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February 23, 2013 1:21 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

186634218663 for 87884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore passages when did you and that means you when did you get to be the access point of a blessing.

Maybe it started out you thought for someone else. But as you saw the Lord working another person situation you got to be the passageway of a blessing. How cool. Such is often the case really is whether Jesus labor love program that's free car repair for single moms and windows across the country. People in a crisis and last Monday I had two challenges. As I started out the week I had a lady that was in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and her situation was that she had a blood clot in her leg and she was able to work in her car was broken. It was Maddie and what will you do because we didn't have any car repair places in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and also had a lady in that was in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, and her situation was. She had a five-month-old son and Artie had two surgeries and she had a two door car and she was able to get the child in the backseat of the car and she had taken to the doctor constantly so sheet was in desperate need of a four-door car and so immediately I was like wow this is my opportunity to be a passage to be the point of a blessing for somebody and that's part of what we do here in the Christian card I showers. How can we help the single moms and widows in a point-to-point crisis so I gotta tell the story. I just like I was praying the Holy Spirit came in and help me to, look through and find a good church in Shelbyville, Kentucky, and I contacted that church and I said oh yeah, we can handle. It was a fun week. We can help the lady with the Audi and they do so there gonna fix that.

I thought wow first church first phone call. How close I salon on a roll here so I'm in a call to see if I can find a culture church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee and the church. I called there was friendship Community Church in Mount Juliet and there are tarp the sweetest girl and she said and I told her about the lady with a five-month-old son that had two surgeries and she says you know Robbie ought you not believe this but I guess it's just how God works that my aunt has a five-year-old that has to go to hospital in Nashville.

Every single week and she was just donated the car in order to do that. The issue is it just bad gas mileage so she could really use your listeners cavalier and give her this for car that gets the bad gas mileage and I was like wow, do you believe about God work through that particular situation and about the time I thought this is a rolling I'm really on this.

I get an email back from the church and in Shelbyville and it said oh we notice that we help that lady back here, you know you're so going. We can only help somebody once a year, so we can't help stop was like go on back to work and guess what I got hold of. In this case, the centenary Methodist Church in Shelbyville and they came to the aid and I and I also have to say that Karen body shop and wrecker service. I called the man personally.

He told her car down there. The lady with the Audi of the blood clot again. What I'm trying to illustrate to you is I was just a middleman in this I got to see here was a need and is pretty pretty cool that all you have to do is make a phone call and you can be a passage to somebody else's blessing and that's what I'm asking you today when were you a passage you were just the way that somebody else got a blessing, but in the blessing you because you got to see God at work. I would love you to call ensure that this morning. Our lines are 86634878848663. We would love to hear when were you passageway to a blessing. And guess what. If you're thinking, not taken one right this minute.

I would love for you to help us with Jesus labor. Love you know what I need and one of the big reasons. I know we met the needs of these people as I have a large prayer team that prays for these people in crisis every week is that Jesus love it labor Laprade prayer team and if you go to Christian card. and see even today it'll talk about passages a lot of things that were doing today. But there's a link there were, you could join the labor Laprade team and that means that every time I get one of these requests across the country you get an email from me explaining that and then you get access to our site that shows where all the cars are that were working on across the country and we need your prayer support course nor make phone calls and stuff for that to we would love that.

But we really need more people on the spurting because I know that's a big part of the blessing is, is God's doing the work we just get to get in on it. But today, again, I'm asking that you call us. We want to hear your story. I mean that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 when were you a passage to blessing out why my same passage so much today because were alive were alive today from passages this amazing Bible exhibit and I do mean amazing if you haven't seen it, you gotta make your way out here, it may become in your town because I think it's coming to Colorado Springs Colorado after their stop here eventually make its way to Washington DC. But if you're in the North Carolina area or even Southern Virginia you want to make your way to Charlotte before March 30 and see this amazing Bible exhibit it's interactive in all sorts of different ways and on today show I should point out that we are to have Martin Luther made.

