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Driving with God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 5, 2013 12:26 pm

Driving with God

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 5, 2013 12:26 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 1866 34 truth.

That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore Watts are the six requirements to driving with God. I am sure you would agree that in this new year 2013 we could all use some help with that. Will and John Owens know he was the Puritans book communing with the triune God, he gave us a list of six requirements to walk with God. This amazing list.

I feel would be useful to apply to our daily driving. Some would say God is my pilot others might say God is my copilot will rather than argue that let's just what a joy it would be to see how we can use this with them individually to grow in our Christian is a new word for you bill your Christian salty lightness, so I have. I really am. I'm so excited to share these with you.

I'm so excited I can hardly wait. However, the blessing of the show is you and what you have learned from driving with God.

So we need you to share with your fellow pilgrims you know what have you learned driving with God's of the Holy Spirit sing well I have something that I learned driving with God will be bold because 866348788486634 truth, what have you learned what is God been teaching you on how to better drive with God all here to help us out this morning we have our very own Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon village Force salty lightness you get that off the quick cracker package. I wanted to talk a little bit of that umbrella insurance policies.

It the importance of umbrella insurance policies. Why consider umbrella policy. What is an umbrella policy and what happens if you don't have enough insurance and if you get out from underneath the gods umbrella been unique. Unique bills and birth so you can talk about that in this is this week for insurance question. You know, bill of ideas, rate ripoffs question "deductible dilemma adjuster fluster policy predicaments premium pretense call Bill this morning 866-348-7884 also. This is the first Saturday a month which means the Jesus labor of love update Jesus labor love what that is free car repair for single moms and widows.

This the labor not the parts, but across the country to ministry. We do here with a Christian card I show it I have to I just have to pause from it. Say you know I on New Year's Day I went to see the new movie that's out was it's an old movie but it's new Les Miserables Nazi.

I think I may have said that right for the first time in my life. I think it's called Les Miserables and I just have to tell you that for me in. I don't know that I'm over it yet having segment. It's one of those movies that really is a Christian, I have to tell you there is very very strong sexual content is very, very graphic violence. However, I don't know that I have ever seen it, you know, if you asked me Robbie. Should I go see it if you can handle those kind of things absolutely. This may be one of the most powerful movies I've ever seen in my life and one of them.

You might say Robbie was his have to do with Jesus labor love it has everything to do with Jesus labor love because I have never seen a movie that so well showed the contrast between darkness and light. The evil is so unspeakably evil that they describe in a show in this movie that they live out that you see. But then the redemption of John Valjean and how he reaches out in this the point that he makes this phenomenal is that the light of one little bitty birthday candle can't be extinguished by all the darkness in the world all the darkness in the world does not out power the light of a single little birthday candle. Think about it.

If you ever opened up your closet and also in the room filled with darkness know the light overcomes a darkness light is stronger than darkness. And in spite of all the evil in that movie what God does with John Valjean's heart and his love and his redemption. It shines brighter than you can imagine. And that's the point of the Jesus labor.

Love you see there are single moms and widows that are struggling right this very minute and we you know we have the stories every week and in fixing to share those in the second segment of hears these people and their really really struggling in their put in a position where they can make really really hard choices and that movie you can see what happens if they take the wrong choices. But what a wonderful thing that Jesus can come to the rescue and help these folks in their time of need, and I would urge you to go to Christian card. find out about this ministry help us pray for these these single moms and widows or families are in crisis is not just women again were obviously men find themselves there as well, and we may have an opportunity work with so in that whole concept of driving with God in 2013 will bill you look like you want to say so will do a little bit in the jail and one of the things I usually share in the jail and you correctly if all theologically here. I'll say to you if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There no promises. In that book.

This can keep you at a trouble. And if you do have a personal relationship with Christ and you're doing your own thing.

