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For Such a Time as This

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 2, 2013 2:48 pm

For Such a Time as This

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 2, 2013 2:48 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 8784 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore when were you at the wrong place at the right time last week's horrific crash where there are 20 people injured. From what I understand, it really was a miracle no one was killed at the Daytona Nationwide series race well fascinatingly like. Similarly, the week before we happen to have our Christian oil guy was on the cruise that was dead in the water.

Well, we another one of the Christian car guys I was there at effect to of were there at Daytona last week and so we have here with us on sort of a special appearance. This time Bob you were there.

It was coming out right in front of you. It look like it happened fast as lightning. We have a bear Christian card I should site, but can you just tell us real quick what happened, but rather it was.

It was is really hard to say exactly what happened in outlasting the replays in the can tell a lot more for from the replays than we actually sell from be in their that it was just all of a sudden there was total mayhem. There was stuff coming into the stands and we were up a little higher, but we experienced it a lot closer than we really intended to, and but it left a mark will get into that a little later got a soundbite for you. This is kinda what it sounded like on TV, but if you go to Christian card. when you if you were in the stands. You can say this, but it's a horrible crash and so he doesn't know what to cover. I don't envy them being in that position right that second but while that was going on another one of our good friends, you're a Christian card.

I show Greg Berkey with automotive actually auto racing outreach. You are there to Greg and you are ministering to the fans even before the event. Yeah, that's exactly why were there is because of being a chaplain within NASCAR administering to the fans is that we were actually outside the track with ministry and so I was not inside but had some friends of mine. There were chaplains with motor racing outreach that were there. They actually went to the hospital for the fans and stay there all night long and the that's what the races were there because these things do happen now and for such a time as this is interesting where you may find yourself and I'm sure you're like me, your thinking what about the insurance coverage. Well, maybe not like me but we got it is the first Saturday of the month so that means two different things.

Number one, it's always a Jesus labor love weekend is one of the first Saturday month. That's free car repair for single moms widows across the country where you be telling about for such a time as this. In that situation, but we also have our good friend Bill Mixon are Christian insurance guy and build it that there's some insurance questions character sort of wonder if you're in all that mess and you just go flying back at yourself, knock somebody on the ground not dictate that you could be sued for that. It's all kinds of things can happen to you that you don't expect it can be extremely expensive.

That's the whole concept of insurance is to protect you against big financial losses against things don't happen too often working at some clarity on the insurance issues as well as what happened and what these guys got a chance to see God at work through of what would appear to be a catastrophe, but the question we have for you is when were you there for such a time as this. We love you calling today, 866-348-7884 maybe got insurance question or some other question for us. We'd love to talk to you.

866-348-7884 course, you may been involved in accident wasn't famous or anything, but you happen to be there when this happened, and God had you there for such a time as this. We would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884. As I mentioned, it is the first Saturday month of the month and the munch that means that the Jesus labor love function be with us in the in the second segment, which is this wonderful ministry Lords provided us with free car repair labor for single moms and widows and I understand we have a real need in Albuquerque, New Mexico we've had in Kentucky this year. This last month we've had him in Tennessee. It's amazing to see God work through those you hear about those you hear about the track but then coming up at the end of the shareowner appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for the sermon lift up her voice for understanding, will sometimes we are at such a time as this to do Satan's bidding.

That's the scary situation that you might find yourself in on this too can change a life like this story it could happen in the wink of an eye before you even know it.

You change the life for the battery in my been involved in it at night. I came across a story as I was working on my devotion.

I do it determine home here in the area and I as I read the story. I thought you know this really has some lessons deep lessons begin at 40 to give you a feel of what we can talk about the end of the show. It starts out I saw him in the church building for the first time on Wednesday. He was in his mid-70s with thinning silver hair and a neat brown suit many times in the past that invited them to come in several other Christian friends and talk to him about the Lord and tried to share the good news with them. He was well respected and honest man with so many characteristics are Christian should have, but he had never put on Christ, nor entered the doors of the church. Have you ever been to a church service in your life. I'd ask him a few years ago we had just finished a pleasant day of visiting and talking and he hesitated, and then with a bitter smile he told me of his childhood experience some 50 years ago. He was one of many children, a large impoverished family. His parents have been struggling to provide food, with little left for housing and clothing, and when he was about 10, some neighbors invited him to come worship women.

