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Human Trafficking

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 21, 2012 12:17 pm

Human Trafficking

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 21, 2012 12:17 pm

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 87884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore.

Let me start off today by saying that the subject material on today's show may not be appropriate for younger audience. We want to be sensitive to that and give you a moment to arrange the audience appropriately when I was in Tennessee a couple months ago my mother quoted my grandfather is saying in such situations, little pictures have big ears. When I asked my mom on the revetment ship as it got a confusing answer was.

I mean, she said little T pictures back in the day on the table. You know they had big handles and of course my grandfather would quote that when people started talking run around the grounds his children. It will things that they may want to hear some kids are great example.

They have great hearing and they also have keen questioning minds, but let me just say that on today show. It's our prayer that shining the light in this darkness exposing the lies in the bondage for what they really are is our prayer that that will glorify our Lord and anyone knows him.

Anybody that knows Jesus knows he's right in the middle of this fight. He was during his incarnation on earth, and he is today. Human trafficking.

We did a show on this last year and is more than amazing to me how God is continuing to just do more and more amazing things both in the life of Shelley Lance who is a lady who found herself seemingly trapped in the darkness darker side of this issue and with transport for Christ. Internationally, how we have we to have both Shelley and Lynn lady warriors for Christ here with us today. Lynn Cole, who works with transporters for Christ International and nonprofit church for truckers. She is currently coordinating the exit 58 initiative that works to drive down the demand for human trafficking and the 10 at 10 fry 10. It's a prayer initiative started by traffic stop and other nonprofit that transport for Christ is partnering with welcome Lynn Lynn. What an amazing ministry you found yourself in but that's sort of a change within the last year since I did this show you've you've you've taken over this new role with transport for Christ.

Part of that initiative began before I began it out and take over on it with started originally with Danny after Haley had moved on from TST to pursue more interest. Along the same lines but more directly working with victim and went right able to do and down so then I was able to step in and help fill the void there and continue on that you want to hear we have some amazing new stuff that they're doing there with transport for Christ in their partnership along these lines, but also as I mentioned we have my good friend Shelley and all my if you have not heard Shelley story, please, please go to Christian Car I posted it last year's show, so you could listen to the back story because when you hear what what choice did I tell you today. It's a follow-up.

So for those of you returning from last year show you're gonna love to hear what God is doing in Shelley's life now but no doubt Shelley. There was a part of your life that that that was tough today. Yeah I'm doing I'm doing great.

I'm actually right now on helping a friend open I detox center and say this is like that's that's kind of an amazing thing.

You know just a little part of the story here today is Shelley you gave them your kidney site in October 2000 and actually run into some complications. Robbie back in the hospital and doing well, you got an infection but for three years and it still functioning and give God all the glory for allowing that you know you hear lots of news in Shelley's life you want to hear that as well as the story behind the kidney. But as I mentioned, you can go to Christian Car and here last year show the kind understand what's behind that and a critical part of the show is a lie along the lines of this human trafficking and these ladies stories and also the trucker stories the people you know there's men and women involved in this slavery in an interesting way the slavery it seems to be physical for the ladies, but certainly spiritual for a lot of the truckers and in the neat thing is how God is coming up and aligning with out but as I always say you know the show. This show is a critical part of it is our audience and if you have a story along these lines for any question for one of these ladies or for me please please call us of God's prompting you to be obedient to your your same a lot. Yeah, I've got a story I'd I need to share you call us 866-348-7884. You have a question about something part of it that you don't understand or one of these ministries.

Don't hesitate because we got lines open.

We want to hear your call and we will take it is live show today, 866-348-7884.

I cannot tell you the times that the caller actually made the show so let God use your story and you calls, 866-348-7884 men in our appraisal by the real black book coming up at the end of the show. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding as Shelley or I or any person was run from Christ, knows all too well. Satan would love to convince you that your disqualified from the prize. Whether you're chasing a false religion or sexual immorality. The lie is always the same disqualified you know God has punishment you know God as punishment for you not love. Well I gotta tell you this week. I heard another amazing story that speaks to this aspect of deception. A young girl who thought the boy wanted to marry her if she wanted to have her in that way.

