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March 17, 2012 12:10 pm

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March 17, 2012 12:10 pm

Christian Car Guy


It's a totally different Christian car guys show this morning. We are sharing your prayer nightmare.

That's a little bit different in that you're just tuning in, this is the Christian forgot radio show this morning, which is why Paul and Joe by the way you call in with your questions 866-34-TRUTH but this morning it's time to share your nightmare repair.

You knew it from the moment you walked in the place. This was gonna be trouble.

Or maybe you are driving along on vacation and all of a sudden that Blanche clunk clunk limping in you pulling that little bitty town and the only place open was the Bates hotel and Texaco you call would be your nightmare repair this morning 86634878848664 truth or is in the citrus story actually happened to me one time when I was Gen. manager Mark Singleton Mitsubishi in Atlanta. These poor folks brought their car in for simple oil change and back in those days they have these listed came out of the floor and when the seals went right, and they began to leak what most people didn't realize the last 2 feet.

The lift would just shoot up and so it would go up real slow until it hit that last 2 feet and would shoot up with this one. Apparently the seals were bad when they went to change the oil needs people's Mitsubishi and make that a perfectly new looking Mitsubishi when it went up the lift and when it went that last 2 feet. It popped the car right off the lift and write it, you know, because of the way to the Internet went forward into the mechanics toolbox and all the stuff so in Atlanta kinda down on its drill. If you can picture this car now leaning forward up against the wall on its grill and somebody, i.e., the general manager had to go tell the people of got bad news and worsening will change when the oil change is going to be a little bit slow today so call in with your nightmare repair stories Abbasid Facebook already had some comments there. We'd love to hear yours. We know what happened to you, 866-348-7884 for the digitally gifted 866-34-TRUTH truth I hear to help us out on this St. Patty's day right I don't get to do the Christian car guy. My families are resorts extra special for me today to do the Christian car died St. Patty's day, but we got a wee bit of the blotting because we have our own Christian body shop guy today were called him Jerry O Mathis from Ray's body shop and shamrock just kidding about the shamrock but welcome right it's it's an interesting topic and oh, absolutely. I mean, some of the nightmares and and Bobby.

Have you been on the website and so some of that. Things to say is not to say when you take your car in a Mendoza they can lead to a lot of discussion. That's right, we are not only in a sharer nightmare repairs but we do have a list of do's and don'ts. What you do say what you don't say so you don't end up with that nightmare repair.

Perhaps you know sometimes or snowboarding like the case where the shop does not become a list that they need, but you know we had the opportunity of having a wrecker service also couple the local service stations, and even the dealership that we had to go. We ended with think it would really be an odd thing for somebody to bounce one off of the lift happens more than you would think.

I mean it doesn't happen every day but is never a good thing that we want to help us all out on how we can get better repairs feel more wanted all that kind of stuff at the bottom of the hour. We've got for John Schneider. He's the chief engineer driver controls and infotainment and infotainment. Very cool update on Ford's my touch system with now they have Jerry sink my right. I mean, you want to hear about that mesclun up the bomb in our bed and are praised by the real black book that's at the end of the show where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Try out for the sermon lift up her voice for understanding nightmare repairs.

They start you know they may make you feel like wow I'm not welcome or something is not quite right or maybe you're not really wanted. It's just your money.

In fact, you might even say why I feel a little bit orphaned or I found out last weekend by reading the advance reader's copy of Max locative new book the grace the title of it's going to be grace. There was this orphan train, and the orphan train started running in 1854 and by 1929. It'd taken leave them out over 200,000 orphans from the East Coast to Western farming community for the children might be needed there were epidemics in immigration of terribly poor people, which left orphans that had enough no place to go in the East ran out of resources so they started the ship from last will in that book grace by Max locative. He shared the story of one of these orphans and I'm telling you.

