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Got Your Back 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 18, 2012 12:16 pm

Got Your Back 2

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 18, 2012 12:16 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore when did Jesus have your back.

That was the show we did a couple of weeks ago. Apparently we weren't done because God keeps blessing us with more amazing stories of faith and obedience so I true I really do have to share the one that was posted after last week show in Christian Car that's the show I went back and checked the website and here's this new window Jesus have your back story that was not from last whichever for the week before but yet they just posted the story and when I read this to you here shortly.

If it doesn't send chills up your spine.

Are you just I don't know what to say this one is. I've seen a lot of stuff posted at my website Jerry but it's amazing how absolutely especially have a what related to me was a 20-year-old daughter thing is when you're talking about that after talking about and working to read that here in just a minute. You and I want to hear that story but the question we know that there's more stories out there so I got apparently wasn't done with this. So were coming back with window Jesus have your back to you will plant words.

There's lot of fun.

You started but you know working up a little new twist on it today. We watched a call in with it again, 866-348-7884, but the new twist in a again even if you have any story we want to hear it. By all means, but the new twist is window Jesus have your back when you started headed off for somewhere, but you never made like the folks on 9/11 that didn't make the plane when did he have your back like that. 866-348-7884 as a number to call in. We would love to hear when did Jesus have your back story, 86634 truth and of course, here to help us out because it's the third Saturday of the month is our own Christian body shop guy one of my just personal heroes Jerry Mathis for grace body shop Jerry you've got a Jesus got your back story that happened with your people just in the last two weeks. Oh yeah hits you.

Sometimes God will will take care of us in ways we don't understand and matter fact it was Super Bowl Sunday about 6 o'clock where my drivers drive one of our international rollbacks when the bigger trucks and just finished up a call and was heading up 150 peters Creek and West Asylum and the young lady if you've ever gone up 150 you understand how this flashing turn lanes and that flashing yellow light is often confusing which subject that when you take a look at and his followers, but as he comes up on this intersection. This young lady is so yellow flashlight inters directly in front of them and he was probably city was going 55 miles an hour 50 wasn't really sure but is with traffic had a green light. The city knows he didn't start hitting his break to a make contact with her. She was driving will Mitsubishi know you want to get be that car this in a Savior like but to push that car that you could stand inside the side the drivers door and reach across and touch the passenger door and she survived it and that was certainly blessing and but even more at Valley she was pregnant she was pregnant. One of the hospital. He took the baby and the last I heard everything was was going well with both of them will baby was 4 pounds of certainly been in our prayers and it certainly shook up my driver we took him out of the truck for four weeks. A little bit of time just sort of a game to calm down because it was frightening experience form, but through it all mean it was so a lot of answer prayers there and then a lot of prayers went up four or all three of them as another amazing story.

Again, the one were to read here in a minute. This is equally as amazing, but when did Jesus have your back 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would certainly love to hear your story. Then at the bottom of our we have some big news from Fort got Mark Mike Hardy forged director of quality and product planning service can be exciting hear from him and then in our praise of the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding the Bible is full of stories when Jesus had people's backs, but what about Moses. He never made it to the promptly he got to look at it. Do you think that was a tease. I have to admit down deep in my heart. I've always called unnecessary roughness of did you think it was little over the top.

God, I mean, so he slipped up a bit. Give the Mimosa break coming EEE heat. He slipped up a bit, but not get to go in the promised land. After all, that he went through a part of the seas. With your help, obviously brought the water out of a rock but come on so I is business eight when he said Jerry I have been angry about this for years and so now today in our praise about robot book. I've had a breakthrough this week and hopefully to give you a breakthrough on how God really did have, Moses is back again.

Keep calling him.

I don't know.

We've got these calls lighten up here. 866-34-TRUTH if you didn't get through. Just try running it again 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number to call you and I know we had a little momentary phone problem but call back we will get you on. We'd love to hear your story on Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy 35 years in retail automobile business. But as we always say it's a much more important on your brother in Christ Christian car guy show. We hope is change the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for no debt watching people buy cars for 35 years going into debt broke my heart. And God called me to do the show with one of those things being a big thing. We talked about regularly and cars need tender loving care and needing a name like old red looking good outside and appalled at you to drive to Tennessee right after the shows today without hesitating with 324,000 miles about, but think about you see old tractors a bit on the element since the 40 still run while you think if you take care your car it will last as long as you do and I have to tell his funny little story about that.

