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Christian Car Guy - How Did John The Baptist Turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children? Take 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 23, 2020 12:51 pm

Christian Car Guy - How Did John The Baptist Turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To Their Children? Take 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 23, 2020 12:51 pm

Robby revisits a question from 1996.   Talk about in God's time...that question is answered!   Jerry The Christian Wrecker Guy & Nascars Mark Garrow joins the Christian Car Guy.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network as the Lord God of Israel lives in my there will be no doing all right in these coming you until I cease the Christian Car Guy radio show did John the Baptist turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, second edition. I know that's a very long time but as it turns out I have old man to ever cast of characters this morning as I described from NASCAR. We have Jerry from Ray's body shop welcome guys, morning morning right to be here. It is great is absolutely great and yeah I know that's a long title right.

How did John the Baptist turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, second edition. But here's the deal in 2016. I wrote this actually do show on this.

I did a sermon at peace church in Durham on this and this article that I wrote Christian Car has been the number one hit ever since.

But the issue was and got me this. I never really answered the question to my own satisfaction.

So the question discontinued the marinade in their like the old days when you put the pinch of tobacco between you and we just cannot you take your word on that. I haven't been there, done that. I am either, but I always thought about it. It sounded interesting. But anyway I was marinating on and so this week. Oh my goodness like how did John the Baptist turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, second edition, so these really are. When you think about these really are the days of Elijah and we are the voice in the desert crying, prepare ye the way the Lord in and it really is no God like Jehovah so here's the deal.

The whole week last week. If you start show I have Jerry on their the end of the show.

Jerry said Robbie I'd really like to talk more about what you see is the opportunities of planned in the pandemic planning I want to say that and so we wanted to do show a little bit about that, but as I prepared for that show. This is where God took me so before we get to Jerry's part of trying my best to try to and if you know me well you know this is really complicated but it is really simple. Okay, here's the here's the simple version from 20,000 feet. Now try to bring into the details. There is a spirit of Elijah and that spirit of Elijah is what the angel Gabriel told you know Zachariah that you know when he would believe that he was can have a kid and he told him you know that this son is can have the spirit of Elijah, which will return the hearts of the fathers to the children and children. The father is now the last very last word in the way we've canonize the Old Testament is Malachi 46 which is the same prophecy that he shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers so that is the spirit of Elijah now essentially you've all heard about 11 and it's in Hebrew is called Mets and when you have 11 in your life pass you up and you get very prideful and if you're like me, that happens all the time, but certain events can happen in your life that let the air out of your windbag okay and and when that happens you turn to somebody to try to straighten out your situation out of I've told the story many times but I still love my favorite call I ever got from my son was right after he got his drivers license he'd been driving a week he was working at the dealership, washing cars and you want to go home at night.

It was raining he makes the turn. Actually from 158 on the Farmington Road.

If you've ever made that turn makes it too fast it goes off the side of the road, which is got a pretty good ditch like in a pretty deep ditch, and he goes off, down into the ditch.

Once he gets in the ditch course. He is a cell phone. The first person calls me and I've never forgotten is like when the car is in the ditch call dad. Well, now let's just go back to Elijah for minute right what was Elijah's dealer ID yeah Ahab and the boys.

They were all kinds of shenanigans you know Jezebel this this was not a real pleasant crowd.

He shut off the rain long time until they got the picture like it's not going to rain until I say so and with the hopes that they would call dad that there there there country was in the ditch. They had no food to eat all the stuff and so Elijah is trying to tell them look until you call dad this thing working out course got the whole thing with profit, but the idea of the spirit which has everything to do 11, which is in Elijah's name and so conversely Mark you have a story of what happens when the air doesn't get out of your bag father finds out. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

When I was young I put a card in the ditch on the snowbank over snowbank and thankfully this bagel heavy car landed in a big pile of snow like a big fluffy pillow and had to climb out. It was turned sideways had to climb out to the driver's window had rolled down and literally I was, not that tall a guy in those cars reviewed. You had to literally pull myself out of the car so I had a friend of mine's dad owned a wrecker service and a garage and he came up and got me and so we got ready to go irascible Mr. Broadwell how much throw you in a euro $75 a fine if I get to tell your dad and hundred bucks if you want to be silent so I paid him $100 and only to have a couple weeks later my dad find out and then come home and asked if I had something to say anything I wanted to cop to.