It surely meant that he want to marry me right that led to worse choices and she was convinced that she was disqualified soiled goods unfit for a good man or an amazing God and I get to share that along with the biblically biblical example you like me, they may never thought of this guy being in this way, but that's coming up at the end of the show on our appraisal by the real black book. If you never turned in before you go on a business, a Christian Car Guy show is well as a Christian Car Guy show and I'm Robbie Gilmore, the Christian Car Guy 35 years in the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ are Christian Car Guy show is changing the way people look at their cars.

We love that and one of the things that we teach every week is that cars need to be paid for the note that watching people go into slavery of debt for 35 years is a big part of why we do the show and in order to not have to trade cars.

You gotta take care the one you cars that when you have so we teach that cars need tender loving care and likely proved just that it Bible study yesterday morning here at the Truth Network names if you will name your car it'll last longer. As I mentioned that one of the one of the people that one of the partners at work here says you know what my wife named her car and she will not get rid of that thing and so name your car. It may help you to save it longer and think about it.

You see tractors a been around running around in the elements since the 1940s. Why do you think well truth is if you maintain your car it last as long as you do and then cars need to be driven safely. Wear your seatbelt and don't speed if you're following Jesus. In other words, if he's in the car ahead of you. You know what I'm saying you would be blonde volume. If you're speeding so don't speed its estimated Americans waste 200 million at this 200 million gallons of gas a week. That's a week, they're wasting on speeding so we don't have AIDS gas problem in America.

I heard some about the gas just in the news on the break. It's a sin problem. Again, this is a live show. We need to hear your story, your testimony of how God has used you, you call us. We want to hear how maybe you thought you were soiled goods. But God used you, 866-348-7884.

I know God is put on your heart so you call us and again you can find out all this information. All these links links to transport for Christ for truckers against trafficking for all these different things. There's videos there's links to Shelley and all that you by all means go to Christian car, got out, as well as Jesus labor love. You know that's the ministry we have for single moms and widows across the country, helping them with free car repair labor find out more about that again you go to Christian Car now getting back to Lynn, one of the neat neat things I saw an email just recently that you guys are just kinda kicked off in February that the transport for Christ hooked up with is this 10 at 10 for I 10 tells about what initiative was started by a group called traffic stop and they partner with any other organization to do what they're calling a prayer. I apologize then we got to go to the place that this is a prayer initiative. Everyone listening to my voice today can take part in the 10 for 10 that I can and you're gonna find out that in less than 10 minutes that we have so much more. Christians show you, once they do a lot more, more patient injuries and I drove for 31 years is one particular incident. We pulled into Bakersfield, California into the truck stop I was doing some paperwork and just happened to notice this young lady going from truck to truck and then finally I just helped her to my knock on the door so I the windows down, look down and seniors got out and I she said you need wanted a buddy and I said no. I said I've got one question, are you doing because concerned she probably looking at 1415 years old. I really could tell right. She was very she should just look around the corner, the truck there down there you see that That's what my letdown. That is the mind of the lot, but I knew what was going and when she walked away I got back in the truck and I sit there and thought and thought the idea. Why don't I just go walk across department called police.

Well I did it and for 30 some years.

That is really bothered me to the point that I feel that people was aware just get involved. It doesn't take that much. It is nothing but simple phone call and she said yeah that's Lincoln Road. Here we are only 14 were here to try to stop being forced to work in helping know young girls here.

Human trafficking, a dark dark thing and it is our bird baby shine a little light in this darkness. What can we do what can we, what resources are available to us so that like that trucker speaking were not haunted for the next 30 years. Why, you know what what what resources is God given me to shine light on the subject and one of the things we talk about right before the break, with Lynn from truckers for Christ was the 10 at 10 for I 10 initiative the prayer initiative and we can we can all be praying.

