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Jericho Road

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November 2, 2013 1:08 pm

Jericho Road

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 2, 2013 1:08 pm

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Though you passing region of ancient song meeting by serving conservative all know the story of the good Samaritan, but what does that look like in the 21st-century. Should you be a good Samaritan and stop and help a stranded motorist. The question is certainly a haunting one and we by no means are suggesting one way or another, but we do suggest you call on God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit help when the situation comes your way. And so this various special edition of the Jericho good Samaritan show is live in you out there have the real story. What is happened to you when did you stop or when did somebody stop for you to be a good Samaritan.

We want to know the good the bad the ugly. Like I said, this is a live show when we want to hear your good Samaritan story this morning eight number to call you and is 86634878848663487884 is a number to call him and share your good Samaritan story well here to help us out today. We are so blessed because we have a new 62nd feature here on the Christian card I show it's called wisdom of the wounded and from now on, every week you're going to be hearing some of this wonderful wisdom of the wounded by one of our guest today, Karen Mulder and she Karen is an expert on caregiving and Karen's expertise now is not whether you should stop for a stranded motorist.

But how to be a caregiver what to say in a funeral line or how to treat a friend who has cancer or maybe you know somebody that's lost a child. What you say. Great news for all Christian card guys listeners from now on you can go right Christian card. look over the right. There's a big picture Karen wisdom of the litigation. Click on that and find out all that information. It's called wisdom of the wounded and is can a company every week with the 62nd features, but the good news for today show is she is a very compassionate heart and an ability to tell stories. So on today's show she's helping out with the compassionate end. But she's also can be shared some of the stories of the good Samaritans that I have found through my searching all week of stories about good Samaritans in the first one comes from a gentleman who called himself. I think as he was a fireman fuel hose are welcome. Karen all applicant shall, when an American way to work.

I thought my white car and I get the route 30° below the relative morning and I laughed at and dark. I some men at the driver window like a woman your neck terrified me help holding her car a quick thinker alternator had quit it if I walked that out. So to calm her down.

I held up my told her I could help her. He had a baby and McCarthy and both of them were so cold I got in my truck to warm up and tried my account that I would get back so the solution why I drove her back about 10 miles to her house. She told me that I had passed by and no one even flowed down here in Alaska life for its life to help them make something you do, no matter what we do not have any requirement for concealed weapons that we assume everyone is packing 40 for a special my pocket just in case the standard we live by, prepare for the word and call for the back. It will even out somewhere in the middle.

I'm glad I got I still have my humanity and will help my fellow Alaskan, I will not be a victim, but I will not be the human person that drive by a young family freezing, well, so there's one that turned out well, but you may have one that didn't turn out well.

Your listening right now you got a story to tell. We would love to hear it 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and share your story.

Whether that somebody stop for you or whether you stop for somebody or maybe something that went wrong. Maybe you're familiar with something we or maybe got a strong opinion on the subject.

We'd love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and share and certainly there are some safety concerns and we talked about that kind of thing. In fact, we have some police tips we want to share for you during the show today but we also have our very own Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon with us here today because there's other stuff to think about.

Good morning all, thank you for tuning in. I remember one day I put a gentleman in my car and I was going to go help him as one in the church food pantry enclosing closet and I just was sure that God wanted me to help this guy and it didn't turn out the way I thought it was going to win. Talk about that a little bit and so there there's also two sides to the story and your side is the one I'm really interested in here and so give us a call were anxious to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call you and share and then coming up been shown our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding. I know you may be thinking Rob is going to be teaching on the good Samaritan story. Well, I think Bob Robie actually sings that song Jericho Road he preaches about a good sermon on that subject. As I've heard from a play that song throughout the show today which by the way, if you go to Christian card. you can see him singing that whole song and several of the stories of of different folks that stopped what happened, some good some horrible, some wonderful there all their Christian card. as well as those police tips on talking about and things to be thinking about is one of the situations may arise in your life. But when I'm at teatime I praise about the real black book got had a little different lesson plan for me every week of euros if he has something for you and and this week I was thinking through some of Jesus's miracles and study and some of Jesus's miracles. And interestingly, Jesus performed many many many here miracles of healing and restoration but to my knowledge, he only performed one miracle of destruction and share what that has to do with the good Samaritan that one miracle of destruction. And that's coming up in the shown our appraisal by the real black book.

