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Let's Talk Turkey

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 24, 2012 1:06 pm

Let's Talk Turkey

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 24, 2012 1:06 pm

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 8784 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore. All right, I know a lot of you say when thinking of your Thanksgiving. Robbie, I was stopped.

Well that's what the church that's what the turkeys were saying and we feel like the weekend following Thanksgiving would be a great weekend. Just perfect for let's talk turkey all yes when folks come in wanting to buy used part from Bob or a new car. They always have this idea in mind that there to talk turkey.

That's what they say and I did little research on this phraseology opening interesting.

It suggested that the phrase arose because the first contact between Native Americans and settlers often centered around the supply wild turkeys to the extent that the Indians were said to have inquired when they met a colonist you come talk turkey and even if you look at the dictionary it says there's a tale about a colonist animate of this is truth in the dictionary.

Bob, a tale about a colonist donated when they went hunting. They agreed to share their spoils equally but the end of the day the bag was foreclosing for turkeys and the colonist tried to pass as I have a lot of this is businesses was in the dictionary since when they were trying to parcel out the spoils.

They said here's a crow for you.

That's what the colonist was doing. There's a crow for you and many people turkey a minute crow for you and for me being me and you know he demanded only talk crow for Indian we talk turkey and I you know is my planning mind wrapped try to wrap itself around this conflict here. I figured that this was actually the first ever turkey crow caucusing as it was, like car call and there was may have been some kind to same.

Either way, we are talking turkey today with our good friend Bob from one of my new bullet Bob when people come on the yard and ever say let's talk turkey maybe not in those words that everybody's looking for the best deal I had to remind him that we give everybody a great deal brother there you go. And so today on a Christian card I show when did you talk turkey so well that you gobbled up the deal of a lifetime. When was that that you talk turkey so that you gobbled up the deal of a lifetime. We want to hear your secrets 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth when did you take talking turkey to a whole new level. Will Bob you may be shocked to find out that once I talk turkey and turkey was on a cruise with a bunch of car dealers to Istanbul which is in Turkey and as Tammy and I my wife sometimes doesn't get as ready as fast as other people's universe of with it anyway. So we're coming into the grand bazaar. As many of the dealers are coming out and then all along. These guys in there shaking their heads and then looking at the ground and they said man you don't want to go in there. Those are thieves and they think they negotiate over everything.

You can't just buy something in there that grand bazaar. There's a lot of negotiating.

I these are car dealers are you serious, they weren't talking turkey when they were in Turkey you believe about this audibly but is true.

They were shaking their heads so we went in there Tammy and I and at the time I was still recovering. Talk to couple weeks ago about my G Paxton right because my left leg and so I was on crutches still, and this was true three years after the accident and I was thinking that you know when I got off the crutches because I knew I didn't have one of the bones. My left leg that would be really cool to have a really neat cane you not to lean on and they had some phenomenal canes are there in the grand bazaar and they had these that were obviously mahogany in their inlaid with silver and turquoise and mother-of-pearl and I used to do a little bit the jewelry business when I was in Albuquerque so I recognized involve the silver working on it like man that's really cool, really cool needs. Please canes. They were like $120 which there was no way that was happening in my budget. At that point my and so I was like well I guess that this can't. Once you pick one up buddy those bazaar humans are on your they come right over the you want.

You likely know you like in this game is pretty cool but it's way too much money for me. Oh, how much, how much and so I said I don't know. I do know a little bit about negotiating Bob and here's one of the secrets to share the Christian card at one of the secrets to negotiating is get your number out first will see the cane sellers later had their number out it was hundred and 20 bucks. But when you do come out with a number. You kinda set the tone of where the negotiations are going and realizing that I was in fact talking turkey and turkey. I started low.

Bob really loved SLO. I started boarding. Not even close show I was like well I got $10 and see one of the things about negotiating with a real negotiator. Now if you did that in America the personal get mad, throw there came at your head, breaking over email date that that's part of the get their feelings hurt when you make no but when you're negotiating with a professional negotiator.

No offer will be refused.

I sure you and that they may no offer, and so this is part of the talking turkey with turkeys.