Can't we linen and and tell us again. I hate you got interrupted in the middle of no problem on I can pray every night and clean p.m. for the eradication of trafficking on I can't started originally by traffic stop and then transfer Christ weed, we decided we wanted to join in the snake initiative and I began sending out monthly email alerts to bring some points. Prayer points to people that everyone can help to pray for slave trade route on ICANN for that to be shut down. I don't know if you know this or not but the Department of Justice called Interstate 10, a superhighway for human trafficking and the main reason for that, for several reasons that the main one is that they have access to 2460 miles an unimpeded east-west travel once they hit I can and then they have also found connections that the rate going north and south.

In all direction and not law enforcement and an dictum rescue efforts focused on 10 core door to try to reduce trafficking so several field assessments were conducted by group called shared hope and I think that can locations that they studied happened to be near my tent turned out that there's quite a bit of crime going on on this interstate and we just wanted to join in but that prayer initiative to get Christians to pray for the various issues related to trafficking and that interstate people can adopt an interstate in their own state… You know as well and pray for their own interstate or they can join us every month to pray for print 1045, 40 wanted to see those places, but some blisters may not really be aware of and and and quite honestly, until I met Shelley and and some other folks and became a little bit more aware of it myself that these young girls in it in the know that was a video that we had up the website last year and again it still there and there's plenty of videos that truckers against trafficking similar to that but I was a young girl that was literally kidnapped when she was 13 years old and forced into this and like that girl said that the people in the Cadillac are basically holding a gun at their heads that they don't do what they're told to do. They'll be killed tomorrow. Well start another email to Conover's feet and a spy on the girls or the parent. Will let them know if they're stealing money from there or if they're trying to make a skate. It kind of interesting note Dell thing this woman and buddy up to them and then report back to the parent so that he can take action or whatever it is you know besides some kind. The threat from the Panthers just other issues that happen when you're engaged in sexual activity, unprotected sex, or sexual activity with that many people young girls often wind up dying there like life at the five years once they enter into the sex industry instruments and a lot of others. I know we got Shelley on the line in and for a very short period of time. Actually, you experience that up because you were kind of that other lady wants Shelley what I mean.

Exactly what Lynn said you know I would actually working at a stripper in a nightclub in Texas when I was approached by Kim man and I was a drug addict and on crack cocaine at the time and they basically lured me and to take part in the exact action of them was talking about.

Dave brought me back to their hotel room. They told me about that. They had been running about four different nature truck stop and had probably not sure you know I'm sure over 100 women working for them and they what they wanted me to do what they were feeding the drug are for me money to go and as liaison or whatever between the girls and thousand two basically grooming them for the truckstop industry of prosecution and at the time, you know, being a drug addict and you know the money being tempting.

It is my first English sure I can do that. However, it all changed when I began to actually go to the hotel room at the truckstop and exactly what was going on and I became terrified that you know I was trapped at that time because once you get in it very difficult to get out and I just after staying one of the young women murdered in the room. That's when my whole life changed and I just began to cry out to God to make a way for me to be able to escape from the man. Shelley stories is more than amazing things she's got, now you got a book in the workcenter Shelley working on it now parallel almost line had to put it on hold for a while as a writer.

This week I got a break. Shelley has only gotten a lot more from Shelley a lot more than what you can do this prayer with some other stuff is going to be cool so stay tuned closely to ever phrase about a real black book and we need your calls 866-34-TRUTH and don't realize what it's like out there a lot of textiles are going to see a lot of girls and a lot of very young. One of the things that we saw in Oklahoma disturbed us quite a bit and sing a van full of what a woman driving as she opened the doors. There were about five or six girls got out like a range anywhere, 15, 16, maybe 18 years old, but all of them very, very young, very, very difficult situation with the Christian car guy this morning were talking about human trafficking and you might've already noticed, it's not necessarily appropriate chauffeur young years her as my mother would say little pictures have big ears so we don't want to have an inappropriate situation happen for you, but we are talking about this because we do want to shine light in a very dark place and God is doing some amazing things, as is done in Shelley's life is is doing in people's lives every day but is also doing it through truckers for Christ in Lynn Coble is with us today as well as from Shelley and her many ministries and he wants to do it through you and you may have a story today. This is a live show in again.