And I thought to myself. Now I can't think of anything you know and he asked me a couple more times if I was really sure and I again responded no I don't think so, and because the car had no damage had no damage at all. So I thought I'd gotten away with it and my dad was you don't say X or former Marine. He was a Marine and you not allowed to say don't tell a Marine, and X are former Marine, that is like a number one cannot do thing and so anyways and he was a professional prizefighter who was world ranked at one point in his life back when the time they had one ranking not all.

This alphabet soup stuff. It actually meant something to be in the top 10 and down. I'll just say that he turn my lights out there when I came to, as I was laying on the floor looking up at him and are you sure you don't have the equipment to help make it so that's my exact opposite cells is interactive and that you ask every bacteria. But you did tell right at that point. Oh yeah, I'd I cop to attend and and you know it was kind of funny because in its typical of anything. Again, there was hardly any damage. The car had those old Landau roots like little vinyl.

It had just a little teeny Nick. I mean that's all that you know that had happened to it. So if I do cop to it right from the beginning. You I'd taken care of the problem myself and all that you know that when you been that big of a deal now and I did a you know and one thing that you know is I is I you had kids. As I grew up in all that the one thing that I tried to do is you know when I got in trouble when I was younger I always went to my dad's brother and not my dad as I knew as I get my my family kicked so wanted to get the problem solved first in the my family take not my family kicked in. The problem solved that the problem solved, and then I got my family kicked in, and so you know later in years. My dad and I talked TE company but had not negligent. I wish you would've been able to call me so Jerry is been on the receiving end of his father's calls. I'm sure you have a story for this is let the air out of our windbag we call dad with our problem is the spirit of the lives of got on that line. I got some very children, second edition as we continue to probe this question which apparently is on a lot of people's minds because her children are so dear to us that we would love to see their hearts turned so you can imagine how God feels about that. You can imagine how God feels when you drive your car in the ditch in the first person you call his dad but I was thinking during the breaking of these make such good stories like I would love for you. I bet you got a story where you drove your car in the ditch or your kid drove their car in the ditch and they did or they didn't call you and I with the saliva showing the joy of it is you guys you call us with your story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. We would love love to hear your testimony. Perhaps what God did with that litany. All air on your bag trick arriving.

Also, you know that love to hear those stories, but also people that have been what are we going 10 weeks into the shut down right and how God are just something positive came out of because I know everybody may not even recognize a made they take time for him to look back and reflect where God is been able to use this in a in a pretty special way in an amazing way and a lot of lot of people's lives and stuff, so I'd love to hear those stories. Also I went to I went to is is we were talking about it. Get ready for the show, which finally Mark error if you don't know is the voice of NASCAR ranked one of them and and well I've done it for a little while now many years now I really got my 1st cup race and I'd been in racing before that.

Obviously I been around I'm 61 years old I went to my first race my dabs of flagman.

I was a year and 1/2 old, so that was my first race but I did my 1st cup race and 82.

So a lot of times when people asked me how are you done it as well. I can't give you specific, but I said I was on the air turn three Daytona when Richard Petty one is 200 race and that was a long long long time to get what you said is where is where worn out warming up was that what would it have meant you to have a timeout like this with your kids.

