret right.

He says you know that those were supposed to rule over the Gentiles lord it over them, their great men with access to exercise great authority but it isn't that way in the kingdom.

Whoever wants to be great has to be the servant asked to be the slave right. It's kind of hard for me to grasp completely, but as it marinate CN, feel it, no. So let's go back to the Heisman for minute we got this guy and I get it football game. I get it. He's got his ball got his stiff arm. It's my ball I'm taken across my goal line was take the commission salesman right he sit there trying to sell a Volvo and I get it. If he makes a big profit.

He gets a big paycheck. But if I'm looking across the table and I see this man really wants to buy this car for his wife that it's my job to try to help him like to say no gator which admittance my friends name insured when money is gator you know in order to buy this car in the current market is what's going on in the car business is not aware of it is the carcasses of John Knotts.

There's no more cars never had. Most dealerships are making more profit than they've ever made because it's completely completely a sellers market because of coded inventories dropped, but then sales skyrocketed because people are trying to comfort themselves Lago I feel better. You know, if I go buy new car for my phenomena feel better if I buy a new RV sales are going crazy. All these people are going out there trying to feel better by spending money.

Getting closer to God of this sale but anyway no that's the deal.

And because of that, inventories. There are no S there are no big RVs out there to buy right now so I got a friend sales RVs.

He's just killing it because they can just look out there.

There's only two left. Which one do you want and you're going to pay everything for I yet you're in the position of still being a servant, but unfortunately were spoiling our salespeople because they don't realize it. In spite of what's going on. They still conserve the customer by at least saying gator look, I know you used to getting a big discount on expensive car like this.

But right now here's what's going on in the market. There were some Volvos like there's never soulful some so you can get to the Internet price or make a list see what else we can do here. Let me try to help you. Let me try to serve you and and so it's just a lesson plan. God had me on a week and I've been marinate on it all week. Mom, so the ideas don't do Heisman well I was sick I been sick, you know through this stuff with my finger in my diverticulitis all at so one morning I was just I just was not out for much. I call it crawl up in God's lap and my normal time and I just don't feel good and so rather than try to go deep with him. Guess I didn't have it in me. I was just like Robbie Gilmore, reporting for duty sir like I'm here. How can I serve you God that what is just them and as it rolled out of my mouth I thought when I always say that, as a means really about you is not about me it's not about my ball. My goal line. You know what I'm saying is, it's gotten a lot clear, though.

Maybe you've got a story on the Heisman were talking about don't do the Heisman family Christian car guy you can call us with your 863487884 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and on the mono sound and will in one Association.


No, don't do the Heisman today on the Christian Car Guy show that we lost her headphones.

Sometimes it happens during the break and so we were coming back so we can hear ourselves, don't do the Heisman with the idea that you can picture, which by the way, I have all this written and you can you can see the little trophy there with the guy holding out his armies got his lowball under the he's headed for his goal line and I love it when obviously college football tapping like that.

Don't get me wrong, but when it's life okay and work time climbing up in God's lap. As I was just describing right before the break. I'm climbing up in God's lap and course I have my ball. I have my goal line and I was just dropped it because I have anything in me, but I just didn't feel good and I was and I said Robbie Gilmore, reporting for duty sir and God says to me interesting you say that he said spend a little time on that word duty and I think your find something amazing and so I went and looked and you know and second Chronicles David were actually Solomon was describing what King David said was supposed to happen in the temple, and he was telling them their duty right at and so as I looked at that word duty in Hebrew.

I got shocked out of my gourd like oh my goodness, that word is the word word. What about the ramifications of the word being word is are phenomenal.

When you begin to think about it.

As you might remember in John chapter 1 right in the beginning was the word right in the word was God and the Word was with God and so Jesus is the word list just, you know. Yes, that's a Sunday school answer, but it goes much bigger than that that that that word is in the Bible. I think like I have included in my article. I think it's like 1400 times because every time it says that the word of the Lord came to somebody there using that word in Hebrew, which is to bar and that word starts out with the doll and which is the letter which kind means to serve and and then the next letter is a bet which means the kingdom. Okay, that's the difference between my goal line in God's goal life okay so it's like serving the kingdom and in the last letter is a race which has to do with the gods had so the word word actually becomes duty and I don't know if I met a few people in my life that were like this and you might've been like this Bob. I never cared how much I made to do a job really. It was like if I wanted to do the job.

I was more interested in the job than whether or not the job paid whatever he paid to me this seems to be something to go do.

