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Automotive Heroes

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 28, 2012 12:12 pm

Automotive Heroes

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore, you are gonna be so glad you tuned in today because we have our first drawing and then share your heavenly heritage contest with two very blessed winners.

I'm telling you, and you can hear a lot of these testimonies that have come in on this contest and I'll tell you what you will praise God with me.

When you begin to hear how God has worked in these folks lives one contestant today will win an energized date.

They retreat for their pastor done through energized ministries Andy Bowersox and his team will take the pastor of their choice on an amazing adventure to help him re-energize as we all know our pastors under so much attack and then another lucky contestant will win $1000 in travel vouchers from Pilgrim tours for a trip for two to the holy land. That's $1000 towards a trip for two to the holy land and have some very inexpensive trips you can pick from any of them there with Pilgrim tours and both these testimonies were going to hear the actual testimonies today and you are going to hear about how you two could be one of the heroes of the faith. I'm so excited about these drawings.

These are amazing stories and I called Mike West with our Christian oil guy yesterday in San Antonio and I was telling him about them and he said you know Robbie, these folks that had the courage to write in with both their stories and their family stories.

There truly heroes. Heroes of the faith got me to thinking about automotive heroes. So to dammit share my automotive here with you may be surprised on who that is and why that is working to share that and we are asking you to share your hero, it could be a hero of the faith and automotive here or anyone that you think is a hero.

We'd love to hear from you this morning 866-348-7884 is the number to call and yes this is a call in show with any automotive concern. Maybe you've got a testimony. You want to share or we'd love to hear today about your automotive here or any 08663487884.

This being the fourth Saturday of month. We do have Mike with us. Mike's our Christian oil guy out of San Antonio, Texas.

Welcome Mike, what a day for encouragement, telling their story can be a glorious day and remind me of Psalm 23 and we were studying at this week adult yet that I particularly overcame and I walked to the valiant catalyst that hear no evil with me. Rod and your think and there's a lot of you exactly right, Mike.

There's a lot of comfort coming your way. We have dramatized one of these stories will call it the Crimson waterfall. You can hear that coming up in just a minute, as well as many of the stories and why I think this automotive legend is a hero working here about all that but we need to hear from you is your hero 866-348-7884 hi I'm Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy 35 years in retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian Car Guy show is changing the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for.

Note that watching people go into debt for 35 years in the car business is a heartbreaker.

Believe me, I've lived through it and cars need tender loving care so you don't have to train them so often and they need a name like old red like my truck. Think about it. You see old tractors a bit on the element since the 40s there still run and what you think. Well truth is if you maintain a car it last as long as you do. And cars need to be safe and driven safely.

Wear your seatbelt phenomenal statistics that you will see that 20% of them excuse me 80% of the fatalities in this country come from people not wearing a seatbelt. So those folks are getting killed off. I'm afraid so.

Man, I'm just telling you and don't speed if you're truly following Jesus. In other words, he was driving in the car ahead of you, would you really be blown. But I am its estimated Americans waste and I got the statistics on my website.

200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding Americans waste that much gas I'm telling you we could have no oil crisis of people could just drive the speed limit. Again, this is a live show so call us with any question, we'd love to hear your story, who's your hero this morning 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and really want to get right to it.

Here is one entry that we have in the contest. It really is. It's a dramatized version.

I will tell you the voice on this particular dramatized version is my wife Tammy. But you are going to just believe me love this testimony take list made a profession of faith and in early 70s.

I really hello there really down for several years.