If you just turn and then yes you list the Christian card I show on Robbie Gilmore 35 years in the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian card I show hopefully change the way people look at their cars and need to be paid for no debt watching people going to crazy amounts of debt is a heartbreaker for the car business. So that's one of the big reasons we started this show and one of the waste make sure you don't go on the card it is to take good care of your car in that way it will last as long as you do like my 1995 Dodge Dakota old red 350,000 miles on it. If you take care of your car last as long as you do. And cars need to be safe and driven safely. So we talk about that today. What is this safe way to handle the good Samaritan situation and in the course.

We have also to technology today but the good Samaritan didn't have so were going to talk about how you might use that to be safe because it is not just eat your own safety. At times, is working to find out from another lobby story. Sometimes you get people in the car with you. You gotta worry about their safety and and we often talk.

Also, the Christian card. I show about speeding, not speeding. If you truly following Jesus. In other words, if he's the car ahead of you. He would not be going above the speed limit and I estimate that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on speeding so I say that every week to point out to everyone is what we don't have a gas shortage in this country we have a sin overabundance of people speeding if we would slow down, we would have no gas shortage so as not all talk about today we are talking about the good Samaritan. When did you stop or when did somebody stop for you.

866-348-7884 and as always, as I mentioned, it's all the website Christian card. Many of these stories as well as now Karen Mulder's wisdom of the wounded which you can click on that link the right to her website. Maybe you're in that situation where you've got a friend who has cancer. You don't know what to say or you're on your way to a funeral this afternoon.

What do you say in a funeral line almost tips are there wisdom of the wounded plus the 62nd feature to be hearing and it is the first Saturday of the month.

So that's the Jesus laborer love Saturday where we celebrate all these folks out there help in single moms widows and people in crisis with free car repair labor for single moms widows of Jesus laborer love. It's all the Christian card. now during this break. I need to call in with your good Samaritan story, 866-348-7884 that so much more, met hey you know the definition of a smartphone is a phone that has downloaded the all-new truth apt that's right the Truth Network is gone mobile and we have a brand-new app you can listen to any of our stations in any of our markets.

The specific station.

The option is there just go to website and download the free truth app for your smart phone your android your iPhone your iPad anywhere in the world listen to us online. Listen to us with your smart phone hey what's up is Toby Mac.

News of another real life Jesus. From the voice of the martyrs on August 13, Lee shown peeing leader of the Lynn Finn house church in China was driving home when the man appearing to be intoxicated, staggered in front of his car. When we stop three men jumped out of a nearby vehicle and all four men grabbed Lee and dragged him into the vehicle where he was blindfolded and bound with the rope and be the men threatened to throw him in the river make him drink. Sulfuric acid kill him and kill his family.

Lee was eventually dumped in a cornfield who you pray for Pastor Lee for the safety of his family and all house church leaders in China for the latest go online to under breeze and being a dad means the world to the most important things any parent can do is make sure their kids get at least 60 minutes each day. Study show that physical activity not only helps kids they help to enhance important skills concentration problems which can improve academic.

This means physical activity. Help your kids in the most game of all life. Learn, HHS you're listening to the truth and I'm Nathan Zacharias and this is just the Christian message is one of forgiveness, which is one thing that sets it apart from other worldviews. Forgiveness is about power but whose power you've heard it said that when you refuse to forgive someone you're letting that person control you your whole mindset becomes reactionary. One of letting your emotions and actions controlled by the person. There is another important out. In the parable of Jesus healing the paralytic. Jesus said that only God had the power to forgive sins, which means any time. We offer forgiveness. We are doing only for the power of Christ such forgive does not just remove control of your life and the one who sinned against you.

