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Widow Connection

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 6, 2013 3:15 pm

Widow Connection

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 6, 2013 3:15 pm

Widow Connection

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book. Nothing will book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 784 what does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore well where I am weak he is strong and today that would be my voice. I've been battling adjacent laryngitis so I have some help with me this morning we have our normal first Saturday partner are Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon the morning. We also have here. My good friend in the host mass concerning radio show. Darren could say Robbie, I'm happy to be here and serve partially as your voice this morning, Robbie. It's the first Saturday of the month where we highlight our budget Jesus labor of love, ministry, three car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. With that said, I was thinking about what I was going to discuss this morning and I remember my first term as Elder brought me to Forsyth Hospital to see some friends from church. While I was there. God reminded me that the father of the new friend of my daughter was also in the hospital. He had a golf ball size tumor in his brain. Ryan was one of the first people I was allowed to see except Jesus to save your we became great friends.

We spent a great deal of time together over his final year. He never spoke of the fear of dying with me but he did speak of the concerns he had about spending quality time with his children, and concerns about his wife being able to take care of her financial responsibilities I hope will have a chance to get back to that later in the shut. I'll look forward about well today Robbie.

Also, we've got a very special treat for the listeners of the Christian Car Guy and speaking of Jesus labor of love. We have Miriam Neff with us, who is the founder of the widow, a website, but way more than a website.

It's a resource for widowers and really anybody going through a major life transition.

Miriam is the author of one book from widow or from one window to another and then also where do I go from here and I've been perusing that book over the last few hours and really really have enjoyed it and that Miriam, welcome to the show so good to join you and I'm here in the Chicago area. It's a little bit nippy but I still got my voice so well that will help you along there and you sound great to me. Certainly got what would be a good cure for you next week I'm going to Africa and it will be about 100 in the villages where I was serving there that are probably cure that now you probably want some other stuff, but certainly God has a special eye towards the widows actually the word widow is mentioned 50 times in the Scripture Scriptures, usually in connection with God's people looking after the widows needs one way that widow was given a special honor of being the first to recognize the Messiah that was the widow Anna at the temple. Yeah. And Jesus also recognize that widows were very big givers. One of the ones that he recognizes is obviously the widows might see another example of the Jesus high view of widows was the parable of the persistent widow and you know I love Scripture when I became a widow and had many need one of the things that I was able to do is going find out God hadn't forgotten me and he cared very much about me and he wanted me to be a great woman of prayer, we see that with Anna and a generous person but he was first going to have to really fill up a lot of voids in my life which she has done but I just love the way you're bringing up Scripture what God thinks about. He loves us intensely while he does. Miriam and you know as I was looking through not just your books but the website and the seven tips that were going to have you give to us later on in the show. One of the things that really hit me was his so many people are scared to ask the wrong question their spirit scared to make the wrong statement and so today is going to be a great chance for our listeners. This is a live show.

So were going to ask people to call in and they will have the opportunity to ask the awkward question because you're not going to be offended by that right Miriam, you're gonna be able to educate us and help us in my years as a pastor I work through this with a lot of different people and I am thrilled about your book and II just automatically this morning thought of about 20 different people that I could recommend, especially where we go from here to so we need to call in today.

If you've got that awkward question 866-348-7884 or for the digitally gifted. Certainly, 86634 truth really this is your chance to engage someone who this is their ministry and are trying to help us all understand better know what we need to do to see widows through God's eyes at the bottom of the hour we will get an update from Vic Hill, Arlene volunteer for the Jesus labor and love ministry recall car repair labor for single moms and widows across the country and then later on in the show. As I mentioned, we are going to have Miriam give her seven tips to help widows and I am telling you, you do not want to miss this and is not just widows and that's that's one of the really cool things about the. The next book or or this other book where we go from here that Miriam is written is that this is for anybody who has experienced some loss and yeah there are some awkward questions, but she's going to go through seven tips and and these are great tips you will not want to miss this. They will and Robbie, I can say that when I became a widow and I was a professional counselor in my career and I began to realize these great crews of the ways that we could help each other and there's no one that can say I understand like someone that's been on the journey that you've been on. Then we began to realize these principles are biblical that apply to anyone who had a big loss funeral foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, or being abandoned in a relationship so you know God is been so incredibly kind and he's taught me on the journey. I didn't want to take but yet it's a journey that the true blessing now and so I can speak from reality on this test can be so cool. I'm looking forward to the appraisal by the real blood look at the end of the show Robbie that's always one of my favorite parts. As for research, the Bible for hidden treasure trap for discernment left biceps for understanding. Well, God showed Robbie a connection between communion and widows and depending on his voiceover or the lack thereof, either he or I will share that with our listeners. Towards the end of the show online and we actually have a collar already Judy in Traverse City is calling you and well she's got some car repair issues, but as always you remember that the Christian car guy.

