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Christian Car Guy - Developing YOUR Super Powers!

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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July 11, 2020 1:21 pm

Christian Car Guy - Developing YOUR Super Powers!

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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July 11, 2020 1:21 pm

Wow!  You have a super power.  YES you really do.  We are ALL Ninja Turtles because of Jesus.  Great super power stories are shared.   Very powerful and uplifting.  WAIT - it that a 20 dollar bill???

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This is Sam from masking journey podcast of her goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network's fundamental force testing and radio show and developing your superpower today I show that's right. Developing your superpower. You know that simple of hope that's on the chest of Superman well you may have heard me do a show on this before where was to Jewish young men that made up that idea of Superman in the New York and that original sign was is that it which means the righteous one. And so we know that Jesus himself has got that big symbol on his chest but he has everything to do with you trying to develop your superpower and so think about what Superman's dad said to him you my child have grown stronger than those around you could've ever imagined about you and you run stronger than those around you could ever have imagined. The only way to know how strong and this is profound wisdom really dig into this the only way to know how strong is to keep testing your limits. Get wisdom from Superman's dad so superpower so you could say supernatural right and Jesus actually said this in John 1422 said, truly, truly, which means count on this guys, I say to you whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do and greater works than these will he do because I am going to the father so God gave me this like huge insight this week because I really i.e. you don't know this but I been want to do the show for weeks and weeks. But God would let me do it.

Developing your superpower because he's been developing my superpowers for years and we've had this discussion and I wanted to share this link as now you got ready about ready. Well apparently I must be ready, because he said let's go with it so and and I always to go with God. Show ideas because that's that's really your email part for me you can do nothing. So first of all prayer okay if you ever considered that prayer is a superpower right. It's a supernatural power.

You have to believe God can hear you or you can hear God or why even bother. I mean this is something supernatural. If you're praying, if that's part of your life.

It's a superpower. In fact, it's a it's like what where the rubber meets the road. Like if you want to develop any others. It starts right here but if you believe in the supernatural. You pray, but if you don't want which, while actually that's called faith.

Okay, so if you believe you are actually talking to God or if you believe that your hearing from God. It's called faith and so where does that faith come from that's critical to this discussion of developing our superpower.

So where did that faith that you have come from well interestingly if you if you study the gospel of John Mica did this week. Chapter 6 it's all about the word from okay and here he says Jesus is its written profits and they will be taught by God that supernatural by the way, to be taught by God. That's a superpower. Okay, everyone who has heard from the father and learn from him comes to me this is Jesus out this secret they got actually taught me this week that I thought was so cool and is all over chapter 6 is that word from because the word from in Hebrew. Might you may be shocked to understand this. This was the secret he taught me if you were to pronounce it you would say manner. What yeah man, so the bread from heaven as Jesus was clearly teaching in John six. Where did it come from what you might remember, if you go to Exodus 16 Ray 1615, where there were sit there wondering what is this stuff if you look at what they actually said when they said, what is this said that they actually said where is it from you and if you think about that.

Brian it's like any answer to prayer. I can remember my lot was always like all where did that come from well that must be supernatural because where did that come from Brian so years ago when I was first developing my superpowers.

I was the general manager cannot evolve in Chapel Hill. Yes, this is a Christian card. I shall occasionally talk about some have recorded so business was in the dish and things were looking bad for Superman and you know everybody was count on me to get sales out of the ditch and so I was running out answers and like I said I was developing my superpowers. I decided I needed to test these babies and begin to pray on praying and praying God to got to help me sell more, you got to help me sell more and all the sudden this idea pops in my head just popped there and I was like what is at wares that from my I didn't think that that's too brilliant for me to think of. I mean, it was just like oh my goodness, what an idea that is in the idea was to have a scratch and dent sale literature. I have a whole lot for Hondas and if you look hard enough on any car at work when it comes off the truck.

You can find a little bitty scratch her little bitty tent so I went out there with a white kind of chalk thing. Select wax pencil actually and I searched these cars from top to bottom and every little flaw I could find.

I put a big circle and then I put $500, offers seven discount maze Hondas to put a big ad in the paper and I'm sure you're not shocked to know that we sold a ton of cars. Now this clearly where did that idea come from well here I am sitting in the general managers meeting about probably midway through the next month and everybody is played in all these are the general managers from all over the hot crown kingdom there.