There's no promise to take care of you. There's it promised to accept a repentant heart and allow you to come back again and I talked to him about a mama because it spends all her money to put essay fits around her backyard. She comes that the front door every day insists and I love you please play in the nice safe backyard and one day you get run over by a car is not because mama wanted you run over by the carts, because you know wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong friends doing the wrong thing which has everything to do with the point today to is how can we drive with God actually standards vents under his umbrella and I love what John Owen did. He gave us six principles six basics on how do you walk with God. But we can take these to how you drive with God in the first principle, he shared his agreement agreement as the Puritan teacher instructs the prophet Amos made it simply names 33 Cantu here's a question. Amos asked can two walk together, unless they are agreed. So if you're gonna walk with God.

One of the first things he gotta have is an agreement so what's the agreement that he's talking about and in in one of the agreements, obviously, is that Jesus died for your sins.

This is the agreement. If you can make that agreement and guess what Jesus is living in you and whether you like it or not you're already driving with Jesus. If you don't have that agreement, then you are lost with thanks to Dr. Sonny. I created a new acronym lost which is living and driving out a self-centered thought so if you're in agreement with God that his son died for your sins and guess what, you get to drive with Jesus and all the other five points on this list are possible, but none of these points are possible if you don't have Jesus bill Jesus said in John 1415 if you love me you will do what I've instructed you to do and he repeats himself numerous times, which is supposed to be really important when he repeats himself.

Yet, if we love him with got to do this thing and what the first the first step on that road. Of course, is agreeing with God.

If you're just tuning in for the first time in on what in the world.

Yes, this is the Christian card already show yes I was in the retail automobile business for 35 years, but more importantly I'm your brother in Christ and Christian card I show what we talked about we talk about people don't need to go into debt.

They need to be good stewards of their money and not going to the slavery of that we talk about how to take care your cars. Cars need tender loving care and they need a name like old red is always that you think about all tractors a benign element since the 40s there still running while you think the truth is if you maintain a car last as long as you do in cars need to be safe and driven safely were talking obviously a lot about driving with God today which is a great way to make that happen, but there's other things you can do simple enough like the fence that bills talk about wear your seatbelt. You wouldn't believe the amount engineering that went into that seatbelt that's in your car and they're just trying to protect its estimated that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding since beatings another thing we talk about it and advise against here again this is a live show and today were talking about how have you driven with God. What does that bring to your mind what experience could you share what the Holy Spirit Tonya Seybold call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We would mention a Christian card. all about the Jesus labor love and will be a podcast if you want and what the other five points are, and you gotta go in the Walmart right this minute, or pick up your your son from soccer practice be awfully cold today. Depending on where you live, then guess what you got a Christian card. get the podcast all six points are actually listed there as well as some explanation of what John Owen had in the Bible references as well as hundreds of articles in ways that you could be involved with the Jesus labor love. We want to define.

Is there a Christian card. now as one of the ways that you can support the Jesus labor, love, and we got to kill coming up the second segment to talk about how that works. Think about going to Christian card. and supporting the places that offer the services like bills auto clinic in Winston-Salem and you know if you go there with your paid repairs. Guess what, that gives him an opportunity to help the single moms and widows that is so Satan a lot more Christian card I show I will I live in a share by David never seen lately on the experiences he how his father and how he reconciled that working to play all three segments today, but it illustrates all too well the relationship that we long to have with the father and how Jesus shows us the way to that relationship.

So that's part of driving with God, and that's what were talking about the six requirements that John Owen points out in both walking and driving with God and we done number one, which is agreement working to get to those other six, but first we want to talk about our Jesus labor love update. We got our lead volunteer for killing this good morning Vic how are you I am wonderful you know and I have to tell you, Vic. As I was sitting there watching the misery and the miserable all I was thinking how blessed we are to display some small part.

You know when that single mom in Los Angeles was crying to me on the phone explaining how she had lost her job and lost everything there in Los Angeles and she had no way to get home to her mother for Thanksgiving. She just wanted to get home for Thanksgiving to her mother.