People are nice and they really really are nice people in Turkey so I came out with my $10 and then we went on and on listing went on for the better part of 20 minutes. Bob and I and I was coming up $0.50 of the time. I like well content all know he he came out pretty quick. Like the 50 and then it was dated today. Guess what I bought the cane for I'm guessing with that start) 2720 even I worked hard. I have actually brought they came in today so I could put a picture of Obama. It's a beautiful thing rather year. Surely you actually I don't you know it was one of those things that I was just like wow this is my real because you see if you are selling cars and give experiences Bob yet people come in all the time to make you absolutely ridiculous offer summarize exactly exactly. It happens all the time inseminate.

They give me a hard time and I've been known that as somebody offers you a ridiculously good deal you got a walk around it three times and offer five dollars less sometimes uppity that we use the I've changed a lot through the years and in the businesses change, we used to get the small cars for $25.

You know, when nobody else ran was doing it and the price of metal what and what it is now.

We used to get $25 for the small cars. 35 for the big ones and we were full of cars. We were the only ones in town. Bind old junk like that at that time and that the price of the metal was was significantly less than what it is now in your talking serious turkey where when you're talking about whole cars Oka and Anglin people are salmon in your mind and well.

The question today for you, the listener is. I know you've had this phenomenal story and you have stuff you want to share please call us at 866. We got lines open. We need to hear from you really when did you talk turkey and gobble up huge savings 866348788486634 truth and then at the end of the show on our appraisal by the real black book talking turkey with God if he ever tried balance really Abraham did one time he was talk about Solomon anyway. Last week I really I did have some big questions and I took those to God and he gave me one giant answer and I get to share that come up in our appraisal by the real black book. I am robbing him of the Christian car guy.

One of the cool things we get to do on the show is Jesus's labor of love and we had a miracle this week in Redondo Beach. Bob, I got an email from a lady she was trying to go home to Ohio. She lost her job.

Her car had the check engine light on, we don't have a station carrying or showing Redondo Beach and I was like oh miles. So what am I gonna do with the situation. My lady in Redondo Beach so I immediately sent it out to my Jesus labor letter per team.

We got about seven people on that team.

We loved, by the way, put you on that team. You just have to fill out the volunteer form it's their Jesus labor love anyway I sent to the media let out to my prayer team I said on my knees in prayer for this, and because I got nobody in Redondo Beach California and then not knowing out there for just being 8090% Christian thing, but that I said we need serious prayer. I don't have any idea to go with this. I called the lady to find out what was going on and I'm telling it with a broken heart. She was crying I got out here. My husband's gone and left alone with my son. I'm out of money I lost my job. I just want to go home to my mom in Ohio, but my cars cut it will make it so what was the miracle in Redondo Beach you find out if you'll stay tuned to this next segment of the Christian car guy radio show go out, check out all the Jesus labor lesson Christian Car as well as the thrill of the ride is in the curves. I wrote that article this morning.

It may have to do my phrase about all you so what you're hearing. There is a windup car, which is a significant to the whole story that we can be doing, but the Dukes of Hazard had a windup car set the bar burner concept that you could buy the point of hazard and then you could run through this barn and all the stuff all this is to come clearly as we get to our appraisal by the real black book today, but I want to remember a couple lines from that song straightening the curves flattening the hills.

Just remember that it will come back we'll talk about that later but when I left our hero. We were in Redondo Beach are poor and in this lady. It really it. It made me cry. I was this I was think about is one time I wrote in my life I got stuck out in Los Angeles without a job and out a way back and this is not a good place to be in this poor lady my heart was breaking and I was like to figure out some way to help her because we got nobody to help out there in Redondo Beach so like I said I sent it out to the per team, and then I made extra superduper call, which I call my mother said mom I need to pray for this I mean I need to call in an airstrike Bob that's what I needed an airstrike in the Redondo Beach to see what I can find and then I just googled auto repair shops near the girls address in Redondo Beach and would you believe God is. It's amazing the first. The very first phone call this young lady answered the phone and I said can I speak to the manager and she said on the manager and I said to myself this is good.

This is when you got a single mom.

It's the women managers need auto repair shops have hearts for them. It's wonderful and so I start off like always do.

This is a Christian car guy I know I this crazy request, but we have a single mom out in your area that her cars broke which the check engine light is on and we have a ministry across the country to repair for fat cars for families in crisis.

All you need to do for me. If you wouldn't mind is donate the labor shall pay for any parts. If she needs apart.

But if you'll just give us an amount of labor that you would be willing to donate to this cause.

