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December 7, 2013 2:26 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show.

The cop showed dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 87884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore. We are bringing some serious firepower today to you Christian card in so many ways. It's amazing in order to do a more effective job bringing the message of salvation of Jesus Christ to the 70 million NASCAR fans ARO that's automotive auto racing outreach and integrity motorsports there NASCAR driver Jordan Anderson are teaming up this new year they'll be running a limited schedule in the ARC a series on NASCAR world truck series car truck and we got Greg and Jordan Anderson here with us today welcome guys in welcome. This is awesome. I bet you're excited about your new truck great appertaining and then work on the download of art at that year so Lord provided the right timing around together is really work to make it happen yet.

Grandma reports all come together and it just that Greg actually met Ashley is really incredible to see how things are happening got deformations in their doors open or an exciting time for both of us is really cool for us in the Christian car show to see how the Lord is working in NASCAR and so many different ways. A couple weeks ago in anti-Bowersox on his pray for your pastor series that's that's coming up and now you guys are going to be there in this truck and if you go to Christian you'll see a picture of the truck a picture of the integrity motorsports transport but very cool right there on the omelette.

What would be the bed of the truck is this great big huge logo for auto racing outreach right Greg so you're you're gonna be a big part of this that were planning to do something in that other NASCAR and that is that we put the Lord first and we use this as a platform to reach people for Jesus Christ and automation origin in NASCAR for the last seven years and spent time now for us to actually develop a team. The cricketing of the Christian driver gives his testimony and that you have on the track of that honor is not rate will be part with integrity on the outside of the track to the fans that also going to churches other that that that so we got a lot coming out from these guys for you, and we've got. Of course a lot of firepower today for you Christian card I showing just so you can get on the in on the firepower to them, curious, what do you think was the best sounding engine of all time was at the BMW M3 was the four Re: was it that for 55 maybe you had a 409 or maybe you have on those all hemi's hemi Cuda.

What was your favorite sounding. The one that just made your blood boil 866347884 if you wanted on the firepower we are talking all kinds of firepower today on the Christian show. We would love to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884.

You might have a comment for either of our ARO folks there than either Jordan Anderson, the driver, or with integrity motorsports or for Greg and then we also we have so much firepower. Today we have our very own Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon and you got some great tips this holiday season will in the middle the winter there a few things always like to recommend people do. We did talk about them a little bit later.

Yeah, we can save some money, big time.

Things that you may not have thought about when that big snowstorms, and things that you may not of thought about in doing your holiday shopping that will insurance wise are not currently pending on how you want to say that what part of the country in weeknight can make a difference there and then, of course, if you have that question for Bill. We'd love for you to call him we always talk about this if you got rate ripoff questionable quote quotes deductible dilemma adjuster fluster. Call us today. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in very very exciting coming up in our second segment talk about firepower. Ford is celebrating 50 years of Mustang with a brand-new 2015 Mustang are your best. We have Steve laying eggs with the Ford Motor Company. He is there North American car marketing manager and he's can be with us live from Detroit here in the second segment and of course it is the first Saturday of the month so we got our Jesus labor love that's free car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis.

We got a lead volunteer for Achilles gonna be with us in this third segment and then we have an old friend back with a stance and a rally with modern Toyota subordinated to hear dance machine to seek him.

He's got a big announcement that he's going to talk about today on the Christian car oh, and is always coming up at the end of the sonar appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding firepower. Have you ever wondered what our attraction is to firepower the sound of that V-8 or that V 12 or just marveling at a campfire. Humans love fire and they always have liked took a trip through God's firepower in the Bible this week and I have to say that I just kind of wasn't on I want to share that journey with you coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book hi, I'm Robbie Gilmore.

If you wonder who is a guy well on the Christian guy read 35 years the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian car oh, we hope to change the way people look at the cars they need to be paid for no debt. We talk about that on the show we talk about driving safely.

We talk about how to maintain your car so you won't need to trade it in a course were always excited about what God is doing through NASCAR and other things that we see going on in the automotive world. So were glad you tuned in and we would love to hear from you today. This is a live show and you're welcome to call us with your quick question or comment or maybe you want to tell us what is your favorite sounding engine of all time. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and as always you can find all the on the Internet you can find.