You know I have this video up. I've had for you actually called the Christian car guy and sound racer when I had the show that had the little thing that made old red semi preferred and nothing just went over 10,000 hits will last as Wednesday. My daughter came in and she says there's a funny comment on your YouTube video you've gone over 10,000 hits. But what's up with this and in and and I won't use the exact words that were in the thing, but it was like I call foul. This can't be the Christian card. I have some guy drive around in the 90s model Dodge truck with 291,000 miles on it which is what it out of the time he can't be the Christian card. He must be the Jewish again. Not not making any slants tortured by bats.

I was my comment but nonetheless my daughter didn't understand was that mean that well, but the show today is not about stuff like it is about hat. When did Jesus have your back and again you can find out all about this.

A Christian You gotta hear the story on the share. The minute we got DD. Excuse me. We got DD we have the in Greensboro D. I understand you've got a story force. I do without all, thank you for taking my call and I want tell you how much I appreciate your your program all the time you been on always enjoy thinking, but I do have a story. Back when I was about that 15 we've been. I grew up in Colorado and was sent in. We'd been all about 50 miles away visiting relatives in about 5 o'clock it started to snow and about the same time we were starting on the way home we we came in by nothing but character we came from Longmont, Loveland.

I used to live in Longmont and then went to junior high. There it got it.restart it going. We left late to turn 11 toward Greeley while and that came blowing or you couldn't see the fence post on side the road.

I would sit in the backseat. My dad was driving old family within the car and he couldn't see even an outline and I could feel a little better in the back and so I was in effect guiding the backseat. We got within about 9 miles of Greeley where we lived and the motor grounded out by the snow being blown into that good and then about the time the mother went dead there. What appeared to be a big red truck pulled in behind us. Nobody got out and I got out of our car.

Nobody got out of the truck and he started pollution of the truck started. Please push this 9 mile town and that we looked around and there was no red truck all I don't know what is today hello do you believe what an amazing story well when did Jesus have your back you call us with yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

God bless you where you headed somewhere you never got there and it turned out to be a huge blessing Jesus had your back, even in need when your plans were made. You didn't make the trip that you thought your to make when did Jesus come in and say that the story that I just heard this God is doing amazing things out there all the time and it's so encouraging to hear and and please, I know some people called in. I wish you call us back and share that story. It may not seem like you're familiar with the story. We've never heard it before, 866-348-7884.

That's the number to call in and please, please share what God has done in your life. Now this this is the story Bob didn't mean that I was actually Marine in the first segment but you got to hear this. This is from a listener in Louisville, Kentucky. Listening on 94.7 WFI beautiful Louisville but anyway she wrote hi I love your show. I read this part to jerk is what you have just recently picked it up in the Louisville area. I love your insides. I thought about calling you last week with the story it is actually my daughter story a few years ago I was extremely concerned about my daughter Julia. She was 20 years old and had recently lost her three best friends in a car accident. She didn't seem to want to go on living.

She felt guilty about still being alive and was having trouble sleeping because she kept having nightmares about the accident I was praying for. Like I have never prayed before.

One night she came home about 1 AM I was waiting up for she came in and said the weirdest thing just happened.

I was driving across the bridge and I guess I must've fallen asleep because someone beeped at me and woke me up. I was about to drive off the side of the bridge so I swerved over then the car got in front of me and drove really slow.

It was the red truck. It made me think of Juliann because the car had a German license plate Juliann was her friend died in a car accident was actually a German exchange. So ask how could the car have a German license plate. She said no it was like it was a car from Germany, but it had German words so ask what were the words and she said in, which is ICH PIN. I don't know German.

So I asked her what it meant and she said I am I said I am in again. Those of us are really familiar with the Bible knows what I am me and cold chills came over. Julia said that his she looked at me like I was crazy so I spent what an ever since then I've had a piece about my daughter that I didn't have before. Now if we got got a look at the back of the red truck that our friend D called in the big bit is that is that not one of the most amazing things in so encouraging to me to hear how God had this daughters back in the prayers that were involved in all that stuff we would love to hear your story, 866-348-7884.