We hope to change the way people look at their cars. They need tender loving care they need a name like old red. Well, I got a name for my car last week on on last week show. It was called Hercules bench. Sheila wasn't excited about the name of her car. Robbie, but and think about it. You see old tractors a been on the element since the 1940s are still running. Why do you think the truth is if you maintain a car last as long as you do cars need to be safe and driven safely. We need to wear our seatbelts.

We need to not speed if you were truly following Jesus. In other words, he was driving the car hit a you you wouldn't speed then which I really struggle with this one Robbie. But you know it is estimated that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding and again this is a live show so please call in with any questions. We get Judy on the line now, but today we've got Miriam as well with the widow connection to help us understand not just the widow's plight, but anyone's plight who has gone through some major change you can call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884486634834 truth. We want you to call you and if you got more questions, you can go to Christian car find out about what's being talked about on today show or any of the previous shows Miriam's ministries listed there. Jesus labor of love in the car repair questions you have that you have one of the specialist.

You can email to us and we will be glad to get back to you and help you with your concerns or questions are right we had Judy is in Traverse City Michigan.

Judy Janik Christian card I show them how can we help about how now okay and it five years ago I had to replace the lower intake manifold gasket and band style new Heinemann throttle and it is needing to be done it again, is something that normal with this car. Is it a 3.86 this evidence and unfortunately it isn't abnormal, that's for sure that that that is been an issue, and because it has that would be something that I would contact General Motors or your or your dealer there to see if they might give you some help, since it's the second). You can document that that's a great question Judy appreciate you calling and when we come back we have so much more. Miriam nephew got a question for widow. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for calling Judy and we need to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH welcome back to Christian car guy show and obviously this voice is not the voice of Robbie Gilmore and Robbie doesn't actually have much of a voice today so Darren can hear with Bill Mixon and Robbie his body's hear his voice is someplace else. This morning, and we've got a lovely lady Miriam nephew has an important ministry. Miriam is a is a nationally syndicated radio feature as well has that going. I think those are one minute segments aren't they. Miriam new beginning. Basically it's a one minute picture encouraging people who are starting over. No matter what what that reason is. Some of them wanted some of them unwanted but it's also biblically based in it fed from a person's perspective who's been through a lot of those that would be me right well as I said earlier I we would love to hear a little bit about your story about how this ministry began, and as a lifelong pastor I don't do that anymore. I have another ministry to the men and families but a lot of my ministry obviously was walking through these types of things and as I read through the seven tips that Robbie has listed on the Christian car go there you can download podcast of the show and others while you're there, but Miriam has those seven steps. But before we get to those seven tips Miriam, just tell us a little bit about your story. Well, I met an amazing man at Indiana University. Bob now and we married when I was a teenager. God really I think blessed us incredibly finished his studies there in I came with him to Chicago. He felt a calling to be a Christian broadcaster and he did that through 40 years, leaving Moody broadcasting and I know the persons and other people in broadcasting knew him and I thought at this stage of my life after my career.

Being a professional counselor and we raised four kids that to born to us to adopted that at this stage, I'd be traveling the world with this wonderful man and seven years ago. He went to heaven via Lou Gehrig's disease or MIO tropic lateral sclerosis. I thought that I knew what my life would be.

I thought of and of court and I became a believer at age 21, so I thought well you just whether things and I found out there's a great loss just just really caught me offguard in so many ways of grieving and being vulnerable and people trying to take advantage financially and just so many things I didn't know how to do and I reached out to God and it's like God loves me but why aren't there ministry through the church are somehow to help people like me and you know what happens when you find avoid because you're living in it. God kinda taps you on the shoulder after little bit and says hey what are you going to do about it and we started first with the website which is financially easy and doesn't take a lot to do and as people began to go to the website and get encouragement on grief and financial budgeting tools and things like that that they that they need.