Take that control places that solely in the hands of the only one who is worthy of such a position power in your life Jesus Christ to think or believe in the believer thing. For more information go to our CIM orgy scene sin you don't like to hear that word. No big surprise. I don't like to see high on Chuck's window like to talk about. We don't think about the problem is we still have to deal with. You see we were born wrong with God. The same scene that Adam introduced into the human race has been polluting that river of blood all the way through time.

All have sinned, because Adam seemed will get out of this mess by believing in Jesus Christ, the one who paid the full price that was something you might want to hear pastor and teacher visit Insight for living's website and sharing is that the 21st-century what does that have to do with if you're passing by stranded motor somebody walking on the side road with the gas can in their hands. Actually need help. Or maybe you see is the stranded light like we talked about that's in a snow bank. What you do.

Have you had it done to you. Have you had somebody stop for you or did you stop for somebody else. We need to hear your story this morning we have lines open.

This is a live show. We'd love to hear it 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share your story to those who are digitally gifted.

You can go 86634 truth and you can just you can call right and share your good Samaritan story now. Bill is Bill Mixon is our Christian insurance guys on them.

I guess I also have Karen Mulder with us here, the host of wisdom of the wounded. A new caregiving feature on our show but bill you at your particular story shares another side to this.

It's not always just exactly hamburgers and roses. Well, I do want to say that I'm not advocating, never stopping my family was on the mud by girls and mother-in-law were heading to the beach one time and got stopped and rocking him because the engine transmission dropped out and some wonderful people took care of them and I hope that happens for lots of other people in need, but there was an occasion when I let this gentleman in my car and I was going to go assist him. I had bumped into them at the YWCA a few weeks earlier, and because I was running the soup kitchen.

The clothing closet in the food pantry at church.

I had a particularly tender heart and was listening to this gentleman talk to me and I was sure he was a brother. He had all the right things to say and he needed $20 to help him pay his room and board, so I didn't want to hand in the cash and I decided to go take. He defined his landlord to give them the $20 and I bet we spent two hours because this God knew every piece of property that his landlord and will the next time I saw him he was on his way to us on the way to the habitat to do a little bit of construction and I had told him where I was going to be. And lo and behold there he was side taken him to get some clothes and some stuff that of the food pantry and then the third time I bump into him.

He's got a check and he wants help cashing this check will the name on the check in the name he was using that day were not the same size just a little bit concerned that something was not quite right side had them in my car and we drove the one of the properties we are his landlord supposedly the house and these folks came out and I said, pardon me, can you tell me the name of the landlord. Once again the name that had been given to me in the name that was presented then were not the say acid.

This just isn't right, and I started crying now wish I had it been a strong enough Christian to have prayed in the beginning but at that point I started playing and I realized this guy was not what he claimed to be.

And I gotta say this. The only time in my life where I bumped into something that I would say wisdom on and there was a change in this person. There was a change in the atmosphere in the car and his voice changed and he told me that I was going to take care of this problem for him. I started the car and I hit it with the police station. I said well he won't know where I'm going and the smartest thing I can do is either bump into a policeman or pull into the parking lot at the police station and he grabbed the stick shift and he said if you go any farther down this road rip your transmission and I wish I really wish after he got out of the car for years and years after that.

I wondered if I had been smart enough that in the faith enough to looked over at him and sit in the name of Jesus I cast the spirits out of you, but about all I could do was to slam on the brakes and say get out of my car, get out of my car to my point. Do you we and he got out he got. I hear lucky man on a lucky man.

But we gotta be wise you know Jesus told us that we had to be wise as serpents, and we've got some tips on how you can have a big heart and and also be the good Samaritan, but we've got Mark Angier calling Angela North Carolina. We would love to hear your story. We would like to hear how you somebody helped you or you help somebody.