Excuse me, Mr. Tyndall effect were to be staking it with Mr. Tyndall and that does not mean that were going to be eating steak. It means that he's at the stake, and we we have a little discussion with the mayor you want to hear that, but also today we have you know NASCAR is back as the Daytona 500, and with the Daytona 500 means that Ford is introducing a new fusion actually have Dan Zacharias with us he's with Ford racing division. He's gonna be calling in at the quarter hour to tell us what's going on that racecar. I guess I get all turned up to make a big show at Daytona, but also very cool with me here today at passages. We have a young racer and expiring NASCAR driver. We have Casey Kirwin where this is car is actually right out front. If you make your way to passages today.

Of course we would love to see you here were were broadcasting live from passages but welcome Casey. It's a good to have you and your dad John is here with us. Welcome John, good morning that Casey is actually east 13 and how long you been recent case when you one year and you have to see this car.

It is so cool now. It I have to say was, we were alone. This car out here in front passages in the morning. I was just jealous as I could be of like if I was 13 years old man I would want to be doing this so just to give our listeners just a brief indication of how cool is any thinking that are generally nursing racing sort of be hearing a lot about Casey. He is the youngest Christian card. I think I may have ever had on their person cargo shows or excited to have him on his bed.

John and then coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up for under the click of her voice and understanding and speaking of passages to be a blessing. How about our passage through the waters of baptism. This week I saw something that help me understand just a little clear why Jesus said it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness really have you thought about that one did Jesus have to be baptized in Casey when you left that that's always kind of perplexed me. I admit it's one of my questions and I got a limit little insight into that today and so we are going to share that come in at the end of the show are appraisal part of the real black book. But today we are doing passages. We want to hear about your passage to a blessing when were you the way that somebody got a blessing, 866-348-7884 Hiram Robbie to mark the Christian card I invited and agrees myself. I've been in automobile business for 35 years more of that marriage is, but more importantly I'm your brother in Christ, the Christian card I show is changing the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for no debt. Watching people car by cars Casey for 35 years gone in the crazy amounts of debts enough to break anybody's heart because he knew that they were strapping themselves in these car payments. We talk about that on the show. Cars need tender loving care.

So how do you get to keep your car as long as I have a old red that you never seen old records about the truth in today to Charlotte but old red is my truck has turned 340,000 miles on this week and how do you get to do that. Well you got it maintained that if you maintain your car to last as long as you do so I'm thinking they're going to bury me in old red and always tell people a big part of Christian card I show is to drive safely. Now on the racetrack.

You can go as fast as you want but when you get behind the wheel of a real card. I'm sure your dad would concur with me on this. If you're following Jesus. He would never exceed the speed limit right because he would never break any law so if I'm a Christ follower.

I wouldn't be blowing behind in the left lane.

I would be going the speed limit so we talk about the speed limit and you know and this is true. I've done the math Americans waste 200 million gallons of gasoline a week on speeding.

In other words, if Americans would all drive the speed limit like they should. And you should know this from your racecar.

The faster you go the more gas to burn right well if Americans would drive the speed limit. It would save us 200 million gallons of gas a week and you know what we don't have all problem in this country we have a sin problem. We have an obedient problem. We have all sorts of problems. But guess what, we have a Savior that fixed all that forms and that's what we talk about here on the Christian card rationale today again.

We want to know about your passage when were you the passage way to a blessing. I told my story. I want to hear yours. You call is 866-348-7884 not forget all the directions on how you can get to just make your way out here for a couple hours we love to see you so with Ford and see passages where you passages will blessing to be car related to some way that you didn't know it but you were being enlisted in God's army and the next thing you know you got to see how God did something amazing we would love to hear from you today on that 866-348-7884 for the digitally gifted 866-34-TRUTH. It was the Christian card I show this morning. We are live from passages.

The amazing Bible exhibit in Charlotte it is interactive, St. Jerome, it's just you have to be your animal trauma anima Tronics where you see these characters and so many different ways a show you the story of the Bible how it went from the original scribes writing it out that he prescribes them the you know that the monks and all that stuff is so cool.

So make your way down.

