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Habitual Grace

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 26, 2013 2:18 pm

Habitual Grace

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show. The cop showed dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 87884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore. What do you consider your own personal bad driving habit. Yeah, it's pretty easy to see other people's bad driving habits but what would you consider your own personal bad driving habit.

Yes, we may be meddling today but you can be honest with yourself and with us.

We not only want to know. By the way, we just we want to know what your worst habit is, but we also want to know what your best habit is what one you think wow this is this is something that really has helped me it's a habit that I've done. It's it may have saved my bacon. At one point in time, but also what you struggle with.

Can you be honest. Is there something you struggle with your trouble speeding you struggle with tailgating you because that's what were doing today we're looking at these habits, 866-348-7884's number to call in 86634 truth and here to help us out this morning. I actually have two men without one single bad driving habit between them are very unchristian junkyard guy Bob from one of my new Polidoro Christian racecar driver Clint Thomas Woodyard 12 race team welcome guys great to be here rather have you been following me around and today I'm a little nervous in here for like I'm being grilled might run into a mirror. Never forget the time we had Clint on talking about Christmas parking. You know how to get around and park in the Christmas parking lot that was a famous Christian car guy moment I have it recorded and used it as a highlight remembered Bob but he was talking about how he always parked clear away from you know and then when the moment struck.

It was little different asking you today bring it out in the light.

What is it that you struggle with like for me. Just this week here.

I was had to take my daughter to school.

I pulled on the street right by my house were always guilders the stoplight and there is a very timid older lady who apparently didn't understand how the metal detectors were kind of the light things and she was she didn't want to pull up in the intersection because he's afraid of people turned and left my dinner since she was about 30 feet back from the end of the intersection because she was parked there because she would stop there. Would like there was the metal detectors did know there was a car there so the light just went on and on and on and on. I was trying to figure out a nice way to get her attention, and I've kept on easing up closer to her like you gotta move up a little bit now and then all the people behind me started honking and this went on you on the bumper robbing. We know what I did. I have to be honest, I was really struggling Road rage was coming out of the Christian car guy. What do I do to get her attention. Without you I didn't bumper the class, and eventually I guess everybody got her attention. But it really took for five minutes for her to move on up to where the metal detectors knew she was there and the light changed and life was good.

So how about you, we know you got that thing you struggle with 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH got a couple neat opportunities and talk to you about today. I Woodyard 12 race team that Clint Scott and Bob of course always has his colorful commentary, but coming at the end of the show praised by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for the sermon, lift up your voice for understanding, did you know that driving habits tend to be a graphic illustration of our personal habit was this is sort of a mouthful or personal habit of habitual grace. That's sort of a mouthful in the question I learned asked myself this week as I am.

Am I in the habit of habitual grace while I've been telling you all up and read this book by the Puritan John Owen called communing with the triune God and he goes into a lot of detail about purchased grace and he goes into a lot of detail about habitual grace and just in my complete doctrinal ignorance.

Bob, I'm thinking habitual grace is like those good habits that you have your like you get up early, read the Bible you prayer time know this is gotta be habitual grace right because you do it habitually and I'm I'm really enjoying this in understanding and I think you know about in and on and some people have more habitual grace and others in John Owen is gone and all these details and also that hit me that habitual grace is not habitual look like I'm thinking of it.

It's habitual from a standpoint of inhabiting grace like the Holy Spirit comes and inhabits you and with that you get habitual grace. Now there's a lot to that organ dive deep on this how deep maybe 500 feet.

I think were going to go this were going deep on habitual grace. You may never heard that term but were going there today.

