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Driving Away Fear

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 26, 2012 12:17 pm

Driving Away Fear

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore yes it is Memorial Day weekend and we certainly want to honor our fallen heroes traditionally here in North Carolina we do that with some racing, namely NASCAR at the Charlotte motor Speedway yet for Christians the tone is change somewhat as ESPN has openly came out against the freedom to express our faith.

This morning we had Blake cook the driver of the 41 car in the nationwide series, who shared his testimony here with us last summer and he also does that, across the NASCAR circuit with the finishing winter fans and he certainly does a great job of sharing his faith on his website well the great news this fall was Blake landed a big million dollars sponsorship.

It's called rise up and register.

It's a nonprofit organization with a mission to get NASCAR fans to register to vote. He recorded the TV ad that pointed out that in less than 50% of NASCAR fans were registered to vote in that last year he was among them. So join in the basically the message the apples join in this year and getting registered.

Obviously a big issue you go to his website and see the at its Blake cook which is actually spelled KO CH so it's Blake it seems like a really good and appropriate message but not according to ESPN, who pulled the ad because of religious overtones on Blake's personal website not mad but religious overtones on Blake's personal website.

Here we can take a listen to what ESPN left on Blake's phone message I which website now as well.

Blake's website to see the religious aspects of this. Those were the reasons that they pull the million-dollar sponsorship. The result ESPN wouldn't let me add an Blake lost his million-dollar sponsor will God has provided Blake with a couple of other smaller sponsors to help him racing but the question this morning really is what's next for Blake. What's next for Blake cook and the 81 car he's gotten like we said a couple of smaller sponsors but we are to have Blake on here in a minute to help us this morning to see you know how is he deal with that as a Christian you know you may have seen his interview on Fox News but we want to see it, you know, we condemn the Christian Car Guy show obviously with a Christian audience. We can actually talk to Blake and get an idea of how he's doing with applicant have him on here in a minute.

Also this morning we hope to sharpen your bargain jargon that's right, sharpen your bargain jargon for simple ways to improve your negotiation skills. You know, I know many people hate to negotiate and in it, it's interesting, even car dealers.

I found they hate to negotiate. One time my wife and I were on a cruise with a bunch of Chrysler dealers.

This cruise was indigestible turkey and we got off in Istanbul and they had this big what they call the grand bazaar and sell at the grand bazaar. You would think that you and others pretty much a lot of negotiating going on walls were walking into the grand bazaar. Tammy and I are all these car dealers are walking out and they are like you don't want to go in there they negotiate for its cutthroat and there you don't want to go in there it's it's horrible. Tammy and I we had the laugh because were like you got to be kidding these entities are car dealers. They're afraid to negotiate its cutthroat well we had a great time actually got a number of bargains.

But what are you afraid of that's that's kind of what the question is not what might you be dealing with.

As far as negotiations we have those tips but what we really want to talk about today is what might you be afraid of what is it that you fear and how is God working there that we got Blake cook on the line now. Good morning Blake and I have I'm doing great. You get your fix and to go out and qualify.

I think in Charlotte this morning onto weekend child that we all try to get back iterate start week we told the story little bit before we got on the phone Blake as I know your time is precious, but as a Christian you know I'm senior interview on Fox news. I'm sure a lot of our listeners have of what actually happened is the losses sponsorship.

I was suppose it's the reason that you're not able to raise today is that sponsorship but it give your life right? I really like it but it get ready dear life really not the message that you were highlighting out there that over 50% of NASCAR fans were registered to vote.

I think that they got an unbelievable amount of frequently city thanks to ESPN on the fact that this was going on think that it's interesting how the messages gotten promoted somewhat for free.

Now, based on the platform they gave Republic registered for the you break down there to get registered locally on public data. All I care about you know I really thought he can see it very obviously they follow a lot of talking about like you think I II decided fascinating though because his is a lot of us Christians as we hear what's going on.