The Sunday school class have been very exciting.

He'd never heard such songs and stories before he'd never heard anyone read from the Bible and after classes over the teacher took him aside and said son please don't come again dressed as you are now.

We want to look our best when we come into God's house. He stood in his ragged unpatched overalls then looking at his dirty bare feet.

He answered softly, no ma'am, I won't ever and I never did. He said abruptly ending the conversation, share the end of that story and some interesting highlights that I think might surprise you in some things we might glean from that, sure that at the end of the show come up in our appraisal by the real black book on Robbie Gilmore, the Christian card I 35 years in the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian card I show we hope is change the way people look at their cars.

They people are going into debt like crazy all over this country and so we like to talk about how you can keep the card to be paid for, but in order for that to happen. You gotta take good care of it and you got given a name like old red if you see old tractors are mailmen since the 40 still running. Why do you think well truth is if you maintain a car at last as long as you do cars need to be safe and driven safely where your seatbelts don't speed if you drooling following Jesus, you know, he'd be in the car ahead of you, and you wouldn't be blonde Brian is estimated that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding 200 million gallons of gas a week is wasted because of sin. Again, this is a live show so we would love to hear from you today like Bob and Greg were at the Daytona for such a time as this one did something like that happen to you. We want to hear from you. 866-348-7884. We do have lines open and you know what God landed on your heart to cause you got that story because 866-34-TRUTH 87884. As always, you can find out all this Jesus the Jesus labor love and of the cool video of was not cool but it's it it it sure shows you what happened in the in the stands at the Daytona 500. It gives you a better idea of what things were really like it was just total chaos and I mean you could hear this, you can hear the small fragments of metal raining down around you and would like to say we were upstairs in the is like a upper date and it's called the Sprint Tower East be the Winston tower when Winston was sponsoring it and everything but the were pretty happy, and it just was amazing that a piece of metal the size it did get right there in front of us and hit the people right in front of you. If you go to the website Christian card. you see this video what it just appears like Bob and Greg, is it you would've not seen any of this stuff is just a bunch of smoke and debris.

All the sudden from nowhere it comes you not you and and then what can happen. Well, I was just watching Tony Stewart in the other. I was my focus was on the front of the of everything in the winter and it really came. So he rang so true for me when he got out of the car and the other no celebration or anything we could just hear him on the PA and he was like wow the fans are in I & John then we got some stories coming about that more in the Jesus labor love and some insurance tips so stay tuned. Marisol my fishing partner shall come in action call us with your for such time as the story. Please reflect your 866-348-7884 stating so much for coming such a time as this one where you said, things changed in the wake of an eye.

Debris came flying her. There was some kind act in an you felt the call of God on your situation. We would love to hear from you today 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We're I don't know if it's just it's it is a unique opportunity that we have we have Bob Young our Christian junkyard guy was there on the scene in Daytona last week and Greg Berkey who is with auto racing outreach and I think you're going to be blessed to hear what both these guys had a chance to minister out there during the situation, but Bob just to take us back you do a bunch of metal comes flying you see it hurt and these people. Your wife had been in the medical industry in the medical field and so you and she both kind of jumped into the action tells what happened well the lady other lady that was with us as friends of ours that we go to the race with every year.

