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Check Your Oil - Be Prepared With Guest Host

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 18, 2012 12:24 pm

Check Your Oil - Be Prepared With Guest Host

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 18, 2012 12:24 pm

Christian Car Guy.

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore while good morning and I'm certainly not Robbie Hume once morning think she's the PO rotten family crisis out of town so we need to make him a welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show this morning.

We got a lot of stuff in your pack into it and get a lot of information out there.

But one thing that were going to do. Also this morning, having a drawing for the heavenly heritage contest right at the first break during the coming and going at that drawing giveaway a couple prizes really good prizes and also can remind you is not too late to go up on the website and get your interest in.

Also this morning as were sitting here I hadn't looked around when I left this morning and just doubt about one thing.

Where has the summer gone out of the setting where that rated wrap up August and that is kind of a frightening thing and by having the end of the year rolled around a lot of things start happening that, or a parent is kind of tough to deal with one of those things is worse in our kids off to school and that type of thing all the sudden that child isn't right there where you going to be able to make the decisions for him. Well this past week I took my Taylor my daughter Taylor off to Liberty University and a couple years ago.

The first trip we made up their and she has her own car and she's up there early because of cheerleading and all of the activities that she's involved in an on the road a lot is the fact that we realized that I talk about this.

I've always talked about it is having a plan. All the sudden she's not where I can be there in five or 10 minutes if she has a breakdown or art or an accident or something doesn't work well work or problem with the car.

So what we did the first trip up is a started making some connections up there, so she knew who to call if she has a problem and dear and you're going like this. Also in the studio this morning is Darren to wit Darren how you doing this morning doing great writing down what is your field of expertise.

Well about three job restores explores auto stores in the Triad area. We sell PPG automotive finishes and also the associate products to go with right hand. Also joining us is a C Reynolds Junior luxury already and what is your field event Junior has a lot of expertise in looking at him.

He doesn't look as old as I know he has time in the field. So when Camilla bit about with your appreciation that government afloat. Luckily is Reynolds garage recently retired by the OT. I was able return business was 71 years old on mobile business service auto parts until recovery industry and also now you serve as president was a record associate all right talk about little bit of those in the next few minutes of the next hour and also don't forget this is a calling show so that means to make us a perfect show.

You need to call in and give us a hand number is 1-866-348-7884 was I was mentioning taken Taylor off to school and being two and half hours away. The concern was if she had a crisis where she needed a total war are are a mechanical problem so when we went up to school start looking around trying to find a connection that she would know who to call in case a problem occurred. Well luckily for me, right on the outskirts of campus is a body shop. When I looked there and drove by, so that they had a mechanic shop right beside him and also Darren is what you're going to love on the side of the wall ahead.

PPG certified repair shops, so I knew right off the bat. They were good guys like us them and they were honest and that is a matter of fact within the first month, three years ago, being up there.

She called me and couldn't get her trunk close where if you know how you how our girls are in our lives. Are you always try to put too much stuff in the trunk so she ended up tripping the latch on the trunk in the trunk. When closer. She was just in a in a crisis didn't know what to do is to remember where the body shop is right there beside the sonic as you come down the hill and she said yes ago by I'll call them and I called and they took care of and got on the road didn't cost her anything where if we have had a plan. There's no telling what kind of could've been couple days of trying to figure out what to do and who to have to look at it with this went smooth. It was about a 15 minute ordeal back on the road back in class in no harm him and all went well and it by saying that I just can't stress how important it is when child gets on the unit leaves the nest goes off to school is to have that plan. Let them know you know where to what to do in case of a crisis coming. The worst thing the world can happen is been an accident on your car break down and all the sudden needing to make that decision on what to do with it doesn't work too well because you're always in a crisis.

Your you're not thinking straight.

Where if you got a name and a number in your glovebox. It makes it so much easier and will probably save you a lot of money this morning has a mansion with the with Darren being in here. Note 1 of the important parts for or raise body shop and wrecker service. I'm Jerry Mathis raise body shop and wrecks of some of the mentioned that. But, is to have a partnership. I know it is for us to have a partnership with a supply company. My question is Darren. Why is that important own urine.

What you see that that's an important relationship in a partnership.

