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Sign Language

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 16, 2013 1:39 pm

Sign Language

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 16, 2013 1:39 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the bluebook knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Coast Guard guy with your questions.

18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore today on the Christian Car Guy show we are talking sign language. Now that sounds little unusual because not too many people talk, sign language, but that's just doing on the radio people anyway. Signs some tell you something dangerous is around the next bend in some are really quite funny. Like I saw a billboard for septic tank service in Ann Arbor Michigan last year and it read like Michael brothers. We are number one in the number two business or about some of those funny church signs. This is you know if you think church thinks we have appeal for you. I don't know what of you seen that is tickled your funnybone. We love to hear from you today on the Christian Car Guy show. I guess Edward talking sign language and a lot of different forms but would love to hear from your assignment just jump right out at you and that you want to call in 866348788486634 truth and of course, some signs are a warning of impending comparable broke down on the side of the road is a scary scenario. We don't want that to happen to you so what are some of the signs that your car might be showing you that you could have some impending car trouble. We are going talk about that today as well in here to share in that and help us out is our very own little one and only Christian junkyard guy from 109 you pull it welcome Bob, good morning brother great to be here today. Pretty exciting day to be here a lot of things going on own little weather outside just a great day to be here with you I you be interested in one of some of those things that we can keep you from being broke down, but other signs amazing. It amazes me that anyone could carry some of the signs, especially children.

Angels at war. I think you're gonna be astonished that's the name of a documentary coming out Angels at war and I think you can be astonished at the story of courage that these young children to have and we have Jessica LaRusso here whether she's filming this documentary Angels at war good morning Jessica yeah out very on will Robbie was still the me a little bit about what you had Glenallen in this just sounds really, really, really amazing what you're doing and I have a lot of questions in the just really looking forward to this so you know that. Would you be willing to stand there with a sign that could topically cost your life. That's the question that were in a look at now so we can hear from just con that and then you know since were talking sign language Out of their appraisal by the real black book that's coming at the end of the show. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crap for discernment, lift up her voice for understanding one of the signs that can help us when it comes to the Holy Spirit for those who glisten in the past few weeks.

I know I been, you know, I've been studying the Puritan classic meeting with the triune God by John Owen in the final chapters of the book he devotes to communing with the Holy Spirit and interestingly he backs into communing with the Holy Spirit. By doing the opposite of grieving and quenching.

So how did this Puritan view the signs of grieving and quenching, and I get to share that coming up in the show in our appraisal by the real black book. I am Robbie Gilmore, the Christian Car Guy 35 years the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ, Christian Carnation was changing the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for no debt watching people buy cars for 35 years going into the slavery of debt is a heartbreaker. Cars need tender loving care they need a name like old red UCL tractors out there and run and then since the 1940s. What you think.

Well truth is if you take care of a car last as long as you do.

And cars need to be driven safely. You need to wear your seatbelts. It's amazing how many is like 80% of the fatalities last year were from people not wearing her seatbelt and don't speed if you're following Jesus. In other words, if he was driving in the car ahead of you and I would you be blonde by its estimated Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week from speeding and again I've always say, you know, it just isn't here we have an oil crisis in the country. We have a sin crisis and that crisis is speeding. We talk about that but today's show were talking sign language. Not many people can talk sign language but liquor to guard. I felt working to give it a try. What was that funny sign that you saw this, of course were looking forward to hearing from Jessica about the signs. These young people are holding down in Mexico. In one of the signs a car trouble are all coming at us today you because of your funny sign 866348788486634 truth, and as always, everything that person there is a really cool trailer of this documentary. Angels at war that you get to see that Jessica is working on as well as a number of the funny signs and podcasts in previous shows in all sorts of resources, especially the Jesus labor of love. That's free car repair for single moms and widows across the country with the Christian Car Guy ministry and just this week I'm telling you II actually on my way home last night I was asking God. I said really.

I just it. I had so many two ladies on Friday that I talked to literally crying Bob because they had situations they just couldn't see their way past and interestingly, it seemed like all of us have heat problems right now. This time year so you can find out about the Jesus labor love. You know how that's reaching out to people across the country. It's all now if you like me, you're anxious to hear from Jessica. Jessica tell us about this. This project, but more importantly what what is going on down there in Mexico. I world and or air America over people really went, but now it can't write a check.

I went out Aramark about Eric, I get it going. Get actually doing is holding a sign right and the criminal will for their community.