Let's go do that and on the always let the money fall where the money falls, and it always seemed like hours got taken care of so I can look at a deal like Melissa can be a big commission of this could be a small commission. I just looked at it will, there's a customer they need some help me go see if I could help him and if I can help him. It'll all work out and it always did. It always did.

If they leave smile and they'll come back right send more people to send more commission. It all works but I didn't even think through that it was just like this is seem to be what this is. And so when I was teaching salespeople.

The simple thing like don't tell somebody what you won't do tell them what you will do, because the heart that wants to serve would never tell somebody I might do that heart that serves is going to say yeah. How can we figure out how to get this to work because it's can take some negotiation all life takes negotiation. I love to hear people say I hate to bicker what you talk about every time you went to bed as a kid, you're like, I stay up till eight 3835 had never thought about it like that. Yet negotiations were around here.

They always are in all of life. It sizes you, you begin to negotiate like honey what are him for dinner okay and we had estimated to junkyard one day in the he was heard a commotion over on the other side until I went to see what was going on is what seems to be the problem is when Danskin such and such for this transmission as is will what you want to pay and the gentleman told me what he want to pay for and he left with a big smile on his face and he probably told somebody else to go see the crazy man. It was given parts away, but he was happy when he left and and you may customer have made a customer and he possibly sent somebody instead of telling 50 people not to come see us. You write which in these times when everybody you know it's a sellers market. All these people remember you, you know there's a few grocery stores I have on my list that I want to remember when the time comes and I want is no longer the sellers market, but actually we can come to choose where we go find her toilet paper how that works but anyway along the same is just a lesson plan. God had me on so my little brother found a tape so think about this word to bar in my lower just thinking about the word word, and so a word is is sort of our duty right. My brother found this tape in the state was my mother and my grandmother some 30 some odd years ago.

He went to my mother went and interviewed my grandmother about her life dating my grandfather and while she was in the nursing but when you listen to the tape, which is not all.

A good quality tape, but that my mom and my grandmother both from upstate New York and their arguing with each other and was like Marge shut up you could just hear him, and that was my mother and it was her voice. It was her words, but it was her words coming from her mouth and oh how precious it was to hear my grandmother and did not only here but here are and really like it wasn't hi honey I love you and this is my grandmother going at my mother. It was just it was classic stuff family stuff and I would never thought that what was important to me about when you think about how precious your voice. We compactly would love to hear your views on all this. You have a question accomplished by car 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH much more interesting progression in your listening to the Truth Network and will go do the Heisman today on the Christian card I show mom is the little guy. I have a tendency to want to do it. We all do but if you listen to, you know the candlestick he's telling an awareness sing you off to sleep while you digest it menisci is a servant thing to be flipped out. I mean, you know, and when you think about it.

Jesus does that for you. He sends you off to sleep while you digest.

I mean, I've thought about that all week. See, I've got a chance to digest on the stuff but as I think about you Heisman trophy in and push and push and 1/2 stiff arm inpatient rejecting and the fact that the word is the word in a when you so many times the messages come to me exactly what I needed today and I tend to stay in. I have tended this to farm in the past and and sometimes I still do and push that ID away last Saturday morning, I sit in there to have some utilities last week. I'm not sure I was sitting there at the house and I was texting with Jerry about rearranging our schedule for this month and then just all of a sudden the word hit me in the head and Unocal Robbie contact Robbie and see if he has against this morning, and so many times you know I could've easily but the stiff arm out there and push that word away, but I just decided to contact you and apparently God knew what he was doing because you didn't have a guest last week, or what good have a guest last week he sent me the message to come out and it just felt so good to listen to receive and respond to a message from God and so many times I haven't done that and how much better do I feel when I do receive and respond. Something he wanted me to do is if you love me you'll obey my commandments, and that is how that works but to further along my idea voice for minutes I talked about my mother, my grandmother's voice. I want to think about. Maybe somebody in your life it's been gone a while long while. How precious would it be not only here therefore it's that hear what you could do when you love to serve.

When would you like to serve your my uncle doing. He was such a character is his name was Dewey Bacon. My grandfather's name was Harry Bacon and I can edit it had a bacon Masters here anyway.