Oh, a lot of his. We like to try to partner ourselves up with quality collision centers actually know the guys of their buyout by liberty University because I used to tell. Liberty University so very she's going to very great school flying yeah, but in today's changing environment with the insurance companies and in the different types of cars are coming out the different colors that are coming out just the business practices within the industry. It's it's really important to both have a a supplier such as ourselves, and in a collision center that wants to wants to embrace some of the change that. That is been going on in our industry. It's it's really important to you know the kind of partner up with you know, okay, changes mean but talks about change, especially in automotive and paint industry changes are rapid yet I wasn't adjusted doesn't seem that long ago that we are all using lacquer paint things like you know with all the classic cars in the 60s and 70s and even in the 80s but pain is actually come a long way in that amount of time.

Along with that just the industry itself is changed.

Insurance used to not play such a big a role back in the day and now you know you have to have insurance and the insurance companies gotten involved in yen and knowing kind of what the you know what the insurance companies are driving for is very important in wilderness sort of pick up after the break on that a little bit about the different types of pains because that's one of the questions I get on this. The end is all the time, was a difference in and paint and and in real quick before you go to break one thing that I hear all the time in commercials is integrated clear and that one is one of those pet peeves of mine.

What is integrated clear integrated clear as to where they do basically a single stage painted since it's basically an 80s technology, which is why it's usually less expensive but the integrated clear coat in the last in the last code of of a single stage to give an appearance of a basal clearcoat which is what you get on your vehicles today, but it is not a basecoat clearcoat and that's that's the misleading part about that is in your under the assumption that your getting the same type of finish back on correct yeah and then that's that's one things of of of kind of getting educated with the with the shops in and what we try to do to communicate that properly you to our customers so that you know so they can communicate correctly to their customers and stuff and get educated on what different brands with different types of paint that are out there why there kind of price the way they are and real quick what is the difference between come in here and I've got a quote for 300 or $500 paint job compared to a $1500-$2000 job lot of it is the different different levels of pain in my just, you know, usually the lower summons the using a lower brand of paint something that might not match as well or it could be you know single stage paint like we're talking about just a second ago supposed to an actual OEM brand paint which is like what PPG is DuPont and BSF. There their top of the church pains to beep price a little more expensively because they are the paint that is on the car absolutely.

One thing that I could remind you again to go on the website. You still have a chance to enter.

Share your heavenly heritage contest. The deadline for the entry is August 30 at 12 midnight coming up after the break going to have a drawing for the two contest winners, so don't miss it here and come to become an in and Sharon little information on those winners and give you some names back right. All right, we're back. Once again, don't get this is a calling show so we will love you give us a call at 1-866-348-7884 which is speaking with Darren.

He was just talking about the differences in paint and the cost of pain and that type of thing which is that's really important because it is a huge part of repairing the vehicle when it somebody is pressing into my brings a car raise body shop and wrecker service. All of the repairs that go alone. That vehicle was mostly stuff they can't see if you see bad bodywork and you got major issues but the one thing that they see and are able to look at us as they walk up on that vehicle is the finish of the car doesn't look the same.

Does the is the daft look right does the color look right is the you know is that is the paint slick and LSF so that's the one thing that initially anybody can look at and see if there's a bad job or not. I guess that's sort of place into heaven, that good product. Yeah, you know, even does a lot of color because you when you're doing a lot of research a lot of information that goes into color match first and foremost yeah that's that's really where your premium paint lines shine through.

Because you know that your chakras are using Dell trying PPG product and you will have some colors that are on a car that you know cartons of the code you're looking at them unique edges even be a basic black and you will have light. Five. Six different variances on it based on what plants braided everything like that so PPG in some of the other income is nearly done a very good job of you'll be in an OEM supplier of checking those colors being able to have people in the field.

There's a lot of investment that's that's involved in that you'll paint obviously makes it a little bit more expensive than a cheaper monitoring or they don't put in the research. They just do the regular code get one variant doesn't know doesn't exactly match anything that but then the clears.

Also hiring clears the main differences between those is the UV protection for the most part that'll allow your finish to stay vibrant longer as it screens out the UV lights from the sun and especially with the global warming and everything with a hole in the okay let you know those those are what what the technologies are being pushed for now able to is because people keep the car longer.