Mark your unchristian car guy sugar morning morning I would lot waiting for someone to come back and alternate in another number. Nobody would heart article… Well same situation like to help me and it worked out good and and the people were thankful in their and you got to share the will and you little fruit in your life. How cool that's a great that's exactly what I was hoping somebody calling with this morning Mark I bless you and appreciate you calling so much writes that was marking Angier, what's your story, 866-348-7884 is the number to call him and share yours, 86634 truth, not Karen with your caregiving wisdom that you share every week. You've got a couple stories that you share that are along these lines were Mark just had some pop up and here's this person try to start the car in their run, and it is not working and it reminds me of your help. Please story and now you can told by a woman here in how it affected me sick that I and my grocery shopping and I grabbed my little boy maybe seven or eight years, could you help my mother so I left my cart link style is not everything on the floor trying not to cry, notably very gently to me. The cloud and he ran down next to her.

Well overrode the idea of calling 91 liner running down like a mad woman Crying for help down with them and she looked up at me and said I can't camping an ambulance into effect now taken over. I'll be okay unfair when you thought my group of people to action. Someone contacted her family. Another paid for her grocery and bought a little toy for the boy wound for three effect that marital affair, no way to gather silent mother drives very different outbound care.hearing cannot I'm sorry the music playing, which means we gotta go to break working to find out wonderful into that story. This can happen. It is the second place got Rita in Louisville, Kentucky got a story for us, plus a couple other calls would come in and share your story 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the Truth Network and

Hey, what's up with Michael Tate 188 Carthage the proconsul is giving a group of Christians one last chance to come to this insistence were supreme allegiance to the Emperor's pruritus responds. I do not recognize any empire of this present age and tennis ads.

There is no one whom we fear.

Except the Lord our God who is in heaven.

Third, accused man nodded, maybe says it best, honor Caesar. As Caesar but fear God proconsul sentences them to die, never understanding that these men are not enemies of the government, but the citizenship is in heaven and their first loyalty is to God.

Will you stand with the voice of the martyrs go online to

You've probably read the same stories I have about twins who are able to finish each other's sentences or couples who been married so long that they know what the other was thinking more about the say before word is even how wonderful home sold by another person. The psalmist David spoke about God, the God you understand my thoughts are on modern Bible translation puts it this way, from a distance. You know what you sure today that God knows your thoughts and your feelings David Jeremiah encouraging them to get on the road to discover how well God knows Route 66, driving log onto Route 66 roadmap for life.

Route 66.

Start your journey home today 70 votes to which was militant fighters attacked Christian villages, the Philippines, the fighters are waging an ongoing war to drive Christians out campaign for a pure Islamic state. The guerrillas ransacked the villagers home, taking belongings such as rice, clothing, and utensils. He also took the villagers livestock village leader who ran for help is caught by the attackers and killed. The villagers are now camping an evacuation center ignorant and walking to their funds to work to learn how you can pray for Christians facing persecution in restricted nations call 875 allies dial 875 points to pray for and encourage members of our spiritual family 75 points, the voice of the martyrs Christian organization and what goods and about what you doing stranded motorist in the 21st century we got some police tips coming up for you what they say.

You might want to do, but what are the actual stories that people of experience in people stopping for them or them stopping for others what we've got our special guest Karen Mulder with us today. She's our new she does wisdom of the wounded and new feature we have your unchristian card showing when we left our hero.

She was laying in the well sitting in the in the grocery store with everybody gathered around in the poor mom who had cancer was was was passing out what happened to our grand boy came to me.

Thank you. You went out. I went to bed that woman who lived grocery shopping grocery Likely factors that can take in my, could you help my mother when I hear you right there.

Therein lies the situation we see it, there's a situation like Mark talked about where the person obviously the car wouldn't start. You run across these things. How you know exactly what to do and where trouble may arise.

We've got Rita in Louisville. He's got a story for us. You can call us with your story at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in a course.

We have all the stuff in Christian Car read and what have you got for us all. I was so addicted highway car with Donald in the middle-of-the-road photo right that I think you know what what what I need to get my cart out my AAA card get hard lately. I get like at a different kind of busy real busy road before Lady Carl Stoll Decatur, usually with getting towed might indicate that you know it.

It sounds simple Rita.

