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Snow Daze

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 15, 2014 3:10 pm

Snow Daze

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 15, 2014 3:10 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663 for 8784 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore well good morning and I'm not Robbie Gilmore's Jerry Mathis body shop guy filling in for Robbie this morning what they were going to talk about a lot of things to cover what they want is mentioned as we get going. Most of your listen to this morning that think they said this past week 49 of the continental 50 states had snow on them so some of you are probably out and then shoveling yourself out of the snow and digging your cars out all of those things and issues that involve that. So maybe this is Mona's been just a little bit of time talking about some safety in the snow with your vehicles and things you do to just keep yourself from being in an accident or get yourself herder or anything like that. Once again, this is a call-in show, so I do encourage you to pick up the phone. Give us a call at 866-348-7884. Once again, it's them to see 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Rocky point. Always give my phone number shop after moves, but asked that you mentioned the snow and stuff is been played havoc especially in the North Carolina area to like it as you go south just not prepared for it as you see in Atlanta over the last two weeks had a couple storms that hit the land area in the in the South and they really had a man to blossom some major catastrophes and step does not have an equipment and people just not used to dealing with that kind of stuff in this morning as we remove all will go to talk a little bit about the snow and snow safety also going to talk about some of the new composite metals structure of some the new cars before just introducing the F1 50 coming out with a complete aluminum body you know will going to talk about you know what that sounds great and it has a lot of positives about it. But also there's a back side of things that if your person one is vehicles you need to be aware of and also to just think about that in and where the vehicles being repaired. You know it is not just the aluminum anymore is the no carbon fibers being introduced to the to the vehicle and to the industry and been years ago that plastic bumpers and the your things is been been around a while and were still dealing with some of the differences in that type of material how it's repaired and how it takes Paignton in the durability and the and all of that stuff and fit it over then also were talking about, you know, some that doesn't get talked about as much is steel you know for for years upon years. All the metal was cold rolled steel. Now they're doing the hot stamped steel that it pretty prevalent out there and that's the you know that's stronger steel in the whole repair process is different how it takes heat is different how you repair and how you can weld it even how you cut into it just makes a big difference. The same thing with aluminum will talk about that this morning I got Darren DeWitt with me from my colors aging the deer and introduce himself and just give me little bit of give the people out there a little overview of who you are and what you do and your connection to the repair industry. I appreciate your it's great to be on on your show again and PBG paint distributor.

We own six locations throughout the North Carolina area and I would basically sell mailing to strictly to body shops, but we also do encourage people walk indoor stores and in do-it-yourselfers and in everything like that you been out here for think since 2004's first opened up our first or it's been a great great experience all right in your talking about some of the areas that that that so important we talk about this in the past I've had Darren own is the fact that if you are do-it-yourselfers, just having ash door that you can go to to get some answers on the best way to repair the panel more partner or paint work unit is a lot a guys out there that do it themselves. A lot of people feel intimidated. They can't do it. Nothing.

Darren will agree with me. It's something you can do to a certain level exactly yeah it's it's especially the older cars obviously are a lot easier because I remember him even when I was a child, get my first car. I think it was a 69 T-Bird which was really nice.

All you needed was a rank screwdriver and a little bit of know-how nowadays you know you get to the repaired vehicles. You gotta you know, plug in computers now and everything like that so you can do some stuff to an extent, but it deftly is getting a lot more complicated but that's why were trying to get you know, we try to educate our employees to be able to communicate that knowledge to to yell you normal guy that wants to get as you know, just got some minor damage right on that just wants to try to take care of it on his own yet.