I know because I lived the stuff we need to have immediately and people began to be blessed by that and then we were blessed to do more and we now have some books out as you've said and we do the one minute new beginnings so that people can be encouraged and now we go to Africa regularly and we train young widows there and there were many of them because of AIDS in the wars and and conflict.

They have dependents they can't believe they live in terrible circumstances, we train them with the skill of tailoring widow connection buys the machines we pay the trainer and when they graduate, they can be self-sustaining in their village or in their community and they don't have to have children going hungry, they can buy they can buy fabric ends and makes school uniforms and sell that at a profit. They can make African clothing. I just love being there and seeing how we can empower these women you asked me a short question I gave you.

Maybe a great answer Miriam, one that things that you do that I think is so critical and I and I noticed it immediately when I became connected with your ministry, and I was at my voice to take us there. But was your connection to the church itself that there you saw whole within the body of Christ as the administrator windows which may know, that would not be Jesus's eyes. He loves widows. Anybody with love testing case that so you have a church resource commission what that is. Well I found you looking you look to your church and for most part churches are busy they may care about us, but they don't have staff to start something or whatever and I began it out group in my own church and we would meet once a month and study the word and then we pray for each other and just as widows we could comfort each other and our average age is 50 two thirds young women there.

We also found that some women whose husbands were not in the picture would come and gain comfort there and so I did some Bible studying and and I love to do that and had some lessons prepared, and then I would say to these other churches you need to do this you need to do this and they basically look at me and love and tell me why they couldn't and then we decided you know what will create a tool and so we created a Bible study series of the one that's available now has five lessons in it. All you need is a DVD player and maybe a pot of coffee and it can be at church in a special room or you can go to a library or be in the home. Basically, you don't need to have a staff person or someone to teach it to put that DVD in and there I talk. I share the word of God and also like interview other young young and middle-aged and people like me widows and what we've experienced one of the lessons is all on finances we talk a little bit about cars. By the way, because that's an area of vulnerability for us. We talk about these practical things and then there is an accompanying journal because most of us like to kinda like writer notes and talk a little bit about our experience of the women can maybe write notes about the other people were praying for that day so that packet of really makes it so a church can serve their widows and let them comfort each other and really become who were supposed to be were supposed to be the strong praying and generous people want a resource that is II have some of myself that you sent me, which are just absolutely beautiful.

We want to make sure you know you can go to Christian and there that packet will be just like the two books available that you may know, what are some of that you want to put that book in her hands. This resources for your church. You can engage me is again part of Jesus labor love is for single moms. What is our heart to see people as God sees them right and that that one of the things that we that became glaringly obvious to me when I did the show that I never would've guessed, is how many widows approached me with car questions that and and I saw the emails pouring in and that's part of how God prompted me to start the Jesus labor love so that widows would have resources well and when I went to Christian Car this morning to to look at this after you'd called and said hey Darren.

I may not have a voice. Can you come help me. I was just blown away with the intricate levels in which your website goes to Miriam and and all the different ways that you put these things in here from financial to the beginning to mission and purpose in all these different things that people tend to think might go away, but they don't try all we have so much more common for you. We still have are seven tips we got. Bill mixes story we got to kill Jesus labor love volunteers can give an update on what's going on with him and I want to stay 10 for all that, but you want to call with your question. 866-348-7884. We need to learn from your quest card radio and obviously this is the voice of Darren could not Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy Robbie. It really was a lifelong dream of mine when you called me yesterday and said hey would you be willing to help me in the coming I have always wanted to have a national format to talk about in my car issues and mainly all of my pet peeves of other people's driving, but I guess that's not really the top has an on. I am actually going to go to a man who's probably a much safer driver than I am and that is Bill Mixon. Bill has a story to share with us.

I had the privilege of not only protecting people from financial loss to the fire in the auto accident also blessed with the opportunity to assist people to be financially prepared because of premature death.

Many people are very concerned about how much insurance they carry on their car and how much they carry on their home but many more failed understand the value of the income it takes to pay for those things and how important it is to ensure that income potential. People often are more concerned about their auto and home insurance, and their life insurance.