We have all these different stores and they're all like Robbie. Where did you let that idea was genius, and here was my moment this but I didn't say well I prayed and prayed and prayed and God gave it to me know I photo bomb. Jesus is familiar with the term photo bomb if you go to Christian Car this morning I took beautiful picture of myself like photo bombing Jesus and so if you go there Christian Car you see this beautiful picture Jesus with Robbie photo bombing and is like taking the glory right. I had a perfect opportunity to give him the glory but instead I know it was clearly where did this come from where did this idea come from. So if you haven't guessed it already. We are developing our superpowers today on Christian Car Guy show and you may not know that I'm all alone here. I've except I have the world's greatest producer Beth and with me so I need your story of when you were developing your superpower God answer to prayer. And you're like when they come from, where it was mandate came down from heaven, which really, really, if you think about Jesus there on the John chapter 6 righties feeding the 5000 is gonna say one of the I am statements. I am the bread that came from heaven right I am the bread okay but the ideas when did you have that like where did this come from 866-34-TRUTH eight I need your help today. I really do 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call in and share your where did that come from your indication that my wife is always said to me in a Robbie I don't hear from God like you do is just not fair. You you get all the inside I never get the goodies and and she's been telling me that for years will know when they were brown a trip somewhere in and and she starts tell me about when we were doing special needs ministries and she said well you know I'd gone to this event at the church and a man was at their talk about special needs ministry and I heard from God that you this is going to be your ministry, and I just stopped us and what what what what what what you do what what happened right there. Can we backup like a sentence.

You did what I heard from God that this was going to be our ministry. All where did that come from. I know you got a story told Holland and Holland could be encouraged today with your story. 63487884 were developing our day on the Christian Car Guy show some of more you're listening to the Truth Network and's single valve embodied within the fundamental force anyone to know how testing and developing your superpower today cargo show. I wanted to do this for so long and so fun.

I would love to hear your story of when all the sudden agreements answer prayer. Where did that come from.

Remember when Peter got released at a jail in the people to be remote, less Peter than when he come from enough 866-348-7884's number. Call in and share we have Laura is in Raleigh, Laura, you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning still with us.

Laura all I hope so I hope she will call back.

She had a story that she wanted to share Laura can you hear me well she may have gone away but she will call back. We hope 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share your where did that come from answer to prayer as we are talking about my wife right before he went break. I'll never forget. She was telling me time and time and I never hear from God.

I never hear from God and you might've heard me say that in our network drive and actually to Raleigh somewhere, and in and I can remember being in the highway and all said and she says what you know how come we do special needs is one time I went to this event at Calvary and and there was a man stand up there. Talk about special needs and God told me that this will be your ministry amounts all backup.

What was that you do said that's what it so and which by the way, Tammy and I be doing that now for over 20 years. It certainly has been our ministry.

But you, even though she often think that come from what, that's the your opportunity to see okay this is a superpower. This is something supernatural. This is coming from heaven like the manna we have. Laura is back in Raleigh. We hope Laurier on the Christian Car Guy show the morning. I hear your grade. I'm sorry about our problems, but we were directed like all the line I can tell I went to another store by spinach I got back home again where I live. There is a shared table that people put food in it, but close, and whatever else want to go down a different way home at night I that cable and nothing was on the table that pepper one can awesome I got my buckwheat like one like where and that's experience it like when you lost your keys or like how did this happen were shocked but it is it is constantly you know along those lines that that got out well and I and I honestly think he is a phenomenal sense of humor, and he was laughing like looking down at you when you say Laura a top I am going on around here pretty quick right you know I'm strong to the when he reaches Laura for: glad you did God plan of so I know you got a story and we need to hear these.

This is all part of the deal the day when were developing our superpowers and we gotta test the limits of these things and constantly God is giving us these opportunities and winking at us when did that happen to you, 86634878848663 for this number to call in a chair. Like I said I'm here by myself so hey we got have the stories and the stories are what you know it really it's one thing to understand the principle but it's another whole thing to have it played out in front of you in your life right so the first time I ever use my superpower have to tell you I had attended the sermon that my wife drag me to tears where this pastor said in her prayers about listening more than is about talking and so when you really have something to go on.

God knows what's going on so you got two ears and one mouth you need to listen more than you talk so my son ran away and is like two in the morning and I can search, not from all over the place just like crazy searching searching searching searching. I didn't know what else to do. So I decided to try this crazy prayer the first time I ever use my superpower like Superman dread of lot started. God, I don't know how to do this exactly but please help me with this situation. I don't mind. I don't know what to do is just like totally surrendered this to you. I don't know and all the sudden he shows up and he says to me, Robbie. I've got it. That's all he said and I went in the living room to my wife. I said I just spoke to Jesus.