There's a wonderful pictures of a Jordan Anderson's new truck in the automotive auto racing outreach logo and all that. That's on there in their links to other site when auto racing outreach is doing and Karen Mulder's wisdom of the winded features on their the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms and widows and then we have a podcast. Of course, if there is a show that you want to hear all that stuff's a Christian car now getting back to Greg. Some of our listeners are probably never heard of ARO's and tell us a bit about your ministry ministry mainly man that are at the racetrack. We have a show car and NASCAR should be set up intent thing greater than the campgrounds are on fender row. We passed out Bible gospel literature to chapel services for the fan thing. We were blessed for about 45 come to Christ this year and the seven years we been involved with almost 300 trust Christ, so that's what we do so that works out to be other part of the tremendous mission field to be a part of.

Thank you for NASCAR's open door to do that and that, thank you for joining within 30 motorsports and new NASCAR team together. Wonderful and Jordan looked to itch your information there on the website you're pretty young guy appreciated going to get turned 22 earlier this year just graduated from college and not radio show great next year's earnings are not together pretty well and say this is could you share with our list is a little bit how the Lord reached out and touched Jordan Anderson offer Cheryl minutes and incredible testimony and terrible credible on drive for both my faith and my recent I have actually stated six Federation two years later when I was eight and both my faith in my racing career really grown step in step together only year you start not go carts and then moving on to the banal air cars and letting cars are in a super job there for a few years and render counterclaim nicely with the early monitoring dirt for two years before switching back over fall 2011 indemnitors you claim on a series of that or it's a really great success tying a dispatcher. One summer course rate demo are we wind up bringing around last year was to blame on a series it's a really incredible with the Lord working actually need. Earlier this year was knocking I got to go make my day you NASCAR start and series an agreement, they can speak like so for me it's just that their lifelong passion of mine, but for me incredible testimony and an incredible platform that got evening with my recent program just you will travel and share with people how God's work in my life and it's just end it really is an incredible platform proration because the place I get to travel the people I get to come in contact with key and speak to my racing gets me in front of a crowd that normally wouldn't be able to talk to know whether current school or racetrack or when asked radio interview TV interview using a key part of the press releases the defendant on the Internet and it really got an opportunity where I'm at now to talk to a lot of people, and God really using it right now and down. The experts are continued by the Internet you now got Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.

I got on 24,000 people at home and Instagram.

There is a lot of people I just are pollinated for just a boy cannot got the option to go out there, so it's pretty cool. That's awesome Jordan well when we come back working to be talking 2015 Mustang and all kinds firepower. We want to hear about your favorite engine insurance tips free car repair for single moms widows.

We got the day on the Christian car as stated anyways that is needed is that the man and one where I know ARO in all those folks are to be involved in that were so glad you joined us here today on a Christian car as we talk about firepower and speaking of firepower must while this is so cool. 2015. 50 years of Mustang and we have Steve living with us. He is for market motor company's North American car marketing manager.

Welcome Steve, you are in Detroit this morning Dearborn, where I I am just got back from the DLA reveal that I get. I got a big smile on my face right now is still the left yeah anybody that has seen that cars get got that same smile.

My producer said Robbie. Have you seen that car, that is what a winter you guys have for 2015 share with our listeners a little bit about yeah will you feel like it's a bit like Christmas morning we opened up the packages and stay for the team is working on this for five years at the pleasure to finally be able to talk about it so we we felt that we we had to do a new card. It really kick off the next 50 years of Mustang and we started with an all new platform new suspension. We basically that thinking about one and one screw that we carried over a totally new car and hopefully not just those who love Mustang today, of which there's many needed to make sure that we we can have a car they would want to get another one that it's going to take Mustang to a new place as well specially as we go around the world, but it one of the things of course it's got 20 hp you'd expect the Mustang. But the thing that really kinda excited me was all the work that they've put into the suspension and end this is a nimble pony. I suppose what you know what is and we we had such great success. We know Mustang in Austria to think like that. We did decide to put a new suspension front and rear we got an IRS set up in the back. Just go to be fantastic to magically put the double bowl trying to set up upfront and amongst other things. It's going allow us to package bigger breaks and it's also can improve things like anti-dive into squat.