One thing that has been mentioned about the snow on the ground. One of things. It comes with all the snow and ice is the fact that they need the rows would be insulted down and and that's another area that I think people need to be aware of that you can do a little bit of maintenance that may save use you a lot of money in the future or just clean and that stuff off and you know one thing will get Darren to talk about the pain industry. Part of it, things that they have available. But even if is no more than just going through the car wash and making sure that you keep stuff washed off make sure that you get the wash that is able to do an undercarriage washed with pressure with water to blow all that stuff out of there and also the exterior the. The vehicle exactly that's that's the main thing. A lot of people overlook is that is the undercarriage of the car was living in Chicago for a while and you know with the repair industry up there, you know, with all the snow the salt everything, every time you going to body shop UAC the euro. The bonds of doors and and the undercarriage is all just rusting out after a while and the rest from the outset. You know only for the exit from the inside out. So it's usually not noticeable until it's too late now you know and and even open up your door as you mention, you know, I don't dump a lot of pressure and water in low water all inside the vehicle. Just rinse out in those inside panels and stuff because that's contaminants in salt gets up in their nest, where get started and then as I mentioned one thing that a local supplier can help you with this. Whenever you get a chance, you clean the car up is just a look at it. See Withers, bare-metal horse nicks and scratches. You know there's there's things out there they can put on it to clean it up and then to put something on her to give it protection that correct yes that is correct in and one of the things that we've had good success selling in our locations recently as built there. The kind of like touchup hands they'll come would like a fountain pen and what you can do with some of our products is that those bare-metal areas. You can almost instead of getting a spray can or some of that and spraying the knee, got more of a wider area and it makes a little bit more of a mess. You can actually dab on primer and dab on a little bit of color uses kind of the same principle as the those paint dabblers that you see you like in auto parts chores and stuff like that. But this is a little more better quality of it. It allows you especially able to do that with a primer in epoxy or someone that they can go directly to the mentally deck she protects that metal keeps it from spreading out getting underneath your patent and you get these bubble effects with your patent office and you'll see the rust come through and that's always a very discouraging site you know it starts out so innocently. It is just me little chip there are arm arguments scrape and stuff if you don't do any kind of treatment and that sort rust and it just sorta etches into an contaminated you know can quickly contaminate a whole panel and people just don't realize that it's a simple fix and Stefan in one of the things as we mentioned, you knows just just being safe and take care your vehicle and after on the roads and stuff you know we also have a towing business. Darren and and over the last few days. It's almost been unbearable when you know you you people who just don't understand that in a for one thing, if you got a forward drive vehicle and it is icy conditions that doesn't do anything to give you a false hope in. Usually when you have the worst accidents exactly and that's that's right you know it's it's interesting because especially out here you know we got a little taste of what you know Atlanta went through is just trying to drive you 15 minutes really took over an hour to do on the Wednesday and even little bit on Thursday, but some of the safety features that are on the vehicles nowadays have been amazing on helping to reduce some of the slide, but doesn't reduce it all.

Because once you get ice involved. It really impacts the ability to stay straight on the road and and drive safely for our listeners. I know that there's still a lot that are dealing with you knowing that that kind of kind of bad conditions out there is just just think ahead. You don't get out on the road unless you have to. And then also just realized you know one thing that Robbie always mentions is he doesn't put much gas in his vehicle because he gets less gas mileage but they want when the conditions are arm or as they are now in a lot of areas feel that car up because there's a lot of times a full tank of gas can and save your hide, because you can in overtly. You know, crank it up and let it warm up and cool back off with your how to you know run low on gas.

You don't feel you can do that and also just get out there stuck in traffic Wednesday, my daughter, which is at liberty University decided to come home and it took her normally takes about two and half hours took about six hours to get home in a just just stuck in traffic so much exactly suits stiffly will a long time to drive trying to get you advice. Yeah, we get back going to talk about those new materials in the vehicle that they have 150 Ford with the aluminum body that are been fiber the plastic parts and in all that we can talk about you know where is that cost savings that and where is it going to cost you more money so you won't listen in as you give us a call at eight. Love is in the air with Charles Billingsley for this Valentines week and this holiday is celebrated worldwide by Christians and non-Christians alike as an opportunity to share our love to those dearest to us. We give cards, candy, flowers, reaming diamonds to display our sections for them and us men when we might even try using words every once in a while there is no greater display of love than God's love, peace, and is the ultimate card. His word so while love is in the air just remind you what the apostle Paul says in verse 13. Love is patient, love is kind love never gives up love never dies. See what the best Valentine's Day ever learn to love God and worship with Charles Billingsley for more information and special offers.

Charles PP 15 Karen Mulberry with caregiving wisdom how nursing home Creek Robbie Gilmore. Every theory theme when he visits me know if you give them something to hold onto after you leave so you think he began writing down jokes and cute stories, and each time he did. She takes a copy of those jokes to each of the residents they collected in big notebooks and they have something to share with others.