Not only did it lead me in tears, but is Max located in the few read Max located off and you find yourself in tears, but sincerely is change my PIP flare up her life I believe forever and I get to share that show coming up on our appraisal by the real black book and guess what we already have a nightmare repair we have Sonia in Richmond, Sonia, you're on the Christian car guy sugar morning Sonia, are you with us very sorry I am tender I was. When you know something here. I worsening today in our world were broadcasting green radio waves to go forth like England and where we found out be not bad in my early Jerry, that's a tough situation because this danced a baby. They leave a mark. Oh, absolutely welcome every angle you walk around the kickoff you see that Dean be a small but looks about the size of a baseball looks like a basketball and destroy our bed and when I look at all at night thinking I like to keep my card and I cart junkie you you that you brought up a great point that we all need to think about when we pick up our cars.

It's a great idea to do that walk around to see you knows anything new and exciting happened your car that you want is not a bad idea to walk around before you bring it into his there might be something there that you are unaware of you lately. I bless you walk around. I like that's awesome God bless you and appreciate you call me an all right you can share your repair nightmare today.

We can all learn from it a great idea that you know that you can share that and from this just like Terry's example we can all learn from it. You call us at 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and as we mentioned all the stuff that the website Christian car where not only do we share all the things you should say, but we also share the things that we really believe you you you mess up when you say these things and you set yourself up for a nightmare repair. But there's also all about the Jesus labor. Love you know we have this ministry with a Christian car guy show free car repair labor for single moms and widows across the country. You can find out all about and we need volunteers for that program and you find a link where you can click in and be one of our volunteers to help us provide this ministry because like all ministries. If it's a team effort, and you could be just personally needs a good Christian car cannot come find out all about that. Robbie is a member of that team that provides a service and I encourage you if you want to shop a body shop, a towing service, a mechanical shop, whatever it may be a glass shop electrical shop get on there and get some information because it is just a great opportunity to get back to your community and also show Jesus through just a simple act and is this not a whole lot. It does take a little bit of effort, just do it for Christ and it just open some doors that you just never would've imagined and the blessing I tell you, had I always say this always say what you know I was great to be able to you note to give a blessing, but if you are shop owner and you're really doing it in your employees. It's a blessing to them. Yeah, they get to see your heart an action, no doubt, and again it's it's just a laborer you not donating the parts and we always ask we have a need in your area will ask if it's something you can't meet. We understand completely, just to have you on our list to somebody that we could count on all that's again a Christian card. would love for you to go there as well as share your repair nightmare is okay with broadcasting in Greendale, you may not be able see these radio waves come to your car there green as I can because if Santa is a my lucky cup that we got a lot more Christian card I show coming up calling with your nightmare repair with a lot more. 86634878 were sharing our nightmare repair today on the Christian card I show you can check out any time you think you can never leave. Maybe, maybe a sleep. I'm not giving Jerry last last fall we we went to Holland, Michigan to intervene up there in the they had a tornado so we ended up in this hotel that it looked like a pretty nice hotel on the outside and when we went when I had a good friend that I was staying with. And when he checked in and you know he went to his room and I went to mind, but he had his son-in-law with them so he was supposed to get the room look too bad so I walked into this room. I couldn't help but notice there was a huge flood out that I was looking for the chalk marks around it. As I noticed that the lock thing on the door was broken in half. In the end there was a big crack in the door were that it actually been broken on certain services, huge bloodstain with the chalk it up and I'm like oh mine as I'm watching you, my friend comes because I'm in your room is that the thing about this must be my luminescent anyway. Share your you know you walked into that dealership that situation and you felt like my.

There should be chalk marks on the floor and who knows what it what it could have been. We had one shared on Facebook that that this lady got a loaner car and she she was going down the road after getting her loaner car and just one police pulled her over.