The darkness. Well, it certainly wasn't me, but it is amazing to me that God is come through and I'd love the new trend that were seeing here that get both. You know, I've experienced in the number one were getting a lot of requests from people outside the normal network, but also that the church itself is stepping up and helping these ladies tell the tell our listeners what you experience that there is food on the table and not out a job part time Christian program and so on the situation and I'm on retirement and like take a big cut day when I went to retirement, so not having the money to repair the car provided. I do know what else to do but I looked him and references to be put down after the church where he went to church so I call that pastor and ask him if there was anything that he might be a call into solicited someone in the congregation that you know that I'm about to do something and and so you and me the money and they got the part and everything is okay doing that was using a resource church and you know they can retry that pastor sometimes an amount so and when they really strapped like you been up someplace you look hard enough for any other thing I like you highlight for listings that can, you know this all too well. A lot of our folks that help us with the Jesus labor. Love the folks in Charlotte. The folks in Raleigh folks in Salt Lake City.

Brian settling in desert automotive in Utah. Man, these guys they are really struggling in their business and they need Christians to rally around him and bring your paid staff to know.

Obviously we we appreciate their help, but if if other people would go to Christian card. and see who is providing this free labor for single moms and widows and provide them some work. It would make such a difference when it ran down more than anything.

You and I both know that you don't always get the same story out of every service center to a Christian guy that program you be sure that you would have the real truth coming through. He just got out and stopped at anybody's shop and there's the deal. So as we said you can get a Christian card.

Find out all about the Jesus labor lovely car repair for single moms and widows families in crisis again is a form that they can fill out we send them through Vic, who does a wonderful job of screening applications and then helping these people provide free labor all their Christian card. thanks again for God bless you and keep up the good work Betty, thank one of my favorite people introduced me to my wife by the way, Bill. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that. But yeah, Vic introduced me to my wife years that's how long we've been friends you, but I'm glad he still if I do a lot of people that could say the same thing. We still have is presently then we have to salad shooter we use it to this day. We used to do Christmas but all right we gotta get to number two on the list of the six requirements if you're to be driving with God. What would number to be and were ready for the drumroll please there is number two is acquaintance. Simply put, how can we receive driving suggestions. If we don't know his voice right. John 1027 says my sheep hear my voice.

I know them and they follow me. How cool is that the God of the universe even talks to me when I'm driving and medical bill yet. I think the key is if you not do what it is that he tells you to do.

You don't hear right you willing to follow his instructions for the disabled to make it the years and in your heart when a challenge for me as I've been, how can I determine his voice from all the other voices calling out to me to quote a very cool song. His is the voice of truth and we want to hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth and where we find that oh yes it's in the Bible are pastor at Calvary.

For years Mark Cordes. He gave us this illustration. I'll never forget the ask a little boy to come up from the audience.

One time, and had them put on his suit coat and after 10 on his suit coat. He said now I want you to act like me and I want you to preach like you think that I would preach and after he got done with that little exhibition. He said now many people out there you think that this is me pastor Mark Cordes never had nobody raised their hands because he was just an obvious fraud and he said well the reason that you don't let you know that that's not me. As you know, that's not my voice you know that's not my mannerisms. You know that's not my heart they said so where can you get that information. Well, if you read the Bible you spend time in the word of God. You get used to what is God sound like how does he act, what are his mannerisms and so Rob you tell me in order to drive with God, I've got to read the Bible when the answer to that is absolutely some of the best advice I ever received in my 57 years were from Norman Vincent Beale. He instructed me to get up an hour early every morning to read my Bible and pray for the wisdom to understand where that I became more to discern the voice of truth, I found I could hear it much more when I knew it sounded like number two is acquaintance. Are you acquainted with them. Gotta get better acquainted. We got three more of these know we actually have four more of the six and a whole lot more Christian card.

I am now, so stay tuned and David means that your better or maybe not but anyway that's it's a wonderful song and it's just a picture of how cool is it that we get to sit in her father's chair and what's it really like driving with God. That's what we talked about the six requirements today, but you know this is a live show. We have lines open and the Holy Spirit may be prompting you to say. Robbie, let me tell you about my experience driving with God. We would love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in 866-34-TRUTH for the digitally gifted and also point out that you know if you're wondering what the other three ways are you can't stay at the listed address to show it's all their Christian card. as well as all the Jesus labor love folks that are connected with the program.