How awesome would that be, or just think how wonderful it is to hear your children's voice and and all I really is convicted me this week that that's how Jesus feels about your voice like when you're praying he wants to he wants to hear Bob as soon as you mentioned the voice while ago in your mother's voice in your grandmother's voice. It just rang my heart because I have a bear sitting on my dresser and I can match the bears hand and it plays Rob and Rob's appearance here in the studio, probably in this mic right here and from when he did the show form and covered me on the show when I was sick that one day and not two weeks before he passed.

So I have mass that bears hand in a in a little while that I think when I get home that was just such a great moment for me, that listen to listen to him doing the shed and it was a proud moment for him both almost got a lot of joy at him doing shed that day and I love that soundbite which by the way, it's on the podcast if you want to hear Rob's voice which I highly recommend you go listen if you've heard about Bob talk about his son for years and years. If you go to the podcast page. A Christian card. and you can do a search for Rob Young's precious moment with Rob Young is just that, 45, 50 seconds of Rob Young what he said that David Bob has on his bare and it's actually the most downloaded thing of all time Christian card. and probably always will be his people love to hear what he had to say that they but the point is I'm is as were coming back around is you get to hear God's voice and a lot of people say God's voice sounds a lot like my wife leveling the but think how cool I mean it's going to be like me on cool Moses got to see God face to face but he doesn't mention the voice but when we get to see got we were we're actually going to hear the word hear the word. I mean like with when unveiled.

Here's whatever that means. All these voices that we haven't heard from for whatever period of time there there of tremendous value because those words have tremendous impact and that is how we serve. We, to some extent Bob when I go to serve my wife, my kids, whoever I'm going to serve this radio station. I'm certainly doing it this way it is with my voice, and an end. You know if I was completely honest, it kinda bothers me.

Sometimes it every time somebody sees me to go Robbie I love your laugh. Glad you love my laughed but do I do anything else, is worth what but but but the point of it is is part of my voice is my life and part of your child's voice is your laugh and part of of whoever you loves voice is there laugh. Can you imagine what it's going to be like to hear Jesus laugh. I mean seriously. I mean, I know we've all heard them laugh. I mean, I forget my laughed and laughed at me a few times with the clarity with Jesus and say you know I love you laugh, you know it's it's going to be awesome. It's it's it's gonna be amazing and so I could see this all the time in my world Bob that people don't like to hear their own voice and a bill coming in the recorded commercial Mingo I sound horrible you think you sound so much different then you actually dating and and and it's it's amazing thing.

You just because Satan's been beating you down on your voice, your whole life. You don't know it but he saying shut up motormouth you got nothing of value. He says that every single person constantly. He does not want you to speak because that is where your power is when you begin to speak Satan has to get Don you have tremendous authority. If you're in Christ and and and he does not want that voice of yours to be right because that is how you report for duty. If you're in Christ and I mean that sincerely like you have to be in Christ.

But when you're in Christ your heath care, mental power and that is why he has been telling you your whole life. Shauna, you got nothing good to say he didn't want us to share now. I've never really thought of it like that for so many years.

When I first started doing commercials for the company and everything it I thought it sounded so much different now that you recognize me when I open my mouth out and I'm just on a regular basis, but it sounds exactly the same and that I was sitting in a restaurant one night just sitting there talking at the table and this lady walked up. She said I couldn't see your face, but I could hear your voice and I knew that was you that you do have a very unique, but there's no doubt there's only one Bob that the Shieh she came up and chatted with us for a while and everything in it which took about an ongoing relationship a business relationship and that it worked out very well for both of us for a long time, but she had just heard my voice and I had to come to the realization that people go to recognize me.

Sometimes when they couldn't see my face if they could hear my voice because we advertise the Mets at that period of time.

I was sitting in a watching a Disney in a kind of player, something that was in the Greensboro Coliseum and I was sitting next to a bunch people at it now course, talking to my wife and about 20 minutes into the play sky kind elbows meaning goes near the Christian card which is I never thought I kinda thought you would look more nerdy in person is good you what you hear people on the radio all the time you you can't see any don't picture what they look like a friend of mine told me I had to face the lady I all right we made your story precepts up your spirits and calls with your 866348784. We would love to hear your voice. If we would report your listening to the Truth Network and and in order to be made into a diamond don't to the Heisman.