I mean, I know you not now just sit there and when I read that story and is having a young daughter will guarantee you there is no more prayers is lifted up for anyone there when you have a young daughter, our son is a father and mother when they get on that road, because it is certainly man and the lines are letting up again folks appreciate all these calls while just keep keep keep calling and because will get to you and I appreciate we got beyond is in Greensboro beyond your on the Christian Car Guy show good morning what you got for us and that really felt like I really didn't have a reliable car. Having several problems with the card and believe that there are people that God doubt the air with a whip chain pull people out there was one time i know when i was on the way home where my car actually going to get mom and you know how you actually make your way somewhere when you click the accelerator and try to get out any thought or like yeah and medics elevator and i'm trying to get out and the only thing left to do is pray… lord i don't know how i don't know what i'm going to do. i need some help my to come help me with.

call me out like that.

one time i was on my way you where an outlook on the side of the bowel that point had no one here to call no one, and i didn't have a spare tire side of the road and i started praying. i think that i don't have anybody to call at that point i was actually kind of any telephone anything, i was praying to get out and start walking.

maybe i can get to the mighty to help me somewhere to get me to get out and pull up and they have higher and higher in their car and drive like you are blessed, blessed.

thank you for calling so much. i really really am blessed and i know a lot of listeners are god bless you. appreciate it so much may need from you folks, 866-348-7884 is a number to call in. we want to hear when did jesus have your back 866-348-7884. we've got jim jim to jesus.

have your back to jan talk yeah okay for bill credible incredible. but you know the lord later in heaven, but my ki love went to a doctor and the doctor told her he had an you needed to operate right away so she didn't allow him to operate for he really decided operate remote control because we got everybody sitting on the edge of the seat want to hear the rest of your story. so we come back to hear what happened with jim's mother. where can i hear more stories we got fourth time that's going to tell us about some exciting news that god and we got this appraisal by the robot took what about moses to godly them out in the cold working here a lot more, for the Christian Car Guy show state when you take off for someplace, but you never got there but you found out your back like the people that left for 9/11 didn't make the plane and we've got jim on the line. he was telling us right before the break about his mother that needed the surgery, but and we were really give you back to the opportunity jim to finish her story where during 20 remove right and the father.: you feel like you not know. it turned out, i will back your love… will call it night you i like that so i don't have that not to be limited really delivered me.

i do have a lot of the current member of the school board help clear the name of name one. dr. jim god bless you and appreciate you calling sharon that that's what i will never thank you brother. i appreciate it. well, as promised. ford's got some really really big news.

big news coming up and unfortunately apparently i got fat fingered and just dropped the chairman of these, right back to work and i have him for us here with her big news, which i'm excited about.

unfortunately, i guess i pushed the wrong button in the first ever happen that i've dropped the recall are at the wrong minute jerry but you know these stories they keep coming. we would love to hear yours, 86634 truth 866-348-7884 again.

we've got our man with quality with ford on the line. i appreciate my you staying with us here. i'm sorry i buy got fat fingered hit the wrong line. thank you for being with no problem. well i gotta say that you know alexis was getting a lot of press this week about this jd power thing and then all of a sudden i realized the one that should got all the press was ford you guys got some big news, we got great news for one the jd powers award for most tenable for the second year in a row and the lincoln mkv of the little small cool lincoln one for the actually the fourth year in a row.

so then that winning winning and winning and also the explorer 14 top and excitement for the most dependable vehicle. the third 2009 model years to three years in service so pretty excited about explain this to her listeners. what powers does. from what i understand is the are going out to not the last mother going out the three-year-old cars check on the right dependability so i consider 2009 models and then their asking most people within the last 12 months.

you know what did they have any problems with their car and so this is a huge thing. this isn't something like dependability in the first year the sleaze person three years old and it's a wonderful award because at that point in time in 2009 when you think about it, the government was bailing out several other i will go in any names, but you guys never at that time building top quality stuff.

exactly right. this was the year where there is really a meltdown in the overall sales and so on of manufacturers were having difficulty getting their vehicle sold things were sitting on the lot for a while.

the prices were coming down everything with everything that was really melting down the overall sales and and we had all kinds of issues and plants and what can go on bankruptcy like you talked about and in the meantime, ford was making some real high quality products and the people that bought the vehicle absolutely love them and they came out most dependable vehicles out there that even they had the mustang. you know, a perennial bestseller for ford motor company freon is scored at the top of excitement as well. but to jenny perry can give a trophy because there weren't enough sales of some of the other products to print to compete against. so even though is one of the topmost most dependable vehicles in the in the survey didn't win award because it yet have at least three other main other models in that same segment for them to give it an award.

