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Come, Follow Me

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 22, 2014 12:16 pm

Come, Follow Me

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 22, 2014 12:16 pm

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Part our radio show you within the various especially because I so today we are following and were making our car, especially those a lot of driving the snow lately and it leaves these tracks were it's been or if you're on pavement and you go to faster you stop too fast you leave some tracks or if you're in the mud you leave these these ruts.

Or if you're in the sand.

No doubt you been there. My sister an amazing story on running that our husband took the car out onto the beach. I may go there like open nobody I got one that not very go. I'm open. Nobody followed him out there that day but that's kind of the idea of partisan show today is when were you supposed to follow somebody in your car and they took off or they were going so slow or they made a left turn through the yellow light they left you behind. What are the secrets of being a great leader in a car and one of the secrets of being a good follower there there both to difference challenges but I'm I'm interested in your story today when was it that you tried to follow somebody and that this didn't work out so good. Or maybe were trying to lead somebody to Dinar be your followed church bus, you're like, what does he know I was the Christian card I show I never speed it is me know. This is against the law to go 80 and the 55 those of the stories I want 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth, and as you heard already, we have a good friend, Bob Young and there's a method to our madness here little bit in that bomb. Oh yes you got a plan as it is. We have been walking with Bob through the loss of his son.

One of the things that they're doing is a got a book and this is really an amazing story. They were Bob son Rob had a lot a lot of young friends that you had to see the line at the funeral viewing to flip some people waited for five hours to get to the get to the casket so here's all these people and their all in some kind of grief and that a lot of them young people and a lot of them obviously don't know Jesus. And so Bob himself trying to walk through this grief in his pastor whose American amazing man. Darren and a young man named Steve Joyce who works for Childress racing, which are minute interest here in a minute they had the idea of doing a Bible study on how to deal with this grief and they're using a book by John Claypool called tracks of a fellow strangler and so by having a Bible study for all this large group of Rob's friends of people in the church. Bob's family, Rob's girlfriend, her son, all these people that are dealing with this tremendous loss and how does God gonna come after him and fulfill what we heard Matthew five which is in a Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. So we are to be truck followed some tracks there with Bob throughout the show and Bob.

I know Steve has touched your heart with this study really has this amazing in my time in the and and everyone else's, need something like this comes along and the first couple weeks you know we were gonna get an energy stand in China said it, the appetizer portion of it and then this week I got into the first chapter and it was just amazing what I was able to find out and never to get into that in a minute. Okay, let's get exciting and also introduce Steve Joyce Steve welcome a more Rob Harriet and Steve works with Childress racing and it's fascinating to me how God uses different people different times, different roles, he just happens to raise up this mighty oak right in the moment when you happen to need it and in Steve's walk with the Lord. He is been dealing with loss really since from what I understand the age of eight, but one of the things he walk through the a lot of people did the death of Dale Earnhardt and then Kyle son Adam Petty who understand it was a good friend of yours and so you walk through that whole thing on the race track as well yeah actually we we lost Adam first for Dale and I was employed with the Richard Petty motorsports at the time work for the king and Adam was in our shop daily hands own in a lot of different ways it that Richard wanting to be given the different aspect in the car. Also Linda. I actually had left Petty motorsports and Adam of course was Gil tragically and asked in an loud New Hampshire and a lot of positive has came from that Colin and Patty have done a real good job with the Victory Junction gang into an organ to hear about that but it is just giving people a little taste of what the shows can be about today was a really cool things is for those race fans.

We know that this is Daytona week and so we have live from Daytona today at the bottom of the hour, Annie Bowersox is going to be calling in with Harrison Rhodes who is the racetrack in the pray for your pastor to her that's going on with energized ministries. He is one of the he is in the nation.

We qualified 15th yesterday so were to have him on the live it it at the bottom of the hour were really excited about that. So as you can see below the show is just loaded for bear because we want to know about following and leading in the car and what that's like working to hear about how to follow tracks of fellow strangler and we have the stuff coming from Daytona, but as you know all the stuff the Christian card. If you go to Christian Car you don't find this book tracks a fellow struggling to find out all about Harrison Rhodes all that information. It's all there. It Christian Car as well.

Our Jesus labor of love ministry. We always want to mention that it's car repair labored with its free labor not free parts when people qualify for single moms widows families in crisis across the country and I think him and to share some right now bye-bye. I often get a chance to talk with these ladies, widows, etc. come in through the ministry and I and I talked at length with the widow this week. Just want to put a shout out all these men out there on how she is struggling with her grief. Bob and she sounded like an older lady hide. I don't know her age, but she was been really offended by men coming onto her and she was like I don't you know she wanted to talk to me about her car and all that stuff was. Then she said what you sound like you have a lot of wisdom, here's I'm really struggling with my husband was a wonderful man. He protected me. I was married I didn't have to worry about other men. Now all the sudden, these men are, they have no idea.

