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Alex McFarland

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February 25, 2012 12:22 pm

Alex McFarland

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie Cargile with your questions.

1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore said today on the Christian Car Guy shower playing stump.

The cardiac floor. Maybe I can stump you my good friend Alex McFarland author in one of America's premier apologist is with us this morning and every time I see Alex.

He hits me of one of these stompers like what was the Oldsmobile counterpart to the Chevy Cavalier or one of the small blocks for the Ford V-8's questions like that so I'll pose some questions to see what you may know that you come back at us with your stump or what would you like to ask the car guys 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member calling with your toes or and we have both Alex McFarland and Mike Westwood are Christian oil guy with this this morning.

Alex, welcome to the Christian partnership will thank you so much. I look forward just respected you for so many years and beyond with you. First time on your show.

It's really an honor to thank you very much and it's so cool because you know we just both came back from Nashville where we would the RBN. Alex is getting ready to speak at event here in Winston-Salem coming on Monday with Alex Kendrick, the star of the new movie courageous as well as the Giants and even in a car movie called flywheel so he's kind of a card I to email us so were getting excited you're gonna be at this event will yeah really good ear and out or I will tell you a grip on a farm south of Great Britain was a garden and we were always around tractor and truck and equipment injured from I don't know that for years on I have low art I mean cars motorcycle anything vaguely metallic and so I became a Christian when I was 21 and maybe we'll talk about that a little bit but one of the things that I think was a great foundation for our friendship.

You need not only are love of the Lord, but are level cars, and it really really is a fun subject really is just hit you right off the bat with one of those that I put this on Facebook after I came back from Nashville. I said what does the sea in GMC trucks not GMC by General Motors Corporation, but the sea in GMC like a GMC truck, you know that's transfer out the letters right but it will only General Motors Corporation that's not necessarily the correct answer, but also on whether this morning we have Mike Westwood Christian oil guy I and my maybe better turned down your regular big project. Feedback Mike, I know what the C stands for and well my family to work in moving yeah now growing up. I really love Fort and I really love Chrysler product family, like they would gravitate 13 now growing up. Initially I did not like Chevy.

Now the Lord change my quarterly years not come to really love GM product but really GM for garage monkey and so must somebody posted on Facebook. When I asked that question. It meant get me a cab on it.

If you what you say you call us this morning.

We want you in the conversation, 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but also since Alex is one amazing Christian apologist. What that means we'll get into if you never heard of an apologist before I know Alex would love to speak on that subject for a few minutes but very importantly, you may have that question that somebody were to pick posted hit you with. In my case I got one. My daughter hit me with just the other day, I will ask Alex myself gives we all don't always have the answers but it's important that we know at least how to explain the joy that's within us and Alex is going to help us with that but if you have that question.

You know like Robinson Caruso's little buddy Friday on the island you remember in the book Robinson Crusoe is his little native friend asked him and he may know them little he may been big but he ask him why God no kill Devil in one of those? Maybe you you wanted about in your life why God no, kill them yet about the Kristin you call us this morning. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got Mike Westwood back with us and see if he's got the answer to what the sea is in GMC Mike how you doing is your phone better now. All right company, all one for company which actually Wikipedia says that Wikipedia is wrong. So were to wait and see if someone can call in with the right answer to what does GM see the sea in GMC. What did that originally now, not what is it stand for today than when they first started building vehicles under that GMC name badge. What did that what that that see this and for my producer thinks it may have stood for care. We would love to hear from you, but also if you've got that that tough poser that that thing that that somebody's just hit you with of understanding your faith. You call us with that question 86634 truth that I'm a jump in with that when Alex which by the way, before before asked this question. I would also point out if you go to Christian Car today I posted a series of pictures of some of my favorite cars of all time and I didn't put the names on it and most of and so if you would like to guess any of those pictures on here today there's a couple concept cars are really cool in their couple racecar. Whatever you think those cars are, we would love you to call him of those as well today are just going Christian Car and tell us what you think. Apparently we have a guess on what is this the stamp for in GMC soaring all right about Alex before I hit you with the tough Christian question that I've got for you Jeff in Winston-Salem. You're on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning.

I always look got a great idea. Okay, it's good morning right Dr. Sonny would love you with that one job.