She kinda got real close with the guidance she was comfort and my wife and there was another EMT guy as they came in and people were just taken these brand-new shirts that they just bow here, use this in here use the essence, the bank came up with her a fresh roll of paper towels and we were taken the ladies were taken the clean items and no applying pressure to the blood to get the get the bleeding stopped and my buddy and I 80 Robin send myself we were kind of crowd control because you always no matter how tragic something is ill always have somebody, not wanting to take a picture and some of the things I offered those people that were trying to take a picture. I don't believe I get any Christian award show that it just aggravated me and I hear them. People are bleeding and hurt and you know the man and so you're kind of pushing the crowd back lead this crowd control and I'm pretty good at that. I have a way with folks and words and sometimes and and and most of the people respected the fact that these people were hurt. I mean the guy in front of Eddie. Ed received that headway in a big cut on his head a big cut on his left arm and some sort a hip injury. This piece of metal was 14 inches approximately 14 inches wide around 30s seeks the 40 inches long and 1/4 of an inch.

The a real solid Eurostat piece of metal that and how many rooms are for you.

We were in the legs. They were in the upper deck is called Sprint Tower which is the front row of that you download the lowest it is is probably 15 to 20 feet above the top of the catch fence and it is way up there and inserted and we were at my grandma happen and we were eight rose up, you know, in that section at which the league does whale not further. But you know we thought we were always going be the safest sand the eye we were away from all that they wanted space metal comes up and gives the people right in front of us and while that was going on. Greg what what was you were outside the track actually sharing Jesus with that's true that's what we do and what's interesting is when a situation like this takes place.

It shakes people up and die because you just never know what's can take place and so were there to to answer questions in an what we've seen, even in the past of different tracks different things like this happen so like when Dale Earnhardt passed away. The fans have all kinds of questions they need someplace to go for comfort.

A lot of them need prayer and will come to you during those times or so during those times, it seems like the Lord uses that to soften hearts and that we can introduce the Jesus Christ. That way, and a NSS ministering to folks. It really is out there and their needs and some people wanted to look at this like this you know it was awful.

It was awful.

It was off limelight we might better try to find us a way to rejoice here, they thrown a racecar into the stands in amongst all these people and nobody died.

You know and and we resend. Really, from what I can see a number of read several of the stories they were miraculously guy turned at the right second series.

I didn't get taken out to somebody else was standing a certain way so that you didn't get hit in certain and and when you see that tire which, again, if you go to Christian card. you see this huge tire. When you say the ball joint was still attached to it yeah is not just a wheel and tire is that the lower control arms. The whole assembly is underneath that thing in the that weighs a whole lot more than just a will in time and a lot more a lot more sharp protruding objects than just a wheel entirely and you see it sit in the stand and think and you know wow, that got there without hitting anybody so I you exactly when they had our rail race down in Charlotte attire got into the stands and killed two people. One tire got into the stands and guilty people so it was certainly that way were we speaking of miracles, the Lord has provided some minor Jesus labor love again that's free car repair labor for single moms and widows families in crisis across the country. You can find out all about that. It Christian card. you can always go there and fill out a form. If you need help and we always need volunteers and you can see how you can volunteer to join that prayer team which is really great thing right Vic because they're going to get updates on here comes a need like your need in Albuquerque to talk about here in a second and they can see what they need is and how they can pray for them, they can actually follow it on the spreadsheet that's done on the Internet. This constantly. You guys are working on it are constantly updating that information and so just like the situation Albuquerque will we need prayer. We need it right on the spot at because these people are hurting right this minute medical and problem got a good person down there to help Southern Boulevard automotive there in Albuquerque did something to try and get good people around all the volunteer time.

My hats off to them and I'm sure everybody feels the same way willing to give back a little bit and riding in the sink.

It's a good time to talk about you know if you need help it sometimes better to ask for help before it gets way out a hand that a lot of people keep driving their car. Even nothing single I can't afford to fix as I can afford to fix as well.

If you don't fix this than that is going to be in a like to use it. Samuel Fram oil filter commercial you can pay me now you can pay me later.