Most shops donate five or six hours. Whatever the situation is you know what, this is the cool part about this is a part of his blows me away. She says you know the owner and I've been talking about doing something like this, but we had no idea how to do it. How cool is that. I mean it's just like you're kidding. How cool and she said this is exciting really robbing this exciting. I want to call the owner and I'll see if we can help to so open that door for a couple of people to God. God did I maybe we'll put it up for everybody, including the labor love prayer team. I know was extremely encouraged when they got my email back saying that they know that they worked on this lady's car in there getting ready to go to Ohio. They donated five hours of labor to her. I don't have the end of the story yet but I'm hoping that there was some turkey none Ohio this year rather than California, as the case may be that we call that they miracle in Redondo Beach and it blows me away.

I asked her Bob. I said how did you find out about the Jesus labor love you know you're in Redondo Beach and not you know you my shows not playing out there. Did you hear it on the Internet.

Whatever she says you know I googled single mom and car trouble and you came up first.

And I say Jesus to the rescue dog that is exactly that is the stuff man. And that is talking turkey onto were talking turkey today. Actually, I'm a Christian Car Guy show and were asking you, our listeners.

If you have a wonderful testimony like that.

By the way, we always love testimonies.

How did God work in your family this Thanksgiving you would bless us all.

If you have a story like that.

We would love to hear that as well. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH what were talking about right this minute, as were trying to talk turkey what do you do when you want to negotiate on the car and I know a lot of people are uncomfortable with that. They think that people that negotiated like thieves, you know that's how I got my reputation in the car salesman I am today. Bob, which got I got it say about the Thanksgiving blesses there were so many in our family this year. Family reunited and that my stepson motor stepson is in Indiana getting ready to go to Greece or another deployment he's already been direct and getting ready to get to Greece and Egypt skis Egypt where they're going.

That he was going to miss Thanksgiving, but let's try surprise the families gathered around and things we say amen for the Thanksgiving blaze and there. Here he pops up out of the came walking through the handle and my wife just broke down in the we were afraid that he was not going to be there and there. My younger stepson. He had to work that day and without he was going to miss it. To our families traditionally late starting the band that I remember an acrostic where we set the time it wanted.

I believe it was 1:20 way AMI 2:20, when we started the that the you know we know not to chisel anything in stone is going to get married and prepared for a few delays in and but it all just worked out said it. What a wonderful surprise for both of those boys that without were not going to get to make it to the in the event, and in this, what a surprise for him to be there. They had that he'd gotten on a bus and gave him a little time and that he'll be I think by Christmas time.

He'll be across the ocean and in the mile circle bomb blast just to hear it and we would be blessed to hear your story, so please call us 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 true now I don't know about her use part. But if you're walking a car dealership and start saying stuff like I want to talk turkey it will not be very long.

In fact, most car salesman or car salesman 101 training is to learn the phrase buried deep down inside your soul. If I could, which those are the words that cause the customer to commit without committing on my part so you as a customer is a consumer need to be aware of that. I don't I've never met a sales trainer that didn't train on this strategy for car salesman, which is basically if I could get this price where you want it.

Would you buy it today or whatever it is that they're getting use, you do in order to if I could that word you just said it had a came out a map that that today thing I always thought today today today today I got out overnight about what a gem into this right away you know that that today thing always. This is like a red light going off for me, startles me and you know is a salesman I trained and I trained my own salesman I said don't ever say that because in here that and every time you somebody says that that's one of those words. It does throw up a wall. You can very easily say if I can get this car where you wanted it. Would you buy it and not have to say the word today and be just as powerful and the closing are not five teaching salespeople right now in St. never ever ever never say today or now, but it's pretty easy. This is enough I can get. This is the price you want to paint she wanted was to get any. That's actually the words I would train just get it very nonconfrontational words but still as much fun.

We are talking turkey today and we need to talk turkey talk turkey with us because 866-348-7884. Find out about these little boys in the slot card.

I know how many times a day do I forget what God told me about myself because I start believing all the worlds labels with this song is so amazing because the artist named Jason Gray he went and made this video of all these people with their labels. What the world called and then he re-labels him and like I said, go to YouTube watch the video.

