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The Christmas Show

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 24, 2011 12:11 pm

The Christmas Show

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 24, 2011 12:11 pm

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 8784 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore what is your family's Christmas tree.

Yes, your secret recipe you use passed down from grandma to grandma. You know the stuff.

The moment you tasted you think while it's Christmas at grandma Gilmore's house or Christmas at grandma Bacon's house. Yes, it's true. I had a grandma Bacon and her Christmas tree was talk about cookies not bacon since her husband's name is true as Harry Wheatley did need a lot of bacon. But the quest for the question today of the Christian Car Guy show is what is your family's Christmas tree. The second you tasted your thinking wow it is Christmas time we want to call and share that with us today, 866-348-7884. That's 866-348-7884 and right about now you might be saying Robbie what does that have to do with cars well, absolutely nothing, but it's Christmas Eve and the and the boss told me today's message and I'm going with it so I'm just under sharing that with and if you're a first-time listener you're really in for shock, as I'm a start out with her appraisal by the real black book. Usually that's the way I am the Shelby today in order for everybody to understand where I'm going with this.

I got a kinda start out with her appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding where the last few weeks we've been talking about Robbie's soul stocking stuffers. What if you been stuffing your soul with for Christmas. Well today is how about that special Christmas family taste treat unless you go to the end of the's the seventh chapter, the song of Solomon.

It's it sounded really good and you might say Robbie or Christmas message out of the song of Solomon will yes because Jesus right he's he's he is our lover and I'm telling you he had the love is allowed to come down here at Christmas time but if we pick it up.

You know this is this a little hot and heavy, but this is way goes derives the end of the seventh chapter, the beginning of the eighth and this is the beloved speaking. As you might woman and she says I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me, my lover, let us go to the countryside.

Let us spend the night in the villages let us go early to the vineyards and see if the vines abutted if their blooms have opened if their pomegranates are in bloom there. I will give you my love. The mandrake seek out there. I send out their phakic fragrance, and our door is every a delicacy, both new and old.

I have stored up for you, my lover. Now if if you're like me and that was your wife speaking. I mean things are going great right about now. Let's go.

The villages sound like me. What a great time. You know I ramrod like, but then things go just a little haywire.

As you begin a chapter. This is it says.

Then she goes on to say, if you are to me like a brother. Then if I find you outside I would kiss you and no one would despise me. I'm thinking wait a minute. I want my sister kissing. What's up with that. Well in the Middle East. Actually, there was there was issues about public displays of affection unless it was your sister and so she sang that if your her sister.

I mean if your brother that you would be okay to kiss you outside but then interestingly she says this she says I would lead you and bring you to my mother's house.

She who has taught me, I would give you spiced wine to drink the nectar of my pomegranates.

This is the second time in the book that she saying I want to take you to my mother's house and then she saying, look, we've got the special Christmas spiced side of the stuff when you touch that you see when you taste that you're gonna know it's Christmas at the Shula minds and understand that there's sheet see there's a certain intimacy that she wants to share with Jesus that we all do this, called family that only when you think of that Christmas moment of that taste treat that use that really tells you that look I'm back home with grandma and back home with that framework of family and if you really really love that person in your intimate with them.

You want to share that with and you want to share that family intimacy. So her desire is for a family level of innocent intimacy and for the second time a story she's explained that so that's why say today were thing about our soul stocking suffer for your soul. What is it that senior family that makes your heart go wow this is Christmas time. This is it. This is the taste that we been thinking about and of course I got census. The Christian Car Guy show. I got the whole Christian Car Guy family, not the whole family by got a lot of my family here with me to share that starting off. We have our good friend, the one and only Christian junkyard guy Bob Young from 109 you pull it and Bob. I know you you Q immediately came to mind with your Christmas taste treat. What was his these cookies as men and their families since I was a little boy. It started in Keene. We had a babysitter that used to give these cookies that Chris at Halloween and my mom obtained a recipe and you know it's just as everybody's pure desire to make the perfect version of this cookie. You know and try to get it just right. It's just is a molasses drop cookie rolled in sugar and then baked. But you just got to make it to perfection. It's this that's this secretive whether the cookie is perfect or just close to perfect. You know you want it to leave but not dearly, and how during the process that you said when you're a child used to sit on the I still have the refrigerator.