All that stuff it Christian card. now moving onto number three what you get is halfway through the six requirements in driving with God. This is really cool and I'm so excited to share it. Number three is gotta have a way. Gotta have a path you gotta have a road and yes if you're driving you need you need a road so how cool is it. It says in Hebrews 1020 by a new and living way which he consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, his flesh, sorry St. Jesus is the idea that it himself in John 14 six Ray said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.

The part of this to Todd Clark, one of the host of masculine dirty radio show another show I work on.

He wakened in me was this is Jesus is the way to where will Jesus is the way to the father.

You see, my father's chair part are you one of my Robbie so well so the road leads to father and if you if you're starting to see that then by George, I think you've got it. Any spirit in an opposite way gets kind of scary. It really is kind of scary.

The way that John Allen put it unforgettably any step that is taken in any way by strength that is not immediately from Christ is a step toward hell me say that again thinking a little bit any step that is taken in any way by strength that is not immediately from Christ is a step toward hell. And if you look at that in another light say you take off on your way to work in your driving along the driver behind you starts tailgating you will personally there is no way in my own strength I can fight that bothering me now. I may not do anything about it but it's good to bother me and the issue is any second that I spend letting it bother me is taking away my peace.

So think about this per second. Help me, Jesus guide me with your Holy Spirit. This is really ticking me off. Lord, give me wisdom to lead me to the father's love. You see, that's the way the way is to the father's love and when he answers that prayer are now headed in the right direction regardless of the circumstances, I don't think for one second that Rob is not a hypocrite because my children all that know me well know, I struggle here but the cool thing about that is that that struggle. I find myself very quickly. Knowing I've got to go to him.

I got no way around the struggle but to go to Jesus which is you got me right where you want me I have to have his wisdom. Jesus is in fact the way to the father and when you if you've ever been.

When you are resting in the father's love as they say on your navigation. You have now reached your destination on your that's it so what's number three it is you gotta have a way you got have a path you gotta have a road but guess what the also in the state of North Carolina. Gotta have insurance so we ever Christian insurance guy probably got have California gotta have it in New Mexico where we are listing today, but one of the neat things. One of the neat insurance policies. I found out about years ago when it does can describe today.

I'm excited that it really does fit into being under God's umbrella didn't along with number four strengthening your financial strength is bolstered by having the proper protection one. One of the types of proper protection for people that have assets is called umbrella policy what's in umbrella policy. It sits on top of your other coverages you other protection that there a lot of people dealing with one 800 numbers for their auto insurance and they don't know what $30,000 worth insurance means. It means next to no protection.

I had a daughter in the hospital for seven months we were at $700,000 worth of medical bills.

Eight. Umbrella sits on top of the amount of protection you have in your auto policy to when you run out of your 300,000 on your auto policy, then you have an additional million why you need that. But if you don't have enough protection in your legally responsible. In most states they can't get your house and they keep get your first car, but an awful lot of people though the majority of the equity they have in their house and the majority of the equity in the car.

It doesn't do you a whole lot of good to be thinking what they can't get that, but they can get lots of other things they can get your tax refund they can get your retirement plan they can get your personal properties they can get your second home.

They can get up to 50% of viewers in your spouse's paycheck.

We had a gentleman, a number years ago, driving down in front of one of our hospitals and he ran over something and when he got out and looked. Whenever a child didn't know what he hit the child. He dashed across the street.

He got the court and in the middle, the court, his insurance company got up and handed $100,000 check to the judge said thank you very much worth through these are all the insurance purchased and left the courtroom where he had to go to a law firm and say this is the situation I need your help. They said would love to help you if we lose you not going to have any things you need to pay a set front with you ever tried to get a line. One of the questions on the loan is are you in the middle of litigation.