Thank you Jeff God bless our David and I will. He's calling and real quickly. What if you got for his David and I believe that General Motors coach, you are exactly right is General Motors coach no originally and you may notice David that that was that was where General Motors would build their chassis for buses and those were GMC coach tasks and so originally right it was General Motors coach exactly right. And is it KT. What is a KT I in beautiful Des Moines Iowa. Thank you for calling David already you to ride. Apparently there were about five other folks who knew the answer to that when Alex on what was but but right now I would love to know Alex since I've got you here Spears to question my daughter the comment. My quest, but my daughter hit me with on wives actually Wednesday night and it was a tough and Alex. I didn't know really what to say because they were having a discussion. My mom, my wife and me and my daughter my wife my my daughter about know what sheep she's 12 years old and she's talked about what she wanted to be when she grew up in. She might be want to be a doctor and she might want to be this and I like.

I looked at a nice of O'Brien have you talk to God about what he might want to do, how he might want you to serve and she said that it I don't want to grow up to be a nerd nerd and ERD on nerd and and I kinda looked at her in a shot. I'm sure I was and I was you know this one, stop me, I gotta be admit I civil you don't you don't think this person is a nerd.

Well yeah kind and you don't think that person well yeah kind and then I went even I saw my you think your father you know and she said well you know kind of the Christian kids at school. They just kinda stand out like nerds and I don't you know it's just not cool to be a Christian. Alex, we don't want your project, you know we we are good people. She because they look at Christian think that Christians are ordering or call or something like that. He only one of my favorite figures of Christian history Dwight Moody." Let me encourage you if you want to be inspired really read the life of Dwight Moody deal Moody but he said out of 100 people, 99, only one would read the Bible, but 99 would be Christian and I think that Christians, being faltering geeks or something like that break so listen, you can tell Alex his take on those tougher apologetics questions for this one easily explains what apologetics is you call us with your Christian car poser or maybe some stuffer, 866-348-7884 show how many remember this show from the six there are in Jerry van Dyck my mother the car when you remember that when I rerun that was weird.

Anyway you list of the Christian card and show this morning. We've got Alex McFarlane and Mike Westwood here and were plan stumped the car guy. What question might you have that would stump us questions along the line of what we asked me to go with what the C stand for in GMC now. My next poser.

This pulls out to the Christian Car Guy audience very famous car from the 60s and even the early 70s was the Pontiac GTO what what did the GTO. A lot of people could tell you what GT stands for, but how many people know what the hosted 4G T0 what a bad stand for you. Call us 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when we left our hero Robbie's daughter was questioning whether or not Christians were nerds and I didn't mean to cut you off Alex but we had to go to that break. It was a heartbreaking you know this but had no choice. I even though I need an answer.

I was, you know, I've been praying a lot about this and I was thinking how lucky I have Alex McFarlane on my show or the world's greatest apologist by somebody who studied ways that we can explain our faith maybe, but a lot of to start out with what's in apologist out well. Great question. Thanks very much. And by the way Robbie before the show. I have a question for you okay but apologetics is a Bible word it appears in the Scriptures about to speak in defense apologetics is giving evidence and reason why we believe what we believe. Now apologetics did not apologize people will you know I don't apologize for being a Christian and rightly so.

Apologetics has nothing to do with saying I'm sorry you're backpedaling or anything like that. It really means to you proactively defend your faith and more than ever. All my goodness more than ever we need to be able to present explain anything in the faith and the grace of God, you know, traveling the USA in the world for the last almost 20 years now.

Speaking apologetics they how indebted I am to the Truth Network's usually hugely help take my ministry to another level, almost 13 years ago when he began to let me be on live and I've been on the Truth Network and a myriad of times the places and so on. I just be on record saying how much I appreciate the incredible ministry of the Truth Network enabled me to go through through being a regional speaker 12 1314 years ago, national and even international writer and speaker in the years that followed… Apologetics is defending the faith and now it your belief systems compete are not equal. We definitely need to get me to gain a right challenge of first Peter 315 and up always be ready to give an answer. So, speaking of answers to what my daughter she sit there and I couldn't agree with you more, that certainly we don't want to portray that image but to an extent when it in order to be cool you got to do certain things that a Christian won't do or wouldn't want to do what you do at me.

I've I've wrestled with this one a little bit and I and I'm curious what what are your thoughts will problem of our ability to reach a lot of a lot of people in our culture, dictated has resulted from the churches diluting the gospel with legalism. In recent decades, Christian standard ghetto we should live morally on God instructed us not to have sex before marriage not cute certain things that are sinful and that that definitely right but I think a lot of people get turned off by Christian because what we've done we've supplanted the three forgiveness and grace of Jesus for a list of do's and don't and because of legalism and Christian can't go to movies. Christians can't listen to secular music, Christian, and can't you guys can't hear the touches their collar in the 6070 8090 a lot of not all that many churches in America were very very legalistic and as a result. Their masters of Christians that were pretty boring people and we've not asserted ourselves in the art. We've not asserted ourselves in the culture and 30 years ago. Frank Schaeffer warned an occultist great evangelical disaster in English rather than engage the culture and default. In light we created our own subculture called the Christian get an you know a lot of people look at us living rather bland, colorless, why they think. Why would I want to be like that.