It is at my business now that there was a it's a old GE refrigerator. I'm 53 years old and I remember me and my brother both sit on top of this refrigerator while mom baked these cookies and if we behaved really whale and didn't fight too much at their own top of the refrigerator and if you get you kids at their own top is probably little dangerous but you know you know where they are there not matter that they're not even your way and if we set up there, and behavior sales really whale.

We got delete the beaters when she got done preparing the cakey linking the beaters, you know, I can remove that's him that's a major moment Ellie and my grandma had these chocolate drop cookie and I don't know what the deal was with them and at Christmas. She would make those when we would come to visit and she had the magic touch my sisters make my mom make some, but you can tell they're not grandma so I don't know what it was but man those things just a taste of the New York grandma Bacon's house and but that we also have our good friend Dr. Sonny, in part, what were doing today is if you'll call in with your Christmas taste tradition. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got a Dr. Sonny bookmark and Dr. Sonny will give you an acronym for your Christmas taste tradition and so Dr. Sonny welcome good morning from California morning early morning. I should say and so you know you just heard Bob's cookie. You know it's it's a tradition. There is ain't what's in, what's the name of the cookies to Amy and Danny cookies steel column that today so Bob, you gotta tell us the acronym for aunt Annie's cookies. Well I would say people are around phakic talking about his mother. Phakic what happens when you break the go rises into something very beautiful and a greater role in a role that was very important in the biblical times. Frankincense when they brought goal that was. He was the king. Frankincense he was the priest, because that was the anointing oil, and murder and that was for embalming so the three gangs that brought things along also brought some aroma and so was baking.

We have BAK believers of arise with the king for eternity. And so, as you if you're not a believer out there today we can make in that aroma for eternity. All you have to do is go to Romans 10 nine and you can be baked into the family of God. Today believers arose to be paying for eternity opportunity for you to call in with your Christmas taste tradition we need to hear folks used to say. I know Isaac it's it's that Christmas spaghetti. Maybe it's a Christmas hamburger. I don't know what it is but you know what it is and we don't know what it is and you would bless us if you would call us at 866348788 force number to call in 8664 truth. We do have lines open if you're wondering what in the world of I tuned into yes it is the Christian Car Guy show yes we do normally talk about cars and if you got that car question. We will take it today but we're really worth rethinking Christmas taste treats because were trying to get that intimacy where we bring in Jesus basically into our whole family life and meanness. That's kind of the idea 866-348-7884 and of course you can find out all about stuff that Christian Car We got a mention of Jesus's labor love at least one time had a miraculous labor love event that's free labor for single moms and widows throughout the country. I had an incident in Fort Worth on the share coming up in the show. That really was a God moment. I mean we just couldn't help it. Say wow you know this is it that I just but you can enjoy that we can share that Bob also has a moment that he wants to share sometime during the show this morning and want to hear this, his father passed away about a month or so. Josie didn't want to hear that story and of course we got your Christmas taste tradition. Michelle's call in from Iowa but you need to call in a way that maybe it's a Christmas lasagna, 866-348-7884. Call us well come back to Christmas Eve edition of the Christian Car Guy show and yes for car show. But today were talking about what is it that when you taste it at your house like Sheila my spiced wine you're thinking wow it's Christmas time here and we've got Michelle in the arms, Iowa: you can call us with your Christmas tradition.

I know it will phone problem or for second Charlie lost that one call.

If you could call us back 866-348-7884 Michelle is and I will Michelle welcomed the Christian Car Guy ship morning when you got force to put in better way to live.