You're gonna be here for a couple hours as we said in the beginning I show it is NASCAR week and we know that Ford is gearing up for this thing and we got Garen Nikki Goshen and my Santa) absolutely nailed okay I will try to get you are with Ford racing division. You guys got big news we do. We are debuting our current spirit are really excited that is so cool and actually Garen. I have one of our youngest racecar drivers out here drives one of these cars in the US legend cars here with us.

Casey Kerwin is okay.

See if you got a question by the way about this new fusion you jump in okay all right and Garen I'm I'm curious which cars if you got out there that you're fixing the today do all of the Fort debuting here are racing this weekend. Daytona R. Nugent major thing we did with our we are bringing a lot more of the shape of the combined identity of what we call the street. The racecar and airway were put in the stock are back in stock coming out while I yeah I love that because that unit you know that's what's cool when you can go by the car that you saw when local or hopefully at least come in second and third, how did you do in the qualifying we had our moments where we have some unfortunate incidents of the goals were some of our better running cars got out of it tangled up in your will recover, not a big deal. It's a long way fairly based everything on your cultlike order on the games are well prepared to deal with the bike on their way, not their first rodeo landing so I have L5 or not, but it is very and in these ladies, that's it. That's sort of news stories. Maybe you guys need to recruit some women drivers there were not specific on gender or race like that sort of thing/urine that is going to change the change and you know I do quite very interesting see how it changes the dynamic of who watches the race and how well that goes no story in itself, but were celebrating more. Our return is the manufacturer to the relevant and what people see in the sport and how they relate to what takes go by and there is in their dealership want to make sure customers are able to make that relationship to celebrate with us if you will be know what, whatever, hopefully, whatever we end up gaining on the truck something that we feel and customers would appreciate. We certainly would like to be able to love offer them something like that they can hold her hand celebrating future success in the sport. There is no doubt in that generation six fusion is a great-looking call and thank you and so you know, I know. I guess you guys long for the Dale Earnhardt days where everybody went out and bought the Thunderbirds because he was rocking all yeah I evolved quite a bit then. So there's been a lot of other factors that prevent you from being able to do that. The walk away from the absolute production basically starts can't really say that what part of the evolution sport out played a factor how are much gene and is learned over the years and every time you fine-tune and balance defined machine. You start walking away from being able to make a compromise candidate. You want to do something work it, you're not gonna compromise the effort and get out of the butyrate streetcar for the other two and like a line for line ultra bold kind of quality will make a fusion or a car that's offered on the street you complete racecar Ashley and a specialized one as part of the contract, like Daytona here.

I don't think you will be spared either series. This week I don't think I don't believe that today sport weights run in the way I see all think they can handle an actual production on the way it sits on for so are there any big like advancements that you seek. You know like the duck tail on the Thunderbird I to go back that one but you know after that happened it was like man everybody had to go get the duck tail you expecting anything like a gunny secrets that are going to come out over the next two days there were no see wow you can't touch his fusion because it's got the volume and that's our competition with the other card yeah it's a new car development is cool because it started so horrendous together with all the OEM everyone got a new car. Everyone is very good at all and all about able to maximize what you gain out of analyzing everything down last millimeter to figure out on the on what you can do that again a slight advantage over the next day all the preparations all about and and lucky for us to got excellent partners in all of our team that basically will not leave the school turn able to counsel selected. Thank you so much Karen. We appreciate you being on with this. And good luck tomorrow. God bless you and in the end I know it's it's it's about speed, but I hope there's their site out there all absolutist number one for us as well. We never will back thank you very much appreciate being on your show and will you later. That's great. Well that's that's pretty cool. Okay see you now have an Ford racing on that someday they might be saying that we get this new driver Casey Kerwin and then they were pretty excited about him because he qualified that something that you aspire to making really how cool so you the racing situation.

The first time you got behind the wheel of your first race. Can you go back to that moment, what that was you sit there and start your engines and what was it like wracking in points. This chapter once you going all that is so cool.

We've got a lot more consultation currently but we need to hear from you when were you a passageway to a blessing. We want to hear your story you call is 86634 truth. We got some free tickets for the next person comes and says tree broadcasting. We got a family pass for you, in this passage is in Charlotte and in pain will come back to the Christian guys blessings and we love you to call in and hear your now as we discussed today were alive at the passages and where making her way around to see some of the site passages.