I lot of things as I look at my life. My timing is never right and it gets it. As I as I try to grow closer and closer to God and yet I became a Christian 11 797 so correlate my life and time is never been right in a lot of things and I've learned that it's about God's timing and so I think it's bad timing, and every time you have gone through a really tough time because I thought the timing was bad, it was certainly a teaching moment and something that I I walked away with, but one of the things that I don't know if I would call it jealous but I will icon along to have had the chance to have like a 10 week timeout with my kids were stuck in the house. We had to figure out things to do together had to help with their schoolwork had to help him with their play in the keep them occupied in just how much this I hope, with many families has drawn them together given them a memory that they will never ever ever walk away from or be able to forget, and I am hopeful you know as somebody who you has you know would love to be closer to my own children that I hope that for many of these people. They been able to create a bond that if they didn't have. They now have and it's a bond that can't be broken. Because of this, and I truly believe we've gone through this were God's going like that.

This whole thing is spinning out of control were overworked, we've taken our schedules and just try to cram 30 hours in 24 hours in the world is just going too fast and I'm I've had enough were shut it down and and I think that if we don't view it as that and just pick it up where we left off and want to hit the hit the switch go to fourth gear immediately, and just just hit the rev limiter, you know. Then we learned nothing out of the situation, my opinion. So Jerry you you clearly have been on the receiving end of of several of these folks that there children drove the car in the ditch and and and and you had a chance to experience the way they handled at all, and in particular Shirley Lama. Yes, one of the things of course got towing service and so we are bringing people in that and it's not unusual to have a young driver a young child is been an accident been in the ditch are Barb backed into a vehicle or whatever it may be, and some of the accidents are just a minor accident something pretty devastating accidents with a lot of damage in I've had parents come in and I get to see both ends of the spectrum parent that you know what that vehicle was just a material thing.

Don't worry about the child is upset instead and handle it like a parent the way I would hope I would handle it but ship did nothing wife and not me over the head but Hamlet is loving because nobody really has an accident because they plan on it are wont to do it. I mean is just something that happens but to handle it where they make sure that the child is is fine that that there not hurt and to just assure them that just material thing because is a huge lesson for kid to realize what's important in life. With the end I have a parent so come in who the kid will be just devastated and the thing is not as hate for my mama-my dad to be down come down here because I and you sit in a ball and then when they walked to the door instantly asked that while I understand that because they're stupid. They don't how to drive a share never gave your car. You know what you're going to do my insurance and the whole time, just just really just hammering. I think just how hard that is and is sort of in my business I see about a 50-50 split in the way people handle it. How did you and I become friends. Well okay Mark you and I can Frank. Well I would say Mark has had a young young driver at one time who did the same thing had that, but now say Mark is one of those it came up okay whatever it is this get it fixed and make sure that is taking care of and I never, it was never anything that that that that it was her fault.

Her arms are the lid little in her and that's where you know what it is another piece of it in my business relationships are so important and as soon as he fixed the car, but two weeks later I dear come out of nowhere destroy the other side wasn't her fault in what I just 848784 spirit of Elijah. What is that 866-34-TRUTH 8788. You're listening to the Truth Network and did John the Baptist turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, second edition, the day of the Christian partnership and I would just like I wrote all my answers to that question several years ago I wrote him again in this or if you go to Christian Car you will find the whole discussion on how you'll find that whole idea of the Mets and that unleavened bread inside the name of Elijah. That will give you some sense of what that spirit would be. It's all their Christian Car but tremendously important that Christian Car have to Jesus labor law, which is car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and you're going to find that I always post urgent what I consider to be urgent prayer request and so I have a couple of those and those can read them on the air. The first one actually was from a mom in Arizona and she says her car broke down and she needed to go to doctors appointments. It's her only means to get out. She has chronic back problems and can't afford to get it fixed. She says the transmission on the 2001 Town & Country so as I was speaking with her I sent you know transmission on the 2001 Town & Country. I don't normally always rest say this, but would be way more than the value of the Town & Country and so what were what I meant to ask is it people pray for God will provide a car donated to condensers. Jesus love labor lovely fixed to get one out that we got fixed up for later this week here in Winston-Salem, but a somebody in Arizona in the Phoenix Arizona area wants to donate a car you want to pray that God will provide. This this mama car because clearly she needs it desperately.