You can get that such small situation fixed or you can end up with a whole engine like. Unfortunately, the situation that we face in Shelbyville, Kentucky ended up that she didn't ask for help when she could change the timing belt but now the timing belt broken. Now we need a whole engine and it changes the whole game and so if you're out there and you're in the pray about asking for before it gets too late. Will do what we can do. The Lord is always he's providing for people all over the place and to leave her car and come together to some amazing and in another big way that you can help Jesus labor love.

You know all these guys that are donating their time, like southern Boulevard automotive in Albuquerque like chips on a service in Kentucky. All these different places bills on the clinic here in Winston-Salem.

If you can. If you can patronize these people you're supporting the Jesus labor. Love you because you know it's paying customers that give them the ability to be able to help the ones the cancer go to Jesus or go to Christian card. Click on the Jesus labor love. Find out who you can support a horse really hear more from the race and we gotta find out about this insurance coverage and what about my friend that wouldn't go to church. We got all that stuff were going there when you come back and for such a time as this where you are there tuition got place you and we would love to hear your story today 864 878-848-6634. Truth is I'm we've been talking throughout the show.

Good friend Bob or Christian junkyard junkyard guy and Greg Berkey were both there at Daytona last week and we can talk about some of the things that happen there but we also have a Christian insurance card which you think about these kind of coverages and what about crazy lawsuits and once all got up about you know will find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and not doing anything. We shouldn't be doing. I remember a long time ago I had a call from the gentleman is been driving in front of Baptist Hospital and he hit something in the got out of this card he went that whenever a child child had stepped out from behind a parked car. The way to school. There's nothing that man could have done different will.

He was sit in the courtroom and his insurance company got up. They wrote a check for $50,000 in the hand to the judge and at the door they went where he had to go find his own attorney.

We went to law firm in town and the firm said would love to represent you, but you know if you lose you not to be had to pay us so you need to pay us up front people to think about it, but when you go and get alone. One of the questions. Are you in litigation when nobody's got a loan you money under the circumstances we had to go at all his family and friends and scrape together the money to pay the law firm and understand the judge and the jury already got a check from his insurance company so when the trial ended, he had another $200,000 what he'd already borrowed everything he could Boyd have the equity in the house didn't have the equity in the cars and his family and friends everything and he said to the judge. I don't have it.

The judge says will that's fine you sign these papers will go to garnish your wages will take you tax refunds we can have an option set up.

We can't get your house and we can't get your first car since it didn't matter to her heart ripped it up. He says will you got us on this people place the paper's is why don't want to sign it.

Judge's is why I would want to sign it either, but if you don't hold you in contempt of court you to sit in jail. So what he had it risk was half of his wife's paycheck.

Half of his paycheck.

All of the savings is retirement bill you got me totally convinced now for the year.

There was the good news. How can we get out from this we know there are a lot of people that, by the very smallest amount of liability insurance they can and don't realize for just a little bit of money they can double trick triple quadruple the amount of insurance. Their purchasing, but when they're on the calls trying to get the cheapest rate the people they are dealing with are trying to give them the best value. The trying to get the lowest price you got understand with enough insurance you got golden handcuffs and that insurance companies a lot more likely to sit there in that courtroom to the bitter end that if they can cut a check for $50,000 or $25,000, then quit paying and their attorneys. So remember, when you thinking about something like debris writing down on you in the middle of a an event. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but insurance was designed to help you get out of those big financial problems before they happen and it's a good reason to have brother in Christ that you can go talk to him. I got the right coverage is there an umbrella policy policy that could help me in the situation and have those kind of discussions right build it best service to BJ's one 800 companies that sell those umbrellas and then there's the know, just having the wisdom to to talk to somebody who knows about those things because honestly I don't know much about it. So wisdom is to find somebody that you trust in you know and whatever to deal with, and that's one of the advantages of having many counselors that believe it best, but interestingly there's other kinds of things it can rain down bill and that's fine brimstone. I'm just saying. And so in an F in it and it effort which I think is just outstanding. And if you're not familiar with automotive or auto racing outreach. It's so cool what you guys do and if you're if you're race fan you can get involved real easily, but when I you know when I got Greg and here I said now you guys are just overtly go out and say you know you know are you going to spend the night.