Mexico had hoped that radio and expiring our account actually you trailer a video that's a Christian card. of these young people completely doused in this paint with glitter and then and in its it's astonishing what they look like I just can't imagine coming up on the corner and seen some one 100 and our training gate outside while we're there, allowing 20 out there. The amazing thing again. You can find out more about this in we are talking today signs and all sorts of different ways to get back just came in, but what was that sign. Maybe you saw assignment told you can have car trouble or maybe some sign that tickled your funny bone that that bit got to you. What was when you saw Bob, the one that tickled me is is pretty is not really church related day but it was an advertisement said.

We stand behind our manure spreader. There you go. I mean, so what was that sign that tickled you or maybe got a question for Jessica to call is 866348788486634 truth and and again we've got our appraisal by the real black book. What are some of the signs of the Holy Spirit that's coming up. Also near the end of the show when we come back in the next segment just gives to find out how can we help just give this project happen. We help these young brave Mexican children that are standing on these corners. What can we do to engage. Obviously, we can pray find a lot more about that you want to stay to hear more from Jessica. We come back a list of the Christian card. I wear a bone. We would love to hear from you today call us if you have a question for Jessica, whose working with these young folks down in Mexico, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call and join the conversation.

We got plenty lines open. We love to hear your sign like theirs wanted Christian card I saw at the show Christian card. all the above and it says if door does not open. Do not enter it seems pretty pretty reasonable to me than it yeah that was pretty clear.

I'm sorry I've kinda been in the trance. Ever since Jessica came home with us and I just can't help but ask. Have any of the kids down there held in the sciences. Any of them ever been harmed while standing on the Joe there anything that after that you can't throw away the Bible there certain things you can't do. You can't shoot. That was the first thing that jumped into my mind and I will sit there doing the first segment just kinda dumbfounded because I didn't want to ask because I didn't want to hear that one had been. You know, hurt or killed or something where there was a if you watch the documentary the beginning of the trailer there. Bob unfortunately there's us. There is a graffiti of so many kids are being killed that this one boy Samet. This is all that's left to my friend is his name up on the side of this wall because there's hundreds of these children that are buried out in the desert. Nobody knows where around the corner where I hire out just how did you find out about this.

I article an alternate year every now and what can we do what what will be a stay at the individual are agreed to take to the discounts on that and how we find that our four down will assume itself be shown online or will it be in slick feeders are. How do you picture that I download are not an angle as it picks up traction you know if ABC or somebody picked then this would be huge businesses people to stand in their life and in and just basic human dignity. You said this is been going on for years. Jessica how long for now.

Great art fair belief in God and Oregon. We all can help out just because we can be praying for you and praying for your angels and stay connected and will will call back in to get an update on this here in a few weeks if that's okay and God bless you. Just get what you doing. We are honored to have you on really today in your angels know pass along our blessings and thank you again. Well Bob you know where I can get a copy of the movie right well here's the thing right now there if you go to Christian card. you can see the YouTube trailer of the video that she's working up like she just recently went to Mexico to film the documentary so it's in the production process right this minute so there's a there's a link there where you can buy a video so that when it when the video actually comes out you can you can get it and then show it at your church or find ways to promote you know what just goes to is that okay so that's that's all come in the future, and it get you go to Christian card. and find out about that, but obviously Bob, we need to be praying for Jessica and these kids because there might be one you know cartels is with these people getting the wrong kind of publicity we gotta take care of this problem and then what happens in who knows.

So prayers is a huge part of that.

But I know you're thinking Robbie is this a car show. Yes it is but I had when I came across this story. I just had to illustrate, you know God just said Robbie we got to get this on. We got let people know what's going on.

You gotta an audience remoulade radio stations.

Here is an opportunity for people to find out what he's doing down there, and more is it's it's it's really a fascinating story, but speaking of signs.

What are some of these times we want to count on a few of my got the top six here of signs that you might have impending car trouble. Now Bob is our dealer Christian junkyard guy. We do not want your card to end up in Bob's guard. Maybe Bob always got a tour in there but well he wanted to end up there in its proper time when the when the time comes. It makes you no car before it's so what are some of the things you can look out for number one on the hit parade and the and the thing that you say Robbie old rate is fixed at turn 340,000 miles this week. It really is how the thing I look at constantly is those gauges because those are likely very earliest warning sign and know everybody has lights in the day of lights.

But I'm telling you got gauges right there in those gauges really give you a lot more feedback than a light and so you can begin to see the heat coming up or you can begin to see the voltage doing some funny, all those things. The gauges themselves. It tells you an owners manual, which is against my I couldn't tell you strongly enough. If you don't have the owners manual for your car.