Wow. Apparently the computer stop because we were fixed to hear from Martin Luther, but that can happen everyone's. While computer to stop, but that was that was Martin Luther that was was going to be on with us, but working figured out here in a minute will get Martin Luther back with us that you listen to Christian card I radio show and we are live from passages and as I mentioned for the next truth listeners that come in and mention just come up to our booth and say we are generated, we got free passes for you, for your family to make your way through this amazing Bible exhibit how it was Tyndall that was gonna be almost forgot it was Martin Luther's can be on with his later hope the computer doesn't should shut off the next guest that that's okay because we would love to know when were you a passage to a blessing you call is 866348788486634 truth now.

We do have a very interesting situation. Our Christian guy Mike Westwood who's out in San Antonio, Texas. Texas is often on with us on this for Saturday the month happened to be on the cruise ship that taught stranded and so were anxious to hear from him.

Mike welcome the Christian card I show again.

We gotta know what happened. You are on a cruise and that Mandy would last.

I talked to. Things were looking good and then some. Well, on land and passages that were very very useful on our cruise.

We are out there engine caught fire. We stop dead in the water about 200 mile told in by a tug. It was fighting and the Lord being with my spelled through the and so what you know for some people may not in the moonlight went to Cipriano what exactly we run the carnival Tria and we were taking a cruise with my wife exercise friends from Jazzercise and we were going to Cozumel and on her way back in oil fuel return line caught fire leaking got on the engine caught fire which resulted in oil electrical fire. We drifted for five we were out there stranded for five days for a total about 18 hours. We were overly helpless that the water no no towing or anything.

The Coast Guard showed they had to bring a chance to give us food rescue helicopters bringing it. We had no initially and then they got a couple of working we could mute when the room no electricity with light. The adventure, it was a passage it really was the passage the case may be, so you know Ronnie thinks it through reading in Psalm 91 about the danger protection, God focuses on in Psalm 121 I was well and one very very important to me and it was Proverbs 35 with the Lord with all your heart go through the things that I kept reading over and over. I didn't want my wife to worry. I'm sort of meeting around and because I did.

I wanted to remain calm. I could feed so that I was leaving it correctly and so was there any point in this adventure.

Michael you thought you this could be the big one. Well I walked out of my room to get coffee. I looked it up before they made the announcement and I went down the room and I smelled smoke and a little bit so went back got the way and I said let's let's go get some coffee. I wanted her to be with and we walked out, walked about down the fire Doherty] work will back but I like Tech. Going on there until the wax rolling up back, not Anda for a bit. There they announced. We were very very concerned but the Lord that's wild Mike. That's what the story wow that is cool to know that you're okay and I guess you got instant stardom. From what I understand you've been on ulcers and TV shows and and and all sorts of stuff people want and how I I have been meant that escaping being on the show with you last nearly 2 years, to do the thing and knowledge. Being able to be interviewed or talk that is been a blessing of working with you in your teaching me about the media business where the left interesting thing I couldn't help but notice you are the Christian oil guy and this was an oil fired got a message at resisted they were used to answer all that was there whole problem that was within finance. All they never would have this problem currently recommended that Google long life oil we wouldn't have this problem at all. What I I am curious.

Was there any passengers that were like freaking out or anything in that you are able to comfort them little but but not freaking out my weight and I was about, I was able to do something to help them. My wife and I together I did. Individually, we didn't mean and weary. We always take survival weekend. Like other people saying they will play passage to blessing their Mike that's good that's good. Well we got a run. Thank you my blessing.

I appreciate that much you all your ministry and in so many different ways and in this case out there on a cruise ship because here's the cool thing wherever you go. Did you notice Casey you bring the kingdom of God with you and so other people sometimes find that really attractive because you're the only person keep your head while the smoke was billowing out of the stack and you're wondering you know what's going to happen with that. So thanks again Mike. It's always just an honor to have you on the team got bless you well today show passages because were live. It passages here.