So I think Christian sometimes come off as being nerdy because of legalism, I don't think it because of our standard in our pursuit of holiness because second but first I better take this question from Louisville, Kentucky, long, long time. Eric you're on the Christian card I sent them first call of first outlet program held, in question about that Christians are cool.

Thank you, but I think sometime churches itself. Leaders of the church all the young people back from being who they truly are and therefore, being in Stanley people not being able to really deal with ARS Christian young people that the same kind about the rock and destroy it. I think if they can weigh fanning through MTV and Outlook outlet to make it look like you not going to that you not cool if the deception to our young people, but with death that I have a question for the automobile grandma question is how one be able to purchase a luxury car electric current Mercedes being I'm looking at one used with 82,007 look very very very low amount, but how well behaved, negotiate really excellent. Well, probably six or seven articles on that very issue. In all, those are well explaining the Christian Car but I'll take a quick quick swing at this we now know now yeah that's fine.

What what I will when I first would do is ask. Certainly to drive the car and to take the car to knowledgeable Mercedes technician working. I get an answer on how to to get the best price on Mercedes but also Virginia and Belmont, North Carolina has an answer to what does GTO stand forward to hear more from Alex McFarlane. We still got Mike Westwood in San Antonio Texas so a lot of Christian Car Guy show, you will want to state that Alex is going to be speaking at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem at the culture outreach event coming up Monday at 930 and well come back for 15 Cargile show how many people remember that old Oldsmobile today were plan something Cargile and please have a series of questions and one of the questions we've asked lately is what does GTO stand for what is that mean that Pontiac from the 60s, what did the GT in the oh stand for. Got an answer that bad.

But we also have Alex McFarlane with us here a wonderful Christian apologist who also happen to be a Cargile Mike Westwood are good ground yes or you can you name another that record Oldsmobile Cutlass. I don't know what you some people called it the very first rock 'n' roll record ever, and it was recorded at Sun records in Memphis, Tennessee, and it Oldsmobile phone Oakmont Rob you got you stumped me.

You stumped the cargo. But what is rocket 88. I I do not even sold some 88. Back when I sold some now but we got going on, we gotta finish we gotta finish our friends question about the how to get the best rice on the Mercedes.

What I'll write what I always do on a used car is asked to take that vehicle out and take it to a reputable and preferably the Mercedes dealer unless you're buying it from the Mercedes dealer than their own mechanics and may not be on your side necessarily, but you want to take it to a reputable Mercedes place and get them to go through the car thoroughly so that you can have a complete report on the car and be in a position to negotiate any repairs that need to be made to that or negotiate any services that might yet to have been done. Like if you're buying a Mercedes and it needs a 60,000 mile service return of 88 $900 worth of repairs so and then certainly the Mercedes looking at the book which they stamp in a Mercedes or BMW Volvos. The books are extremely an important thing when you're buying an electric car like that because how they service them and get very very expensive so those are issues then you know certainly when it comes to just plain negotiating. The first rule of negotiation as he gets his price out first sets the tone of the of the deal so certainly they've got some sticker price, but would you come back if you love the car and you've used you see not what it needs and you can spend your certainly consider about buying the car, you decide what what that take for you to afford the car and and I'm not saying start to low I'm saying start with exactly where you would be comfortable buying the car and be prepared to stay there but you make the offer and get that your number out as a is a you say you gets his number out first. Often wins and so and again is 20 articles all on how to get the best price.

A Christian Car how to treat your salesman with respect how to work as a team. All those things are a Christian Car now Virginian Belmont has been hanging on Alex forever for with this GTO answer and Virginia, are you still with us what God bless you. You've been hanging in there but what does GTO stand for grand got your exactly right. That is a great answer and you know what that comes from still a great answer. The international motor sports Association held races were web-based to hold races. To this day I don't think they hold the GTO race anymore, but they held races and there was certain specific engine that had to have a certain displacement, certain gas mileage rating and all those things in order to fit into a particular class of racecar for that international motor sports. It certainly you know, today we would know the 24 of the bonds as it is one of those answer races and they used to have a race called the GTO and that was just like you said, the grantor is no more mama.however, they said that word and almost like a very good analysis.