I learned a lot and I want to assure that that's coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book Clint. You look like you had a habitual look on your face like what my world is like a ball: that was a submarine that we are diving is working to going to habitual grace on Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy 35 years the retail automobile build business but more importantly, a brother in Christ and the Christian car guy show is change the way people look at their cars. They need to be paid for no debt watching people to go on the slavery of debt over the years is a lot of what made me start the show and pars need tender loving care. You need to take care of him and in doing so guess what you be able to keep him and not train them every so often and if you think about those old tractors you see out in the in the fields they been sitting there since the 40s what he think they're still running well truth is if you maintain a car and last as long as you do and what were talking about today is driving safely right. What are those habits that show whether or not you're inhabited and I got a list that would probably last the whole show that the bad habit I'm better in a lot of areas just from being a part of the shed speeding you really got a hold of me about that and and it's just so many things that just being a part of the shows help me with and help me develop better better habits and everything like when I'm in a parking lot. If I'm like driving at the mall or shopping center after someone else put in. They want to cross rent on the very first one this is one of the good ones I can come up with.

I want the very first people I mean, they can be a long line of traffic behind me, but I will stop and let those people walk across. But if someone is in their car like leave and from a Panthers game or something like that where people try they want to merge at the end of March oh I'm a bumper hugger. I will just there's not room to walk between my car in the. The one in front of me mess. Let's get a vehicle in there and and my wife will attest to the validity of that statement.

I just really am having issues there paycheck extends a little bit of work is like Kyle Busch. If you zero if you call is 866-348-7884. Therefore, talk about how about those habits you and it is interesting that here it comes. You know it isn't in there. They're going to try to merge on the here there, but in and what I gotta do to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 which by the way, if you go to Christian car

There we posted some pretty interesting pictures of bad habits and they did a survey in Canada which is I found fascinating.

They've surveyed actually 18,750,000 people and all of those people that must've been a gigantic surveyed, 39% of these people admitted that they ate food while they were driving guilty, guilty, guilty 36% of the people admitted to driving faster than the posted speed limit guilty not as guilty as I got getting better I'm getting better every time I think about that you'll savings you talk about some of the 90 think I'm actually innocent. I'm working to get into that whole spirit that where we talk about habitual grace because it really helps to understand some of these and 18% admitted to using their cell phones while driving guilty okay. Not as guilty as I was before Robbie got out of 11%. This is shockingly low. 11% admit to having road rage. Now I'm guilty there. I don't have it, you know like I go to try to run people here really late here fixing the Buffalo light on and I have just about any recorded testimony on that umbrella. Come on now, I know you've got some testimony yourself. Don't let me say that there is an 866-348-7884. We need to hear from you. Guess what, here's the part that really started me working to give you a few more statistics. 19% of these Canadian said they had no bad driving have halos there… How about you, maybe one of those that have no bad driving habits. We hear from you. 866-348-7884 without so much more on this habit thing to the that's exactly how I was feeling. She was there like me behind the life nowhere to go. You know you want to have that thing in the father's love habitual driving habits. What are your best.

What are your worst, you got to get about polite folks. You gotta be able to admit you know I really do struggle is 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and you know what Bob these Canadians even admitted to a couple fairly despicable like 2% of the Canadians admitted that they parked in the handicap parking place now there's things I just wouldn't do that that's that's extremely think I have done it at the yard just now we have the handicap spaces right there at the front door. I parked there, just long enough to unload a vehicle that my dad used to you know he would've just absolutely tick me off face of the earth at that he's aggravating that late life he had trouble with his hip and everything and that's the people that really didn't have a problem.

Parking in the spaces. He made it quite vocal and it sunk in with me and I myself used to be in a wheelchair for couple years so II understand the struggle that people have that you know you're looking for a spot in their extrawide because the ramps that come out and that there's a whole reason that those places are that why there's a reason that that that they're there for folks that are in that situation you know it's really important that they do that but we want to hear from you this morning. What is it that you feel like is a good because a good habits are the ones that really help us to one of the best driving habits to keep you from speeding or to help you with that.

Anyway, is it happens before even getting a car.

It's leaving a little early that can you know I used to just squeak that late did you come to your show how many times about him sliding the parking lot you and and I just leave a little early. You know it's so simple. And then you don't have to drive like a maniac and if you miss one red light. If not, or if there's a little lady sitting there.

It just got you more time all the way around and and it does relieve the stress and if you relate to the very last second lead. You are setting yourself up for a stressful red rage, and I but since since your your your come after me, Bob, this is my chance.