I know it would be hard to call. I can imagine but if God's put in on your heart to call you got a story you've got a question you got some you need to say you call us the phone number to reach us. We have lines open. We would love to take your call 86634878848663487884 in you know, as we hear the stories we hear Shelley story. We think you know wow what do we do we see this van pull up we see something going on wow what should I intervene should I carry this girl away you could get yourself or somebody killed that the what should we do that is what Lynn you've got a hotline right parent national hotline for reporting trafficking one AAA 37 AAA one AAA 3737 AAA and if you suspect this trafficking.

All you have to do is make a phone call, you don't have to directly intervene. In fact, it would be very risky for you to do that, not only for you but for the young woman caught in that snare.

You wouldn't want to intervene because they might take it out on her.

The best thing to do is just a call in to the trafficking hotline and to be able to report as much information actionable information as you can, for example, if you have the license plate of the Cadillac, for example or description of the people involved, the actual exit where that truck stopped in the name of the truckstop given actionable information where they can actually start a process to get involved in intervene long-term. They obviously would like to be able to prosecute individuals that there first goal will be to intervene and rescue the young ones that are being traffic in that number to call is one AAA 3737 AAA and if you're not sure how do I know if this person. If this is trafficking there is the truckers against trafficking are group that we partner with. They put together a very short 30 minute training DVD you can watch online and it will teach you what the signs are how to recognize trafficking and then there's also some wallet cards that you can get on exit 58 has a wallet card and TAT has a wallet card as well and you can certainly contact either one of us to get that information on the email address for exit exit 58 Christ is contacting Lynn with either way, they could go to Christian car and all those links are there.

All the courses yet, so by all means there's a lot of ways to contact people where would you be that number one more time since he got a pen and you want to write to Santa put in your wallet. Rachel wallet card would be good.

It's 888-3737 888. How easy is that 888-3737 888 when we got Lors in Greenville.

She's got some for flooring around the Christian car morning particular story except that I know about trafficking going on for so long and so few people seem to be aware of it seemed to be concerned.

On date.

There's something about unfortunately our Christian community that we were concerned about her own. You know problems. I know that and we don't realize. The world is and so I just have to call to thank you for doing this thing on your your car show because I'll call you back with my Problem I have to tell you that this is a subject that it came to me Lord, the Lord put it in my lap through meeting Shelley through producing another show, and when I heard what was going on and there's another girl. Kimberly Raven was on last year show that also wrote a book against human trafficking and then another friend of mine was connected with the people with transporters for the transport for Christ and the net result of all that was Lord. I guess you want me you know you have my full attention. So, you know. Thank you Laura, but again God's doing an amazing work in and there's no doubt my mind that he wants to bring light onto this subject.

Shelley, I it's unbelievable to me how many things God is worked you through in in in in your whole life situation in this you mentioned that the end of that last story, but he did in fact miraculously pull you in and for those of you would be got here.

The story was Ottoman Turkish jail from a sheet you had a life imprisonment sentence in the Turkish jail right Robbie, I basically like that situation later down the road.