So for the guys who I spent a little time on the track will appreciate that more than most. Now that that double word ultimate double ball joint MacPherson strut suspension.

That's really a unique concept only a few cars that have it like a BMW M3 that sort of thing, but what we really like about it is we will see when you look at the car we all push wheeled out even further to the corners and filled up the wheel wells and this is one of the things allows us to do that and then packages bigger breaks and take advantage of the wider width of the car you so that we lower the center gravity which we have made a wider new bus things got a hug the road like never before in his eye picture that suspension in my mind is our listeners with thinking about it with two ball joints with it with the MacPherson strut. Kinda when you hit a bump if you think about it, with one ball joint. The wheel kinda comes off the ground in an angle, but with two ball joints on my right that wheel is able actually to stay flat because both ball joints facilitate that wheel coming up straight, rather than coming up in an angle so that the entire tire can stay flat on the ground and right exactly and and and that's an interesting picture in always been one of my complaints about MacPherson strut so I was just really excited to see that that you guys were able to do that and that makes the car infinitely safer and on top of all of the course to write better with less bloat and and stay flat to the terms and even more so than before. That is so exciting and then it's got it's got this new eco-boost. I mean my right that the base engines over 300 hp, but yet the kids great gas mileage that that's exactly right. And and and that's you know with with the basics of what we haven't published any numbers yet, and frankly that the team is still working through everything.

But all with the new 2.3 L eco-boost. I'm so excited because ill let you seen with the 3 1/2 L eco-boost we have in the F1 50 you get this tremendous amount of torque at a very low rpm, probably somewhere in the neighborhood about 1500 RPM and that means that no matter really what speed you're going at when you pull right foot into it. The vehicle is no turbo lag and that the small little turbo spool up right away like it's got a dual scroll turbo and you get that instant torque no matter what speed you're going to make the car even more fun to drive some amazing stuff. If you want to check out what this card looks like it sounds like not only do we have the picture Christian car there's a video showing a little bit about the current action.

In the course. All the details.

Links to forward you find out all about 50 years of Mustang coming with a 2015 Mustang. It's all their Christian car Steve, thank you so much for being with us.

My pleasure was great having you on the right.

That's pretty exciting stuff.

I know Jonathan Angel my producers excited about it. I'm wondering Jordan, have you seen that car was really great to get a great job this year had so it's exciting what went Ford is coming with now tell us about your truck is three and horsepower is nothing compared to what you're going to be sitting on. I'm looking forward you and or start new MRI. Actually Karim Leary between Arequipa late-model NASCAR care needs. Car cars are averaging between 600 hp and directly link to back that you know one thing that got the truck. A really good port of the bigger tracks yellow -looking and racing at Martinsville next year to shorter tracks like Iowa. But really, according on track it like like Charlotte Baxter's track to get up Jean at 200 miles an hour on the straightaway near so or to elect enough of the bigger tracks like hearing and letting motor again least little bit you have yeah because that that firepower is what we talked about all through the show today and if you could just imagine the fact I got sort of a soundbite of about five cars can be little come after the next break but I'm interested. Greg, how is ARL going out to sort of leverage what you guys are doing with Jordan for your ministry that we've learned the past year that we've been involved with another motorsports came in NASCAR before they sold out last year and so we really saw the need to be a testimony on the tracking competing in NASCAR now and so it's actually stepping us up to another level. Another sphere of influence in sharing the gospel NASCAR fans love the drivers they left in the cars they love you know that kind of thing. So if we can actually use testimony on the tractor Jordan and a Christian pain and couple that with the ministry outside the track I think is going to give us so much more influence and opportunities. The potential for sharing Jesus Christ and and really know what that was all about.

If we were just really fast with well he's talking the integrity motorsports and ARL you go to Christian car guy and find out all about these guys, we come back we got so much the read turn of dance and really were very excited about that. We got Bill Mixon with these insurance tips for the holidays firepower all over the place and we need to hear about your favorite engines.

Call us 9909 now that like firepower. There you for listening today were talking about all kinds of firepower VA sin NASCAR and all that. My in the new Mustang. We want to hear from you.