And that was what that car was named after degeneracy will is races. Alex, take a moment to unpack that name a little more sure you're right for corridor qualify for one of the international rate that had to build hundred and location was the process of building 100 court that client in a court like the Shelby cobra on unit Shelby couldn't really launch the article he had the financial backing to make 100 and GTO grand charisma, like that she keep the grand charisma report card that were streetcars, but also preparation and we Pontiac call their card GTO.

That was the implication that hated that this is a racecar that you can drop on the street got so is the Italian way of the Latin word, location, building hundred cart basically working to build at least 100 days total qualify for the rate and undertook a great long explanation, but GTO grand charisma, legato admin, 100 cards that were built for racing orchestrate thanking God bless you push each colony will Mike I know you been sitting there patiently listening to all this about you. You've always been in the racing away using some GTO's in your time, Mike Westwood, I still with us when we have trouble with my phone today. No doubt I I I find that it's if it's a fascinating subject, but I got admit it sounds more like a spaghetti dish on the left, how you say it, mama looked on my legato there you go and really does 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

You can play something Cargile or maybe you got that apologetics question that thing. That is why got no kill Devil Remington and a little bit more that, but Alex, here's your chance. Tell me what what it is that you're wondering what I know all okay your choice of venerable the credit high was originally call you can take your pick. You can tell me what the prototype was called, or you can tell me what it was named in Germany while I know this Lee Iacocca was instrumental in the car. I know, and certainly one of his great seats in the man was certainly brilliant. I know it's where the term pony car came from which, but I cannot tell you what the prototype name was nor was it what it was called in Germany whose Mustang and student but probably you and I are both huge Chrysler shortfall with the Mustang name for a horse you hit me with all these that I don't have the Gladden unpack some of those force first and then will come back with the Mustang name for words. I don't think so. Okay, wait a minute. We finally got Mike in my okay comment for Scott. I have been on the street and I was president. The time will and I cleared. I also created in Ohio. Any opportunity for you, and he has a strength on the left and right think like an old V-8 engines. What was the purpose of the real me was a freak like the real name of the lies that in the Oviedo engine. Certainly if somebody didn't keep their entries in the proper condition in the in the car was to get cold and begin the water would expand the idea was to blow out the freeze plugs the way they fit into the those places in the block before the engine would crack and I bet you tell me the name of what the original freeze plugs were called then then maybe I could tell you but I because I used to be a part man.

I certainly handed out more than my fair share freeze plugs in the day, but we got some of the questions I don't know the answer to just go ahead and give it to hand out whenever during the Rest of their flight because it would pop out when the engine started to freak an original name of it was dark from the inventor of the process to make the gate engine allowed them to come out with a fellow named Zürich well you got me twice without women. Did you know that Alex will know what you know would do. I did not know that and I didn't know it had something to do with the casting out because you got what you'll Billy I am on one of our we dump truck on the farm that freak plug came out and we couldn't get a freak to look for it in my dad credit peak of wooden dowel and wouldn't download into the trees, plug hole, hole, and it worked. For years I bet that's commonly known as farmer ingenuity, we got all these questions left unanswered that we got to get to number one.

What was the original name of the Ford Mustang. What was the prototype, it will in honor of the key 50 1D Mustang.

You know I I did know that at one time I remember that it was named after the airplane in Germany.

Mustang was called 55 and thought of the Mustang and 66, and with the T5 that you know that was from Germany that is fascinating Alex that that's it. That's interesting information now. We want you listeners in on this conversation, 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Mike if you got up a faith question to be thinking about for Alex. I would love to hear that something that may have stumped you, but while we got Alex right here why God no kill Devil there. There's one that's that's always a little bit perplexing relates to the problem of evil. God is all-powerful and all good fighters and and evil. He will eat years and he will go where in the interim time of the history, God is calling people to be saved and the eradication of evil happened one goal at a time. A promise future date that Christ will return it.

Satan and demons will be cast into the lake of fire, but yeah, I guess.

Of all the apologetics question that God is the Bible.

The biggest one of all. Yeah, what about evil. What's the origin of evil. And what could be the end of evil and so on the cross weekly to got decisively dealt with sin and evil and in his own body.