That's today's Christian card I share with you picture that little character on the top of the husband are used for farming. God, you've got your little ball there and you're getting carried across the goal line. He's got something much, much better for you. He wants to make a diamond out of you. And speaking of diamonds Amy Koppel show the cure is coming on Truth Network at 1 o'clock. It's also a course the podcast all sorts of places is called the curative Amy Koppel it's live in today showing and we talked about home church is again something that the pandemic can handle whatever pandemic has made go crazy is lot of folks meet in churches which chuckles that and so batches can be on one line from the truth radio network. You don't want to miss that so we only got one segment left. I got a thank you but your thinking something and we want to hear your voice. I love to hear all the voices of people to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Whatever you're thinking, but here's we have within the Christian card I show the Jesus labor love which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

So I gave you County family crisis center there. Call me quite often and save it got somebody whole family that's homeless or whatever the situation, and in what's cool is I get to hear the voice of the person in the and and I get to hear the person in there pretty much doing the Heisman. Quite often when they first start talking to me they're not. They never know what kind of heart you have when you first call right because it is your still open and peer and it comes out it comes through so clearly and so quickly and so there they yeah it's hard to ask for help. It is, it's really a humbling experience when your you're in bad need. And these people are swallowing their pride and and and they just don't know whether they can be taken advantage of because unfortunately and just think about how horrible it is.

So many people out there to take advantage of the disadvantaged. I mean, oh my goodness, but then very early in my caller at some point McCall I just asked if I could pray with and and then the difference between when you bring God into the equation right and all the sudden stiff arm drops in the balls now in God's court know that quarterback can score and even though there's just so many lessons and that that II think about you know God. How many times am I refusing to use my voice to say God I need no, I've got that stiff arm there and I got a little ball and out and I'm in them and I'm trying to do the Heisman. But the fascinating thing is all of Mark chapter 10 Bob if you if you just read it and and think about what start out the show with what we taught every young car salesman. Don't tell somebody what you won't do tell them what you will do, and by telling them what you will do you be telling them which won't I that whole concept so look at all the questions that Jesus gets asked in Mark chapter 10 and in each case he completely illustrates this concept doesn't tell anybody what he won't do the same passages when they came and said your mother's and brothers are at the door. They want you to know this is my go to the door, he says, who are my mother's brothers.

He starts telling always.

He's using his words to share the truth to serve these people with his words and these people got to hear Jesus's voice. I mean, and we will to and and and I hope our sheep hear his voice.

You know the way that it's it's it's described throughout the book of John, but we do have an who's got something for us and so we want to get a halt. Speak about a voice they will bear you got so well commander on the Christian card I show the morning and caught my cell no encouraging when it came out click many decades ago on I was helping my parent.

They were going to Albuquerque like my old veteran. My dad were coming out a week after I bear my mom and I thought I must go back to Hollywood to further my career. I know-and I get laid before my dad and my my bed. The amazing thing because that morning I woke up to avoid literally oblate. I don't know if I am God, and then years later my brother told me that he and my dad wherewith I bear New Mexico can I get a lot of walking and talking about the Lord when he came to the Lord that if I hadn't fully scaled modeling. It was eerie in deniable though. I'm so glad I is an awesome story. I meet is not it's so cool and I know your dad was such a neat guy wouldn't his voice be really cool to have on the show right now I'm just getting started thinking about your and your mom I know how much You I feel like a mom.

Bob Mark chapter 10 right because Jesus says you can have 100 mothers is a symbol we've given up all the stuff what we can get isn't somewhat in the knocking again. He doesn't and what they're gonna get is 100 mothers, but look in that passage, Mark chapter 10 one of my favorite things.

Note note this, he doesn't get 100 mothers in 100 brothers but CME fathers are to get he doesn't tell him he's not what they're not going to get. They got a father when you when you mention multiple multiple mothers. My mother passed the day after Christmas and 93 and there was ladies at the church that just adopted me and just text me on either weighing and I had three or four superduper solid Christian women in my life that would just just mother me and and will not have one of Milo's bales and I would jump at church a little while and I went back it wasn't where VBA and where you penis it was always it's great to see great to have you back and they just loved me and loved me and there's one of the ladies still still alive Miss Piggy out of she still with us and that Ms. Mary Elam Barbara Gilbert got Barbara Gilbert and Amy Andrews, all of them, and many more.

To some extent different hundred on me and it's a fun exercise not done. Take a piece of paper and start count your hundred, cannot your hundred brothers counter hundred mothers you got them. I promise you do, it'll be a fun exercise. It's all there. Mark chapter 10 what a joyous chapter. If you want to see don't tell somebody what you won't tell them what you will do, and by telling what you will do what we tell them what they will remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, but all that is 33 years followed Hollywood things that I have. Thank you and for quality and thank you Bob talk to see by your listening to the

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