What's your favorite all-time favorite sounding engine 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or maybe got a question or comment for our insurance agent Bill Mixon is due to be bringing you some holiday tips. Also what to do with that big snow was, and that little insurance insight that you this with serious firepower in that way, but as promised, I'm so excited because we have an old friend back with this sometimes referred to as Dan Sanna really care hello Robin how you doing today. This is big today on a trip to Hargeisa Vincennes really back with modern Toyota and there's a lot of stuff going on modern Toyota was one of her original Jesus labor of love free car repair for single moms widows the labor now the family in crisis with mom. They pay for the parts but modern Toyota has long been involved with our Jesus labor. Love as far as doing the car. The company single moms widows families in crisis stands been on with this many many times that we got a big announcement today.

We were expanding things to tollways about that.

Yeah, we got a big toy drive going on and I know it for folks that are out in Albuquerque and stuff today is good and I know you got a toy drive in your area but we want to talk about the toy drive is going on here to we got one right here at modern Toyota. You can bring your new toys because you guys are given out a bunch of toys through the light of fellow radio station that we work with here on the Truth Network and it's all common. You know what they call me in the month of December Sanna Sanna really Santa Sanna really because we have the big toy drive coming up the course.

You guys have always been in a big help in the Jesus labor of love, which this free car repair for single moms and widows. We got to kill is going beyond with this. Just a second. He's our lead volunteer to Dynamo if you know this dammit fix gone through a number of health issues and he's got some surgery coming up so we are in we are in need of help here not only help from people like modern Toyota's help in the single moms and widows, but we need more volunteers. We do we do, we absolutely do you know you know every year a lot of children in this world they don't get to have a Christmas restaurant so we have to think about them when they wake up on that Christmas morning they just they don't have anything so this toy drives a big thing working to be the drop off center for that were going to have a box right out in front of the inside of our showroom floor. There I think were even gonna put a couple boxes in there and I even got together with the dealership yesterday. We actually send out a mass email to all of our employees at the dealership to bring a toy on Monday morning for Monday morning meeting so we should have a good response for that but what were going to be the drop off center and we just want to put some smile on these children's faces and in others, toy cars out there make a great gift on just big engines but we do have the kill. He's our lead volunteer for the Jesus labor loveliness and Vic. It's December is always an interesting time because I Dan was saying there's a lot of families out there was stress they want to buy stuff for their own kids and then their car breaks down, and so we got it we got a bunch of people that need some help and we need some help from volunteer people out there that don't have a lot all of us think were too busy to do but when Robbie asked me to help out. It was a decision pretty happy. I did it really is.

It's is not a difficult thing help. We got up prayer team.

We've got people that may cause the repair centers and is just a matter of kinda connecting somebody you can fix a car was somebody who needs their car to be fixed and is just it takes a few minutes and and it isn't you know of the volunteer since we have a few not trying to overload anybody but if you go to Christian you'll see right there on the Jesus labor love picture. There's a great big huge picture. If you click on that link and then you'll you'll go to the Jesus labor love page and there you can see where you can volunteer to help out in so many different ways because as we pick up more radio station security Christian car guy shows more people here about the Jesus labor love all the time free car repair for single moms and widows.

The labor only, then we get more and more requests and as we get more and more requests then we are praying hard, the Lord is going to provide more volunteers more volunteers repair the cars like Dannon modern Toyota and more volunteers to help us facilitate the needs and so we appreciate Vic.

I appreciate you guys so much.

You and Keith have done a marvelous job, being the ones that usually lining those up for you know you go along with the people you doing it for are so appreciative. Unbelievable.

I had done this week, mother to remind it's it's amazing how God will use us and we just enough we show up.

Then he equips us to be able to do this stuff whether that's bringing a toy or board or helping out with the Jesus labor. You know that labor of love program.

Let me tell you the cars that we did repair for the single moms widows you just can imagine. If you've never witnessed anything like that before in your lifetime. Once somebody is in desperate need of transportation and you do something like that for them.

That just means more to me than anything in this world you get to see God at work and and that's a big part of what's going on with that Vic God bless you and appreciate you helping out so much and we would ask that you would go visit Christian car look at the Jesus labor love. We always need more intercessors we need.

We need the prayers we need we need to volunteers, but we got big help coming for you today because we have our very own Bill makes my Christian insurance guys and talk about firepower. He's got those tips that you may not have thought about this holiday season because the one that I thought was interesting.