Remind me who I am. It will believe you in tears it, it's a significant thing, not to mention godly at me me not to mention Bob we could ask that 100 times a day would make a lot of progress. I had well is so loud that you're talking about this right at this moment that last Friday night as at the North Davidson football game and there were a couple of bad calls made and then powerful explosions that exited my mouth really surprised me and God reminded me who I was because one of my youth from a youth group with. I looked to the side of him looking me right in the eye and at that moment God is that young man to remind me of who I was and I was quite ashamed and you know I used to have some just terrible language all the time at the yard and everything. It was just a part of junkyard life that I had to change that when I knew I was going to be working with you. So I put a rubber band around my arm every time one of those words came out my mouth that I taught myself of that rubber band and then I take it a step further. After the words started coming out when he entered my mind about myself and after about a week. I had a pretty big blister but a lot better language and it was something that I'd really worked hard today and then here. I got caught up in a ballgame and an and a river here and trying to talk turkey with the room if that's what it was a little harsh turkey. There may be some crow in their amazed me how quick God is that young man and an just the look on his face said it out for me and it just tumbled me in and reminded me that I have to keep working on myself and I would screw about that story. Bob was in so many different things region intentionally driving. This is where we went. That young man when he saw you repent when he saw you turn back to God and based on the situation.

There is another learning opportunity for him right there to see somebody become humble when they blow it. I mean, that's something we can even when we blow it we can be Christ in us on our worst day, Bob. We can be Christ by admitting that hey you know that that I just did, including talking turkey in the wrong. What we can we can turn and and and and that's a huge witness that people don't realize that even though I blown it all over the place. How you deal with the fact that you that your sinful because were not better than anybody else. Just because were Christian, what will we have the same situation.

What we have is grace and and and that's one of the neat things I like about that song is when I forgotten what Grace's and how often do I do that and how often do I do that you know is with my own kids. My own family.

But getting back to cars.

We gotta be that Bob talking turkey you know we talked about the if I could, would you the idea that there is and I'm just saying that it's a good idea for you to understand what that person is trying to do. Don't be offended by their trying to do the job they were trying to say if you do this what you do and is very simple. They are getting for you to commit which you don't have to do and they are not being committed so you can start using the F word to the Fort is a very effective word in any negotiations. It's a tremendous word because if is not any commitment on your part. If you give me the scar for half-price.

I might just buy know how committed is that not very, but nonetheless you can use the same tactic and that just simply what they're saying and they're just trying to get a feel for whether or not you're on the right car because of it. If there are good car salesman. They understand that the price of the car is not really going to be that big a deal, because I mean if they discounted it from sticker to invoices probably only $11 or something that so that $1100. Two years from now 10 years now start to be a big deal to be a huge deal is that the right car because that's what that's the only reason I ever ask closing questions as a car salesman was. I was trying to find out where you on the right car is this the car you want. Therein lies the whole issue, do if you buy a car. You don't want then you find yourself trading and think it's really expensive, Bob find a lot of your victims there as you drive off their lot with a new car, you have lost the tremendous amount of value.

So when you're talking turkey. My suggestion would be before I ever begin the process of talking turkey don't commit to anything because you haven't found the car you want. Once you found the car you want, then then like when I found that cane and that was the cane well time to raise cane bomb to get and don't be afraid to walk away. That is one of them best that I found negotiating to is the to walk out that door one hour just be straightforward with the salesman. I really don't like this car.

Maybe you can find a car I like. There's no sense in trying to sell me this car because I don't like this car. I would not buy red car you know whatever the situation is unfortunately so many customers will never tell you why they left they just disappear and the four salesman's left in this world of mystery, when if the customer just said look I don't want a blue and I I want four-wheel-drive and you keep show me to a driver I want a new and you keep put me on a used one or you keep me on the new one about 20 years from whatever the situation is when you're talking turkey here is my turkey tip for the day.

Don't do it unless you want the car, don't do it. There's no sense in it. You try to figure out the salesman could be trusted. I met a lot of reasons why did you not that people wear me out for three hours and tell me they want to car and I don't want. I want to make sure you give me a good deal. What you know my time is not of any use to you whatsoever. I pay these are all things you know from the salesman's point of view. We would love to hear it from a customers point of view, 86634 truth 866-348-7884. Now, moving on to talking turkey with God because that's what promised at the beginning of a shown appraisal by the real black book and this is actually a bit of a long story, get cranking now this is where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. We cry out for discernment, lift up your voice with for understanding.

So if you talk turkey with God you make sure you're on the right car, you know.