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Everyone in attendance was arrested, including children. After several hours they decided to release everyone except for Christian leaders of the church in October 2012 church leaders were each sentenced to one year in prison for converting to Christianity, inviting Muslims to convert and acting to get state security through evangelistic activities while he still been released.

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It's a given that you will be targeted temptation to when you are. Remember, the Bible tells you to put on the armor of God so that you can take your stand against the schemes of the spirit which is turn your mind to Jesus Christ. Keep your eyes on him, serve him with your work with charity with love for him and the people around his help come in your faith in him will be deepened. Go to Billy Click on spiritual growth.

Billy bit about some of the new cereals on the vehicles. As you know, Ward announced their new brake complete aluminum body on the F1 50 dear, did you know that the aluminum is not such a new material on automotive industry by a long shot. Yet, since it's been around for a while and you that a lot of people don't realize that the model T had an aluminum hood on it. I think what is it that Pierce Arrow that was manufactured in US was an all aluminum body in the 30s I think and is been around a while and there's been vehicles or four years. Ford is really incorporated aluminum in the hood send in that bumper rebar is in that type of thing for quite a few years, and one of the reasons that aluminum was so prevalent early on, especially with the unit was just think that Arrow is one of the first ones but there was other aluminum bodies in Europe. Aluminum body was pretty popular because as you think back and you look back. If your car enthusiast, you see, you know what time there was probably 100 car manufacturers in the United States and you know they're just it only produce few dozen cars a year. And the reason they were using aluminum for those vehicles were us. They didn't need all that the dies in the stamping equipment that aluminum is a lot easier to to mold into the form so they were incorporating those to build those vehicles. Of course it took a high level of skill to be able to do that make things look similar, but it it was an avenue for them to produce cars without having the spent all that money and in the stamping and in the dies and then in that type of thing will as we mentioned, you know, Ford has had the loom around for quite a while, hand it seems like such a great great deal because one of the selling points is enough you got aluminum body.

One thing that you don't have is a lot of it comes down to white so that you there meets that the need for fuel conception. But you know then also you start doing that you start looking at it all the great things about it, you know, there's also the other side of the coin exactly trying to trying to work on aluminum as a is a refinishing and repairing installation is very, very, very different than what we've been used to and then one of the things in the in the collision industry is having a shop and stuff is the fact that you know when an aluminum repair is in the in the building are has to be worked on.

You have to have all tools that are just designated strictly for aluminum repair. You cannot wear that the worst things you can do is cross contaminate that metal.

There are no known. Also, you know, not only will you you know, maybe not recognize it at the time because of seems like everything is fine but whenever you contaminate that that metal that aluminum with the metal of the oxidization process poses that there might be able speak on this little bit.

I'm sorta hit him blind with this, but the effects of pain on that, it affects the pain and it and it causes corrosion it you know you look at it. We do a lot with the fleet industry in tractor-trailers.

For example you know any time with God to metals, you know. Contact each other with the rivets in everything that you get corrosion which then goes towards the paint of the other situation you have is your paint and aluminum yelled typically don't like each other so you got profit a lot differently able to receive some the products that are going onto that material. Now, as you mentioned is with the two components to different metals when they come in contact each other near there's like said is been aluminum hoods out there for quite a while. One of the things early on when they were doing the aluminum hoods.

It really wasn't 100% aluminum party still had a framework underneath it was with steel or metal and what would happen is after a few years that lit up around the Viet that the hood stock road and you know you always say what can't be resting because loom is not going to rest. It may not be rust but is the corrosion. It is just as big of a problem is rusting. You gotta grind all that out. Get it all out clean it all up and retreated and then try to get paint back on it, but then you still got that same problem where that lumen is touching that metal sauna because your problem yeah it's it's you're always battling that corrosion. It makes it really it's not impossible obviously but it just makes it more challenging for her for the repairs you know to do the job and unfortunately it's one of those things where if you don't do the job right. It's not noticeable for some time so you know that's why trying to know choose facilities and everything that is is a very important then and then as we mentioned, you know, the whole repair process is different. I mean with with steel your you you know your doing repair and with the with steel your you know the heat is that a major component in repairs. You know he that the type of welding that you're using the heating the steel for dinner to bring it back into its original shape. One thing about aluminum which people don't realize steel has a tendency to want to go back to its original form. Aluminum does not have that memory I want to go back to that. So you really have to have that you skilled technician to be able to work on that because you have an almost reform at all and he goes back to you know, just having the facility that can repair that because that's one of the side effects you looking at that vehicle and an aluminum is a major component of it you think about the future. One of my going to do if I have to get the vehicle repaired. Was it going to cost me what is that you know what is going to mean to my interest as I can guarantee you the more aluminum vehicles in the more prevalent it's out there and it goes to the repair process.