You can get it free. Did you know that most manufacturers will give you for your voicemail. You got plenty about your place. Don't bomb we do and their vices don't just take a mountain storm appeared on the shelf that the best place for us to keep the owners manual is down there in the in that way you get to the specific car you get specific manual is the best way for us. We got five more gauges the countdown and and I'm shocked that you got called in with that funny sign.

Now I know there's one that just tickle your funny bone, you can laugh about it for two weeks you because we love to hear from you at 866-348-7884 signs of the times when tough times of the Holy Spirit.

Still, a can imagine Bob your best friends name is all left of him is his graffiti sign on the wall somewhere and that's all they have to remember all these people you know you I guess if you been the war as and you realize that that's 10 murders a day were not talking about us out of town that's bigger than when something is a little bitty place. That's a whole lot of people dying in every single day.

Again, angels at war. I can't really get past that we are talking about other things we talked about all sorts of signs signs that you might be having car trouble had about funny signs always have the sense of humor open. You were mentioned in the gauges on the car and I had an experience with the young man just this week about is a lot lights on in the car and it keeps coming only keeps coming around and I was like have you take the old Hills date the Lynn adding Victor Cillo for a man. Needless to say it was extremely low on oil. I would say out of all your gauges the oil light would be an oil pressure oil pressure all light which ever you know it. If you have no old pressure. Your engine is fixing to meet its demise. It's amazing, but I cannot and I and I try to go through this at least every couple months, but the reason that the oil light is red is telling you to any of those lights that are read on your dashboard when they come on in their red that's a stop sign in the world.

So when you see that red light that means stop right now pull over to the side of the road and check what in the world going on because what especially there's two that are the destruction of more cars in any number one is the oil light but number two and may be a good instructor of more cars really is overheating right. Directly how many people you know ended up in your yard because well that red light came on.

I thought I could make it to the exit. You can't make it to the exit that crack your head, your crack your block that when those lights are red, they are read for reason. Read your owners manual.

Again, always more important than what Robbie says but I bet you anything.

It tells you when you see that light come on that red light pull over as soon as it's safe, don't get yourself hurt Dolores and is it safe and make sure what's going on because those lights. They will be be in your car and the young man explained may have check engine light had been alone and often on and off. But as you said about the color coding that's a yellow light and that's Colson that the when those red ones get heaven known and he has a clear understanding of it and everything in the I tried to share little knowledge with him in the that the folks that the old ally in the temperature, light, or any red warning light is Robbie says inside the vehicle.

That's more cars and made it to the junkyard. The cows of someone ignoring the light or the temperature lot because after the engines gown. A lot of times this is time to meet their maker. You this is that this is when you need holy water. Bob, when you see overheat. Like come on I mean is trying to do something you got you got told his father about speaking of that, we do have about you know you can help them see some of these church signs are actually quite funny.

Church parking only violators will be baptized. When you see that sign. You got it. You gotta take notice of that. So what was the funny one you saw.

We'd love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we know you got one just tickle your funny bone.

We'd love to hear from you.

Now the number three warning sign on your car got the gauges we got to warning lights were up to number three Bob and that's when your car starts skipping or missing.

Or you might think you're doing a herky-jerky eye experience that the vehicle I was driving this week required premium gasoline and it had been filled up at some point with the regular and that it didn't go into the Huckle Buck there, but the bark knocking chattering sound that it just let me know that the loops we have an issue Houston we have a problem, but that it was them, the warning sign that hey, there's the wrong kind of petroleum product in the tank here yeah and and sometimes you know it's a it's simply a spark plug wire but you know when you begin to have a burn valve that'll cause the engine to skip or the other thing is when you're coming and you're slowing down and are coming to a stop sign and you feel real hard shift in the transmission that buck right there that's a sign that your transmission, you may need to be serviced or that you've got some bad seals in the transmission. When that when you start doing herky-jerky man it it's it's time to think through you know whether or not I need that mean that something you do need to get addressed quite quickly because complete the six serious issues we got Virginia in Belmont. She's got a car sign force Virginia you're on a Christian card I show good morning what you got force in high gear drive about how change concerned about it transmission will change anything else but what year is it 93.

How many miles the 88,000 Tivoli low mileage for that the is low but the age of it being just as it 2020 and see what happens.