Please remember many people never have an audit where homeowners insurance claim but everybody dies a checklist or discussion to have with yourself and your spouse, your children and your financial planner should include some items like where my accounts records kept where my passwords kept will people know where my money is which banks I use where my valuable papers are kept where my bank account numbers are where my IRA is how much money I know and how much money do we have is a family where's my life insurance and how much do I have where are my IRAs and how much are in the some financial plans have life insurance attached to where's my health insurance and my health insurance papers and who to live by people call who's my my wife call get health insurance questions answered. More importantly is do I have a will and a power of attorney have I taken the time to have a healthcare power of attorney. A lot of families are really ripped apart when somebody is on their deathbed and there's a discussion about how much time and energy, money and effort should be put into making this awful decision, do I have a living will to help answer those questions and keep one sibling from another sibling coming to blows do my survivors know where to go.

At least get legal advice. Who do they call to answer some of those difficult questions when I'm not there to help point them in the right direction. I know with my small business is going to take somebody to help them unravel those and close the doors in many families one partner takes care of all the bill paying does the other partner even know what our monthly expenses are and how much money they need in some states when one person passes away the banks close the account had to sit down with your banker. Instead, if one of us passes away what we have to go through to be able to get to our money are the account set up with the right was the word you can set up an account in different ways of ownership and some of those will allow half of the money to be available. Do you know how to apply for the life insurance benefits.

You've got said that that money comes in quickly when you need it. You gotta sit down and do these things ahead of time where I've seen it in my family and I've seen it in other families the unit elder in the church all kinds of turmoil can go through because there was a little bit of planning done ahead of time. I want to get an update. We have this Jesus labor love program of the Christian car and I met ministry that that really is is a blessing were able to help single moms widows across the country with repair. Every once while we have our own issues and this month is been a kind of a difficult struggle for us because our lead volunteer for kill.

Normally all the stuff goes through. I sent it to him and the need. He distributes it. He's had his own issues.

We got them on the phone with us. Good morning Vic Vic, I'm not the only one is been a little bit under the weather. I know better now that we appreciate a lot of substance prayers that's had a bit of an issue with his heart. He's got another procedure coming up right side of the got I got them and wait for things to be down so I can have a procedure stand.

I really appreciate all the prayers I could the doctor said you know three times one man every time they been amazed at how quick that I come back anomalous because of prayers and God felt it's a good way for me to highlight.

We have a labor of love purchasing these these folks volunteer they went to Christian car or they went to Jesus is labor. and they think there's a volunteer form and you need to know anything about cars is easy if you just have a heart for single moms and widows and that kind of thing you want to help us with our ministry even go to that and I would love to put you on our prayer team and so that you would know what we got a need is in St. John's Michigan. We got an email the cooking New Mexico to help us pray for these people, or in the case. Sometimes, like Vic, this month we had a plan to help me with Vic or Ali's voice how that may work, then you can now you can go there and do that so again working urge you to go to Christian car look at our Jesus labor of love, car repair outlets. This is huge is that Vic because the way that that you can help her ministry is by patronizing these guys giving the free labor to other people write for and you know them and it's a good once you know how this thing works. While people do not understand really how it works. What you know you can be a real integral part of making this whole thing working great great program and you can't believe how much how much up against individual privacy you can look at the outlets for two outlets that are listed there under the Jesus labor love stage edgy and and while you're there, say hey, I really appreciate what you guys are doing for single moms and widows I mean so much to them. Thank you Vic for being on with me yet you're there, thin, and neither rain or sleet thanks make God blessed you as a as a customer.

I'm not you, not to say that other repair shops or whatever would be unethical necessarily but when I go to that list and I look at the people that are on there in that are willing to do something for free. That tells me at least something about the heart of that person that owns that shop runs that shop manages that shop and that gives me enough information to know that you know what I think I can probably trust him with my vehicle as well. I will marry and I appreciate you being patient with a solid non-but it's time for those seven tips so you can just fire away. When ready, well you know people mean well sometimes but they don't know what to say and so I just made some real brief little things here and all. The first thing I would say is stay connected.

If you don't know what to say. Don't take away they'll stay connected, make the phone call.