I really down. Eventually I came everything my mother way I totally and completely in the end of my turn time like right now 100 and I nearly 100 and washed away my hands, praising him for salvation. I knew in that moment I give me whenever I ask for a glimpse of heaven gave me one another, saying heaven is now I am going down in my mind and in if you can be changed to say that I should say that was the voice of my wife was dramatizing at the testimony came in as one of our contestant Galindo Willis just an amazing testimony, as well as several other testimonies which by the way are all very Christian Car This is all part of the share your heavenly heritage contest. We got drawings gone now through the end of August. The first one is today. All you have to do is write out your testimony go to Christian Car and posted Barrett's 200 words or more and you get an entry for yours. But guess what we want your grandparents everybody that you adding your family get more entries into the drawings which again we can have those drawings where we had the drawings were to tell you who the winners are a little later in the show today some amazing amazing stuff all We got Dave in southern Indiana. He's got a hero for state thank you for all nonbloody, which got force will hero do that. But first, we are waiting to hear what start with live. She died the 20 down the dirt and the she died were very anniversary. We were really alive. But I had no idea how short the butt during her year in the nursing home as a result, Lou Gehrig, her one way with one person on earth would come to know the result of what a great mind. That woman was to know anybody in my contact with her. You know, you know, Lou Gehrig, a greater ability to move your ability to be going. That was really her goal gone through all the above chart, you know, Steve. Firstly, now that there is a men's group. We will use no doubt virtually unknown people like me to. Every Sunday. Every Monday update for juvenile Hospital and is worse with patient you know right with them and with them whenever. What a great guy. Mariam everything they can mark your calendar to go up there and do that. We've got a break. I do question for you if you hang sure I'm a fallible blog where we got battery okay. We got a lot more Christian Car Guy my soul. We have 50 we have more testimony about my business love to hear from you like were hearing from Dave right the second 788 force number to call in 86634 truth were talking about heroes and move a lot of the heroes were talking about are those who entered our contest to share your heavenly heritage contest where they shaved shared, shaved, and they shifted our their testimonies and achieve in order to both hopefully pass that on to the next generation. As we talked about the Bible here in the last few Christian Car Guy shows but also to win these drawings that were to have a little bit later today for energized a retreat for somebody's pastor and also thousand dollars in vouchers to the holy land through Pilgrim tours. You can find out all about all that a Christian Car as well as a Jesus's labor love free car repair labor for single moms and lives across the country.

You can read the article I wrote on my automotive hero that we can talk about here in a minute and what's really cool. I got his these testimonies. I've selected several for your reading.

I think there's five or six of them up there if you can read those things and not see the glory of these people are amazing even got an amazing one in this morning I got a read to you that's coming up in a minute but when we left our hero Dave talk about his hero. Actually, his his deceased wife and Dave. I know every listener who heard the first segment is one of the same thing I'm wondering your wives final wish was that somebody would come to Christ. As a result of of the suffering that she went through with this Lou Gehrig's disease. Did you see that take place go. I don't know.

I know you know and make it happen. So you still to this day you go to that Florida Hospital along with a group of men, and you share with the patients of that because there group going out okay.

I'm going to go on for me but funny about yoga group when it was in the final throw.

I want to share clicks American elm actually in.

I have the most common doing more with what start a good abductor that I get to know one guy and you what a great mind about 12 and just what Dave we have a lot of listeners out there who can join you in prayer that is result of what you wife went through that people will come to know Christ and I would encourage you to go to Christian Car and write it out in and so we can get on the website a lot of people here your wise testimony. But if we can all be praying was your wife steer UI's name day exit write a book about awesome holiday now one of the outline of the group you are with you.

I will follow BAL are EE Valerie Marmol abnormal name lady that is awesome.

Thank you Dave. We appreciate you sharing so much this morning.

I bless you and I will tell thank you and guess what we would love to hear your hero who was that in your life, 866348788 force number to call in 86634 truth not I do want to share an interesting thing. Mike still with me down instead. What what is you think about that one.

I am also all always blown away by my listeners and these amazing amazing testimonies that they have grown to the fact and work with great people like that locally.

And I'm good at research but got one attendant that I might unbelievable ministry. I had a friend who lost his son the cancer and like he was comforted through that summit, he went big and became a volunteer at the hospital himself or I think my 20 years that he ministered to people who were losing children and that was his specific ministry.

After God comforted him.

He went specifically to families that lost children and and help them through the grieving process.

It was it was amazing to see in so many different ways how God blesses us so we can bless others. Well, speaking of that, many who know me well know that I am a lymphoma survivor and that we have other situations you, you may have had it. We went to the grocery store you wife told you to get such and such and so on.