But it's huge for that lady who needed that toe that day its phenomenon, meant to tell you a similar story that happened to me you just got just recalled it in my mind. Here I am. I'm a Christian car guy, but sometimes things happen to me to my daughter called me panicked because she had locked my granddaughter in the car in. It was a day what was about 100° down here in North Carolina and so and if she was about five or six blocks from me so I fly over there trying to figure out how to get in this car with my granddaughter and I'm trying all the normal tricks the Christian cart and nothings happening for me. Rita and this lady comes out and she did just what you did because I have AAA and I know with this kind of right now and open that car and I was just humble that this lady you know I felt like man my granddaughters life is in danger here because I'm fixed to break out a window and if this if this if this AAA man didn't show up when he did which it didn't take into minutes. Rita but I know that that union will never know and tell heaven how that may have affected the lady in the car. I've been locked my car and I locked my car, my client would not like my dog. I paid a lot of money in the sea.

AAA comes through again, thank you so much for calling and what a blessing. Thank you for sharing that and we would love to hear your story, 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member. The calling and share your story now if you got a Christian car billiard and see all the stories. Unfortunately, some of worked out very very badly. People got killed and so at the very bottom of my site. There's a policeman you have to go through that little newscast thing to see what the policeman actually says, but there are some tips from this policeman and it seemed to me that wow I haven't thought about how easy this might be for most of us, his biggest tip is to keep your cell phone charged at the charger is a good thing to have one of those inexpensive charges for you cell phone and if you have a cell phone and you see a situation you don't necessarily have to put yourself at risk. Your family at risk.

You can simply call 911 and say there is a stranded motorist right here. There is a situation right here. Now the police are equipped their train. They have all the stuff going on so that they can deal with that particular situation and so you know that's that's what the policeman's tip once, which I thought was an outstanding tip because like Bill situation. You don't want to get my car with some you don't want to fight find yourself in a situation where you get hurt if you read the story you can see there are situations where you can hurt.

There's other things for you to rely on the Holy Spirit. Wow.

I mean I was a church the other day and Christian cart.

This lady is obviously trying to start a karma hearing the same thing.

It took me two seconds to jump in and explain to her how her battery cables release and help her out. I didn't feel any no real worry that this lady, this was somehow to set up you you gotta let the Holy Spirit guide you handsomely things will I don't know my wife or my daughter alone to stop the car and rolled her window down and talk to somebody because somebody can reach EN entire advantage of the situation. After section I could talk about Jesus sent people out into most of what the disciples did they did in groups so be very hesitant to jump into situations without taking your safety in mind, and it's always good to pray first part of this is to turn it around and make sure you don't put yourself in these situations, make sure that you've got charge cell phone. Make sure you pray before your trip. Make sure that you've got the phone number for your AAA your your roadside assistance not only in your glovebox, but in your wallet and purse got Dave is in rock Hill South Carolina Dave here on the Christian car – a good morning morning when you got force people not to like a wooded area. I just picked up when I start talking to, but when I got to the next stop on the children not instead you want to get out right by myself and I just what it was buckled at that, toward the spirit of me and I didn't really know what it will about two or three months later I was in a… And he kept calling his name called the name, the name, then the doctor came out and got on the children and to come back and goes off got a guy couldn't tell it out thankful that I picked him up anyway and it gave me and assured that God is in every situation you know while waiting to know me and I continue to do it up in school maybe 25 or 30 years I picked up Van picked up Mexicans on the little between the lot bigger than California just everywhere and I picked up garden bottom home and they will need to go to a truck stop that given locale and shouted it out. I wake up in the morning. I got chills from that story how God is these pat me on the back and he said you know I've got this that and and therein lies the. The whole deal. When you hear Jericho Road. I got bit you hear that in that light, David, God bless you and appreciate you called insomuch. There's a lot to a David sin, but Karen I would love for you to read that other story that we had for Monk because I think that speaks to a lot of folks are feeling like man can I do this.