No insurance companies are pretty apt at know in which vehicles are going to cost them more to repair and give them a higher you know higher chance of losing money are all having a bigger payout. So if you own a vehicle like that.

That's one of those you going to start noticing that your rates are going to be a little bit different exactly because of things that people know don't understand is, especially with the Ford F1 50 being an all aluminum body shops to review. Note to repair correctly, there and I have to make some major investments because you know if there's metal work to be done. You can't just do a regular meg welder or any type of plasma type of thing like that you have to get specialty equipment coming on board once again give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we write back a couple of more about aluminum. The carbon fibers the plastics and all these new materials in the vehicles you're listening to the network and love is in the air or simply Charles Billingsley. This Valentines week this holiday is celebrated worldwide by Christians and non-Christians alike is an opportunity to share our love to those dearest to us. We give cards, candy, flowers, reaming diamonds to display our sections for them and us men when we might even try using words every once in a while there is no greater display of love than God's love, peace, and is the ultimate card. His word so while love is in the air just remind you what the apostle Paul says in verse 13. Love is patient, love is kind love never gives up love never guys see what the best Valentine's Day ever learn to love God.

This is simply Charles Billingsley online for more information and special offers. Charles with the Mac challenge for Jesus brings from the voice of the more think of the voice of the martyrs is an international organization in two-way, first, of course, BOM serves the persecuted church in restricted and hostile nations around the world through practical and spiritual assistance. But second viewing rallies and leads Christians across the free world.

In this work. If you have friends or family living outside the US.

Tell them to check out the websites in Australia, Brazil, Canada, coaster Rica, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, New Zealand, Peru: Sweden and United Kingdom. You can find links to all those This is just a thought with Ravi Zacharias when God called the people of Israel and by the way, even the Koran mentions this evening to significant versus nominal mentions that numerous chosen nation by God. And if you look at that. It is fascinating. Why do teachers roll why did you choose Babylon.

Why did you choose Greece. When the subjects he had to do a little philosophical revelation when he was talking about glory and would have been great. Nobody was looking in the power of Rome would have been raped, but he chose this tiny little nation that was laughed at by Greece by Rome and enslaved by Babylon and he said he was a little maiden of my immediately you know that it is unmerited love think or believe everything more information go to Marcy. I your something I know to be true. God's direction includes God's provision hi there I'm Chuck Swindoll directs God provide. But it's not always clear it's not always immediate not always easy. We have to learn to trust God one day at a time. We have to obey when he says go without hearing the next step after go he doesn't have to tell us that until we taken the first step. Sometimes the Christian life is played out on a need to know basis.

If you notice that, so start walking as he has directed he will provide for each visit Insight for living's website and insight. Archie about the Ford F1 50 and it is a major with a little bit about a lot of the materials on their one thing is that as I mentioned before, is useful to know and what the backing and calls to be for you because aluminum sounds like it is a great thing. I made it say it isn't. But then there's a cost to that and you going to have higher insurance rates you know and and just finding people to repair properly zoned to be a concern.

You know what time the you know they they came out to cut down the white out of there and you remember this when he came out with the magnesium radiator support was not a good idea how many million island and with what we know about magnesium very flammable and you can't put heat on it and as we mentioned, you have the repair process for a lot of vehicles. Everybody incorporates heat to a certain degree and you have us chop it just isn't real up to speed on magnesium parts on the vehicle in a little heat to it.

Next thing you know they've got a big fire except study you just gotta be aware that you know when you go back and look at time some of the some of the changes that came along that this seem like a great idea that you remember when the Pontiac came out with a passport had his huge windshield look like about size of a football field. Well, that was a great thing. It had all this stuff new UV protection in it because it was you know you opened up the cabin of the vehicle so they had to change some stuff on that glass well all the sudden insurance companies realize you were comprehensive claims was born out of the roof so if you own one of those vehicles you had to pay a higher rate goes that windshield. Normally you get when you put in three $400 and all the sudden three of $4000 for windshield.