The Christian card I show this is an amazing Bible exhibit. Gotta make your way down here you go to Christian card. just click on the big passages picture and it'll give you directions on how to get here in Charlotte we have a family pack for the first people that walk in and say I'm hearing on the radio to Christian card. I we got it's for free passes by the way, admission isn't expensive. It's only like $15 come in and you will never ever be the same. I'm telling you after you see what people have done you wet your real fast with me Casey venue where it was amazing, even as a 13 did you believe that Tyndale had to die in the state and Martin Luther's inherent St. Jerome.

We got all these people so it's all happened it passages.

We'd love for you to come join us but we also I'm really thinking somebody sit there in your thinking. I'll call the Christian card I because I know the time I was a passage to a blessing.

And here's your chance to glorify glop God by sharing that if you keep it inside you.

Other people don't know how cool it was that you got a call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You can dial right now we have lines of what we need to hear from you, but I'm very curious.

We have John Kerwin here with us. He's Casey's father. Now it's one thing to be a 13-year-old climbing into a racecar get out there going this is going to be fun is gotta be something really different to be a father of a 13-year-old climbing into a racecar and watching that I can. It was very interesting experience, especially the first time we put them out there. We didn't grab racing in New England so it was my first experience watching my son behind the wheel and saying it's okay dad, I'll be all right. You basically say a prayer and let them know and how fast they go depends on how you gearing up has a lot to do with how you have the clutch gear in the rear gear but get them up to 65 to 70 miles an hour they really going in his in his division and so am I right that that would tell the story of how you got involved in this because it wasn't some you're like analyst Teresa oh no this this was the this was definitely an interesting story we went to the Charlotte motor Speedway every Tuesday night when after Casey was six years old and his brother and myself would do cheap entertainment family night my wife would have nothing to do with going to the racetrack and we had a ball. Watched it in.

Casey said the whole time. I want to do that and I said sure and not really thinking that he would actually do it and so we just kind watched and watched and watched and every summer we would go out there and he kept on saying I want to do that. So I said I forget to do that were going to have to go do a test run so we call if he was letting card scheduled for test drive the one on the 5th mile track behind trial motor Speedway.

He did a test drive did really well came out they grin on his face and I called my wife and I said we are in trouble and it was on from there and then the next piece of the puzzle was that he's 1/7 grader Christian middle school in Matthews, North Carolina, and the runner-up of 2010 national champion in the 2011 national champion Carson Ferguson got transferred into his school and ended up in class together and so the two of them have been racing in talking together now for the last year and silicon out all the pieces started falling into place. We really were even thinking about doing it and Carson's dad Tony Ferguson and Carson Casey. We decided let's give it a shot. So we are able to purchase the car pretty well in.

I have learned a ton and continue to learn and he is having a blast, but it's always still something that you me wonder when you put them out there that I remember to tighten the seatbelt and I remember to put the steering well on in. Did I remember to do this and that so far we've done pretty good about remembering how I can imagine that that would be a big big part of it. Now Carson when you went to take this test drive understand which by the way, if you make your way to passages that car is right out front and you can see this racecar which is is amazing looking thing, but when you want to take this test drive.

What was about what was this guy in the car as I needed to swing out everything that I knew about it from watching it fair six year zero.

However many years it was an eye is chided you everything that I knew and not spinning out running pretty competitive lap times your first time out, according to the directors.

Very cool. All right what we've been wondering today when did you have an opportunity to be a passage to a blessing and we have a caller called in time to be my mother and which makes it always very exciting to me because I get to talk to my mom. Hi mom you're on the Christian card I show you where the passage to a blessing. It must've been now I will go there.

What was it one morning worship service related with whom we did not know, and family energy now and she said she was from Michigan which was the thing that I thought we invited her out to lines and we learned that she was living in her car. He was unemployed she had had some kind of a breakdown, I believe, and just took off and left her family and home in Michigan and went wandering the country and are currently were very we brought her home and play rapid.