Also you with the you know with the way the economy is now that the cars are staying on the road longer so it is more important than ever to have a product that is gonna allow you to to maintain that finish for that amount of time.

Yeah if you listen to the radio show and listen. Robbie is one thing he always talks about is making sure that you maintain your car because last year you take care of it in the last year.

One last thing I want throw at you and ask you in this industry and specialness is radio show there's a lot of guys that are listening that her do-it-yourselfers that are going have a dead end and do-it-yourselfer try to do some paint working from work and take care some rest and sales. What is the difference, nor is there an advantage to go to a paint supply solely store like you have going to the big box… The marks that the Walmart decay. Martha may have an olive automotive repair. Step four. Some of the ones that have sale parts and paint in that type of thing.

Yeah, you know, I always recommend whether you nonvisible others, and in my store up or another pain only store I do recommend, especially in our yield to go that direction because with with the types of metals that are in car.

The types of just the types of products that are out there on the market right now you the pain, don't you know we we we invest a lot of money in training our people on all the new technologies all the new repair procedures. 3M is been great on you know on pioneering some of the new technologies because in that so you know you'll get a lot more information I think you know from pain only store as opposed to Walmart or anything of that with a new heaven I'll they have the products, but typically it's you know they don't necessarily have the people that have been involved in the industry that know how to do a repair that actually can, talk you through.

We do, we spent a lot of hours a day with with customers that come in a come in the store and and we can we explain to them the different steps and procedures to do the repair right so that place is and you know at raised by shop so they can perfect the art of the invisible repair yeah and then you know and then that's what always saying is make sure that you do it yourself.

Seek some advice and bashfulness go to the paint store go to a local body shop I meet either one of those are really, I suggest going to both because you going to get that that the material we Internet type stuff walk you through and also stop by bodyshop because if they should be willing to just sort of talk to you and you know some materials you don't want to take all the way down to bare metal.

If you do, you need to know that what you put back on top of it that happy thing you can do it yourself.

Just get all the information you can possibly get Curtis that's just just just being prepared and go into a baby that be that the scales moderately and always be prepared next best. One thing to do when you're doing it yourself exactly an Endo and was what's what's great about our industry uses the people actually in our industry are fantastic people and you need the they have a passion for vehicle to have a passion for cars in general.

So we know when they got a customer, and usually are not.

You know happy about coming to a body shop or collision repair center because your one of your larger investments is now damaged and begin no but when that you come in and you start asking you know the owners or the mechanics of the technicians you know questions about the vehicle they really do enjoy you know talking about that that is our passion. I mean, that's the thing I mean is we have a desire to not only the soonest business tech to make matrices but also is to also share that knowledge and step in part of it being the part is you always say when you're looking for a reference to Steph first place to go is your church or somebody because if you can also find a Christian this in that business. There are more tendency to share that information to help you along in and sort of walk you through the steps so so just get out and seek out information is the same thing when you're talking about, you know, the towing industry and engineer.

This is where you come in his you know there's a a lot of information that we all need to to know and when you make an your decisions and it goes back to that thing is not making a decision in a crisis and an what you think about that. Well I like what you said about Gola Taylor setting up a procedure letter for her for her being what the old Boy Scout saying is be prepared to familiarize yourself and know what that vehicle is you all is all about to will grow all-wheel-drive rearwheel drive all-wheel-drive all stirring network. Familiarize yourself with the vehicle know what type of equipment you going new lead and research, a company that can help you with that situation one the biggest fears we have is having to call a tow truck out as we don't know what the charges are what is going to generate cost to get back to them talk about how to make sure you don't get put on the here we come back break and also coming up drawing for sure, your heavenly heritage contest that read it all here outside.

I wake you say goodbye all right our bags are packed, because weight is it is Saturday, 18 August, which means it's time for the big draw and Darren princes in here with the season. I have a couple names that is drawn out of those entries for share your heavenly yeah the heavenly heritage contest that we've been doing on Christian car guy Robbie's hobbies masculine journey radio all of those are participating in that and this is the second drawing in a series of three. There will be one more drawing on September 1 so if you haven't registered yet, if you weren't in the hopper for this drawing today you still have time to Christian Car register heavenly heritage fill in that there's a form there were you can write on your testimony and if you don't have the Internet and you want to call in. Just call into the station asked Robbie and he will be happy to take your testimony over the phone, but the winters that we have this morning are this first one is for two vouchers of $500 each that are being presented by Pilgrim tours and this is to $500 vouchers for a couple or for any two people traveling together on one of their tutors and this one is the winner is Rick Rucker who lives here in North Carolina and Rick. We will be getting some more information out to you. I am guessing that we will call you by phone. I don't think we got your email address, but if you're listening. Feel free to call in and will get you more information on that and then the second half of the drawing. This morning was for one free event which is worth about $249 I think a scholarship either to a dangerous heart boot camp or a Goodhart women's weekend.