The punishment and the pain was poured on Jesus.I think what we point people to the empty that God is victorious over sin and evil. God had dealt with the problem of and and pain-and-suffering and I disliked it was left empty so that our lives could be made full and that empty tomb. It is God's promise that the problem been solved, and speakers. Good thing right now. We can be saved from the penalty of Stan one day working to be delivered from the current president and Andy the answer.

Gandhiji and will internally be with him and when Satan is finally fully thrown in the lake of fire and evil is eradicated. As you know, I will be with him forever.

That is, that is the bottom line we have delight in Walnut Cove has a simple question for all of us why Gerard Martin good morning I'm wonderful were anxious to hear what you might expect. I would like to know your people there or knows what a Cal magnet used for what the what magnet is for sale like a animal Cal magnet. How my magnet.

That's a great question that you'll parked beside him.

Now we gotta find out if any of our panel knows what a cow again apparently has two purposes get either milk or meat from Alex. If you ever heard of the Cal magnet horror on the vehicle will it indicated its first purpose was for a animal but it was later failed out to have a nether purpose, may I alright let me get in the old days when they bailed straw and hay.

Instead, they used metal statements and decals would date and they would give any doubt about this Cal magnet why we gotta go to all of America wondering what in the world is a Cal magnet and how I did I get the idea except that I don't know about these tables work in a staple of the answers here come the last part of the Christian Car Guy ship well come back to the Christian Car Guy radio show today. We've got quite a cast. We've got Alex McFarlane the author apologist. We got Mike Westwood are Christian guy from San Antonio and we left our hero, the white he was he was going to explain what cow magnets are but before I get to that because everybody sit on the edge of the seat do I want to know about, I got a business to attend to. I got is mentioned that Alex McFarlane is going to be speaking in a culture outreach event.

If you want to listen to him would be an awesome experience.

No matter where you are also Alex Kendrick is going to be there from the movie courageous at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem 5000 Country Club Rd. you can go to Calvary and find out all about that event, but also speaking of farms to white tomorrow and Sunday at 5 o'clock there's a men's group in Lexington. It's gotten so big that now they need to meet at sink farm equipment from understanding got a big building and there you have me over there tomorrow to speak to the men's group at 5 o'clock. It's in Lexington, North Carolina is called sink farm equipment.

I understand it's on Highway 64. So if you want to come hear me speak and you're in the Lexington area tomorrow night. We would love to see you there. All manner welcome Eric sink farm equipment for that men's Bible study and understand the got really large crowds from looking forward to that. But meanwhile, we all are on the edge of our seats white. You have stumped the entire Christian Car Guy panel.

What in the world that are car magnets. Besides, we got the State Department cow would eat the staple.

So what what'd you do the magnet.

I'm afraid where you held it will magnet you hold all roommate would slaughter the animal. They would magnet out and they would bring any moment carryall on the back of the tractor and they would attach it to something male, you should accumulate her own shrill fuel land were little. Will they would attach that magnet to the fuel and the farmers started noticing they were getting better gas so they told the rule man letter carrier milling that ruled areas you had to travel a long way so he would borrow or magnet and put it on Buehler in a notice to got better gas so through all of that product is every once in a while you will come you let your person and see if they have the thing that goes in line with your fuel that will increase your fuel perks back you'll make an now most of it date. Have you utilized magnet to a certain lady and refined milk and a lot of people are making money, that's quite a story and not to mention, think of the Staples that none of us have had the as result now Mike, I will what you think about cow magnets you're you're selling good oil down there. Have you ever heard of them. I have heard of it.

Pros and cons on used to look like speak what I don't have much time left. But I know Mike, you've got a question for Alex you been thinking that faith question and and Alex, if you want to wrap it up for us with this kind of lead people and how they can meet the one and only Savior of the world. Glad Mike okay I catered sermon and talk about us going out partly yet it seems like a lot of them quickly and it can I get a lot of people.

Why are we so focused.

That's great question. I think part of it. It relates to the fact that it been documented within like 18 Lord of becoming a Christian. The average person no longer had any non-Christian friends and one of the great Christianity is the fellowship that we have with the belief Alex got about 20 seconds.

So if you can just bring us all lose our compassion for the loss.

When we lose our passion and forget that you go and make disciples. That's why everybody needs to have me come to your church and train them on how to effectively evangelize lot when answer question others. There's a chance you can find out all about Alex by just googling his name in getting this come speak at your church's Calvary outreach event Monday morning at 930. Thank you for a list of the Christian card as you remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and you to encumber the Lord just have a talk with them and tell them you got this sin problem and he can show you how he died. Solve that problem for you. Thank you for listen to the Christian Car Guy radio show you're listening to the

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