Is this something that really you know but anyway, as I mentioned last week, I had some big questions. I took those to God and he gave me one big answer. Well, the name of this segment on the call. The thrill of the ride is in the curves. I like that problem. The thrill of the ride.

If you try to wrap your mind around that one a minute the thrill of the ride is in the curves well. As you may know, Jerry was so kind to do my show last week because I had to speak at a dangerous heart boot camp will almost like clockwork. If I'm going to speak at one of these boot camps I can expect a full scale attack from Satan/life is going to come at me hard and this is exactly what happened two weekends ago right before I got on the air. I start to get a cold. I started feel rotten.

The first issue was that my son Robbie was struggling with some heart issues. I mean, his actual heart and be a young man. It was very very scary for me. He went to the doctor they told me had sort of genetic thing that my father had my grandfather had and now I'm finding out my son had it. This is not making me feel real good is I'm beginning to walk through that concern and then after I get on the air and I go home I just go to bed last two Saturdays ago, before the end I get woke up at two in the morning. It's my other son Leslie is about 34 years old and Leslie is my son by a previous marriage and his mother died about two years ago and he called me very, very, very angry at God and he was like yelling. Why would a God, why would the God you serve, do something like this to my mother to my family let her suffer with schizophrenia for 20 years in the hospital and then she dies and he was in this conversation went on literally until his phone went dead, which I would imagine was about two hours and he was very emotional and of course all I could do was say Leslie I love you my son, I'm proud of you. We will work through this.

I know you don't want to believe in God, it's okay and we can talk about another you know trying to figure out an angle of any angle to try to work some women that I couldn't get there in Sunday. The battle ensued. He start sending me very emotional texts because he still trying to deal with his mother's death will try to do a lot of things and it's hard to do when you don't have the everlasting arms lean on right Bob, can you matching or throwing stuff and you don't have somebody to leave and we don't have it and I don't know talking to them all the years I have. I don't know you know any word to take the pressure off other than than God wants to heal you, but it still went on some Monday I called a couple of my dangerous heart brothers and called in an airstrike I summarily got to be praying for my son Leslie got a pray for me I got a lot going on. I feel sick I got this cold is it's very very difficult and one of those guys works. It talk Clark, whose postmaster journey with us.

He is with foresight, mental health center, so it was very helpful to get some feedback from him and Darren Kuhn is also a mass and journey. Also is a former pastor and he gave me some good advice and we walk through that lunch prayed about it, whatever, and I was just beginning. Bob to get my legs under me. I still felt bad because at the cold but my brothers walking with me.

I was beginning to see how God was working through the Leslie thing. Maybe there some insight when I walk into truth broadcasting, the office manager called me sides of Robbie and me to talk to so she pulls me off she goes. We just got a garnishee meant for your wages for significant amount of money from the state of North Carolina. What what I haven't gotten one notice from the state of North Carolina. How can they just garnish my wages before anybody tells me everything and I've just been talk about those words so I gotta find out what's going on I go running to the phone to call Veterans Day did not open. What else what else can I have to deal with you and I'm still feeling the calls when I get home. Bob, this is really laughable.

There is a stack of mail on my kitchen table.

My wife's at work and there's a stack of tape mail in my kitchen table. It's a foot deep, promising, and on the top of that is a note my wife that I was out walking Harry which is our hairless dog. Another story for another ship and the neighbor brought overall this mail that they been collected had been given to them wrong and they didn't have time to bring it over there is a garnish and that there were all those letters from the North Carolina Department of revenue that it been waiting on me since September, but I just did know, and there what you know so Saul start to make sense and manna. Once again I said I was feel rotten I feel rotten I feel rotten. I'm going to bed since Monday night was to speak Thursday or Friday and I am not feeling good and the lots going on so I woke up again about three in the mornings time. Leslie was in: evidence: goggles: actually I woke up I was kind of thirsty also make some coffee and it better be good on my throat.

I don't have a problem. Caffeine sleeping so I was wondering some coffee and I sit and prohibit so I was really cool prayer chair and bed you have worn this a great big lounge like literature is most comfortable thing in the world for me to sit in and pray. So I got my cup of coffee and went over and sat down my prayer chair I flip open the Bible Isaiah 30 flips open looks at me. It says in your arrest in your waiting is your salvation. I'm like oh man oh man I need that Lord literally just resting near everlasting arms in this armchair, I'm just going to rest right this minute as I was sitting there thing about it. Bob, I recalled an interview I did with this Vietnamese pastor about six months in this Vietnamese pastor. I asked him when he went on the air and said what you know what is it you want our listening audience to hear and he says well I been in prison for the last five years and I want to tell American about that Mike maybe didn't enter as interpreters and get that said you been in prison.