We see this that the temptation is wow. I guess my vote and I thought because we do need to let our voices be heard on certain where we feel about certain things, but therein lies the beauty of your testimony as your walking with God now through this stage of finding new sponsors and and getting able to be able to race again.

Can you share with our listeners how they like to pray for you. Along those lines. Eight dollars the right. I will not be back. It worked out. Enough with the author and get that great so wonderful and you guys do such a cool thing that sin is the winner advances not familiar with the finishing and find out about finishing winter. Blake and several other drivers they give their testimony of these events around the racetracks and then encourage people to go out and share their faith. The racetrack rightly alert so we can get every week here about God bless you Blake thank you so much for your time this morning. We really really appreciate it. You can follow me on Twitter at Blake, the great awesome I can Blake cook at spelled KO CH it's a little different than you might hear it takes me a while because you know how I am with things but anyway one of awesome Jesse is but again the show today. We are wondering what fear is it that you might have had to overcome like this, your negotiation, we can talk about that fear, but in my own life. Here I am on and if you never met me.

I'm 6'5" tall. I normally weigh in around 230 pounds and a pretty big guy, but what you may not know about Robbie.

No more is I was terribly afraid of the dark I just have to get my wife up to go. You know hear those noises and what happened to Robbie get rid of that fear. How can you get rid of your negotiation. We got a lot more coming up Mike Westwood is in San Antonio Ford; of the bomb analysis updates. We got a lot of shows a manual find out about here that are sharpening your jargon that seem like mission impossible to you. A lot of do not like the negotiation process and obviously a lot of cases there's fear involved. I don't like it involves things. I don't know about a lot of folks don't and so part of the show today is in effect or appraisal by the real black book is you know how dues my favorite my favorite Bible verse, which is first John 418. How is it how does it work out practically says that Bible verses. There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves fear involved term in torment, but he who fears is not been made perfect in love.

So how does that apply practically that's the question course working to give you the sharpening your bargain jargon but what good does it do if it's something that you don't really want to get involved in something that you feel like wow it's crooked or there's something behind that you know what's going on with that now. As I said, there's one of those fears that I can give you an example of how God personally work through first John 418. I was one of those people who was afraid of when we moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1993. We had a creepy when it got dark at night. It was creepy that it was an older house and it freaked the results to stuff in 19 as it were, my family was out of town. You can imagine. It's wondering if lightning you got the whole picture in Robbie's by himself in this. Creepy house and I was a baby Christian.

I just come to Christ within about a year and the work I'm scared to death. I know that I'm somehow or another. I've heard in the Christian life that you're supposed to somehow another give you these fears and I'm just telling you I can't deal with this fear anymore. I need to give it to you.

How in the world cannot give you this fear and I just couldn't get massive Lord. I just know this is wrong. I know it's sin you gotta help me.

How do I put this at your feet. Is there some way to magically make all that happen in the Lord says to me, will Robbie what's the worst thing that can happen. Now I get to assure the end of that story my appraisal by the real black book coming up in the show but my question to you this morning. You, the listener is listeners always make the show was what kind of fear. Did you have in your life that God use this verse and applied it so that you are able to overcome and that you're able to get out there and not be under fear. You could take the mask off take off perfectly so to speak, and go be the person God meant to be. You think that's possible you think that happen for Robbie and his fear of the dark. We are sharing our show this morning with Mike Westwood.

These are Christian oil guys down in San Antonio might welcome to the Christian Car Guy show this morning that way a little bit and think that absolute out there. If it think it's great, but without we wouldn't have talked about.

Thank you for the opportunity. We really do have a memorial day in many Memorial day shows I've had just concentrated on this issue, but there's so much other stuff going on this week and I wanted to get the Blake cook story told, but also III think there's a lot of us to live in an fear that we don't necessarily need to instantly different ways did you have a story like that your life might very lick my father. I wonder right about the me let early right going to church right was different. And making doing the right thing and doing the right thing.