Can I not, could you read that story force can hear for like 90° when I walked into the daycare I realized that my life not get my dictation daycare if they could help security help in getting the guy off the property when I came out and the baby were walking down the route. I pulled over, picked them up and drove them to their house. I then went home and cried with my life when I made the dictation to stop and can there you have a situation that it would be the case for I know a lot of folks and I'm God bless my mean that that that this sounds like Dave out there that are courageous and feel like God is with them in this in their praying before and I'm praying after and their feeling right, but there's other folks like to the mom who just said you know she put her child at risk. You put yourself at risk. Give this man a ride. I think that clearly we have opportunities to do things but we also can use our cell phones we can use good common sense.

We want to make sure that the people get help and in the good Samaritan himself really bill you think about it.

He didn't stay with the guy he gave them to the innkeeper gave the innkeeper some money he made sure that things were good, but then he went on his way and and and so if we can somehow another make sure things are good and that that means calling the police or whatever and staying in the location out of harms way until somebody gets there for help. Maybe that's what that means. If you hear a voice inside saying be careful because you and if your prayer and you hear that voice that says be careful. You've got to hear on that side, especially when you've got other ways to deal with the situation in a safe reform. Well, it was my intention originally to have Teddy Burris is a friend of mine on the show today, but I do have Teddy story and it and it's one that that it's a little bit longer but I would love for us to share that particular story. Karen if you would go ahead and read Tarik Teddy story force normal. Five. Work downtown down the ramp to live for anyway Went nearly to myself about the crap crap down the ramp and thought it right at the end of the range I wanted to get home. Traffic was really heavy and I'm sure everyone had the same plan that home and no one would give anyone plaque so there was no merging or going. Everyone tried to get around a stalled car. Go past the disabled car I can gearshift down in Fact that I pulled up alongside the disabled car nine practice that. Then I looked out my passenger window lady in the disabled car and she was crying. There may be months before I would have yanked the car into the next year and Going back today.

I pressed the collection downshifted and twisted the steering wheel to the right that I jumped out of my car and walked back to the disabled car if I want to like I could see her hysterical crying. Her entire body was shaking in her head Jerking up and down your faith to read with pain and care.

I can't get back in for her to wind down the window and in the, for a fact that you look like your card. If not love you today and see what we can do to get you out of here.

Patty file Dell stopping that I'm My car worked on and it cost me all the money in the bank and Malik broke again and I found it very going and if they're getting an hour and Bearing my counsel death at work and I don't know where Calais would call them, effect now. We can't worry about your broken car right now figure out what to do to get you to guide you will. There for me and I want to thank you online at the police car came of conflict on it like to pulled up behind Pam, I quickly called the police then let it happen immediately, and where I'm heading that way please car off the road a few quick movement Pam Fink to the please contact Pam open to goiter actually happened. I nearly black traffic again and gave me a big thank you for tapping no one out you dad stayed calm. I still appreciate your help you with the lady who had an old counter car is out of money worrying about a sick child and no idea how to stop her current problem. My selected life my life so fabulous.

Like you I have picked a great family. Why am I filling out my do I have a good Help. The lowlifes why me what blessed to be a blessing. That's one of the molders phrases that you can hear that a lot of wisdom of the Lord and we got more Christian card, I shall come and what about Jesus is miracle of instruction. Hey, you know the definition of a smartphone is a phone that has downloaded the all-new truth apt that's right the Truth Network is gone mobile and we have a brand-new app you can listen to any of our stations in any of our markets. The specific station the options or just go to website and download the free truth app for your smart phone your android your iPhone your iPad anywhere in the world listen to us online. Listen to us with your smart phone this is just a thought with Ravi Zacharias. Most people today really come to that belief systems I believe by an invasion of the imagination which is a second level in philosophy, one of the reasons that existentialism against such a strong told many parts of the world, including Europe and captured the imagination of the sins of the 60s and 70s sought was because the thinking process Avenue of the arts and you can go into the scene play on Broadway to many a movie or listen to music and you will find a certain philosophy of life is either being in question might not infrastructure the arts think or believe in the believer thing. More information go to RZ. I am no RG can you pass to catch up on the dinner conversation can be top-flight getting catch it out of the bottom so I am or what happened at school today making a dinner together gives kids a chance to turn anybody act stuck up today like this catch up just one way to help your family trying for more tips.

Visit every day count.