I was escorting and introduced to some man over consent, but still that basically used me as the get out traffic and that was to carry drugs into Turkey from San Pablo Brazil and so I got another girl involved with me and we carry drugs over into Turkey. We were arrested in facing life sentence in a Turkish prison and you know I never look back at that situation as a horrible thing because God actually everything that was intended for bad. God used that very experience to open my eyes and bring me into a relationship with Christ and till I carry on a spell. It turned out a blessing from even a people still can't believe that I spent three years over there in a Turkish prison, but it was a major variance in adventure for me and God and what he did in my life over there and it that's what I share a lot of the story about in my book and how you know the Bible was snuggled into me and I began to read his word and I had been trapped in a crack cocaine addiction prostitution escorting the porn industry in trafficking for over 25 years since this is one of those phenomenal things again if you want to hear the whole story you can go to last year show which is there Christian Car but one of the things that I wanted to point out they were to get to this is that a lot of us think that because we've been been involved in this we been involved in that they were disqualified for God's best for his promises and stuff like that and one of the neat things in Shelley's life that we want to update you on but those of you that I know because you know I know Shelley is you were disqualified from getting a good man, were you actually I returned from prison began to get involved in ministry were about two years after my return, I met a wonderful man named Greg who actually worked with man in addiction and we dated for about 18 months and I'm actually next month will be married one year really really cool in God using her in ministry and blessing. So many folks who can relate to somebody that's been there in a place where were you know it was her training ground. I guess that that God used it. It did. It is an amazing story, but meanwhile, we have all these other ministries that were trying to give you an update on the transport for the other big initiative that they've done since last year show is exit 58 and in Lynn your one of the coordinator for that.

Can you can't explain what what that is for sure on the verse from Isaiah 58 is not acting.

I have chosen the chains of injustice and had a cornea theocrat free and break every yoke because of our partnership with me on raising awareness about trafficking with the drivers that visit our Chapel on that partnership helped connect the dots between the pornography and prostitution addiction that fuels the human trafficking trade TAT, works to help cut supply that we began to realize you. We need to work on reducing demand an effective battle against human trafficking will address both sides of the Queen if you will both supply and demand, and we suddenly realized through this partnership dawned on us that we are here for drivers and that's what God called us to minister to who he called us to minister to our driver and one way that we can really help uniquely on the subject of human trafficking is to help drivers who may be struggling with the sexual addiction that fuel the trafficking trade and you know over the years, we become very aware that the tracking lifestyle help because many drivers become entangled in a web of addiction. Shelley mentioned the many different areas of addiction that she has gone through in life you know anything kind of connect. Most people don't realize that when they start thinking that human trafficking, how would someone even left in the stealthy traffic. How would how would someone see that viewing pornography and using a prostitute who may be being. Traffic is okay and the reason that people get in that position. If they get caught up in an addiction. We want to help drivers understand not only is this person someone that could be being traffic but this can destroy your life, your family's life and there are resources and help to help you find a way out.

Finally called it exit 58. We want to help drivers accept the addiction that healed human trafficking was a cool thing in their links there to somebody's daughter, which is another ministry that that's right. Along the same lines and is as you can see there are and I love what you guys are done.

I love this update because there are it takes two to tango, so to speak.

And just as the women are being abused and being traffic and being enslaved. The men are in it in another way, being enslaved the same way.

And now there's resources as well. So again we want you to be aware of these that you can link up the Christian card. are you going to just exit 58 or you can go truckers against trafficking there so many different resources God's enabling lots and lots of volunteers at an but at the end of the day just like Shelley is pointed out, it still comes back to Jesus is the answer. You know whether it's exit 58, or whether it Shelley's book or whether it's a Christian card show there all hopefully designed to get you to run into the arms of Christ who wants to deliver for you and wants to make good on the promises that is made because guess what he died so that that that you could be free from these things.

And again, when you hear Shelley story you're going to be encouraged, but I want to segue into appraisal by the real Blackfoot. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding and as I mentioned the beginning of the show Shelley. I bet even Lynn would admit that when you run from Christ.

Satan would love to convince you that your disqualified that you are soiled goods that you are no longer eligible and Shelley.