She was in the snow in the I have in my loaner car turns out to be stolen and you like it in the that's when I had her Jerry. Now that the nightmare experience you call us with yours. 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Now we do want to share some of these do you say's and don't say. And so when you come into that repair shop you know other things I mentioned both from body shop Shannon car repair shops is a lot of people the wrong thing to come in and say is I never trust car people you guys are always ripping people off when somebody comes in and believe it or not that happens often in that seat when you say that the car salesman or the technician immediately. You know you put them on the defensive. It's it's not the way to start up a conversation. A good way in the in that would perhaps get going in a better direction would be to say, you know, a good friend of mine told me you guys were the place to come to or I was referred by science or sump. Whatever it was was the reason that you came there I saw your ad in the paper.

It looked outstanding. I'm really looking forward to doing business with you know that's the exact opposite. But you you got somebody immediately who feels you know like wow, these people told me one thing when you come in with attitude of being negative. You put them on the defensive ileus don't get an estimate or anything, they're not going to be as willing to work with you because they figure this is gonna be a problem. I can already tell that no matter what I do not to make him happy and you really not going to get a good enough price in my opinion, that you could probably get by just changing their attitude a little bit and sometimes just the communication where you say you know what I think you may be able to get by with doing this, let's try this. First, let's try this repair and see what we have because is not the cost anymore.

It may save you something on the backside when you come in with that attitude like that is just that that that appraiser, or that that that service personnel that this waiting on you is so you put up a wall right off the bat. What I did was actually called several of my guys in preparation for the show and asked him to send me a note. Things that you hate it when people say from a Canon and things that you love, that people say when they walk in things that you wish they brought with them how to be prepared for that service experience in that kind of thing so again those results are all in Christian card. Like if you missed restitution when you want to hear more. These tips you can always list our podcast, also in Christian card. at your convenience.

Whenever you want to list the rest show plus I'm sure to get some very interesting calls you shortly from people who have that nightmare repair which by the way, you can do it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Now the thing that the technician the repair shop told me every single very emphatically.

By the way that they cannot stand is when somebody comes in and they have diagnosed their own problem.

In other words, I need you to replace my water pump. Now they don't tell the person you know why they want you to date this is this is their request. Now when I went to service advisor school years ago.

They they talked about the three season, the three C's where you're supposed understand the cause. The complaint in the correction but complaint was the part of that the customer is responsible for the correction in the because those were the things of the mechanics so you tell the people look, I've got green antifreeze all over my driveway now that may be your water pump. It may be a leaking hose. It may be a lot of things and you can it's okay to say it might be my water pump, but there's no need in you diagnosing certainly with battery issues. That's the one that bit bit.

Everybody says why need a new battery. Well, you could very easily need a new alternator, your battery cables could be. Don't you know there's no reason to diagnose that you just don't look my car won't start going click click click click you how many people is happy. The situation you come in and say I need a battery shop is the battery in it.

Does the great job send you out the cranks right up customer laser just as excited as can be. Sunday morning goes out there to crank the car up to the click to click on a night I had a bad battery here so then you you've got it customer.

This unhappy coming back because you did not install the battery properly. Are you didn't, but a good battery and in the whole time. It was alternator, but the shop was told not to check anything else that is one of battery right and in the in there is the situation that they would like as many details as you can about your complaint does it doing is hot does it do when it's cold does it do it at night is a doing there the day, you know, are you going to certain miles per hour all those details are extremely important to them, but let them do their job and trust him because it it's it's a similar thing when you feel trusted and that these people really count on you. You want to come through format when the people treat you like an idiot, then guess what you want, act like no big shocker on that when we got Brian his got a nightmare repair for us. Brian you're on the Christian card. I showed them on what you got force okay to give you like to carve a gable college. I like to go to college so there will they came back with the car and go go back to the car started acting up late at night to a automotive plate openly after they die. Problem so we can't think out but to recommend a hotel like bill they get old local shop to get over the shop next morning to go to shop to get it in there anything in the because it sounds like you want. Stay tuned. On the other side of the sprinkler getting on a breakpoint in here the rest of the base hotel and Texaco still coming up. I was very special St. Patrick's edition of the Christian card. I will send for expert on the Formica system, and we got here for nearly 648 Christian card guys show were sharing our fair in prayer. Nightmare special St. Patrick's day show when we left our hero Brian.