my guess is the head of quality. ford you know what what they just put a monkey on your back the size of unit in your time there. what would you say is been the key to making the to the quality what what is become known for. to be really just a standard for quality really had in a course we all remember the inequality in the job line in different ad campaigns and all that but that what we've done and in the last several years is we really buckle down and get some better electronic systems and we take every single warranty claim that happened on a vehicle, every single customer contact from a survey responses like that. we ship all that information within 24 hours to back to the plant was manufactured within the people there read through the claims and then try to figure out what they can do to never inconvenience the customer again and what we do in the plant or what can we do in our design process in order to make those vehicles better and my fake incense on the last three years our overall warranty repair rate has dropped by 40% so so if you look at these vehicles and were talking about here.

these are great vehicles.

jd power says so highly dependable and the ones that were building right now. even 40% better than that. what would you say to our listeners, mike, since we got and and and that they could personally do because i know that we got a lot of oil for drivers out there when they when they perceive that there is a quality issue with.

therefore, what is the director would you like then what would be the process, they should do have an issue deftly take a ride back to the dealer and have a conversation with an end and get things fixed that.

that's the first person point of contact for it for anything.

in that regard. so if the dealer can help you.

you can't help you out, then that is what you can do it have some discussions with the regional representative with the dealership to get in contact with ford motor company above above, the dealer is also a hotline that provided insight to glovebox everything that we sell. he wanted to call the customer assistance center to get a particular issue with you dealer something to give him a ring and i try to work with you.

that way, and another thing, i might just add because i was a dealer all these years was that a lot of time bring your dealer in on the team and say look, i know you can you contact ford on my behalf because i just feel like they need to know about this and can you help me but but rather than feel like leaving the date the dealer really really a lot of times wants to help you to they really don't know what to do, but with you, the customer and and the dealer contacting the manufacturer.

whether it's ford or chevy or whoever it it it it really indicates that this is it you know it's not us against ford. it's not that the customer against the dealer realize that we are all on the same team. all of us.

if it were brothers and sisters. actually, if you want but you know bring everybody in and give their to give them a chance because really they don't wake up every morning trying to get you in a rotten car they wake up every morning trying to provide you the best possible transportation that they can do like you can hear mike's heart these people it forever doing everything they can to make this happen will so that dealer so that salesman so that mechanic in the back of the body shop right jerry you guys every day that they devoted their whole life to this is a team and i think you mentioned that the robbie bring everybody get everybody involved in you be amazed what can happen. god bless you mike. we appreciate you guys afford so much in the time that you give us here on the show regularly. we really appreciate it. thanks, mike thanks all right. well, we got more stories leave me with jesus had your back. we got diane's been hanging onto wake forest for so long. thank you, diane, went to jesus. have your back good going down to make way, i can tell my car and went down coming and i can see how the coyotes at the clock and i could see how the cars coming to like And carly hard on the side of the way i handed fan i didn't even and i just sat there for like 30 minute delay that i was when i found i got back on the way and then god i did bring tuesday arrived and god bless you diane i'm so glad you got to because i know there's people out there that encourage you know we go through the day worrying about what closer to where what we can eat tomorrow. meanwhile, god's doing huge things for us. we had no idea to call so much and thank you for hanging on for so long. thank you, thank you all right when did jesus have your back 866-348-7884 is a number we would love to hear your storage areas like me were sitting here were like the radio doesn't get any better than this just here in how how god is working on in all of your lives, and we would love to hear your story. we got duane's up next where we just lost he was.

we gotta move on.

of course, to our appraisal by the real black cookbook is automated on robbie. what's this with moses you sound like you got a bad attitude, and the truth is i did, i did have a bad attitude. i will admit it, but in our appraisal by the real black book. if you never heard the show before. that's where we search the bible for hidden treasure. cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, you know the bible is certainly full of stories where jesus had people's back but i i've always had a little problem with the whole moses story not let them go to the promised land take them up on the mount, let them see it you know if i was a referee in this game. i would be calling unnecessary roughness when you jerry well yeah i know you don't want to step out out on that you know you get mad at god stuff i got out of that plank, but i just know but i was listening actually to christian radio. great thing on our cruise radio network here truth network i want to radio is truth network i get. i gotta get my have the same but and it was actually the rbc are our daily bread show and they were talking about how different people in them. hebrews 11 that moses did this through faith that he chose to suffer rather than hang out with pharaoh and the boys he chose to go to egypt and he chose this and and and then they went into that whole scene you know where here's moses, and he suffered and he didn't get go in the promised land. and so i'm in the car praying god, what's i don't understand.