This time I did not vote Obama him but she looked at me like I was not, but he says he's got it while five minutes later, I promise. Five minutes later the police car pulls up in the in the driveway. It's 230 in the morning my sons in the backseat. The policeman gets out. Mrs. well.

The strangest thing just happened.

I was driving along and all of a sudden I saw this little boy get in a car with somebody. I think he probably shouldn't be in it just looked weird so I stopped him and and here he is, and there you go. That was the first time I experienced my superpower got damn his income is really major story 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tenure on the Christian Car Guy ship. Oh hello, Tim.

Apparently the break came in. I normally write about. We are fixed to start your story.

Can you hang out with me to the right now I'm looking forward to Tim. We got your story, next call. In order for it to happen. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Developing your superpower you're listening to the Truth Network and's single valve embodied within the fundamental force. Anyone know how to keep testing.

Yes, there were developing near our superpowers today on cargo shell is finally getting medallion I am having a blast and were so excited that Tim is encouraging North Carolina and Tim tell us your story well of lot of paper fell right story will really bring anybody down, but you have a great got mold and got 20-year-old really been bad with probably badly go little bit longer. He actually overdoes and God came back and he did well for about a week and then he got back element and got into a car and broke it back into play and barely had to bring them back into the house got it back on the got back on the street. He turned to the drug began barely likely had it can back out of the house. He was almost like homework living in a hotel and out of the blue, we have a family friend that we've now all her life with me and you tell us about the ministry to get help struggling counseling. The place to live and try to get them out of that situation. Well done early yesterday morning and out: dollars like I just want you to hear me. You don't have to call you not tell you that I felt about the situation the church down there.

That is what you think about it. Well, God became to gain from the beach and picked them up in recovery, there you out of the blue. We have tried and whatever that wow moment it was last night and she came she drove all the and pick them up and picking down there down there this morning early and late point Tim too much. Your son's name, first name. I'm sorry what's your son's first name Lola. I all employers superpowers second temps so Jesus, thank you thank you thank you for Noah's moment and his opportunity to go into recovery. And Lord, we just pray that he would find you to be more real than ever that he would find you there at this recovery that he would realize he's a new creation in Christ and that all things are become new. And he's not an addict but he has a child of you and I pray that you would pour into his heart that all is listening right now would join with us in prayer in the fight for Noah's life and sons that are out there like that is that we all know the Chronicles. I thank you so much for this call this morning. I thank you for what you doing in Tim's life for Noah's life and and we praise you for the way that you praying really supernatural to life for us in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Oh, I wow thank you Tim that this made my morning. But II that's a long road and you may know, one of my best friends is James Banks, his son was nope you same deal in today's the pastor down there in Wilmington. He wrote personal product also I that's a hard road, but thank you Tim for sharing that. That's beautiful well thank you God bless you all and say Hicks. Have a great night dear to you too. Wow you gotta feel super after adding up a dance and and so only to have Beth and that we have an in and had me confused so I met Mrs. and all my good friend and we're looking for dark crying over here well I am to buy into so that I know and got some superpowers because I want the man for many years I am and I'm curious to hear your story out. There on the little Robbie would got dad like to act on it. I let pop in my mind and I know you thought Brian I acting career and QuickTime last departed on Hollywood. Had professional acting have not 91 day co-op and I felt like I did like to try again be tried again so I I like a lack and teletype collapse at the rate for the fact that while I went to one of the past. And I told him I had that idea is that you get all and I gave Charlotte, and meeting we had 12 guide you gave it to say that this David became a dear, dear friend. He was an evening there and God did not allow me to float a bounty at all but, right article in the LA bloodline.

I think David get it done and then okay Betty I think you're the one guy that he will not not trying to live lately.

I got lots of things I can think about immediately when you say that because it was exactly how the Jesus labor love repair labor for single moms winners happen very similarly. I was asking Connolly back for me and I'll be whatever it was eight years ago, nine years ago. You know, how could we be more than ministry just Christian Car Guy. I at the same time I was listening to a radio show about the man that from this church that were going out and helping single moms and widows on the first Saturday of every month and I went. That's it right there that you know it clearly was that come from well it it came from Jesus and here we are literally thousands of been helped at that you know God is been there and even more so this week is perfect to get going on the car that was donated to us is just absolutely awesome in but also in in the and that actors co-op. For those of you don't know because I honestly didn't understand all this about the actors co-op not having been from Hollywood but I did go meet with Brian habit on Sunday when actually we went to have lunch and how fun was it because Brian is the voice of Randy radiator and you may know, so you know Randy and I have you know Band-Aid back and forth for a number of years between Randy radiator and that but I never met the man and so he was telling me that all this actors co-op is a gigantic thing that Jesse Corti is the voice you know that we used in a clearly he's in the top.