If you are in heaven and in our view to make it. How do you reach out to those fans and ensure Christ with it. What is needed is about we deal with the other insurance problem and that were were dealing with eternal insurance and you know in this situation it just happened at Daytona is a good example that things can change in a moment in an instant, and so people need to be ready, that when something does happen and something does take place and we never know when that day's going to, one that I was going to come that you need to be ready for that and make sure that your right with the Lord that you've accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior man, and that is all in place. So that's what were all about. I know what I know it and I love your little handouts that you guys use it says are you qualified and skilled course got the checkered flag so share with our listeners how they could it how easy it could be that they could take part in your ministry.

It is pretty neat that I actually said it race tracks normally on the outside someplace you than the campgrounds or on vendor rail will ask to be on vendor wrote Bristol motor Speedway in three weeks and that we back up our literature and we find that that's a good process to use and that there will you know NASCAR fans like three things they like the cars they like the drivers they like free stuff and so we've got an actual show car racecar that we set out and we use as our magnet to get people to talk to, as they come. We actually have all of our literature back in bag so they need that bag to carry other stuff around and so we know that they may not look at that at that moment with this accident. Go home with them and so is a start taken the stuff out home will see that the gospel literature in there. Hopefully read that and trust Christ as their Savior and be in a race fan myself on this thoroughly enjoyed reading the track you have it in the verbiage and the layout of it. It's just so perfect for that was my first question.

Can I have one because the love the people approach our big race fans and it's just done in such a perfect way okay appreciate that NASCAR fans have their own language and see if you can use that NASCAR language with the gospel. Put that together for effective there's no doubt, and it's wonderful to know that you're out there and it's also wonderful to know that they have those chaplains available because there are tragedies of these races at some a lot of stuff going on really fast and before you know it know there's a tragedy. And like you say, what an opportunity when people have questions that that while there's there's things more important than what I thought was yesterday. It's amazing in the flash when I went again if you go to Christian card. and watch that video. Those fans are have the time in their life. One minute or 20 seconds and then also here comes all the smoke and debris and everything changes and it's an absolute emergency, and that can happen for any of us in any moment, and although we didn't dwell upon the fact that you know how bad it could have been in all that you could not help but think if this piece of metal didn't hit those people in front of us. It could've been my friends right behind them or hit us. And if it hit them with the kind of force to knock them back into the people behind them enough. It hit him in the neck cut a juggler you know that a blade out in just nighttime matter, who was applying direct pressure in and it just gave you that you hear you're having a great time and so then you get back to our praise him around like book where we search the Bible for hidden treasure Crown for discernment lift up your voice for understanding, when we left our hero that was it not go to church after the Sunday school teacher told him you can't come back to Sunday school. Lester dressed in a like your and your Sunday best speak so that you can see God, no barefoot, you know and and when you think about it. Obviously, she had good intentions. She wanted people to she probably didn't want him to be standing out but what happened was she told her don't come back to church until you dress like you should. And he said no ma'am, I won't ever and to finish that story after that. My friend that that made this story, which I believe is probably true. He says I'm sure that Sunday school teacher met well but should really understand the love of Christ. Had she studied, except to the teachings found in the second chapter of James. What if she put her arms around the dirty, ragged little boy and said son I'm so glad you're here and I hope you'll come every chance you get to hear more about Jesus and as I reflected about the awesome responsibility of the teacher or pastor or parent what they have to welcome little ones. In Jesus name, how far-reaching is your influence as you may not even know about.

I pride that I might.

I prayed that I might be ever open to the tenderness of a child's heart and that I may never fail to see beyond the appearance of the behavior of a child to the eternal possibilities when some like this happening and it finishes by saying yes I sign the church house for the first time on Wednesday. As I looked at him there immaculately dressed gentleman laying there in his casket are part of the little boy long ago and I can almost hear them say no ma'am, I won't ever and I wept.