He was really a sweet lady and very grateful and very we got a job in a nearby town and she worked there for a while and later and she came back after one night and we had talked to her a lot about the Lord and she was going to church faithfully and and finally she I don't need to be and how we bother way to make and we got a Christmas card number and keep doing well. She found a job in a homeless shelter, which was anyhow how we were a passageway despite how I now I will say that one of the charter members Casey is my labor. Love prayer team is my mom and she's been on that prayer team is that she was the one who told me son.

We need to know when these lady stars are fixed we know when to stop praying.

So I was like okay I guess a better come up with a very cool system for labor love prayer team where they can all go on and see an interactive chart where we have all these cars posted are you helping you my prayer group list will break my mom more passages passes for the first people to come in and say they listen to us on the Christian card I wouldn't be here for a couple hours right after this.

But meanwhile this is a Christian card I show and we do have an appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure, Trafford, discernment, lift up your voice for understanding as I mentioned when were thinking passages. What about your passage through the waters of baptism about my passage through the water baptism. Why do you think Jesus had to be baptized. Why did he say to fulfill all righteousness.

Well, I've been studying this book. Those people was regularly knows I've been studying the Trinity by John Owen and so many different ways and this week I decided I want to go to the Bible, see the clearest picture. The 20th Trinity I could find and if you look in Matthew where Jesus is baptized when he comes up out of the water is in my view the best picture of the Trinity where you can see all three portions of God at the same time you see Jesus coming on the water. There is the son. The Holy Spirit to send on him like a dove that the Holy Spirit and then the father says this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased, and so at one point in time here in the Bible we get to see all three of these in fellowship at the same time with that word. Righteousness on Cumberland not only means that you're right and Jesus had to be obedient with the father to ask you to do and that's right. But what you really see there is a right relationship between the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, they are in a right relationship when he comes out of the water. You get to see the cool fellowship of the Trinity itself and see long before we ever came on the scene or even angels came on the scene there was a Trinity and they had a fellowship and they were having a great time out there before anybody ever showed up and they were in fellowship. The three of them. The other cool thing is that once the one time that we get to see Jesus talk about the Trinity in the Scripture where he says all three the same time worth the one place in Matthew 28 where he says, go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them into what the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit, because this is so cool because you're getting called up into this adventure with a right relationship with the father after you've accepted the blood of Christ after you become obedient after living in the Holy Spirit you get to go to through waters of baptism and at the end of that. They say in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit you're called into this cool fellowship now cool is that you get to the in this identity, which by the way, is the thing that Satan comes after all the time is your identity are you really a Christian you would act like this will. Here's a mile marker for you as a Christian card.

Antonia, your baptism is a mile marker for you to look back at where you were called into a right relationship with the Trinity, so with all that said, we have Kim, we have actually been no Kim, who grew up in Shelley Shelbyville's got a blessing story for which we don't have a lot of time can you go fast force earlier on the program about what happened Shelbyville contact and I live in Greensboro North Carolina but grew up in Shelbyville and the phone call and had heard what a good thing.

They get done.

Hopefully that blank well I tell you it blessed me, and it's always amazing to me that here are all these people that are also likely called this fellowship that are out there believe in God and you pick up the phone and they're just waiting for a chance to help. They just did know the need existed. Cool thing about the Jesus labor love people that listen to this radio show throughout the country have a chance to find out about that stuff. Thank you so much for calling Kim God bless you. I write you can find out all about the Jesus labor love car repair for people in and we've got Casey's Sunday school teacher on real quickly to try to get him on. We just have a few seconds. Dennis what you want to tell us well Rob you have been in youth ministry for 23 years, never taught seventh grade. Now I know the reason why it can't get to know this young guy.

Maybe all that great. Are you and I really think you got got wet hash racecar driver. The seller will encourage him to do what we gotta run. I'm so appreciative that Carl had met Casey pray before every race. How cool is that what we want to thank you all for listening Christian card I show this morning for having Casey friends from Ford. My question are Christian. I remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and I did want to mention the end of the show.

How about your passage through waters of baptism. If you have it done as a mile marker, but if you haven't got it done.

That's one way to fulfill your righteousness. You're listening to the Truth Network and

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