Here comes a big snowstorm. It's coming your way infective here in Winston-Salem understand organized tonight. What should we do if we have to get out and drive unite first if the weather's going to be really bad. I don't. But if you have to travel when you know the weather's going to be bad. Consider calling and dropping your deductible for those few days. A phone call could save you hundreds of dollars. What would it cost to say my deductibles of thousand dollars. Like some people have out there and I go out you know I gotta get to the hospital this morning, I'm a nurse, how much would it cost me to raise my deductibles are to lower my deductible to say 100 or 250. It couldn't be more than a couple dollars for a few days really.

Yes. And so you just need that some of the advantages to having agency and continued lower my deductible just for a few days and latest bill you for that portion that time and what most of us will do so you gotta call us back to put it back up where it was, but with a phone call if you called an agent on Thursday.

Then Friday you could had that lower deductible go in place for that we can travel when the weather was bad and then Monday you can call and put it back up where it was before. And you'd only have to pay for that lower deductible for a few days while I could say something a bunch of money and another thing a lot of people don't think of is that if you've got $1000 worth of presence in your car and somebody steals the car breaks in and takes his presence. That's not covered by the auto insurance. Let's covered by your homeowners your renters insurance. If you were to have forgotten to lock the car with they had the ability to unlock it without leaving damage. You may not have any coverage in for about five dollars a year or you once again you could call and add this and and then take it back off and save some money is called theft coverage extension. So what that means is if there's no sign of breaking, you would still have protection from your renters insurance or from your homeowners policy really so when I my house Program into the beginning of this year. If if there had been sought what actually kicked the door to talk about the car not to have all okay I was just what if they that there is no sign of them how that got in your house that you find there that's different. This is an extension so if you are on vacation in your hotel room, something stolen. If you don't have the theft coverage extension unless there was proof that there was a burglary there was. She signed it. Being broken into.

You have problems with the client to the theft coverage extension takes away the gray area, with the possibility that you left the door unlocked well and there is the possibility I left but you know I'm saying that that a lot of times we just forget. And then wow you come back and all that is gone.

I did not realize why I made sure you are policy ahead like he knows I'm forgetful I don't know it is you know it all has to do with those of those are holiday tips that that obviously could say folks a lot of love mom mama would recommend considering both those ideas and so when we're looking at firepower.

A lot of the different ways that God has that he can bring firepower your way and so as we transition into our appraisal by the real black book. I was thing about firepower all week this week I was. I don't know why but I just couldn't get the whole concept of for my mind as it is. I've been studying the Holy Spirit in I been thinking while if you ever noticed how the Holy Spirit is usually represented are quite often represented in the Old Testament by fire and and and certainly in the book of acts in in in Matthew as well. When the Jesus was to be baptized, but John the Baptist said I indeed baptize with water and repentance, but he was coming after me is mightier than I. Samples are not worthy on Tiger you're familiar with that he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Well, I mean think about the fire and that's what I started thinking about all the fire that were representation representations of God in the Old Testament, and so I wanted to take you on this journey with me as you hear the music in the background. My producers plan to take us a little bit on a journey of fire and one of those that I'm think about was about Abrams can Abrahams covenant. Remember when God originally showed up. He said I want to make a covenant with and he split that animal and he laid it out in that fire pot when around that you thought about that be in the holy and then very interesting. When I spent some time with this week was about the burning bush itself didn't burn out how it says that the aims of the Lord was within the burning bush so it's almost like Jesus was in the flames of the Holy Spirit that are sitting. This bush on the mountain you know and obviously got Moses his attention. How about you and your receptor just looked into a campfire and just been caught up by God. Firepower involved in that. What connection is that the Holy Spirit and then think about what God did for Moses Heep. He gave them the pillar of fire right so that he could guide them by night, as they were going through the wilderness. There is this pillar of fire again. The signifying sort of the Holy Spirit is worth following. This pillar of fire that wouldn't be nice Dan if every time you're trying to figure out what my next move should be. Business pillar fire to go there and silently accurate. I mean the Cameron Duracell there is a pillar of fire over there is an insurance agent. I'm not sure if it was an accurate literary interesting thing when you really studied the way the law was given that the whole mountain was on fire and that the Hebrews wouldn't come that close because it was on fire and if you look in Leviticus where where Moses is talking about that but they wouldn't come near that mountain was on fire and I never thought about Moses his faith be in you know all glow well he been in this fire that was on this mountain so the law itself. It was given on the amount of fire and then have you ever given any thought to the fact that the offerings made to the Lord, Lord, by fire being consumed by fire is part of what those offerings were the burn offerings that they were that they were doing their and then who could forget Old Navy have been abated.