You know that's that's a drastic difference for the convenience it made it sound good. At the time, you know, when you go when you look at it and and on the vehicle something that that's easy to do is sorta get called up in that the new thing and the excitement of that and then you and of course when you're your centenary you look at adding this you know you talking about aluminum vehicle or are vehicle with a lot of carbon fiber incorporated in it in the plastics and step know all that's great end and a salesman is talking here about you going to save some gas mileage in safety that now the stuff. But you know you you also have to realize there's some side effects to that where you may be called up in the excitement of the new thing and then when you years down the road we having to replace parts or repair a vehicle that's been damaged, you know, or even try to match up pain on the vehicle where you have that buyer's remorse heater that sits in wave a lot. What was I thinking. You know, because it's cost me now and you know we talked about elite plastic parts of been around a while, you know, it is the same thing you know there is that there's a trade-off with that it is you know that me dear near the paint industry is there. There's there's no headache worse than different substrates. Different plastics, metals, bumpers tenderness be the absolute worst is this the major part of the most complaint we get from from consumers to the body shop when they come and get the car they realize that hey you know all this on the pains not you know exactly the same as the body of the car and love that is is due the fact that it's a different substrate. It's is is going to look because all color is is a reflection of light and the way the cars are painted nowadays, especially for the plants that are becoming more and more. Most candy licorice like a custom color so when it's Going down all the way to a metal surface. It's a lot different than going to a plastic surface so you wind up getting that different shade. A lot of times it's just like that when they buy it but you really don't pay attention to it. When you're buying a car because your buying a car you're not inspecting damage from a car so people are little more aware when they're picking up the car from the body shop of you know what you know there little more looking for something you know and which is what you encourage everybody when you shop.

I want you to inspect the vehicle when you get picked up and stuff and be happy with it know you know that that want to take care of any issue anything but sit there and look at when cars come in. That's one of things on our counter. We have the thing that PPG puts out a talking about paint on plastic parts and Stefan that the color difference in the reason for that. And when you come in, you will always a lot of times is so drastic you know the appraiser there was right national try to point out to him that you know hope you noticed that the different color in your bumper and your door handle to the body of the vehicle because you get into some of the goals and and even some of the red's razor pretty bad at it. But you know it just makes a big difference yet and and the adjusters and in the body shops themselves when when you bring your car in for claim they've done a really good job of pointing that out to customers when they're bringing their their car in. You know the differences in and explaining that in its alleviated a lot of issues but that's why we guess why PPG is is you know has produced some of those documentations and stuffs of the shop can show it to the customer roommate and have them understand no were not painting your bumper a different color. It's the same color and all I'll give body shops. A lot of credit painters and everything like that because a lot of times it looks a lot better than actually when they bought it because we are perfectionists and we want the car to look as close as uniform as is humanly possible. And they've done a good job and in with the paint technologies tenting it trying to get dial it down to where it virtually is the same color so you know they put a lot of effort in and painters and put a lot of effort into trying to accomplish that and it's you know it's it's one of those things that an extra I think effort. I think the body shops do you that sometimes don't get recognized yet. It just goes into then we talk about that a lot on the show is making sure that you doing little bit investigation on own where you take your vehicle to get repaired and talk to the people there talk to the guys write an estimate who is going to be doing it and make sure that they have the ability you note to to get it back either as well, as it was before the accident, or even maybe even better because we do run a deadlock where the color is just just terribly often step in our into the paint Texel will work with it and and there's things you can do to manipulate color with with air pressure in temperatures and and the temperature of the reducers and activators you all of that can change the taking of a color and so they that they are skilled in their their trained enough to be able to get in there and and make a variation on that that color wins come out the same can yeah and and and what's interesting is it's deathly not getting any easier with some of the new colors that are coming out. I think the newest one. The more popular popular one out there by Ford is RR Ruby red seems to really be attracting buyers and I think that's one of their top color selling right now and it's a beautiful colored it's but it's it's a candy video lack of a better word is almost like a custom paint job with that translucent look on it, but trying to repair it because it is a candy makes it a lot more difficult because now is not just a color. It's a it's a depth of color. Now that were trying to match in so that creates a lot of different skill and in a lot of effort by the painters to accomplish me if I'm wrong there but I think most pain. I'm yet to go in the philosophy that is not. You can't panel paint. I mean everything is a blend of both color and and you know and talk to a shop we think of vehicle when one of they mean by that. Today it do they adhere to that process because of a really think that makes a difference on a color match exactly. In the end we try to preach blending because it is a lot more efficient. It's easier transition, especially with the way these colors are on the basecoat side and its it is a good question ask you know, you know, with when you're taking her car to the shop everything out also recommend people to if your car is drivable, run it through a car wash pre-taken because that also helps with the color matching and and just seeing it when you're dropping it off or anything like that to be able to talk to the to the body shop owner or the adjuster or the estimator that's writing it up so you guys are all on the same page, so there is no surprises. And then they know your vehicle. Note know that there's an to be those difficulties and introduce an address on the front end and it goes back as we mentioned about the aluminum bodies and step you note know and that a shop can repair that vehicle estimate save a lot of headache as you mention United may not show up when you pick the vehicle up but sometimes it's as earliest. Three or four months down the road you start seeing the effects of a poor repair and then goes to to you know all the new materials.