He was he was with his sons car look like it was on his own a car daughter's car yeah back on his way to liberty, and the course. As I mentioned, we've got our friend John with 40s can be on here in a minute but we gotta hear the rest of Brian story all the girls are by themselves on their credit card air girl do I know when I noted that the time you will write going down a highly original problem.

While Carl was stalling on Cooper's pool. You can't hold on the highway going 40 miles an hour.

Click on I don't know what people knew that I would like to take care of Eric Berg here you get there you got only got to change the fuel pump because the long ball that brought the original problem computer module so about three or $400 the first place to the car run while you're still driving like driving I got for daughter liberty in the last two were there going. Brian, you have taken the price so far for the nightmare for my work with your daughter on the town and all that stuff I can imagine God bless you and your daughter that you don't shout out to liberty University daughter is also at liberty University. A cheerleader there and also not see this tomorrow. The Catholics are playing the Baptists in the women's NCAA where liberty plays at this club noted that may not God blessed Brian, I appreciate it. Thank you alright so we gotta get to our good friend John. He is the chief engineer a driver controls and infotainment, which is exciting because you guys what you may not know about this think my ride stuff that's going on with the Ford my touch and the link in my touch.

But John knows all about it on to John, thanks for having me on the show. Well it seems like a really cool system that hooks up to your phone. It does all sorts of stuff. Can you explain to your listeners a little bit about what either Lincoln my touch or for my touches sure they are very modern. I would call a user interface for the car and it so the overall Myford touch her mind. Lincoln touch system includes a 8 inch touchscreen enter text, control panel of area very modern instrument cluster with the LCD screen color healthy screens and then during the controls and it's all at the heart of it is our sink product and and it's a very powerful voice recognition system for the entire system is designed to the driver keep their eyes on the road and her hands on the wheel and yet bring in their phones bring in their smart phones that media players cannot be able make phone calls by voice to be able to selected one of the 20,000 artists. They may have on their iPod safely and and very easily through voice command actually doing their job and say play hotel California plates on hotel California and optimal, and you never you never have to take your eyes off the road to actually say turn up the heat you can I we do have climate, we have claimant voice command in the system. The most popular obviously are the hands-free voice voice dialing where you can either say someone your phone book load automatically into into the vehicle and in seeking to stay the contact name you know and I call call mom or or or call your best friend right or you can now you can dig a doll as well that the most popular but then after that it's of course the entertainment type that you know is engineering this John is it in the future you know when they start to be able let the car take you know if someone yells out. Take me home country roads, you know, we don't want the car to start a great question. And the great, for good. What we're moving toward is his natural voice recognition right so today we have it. We have a great system and and is very intuitive and we know that in over 80% of our customers who have sink use voice commands all the time. One of the things were were striving toward those you you know you don't, you never know how people are going to talk to the machine so to speak. And so we want to be flexible in terms of the you know what they can stay in and our understanding of it.

But that's that's part of the challenge right people can say a lot of things to differentiate you really have to understand their intent before you can get to that true natural voice recognition capability overclocked you member that way maybe Disney World.

I have this carousel of progress ride and the guy is playing this game of some kind in these and that while the lady said Nirav enemies 500 points wow that's I guess those are the things that that is technology moves forward that we can count on the engineers to figure out a key for some trouble that we will and you know again are our primary focus is safety in the car after that is comfort.

After that it you know and inefficiency.

We want to be a we want to be more more efficient and and and definitely to the environment and and after those three, then we start talking about. Note keeping you connected keep you entertained because in our primary goal is to get everyone home or work or wherever their destination is a stately index and in and comfort. The exciting thing about this product and you know I think one of the reasons that I guess were were were chatting today as we have a we made the platform of sink upgradable and we are just announcing or calling out a performance upgrade and with exciting because every one of our customers as ever who's ever purchased Myford touch vehicle will will be able to benefit from it and were sending out software updates to the mail to the majority customers.