The fascinating thing about that story for me is that it was about three years ago on my other show Robbie's hobbies. Where does God take your passion easy to build the kingdom. I had some people on from I think it was a Lions Club they were doing barbecue where you hear that they bill when at the end of that show. I normally asked people tell me about when you came to know Jesus and I asked this gentleman that they will tell me about when you come to know Jesus when you came to know Jesus and he said I don't know.

I don't believe in ourselves like really you don't believe that. And his friend who was sitting there about where you are Bob. He got all upset and he said no, no, that's not important. This barbecue that were doing is important. Let's not talk about this nested within a minute. Friends don't let friends go to hell. I mean this is important. I can't think of anything more important what's going on and he said I don't believe that and I said why not. And he said it's because when anything I'll tell you I'm a tell you why need if you got angry and he said I would tell you I don't believe I said why and he said walk. I went to church camp as a child I was invited by the neighbors and I when I got there the first night they had a big assembly and they talked about coming to Jesus and everybody made a big deal outcome of this campfire. They all raised their hand when they said did you accept Jesus in your life, but I didn't. I said that night somebody stole. I forget what was radio or something in the came around and they said you must've done it because you are the only one sitting in that campfire that didn't raise his hand and you're not saved, so you must be the one who stole the radio and he looked at me and he pointed his finger in my face and he said see I was the good one and that one who accepted Christ. That was the bad one in the situation was in that moment for my friend there. He'd made a determination that he was listening to the lies of Satan.

Now you could say that poor that was a horrible situation, but the bottom line is when he is standing before God when he's at the judgment seat of Christ, then I can ago is not to say well there was this guy at camp that will hold any water there legacy. There was a Sunday school teacher told I couldn't come in barefooted, that will hold no water.

Yes, but at some point in time. There are lies that have been delivered by Satan that these people continue to believe that, for whatever reason happened we may have been involved in it, but ultimately it's not going to be that Sunday school teachers fault and it's not going to be the guy who told them that he was still some of the camp. He still is in the position of making that decision now. What's our role in that. Well I was with a dear friend for years and years and I unfortunately found myself with him in a coma in the hospital and you may verbally tell the story before. His name was Johnny Hendrix. As we were praying for him.

The doctors had told us he was in a make it through the night and I looked at his best friend right there named Bruce, and I know this man for about six years I said Bruce to Johnny know Jesus and he goes, I don't know and his wife was standing there I said Geraldine to Johnny know Jesus and she says I don't know.

I don't think so because he got all upset at the pastor at the church about 10 years ago and he about 20 years ago and he would never come back. I was like oh my word I worked on this man all these years and all the situation. I have never shared Christ with me was one of those people's got a grumpy little hard to reach the bottom line was Robbie never made an effort. You don't know the story goes behind the person that you're looking at and if you don't ever ask them where they're going and you don't know what the lie that you might help. But Jesus might allow you for such a time as this to unravel to simply prayed really hard that God would give Jesus more time and I said if you do, I promise. I promise. I promise. Lord I will talk to Johnny about Jesus.

Well after four days in the common Johnny sits up the bed like nothing's happened and I'm like almost choked God you came through for Johnny. Now I got to come true and I have no clue how to talk to Charlie because Johnny was a little bit grumpy and I did know how I can do before the library symbol Robbie Johnny is a car salesman and do a car salesman, a deal is so walked in Johnny's room grumpy as he was nice to Johnny. I made a deal with God like Robbie kind of deal did you make with it well.

I told him if he give you more time that I would help you to get to know them better if you didn't know them. You know or help you to come to know him and he says Robbie you better get up and before Johnny's death a few weeks later, he did come to the Lord, but that is the story of so many people around you and how are you going to get in there and affect these lies at there been believe in. It was all about the Sunday school teacher 20 years ago. There's a lot to this in the neat thing is, it are you qualified us what they're doing today are all we got a lot more Christian partnership coming up. We want to hear your story. By the way tell you to call us at 86634 is a fascinating line that's at the very beginning that song out of beginning.