Then I have a North Carolina mom she says I'm a widow, a single mother. My home is in need of repairs from a water leak and I don't have any extra money for car repairs. There's a burning smell coming from the engine every time I drive and has a whining, groaning, grinding sound, I have three lights on the dashboard. The picture that all this is going on and I have tried and tried and tried, she has a phone that does her voicemails full no and then she has an email address that's on the application I sent that answer my prayer request on this one actually I can help or if I can't get up with her and so were just going pray that God will help me to contact her. I keep trying. I want to because she obviously has some situations and then this last one I just got yesterday. Actually, she lost one of her jobs because of no transportation. This is a actually a widow and a single mom.

I'm homeless. I'm living with my son for right now that truly would love to get somewhere. But in order to do that I have to get a car so I can get a job so please pray for car donation Durham area and that God would meet her need for housing in work and so you know you can sense that in a way God has their attention and their cars in the ditch and they have called that.

I mean that's that's the picture that I'm seeing there. But there is another thing a little, really, really cool thing that I would add, if you ever went to a Passover Seder. As I talked about.

They would be all about getting the helmets they would get Levin out because why because they were in the slot of the Passover lamb and they would be taken out of freedom if they could allow God to show him what to do, which was to put the blood of the Lamb over the doorpost.

But why were they doing right so that it could be saved well. This plan is been repeated and shown to us through Elijah and Alisha okay so I finally have decided I'm five question this for years how you sale I job and how do you say Alisha well if you look closely in the name of the lease you you will see Jesus is in there because the same issuer that you would say you know in Hebrew to say salvation or to say Jesus that's the same letters that if the end of Alisha's name Alisha now who came before Jesus John the Baptist. What was he doing preparing the way the Lord and how was he doing that he was doing that through setting up repentance people turning back to God and let me out of the air by getting rid of the helmets and turning and calling dad because her car was in the ditch. But if you want to look at something beautiful in the interest expense sometimes of this new filter that I've just given you look at the life of Alisha from the standpoint of a pre-runner of Jesus and that here comes Elijah. He meets Alisha.

What's he doing he is plowing with 12 oxen. That's a coincidence and then Jesus got up, 11, 12 oxen to do saying that right before he gets a double dose and then you might remember John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan, well guess what happens with Elijah before he gives him a double dose of the spirit. He walks them through the Jordan. He parts it with his mantle and offtake so clearly in his own way. He's baptizing Elisha Alisha Alisha, and off they go. And then when he comes back right like the spirit. The dove came down alighted well guess what, the spirit of Elijah got to go on Alisha let it doubletime and end and look at his life like a rock in the joy of all the neat things that he does it every Jesus like in his life, but the cool thing that is I really thought about this is if I will repent and do the whole you know prodigal son thing will run into the father and say hey I haven't got a way to solve my problem. My cars in the ditch. I need you, Jesus, or at least you provides the means by I can have a real relationship with God, not just on turning my life over you and you take it from here. God now I have an opportunity to actually move into communion and friendship and love in all the things that you really do get to do yoga to do that with Elijah so much is kind of a tough character he's, like your dad did before to get your butt Jesus now will come along and begin to actually father you into you know where you can begin that walk but and and and so to an extent. As were looking here in these days of Elijah that were in right and we are asking people to prepare the way of the Lord there. There is this opportunity right to us to do a lot of stuff to Jerry and you had a lot of thoughts along these lines, yeah I mean is all the sudden we were in a whole new world and and and moving forward is not to be the way it was stuck in the back to pre-coronavirus and any so many ways I think God is working in that. I mean, you start looking for you as this Markley mentioned Univar families and staff. All the sudden we have sniffed the pace is slow down our work environment is slow down where people were were driven and had goals and and and and deadlines to meet all the sudden that all back down and people are spending time as a family me one of the things one the biggest selling things is puzzles now because families are doing puzzles and board games. So all the sudden bringing families together and step even to the school and we mentioned about going to my daughters. The teacher titers a teacher in the first grade boys. She's also saying is all the sudden parents are involved in schooling and their working with the kids and their work in and through that and what does that do for the casinos, not just just had that man that makes an impression on the skids for for lifetime and you start looking, you know, just just so many different avenues because now all the sudden were slow down and another thing I've really enjoyed reading is a fact that some I made the statement that it's all right for kids to get bored. That's what they're doing now because before.