So when you arrive home and you forgot the main thing which this particular situation. Tonight Scott was cat food. Rob, you didn't get the Through the Threat of food you gotta go back to the store while I was aggravated you can imagine what God had a divine appointment. Appointment for me at the grocery store when I got there there was a gentleman and stand there looking at me and I could tell that he looked like he recognized me. I kinda recognize him and I said do I know you and he said oh yeah, you sold me two cars you know I still have them both in Annie's. He said I know you're on the radio now, and I know you do that, he said, have you got a minute and you can imagine my concern as he said you have a minute, I knew something was, and what was coming. Was this which I had him write it out and send it to me. It says I grew up in Winston-Salem.

Here's one of these testimonies, but this is what we talked about a dozen associates early have to be your conversion listener. This testimony I grew up in Winston-Salem have been a Christian. Most of my adult life I list other people talk about miracles and believe what they said but still in the back of your mind, you have little doubt. Well I can actually say I'm living proof of a miracle as I was keeping my granddaughter. I thought she was wearing me out. It'd been about 35 years since I changed any diapers which by the way, if you ever look at the word diaper if you spell it backwards, it does say repaid, just thought I'd share that might and all the other things are keeping this three month old baby girl he was. She was getting tired and I was trying to lose some weight so I'd placed I've marked off a place where I could stroller at the same time getting that exercise well I thought I was working to lose weight, and later on the trip. The hospital I found out I had cancer and I had to take chemo treatments in radiation along with all that I had a stroke if you ever had that God had a plan for his time and that was not my time. In other words he was saying that this God had a plan for him in his time. Well this is true, the real story starts here. My wife, a nurse at Winston-Salem healthcare asked to take over the chemo area at work. This was a long time before I was told that I had cancer so guess he was ready for hair. Her husband when he came anyway, I was able to take my chemo treatments where she works and that was a blessing in itself. When I was taking my chemo treatments.

I started having blurred vision in my cancer doctor sent me to the eye doctor.

Everything checked out okay so my doctor ordered a brain scan and it showed. I'd had a stroke.

My doctor said having cancer it save my life that had a blockage in my neck and 99%. We have got folks working to get to that when we come back to hear more stories but we would love to hear from you is your hero you call us and you share 866-34-TRUTH we talk about our automotive you minute 86634878840 working to be announced of those guys to take a who is your hero this morning who is your automotive hero.

We would love to hear from you. You call us 866-34-TRUTH 8788 was a number to call us in with your hero 866-348-7884 your list in the Christian car guys show with your host Robbie Gilmore and my good friend Mike Westwood.

He's our Christian oil guy down in San Antonio today were talk about our share of the heavenly heritage contest that we got the drawings coming up.

You're just momentarily and Juergen a be excited about hearing those these people who have written in with their testimonies.

By the way, we have drawings going on today again August 15 or thereabouts and then at the end of August I got plenty of time to write out your testimony get energy yourself the bigger prizes obviously are coming up at the end of the contest that we are giving away energized a retreat for one lucky contest or contestants past pastor to energize him as well as $1000 in vouchers to go to the holy land for two for someone in those drawings are coming up just in the moment, but we would certainly love to hear about your hero when we left our hero who I'd met in a grocery store were talk about that he had gone through this cancer and stroke experience and was talking about it with me at the grocery store and he was kind enough to enter the contest actually and send in his testimony, and I was in the middle of reading.

It just found out that it had a stroke and because of the chemo and all that. Then they realize that it happened and were able to care for his stroke immediately rather than in a what may have happened had he not have the cancer as he continues, while I was taking chemo I wasn't sleeping at all and I was in lots of pain he actually had lymphoma on telling the side and he had it in his his liver, it was very very painful.

After a while I said to God if this is the way it's gonna be. I am ready to go home to heaven. So one might ask God if he could just take the pain away so I could get some sleep. About 15 minutes later the pain was gone. The next night was the same thing.