I found follow this to write stories that he told me to be the leader that I am today and they could negotiate many times people need help of the party interested. That's also another great segue Mike as we do want to take talk about that sharpening your bargain jargon is lot of folks when they going to buy that car that they're faced with a situation, all my word, I'm going to have to get into this situation and how you go about that. Well if you go to my website and wrote an article that try to give people some basics I think would be very helpful in understanding that what they think about negotiation may not necessarily be what it really is because we just start out by explaining the ghostly negotiation styles that what most people think the negotiation style is in a car dealership would be the competitive style. This is what you may think, which is to try to gain all that there is to gain again. That's what they think cardio is when the case if you ever negotiate with children. That's how they negotiate. They know they want to go to bed at 1130 and another to work on you and to get all they can get. Unfortunately, a lot of us as we become more worried about this particular type of negotiation we accommodated by creating this accommodating style, which is to be willing to yield almost anything to not have to deal with the negotiation. I've seen people actually willingly not mention the price of the car rather than get into that whole stop subject and so they either develop an accommodative style or they avoid it altogether and they may actually send somebody into negotiate the cardio form. I see Matt as well. But you have to Mike got a sin in an and then there's the compromising style, which is to try to split the difference, which was before I came to Christ. A friend was really understood negotiation much. This was the style that I use quite a bit with my sales managers whenever I would try to get the customer to split the difference and I'll try to find the intermediate point somewhere where everybody could come to an agreement but certainly the one that we really want to focus on this morning and it just has to do with how you look at negotiations and that's a collaborative style and that's where you try to find it's really the golden rule is really where you try to find the maximum possible game for both parties. Where you explore, you know, what are the interests of the tube different folks so that they can find out you know what is it that you could possibly benefit from this negotiation process and how can they benefit and you will find many many many many times.

If you use this collaborative style of negotiation which I'm sure you learned from your work there Mike to bet that collaborative style of negotiation is is a win-win situation when style and because you know the obviously or maybe not obviously but the car dealer has to make a living. Or he can't continue to serve as the same time.

You've got to get a good price we can afford it. You know I get ripped off. So now that we've gotten those styles are the way were you when we come back to work in and talk a little bit about some strategies, but also we got Jason mid-forties can share some great new insight about your stresses about holiday traffic. How cool is that that's coming up when you come back after these dates.

After these messages on the Christian you're listening to the this Memorial Day weekend on the Christian car only certainly do want to honor fallen heroes, but also how can we rise up fearless against ourselves whether that may be another salesman that you're dealing with negotiation or some other fear that you dealing with that's over talking about today on the Christian Car Guy show. We would love to hear about your conquering fear in some way, you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

How did you overcome that fear, 86634 truth.

If you digitally gifted.

We would love to hear how you do that now, as promised, you know, we know some people are stressing may have fears over holiday getaways know what you what what are surveys saying that people are warning about this very weekend. It's it's it's Memorial Day weekend.

People go out there. They have some fears because what Ford has some answers and we got Jason sprocket here is a marketing manager for fortis Gateway can't welcome Jason were really here to talk about. The only escape as well. What people are thinking about the road for another weekend get away how the word escape goes with the weekend escape so you have the survey results what are people stressing about well you know we really built the all-new 2013 escape with 1/3 of the road trip mentality in mind.

It's the perfect vehicle for get out of town and you can store all your gear and take some friends along, but you get great fuel economy.