Make the perfect client she could one say I had a feeling on this show. I was starving to death. But you know what is it that the certain certain moms grandmas they have the exact moment that they know that they have to come on the oven to get that perfect crystallization of the sugar in the and the and instead it just brings the wow and and that's in and so you know it's that memory for you.

I know it is what it is for me. I mean, that just speaks to a part of my heart that I don't get to share with just everybody know that one Dr. Sonny, I bet you I bet Dr. Sonny is got an acronym. Maybe that'll help us help us to be able to share that again and Dr. Sonny cookies like those cookies. I will take telling you ultimately prove to get this artist a back wall of the shooting gallery.

I'll tell you what my mother could make fruitcake that was disses just as just as moist and delicious as anything you every cookie. We all like cookie and leisure acronym CO OKI Christ our original king is eternal security. Just like those cookies that we have every year.

You can always depend on them being there that sweet savor and that great Kate that is what our dark cookie can remind us of our king, loving, loving king Bobby wanted to share some to having just recently lost her father was a lady was saying she would never experience that again and I beg to differ. I think we all have a a lot of our childhood joys that'll be experienced again will reach heaven and you're saying that the trees on the river. They might have chocolate chip cookies and they might have chocolate drop cookies for me. Michelle I bless you and appreciate you calling so much this morning. Thank you. All right, what is your taste treat 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have Evelyn in North Carolina but before you that when I have to say I'm not terribly surprised to Dr. Sonny's pastry was a fruitcake. Are you Bob Lilly taken man resting on a statement. I want to say about what you and I don't know but anyway Evelyn in North Carolina. How are you gallery and carry blasting that family joy for a long time that we have very special K because it had birthday candles on it and hasn't named you're saying on top. Happy birthday. Everything to Jesus.

A very coiffed that lifting happy birthday to him that before we do that we always had the Christmas story and the Carol and prayer to uplift our family and friends really is bringing Jesus right there into the into the whole. You know, and I think there's no doubt God loves us to use our senses synthetase census now and then your hearing with the saw you got it all going on there, Evelyn. It's the whole thing.

I Dr. Sonny, there's a challenge, but I know what you draw out of coconut alder and light. I didn't make the cake with straw at the younger day.

I did all that in actually look like a manger can't understand the important debit celebrating and telling the good news is that he's alive and we are forgiving by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I think that's interesting that you combine this story with food because we do remember food and songs of all that is wonderful cake cake PA KE Christ arose to be our king for eternity.

And I think what you've done there. You've taken the cake and shown how Christ came and that sweet smell. That's always within our prayers are that sweet into smell. You combine it in a such a wonderful wonderful holiday way that those kids will never forget it. Just like were talking about it today, and I've never heard that before and I just may try that next year with my grandchildren who were over last night we had fruitcake and a few other things. I think that is absolutely wonderful. What you did in.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that may try that. I'm thinking that her tradition takes the cake on the same all for the cake Got to get the right candle you can get can love and love again. Had to come in on those baby thank you God bless you. You to thank you married yet is an 866-348-7884. We need to hear your family taste tradition, the one that makes you think Christmas 866-34-TRUTH. We got lines open.

We need to hear from you. We got Gloria in Burlington, North Carolina Gloria, what is got force and great like so is our daily devotions. That dog is there is no way you gotta tell us about the Sigma putting on my arm to death when I was when I hurled Robert Wade always came to a small percentage about 1/4 you're going to bring that matter. Light can make. Here they are. That will I like we got to go to a break.

We got to you. Call us with your taste treat 866-34-TRUTH 87884 were out to start the depth of the 86634 truth because you will well come back to the Christian car guys show a very special Christmas Eve edition because women talked a lot about cars yesterday where talking about your families.

What is it that when you taste it you think it's Christmas at my house that my wife's case and I know for my kid. They will kids they will always talk about her.

She does this French toast casserole on Christmas morning that she cooks every Christmas and you know in this thing is amazing is got cream cheese in it and syrup and all sorts. It is just you know, and for them that's enough, they didn't get their Christmas French toast casserole you not just it wouldn't be Christmas to them, but they didn't have my grandmother's chocolate drop cookies that didn't get to experience the same thing, but what is it in your life. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth I didn't want to tell you the story about the Jesus's labor love which we always want to go to Christian car to find out more about Jesus's labor.