The carbon fiber you know that that's in the vehicle. Now, that's it. That's the part that really can't be repaired and then there's people out there who will think they can repair and Stephanie don't look like it's repaired because most of the carbon fiber and date that inner structure the vehicles is hidden so there you know, it looks like it's repaired but really is a safety issue more than anything because all the sudden your crush zones are changed and and and just one thing leads into another SOS just important to look at it from that avenue. Yeah, the way the cars are especially in especially the newer cars the way that their designs was all the different sensors. The crumple zones everything that's in them. You deftly want to make sure that that shop is thoroughly just certify they got a lot of technicians that have been trained and Casey Junior due diligence Come back going to be closer now to have the phrase about the black book of the top of the mention with repairs of materials and automobiles.

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Garfield said printed on what the man wanted his son to become what God wants to make an oak tree.

Garfield says it takes 100 years when he wants to make a squash requires only two months squash. My point is that what comes with time.

There is no rush God's timetable with patients will, this is David Jeremiah encouraging you to get on the road, discovering God's curriculum on route 66 route 66, driving the word home log onto Route 66 start your journey home today a little bit about the things that's kind of interesting. Looking at that very process.

What does unit with aluminum you still need to be able to use heat incorporate heat in it, but with aluminum. I think it's more between 300 to 550s. The most you can sit there and do that in an that material reacts differently to heat a minute almost shrink itself back up if you get a idea and if you have the right to put up go over that temperature to just destroy that part in your inner gemologist, though in the back, but then is no way that to salvage it, at least to salvage it where some to be repaired properly and was steel you know that the regular metal accordingly eat that stuff up 1200 and stuff is really where you need to do it to get more mitten and also with the new cold. That's the cold rolled steel then also now you got that that that the hot stamped steel and stuff and isn't completely different in all of us different with use what type of welder you can use.

With that in and and and where you make those whales you know with that hot stamped steel.

You can't use the same camp but wailed as you do the cold rolled in the same thing got a use to welder instead of a meg welder with aluminum and know that those processes are all different, even to the plastic part. You know, you incorporate heat and repair in the plastic stuff and then it's also that I was really just difficult because you it'll catch on fire on you in a note to a 200 is plenty to start forming plastic and stuff to get it to work around so we start talking about all that. And that's where it's important to have a shop and technicians are familiar with all of that because you don't want to do more damage than you do good and you can easily do a lot of damage and start incorporating heat and welding techniques and all of that so was just important we find shops you look and asked plenty of questions and and also know that you have somebody that can work with you. You know, at the shop and also their supplier as where Darren comes in and and and Boomer out they are asked dear because before they did not have a website but now they have colors colors you can go to that website is kind of need you just tell me about videos, training videos and also at an area near you go to that, would you go to explain little bit about your website yet basically we've been you know it's it's worst it still work in progress. We keep adding new content onto our website and basically what we wanted to do was just create a website that just has information you know if just for for everyone, and I can use a lot of it is where to find your paint code yolks. A lot of times we get people coming and I need pay for my car and they don't know where the paint code is so trying to get a match is will difficulty don't have the car there so this gives us an opportunity for for people to look in and find out different things with.