There's a huge hole in her universe and she needs you to stay there. I also say of the second thing is say that you're sorry for her loss because some people say well I don't want to say anything because it will remind them and they'll make them stand and they might cry. Guess what we are thinking about her loss. It's kind of there and for someone not to say anything is kind of like, don't they know what I've gone through and it's always appropriate to say I'm just sorry for your loss right Mary Metz when I was reading through this list, this is Darren when I was reading through this list. I love the fact that you say, do not assume we need space to grieve it. There's truth to that you do, you do need some space but don't assume that that spaces alone and and again you know saying you're sorry and I love what you said there that you know people don't understand that you know you're asking that question.

Don't they know what I'm going through this is you know I've had this conversation with people when they've lost a child. Unfortunately I've done way too many funerals for teenagers who died in car wrecks or car crashes and things like that in and one of the things I talked to their friends and their family about his look your to be walking through the mall or through some shopping center next week and everybody around she's gonna be laughing and having a good time and all of that in this thoughts going to hit you.

Why are they so happy.

My world is crashing down around me. Why don't they understand and so just this act of saying hey I'm sorry for your loss. Says to them all.

I do understand that your world is kinda crashing down around you but and then you note due call and asked specifically. Tip number three.

A love that don't say call if you need anything talk about that for a minute. Well first of all, our arm is going to be too much in pain and too weary to pick up the phone and so for someone to: say want to stop over with a local banana bread or if you don't break, that's fine. Go to Pinero or whatever and it's not that we need the loaf of bread that it shows that were being thought of our state. Can I stop by and will just go for a walk around a couple blocks served on the road or whatever or meet me for coffee at this coffee shop give something specific, and now the person may say no for a little while but don't stop asking because at some point that is going to be her lifeline, or if it's a guy who's gonna going through a deep valley, great beer going to need you around or the wrong people will step in and take advantage of that void and ending in that time. Don't hesitate to talk about the person who has who is passed away. Don't hesitate to talk about the favorite food they might've liked or in a Chinese restaurant all say yeah Bob would've ordered the sweet-and-sour pork and we all laughed and don't hesitate to speak of, though, that there already on her mind and if it someone who knew them well and remembers a joke. They told her something about them that very comforting to us, especially in the first couple even three years, or to remind apparent this is what I remember about your teenager.

This is what I remember about your child that that's comforting stop yet to know that the you understand or that other people know that that person you love so much. Made a difference in other people's world only net is huge. And then I say invite me to anything out first if you invite me back to couple dinners and things like that. I may say no for a while but now I've come to where I enjoy being a couple things right will again invite me to anything invite me to a concert, you know, because again, a big waste in our calendar is empty. A big part of our social life is empty. Much of my life was keyed around Bob's work advanced in his hobbies and things like that will all that disappeared in a moment so we have time and it's good to do some new things I've started hiking with with new other women we've hiked in Arcadia Maine.

We hiked in Oregon, you know that there are some new things to do and I did that because of friends that you know what you're going to like this hiking group and I love it well. I love the fact that you say don't don't assume again that it I think the assumptions are are probably the enemy of the widow, the enemy of the person going through transition is writing anti-assume certain things and you say I don't assume that we don't want to participate in couple's events. Don't assume that we don't want to participate in gatherings anymore.


And you never know whether your assumption is accurate unless you get to know that person and listen to them. This is not a time to tell them your story of your loss of your favorite grandmother or your aunt or whatever sometimes was like oh I so understand, and you know what I this is what I went through at that time. That's not the time to share your story there caring as much burden as they can.

Right now, and there there will be a time when the two of you can talk about those things but but right now is probably not that time right now is the time to be a listener, a time to affirm the way there feeling about things when you say that don't assume that that somebody goes through the grief process is I guess number six by by the book. What's that look like well as a professional counselor.

There was agree there were stages of grief that we memorized and were quizzed on and a lot of people no limits been published and you know what the stages of grief don't fit all people, and in fact now they've come to realize that you know what the stages of grief really doesn't quite happen that way.

It might have for several people but sometimes people say will okay there in denial now and in a little while there going to be in this know you know what, there are some women who borrow. I know one woman who, after her husband. I didn't weep for two years and people felt she didn't love her husband and judged her for that. Yet at the end of two years, all barriers broke down and she grieved and she went through and you know what people judged her wrongly. She loved her husband she was going through the stages in her way and her time is as you're saying that Mary my picture in my mind and and I've I've come into that same experience.