Love the job had a lesson for me this week. Actually, it's kind of gone on throughout the month of December but long about December 12. Actually, I got a request from a listener in Fort Worth Texas that basically said that she had a Kia that was broke down that road is actually wrecked and because of a lack of insurance.

The wrecker driver just dropped it in her driveway.

It was on drivable offender was down on the wheel. The battery was broken and she didn't know what it was going take to fix it so I had a relationship with this national battery company which I won't name that I thought well certainly they can help her out with the battery because last time at ask him to help me out in Utah. They said well next time you have somebody in that's in one of our areas will help you out. While this is right near back door so I thought certainly that will help this lady out with the battery. Maybe I can find a body shop that will help us with the offender find a donor do something and I was waiting on this word from this battery company well Tuesday right right before Christmas I got a wonderful email says sorry we get so many requests we can help in Iraq.

I was angry. I don't know how to put it other than I was just mad I was like man I have these people in my show Christian detail what the world and and and I you know Ebenezer and I will send an email back that wasn't real. At this a Merry Christmas and what you think in but anyway as I was fuming about the whole situation, God of course starts talk to me.

Will Robbie you know there when they hang out that Christian Banner everybody goes to them first, and they probably have a gazillion requests analysis is one of a billion. You know you're just whenever if you really care that much about this lady wanted to do something. My thought well. Good point. God may gotta do some why you pointing that night I get there some kind of log in my seat so I I decided well Robbie, you know, you just need to let me find her address I've had I've had this block before somebody had a request in an area we didn't have anybody. I just tried to Google body shops that were around in her area and and this was Thursday morning and I start down this list of people that I found in this one North Side body shop was the second I called the first when I called there was no answer. Interestingly, the second when I called I get the young lady on the phone and I said, you know, can I speak to the owner and she said well he's with the customer you have to leave a message and I submit this can be the weirdest message you've ever got blessed. I talk show host on a Christian radio show called the Christian car guy and we frequently help single moms and widows out to have a problem and I got a lady and are in your area listener that we need some help with, and she says 01 that case, let me see if I get in the phone. Maybe she was screaming because I don't think so. You know a couple minutes go by and eventually I get this person on the phone with Larry.

This is not sound like a happy Larry this is Larry like this mine.

I go good, but here we go. I so will Sir I talk show I call the Christian car guys show and we have a program called Jesus's labor love. We hates help single moms and widows across the country and we have a lady in your area. We don't unfortunately even know what all is wrong with the car, but we do know it needs a battery and we know the fenders on the wheel and does not drivable and I'm just wondering if you would possibly have time over the Christmas did you know this get us an estimate.

Find out what it needs or what she made. What we may get be getting into the tooth to fix it.

And the guy says do you mean to tell me you talk about Jesus Christ on the radio this is a matter fact, the name of my show was a Christian Car Guy show and this is the Jesus's labor law program you know we were were helping single moms Windows domain. This is a Christian radio station. I said yeah it's it's a Christian radio station visible sign there's things are there a lot more important than money.

You know that and I was like oh God you look at this answer to prayer. Oh my word this man's is a lot there this afternoon and I'm all I will see if I can help that lady never then cost me thousands of dollars I get on the road and I thought well if that was enough to just blow me out of my socks. I got tell you Bob.

It wasn't three hours I get a call back from Larry well put a new battery in her car got that friend Rob will shave don't receive that going down to room.

I thought my word my word, Larry.

What a blessing and an you know we sometimes think you know.if if not, just the way the whole thing was orchestrated. God had that for the lady that obviously needed the help it for me to see you know what there's people out there wonderful Christian people all over the place bomb and like always a room that's what you'll see in the Scriptures. All we help anybody with the Lord. Where is everybody nobody Smitty comes along until you just like that car KIA Kia quite the king is able able to get it done. We must never forget that were not alone in this world there is always a remnant we just gotta dig it out like God was making you do in the first phone call Dr. Sonny about I sent that support the gloomy one.