His wife is and it is not all these great amazing actors and he said that he was at this adventures in Odyssey party and he could not believe how many people were there from adventures in Odyssey like and that you may know was was in adventures Odyssey for years and Brian was in adventures in Odyssey that came out of you know this actors co-op out of Hollywood like God is making these connections in on the way to the farmers co-op is just beautiful. And that's the way the library the last departed job lot me to buy the way you now eat meat. We we've got some when I come back to camp and got some siding tokens processes coming up so we got more, we need your call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH where did that come from.

That's the idea of developing our superpowers is much more you're listening to the truth and's single thousand embodied within the fundamental force testing, developing your superpower today on the Christian Car Guy ship.

Testing your limits of prayer or where did that come from with the stories that we've been enjoying. We would love to hear yours at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling the chair and speaking superpowers. Amy Cobb with the cures come in on our network that the Truth Network at 1 o'clock and she has really Walter Hawley coming on with her this week, which is black and pro-life.

He wrote the book black and pro-life. It's a phenomenal guess that she has come up. He's actually was the one of the first people arrested for being an abortion lineman in Hollywood, so it should be quite a show. Again, that's live like to show you can call in and share and so she is developing your superpower today is a talkshow host and she's can become a come on at 1 o'clock Eastern on the truth network but I'm very excited because we have Donna's and Luke's County, North Carolina. I'm thinking that's North Carolina right Donna.

So share what's your story okay what I okay got and why job nine years and that is bombing them. You given the complete glory for I love you. That's one of the will.

Please keep testing your limits. Okay. Keep praying for the next call.

Thank you, God bless. Well you've got a story we'd love to hear it 866-34-TRUTH if humans went so you gotta get it in here 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so I did also want to share what God gave me this morning, which the Jews have long taught. They really have that above your head is where you superpowers, located and that is why you may know that Jews were cover over their head, sort of a hand of God kind of thing in their minds a call that you know I think of it is Hanukkah but the words escape me right this minute, but you know the little That the Jews wear so little been and the high priest you may know, had to wear a head covering that said holy to the Lord is actually called a crown and the word for crown in Hebrew is Nazar and it has a lot to do with the idea of the Nazirite. Okay. And you might remember that Sampson was a Nazirite right and the reason he was a Nazirite he was allowed to do what cut his hair and it had to do with you get your connection it with me the crown of his head so you may not notice the first Nazirite in the Bible was actually Joseph and Joseph got this blessing from Jacob when you listen to this, you might hear it. Okay, it says the blessings of my father prevailed above the blessing of thy progenitor. I can't say that word but for the everlasting heels, they shall be on the head of Joseph's Joseph on the crown of the head of him that was separate from his brothers. So the word translated separate from his brother is actually the word Nazirite and again.

This has to do with the crown of your head is kind where your superpowers aren't has to do with your hair and you ever wonder why the Indians would scout people on me this stuff is made known to us at some level from God like in all civilizations but don't miss this because when you think of the ultimate Superman who is at Jesus, and you might remember that he will be called a Nazarene. Okay you know this and that that has everything to do with the crown okay and in this crown idea is is is throughout the Bible and has got everything to do with the supernatural. Don't forget the joy of the Lord is our strength.

We got Paulette is in North Carolina. Paulette year on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning you got a story, Christ the Lord will make a statement about smalltime. Everybody's been talking about the big things and confirm.

I think people forget that he's in the small things whale our lives. I was retired and are still working to come up one, I was just totally out of money is in my wallet and I needed gas to get the job went through my wallet and pictures and hang out with my wallet could not find my daughter didn't have any money and time works for my health and I'm sitting here thinking cannot, borrowing money, and I'm at home with no gas for the day has taken on the put in my band and I pray Totable and know my situation you know it better not.

Anyway you can do something for me and I appreciate it and I'll tell it, and now I heard a voice I thought. I know that's not coming from you because you know a lot of things.

That and please help me. Cannot hurt you. Talk to my wallet at-like I was a $20 assignment that errors so that is beautiful story. There was 20.

Thank you so much for your story.

Thank you for sharing that today we have to run.

Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went out on the 33 years because he had several parents a practice test your limits this week be praying.

Thanks for everybody's call today. They were listening to the Truth Network and

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