No, seriously, the merger thing that used to be that fact when I used to do these pet peeves shows I have people calling their pet peeves. That's the one that just really frightening, especially you know the one where there's road construction only 10 miles down the road and everybody's in the right lane and then here come these jokers in the left lane and are you finally get up after hours of right lane and all these people come up that just been showed up in there and then merging like that and it it's enough to drive you absolutely cry called Marvin the merger. Have you ever pulled over into the other lane. I love to see it when the big trucks get over there and all that and then you know their way out and I can write the I think that's just this you know you do that with the radar.

Well, not with a rice writable with gastric hats.

Anyway, just a patient's thing I did show one time and it cured me from that and I'm hoping it'll cure you. I calling say is it just blew open up my eyes to a whole new thing and according I had like Dr. driving on one time and he was real good out of Hawaii but had another guy who designed the method first for undoing all traffic jams and what he said was a night I found this to be true that the people in the left lane really really want to get over. But because nobody will give them any space they get more and more angry as they are moving up in the left side right or the right, depending on which side of the free late moving line.

He said if everybody would allow four or five car lengths between them and the car in front of them, you would find all these people would merge and that it would, in effect, straighten out the traffic jam way ahead of time and if you're the guy that leaves that you continually leave that than you like fix the problem single-handedly and he had a YouTube video that he did that and that's if you go to Christian and Simi archive somewhere. So I said to myself I got to try this out rather than get just totally frustrated and end up in road rage, that 11%, I wanted to see if this actually worked, and it does Bob if you will leave when you see that situation here comes you been waiting for it and you been on the Christian Carter. So now you know when you see that situation here comes road construction 4 miles ahead and everybody's lineup in the right lane and you get the right lane just leave 56 car lengths make it wide and you'll be shocked at how many people die right out in front of you and just keep the distance because you can have a whole lot of people come in, but the next thing you'll notice is guess what the traffic is moving ahead of you because all these other jokers are not going up there trying to beat everybody to get in your seat when they get up there and they can't get in and everybody stops to let those people in.

But if you're the one that's back and you little man. It works Bob, I'm telling you to sit there and you went wow a Christlike attitude in this situation the last will be first in the first will be last on the site. I learned that and I chatted at the youth group will we get we have snacks up or after our meetings every Sunday and yes some of the younger ones that don't know Bob's policies yet they are Russian read it back to the front line. Okay first three or four go the back and then no tab.

Nobody wants to be upfront and if maybe this you know moseyed up there that's all right, but if they run to the front. Okay first three in the front of the back with a learned seven today and it had a real positive effect is just amazing what this gives them come away with that with what Dr. driving taught in that situation. I never have forgotten, or if you have the two different people had on the show at two different times with the Dr. driving I said if you look at driving is a team sport rather is a competition now that I don't want to do at Clint when you're on the racetrack. That's different that's different. But when you're driving normally you're driving is a team sport and that if somebody like Mike lady that was down there waiting to pull up the you're supposed to look at Matt like they missed the block, you know there on your team and when your teammate member is where I we had a video of Claude's face that you kids look like. But seriously, when you got a person that pulled over in front of you. Whatever the situation was. They missed a block in there on your team so you gotta cut them some grace somewhat grace right because it and you don't have to meet this two days after the low lady you want to be your teammate know this is true, what happened was I met another stoplight and for whatever reason, the light turns green and I'm in the left turn lane and there's a school bus coming the other direction and I told right straight in front of the school bus and you know what the lady did not her horn. She showed me grace.

She had a look on her face like you just missed your and I felt so bad like look with this lady's done for me and I'm not sure on price and what it was you to do with this official grace really talk about that. We know you got when you call us at 866-348-7884 Bob it's like they were watching me but I don't know when I pick the music this morning. It just seemed to just fit with what we are talking about network talk about what our your worst and best driving habits. What you struggle with one of the things that you feel like really would be good that you'd like to help other people with you, call us with yours. 8668663487884 is a number to call in. I know there's some that you got that United and and I've if you go to Christian

By the way, I got more stuff you're not just the Canadians. Consider some American stuff here like if you ever heard of turtle racers, Clint, are you familiar with those have missed that. That's people that drive 30 miles an hour slower than the rest of the traffic.