It was the very wasn't yet.

I was like I went through six people to get to this guidance and that the letter that's a God moment and I when we did want to get a few of these in here today between the Christmas chase traditions, but by the way, we still need to call us with yours. 866 persimmon pudding. We haven't heard I heard the putting Dr. Sonny but I never heard you try to spell persimmon, 866-348-7884's a number to call in 866-34-TRUTH but the other thing I did want to get in the show was he and I were talking about how God has to do with your family and will talk about these taste treats because they bring you back to that memory with your mother, your grandmother and whatever. And Bob I know you want to share a little bit about what what going on in your life last few weeks.

November 18 that allows my dad and I had a friend of mine to Mia. It is over a year ago. He said it, and a very important funeral them of my family member. He said I couldn't remember.

I can't remember anybody that was there, but that I can tell you a few that weren't. And it is always been a thing for me since that that blessing the brothers shared with me to to make a real more of an effort to help you know sometimes you just absolutely can't be there instead to make more of an effort to be at friends and families, funerals, or the feelings or something when I will spoke at my dads funeral I felt like I was supposed to be and I've been encouraged not to let some people but I just felt like I had to do talked about it in Sunday school that Sunday morning and a girl in my Sunday school class. When she says something you can really take it to heart and she says you just don't want to wake up Tuesday morning with the regret and thank you. Rather, it just the ages. I did it I got a nice bag and and I hadn't seen Robbie at the view in the the night before and it was kind of quick between and the funeral number data dad on the Friday and then the viewing was on a Sunday night and the funeral was on Monday. It was a volcanic weekend know some people just didn't get the word and everything and I woke up there to speak at my dad's funeral and their 6 foot five of blue shirt with the town over there and I was like yeah there's my brother and it was just so cool to say Robbie deal more sin that there that day in and it's an emotional thing trying to speak at your your dad's funeral, but I just felt like I had so much hail because I was very under control and I got say the things I wanted to say and you know my life didn't always honor my father and my mother. There was meaning meaning meaning many times when one my life did exactly the opposite. But it was such a great thing for me to be able to speak at his funeral and say things to honor him and and I can. There's a lot of things that I see that day.

I can't take you exactly what was said and I made the gist of what say it was said, but I just got ahead of me and kept me strong and gave me strength in the words and, like he did after the fire that day and out when the TV cameras were in me a microphone and put the camera on me in and you know what even that is just another time that God gave me strength and you know gave me the words and gave me the control over a motion unit to get said what needed to be said and it was great to take away from this story of yours. You can walk to a headstone. The rest of your life still can't talk back to you only get one shot at the funeral, and you need to just suck it up right about it it in their and get it done because it will bring you peace beyond understanding just to let it go.

That's the place to let it go and I shared it with a friend of mine lost he is Dan like to three weeks right after mine and he didn't speak at the actual funeral, but he spoke at a little. Great meeting they had before. Before the family came in into the church. There and but he said because of what I'd told him he felt the strength to speak to the family life that way. In the it was encouraging for me tonight. It just shared in the batted had gave somebody you know a little something they needed, save it. Unfortunately I've penned a lot of funerals in the last six weeks and a lot of this is been one of those times, God's been called a lot of people home and in his you go to more these I guess is you get older. Dr. Sonny but anyway the thing. When I got when I got to hear Bob speak was like he said he was honoring his father, but you also got to celebrate his father's life and in and see go to these funerals. So many times you know, the pastor gives his message and that's nice.