The good are women's weekends coming up September 6 through the ninth and the dangerous heart boot camp will be November 15 through the 18th and so the winner of this can either invite himself now to a dangerous heart boot camp or send his wife daughter mother friends sister whatever to a Goodhart women's weekend and the winner of that is Doug Limburg and so Doug and Rick we will be getting in touch with you and give you more information on how to take advantage of these drawings while Doug and Rick have those bags packed and also dear and what is that, well, when you get out here was the deadline to make sure you get entered. The deadline is August 30, midnight so that belief. Saturday morning is September 1 and will have one more drawing that will be the final drawing for $2000 vouchers for Pilgrim tours.

We want to think Pilgrim tours for doing that and there will also be an energized day retreat, drawing, put together by energized their trees here in the triad for your pastor, ministry leader or something along those lines that you would like to gift somebody with that.

We want to thank them for putting that together as well but August 30 midnight drawing will be September 1. All right congratulations packed those bags and don't forget, make sure you got to the 30th midnight to get your entries in his simple, it's easy just go to Christian car okay back to Junior wind we left you were talking about being in a crisis and need in the wrecker. First of all your like I said before this familiarize yourself with your vehicle your vehicles a big expense. I think your whole would be your first experience in your vehicle be the second incident you need to be familiar with, so that you can ensure yourself that one is not in your possession and it has to be towed due to breaking of breakdown even a break-in. They'll can damage her car to be towed in error an accident that you can entrust to someone that will take care of that vehicle just as you and talk about records mean first thing you think of a lot of people's in the mind is this truck with his big boom and cables hang out the back of it and there's a lot of there's still out there is lot of people still able to use those and I have a purpose out there, but is there a difference in equipment now is it important to know that your call and has the proper equipment to repair the architect to pick up your vehicle and transported us most important thing that you need to be involved in this due to the fact that manufacturers are making cars to increase the fuel mileage that results in the cost of the reduction of carbon reducing it from the metal structures that they are going down to plastics, luminal and rubber and if the towing company is not familiar with that vehicles construction. You can lose more money by a total facility damaging the vehicle and that's where we're doing comes in selling the paint repair. As I got – rightly keeps keeps everybody in cash flow if you're not familiar with with your vehicle differently with your vehicle and differently with the towing company that is up to date with qualified drivers will we offered to stay local, state, to associational certification for drivers.

Each company which there drivers to classes in training that result into professional service that they offer one thing about towing is a lot of people will search out for a towing club auto club again.

When you looking into an old check each club out make sure that that driver is qualified to respond to your need and an automobile club same as with the towing industry is an emergency call because your needing help with that moment towing services over that and they also offer convenient times and again when you get into convenience and virtually close you can see the cost differential. There that that will affect you and you need to be prepared at all times when you're talking about cost hello if I'm vehicle owner the driver out there who needs a wrecker. What are some of the steps I can do to be able to save money and keep that cost down one of the things that you can do is when you get familiar with the towing company that you will research out there business ethics and the quality of their service convenient to is such a lower-cost because it is costing the towing company responding up a list of easier because convenient toe is they know where the vehicle is location.

They don't have to meet you there with the key you security key somewhere where they can find the key and move the vehicle and is very important that TB with that vehicle.

Due to the fact with antitheft design they'll that they can relocate that vehicle. No worries going to go and the proper payment method that you gonna get to them all that is taking care of and that's really less cost to you because it's not an inconvenience to them as a convenience for all those involved yourself in the towing and one of the things that always talk about them people coming to the shop and Stefan and also talk about towing is having a plan because this is a perfect damage able to save some money for one thing, if you know everybody will hear about rotation records and called the next out recognition sort of nationwide way that system works. But if you had an accident or breakdown the call out of next out wrecker. It could be on the other end of the county than what you are. I mean beside County does have a divided up in quadrants. A little bit and and so it does get a little bit closer, but you may have a towing facility within 2 miles of your home, then all the sudden your car was towed 20 miles from your home.