A few of them will have to come to the dealer, but the majority will be able just with a flash drive. Update the cars and what they're going to get is a product that faster even easier to use and has all the latest and greatest features and new applications that that we have made available, including tablets, computer interoperability or support so they now can I On Your Your IPad or or Audible Audiobooks Will Be Able to Access Those Now by Voice Command and This Was Many Things about the Myford Touch or My Lincoln Touches Is You Guys Seem to Offer It, Even in the Least Expensive Vehicles All the Way up to Your Most Expensive Lincoln's in My Right, Correct, and I Think That's Where You Know If I May Be a Start Support for Where We Are One Reason Were Different As We Really Have This Philosophy of Democratization of Technology and Really What That Means and Were Working to Provide You Know High-Value, Highly Modern Fantastic Products to Really All of Our Customers We We Have the Product Protected Type of Product We Talking about Here. Most of Our Competitors Can Only Put It in Their and Their High-End Theory Vehicles and Electric Cars and Myford Touch Product Is That Significant Penetration Rate in Our Vehicles. Many of Them Eight, 70 to 80% and We Offered in the Focus and You Know Later That Year Were Were to Be Bringing It to the Fiesta so Were You Know Where It's Going to Be. Throughout Our Lineup and This Is a Very High-Tech Very Capable System That Really None of Our Competition Can Match and You Know to Me, John, That Was Henry Ford's Real Value Talk about the Original Henry Ford That He Wanted to Build a Car That the People Who Work on the Assembly Plant Could Be Able to Afford to Buy and so What You're Saying This Is That You Kept That Same Value throughout the Years That Even Those People That One Is Financially Gifted or Whatever You Want Column Would Still Be Have Available the Latest Technology, the Latest in Safety Information and All That Stuff. God Bless You John. You Guys Keep up the Good Work There for Very Much. Yeah, Really Has Been a Blast. Thanks John, Thank You, RI, We Are Still Sharing Your Nightmare Repair. Now You Got Admit We Got One That Is Gonna Be a Bit Tough Tufted to Top but You Can Call Us at 86634 Truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You May Think That Rob You've Never Had a Nightmare Repair Because You Been in the Car Business Hard Life. Well I Will Just Tell You When I Was about 19 I Bought a Opel GT and Had a Noise in Their Axle so I Took It down There and They Charged Me $40.

I Didn't Have To Put a New Rear Axle Assembly in the Car. Jerry and on My Way Home They Didn't Put All the Folks in the Driveshaft. Now If You Noticed That When the Driveshaft Comes Out Of Her Will Not Car. The Car Leaps into the Air like It Pole Vaulted down the Street Driveshaft Stuck in the Ground and It Shot the Car up in the Air and I'm like What Have You Ever Heard about Me to Tell You They Have a Safety Brian Racecars Make Sure They Don't Do That so What Is Your Nightmare Repair You Call 866. Maybe Your Card and Pole Vault but You Did Some 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Also As We Mentioned, We Have These Tips That We Jerry about Things to Say and Things Not to Say That We Talked about What You Do Saying What You Don't Say to a Car Repair Shop Now Body Shops Are Little Bit Different Situation and It It's It's Still a Thing of Trust in Him and but When a Customer Comes in. Want to Rip off Their Insurance Company Is Never a Good Thing Jerry, Never a Good Thing in and Go on the Website. Robbie Wrote down like the Top and I Really like Those in the First One He Wrote down. Can You Write a High Estimate on Purpose, and the Reason Most People Won't. That Is Because Either Somebody Else Is Paying for the Repair or the Insurance Companies Repair and Prepaying for the Repair the Vehicle. What That Tells the Shop. These People Being Dishonest. I Can't Trust Them Right.

And If You Get That Fish on the Back Your Car's Not Look at the Bad Thing Is It and Also If You Are the Customer If You're the One the Vehicle on the Comes in That Shop and Asked That and That Repair Shop That Estimator Agrees to That Then What You're Saying Is Neither One of You Can Be Trusted. Seth, Who Is Just Just a Double Negative Event and Most of Things on That List Is about Trust in about Being Honest Because That's How You End up Getting a Good Repair. Other.