I appreciate all that. But when the family member somebody's stands up and says here's what the guys life was like in our here's how we used to always play this joke some people are here Zach. Here's what he did. Here's what he was, you know that's an epitaph it's it's it's something that that to me is what a funeral are in my heart to be people celebrating somebody's life. This is what the man was in. This was an intimacy that I shared with him or her as the case maybe and and and people want to feel that they don't want to come away like you said Dr. Sonny you want to come away not having felt the person's presence at their own funeral. People asked me to do things you want me to do this I will speak very little about where they are and then die, but a call on people to get up on both sides of the family you know you have some families that are part all that clothes for lots every reason you can think of. I want people to both side of the aisle to get up and talk about grandma what great great cookie.

She made or guided chop wood for you. One winter, you wouldn't have anything like that.

I don't know funeral unless people agree to get up and talk about how wonderful I worked two hours they kept targeted talking and it was just like to sit down 40 but there was everything the after funeral meal. There was just so much peace there.

Everybody got up and talk to after funeral debtors and nobody got up at everybody. You don't look like they sucked unlimited for two hours looking at each other. You don't want that. Talk about how wonderful this person was everybody did something good somewhere in your life.

There you go. And part of that you know and I know the pastors want to preach salvation message, and that life is short, but if people don't see that that person was special. Then they miss part of that message.

I would think this testimony that life person's testimony without testers daemonic and the majority of people come to Christ that it might through the testimony of the person witnessing to them.

Look what God did for my life, not just what happened to me a break.

But here's the great news we have my mother to talk about the original chocolate drop cookies. She's on the line from Crossville, Tennessee and we got to hear your taste treat, share it.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 I know somebody's got for Christmas, Hamburg 86634. Welcome back to the Christian heart. I show yes we haven't talked money, but much about Bo having a good family time with you know that's what Christmas is about. I guess that I had a long procession with God this week about the show and he want to talk about family. I said I'm up for that.

I'm always up talking about family and talk about family. In this case. How blessed can I be my own mom who is the purveyor you chocolate drop cookies yourself is where this Merry Christmas mom very much make Christmas CD revolve around chocolate The rest of the year see what we can get to see grandma very much except how timely is wonderful, carnal, got and never do it right because it wrapping therapy in Coldwater and all that stuff. I was never the cook that grandma what number is we treasured it that Mike and I would try to find it before Christmas to make it early and he would we would like to try to find it.

If we did, her supply was really depleted take to work there.

You know mom I'm I don't remember that. Did she continue to make it on the when we were kids now think cell I don't know why I want the recipe because it was an old old old cookbook that I member that now you probably never have any kids. That was what we waited for Webster called butterscotch candy and wrap the HP individually was now will mom. Can you just picture since I have you on the phone, which is precious to me and you just picture the year with Jesus getting your sand Jesus common taste.

My mother's butterscotch candy and that that's an intimacy that something is down deep in your all of our hearts, we have those we have those Christmas memories.

You know my older sister and my mom knows this. She sent out an email this year asking for all the kids to to remember their favorite Christmas. You know, memory and and we saw all sorts of you know things from the time we blew up the bounty with the timebomb game and all the but the one that surprised me as my brother came out of the closet literally that he had. He shared a memory that one time he snuck in and ends and looked at everything in the closet and he talked about how the bomber will what a bummer. Christmas was that year but did you ever know about them. Now I never won a little sneak so Dr. Sonny.

There's your challenge. You got you got you got butterscotch and then you got the closet for my brother Carmel Carmel's were alive right God 450 of the bad guy Christ arose as Redeemer and master for eternal life. Just like that Carmel is very sticky and all the parts of the cookies and the candy indicate that every part of you and you become very very tasty and the aroma to the Christ of your life just shines through and smells through so so happy with the talk about the spirit you see come through you right I see it, what's the CAR MEL part matter for eternal life.

All three show dog try this at home phone sees this is, but please please please have a Merry Christmas this year.

We thank our listeners are the ones who make this show.

We appreciate so much all of phone calls your Christmas pastries that they were amazing but really I thank Bob for his sharing and Dr. Sonny and Jerry are Christian body shop guy and Bill are Christian insurance guys all these guys are our family and from our family to yours. We really do wish you a Merry Christmas with Jesus you're listening to the and

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