You're listening to the truth and some of the most amazing Christians in minister who voluntarily enter the gospel message after the rise of it. He died resisting Nazi terror, but he spent the final days before his execution, offering the love of Jesus to his fellow and to his Christlike love and others like represents of Christ's love for us. Jesus died on the cross bearing the weight of all I said the love of God.

All the resurrection. Seek God's love can. If we into our hearts.

Let the love of Jesus Christ. Peace with will be met. The challenge for Jesus brings you know first Corinthians 13, the love chapter love is patient, love is kind. Love does not envy does not boast, love bears all things, hopes all things, he endures all things. They read it at weddings printed on posters, here's an idea, put your name there, Donna, Sean, Tia, whoever you are, can you really say Donna is patient Sean is kind.

Tia does not envy, then go a step further. Ask yourself, are you loving only people who were easy to love. That's not sacrifice a Jesus freak. Love the unlovable for more from the voice of the martyrs go online to and that's what were talking about today on our guy. What is it look like in the 21st century. How can you do that with our technology with our cell phones with our please correct all the things that they didn't have on the Jericho road so to speak, but that leads us to our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, and yes it might be easy for me to teach on the good Samaritan, but that song teaches really really well and you can hear more of it before the shows over. But the thing I want to talk about today. The lesson plan. Jesus had for me this week was to talk about the miracles of our Lord and quite often, the miracles of our Lord were healing and restoration in interestingly George MacDonald in his book miracles of the Lord points out that each one is a tiny glimpse of a huge miracle that the father doing in your life every day.

But Jesus kind of fast forwards it like turning the water into wine which I know Larry loves that one) meet the butt or he took bread and made it out of the you know. But if you think about the miracle of what really goes into bread for the week to go and all that stuff. That's a huge miracle and the father supplies that force every single day. Jesus just kind of fast forwarded things real quick but the one he only did one miracle destruction out.

Really, if you think about miracles that God allows to happen creates to happen. One of those is the miracle of death because death ends up being a great cleansing if you read Revelation, there's a lot of it goes on, but in this one particular situation. Jesus was on his way into Jerusalem if you might remember and he walked up very excited to this figtree and unfortunately there was all green and loss but not a single fig. Why, because this figtree had thought about nothing but itself. It used all its vapid use all its energy to make itself healthy, but it did not have anything to share because the Lord himself walked up want the fig.

Remember what the disciples said when they came back. The figtree had weathered in a picture of what happens to us if we don't give fruit right in the neat thing about the fruit that you give if you heard Dave's story here. You heard the stories of the people that we had today by their fruit.

There were seeds in that fruit for more fruit that's passed on to the next and the next and the next like the fig is supposed to be so AE you know what it kinda ends up that if that really if you don't share any fruit you kind already are dead and that's that Jesus just allow the tree to do what it already was it. It was essentially of no value if it didn't provide any fruit, and so we have to look at our own lives in her own opportunities) when somebody hands of their hand and says why what can we do here when we have those opportunities.

When can you share the love of God with your neighbor and I'm so happy to have your feature on because you're gonna share so many different ways. I'm so excited for a listers that I've heard so many of these wisdom of the world that they're going to get a lot of this kind of stuff every week now. I think I it is and it's all at the website by the way, Christian car

If you go to Christian car

By the way, there's a great big video of the Jericho Road which is amazing song to hear more in a minute.

But if you look down to the right. There is a beautiful picture of Karen and says with unwounded you can click there and find out what to do if you got a friend. This dealing with cancer. How do I care for my mother in the nursing home what I say in this situation will I do caregiving wisdom. It's all there at wisdom of the Limited, you can find out in wonderful, wonderful partnership.

We have as people people on the Truth Network are to be able to hear this. 24 seven.

But we want to thank you for listening Christian car show again all those tips all the information on should you be a good Samaritan the 21st century there was all there is always good to start a trip with a prayer and you'll have a whole lot fewer surprises.

Right now I want to thank you all for listening. Christian car retro everybody that called in thank you so much you guys make the show for me. And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. Thank you.

Love your listening to the Truth Network and

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