That was that was able Moses his brother at what was Aaron's sons. They offered up the wrong incense what came down fire and got and then I want you remember Gideon. I really went on a journey I was on a far journey. Dan, can you tell I can really tell what Gideon when he was when he was helping out the.

The angel Lord came to visit him or the angel whatever you would have. You want to describe it well in his case fire came out of a rock in it and ate his cake up so we got a little more fire coming your way, a lot of firepower we got so much?

I show what we got one segment left and we want you to call in with your favorite firepower. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 stated, we are talking firepower today and there's no doubt the Holy Spirit, he brings his fire, and so baby you're a firework in there that's an interesting concept of how if you wondered what just mesmerizes you about a campfire I have to sit there look at it or why the sound of that V-8 engine did you ever think that that's a little bitty fires exploding all the same in all that's firepower in God's got this amazing firepower. So I've been taking us on this little journey through God's firepower in the Bible and when we left our hero Gideon. He was he was there when the angel Barack Spitfire and it burned up his cake and so we put a little music back there in the background so you can see, you can feel this this journey with us so the next one up is David remember David when he got knowledge, trouble with count and the people and he made this big giant offering their originally on the threshing floor that ended up being where the temple was.

Guess what happened when he brought all this all the stuff what happened. Fire came from heaven consumed the offering again and then how about Solomon when he dedicated the temple after he made it, and all these how many thousands I don't remember cattle and all this stuff and what happened.

Fire came and how about our little buddy Lodge.

He might've been a big buddy and I never saw no doubt he's up there with the prophets about what came down fire you want to get Stan, I think he was the dance center for all that water on the offering and what came down fire and and in the New Testament you note the course. Jesus talked a little bit about fire whatever but and Paul certainly spoke about it but he said our works will be exposed by fire in Corinthians, and then in Hebrews. It says the Lord is a consuming fire. In first Peter. It says the genuineness of your faith much more precious than gold perishes, though it's tested by fire in one of the one of the really fascinating scriptures are spent with the last two days is been from revelations 45 and it says and from the front throat from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings, and voices in the seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven spirits of God.

Seven fires. The that's a lot of firepower that's a lot of firepower, but the but you know and then you get to Revelation 8, which undoubtedly the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and he threw it to the earth and there were noises, so when work were talking fire bill. I can see you looking at me like man is a lot of fire.

Well the point you're probably going Robbie what the world is the point on the Christian show.

Here's a point number one.

A lot of people say why is it men are selling invigorated by cars weld inside those cars is this fire in one of the aspects of God. Yet God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit. One of the aspects of God the Holy Spirit is this Byron is no accident that were just mesmerized by God. And so we're mesmerized to an extent by firepower.

Whether it's gunpowder when it's a fight. Whether it's fireworks. Think about all the ways that fire attraction and in that and then think about wow I never thought that this is God coming after me in so many different ways and works of the Holy Spirit. You're still looking at me like complete tell us what you think and what you got to it at said a deep desire that we want to know God in a deeper and richer way.

Ed saw this, the people in this room. When they look around.

They see God everywhere and they look at the moon and they can see that ball floating around us and always facing one face toward us that we see God and that we we look at the it's a reflection of the sun, which is far the same gate. It's nice to walk with a group of people to see God everywhere, and there's a fire in our heart for sharing the good news with those people that don't see God everywhere and do a better job this year and I say, especially the season when people are thinking about Jesus there thinking about God and you see all this firepower and Christmas well just join on and with that V-8, however, that works.

We certainly one of the regular list of the Christian car oh, as we talk about all the stuff talk about today is it Christian the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms and widows and the course modern Toyotas toy drive all that and of the race seems all that good stuff. Remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere went all done in 33 years I might spend some time considering God's firepower this week. Thank you for listening to Christian car

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