Those are all turtle racers and space invaders. Those are people change lanes without indicating the turn signal all yeah and how about the gap.

Snatchers, those are people who accelerate just to stop you from changing lanes Bob with happy you are. Your gaps match.

I have been guilty in the past, but let us say you have hit me mature into a much safer driver. Here's an interesting one. There calm them. The Morris coders. Now these are the folks that drive with her signals on like they're going to turn but they may never do and there there like sending code out there and get you to buy the waypoint onto nowhere. That's a nice thing about railcars is there's no interview that they change lanes without any indication whatsoever.

That's right soon if you guys, I gave some indicators that would but anyway along those lines. We do want to talk about your race team, which, if you go to Christian Car there's a big beautiful picture of Clint Thompson is racecar ER are 12 ministries. Can you listen to Christian Carrico long time.

They may not be familiar with your race team, but can you can't explain it was our 12 – or a race ministry that goes out in competes against the other competitors and that is a way for us to take our car number. This is our 12, and people start asking questions. What is our 12 initial Romans 12 do not be conformed to the patterns of this world but be transformed and we try to take the us to the workers, the competitors and with the competitors. What makes the real competition is when you get run into you run into somebody else's. How you react to. You get all out for upper and we have a lot of grace brought to us by the gifts given us and we try to bring those to the other racers and to so many people to volunteer to help us be able to perform at the track to go and you need volunteers this year so you like racing and you're in the North Carolina area. This could be an opportunity for you to take part in raising were looking at for events to Everett Charlotte and two races. They are road racing on the big oval through the infield along with two other events. If you have prior racecar experience mechanically experience or just ministry experience.

We do things with the other race teams will try to go out and talk and do a little bit of testimony and witness to the human looking something between four and 10 volunteers work with the rather yes we do, were trying to work with a couple local groups that they're trying to do some mentoring in some other avenues will try to get the into the racetrack and we do need support with those to be able to show them the things he goes on and try to show the love of Christ that you can take so many gifts and working in so many different areas of the young people's always been near and dear to me and when I found that you were doing that.

It made it that much more special for me, all you now by his coarser Christian junkyard guy from one of nine you pull it in. From what I understand you, you have an Bob every year since last for five years has had a Super Bowl commercial because Bob has a tremendous singing voice. I don't know if you if you never heard it, and live in the Winston-Salem area. I guarantee you've heard it, but you know I'm on so we got to get Bob to sing because otherwise people don't know that Bob is raising singing voice, grab only started this… On such a small level.

We never thought we would need the area code within there anything so it's 788-9122 will come get that car for you ain't at a party's own brother Saturday bird and his world-famous now for that and now this year.