The pain all over again. So I asked God again to take away the pain and he did. From then on, the pain was at a minimum God that does answer prayers. I can answer that question and here's the cool part, the part that blows me away and I promise God that every chance this is this is my friend speaking and I promise God that every chance I got.

I would tell people what he had done for me.

I was given a second chance in life and I plan to take advantage of it.

I really look at life as it day by day thing every day.

Being a great day that God has made force I thought how cool is that Larry not only can I get a chance to share with me but I get to share it with all our listeners today what God has done for you. How cool is that we would love to hear about your hero, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. We got some more testimonies, we certainly have the drawing coming up with Mike. I've got my automotive hero. Did you read the article I posted it Christian card the way I couldn't get it to come up oh testimony get the testimonies are awesome. Well I posted this article today on one of my automotive heroes and you might be surprised. Maybe not, is I said in the article. It's no surprise probably do anyway anyone at Henry Ford would be among my heroes. What might surprised to is why why is Henry Ford my hero. No, it's not because he invented the assembly line.

I brought the American Hon. met automobile manufacturers to the world of prominent. I literally actually hate his anti-Semitic views as any Christian should I disagree with many of his politics, as well as what he did with his money and I can find all sorts of faults in his lifestyle. But what makes Henry Ford, one of my heroes was his passion. Passion strong enough to quit to car companies. He helped get off the ground because they wouldn't buy into his dream, one of which started out as they Henry Ford company. I don't know if you knew this quite a bit of trivia.

You could stop a lot of people this they Henry Ford company that later became known as Cadillac.

When he left so is sort of ironic.

If you know what Henry's passion is that he was the founder originally of Cadillac but anyway Henry was uncompromising on his passion. It really was about success financially.

It was about bringing about Henry's dream.

What was his passion that, in my view, change the world for the better. Henry simply wanted to build a high quality car that was inexpensive enough that his workers could buy without going into debt for seven years. By the way.

Simple yes, but all what this uncompromising passion did for the world as we know it and it was no easy task. God took Henry through many years of frustration to get to a place where he could see his passion through you may have heard that it took Einstein 3000 wrong theories to get the right formula for electric lightbulb on Henry born in 1863 actually went to work for Edison in 1891 and he became the chief engineer in 1993. At that point in time Henry was only 30. Here's the extra money to work on gasoline engines and experiment on the idea of a motorcar. No doubt his association with Edison gave me encouragement to keep on his passion. I might point out that Edison's workshop today is in Henry in the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Refill villages where Henry grew up but for those of us old timers out there. Henry could encourage us because it wasn't till 1843 mating season. It wasn't till Henry was 43 years old in 1908 that things began to fall in the place for his dream. The new Ford Motor Company started in 1903. Three. Launch the model T in 1908 at an astonishing ready for this $825 but I wasn't good enough for Henry. Unlike many businessmen of today. He continued to drop the price, that's right. It started out at a 25 but he continued to drop the price every year Henry's passion drove him to look for every way of cutting costs.

The assembly line which embodied credit for everything in the world was really just a result of his passion to drop the price of his car. The pallet, the passion actually drove him to ask his suppliers to ship parts, and specifically sized wooden crates so we could use the grades now after he got the parts out. He took the crates and turn them in the floorboards was model T. And guess what it suppliers and precut them.

I mean how cool is that that's using the old genius but the genius was driven by a passion.

You see, when Henry saw his dream of building a car is workers could afford to buy coming closer. He basically slammed don't it in 1914 by doing two things really really amazing the change the world.

One thing is he dropped the price of the car now to $360. That's right, those model T's in 1914 dropped to $340.

He didn't write the price just little bit he dropped a bunch and then he did the other thing that changed the world, he increased his workers wages to an unheard of five dollars a day which seems ridiculous, but nonetheless when you put it in that time, listen to, what that says you see, that meant that a worker could buy a car for 72 days of wage when you compare that to an average American wage today of about $133 and an average American car at $30,478. It takes 229 days today to buy a car you can talk about whatever you want to talk about all the different pricing situations, but that's the truth and even the least expensive American car today. The Ford focus at 16, 552 it would take an average American, 124 days to buy that car you might want say what Robbie what you tell us all this will is there some important things we need to learn. I think we need to learn. As Christians see if if we only stayed on Henry's trend. It would've put the whole world, China, India, and all the countries that what Henry did put all America to work it really, really did. But if we'd stayed on that course we could put the whole world work building cars for everyone. What if the average worker in India or China could buy a car to have any clue how many people we could put to work. If the goal of a corporation is to make a big profit. They kinda lose sight of Henry's passion.