If a kid got bored we go sign them up for baseball, soccer, or something, just something to keep them going now okay do something roundhouse could help help mom and dad clean or go out and play in the yard do do something like that.

So you know what it board isn't a bad thing. And there was so looking at a relationship with Jesus Christ. All the sudden people are realizing what's temporal and what's eternal you know all the stuff that we were given numbing I'm one you know that.sacrifice and sacrifice so much stuff because of trying to meet goals China China get to somewhere else and step what I thought was important really. This this world is realizing what is important is really a relationship. First and foremost with Jesus Christ and then with the people around us, our family, our kids are parents are our uncles and aunts and in the community. Staff is all you know we sell this I saw this back in 9/11 and it was pretty well short-lived, you sell that where we as a country came together but a few weeks is as time went on we sort of drifted away from that and churches have been forced to change anything. I mean, how we got a whole bunch stuff.

We got lots from Mark, take to get so much more efficient card.

I show coming up without your solace is not the same 866-34-TRUTH 878-866-3487 you're listening to the Truth Network and a. How did John the Baptist turn the hearts of the fathers to their children.

In addition to that's right, and cannot sleep there again. I just add it is very good. Not one. I'm hoping that God is continuing to drain the air out of my bag in order for that to happen. I need your calls because you guys have insight that I do not have you got stories I've never heard testimonies that people need to hear that what God is doing in this spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children children to their fathers, and so will give you the number one more time. 866-34-TRUTH 878848663 so the church is a big part of this writer.

Yeah, I said, I think churches are having to change in in in so many ways that you know is a younger generation comes up. This is more that the technical staff and that's not me but all the sudden churches are live streaming. I'm just so grateful for that enough upon Dale. I'm blessed by that because the first day of that the shut down was the first Sunday that we went live streaming, so God just had it all worked out for us, but churches throughout this country are using that avenue that it never really plugged into that, in and near YouTube, and now that all the student ministries and the children get the kids involved through through through media and get even senior adults involved know what, I hope that there's a bid to the day that we can all go back to church in which you will come look a little different. I'm sure that all the sudden the churches of realized they got an avenue. There to reach the lost and to bring the good news of the gospel to people and I'm excited about that. How how that is happening on them, think, and I wish it had disfiguring Trent. Think of it in my mind that Easter was the most viewed time for a service in the world history and especially the United States, more people were watching and Easter service this past Saturday, without the churches close in it any point in history is that not that that's that that's powerful it is and you think about all the churches. They do the drive-ins and I go to Union Grove Baptist Church and are in our pastor Harris note was doing online and decided okay for that week would do outdoors and so called Mexican because I talked that maybe an FM transmitter in northern people to tune into their cars, and three, Epson think you can find one for sure but that can be that hard right. Apparently, every church may be on the planet had the same idea because you couldn't get one of these little portable FM transmitters which you know and any other given time. You could have gotten them a million of them delivered to your doorstep.

All the sudden you can't, they're not even shipping egg and a single one there gone to me no matter where you call I got to be on a first name basis with you know a guy in Kansas City New York City. You know I found out more about transmitters and different things that I ever thought I would know and really cared to know, but they're not even shipping anymore until the first to June 2 week in June.