There was no way to get the money from the bank so we had to get all his family members and friends and collect the money necessary to pay the attorney with the end of the trial, the judge says you owe us hundreds of thousands of additional dollars pieces will ha ha I don't have it. Pieces will ha ha ha you need to sign this piece of paper that garnishes your wages pieces will want to sign that piece of paper. The judge is what I would want to sign it either but we gonna lock you up in jail for contempt. According to you change your mind, that umbrella is a way to protect you and your family's financial future and in most cases it's not that expensive. It really is something obviously is helpful when you got an agent, a brother in Christ somebody that you can just call like Bill and say and tell me what that involved in my life.

What is it look like etc. etc. well, we are still talking about one of the six requirements for 2013, but there also for 2012. The bear could be for 2019 in driving with God, taken from John Allen's book that he was the Puritan wrote this in the 1680s.

He talked about how you walk with God we've converted that a little bit. The Christian card I way into driving with God and we would love to hear your experience if you driven with God. We love to hear from you got lines open and if the Holy Spirit prompted me got have some boldness, 866-348-7884 so we gotta get to number four and as Bill pointed out, he went a little ahead of us pointed out that number four is strength, but in the case of the Christian card. I it's horsepower. You know when you talk about cars you're talking horsepower if you want to go anywhere. You gotta have horsepower right will hear again. This leaves me right where God wants me understanding my powerlessness. Romans 56. You see, at just the right time you were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. In John 15 five I am the vine, you are the branches. If any man remains in me and I'm in him, he will bear much fruit, but apart from me you know what you can do Bill.

Absolutely nothing your powerless, so the more I ponder the point more understand driving without God is pointless is, like 01 Robbie power Gilmore mobile get this one Robbie power Gilmore mobile versus strapping myself to a zillion billion horsepower supersonic Royal mega coach. Philippians 413 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so with this kind of horsepower right. The enemy is. Gotta give. Gotta get off the road. He can't share the road with Jesus, now think about it so when you're driving with God. You have this phenomenal amount of horsepower now that you may not think to be all that necessary because you don't usually pass and I know you don't speed, not constant, but in order to make all that work, you're gonna need some of number five and number five. We talk about why you should call him because number five is boldness was an interesting one. When I looked at John Owens boldness really so I look at the definition of old boldness.

You know what the definition of boldness is the Kindle quick definition is showing the ability to take risks. While any relationship is risky, but a relationship with God. You could be a crispy critter in the millisecond.

Just ask Aaron's sons made ab and a B who I mean they would tell you you and offer the incense the wrong way and your proof your toast. So a relationship with God could be a risky business. And I like to wait till you put it at the break, how did you say your son always listens you perfectly added semi-since hearing is much better when I'm telling him exactly what he wants to hear the good news here again.

And Jesus is willing to provide the needed ingredient Ephesians 311 through 13. According to his eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus. In him we have boldness and access with confidence by faith of him. Therefore I ask you not to lose heart and all my tribulations for you and get me love which is your glory. Many many times I've lacked boldness to do what God is asked me to do. Now how does that work out when you're driving right that person you know they need in you see him there there trying to get in and does it take boldness to put everybody behind you upset does it take boldness to drive the speed limit sometimes in everybody's flying by you in your late for an appointment is at take boldness to settle risky well guess what all those things when it comes to boldness just like the reason why you may not be calling a shelter should share your story right now. It has to do with fear has to do with fear.

But I love my favorite verses in the Bible is first John 418 there is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear.

As you let that sink in your soul somewhere perfect love drives out fear.

I mean, if God is for you can be against you if use it perfectly loves you and he is telling you to do something. Is there any reason you should be afraid, probably to you can call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but fear right the one who fears not made perfect in love.

Boldness, risk-taking brings our heart alive. I'm telling you I did, I did a show this week on just risk-taking with the mask and turning folks and we talked about that. If you're not taking risks.

Essentially, urine slavery you've given up your life you said. I'm afraid I am in an Internet movie let Ms. Rebello remove all sit right at some Les Miserables you watch during the revolution seen. Everybody said there can help those guys out but they all hid in their houses and they close their shades as the people were being shot in the street, will folks, I'm telling you what you understand it or not. Satan is shooting people in the street today in your neighborhood and God is telling you with your boldness to share what he's doing in your life, but it takes it's risky to state you know Jesus really helped me out with this it's it's risky to do these kind of things.