If you wonder what happened to American dominance and automotive manufacturing.

Well, it's all too simple. We lost Henry's passion to build cars that everyone could afford to own not just Americans but everyone. The pathology is all too obvious to any car salesman today. Just ask anybody you know in the car business. Ask anybody about how many customers they see that all way more on their car than it's worth.

You better be ready because what they tell you will scare you.

So the question is what can we as Christians do about the situation well number one, we can pray. What would God have you do right.

What would God have you do number two you can stay out a card that yourself. It's a big huge part of the problem. You can stand all kinds of that yourself a card that is ridiculous. Guitars last as long as you do. Number three.

Spread the word. You now know the Henry Ford story I just explained it and I'm telling if we could spend the word who knows you might be talking to the next.

Henry Ford, you could be the one that inspired him to build stuff inexpensive enough that people could use it in Boston without going to bet and number four course the biggest curative. The biggest thing of all why I would have no clue of all this information, I really would. I knew it all in my brain. But until I became a Christian I could never ever sorted that out because you can't see it. See you have to share the gospel. You see, it's the only solution for greed see greed drove the American manufacturers to continue to raise prices, build vehicles people can afford all that happened, people bought the mod agreed all these problems, what's the solution the gospel because once people understand the truth and what were supposed to do for our neighbor. You see, that's how it works. We could put the whole world to work building cars if we just had the passion and the vision of of Henry Ford and Mike. I guess I was on my soapbox long, but that's that's who my automotive.

Now I don't agree with a lot of what he did but I love this up and report the Detroit motor car company. I think it was thinking Ford today always started knowing he did a lot of anything. So he made anything solidity doing the burn the rest of the world that he didn't use for the floorboards and made historical right and from his cousin who broke the land that the company and rhetorical kings, Ford.

I did not know there you go. That was that stop me and it is an interesting piece of wisdom, but he was a he was a phenomenal person when it came to that part of his his character to the museum building a been there twice wonder, will Mike because we lived in this, my father worked for. Guess what, we just go down there and so I got all this that's it's what I said I but I have a lot of this knowledge.

It was steeped in the me because when you go to school in Grambling, Michigan is what they teach in history they teach about William Durant, Henry Ford and the founders of General Motors and all that stuff that's history 101. If you grown up in Michigan so I had this information but I never really put it all together until the automotive crisis. A lot of people came to me and said Robbie what happened and when I really started to look at it. It became quite obvious to me what it happened and what the solutions were that if we could build inexpensive automobiles if we could build an inexpensive enough, the Chinese people.

You mean people could afford them. We could put so many Americans to work there would be no crisis. There would be enough at and all the government stuff in the world doesn't fix the real issues that that did at the human heart. That's our problem you see on 10. Amen. So along those lines. We have some more testimonies as a matter fact I meant to go hot and announce that the winner of the energized day retreat.

The number two prize that we are drawing for today on the share your heavenly heritage contest is Charles Hutchins and Charles share the testimony that I really hope will encourage a lot of you folks who came to Christ, to the very early age. It's a truly an amazing testimony and I wonder if we really give credit to the young people that came to Christ to know without some in a big huge experience, but this is still a huge experience.

It's still a gigantic testimony and since when I was a child my parents seldom went to church but when I was 14, I asked my parents if I can write my that is interesting. He was 14 and he asked his parents if he could ride his bike to church and they said he could on that Sunday. I accepted Christ as my personal savior and was baptized but unfortunately I didn't have anyone to disciple me to grow up and help me grow up spiritually so I strayed from the Lord.