You're right Jerry, it's up planning is all about a sister thing for you.

If you have an accident. The shock of that accident.

If you're not injured. The first thing in your mind is your vehicle and was hurt and what's going to happen next.

You, your mind does not give you oh okay I'm gonna call ABX towing service but you need to have that information so that you can respond to the officers question of you have anyone that you like all recover your vehicle you have that information you feel secure, you're in a state of shock right now and let things go through your mind and one of them is is got to be towed, but you forgot who's going to keep that in your glovebox in your wallet wherever you need to put it because of accident will put you in a state of shock that your mind cannot think sometime you need and we have a brochure that we try to get invited. Put in the glovebox from my shop that I is the 10 things to know in case of an accident has little map on the back of the boat. One thing it does have is our name and phone number on all net that that pamphlet is Right there with the registration card, so whenever the police officer or anybody open it. Glovebox is the first thing they say so even if all this stuff is going through your mind when you pull that out. It just sorta gives you okay I need to call them and that's why it's so important to talk about with my daughter going off to college.

I try to have that information where she will have it. So if the crisis happens just think through it and who did he tell me to call what should I do it just all right there in a set unit. Also, my wife has the same thing in all my family members a try to make sure they have information they may know absolutely what they think they want to do but when you're in that moment and called up in it. You don't always think things through properly. So is just good to always have it.

Would you not agree.

I agree we totally Jerry and we have an accident. The police respond with the technology we got today we have cell phones computers we can communicate with anyone, but at the same time, when it also gets there. His main concern is one is a one hurt.

Second of all, he has to clear the street so the traffic can continue to move and not bodily them. He's not going to stand alongside the road calling from your cell phone for five towing companies and try to get a offer of who can come and tow your car the last is going to request that you have someone in mind that which we call an request for second involved is going to call a Nextel record for you Nextel record is the one is in that quadrant.

That's up for responding to that incident died, and even we talk about that. No, go to that facility that you think you might use because it goes back to the same thing if I know you and I know you one of my customers, to do everything I can to try to make that easier. Sony and and by doing that is probably save you financially sent to save you a lot of headache and knowing where the vehicle is and also I want to be more willing to work with you because we've already got a little bit of a relationship. If somebody comes in a car spouting from an accident and the first thing the owner you know says of the driver that comes in and says here John Doe came by and he said make sure that you knew that this was his car and stepped yet we try to make sure that we know that that's one of our customers. We try to really make sure we take care of and asked that's what everybody would try to do so is just so important to have that plan and it was if you don't have the plan once again you going to make a mistake and you going to be a mistake is in a cost a lot of money and is also going to cost you a lot of time and aggravation because also a lot of times people don't realize if you're towed to a gas station or something like that. The place that you're towing the vehicle is also the places and repair the vehicle. It also can save you some money in because insurance companies do not always like to pay for secondary towed a lot of times that's on you. You have to pay that price for that towed from one facility to a repair facility so just important to make sure you have all of that information. Know what your insurance company will cover.

You know, that's another important thing to do and and and when you're out there, as you mentioned before, with no one what kind of equipment needs to come out there because you see, especially when bad weather hits.

It is around the corner you'll see guys out run up and down the road with the strap in a hook pulling people out of the ditch as well for me in our industry and the body shop industry. You hate to see that in a way, but then you know what you know what to be drumming up business for me because it's amazing. You also go along the road on the highway after a snowstorm, and Darren, how many times driving back from Burlington to Winston C bumpers and all the stuff and a lot of the bumpers didn't get knocked off by the accident Will have whatever the bumpers Junior will they all-wheel-drive Gay binocular services for a cheap price, and not only live the the offer that is cheap price cost you money because all of a sudden that that wrote that they wrapped around their needed realize also that bumper couldn't take Apple and so just jumped bumper and everything off and what they say will I'm sorry about that. I mean they have no insurance. They don't have the you know is not a facility that some to be able to pay for the mistake they made is just its own you.