It's more like a puzzle and a list of 12345 in secession.

I we still have our appraisal by the real Blackfoot look to see if Robbie can get any part of that in and we've got the seventh and we need you to call. Maybe you have that awkward situation that Marian can help you with 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Thank you for listening.

We got hot water and GG and my favorite part of the Christian card radiation appraisal by the real people. And that's where we search the Bible pleasure cry out for discernment and lifter voice that understand that. See how Robbie's voice to well, you know, God showed Robbie a connection between communion and widows so Robbie, what in the world is the connection between communion and widows (as you know I is for. I am preparing for this boot camp is amazing thing that Darren's ministry does coming up next week on April 11 through the 14th and part of that is we have a talk on the larger story that we live in this small story and you know, my world, but there's this big huge thing that's going on.

It's the eternal story and and it's been going on way before I shut up and is going on way after I showed up at a big part of the way that I get to take part of that larger story is through communion communing with God and and of course part of that is the bread and the wine that Jesus told us to remember in man, but that communion with God is a big way. I take part in the largest rail. I was thinking about this word communion communion communion also and I went community is a big part of communion because as God gives us his vision for communion.

He also gives us community to help out single moms and widows that are in that community now have to tell the story really quickly. I'll do my best when I was a Boy Scout, I have these these group that I was given because I was a Boy Scout with with experience so they gave me all the kids that didn't fit in anybody else's are true patrol so I got to bed wetters.

I got the fat kid I got to the kid that was skinny. The went debate. In all those things. All those kids, they put them in my platoon and everybody called his losers and they laughed at us and all that went on for two years, until one day they had this thing called the Klondike Derby the Klondike Derby have to take the sled and take it through the snow to these different stations. At this moment in time. This group of what everybody thought where losers God had given them each something very individual their own individual Boy Scout glory as it was the kid he wet the bed have to be great at lashing the kid is one of those kids was kind of a maniac and he could make a fire out of nothing. I can actually pyromaniac and three can make a fire and then and then there was another kid he could use the compass like there was nobody wanted you to a compass for this day.

It was snowing so that you can even see 2 feet in front of while so when we got out there we had the kid that knew how do you use the compass. He took us right to the station let Moses days were supposed to do when we got there, build a fire all well guess what we have alluded to keep the fire and 20 seconds with two matches. We go to the next station and that we have to latch with Indian teenage card. 14 kids you know we start just letting think and work losers is no way were when this thing. We come back in.

Everybody is cheering the rattlesnake patrol as one.

We have been slitting for the last two hours were trying to figure out what I will as God taken that community within that community. We made something special. Yes, and it's that way with the body of Christ that were all losers. To whatever extent we are in God gives us each way. If we connect in community to get next to widows, but we do have Marvin in Winston-Salem.

He's got a question for Mary and Marvin around the Christian card I show the moment. So Marvin Marvin. I good well what's your question today. Okay well the question is based on my lot about what you available widows and also going good. It is an abundance all help work women in general and especially if they are single mothers.

However, when it comes it got usually brought up short and what I know about the Bible that everything that goes into the storehouse is to be for the benefit of the total body of Christ and not just war women.

I know that this not all what this is about to show it's about just to benefit the female population model number I'm seeking resources is what is out there for you guys. That's a great question, but you brought about Marvin. We do if you go to Christian card. says that the Jesus labor levers for single moms widows and families in crisis. That would be a single man anybody in crisis or minister or whatever.

So those resources are available to you.

You just fill out the need the information for Mike like anybody else. Also, if you go to Christian card. you'll see a link to Miriam's website and she has lots of resources for widowers for men that are going through that kind of thing as well. I really appreciate your call Marvin.

That is right on target to make. Let me add that resource that comes to the storehouse is to go out based on need and women's financial ply widowers whittle by nano numbers are worse than widowers. I'm sorry Marion, we gotta run. We want to thank you for being on the Christian card I show meant remind folks go to Christian card. check out that resource.

Thank you, Darren. Thank you Bill and look into your communion with God for your community. See widows as Nazis listening to the Truth Network and

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