I think we've got some plus repair videos on their some sanding videos right now were going to be putting up.

I think some buffing videos how you know Buster your vehicle correctly with different manufacturers such as 3M different things like that. It's got some just really good information tells you where obviously where our stores are at kids were scattered all throughout the Triad and up into the mountains that we go as far as Boone and his cutting gives you some general information negative just a resource for people you know for professionals people in the business. Also, for the guys just doing it himself, you know, go in and pull up that website. Maybe we get the answer there are looking find the location of the store and and and go to it and try to, you know, just go in one want to face-to-face and try to get some answers. And if you're not a one of these markets. I mean there's there's stores automotive paint supplies and supply stores throughout the country. You know that's where the professionals go and you would hope that they would be willing to help the do-it-yourselfer are that little guy who does little bit of work on the side and that internal lot but at least see you need to know those answers in the proper way to repair things is that to use as resources. As we were talking about heat this morning as to the appraisal by the black book. I went to Malachi 338. If you're familiar with that that verse says he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver is talking about God and as you sit there and you read that that one passage and it doesn't seem like adverse has a lot in it we start breaking it down.

You know, as we talked about what he does in staffing start looking about refining silver star lies in the silversmith. What that means in one of the things that he does is you know you get that silver and to refine it is a put it in the fire and and it's important that he puts it and holds it in the hottest part of the fire and then never wavers keeps it in there and and what that does is that balls out burns out imperfections mind a little bit of that's that's my life because God is a sort of put me in the middle of the fire, sometimes to burn out those imperfections and believe me there's plenty of them. So he certainly is burn a lot out and still has a lot more to burn out and and then also you talk about the silversmith. One of the things you always do you know he never leaves it stays there through the whole process.

He holds that over the fire and never leaves it. So the whole process.

He's there on the refining process nestled like you know God is with us is the fact that he never leaves us. He walks with us through those refining moments and you know we can sorta lose sight of that where we are in the middle of something. A crisis or something we can't see any good in it that we think were all alone, but the one God tells us in this one uses that as the example is that we were not alone.

He's there with us he's walking with us at the end of a woman to be purified and then the next question you asked the silversmith to go through that process wouldn't put it in the hottest part of the fire and hold that their stay in with it you ask him how does he know when it's refined when it's ready to come out come out of the fire dear do you have any idea what how he knows it is when he sees his reflection unit is your reflection asked when he knows all the impurities are out of only sees his reflection in that silver is what God is. You know we're never going to be perfect whenever going to be the perfect reflection of Jesus Christ. What does he want us to do.

He wants us to reflect him/us that you know what is is little short passage Malachi 33 the boy is a lot of meeting that and it just sort of goes back to it. You know, he'd just play such a huge part about it and you know the body technicians in the paint technicians and that sort of put that altogether because in a way they saw reflect what Christ is and what God is in us is that you know what we have to use those tools to grow closer to him because he's trying to refine us in and bring us to a reflection of him is the same thing with the technicians that are doing body repair and mechanical repair, paint repair is there trying to bring that product back to the perfect condition and they have to have the right tools for us is right tools are you know it is on a Christian walk is is God's word is through prayer, you know, prayers, sort of the currency to the guy you have is just right to amend be in his word in the Bible and stuff you know same thing where you know that as long as we stay in that it keeps driving to to to be Christlike reason to continue to bless us in so many times we sorta lose focus of that and and I this morning has been a great morning talk about the vehicles in the materials in those cars and stuff and just being wise and step is also important to be wise in our Christian walk is a go ahead and continue to realize that when where and when the fire God's got a purpose for cities not to leave us alone and all he wants to do is to see his reflection in us once again is been a great morning. Hope to hear back next week. Christian Car Guy radio, I'm Jerry Mathis body shop got Christian body shop guy. I encourage you to go home to Darren's website owners are you going to our website raise body OR you can just link up to the Christian Car Guy radio show there's some articles in there and Robbie always keeps a lot of information in there doing anything.

Final say. Appreciate you being here to help us out this morning.

I appreciate being here and you know we share one safety out there with all this weather. I think Florida's only place that Sonny was again be careful and be safe. Then as you go out and look if you do have an accident. May she do a little bit investigation be safe. You're listening to the truth and

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