As always, he's got the Super Bowl commercial and I understand that you you you you may have crossed the line. I can give away all the secrets it's usually a it's been a lot of pressure last week and I was just really going nuts because you know we seem to have raised the level of the commercial and the silliness and or that and but last year we had a pretty serious message that you know because it was our first we just got make it back into the new building and it was it had a serious side to it and then write the end, when all the guys were singing behind me and everything and they gave it his little pop the little funny and all that and that we debuted our new building on their that the this year may have gone just a little too far. I just couldn't quite figure out how is going to give the same message. The little pizzazz that it needed I think I got it but some people will probably, the county for this time. While I personally am very anxious to see you in one year you had the whole message about going to church on the soup will be reverently clear and we had that the website that your that's some cool stuff for your you're probably thinking Robbie where you headed, with all his habits, you got good driving habits, you got bad driving habits went in the world you talk about will all as I mentioned the beginning you show it all focus around this appraisal by the real Blackfoot for doing this week which is now driving habits tend to be a graphic illustrator of our personal habit of habitual grace and and what Clint was talking about is a racecar driver that's got to be a challenge because I'm sure that Clint you're very competitive olio so when you get in that mode of the weekend, you really have to do when you're trying to do the ministry your issues, but so real spiritual battle trying to move back and forth between the two, and I would think. And so it would when you bomb that's been a big struggle in all my life. I am so competitive. If I am playing you at tiddlywinks. But I will beat you bad and that when we play the catchphrase in the neighborhood there with the neighbors. You know I have to really get a hold of myself to reign in my competitive nature because I was raised to win win win win win and you got to remember that driving is not a competition out there. You know it's a team sport remember Dr. driving that I was looking at the other to so anyway what is this habitual grace that was, as I mentioned in the beginning you show it sent me down a path that I was all confused because when it said when John Owen is a Puritan he was talking about habitual grace. I thought he was talking about stuff that you did habitually like you know Daniel was in the habit of praying three times a day or you know you tither you go to church. You have these habits and so I figured habitual gray so I got that figured out you know those are the your good habits. Well, as I started to really think about that. I also know that it occurred to me that perhaps that's not what he's talking about so I decided to go the Google the word habitual grace and come to find out that it's a doctrine that was pretty much let go of by the bucket. The pen are not the Pentecost will be the Protestant church the Protestant faith and was held onto by the Catholic faith. Even though this was a Puritan that was describing. And so the Catholics will tell you all about that that habitual grace is is is is the inhabiting the clothing of the Holy Spirit.

And so when their nuns were a habit there there indicating you see this habitual grace in the end it's kind of a cool thing when you think about it because when we get to heaven when we get Clint we get these new white clothes right and so in a way that's your habit.

I'm just saying you don't get a hat like the flying on Bobby to get you get a so how do you put on that what white wrote down here habitually. That's the and and so when you realize that that's actually part of the sanctification is what John Owen was talking about this habitual grace is Jesus prayed that the father would send the comforter and here he comes to begin the sanctification process now how do I do that while the challenge is John Owen points out is that we have a tendency to want to do all that stuff in her own flesh. Even if there those habitual things like I gotta get up early this morning because I gotta read the Bible, all I gotta make it to church all I got to go beyond the Christian car – I've got to do all the stuff in my own strength but clearly clearly in John 15 five Jesus said it don't work like that. He says I am the vine, you are the branches.

If a man remains in me and I'm him, he will bear much fruit.

Here comes the tough part apart from me you can do nothing. Did you hear that, like when you're driving with trying to have a good habit. Apart from me you can do nothing in therein is both a challenge and the opportunity that can you find yourself there. Bob, as I was really thinking about this habitual grace. It is something that we can in fact asked Jesus for help with.

That's what is therefore no I need grace is what I really need. I need grace for the lady sitting there. I need grace for the guy driving the merger. I need grace right Bob, I think how many GR little extra grace required with a picture of grace. You know when you go to the cross. You see it there and you realize.

And in that you know the thing you can't get over is that these people that were hurling the insults these people that were spitting these people that were hitting him. These people that were doing all that stuff. Those were the very ones that he was dying for.

He was literally dying for those people and I really think that Satan was using that against him. Satan was inspired and I was trying to fire up the people around the cross because they want Jesus.

What Satan was hoping is that those people would convince Jesus to get off that cross. Why would you save these people that are hurling these insults. Why would you save these people, you know, why would you step on the cross for these lonely people, but in a way think about the patient city had patient city had to look out after us to know what he had to follow through. Had to be quick to listen and slow to speak, just like in James or if you're sitting there in a row break situation. If you know those are the very people the most difficult ones to love the most difficult ones to get over are the ones where you gotta have grace and there is no way I can do that in my own strength apart from me. I can do nothing and that would be Jesus apart from me. I can do nothing.

So if we take this over to driving right driving is a team sport and how can we actually do that now we we we talked all about these Batna. What are some of the cool habits really Clint that you can think of that really would indicate grace biggest one for me that was to give me patience was a choice to slow down 5 mph where I drove.