You shouldn't have done that and I know there's times when you're going to have to do that just because of the fact that need to go ahead and get it you think is the right thing to do, but really think that through because it can really be costly in a lot of ways good works, Nazi G personal data goes back to say they were talking about with the towing industry and also with the pain industry and stuff you know it's a little bit of you try to make sure that you use knowledge and get all the information you can use your money and be good stewards of your money is sometimes all is not necessarily the cheapest way is the best way is sometimes the cheapest way is not the most economical way is just like if you are put in a cheap pain on the vehicle might look good but in six months seven months. All of a sudden you start seeing a delaminate in the color change in right now. Did you really was that a wise choice of money exactly and then same thing when you toe and you know it may save $20, $30 or something by having XYZ Tomei vehicle but then all the damage in the cost that occurred after that may not of been a wise choice on spending your money back in a moment Christian Car Guy radio and we haven't talked about much this morning is Jesus's labor of love. So muscle would encourage you to make sure you go to Christian Car and check out the Jesus's love labor of love, where we have outlets throughout the country that are providing core care needs for widows, single moms and and and other people in need.

Also, if you have a an outlet on that website and sign up if you have a desire to help if he could just be the prayer team are calling in and and booking the repairs and following up on the leads gives a call this plenty of opportunity for you to volunteer in that it also as we live Junior was going over a few of the things with the record business in making good choices and when I let them follow-up phone things he wanted to mention through what we were told that will go is the continuation of the service from the towing service especially for about an accident one thing about it. If you have a facility that you inspected decided to choose for your towing needs. One thing about this company. They can help you through in case of an incident or accident or whatever they can help you work through your insurance company. They know these people he worked with them before it takes a lot of stress off of view of answering their questions. What you should say what you shouldn't say the term ability of what the value bit your vehicle is and where there is no be repaired and or whether this can be salvaged, and this these companies well qualified to do this Leslie canal repairs. They know what your insurance comes looking for. They can help that and there again takes a load off your chest, absolutely. And I think is back. His partnerships were talking about how Ray's body shop is a partnership with colors age and we also partnership with the insurance companies and and and other towing companies and S wants important that have a relationship and and and a lot of things we deal with you and also bring Junior involved in it as far as making sure that that that our customers and the community is getting a good service and that's just important with partnerships as we wrap up this morning is more take just a moment to read a piece of Scripture that this past month. I spent some time with our church. I ponder a Christian church always makes a trip to Jamaica own and always go on a mission trip in and I was able to speak at a street service in Mount Pleasant on top of the mountain in Jamaica and what I talked about and then the base my whole whole time in my my my speech, own it, and when I told was about Galatians 57 when Paul talks about running the race. You know in Corinthians, he starts talking about, you know we we run a race and we run for around that last forever. Where was Christian Car Guy will look at that is in the automotive industry you know that race could be that a NASCAR race or whatever it is those teams go in there and he put a lot of research a lot of study, a lot of development in when they go out on attractive put a lot of time in an S wants important as Paul was saying that we as Christians that we train that is due to being God's word being a Bible study be part of a local body. You know, if you're not involved in a local church may be the one around the corner. May be if you and Winston ponder Christian church are sustainable Baptist Church or what ever it may be in Burlington or wherever just get plugged into that church because the also as you wrap up in him, and when Paul is talking about that racing. Galatians 57 he says you are running a good race to cut in on you and You from obeying the truth we as Christians also are being cut into just like a NASCAR fan driver cuts in on you not you out of the leader whatever it is you should have responsibility of knowing what own what is around your surroundings.

If Kyle Busch cut in front of you and not you have the lead, not to give you the win because he did that you should been responsible for making sure you knew your surroundings. We as Christians need to do that know what our pitfalls are know what are shortcomings are know what our temptations in life.

If it's alcohol of his drugs if his line of you. Still, whatever it may be. Maybe it's just religion.

May we so wrapped up. We don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ because what cuts in front of us is just just doing church or maybe his work. Maybe it's our cars know what's in a cut in front of us to make sure that we stay focused on doing what God would have us to do what our calling is great show this morning. See you back next Saturday morning Christian Car Guy radio show.

Also Robbie. We sure miss you and hope you have safe travels as you are traveling back and forth, and you're certainly in our prayers.

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