Along the way. So if you're talking about some of the different things we might do over the summer. We were like what what what do Americans think about before they head out on the roads on their summer getaways and we know Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer so we conducted Paul with Harris interactive to see what Americans minds. We found a bunch of very interesting things, but maybe not unexpectedly, fuel economy is really on people's minds. The rising cost of gas really impacts people for those summer road trip so with the only escape you get best in class fuel economy and have the room for all your gear so that the great products are those that don't want to get out on the road this I was looking at the survey results. I was really surprised about number two, which is certainly probably happening for many people right now is are in their card, no certainly, you know that's an interesting point. No one wants to go out head out to you know maybe the beach or the mountains for a little camping trip and be stuck in traffic I think we can all agree that we universally fear the orange barrel on the highway. It's that time year and people really don't want to sit in traffic as their head and heading out to their various destinations you when you hop in the car you want to get there as fast as he can so people worry about traffic and you know some of the technologies on new escape, including our navigation system actually think ahead and hopefully turn alleviate some of the stresses of trafficking in that it's looking down the road and confined traffic accidents or construction zones and you're never navigation system can reroute you so you can get to the destination in mind a little quicker. Number three fear being other drivers.

The other guy am a little bit worried about sometime seriously worried about you know absolutely you know when you're out on the highway on weekends like this people are in a little bigger hurry to get to their destination and there's just flat out more people out there so everyone's little looking over their shoulder and watching what everyone else is doing on on the new escape. We have a system called blind Spot information system that helps you protect yourself from vehicles that might be in your blind spot that you might've missed from your traditional mirrors, so the system has a little amber indicator in your outside rearview mirrors that if there is a Carson blind spot. It actually illuminates the waitress to alert you that there might be a vehicle that you can't see. So just a simple and intuitive piece of technology that we think make our customers a little safer on the roads and I personally when I'm on a long trip. I can remember one time I packed went all the way to Colorado. Would you believe this Jason forgot the temples so another one of the things it people stress about this packing and unpacking the vehicle in the course. That's one placed escape really shows up.

You know were excited about the cargo capacity on the new escape. Everyone wants to make sure they can bring all the stuff that they want. Actually, the new escape has more cargo capacity than the outgoing escape which we know customers love so it's all about having enough space to all your gear, your friends and in their luggage and now it's again it's all about being in on the American way. Get out on the road and seeing what all the great things, our country has to offer.

So with the escape you got room to bring all the stuff you that's excellent and we appreciate Ford coming on and letting us know about these strategies that you guys are doing the release stress in America and and continue to improve your products. It's a great thing to see it. So the American way on Memorial Day. Thank you Jason appreciate.

I hope you know that I hope you do today all rights well, what might you be stressing about what might you be fearing about we talk about that today I'm a Christian Car Guy. I specifically negotiation and how the one with some strategies that were to get to you on how you can deal with that. We got my quest with our Christian oil guy and and somewhat are negotiating expert down there in San Antonio helping us out with that this morning.

Well the strategies that I have there at my website.

But the first one is the if I could, would you, it's a simple strategy. It's going to be used on you anytime you ever going to a car dealership because they're just trying to find out. It sounds like a trial close. They're trying to find out. Are you really interested in this car and so it's it's it's a simple thing to throw out there on the ride back on the test drive to just say you know if we could get this in your payment range. If we could get the price right on this car, which by and it simply is just the way to begin the negotiation process. You can use this know on anything that you want to start negotiations. It's a simple if if I could do this.

Would you do that, and I'm sure universally that one as well on smart and like everywhere and all way that it is, but that the idea behind it is I am trying to get you to try to get you to commit without me committing. It's a fascinating strategy and is not necessarily a win-win strategy, but it is a way to perhaps turn back on somebody that's using it on you where they say if I could get the price right on this car, you know, then, would you buy it today kind of thing then you could turn around and say will if I signed today.

If you see my thing. If at the beginning your statement. If I signed today, would you throw in a navigation system you haven't committed. By the way, you just said if I want you in and so that's the idea, and everybody's kind of dancing and that's part of the way negotiation works is that everybody's trying to find a position to negotiate from and if I would statement is a way to go about doing and I really like the sales question were an coming back but not directly answering. It also gave me question exactly the same thing Jesus did he answer the question with a question many many times. So do not feel because of a salesman's toolbox, so to speak, and I was a car salesman for a long time. A salesman's toolboxes. His questions his ability to ask questions and there's all kinds of questions that he's going to use well it by turning these questions back on him.