Unfortunately, as is seals they start to like all rubber products. They get dry and then they get brittle and and when they break you can't get enough pressure for the transmission actually shift some afraid it sounds like there's probably a pressure problem inside the transmission and it would be one of those that I would get looked at before causes more problems not been able to go in the high gear puts a bunch aware on a lot of different products and not to mention gas mileage but that is that I'm sorry Virginia but I would I would get that looked at as quickly as I could mission.

Well, it shouldn't be a lot of money to get it checked. Usually they'll check it for an hour's labor something like that, 50, 60, $70, but if if they can, if it if it's just simply a in our government or something like that that they can replace easily and won't be terribly expensive, but if that if a seal has broken off the inside are one of the seals is to begin the deteriorating inside the transmission would become expensive. I'm afraid so. But that's on those things again soon.

You haven't looked at the better you say you already did change the transmission fluid.

That's the one thing sometimes will fix because the new transmission fluid rules get the seal to see when Emily know how I'm going to have it changed now does look like it's coming through it so I would I get that looked at. Thank you Virginia appreciate comment chaplaincy all right. We'd love to hear from you.

86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 878841R.

Some of those signs that you gotta look out for well as I mentioned since were talking sign language that I am a Christian card I show you know we always get a guitar appraisal by the real black book and that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for sermon, lift up your voice for understanding, so what are some of the signs that the Holy Spirit right it's is a got a warning light that comes on is a got a gauge that you can read well for those of us who been listening for the last few weeks. They know that I've been studying the Puritan classic communing with the triune God by John, one, and I was just fascinated by this book, as I just I really wanted to see him.

He talks a great length how do you commune with God. Particularly with God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit.

How does that exactly work in the final chapters of his book. Since we been on this from a bit. He demotes he did he did he devotes most of that into communing with the Holy Spirit and interestingly as I mentioned, he backs into communing with the Holy Spirit. By doing the opposite of what grieves the Holy Spirit. What quenches the Holy Spirit and and as promised, I wanted to discuss how John Owen saw those two words because you have heard a lot of sermons over my lifetime about how you grieve the Holy Spirit or how you quench the Holy Spirit in the course to become from two Bible references the ones in Ephesians 4 where it says and don't grieve the Holy Spirit of God in whom you were sealed for the day of redemption and the first last for first Thessalonians 519 and the rate and do not quench the Spirit. So interestingly what John pointed out was that grieving the spirit would be where you know Bob and we both been involved in this. That's where you knowingly do something you know is wrong because if you're a parent never in the way described that is as apparent as you read what your children do some leaders thought all my soul you know that that just grieved immediately because of their disobedience. And so what he said you grieve the Holy Spirit. So it's a little easier to figure out how to not grieve the Holy Spirit then Ben did not quench, which will get to that in a minute but he said that one's pretty cut and dried just simply be obedient to, you know what would grieve your parents if it would grieve your parents. You know best, much just that it would grieve the Holy Spirit. I've had so much experience with that, especially here in the recent years. I get thinking when his that young man a man when take on this get over this and get both feet on the grand and then I get to thinking back it wasn't too many years ago that I have my feet planted firmly on the granite and my parents were were I was the EEG are extra grace require one in their lives and so it's it's it's if I just remember back that you know Eileen get it right away. My sale so if you have a child out there that house and you a little grief causing you little language, you know, maybe they hadn't been been through the things it's built in their testimony for life. Maybe there is still building their testimony for when they deem find the path and get a little closer to the.

The red you want them to walk in and we talked about last week Bob that that's one of the ways that we share in the sufferings of Christ.

He suffered because people didn't get it.

And so we are looking for. The tougher the Holy Spirit and that we talked about that just last week Bob on the next one. The clincher that's the one that I really just spoke to my heart in a way I've never really seen before because I personally was always very jealous of the Israelites you had a pillar of fire by day and a cloud of smoke by night to follow. I want to be good. If God woke you up in the morning. So now Bob bears the pillar now and you see that thing move. I want to move in when you see it stay and you stay I would make things very easy and I must say if I get a big plan together and I get to the yard and one or two employees don't show up okay to let this play in the start a new player when any good to have that big O pillar smoke to go okay well here we go so when you said you don't quench disparity back to me that you said now quenching the Spirit sites on a wet log on the fire and that makes sense because it did you put out this far is she so if you back into that.