It takes boldness, but where can you get that way all you ran out of it yourself Jesus to the rescue Jesus to the rescue. Don't hide in your house with the shades shot. That's the thing that I know and I watch that movie Bill I could not get over how could these people watch these other people just when they told American help him and then they stood alone but how often do you Christian standalone. You don't ever standalone.

We got some wonderful folks coming up on the net shed. Everybody is in a shelter in Los Angeles and Kelvin Albuquerque like what makes a well if you're on the Truth Network you get to hear Robbie's hobbies and these folks are standing in the gap for the people, but you know Wiebe, but right here and now people out there driving. Guess what you got a chance to be bold with your witness for Christ and and and and there's ways to do that while you're driving.

One wonderful ways to get into the jail ministry in your local area.

Don't drive in the driving jailbait you know if there are lots of ways to be bold for Jesus were driving or walking with Jesus. We want to hear from you babe. I'll call us at 866-348-7884 we got so much Christian show, is that we got number six and we have saved the best for last, as well as the last verse of my father's chair by David Mason so you got sounds inviting all of gotta accept what he did on the cross and we can variance my father's chair and we could be driving with God about the six requirements John Owen pointed out the Puritan in our walk with God.

We can do that while were driving with God and I've asked you did calling with your eye with your stories with your situation. Driving with God, and I ask you to be bold and Eva's been bold in Ames Iowa and I'm so thankful he called in and year on the Christian car and what if you got force of 57 two. I will cry to God will to God who accomplishes all things for me: 57 to several years ago I was totally Mike Vega the date somebody behind the Winnebago.

I worked for Winnebago delivery motorhome and I was coming from Iowa and Illinois and going to the great weather.

The light snow started and it was slippery and the next thing the figure was fishtailing all over the place and I will try to God most high God, who accomplishes all things for me and I just read that my quiet time that morning while in and got to write it thing going up the hill they could fiddle right behind motorhome and work on her way to court the heart with jumping all over the place. You know I do know I know that feeling all too well. Interestingly, I have I have a very similar story. I was moving from Colorado to North Carolina and I was telling my wife's car and we are coming down the mountain and I needed to get in the lower gear and it wouldn't go in and so you start speeding down the mountain in the ice. There was about a foot of snow and I couldn't get it in the first year to slow down and I remember very similar heart wrenching moment where I thought it was to be me. My wife and son over the side button to God comes through.

It's an amazing thing driving with God. How cool. Thank you. Have a numbered floor because by one number and I thought you said for.

I got it right. Maybe slow down when you give that number that's great advice. Join your program is Catholic.

I love it. Thank you meet God bless you. All right. Well I gotta get to number six.

You've waited for the whole show to find out what the world would number 6B and I said it was the best for last. So here we go with drumroll number six is right was somebody right. You gotta share the same destination. No sense riding with someone right lest they want to know where you're going.

And this may be the coolest part of riding with God. The destination destination defies your wildest imagination. I promise. It's the ultimate yes if you look at second Corinthians 120. It says, for in him every one of God's promises is a yes for this reason, it is through him that we say amen to the glory of God. This was so cool, Owen pointed this out that the destination if you're walking with God is God's glory. Take a breath and think about that God's glory can lead to stuff like raising folks from the dead know when Jesus did that it leads to all sorts of amazing stuff that you can glorify God, I mean just ask Aziz ease, but you can ask, Ezekiel did you know that he would tell your God has a great set of wheels driving with God. We're going to see things feel things experience things that the rich, famous and powerful marketing months will marvel at a delicate meadow was at Billy Bob driving down the road with the big well yeah you right with God. Folks can't help but notice thinking it was the Christian card I show remember slow down especially when you say one 800 slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and the thrill of the ride is in the curve anything walk with God driving with God in 2013. Thank you all for listening. Thank you for calling in and will be back next week. You're listening to the

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