It kinda gets you back to at least your back on on the same playing field so the next dredging ran talk about is called getting leverage and this is where you try to discover what's important to the other party and you can use that information to try to negotiate a win-win and end you'll hear a salesman use questions like if I could get this unit would I know you want to stay below 20,000 that if I can get your payments under 300. Would that work.

In other words you're saying I may not be able to do this, but if I could do that than with that work you your exploring new possibilities or I know you want to get the blue one but if I could get another one if I could get another $500 for your trade and I know you want the blue carpet if I could get $500 more for you trade.

Would you take the one I have in stock. You see, those are things that they may throw you well guess what you can come back at them with a question similar to this. How long you keep a used car in stock before you write it down was that mean well all used car dealers and that I've ever met my entire life. They write down or use cars every 30, 60, 90 days. The words are gonna decrease the value because cars depreciate very quickly and so by understanding that in telling the salesperson that you understand that there gonna write that car down if they don't sell at the end of this 30 days and say how long have you had this car and when they tell you already had 60 days. He realizes been written down a couple times it's fixing to be written down again and your exploring again where they main have any their need is to turn this car before they have to write it down or in many cases, believe or not there are dealerships with used car manager keep the car over 90 days. They write it down to zero, meaning that these commenters can wholesale that car come whatever happens. By the end of that. So by you asking how long they've had the car in stock indicates to them you're trying to find out what's important to them there that price think it's obviously important of them. What's important to you is the price you get. Maybe it it it it could be that you need to come back in the month in order to to get some if you experience some like that might say find out about that you are writing that I buy from closer to the program and the right right outside the door, port cart yeah that's what many times you find one right in front.

The other thing in states where they still do state inspections and they have a little sticker on the bill when they were state inspected a lot of folks used to be very wise. The fact that you could tell by when the car state inspected. How long will the carbon nonstop in stock so there's little hints along the way. All those things are very important. Another thing that it is a customer could come back and asked to kind of go back towards you know what else might be important, and here's a question. Does your company have a volume quota or payment. In other words, a lot of new car Toyota monster, I sure you Chrysler GM. They have a volume that they're supposed to hit every month or every quarter and but sometimes when they hit that they get a huge payment. It wasn't unusual for me at all is a Chrysler dealer to get $600 a car over whole quarter if I hit my volume number, so they told me I had to sell 90 cars in 90 days. Then if you want to buy that 89th car that 91st car you are going to get a deal that was unbelievable. So by finding out that your on that volume quota. You see if it's if it's $600 a car on 90 cars and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what just 54,054 and $54,000 and there's huge amounts of money that are sitting on one or two car sales and so by finding out if that is the volume quota car or how far away they are from a volume quota you can really help the dealer get a massive amount of money and you can get an unbelievable deal. I've seen it many times are you familiar that one might card the next. So all those things are again just simply doing your doing a little bit of homework asking a question when they're asking you a question. Try to come back and find out more information because that information could be extremely helpful and so we get to this third strategy which is an expected expiration of what may be important to a party to allow them to win beyond some sticking point so and I know you wanted to stay at $15,000 difference.

But what if I could get you a 2% interest rate or how about a demo instead of that the new one. Or what about you know, that they may offer you any number of things. Again, you can simply come back and say what might you have an older one that's been in stock longer that you would give me a better deal on her. Do you have a low mileage used car in that particular situation again. It's coming back with a question. Now let me show you how effective this is Mike, if your kids come to you and they say can I stay up another half an hour late.

How easy would it be to say well I'll let you stay up another half an hour if used 10 minutes of that time to clean up your room now.