I just slow down 5 mph and it allowed me to have grace to others to have patience with myself and I think my time was so valuable and ages.

Help me to be able to listen to others just in a normal conversation and I think I had to get my two bit seeing because they were more important. So when you said you went 5 miles an hour slower. I'm just curious, does that mean that you're not going 5 miles an hour under the speed limit. I assume no no I was nine over so now I'm for over so you just just 4 miles an hour over is making progress as it one step at a time.

It's progress. Now here's an interesting thing that's amazing that she's nine days because that used to be my read and nine over he will write me a ticket that got me what TAA might blink the lights.

It if you think about the spirit with which you drive and in fact Mike Westwood, who I thought was coming on with heat. He tells me his wife will be driving long speeding your start menu and sugarcoat what would Robbie say if he were sitting here with you driving right now but draft a team sport where NC but see what I'm saying is if Jesus gives you something when you share that with other people.

Guess what, they begin to get that spirit from you and their share in the Holy Spirit. You see what I'm saying and and all the sudden you're driving in that spirit, and in the way you put not have it brought on the same thinking habit a whole new way to never have before. So stages to hear from you. We know you got it driving with spirits, that is the concept for you in the habit of driving with Holy Spirit as were talking about today. What are your good habits. What are your dad, it's easy to spot them in others.

What do you see in your own driving that you struggle with.

We'd love to hear from you.

86634 truth 866-348-7884 and at least what you know we've got. My mom is going to probably tell me more of my good morning mom in Tennessee. How are you it's getting there with now it's still pretty still pretty slick out there for us did it last night about habit gray made me think of your grandmother, you probably don't remember ever driving with her, but I do and it would cut her off or failed in their life or you know where whatever she would probably having a bad day or speak say maybe they got up on the wrong side of bed and she would not have road rage. She was the, driver, and to my knowledge, he never had an Robbie Ms. that Jean my father did to him to say that is really cool and she was such a godly lady and that I'm really glad to hear that. And what a great way to be because they probably are having a bad day, they probably are struggling. As you know, we know how much we are that that's a great word mom I grace habitually.

Thank you mom.

God bless you. Appreciate that so much about. It was interesting on Facebook. You know I posted this on other people looking for other people's bad habits easy as it does.

Somebody said they saw driver flossing her teeth. I didn't know anyone was looking then there somebody else that they saw somebody shaving. Maybe you seen that distract using people shaving it with electric razor going. Oh, I don't know why I just picture them laughing my read the newspaper blog, obtaining their fingernails. And you know about all that distracted driving stuff. It can all happen, but you know what's the way that that you you look at that is is in your dream team driving Clint.

Are you trying to practice habitual grace. You look over and there's this guy flossing his teeth. And you think of man. I bet he's got bad gum disease is really struggling may not be able to afford the periodontal bills. You know how you have the one-handed flossing that could be the ticket it be that the source shaking his ski ball going well. Her own world thing everything in his it's interesting my grandmother's grace.

My mother remembers that she can remember that spirit and I bet you know somebody in your life that has that spirit that always is showing other people grace and would it be cooler Sunday somebody say man. I remember your all who Clint when he was riding was somebody there would not be a great way to be remembered and you know it starts today.

I mean, what happened yesterday with the lady at the light, you know that's what happened yesterday, but it said weird for me. My wife is the kindest gentlest person around that she is a little different. You know well are you going in today's a new day and we can practice habitual grace and what a place to observe it is is behind the wheel so I certainly want to thank you. Remember, if you want to volunteer for the R 12 ministry go to Christian Car click on Clint picture and then there's a contact but we just email Clint tell him you want to be involved in that course, all about, 109 you posed there and you know some really cool pictures podcast if you get to hear the beginning. Michelle you want to hear or more beneficial grace Christian Car

Remember the Jesus labor love right. We got some exciting news happen. Morgan announced next week on the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms lives across the country and we got 20 opportunities there if you feel like volunteer so what I always say, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33 years Bob and I guess what you say.

My guess is it a habit this week of habitual grace listening to the network and

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