When You Had on There Was Do I Have To Replace the Airbags Cannot Just Cover Them up with Is Just a Huge Safety Thing.

It Airbags Are Expensive but It the Worst Thing in the World and Have Them Come in That Been in an Accident It a Bit in a Previous Accident Will Vehicle That Was Bought from a Rebuilder or from a Carlotta Small Carlotta so Forth That Have Had the Airbags Just Covered over.

You Can Even Buy the Bodyshop Magazines You Can Order Dunamis Replacement Covers Well One Thing If Someone Thinks They Have Airbags Don't Have in That Vehicle Is Set up Safety Wise That Those That You Have Mary's Day One to Have That Airbag Go off at a Certain Time in a Certain Situation and Your Literally Risking Your Life, Your Family's Life.

Sometime It Doesn't Get More Valium Numbing You Hundred at Well Not Fuming. Airbags Are Expensive Thousand Dollars $2000 Is at the Price You Going to Put on a Life That's Really What It Boils down to, and Then Also Another That You Had on There Was Can You Include This Old Damage on the Estimate Goes Back the Same Thing.

The First One Is If You're Being Dishonest the Pet Shop Is Agreeing to Do That. I Wouldn't Trust Him. And Then That Vehicle Owner Comes in That They Got the Following Sunday School Thing I'm Yeah It's One of Those Things Where We Got a Mood for Appraisal by the Real Black Book.

That's Where We Search the Bible for Hidden Treasure. Cry out for Discernment, Lift up Our Voice for Understanding As We Talked about Nightmare Repairs Might Make You Feel Orphaned, like I Don't Belong Here. I'm in a Place That I'm Not Supposed to Be an As I Mentioned Last Week, and I Was Reading This Advanced Copy of Max Okada's New Book Called Grace and There They Talked about This Orphan Train in the Orphan Train Started Running in 1854 and by 1929, It Moved over 200,000 Orphans from the East Coast to Western Farming Community for the Children or Needed. The Emmett Epidemics and Immigration All Left All Leases and No Orphans. Horrible Situation. Well, Max Shared the Story of One of These Orphans. His Name Was Lee Mailing Now. When Lee Was Eight Years Old. He Had Two Younger Brothers, His Father Put Him on the Orphan Train and He Gave Her a Red Envelope and He Said Here's My Name and Address so When You Get to Where It Is Your Get on the Orphan Train You. Be Sure and Write Me What You Know He's Eight Years Old He's Gotta Take Care Of His Two Brothers He Takes His Red Envelope. He Stuffs It down into His Jacket As He Does Not Lose It. It's Only Connection He Has with Home and He Falls Asleep at Night Trying to Protect His Will Brothers You Can Imagine What This Thing Might've Been Working to Find out More about Lee's Story of Why It Is Completely Change My Prayer Life. It Might Change Your Prayer Life to Formally Might Have Time for Another Nightmare Repair Who Knows You Call Us 866-34-TRUTH Were Broadcasting and Green Can Use It to the Radio. I Don't Pitch That Radio Because It Screams It Can Be Listened to All Fillmore and on a Less Irish People out There the End of Danny Boy on St. Patrick's Day.

If That Doesn't Just Kinda Bring a Tear.

You Know, I'm Just but Speaking of Bringing a Tear Were Back on the Orphan Train Max Okada's Book Grace, Which Is Coming out. The Summary Deftly Want to Buy That He Is an Amazing, Amazing Author, but As He Told the Story of Our Poor Friend Lee Mailing Who Was Eight Years Old. He's on This Train. He Wakes up the Next Morning They Stolen His Little Red Envelope Because I Guess They Thought There Was Money in It or Something like That First Stop They Take His Youngest Brother. Now It's Just Him and His Second Youngest Brother.

The Neck Stop They Take.