i just don't understand but actually i was.

so i will so encourage this week by the comments of Christian Car about the jesus labeler but also this, that i said jesus, i know you had moses back what's the deal. he said now robbie, if i let moses going that his idea of the promised land. what was headed what we headed for while those of us who know the rest. he was headed for agents in a whole bunch of trouble in the ai people murdering project and what was he headed for he was headed for a lot of trouble there when it was just was no cake walk into the promised land. and moses was no spring chicken moses got to go to the real promised land.

not the one that that he could look out and see that he got to see the good land flowing with milk and honey. but the milk and honey that moses got to eat shortly thereafter was the real deal. jerry yeah i reaping the rewards of sometimes in life you are not. you may be going there in a week we sold a focus on earthly things and temporal things can lose focus on eternity. and that's the point. you know i get all upset because moses didn't get to go. it always trouble what are you maybe knew better. robbie, what were you thinking we got out the is in kentucky.

she may know, when jesus hello hello hello how are you we are excited to hear your story. we really are.

where like to tell my story and quality control work on river road and loyola contact and we got to go to break it week now you've got us right in the middle of it. please stay on the line with this work to hear the rest of the houses story and the rest of your calls. you call it 86634878841 time we've had to hear how god: always totally out of control. ii think of the situation with the mayonnaise mother.

dr. thought he was a tumor from that red truck pushing it through mean if you didn't get a chance to hear this whole show. i'm a tell you it is blessed me beyond belief. there will be a podcast loaded Christian Car later today you'll be able to hear all these amazing stories. if you missed any of them. you really miss something i gotta tell you about our listeners have just left our socks off today. we got one more when we left our here hero out that she was right at the scene of the crime out 2 o'clock in the morning going to embark started cleaning right after that we had 1994 and started cleaning. i didn't know i didn't have my car at that time bought the car and the windows with clear stop track at a red light and hit me in the chest and anita chan, find that god please god i can't die now. i need to see my children grow up and do well in life and i just sat back and i came back i didn't totally black at i came back so calm even when the fire department came and with cutting the carcass. i slid underneath – latest cutting the car and they're trying to put a blanket over me because of sleep pouring in maine.

the rain and he just Me so calm that something in my mouth that i didn't pay too much attention to it. i had to keep swallowing. i didn't take a calm i went to the hospital.

i was calm. they didn't really think it was much wrong with me except for my four head had a concussion and they all current doctors and look at one for my ankle and finally to x-ray they had hair down. they had had condemned the x-ray when they let me from one table to the next day the extra screen land and they needed everything wrong bad so then they did the x-ray and thought i had a collapsed left line that had almost at my turnoff to care about a calm the whole time i was in the hospital never was an slightest bit of pain ever and i said i had valid calendars and they would let me see myself in the mirror, but i knew god was with me and you have a spine. i know i know what you're saying is true, and i hope a lot of listeners perjured testimony because those who know my story know.

i was crushed between two jeeps severely injured and almost exactly the same thing in spite of the fact it took him hours to get a name on site because i was up in the mountains. i felt no pain. i was amazingly calm. everybody is like going to shock he's going to die his legs almost off you know it was bad to go into shock and not what happened. no, it's not because that that's when you get in and i i actually felt like jesus was giving me a hug and seem right. i got to what i felt like like don i was going to be okay, going to be okay in my own heart i knew that i felt that and when i was in the hospital and he came in and told me that almost commitment, not that you can't have surgery that they can had put another tube in my line. whatever really bizarre sense of humor, but i have this friend actually had cancer of the tongue. they had to cut his tongue all but he's his group back. he told me was like a lizard that there are. what a blessing. and what a testimony and i hope a lot of people had a chance to hear that.

i want to thank you all for listening to Christian Car Guy show today again if you didn't get a chance to hear all the stories you got a list of the podcast.

when did jesus have your back to that.

so we had today.

remember the labor of love free car repair labor for single moms and widows throughout the country go to Christian Car find out about that jerry. thank you.

also, let's make sure we lift up vic and prayers as you are volunteer for labor. love, vicki was in the hospital almost died from kidney failure this week to pray for victorville and his family and remember slowdown. jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and just like outlook could tell you jesus has your back your listening to

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