The song is right for and she says if nothing ever dies and is there anything worth living for. That's a fascinating line and and in it, it takes you to places that I will bill you were just sharing some statistics that are hundred percent. If I'm not mistaken 100%. If Jesus doesn't come back to people they're gonna dive you a lot a lot of good Bible believing Christians go to church on a regular basis don't understand the world they live in were in the middle the Bible Belt, and when they went and checked the adults in our county. Like most counties, half of the adults in our county. When asked do you belong to a denomination or church said no, which means half of those people are not attending any type of fellowship across the country when they checked NAS is a group called Barnard BA or in a This got some really fascinating Christian statistics Senate half of the adults in the United States attend church less than four times a year and 25% of the adults in the United States have never been in a house of worship, and yet the Bible says it. If we're not sharing our faith with people who's going to if you got Jesus in your heart pulse that you are an ambassador for Christ that you were given the ministry of reconciliation that God is reconciling the people of the earth. To him through Jesus Christ, not counting our sins and mental thing is probably cool. I mean, Bob and Bob and Ann and Bill is that you can do this was something that you love.

If you're a NASCAR fan visited the whole idea Robbie Sabri's mother shows how to go take your passion you should build the kingdom.

If you have the love junkyards I'm telling you, Bob is found a way to share Christ to the junkyard Love NASCAR you guys to found a way through autoroute racing out outreach and now you've got this new car yes about it. It's really neat is that so we parted were several good partners in the ministry is that support military door organization, the acolyte Studios, a Christian film and also this year we are on the in the beginning stages of starting a brand-new NASCAR team will be competing and that the NASCAR camping world truck series. We have a Christian Drive enema Jordan Anderson.

He'll be a rookie, loves the Lord dynamic testimony, so this team is going to have a hold another Outlook and a whole know the reason and purpose for competing is for the Lord Jesus Christ. And here's a cool thing. If you love racing and you love Jesus, you can go to Christian card. you can click on the autoroute racing outreach logo right there and you can sign up to hand out these really cool packets for Bristol coming up in Tennessee or if you but you will be in Charlotte I know we got our listeners in Charlotte. They would love for you to come hand out your stuff right and then you exaggerate fellowship there at the track.

It is a fantastic time because you're just doing a great work and will be in Charlotte for four or two weekends there, nothing may and again right were all the fans are and so will it be great time in the evening. You know the check number that he'll be running it looks like it's gotta be the truck number 91, the brother that would be good to know that there's a were well represented that there absolutely and bill you had another point there is a great book a great CD a great set of materials that they are called share Jesus without fear. Google it. They've got a lot of material free online you can get the book. It's one of the main books the Gideons used to teach evangelism but find out how to do this so you're still using it at all.

In my opinion, this is Robert this is a Robbie opinion if you will get up an hour early every morning and you will go get in the word and you will spend time with Jesus. He will show you something tomorrow morning.

That will excite you so much that you cannot not go to work and share will be something that you just opens up your eyes like man I never knew that the Holy Spirit will open up your eyes that and then you can't help but share it with everybody walking to the best way I know to be the to make disciples is the be one of the things you have declared her. Alright, so they drove a list of the Christian card. I shall remember Christian card. has all about the Jesus labor love. We need more members on that prayer team. So go there and please join our prayer team and of course find out all about auto racing outreach about her good friend Bob. You can ask your experts you got insurance question he didn't get on the day you can go to Bill and do it there Christian card. Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and what will you do in the moment, in the moment of truth. I venture to say that depends on how close close to God, you are throwing and spending time with him this week will have a lot to do with how you react. Spend some time with the Lord this week to make a huge difference to everyone you know you're listening to Truth Network and

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