It's amazing to me how this Pastor wife story lines with yours and I heard of this week so Shelley, please chime in if you if you see some that that you feel like you need to say because it's so similar to your own story. She was brought up in a Christian home like you were Shelley and she said her mom prayed for her every day and she felt as a young girl. 819 years old that God had promised her had promised her a good marriage.

A good godly man and a wonderful children will wonderful family will is happens to so many young girls. Unfortunately, as she gets in the high school. She meets that guy and that guy is pretty obvious that he wants to to have sex for black the better word, and she thinks wow.

If he wants to do that with me must want to marry me. He wants but he must. This must be the one God of peace.

If this is it. So she decides that that might be okay and she allows it and the next thing you know she's in high school and she's pregnant and the boyfriend.

No no no no, this isn't part of my plans and I want you to have an abortion and she said she went in almost no like she couldn't even think her brain could engage that that she was in shock and the boyfriend said you can have an abortion should go and she said I numbly went through it and she had an abortion and then she got violent drugs and then there were more men but you're gonna want to hear how she ran into the arms of Jesus. How we all can how she found out she was not disqualified for prizes. Shelley did as we all have and work on time. My family come back plus a more stuff from transport for Christ. What an amazing thing. God is doing here, so stay tuned. A lot more, that is what we all his arm is being out for you.

The choices we make and when we were talking about this young lady who made the high school and then it got worse in college. Honestly, there were more boys there were drugs but there was a mom like Shelley's grandmother who was in the background pray and one day she called her daughter and said please please please come home, come live with her sister.

I'm worried about you where you are and where you are in her life and she and she came home and when she got home she went to visit some friends of her mother's and there's a picture of a boy on the wall and she said it was like God put a spotlight on that boy. He had these beautiful eyes and it was like this, this, this, this godly, homeless, godly man, but I'm disqualified. There's no way he would ever want to date me. Two weeks later she sees a boy walking in the church, she said again it was like God put things in the slow motion.

I couldn't see anybody in the room but this boy and I thought there's no way there's this I'm bad news. I would be with that boy needs. I'm not the one for him, but he came up to her and actually be started today and she said he wouldn't even hold my hand.

If you would, but this one eventually they got married and he became a pastor and now they have three or four wonderful kids and she has a ministry to the people in her church called remain a princess be ready for God's promises. Discuss what list of the Shelley in the truth that God still has amazing stuff for you is got his hand out no matter what addictions you been involved in in the. The person I wanted to bring to mind.

With that, as the apostle Paul eyes I saw him away in a way this week that I really have never thought about and maybe if you can go back with me to the day that Stephen was stoned for minute and think that wow Paul was right there and he stood on and he heard Stephen as he gave his explanation for what was going on and he was in a few actually look at how it reads in acts it says in the crowd out with a loud voice, stop their ears, and ran Adam at 1 o'clock with one accord, not in a Honda but actually just the court and they cast him out of the city, and stoned him and the witnesses laid down their clothes at his feet. A young man named Saul and they stoned Stephen right and it said that Saul was consenting to his death. When you moved to chapter 8 minutes is a Saul. As for Saul, he made havoc on the church, entering every house and dragging off men and women committing them to prison so when you think about it when those people went to prison.

What Saul was actually taking part in was having those people flogged 39 stripes and Saul would've had to sit there and watch each one of those stripes being put on people that he had hauled off to jail that interestingly, when you think about it when Jesus reached out to Paul within Saul before when he became Paul. He was a believer. He was given those same lashes five times was he disqualified when he sat there and watched each of those lashes on the believers.

Well, maybe you think wow he got to experience for Christ. All that suffering afterwards and so there's a lot of suffering out there, truck stops and whatever limits give up that number one more time, one AAA 3737 AAA and again Shelley, thank you for being with me as well. Your story is such a blessing you can hear the whole thing acoustic part link up with exit $58 suffer transport for Christ. All Christian

Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and how about you, are you gonna run to his arms. Today gets what he wants to free you from that addiction that you might be facing just what he's got a bunch of promises that is waiting to deliver less than your listening to the

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