I said when I picture a prison in Vietnam.

I picture Rambo man. He's down in the swamp of the leeches on them and also to go. Yeah, that's pretty much it is and I was in the swamp was 7000 other people.

I said wow how about did they give you clean drinking all know any water anything you had you got out of the swamp and I'm like, man anybody to get something like that.

Jesus gives them some special now when we come back, and tell you what Jesus had given him something. Whatever you go through something like this one. You have a problem with grace over abounds. This pastor got some very special time to share that with you and find out all about this crazy wind of cars. Satan remind me who I am. My name who I am and I heard back from pretty amazing this I'm titling the thrill of the ride is in the curves. This is my praise of the real like your thinking as far as I'm getting their hold on. So when we left our pastor. He was in the swamp for five years. The only watery got to drink the water that was putrefied by 7000 other people and I give you the end of the story before I tell you what God gave them at the end of the story was and why they let him out. He was leaving so many people in the swamp to Christ they had to get but I asked him I said you know whatever God's given me something really unbelievable to try to handle these always given me something very special in the way of over abounding grace. I so wanted to give you and he said he gave me the 91st. He gave me the 91st Psalm over and over and over again in my head and the nights when people were crying out dying at my side.

He gave me the 91st Psalm over and over and over and over again. Now I won't try to read that for you. I'm asking you go check your Bibles out tonight at some point time right now 91st Psalm read that Psalm of the idea that you're standing in the swamp for five years. You can't sit down in the swamp. That means you're standing in the swamp for five years. Just this picture that but anyways I'm enzyme sit there thinking about this pastor and I'm praising God sent God, you are's.

This is just you are the coolest God and all the sudden my little bitty problems with the North Carolina Department of revenue and all that stuff.

I was the only just gotten minuscule and I was like God you've got, but staff man I start praying.

I was sitting in my chair I was praising God as it was in their I went up and I laid down again to go back to sleep and you know you get in that sort of prayer/sleep mode, and I'm in this prayer sleep mode, and God gives me this phenomenal vision. It didn't seem so phenomenal at first because I was like what are you doing, but God was taking this wind up car and he would wind up tight as he could wind wind wind and sounds on like this.

We got a sound effect. I created this here is line see guys one at this car and lets it go over this really cool trash goes down bad so we did that again and I kept on watching wine wine and he would do it again and again. And this happened about six times and I was really ready to just scream God what are you doing slowdown. Slow down so you can take the curves. That's the cool part of the track and all the sudden man. The light came on just like glowing bright. The thrill of the ride is in the current right when God gives you something that you step out in faith and you start walking with God, the one that I promise. But he's got you. He's holding you in the curves see that like that pastor got the 91st Psalm when he was in the swamp.

God gave me a hug when my leg was crushed. I can tell you story after story of whenever I got all the stuff thrown at me. Having him hold you up through it. You see the thrill of the ride is right there when he's holding you up in that curve until it's good stuff, like what I experienced in the fire that day. While place was still on fire and smoke everywhere in they hand me a microphone and that the TV camera my face and and I found nothing but strengthen positive things to say and that was God that was him hold me then and give me exactly what I needed exactly when I needed and so you know the cool thing is you can talk turkey with God that's over time. When you got some serious like I need to know this. It's okay lay down in your prayer chair find yourself up if you don't have one, get one and and and and and begin to spend time with God listening got two ears and one mouth okay God knows all about it.

Believe me, and if you feel like talking. He'll listen but you listen he's got some cool stuff for you, even the thrill of the ride is in the curves so I certainly want to thank you all of you are driving around today for not calling in and using your cell phones while driving. Where would it take you for listed Christian Car Guy. My good friend Bob you guessing at one time well readies the time safety come into the Midway Christmas parade bring canned food items with them. Had another page and 788-9122 get that color pretty all right. Jesus labor (team join us. Remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got 33 years and the thrill of the ride is in the curves.

Talk to turkey with God yourself. This way thank you for listening to Christian Car Guy radio show you're listening to the network and

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