You gonna how can I throw a log on the fire. That's hot and dry rather than that wet one. In other words, what is it that the spirit is trying to engage you in and in doing so, what can I do to cooperate with that is just like the sign today when I got an email from Jessica and I saw that she what she was doing with spirit Bob, would you believe the spirit said Robert. We gotta put this on your show because this this is something important is going on down there and so I threw a log on the far, so how can we make this a cargo ship will brother it sure blazed in my eyes and it became very, very, very clear to me that is something I need to get in front help get in front of the myosin just can't wait till it's finished in the finished product is available and you know it was instantaneous that I knew right away that I'm supposed to have get this in front of some people's and and it was this the great thing that you know if you had mentioned it this morning if it had been part of the show today then you know I wouldn't I wouldn't had to bait the bite hold of in the disabling take this and run with it.

It's it is and and and so I was looking at that and I said okay and it was Bob.

It will have you ever finished the book and it was like you want to cry because you've enjoyed it so much, and that's what I finish this book this week, so I wanted to give you like a nutshell of this book to say that he's telling you how to commune with the triune God and any fits it all under three heads, God the father if we could just Bob if we could just rest in the father's love.

The only way you can do that is through the grace of sacrificial death of the son.

So you rest in the father's love through the sexual sacrificial death of the son, through the comfort and keeping with the Holy Spirit. It looks like you when we will get working to take up this conversation when we come back we got more signs got three more signs that we got two more three more signs to be having car trouble.

We got all those coming after us. Stay tuned. So now you're saying Robbie read this book dealing with the triune God and they met Robbie, how do I commune with the triune God.

Well, here you actually can give example I gave you a little bit of the review that you can arrest in the father's love through the grace of Jesus Christ in the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

But here's what that looks like, okay, I give you one of about 120 different ways. I found through this book that you can commune individually with the triune God. But the first one mentioned is where you commune with the father is obedience. So I did a father could you commune with the father. Well, if you obey me like that right Bob. So here's the challenge it's impossible in my human you know I was born to obey the father so what would that take.

It would take Jesus's death on the cross so I can now obey the father through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But how do I do that through the guidance in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. So in that one little thing. Yes, your communing, particularly with the father through obedience. But you're doing it through the son with the help of the Holy Spirit as I give you a picture of what I mean it. It's cool to see the heart of God when he begins to do this and I'm looking forward to actually writing out these different hundred and 20 different ways and and how that all works but getting back to we gotta talk about these car things got three more ways that you got a sign that says your cars guttural noises all kind of noises you talked about bright minds given me a sign right now that my writers are warped and I need to get the brakes if you initially because every time I step on the break-in with a little bit of speed to the stand will goes to shake in and this it really is time and something that I have next.

That's more than herky-jerky war that herky-jerky rather than squeaky noises. It may be rotors to but there's noises that could be a grinding noises and I had a lady call me that every time she turned her car real hard. She heard a Conklin clunk that was in CV noise. We did a whole so I noises so noises are big metal on this smells antifreeze as a particular smell. You can pick it up.

The second you smell it obviously oil when is burning you can smell that but when things don't smell right on to say and some things right, Bob.

That they there are many snails that the can give you your old leaks are the one and and antifreeze mail that you mention it is so distinctive that the you can absolutely tell the difference in those they and a train that is can tell the difference in motor all in transmission fluid because they are distinctively different day and the last one on my hit parade is smoke when you see smoke could possibly be a fire under us where there's smoke there's fire wanted him to car trouble and we got Rod got a question for Toyota, forceful, quick Roger on a Christian card I show them on. But I wondered. You sure you have.

Maybe I get a lot better today.

I could be the probably white property. You know Rod you are right and like like you say that could be something as simple as a sensor, and that's why I just recommend and a lot of times we put these things off because were phrase, cost us a fortune but if we gone down there and fix it when it originally they might cost a few cents to give her a few dollars to get any sensor but that you have a great point. So when you put off you may not remember the old Fram oil commercial you can pay me now or you can pay me well how that works great commercial said the visual in and it just makes yes sir that's a great comment, Rod.

I'm glad I went on my listeners out there. Thinking back to me up because I certainly do have all the answers. Really enjoyed the blessed all right well remember I you go to Christian card. you can find out all about this Angel's award go is Chris.

It's pretty simple Christian card. Angels at war see what this documentaries is really amazing to see God's work down there in war is plus you get to find out all about Jesus's labor love free car repair labor.

They would pay for labor moms in the people in crisis have to pay for the parts for people in crisis so you know something like that. Like I do.

Listeners who had worked a coworker that had a blood clot in he got in touch with you later love this week. All that's real helpful Jesus labor love. It's all Christian card.

Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done in 33 years and thank you Bob. It's always good to have you be here today brother thanks for the lesson that all right throw log on the spirits far this week. And guess what you might see a blaze strong enough to listening to the truth and

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