You'll be amazed at how may times as effective in out you answering their question with a question you're you're giving them if I could, would you and it works great with kids, just like it works great in any negotiation processes try to find something that you benefit from from their question so I hope we shared some strategies but we still have this whole thing and that's and we do we really gotta talk about how did Robbie get through this fear the dark. Now, retell the story just for a minute here we were in his 1993 very creepy creepy house in Winston-Salem. I mean you can picture the thing it look like you know Amityville horror house this and I'm in bed and then with the thunder and lightning's go on this dark my family's out of town and I am absolutely 6 foot five, 240 pounds, terrified, laying in bed saying Jesus please please please take this fear from any says to me Robbie. What's the worst thing that could happen were to find out what I said and what Jesus how we actually use. First John 418 me to make all this go away we come back reminded me who I am. Wow, how does first John 418 play out. There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. How did that play out in the Christian card there. I was 6 foot five shaking in my bed terrified and I was trying to figure out I was a baby Christian 1993. How do I give this fear to Christ how I give it to them so I just asked him I said, Lord, how do I do this. How do I lay this at your feet and he said Robbie what's the worst thing that still small voice you ever heard it's the shepherd.

He says Robbie what's the worst thing that can happen and I said will Lord the somebody with a knife.

It was a fear, torment, by the way, you know that you know and I just picture the whole exercise whatever scene in Jesus says to me, and I'll never forget this as long as I live, said Robbie. What would be so bad about now is my mind tried to crap to get around this idea somebody stabbing me to death and what would be so bad about that all suddenly occurred to me I get to be with you in and because he was there in the situation. I could see the joy that that was. I get to be with you. How cool is that what is there to be afraid of perfect love had driven out here because there's no way that I want to be worried quite what you threatened me with heaven. I mean what you think and what does he know my personal story know the following year I was diagnosed with a very fatal form of lymphoma and I was told I only had a few weeks to live. But God prepared me in this moment a year before but with my fear of the dark to say what you threatened me with heaven because you know what God made you a warrior. He made me a warrior and if you have a fear of death. You really it stops you from coming out and doing what you need to do right in and it's been 20 years and it took me a long time but you know what if I hear a noise my house today. I actually can jump out and protect my family because I can be the warrior God called me to be because perfect love drives out fear is just one of those verses that I that I cling onto what has you afraid. How can perfect love drives out your fear. I know you've experienced some somewhere that have you know my victory is going on a trip.

Like the predictably great back extent crazy but lights are on radios required, but I'm afraid that if they traveled so much of my life I delete him to come to the same time will I will look forward to the day very much. Mike and I cannot. I would encourage my listeners.

Of course, you gotta face your fears.

How we go about doing that. But in the midst of that fear. You can lay it at Jesus feet and you can ask him. He is the shepherd. Listen for his voice, Lord, how what is it that I can do to keep the root of the CC. He will help you cast out that, for he will help you renew your mind, because that way you can throw the mask off just like Adam had the he was afraid of the garden.

He was hit behind the fig leaf. Why is he had sin right and so he was that he was afraid of God shall not be but how do I cast off the fig leaf.

Whether that's negotiation or whether that's just in talking to God. You have fear with that how you cast off that.

Believe me, if there is one verse in the Bible that I have put down deep in my heart. It's perfect love drives out fear.

So if I'm feeling afraid if I'm feeling something that's what I'm thinking I need to give this fear to Jesus because perfect love will drive that fear away and I know Mike recently, you've had your bout with cancer and you've had a chance to experience that kind of fear firsthand as well mention that he did.

He did drove out fear and now he's on his way to better health. Well thank you Felicity Christian card as show as we always say it's our listeners that make this show, please, please, please honor our follow fallen heroes like Mike said, you know, go out and put something on somebody's grave. Make sure you feel the put it just what we owe these people for what they've given us the freedom to express our religion that bit Blake's under fire a little bit for, but we thank you for bike.

Pray for him and that that the Lord will provide a new sponsor. A similar thing.

My new producer Alex is doing such a wonderful job a very complicated show this morning. Mandler engineer.

Remember the Jesus's labor love free car repair labor for single moms widows good Christian card. I thought you were listening to the truth and

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