They have completely tapped out all these manufacturers and several basically trying to be creative you know they're trying to get out there and do it online and do a different ways and and and and I also think you're the other using other means to reach out and I know this Sunday were try something different that pastor Bailey at our church. Where do Sunday school class on zoom so that all data will be interesting to me getting hooked up to zoom.

That'll be that'll be no energy all by itself just be getting worked up I Calvin heifer that's kinda what I am when it comes to did try to get on zoom I'm I'm speech back like the second week I decided to begin the process of doing in our class because these people really you know there they're not kids. These are people in the 56 some 30s, 40s, and so the parents would help him get on soon and I mean it was gone and it was growing in all the sudden we started getting classmates that we unit moved out of the like, you know we got one in Myrtle Beach and always was just wonderful. Just exciting.

Like man out. We've got to do this with these people, long time and in a I told this before I heard the funniest Corona joke ever from one of my students and you know he said Robbie I got a job for you in on this is with the holes in call he says you know why there's no toilet paper goes the roll was called Robbie love the within this last week zoom. I don't know if you know this but they crashed at 9 o'clock really and so every ball if there were so many Sunday schools across the world that were trying to get there zoom thing to happen at 9 o'clock that you know if you had it at eight 30 you had it at 930 so they've got a new zoom. They just renew their whole deal.

So go see what happens this week I decided what time I want to but by all means you gotta be creative, but I love what you said about just the connection that you know you you're talking about your church, you have somebody that was it. In the end yeah I know they're reaching out more and here's the other part of it to when you talk about connection. I got little Bible study that I do every Tuesday morning. Been doing it for five years, we moved in with church fellowship hall. There's 10 of us were all spread out in cooking breakfast for ourselves instead of getting in a restaurant which is a little you know that's always a little bit of a dangerous thing I guess. But one of the things that I've noticed about this as well is that periodically have people you know my buddy Tim Kipling and in different different things there. They're reaching out and how you doing is make sure everything's okay and I've made it a point to reach out to some people. I got a friend at a nursing home and I've driven down there and parked outside his window in and talk to him over the cell phone while he's looking out the window at me. That kind of thing and I think we seen a lot of that as well that I have little group of widow ladies in my church that I like to bring little flowers to on Valentine's Day and just things this little things like that and so I just checking on them or once will how you doing I think there's a lot of that going on where people are actually taken the more interesting and on on a people to people personal level, which is kind of hard because I did a diversion in a retirement home, but the course, you can't get in there, but for years and years and years and years I had these joke sheets you can imagine you have a checksheet I really so the lady can't agree. She said Rob you know you can't come but can you send your jokes are. I tried to tell her they would be the same if I did tell Fred that nonetheless I said you know insert now every week Robbie where my jokes and have my jokes get either one of the other things I think we can do during the situation right now is to be on the lookout to be able to do things for other people because there's so many people hurting so many people have lost their jobs. You have these folks have problems of their cars and trying to find places to live and I know when I first want to Union Grove Baptist Church. I ran into this. This woman because the pastors we need to visit our shut ins. I got like, okay, why don't know who this woman is by travel down the nursing home in Lexington and Demeter. And when I went the 023 Saturdays in a row and next thing you know we we forge a relationship, find out she needs a roof.

I get a bunch people together we put together those the Things we can be on the lookout to do right now in the opposite side of that is his admit in the areas on your bag and you need a lawyer appears on your bag and I need help from the Jesus need help from my church so you know that that humility to say I'm in trouble.

I need help.

You know my car is in the ditch as you call dad and that he might tell you that to reach out and be humble. Somebody give them the joy of being able to tell which is what we are hoping a lot of you will to go to Christian look at the Jesus labor, love, prayer requests, etc. and just that opportunity to pray because your prayers. This card can pop up in Arizona. There is no doubt in my mind this lady a united thing is in Arizona there somebody who's de-clutter.

Look at the driveway delete that car somebody in North Carolina got a letter you're listening to the Truth Network and

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