Now, Mike, would you agree and Charles's testimony that is how many 14-year-old boys would ask her parents if they could go to church and then override away ride their bicycle by themselves when when I got parent. Thinking back, 14 to go to church. I can and here he was. His parents didn't go to church but he asked his parents if he could ride his bike to church and that Sunday, the Lord touched his heart and is a fast anything and so shortly after we were married in 1964. My wife and I joined Calvary Baptist Church where I began growing spiritually all right working to hear the rest of this testimony were to hear who the winner is in the drawing how to share your heavenly heritage contest and we might hear who your hero is as follows.

Please 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We a lot more Christians show, God is my hero. I know if your excited because we are drawing in the air.

Your heavenly heritage contest we been talking about that all morning. You want to know more about it. Go to Christian car and enter your testimony for a chance to win these prizes. If you enter your grandparents or your parents you get more entries into the drawing and more chances to win all the details. They are a Christian car as well as all these testimonies that we share this morning and many more that will really, really, I telling you this so encourage Celeste testimonies of their Christian car please please enter yours when we we we announced our first winter Charles Hutchins be about halfway through his testimony and carrying on aces for many years I served in various areas within the church, but I always had a heart for special ministries class. Although when I asked to serve. I although when asked to serve.

I always decline a few years ago I stopped by the class on Sunday morning to see if they needed help and they said they'd been praying for help for a year I began serving in the class the following Sunday and have been serving there ever since.

I love the students and working with them has been a tremendous blessing. Although I have several health issues to heart attacks to bypass his diabetes and aggressive prostate cancer, which is currently in remission. The cancer was the hardest for me to accept. Finally one day I told the Lord. I couldn't handle it anymore and I turned it over to him since that time I've been at a real piece and know that whatever happens, God is in control.

Although life hasn't been easy.

The Lord has blessed our family and me beyond measure and I owe everything to him and give him all the glory and now his pastor because he was the winner of the energized day retreat Charles as pastors, can I have a chance to go on an amazing adventure with any Bowersox on the posted energized ministries and you could help your pastor. We still have one more drawing for an energized retreat. You just go to Christian car and enter your testimony Mike. That's an amazing story of Charles incident story.

And to go through the hardships going through in the mix with my health minimal and and constantly reminded that we never retire the Lord's work.

That's right once and scripted. While the wars going on your still involved so we got announce that the big winner today. Interestingly, and you think I we had the big winner today is Melinda Willis, which was the testimony heard earlier in the show of this Crimson waterfall. Now we had made the drawing this morning not knowing that we had recorded the testimony earlier in the week and so it was just like mad babe again think I set this up. I didn't. It was just the way the drawing went, and so she is the winner of the Pilgrim Tours thousand dollars worth of vouchers for her trip to the holy land for two is $500 for each person $1000 on a trip to the holy land, courtesy of Pilgrim Tours which recently want to think that we got another drawing coming up in two weeks and this will be for the dangerous heart a good heart weekend retreats that were doing as well as more Pilgrim Tours vouchers and that's coming up in two weeks you got plenty of time. Go to Christian car and share your heavenly heritage. That's what we gotta do Dolly Mike and what a joy it had been to have you on with me.

My friend and you you saved my bacon yesterday. The whole idea will have an heroes be the theme of the show. I credit that to Mike, my good friend out there in San Antonio are Christian all guy I've never does Shelley with you Michael, you didn't talk about oil one time so you gotta be slick for one second. Anyway, tell us some far more important than any material changes. That's what you should tell him every 3000 or if you got Amsoil you know 12 or 20, as the case may be what we want to thank you all for Liston to the Christian car guys show as you can tell it's the listeners that bless us out of our minds that they would be fabulous testimonies. Please be somebody's hero. Maybe they'll be four generations down by you sharing your testimony if you don't do it at the contest please just write it down and share with your family got so much that you can do so we want to thank you for listing Christian card I show my new producer I got a whole team here. Andy and Alan, how cool is that in my engineer, Amanda Owens, and Stu Epperson at the vision air this show originally. I have seven years now and remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and how about it, share your heavenly heritage you're listening to the truth and

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