He and His Brother and the Big the End up with the Sole Farmers Apparently Have Pretty Grumpy Guy and He Goes out There to Feed the Chickens the First Day Does Know Anything about Farms He Was Raised on the City Lets out the Chickens Farmer Boots and Leaves. This Keeps the Younger Brother Because He Figures He Could Teach Him a Why Margo Feed You When You Can't Even Keep My Chickens and the Things so He's Walking down the Road in Texas. Another Farmer Takes a Man but after about Two Weeks When He Been A Lot Of Milk Cows Are Cut the Grain or Feed the Horses That Farmer Sets Him out on His Own in and 1/3 Farmer Finds Brings Them in. They Spend the Night. The Next Morning to Get out. This Is an Amazing Story. See If I Get through That Course like the All Texas Farmers.

They Have Biscuits and Gravy for Breakfast and the Young Man Is All Excited about These Biscuits and Gravy and of Course He Goes to Reach for the Lady Pushes His Hand Back. This Is Now Wait a Minute. At This Table We Pray and We Thank God for the Food and This Was Totally New to Lee and He Didn't Understand but He Was like Okay so the Mother Bows Her Head and She Says Heavenly Father We Want. Thank You for This Food and Then She Says Something Changes Everything. I Want to Thank You for My New Son and Lee Says He Didn't Hear the Rest. In Fact, When I Stop Praying That the Faux Farmer Had to Tell and Again Son Because His Mind Was Still Wrapping around This Thought of These People.

Thanking God If There Was Such a Thing for Him Because He Felt so Unwanted and What It Was, to Feel Wanted and How Much Do We All Know Want to Feel Wanted and in the You Know There's the That Whole Situation but He Said That Later That Day They Took My First Haircut and along the Way They Stopped at Six Houses in Each One.

They Separated the Men There Is. This Is Our New Son with an Ailing Family Adopted Lee Right and He Learned That Not Only Was There a Father That Wanted, but That the There Was a Heavenly Father Wanted Him That He Could Talk to in Prayer. How Cool Is That Now I Told This to My Dinner Table Sunday Night after Reading It in and That Was after I Had a Chance to Play with My Kids.

Now My Kids Are Adopted so They May Just Assume They Wanted but Just Think How Cool Would It Abandon Him Not See My Parents Did a Great Job Praying for Me. How Cool Would Have Been to Sit down at the Dinner Table and Hear Your Father Say This Is My Son Robbie Think You Got Your Daughter. You Know Those Things Could Make an Impact. It's It's Hugely Here, Plenty How They Need to Clean Their Room and All the Things That They Can Be Wrong, but You Know What an Opportunity in Prayer While You're around Your Friends to Let Me Know That They Mean Something to You and to God and Again I Just Think It's an Overall Message Just like What Were Talking about and Share Your Nightmare Repair It When You Going to That Service Center by Telling Them Look.

You're the People That I Choose Because I Really Trust You Means so Much to Make Everybody Feel Wanted and Right. So Absolutely You That That Story to Seared Wow Is That Not Powerful.

Just How We Can Literal It Is Apparent We Don't Do Anything with Our Kids and Let Them Know That We Love Them and We Love Them for Jesus Christ.

While There Wanted Your Wanted.

Well Thank You All for List the Christian Card I Show It. Certainly Our Listeners Make the Show.

Thank You for the Great Stories I Want to Thank My Friend Jerry L. Mathis with Raised Bodies, Upper Christian Body Shop Guy Is Always Go to Christian Card. Find about the Jesus Labor of Love and Slow down. Jesus Walked Everywhere He Went, and I Was Directed.

He Also Sailed Some Places and He Wrote about Occasionally and Went Donkey Express on an Occasion, but It Was Slowing Tanya and He Got It All Done in 33 and Remember This, You Know What Jesus Is Praying for You at the Father's Side and You Know What He Saying I Wanted Uriel Mathis and and Share That with the People That You Love This Week about Your Listening to the TruthNetwork.Com

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