I have no interest whatsoever had I had the husband of husband and and so the neat thing is also a Christian Car we have Miriam, who is the widow connection so there are also two resources out there for these folks, we have to be one of them for their car, but there's there's resources out there for widows that are dealing to this restructure what I told her Bob.

I don't know you can tell he was excited Howdy, how will belong to your pastor, why didn't you ask your pastor because there's nothing like an older man become put his hand on some whoever it is that's doing the, the way you know stuff and soon a brother.

This is really offending.

This is really hurting.

She has no protection. Jesus is here to protect her. You do not want to mess with him. I'm just saying… This is something that you want to do so again Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows across the country.

That's it person The stuff about these folk the Trachsel Villa scrubber but today what we need. We need you to call us and tell us your story you're trying to follow somebody and it wasn't working out.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. Maybe you are trying to get somebody to follow you to the restaurant or whatever and you like what the world of the secrets of a good leader. What are the good secrets of a good follower 866-348-7884 is a number to call in to Bob you had a recent story goes like this. Just this week were paid net of places. The first time I been there. We were traveling with some other folks and we loaded up with edit one location and then with stuff that was left over. We loaded into the ghetto boxes and carryover to a tower where there some folks that are lower income housing and everything and a real need for for the food we had left over so I had 40 to go boxes in the back of my letter suburban there and the lady in front of me was lead me there and she didn't have 40 boxes in the ideas you know I was able to keep up and everything that the in out. My concern was get there and have been 40 scrambled boxes of food instead of just the neatly placed in there like they worry that it all worked out fine and that is when you mention following somebody that was the first thing that came to mind on. I can't tell you in error and when you're the Christian Car Guy and you're not. You been telling people on the radio forever. You don't used to speed know that you get behind somebody and they take off at 75 miles an hour, you know exactly how do you handle that situation and you on. By the way is is is the Christian Car Guy.

I am trying to live up to what practice what I preach, so to speak. I will tell you that if you just keep going 55 and they realize that your back there. Eventually they do slow down at least a six and so much more Christian Car Guy, I shall come up we are going to get right into this Trachsel fellow scrubber how Bob is walking through some of this brief. I know you, you may want to call it an encouraging without 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Some of the what's your story. We would love to hear and listen to the Christian Car Guy show today. We would love for you to call him and tell your story when you try to follow somebody 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we have Lynn is in New Albany, Indiana, linear on the Christian Car Guy show good morning or we are excited to hear your story and hope for years ago moved from one Matter and he packed everything up in a cattle trailer and labor and how is loaded with the track driving rain on the track cattle trailer house right behind a rainstorm without with a line at the track follow very very slowly very carefully.

At grabbing rainstorm and stay very close to hand family made it back terrible storm and one P began mop down. I got a little more.

Carolyn and I got lot and had no have no directional skills but that part and filling station and got out of the track. There are never the lot had no idea where I went and looked at standing on the corner grinning so they can care less. Here I got a little careless about how following my life because so many of us when life when we we what looks like a stream away and things it's no time to get careless because you still don't know where you are awesome. Thank you so much Lynn God bless you. We appreciate you calling so much and listen to the show up there around nine thank you topless you. You have got a story now you know it came your mind and you want to chime in. So call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH because we have the big story come up right now because my mom is calling in from Illinois so we read in the end we got the Midwest calling about less people maybe host my mom, did you try to follow me once that I don't think grandma and grandpa from Florida to New Mexico and they were both grandpa in a Winnebago and the bad out above the sea and grandma and dad in the back and I was following grandma and grandpa's old Chevrolet pulling a U-Haul and we did fine until we got into the Dallas area, and had construction so that makes it better and it was just it was Madison because of the construction we were both in the second lane from the right and the setting and take off and go down and accept grant and there was no way I could maneuver that Winnebago over there while I do not like the lady that just about have a clue. I didn't even know what our destination was good he had it in the car so I could think to do was go back under that went under the next exit and went under the highway and went back and I found him standing along the road, grabbing his picture Bob another way is very unnerving and I'm sure that I know how that lady felt like right and I can do it worked out okay but I'm sure that a lot of the people at lot story that something that was somebody's following you know click moved back around and do whatever but it's it's one of those things without mom for going and I love it.

Bless you and I will talk later today.

I promise always love him for my mom. Leah said I love to hear from and then on the daily is not on the telephone well I have to share this story is kind of a follow story. Here's the thing we when my mother brought this up that brought this to my shirt. We were going to move from my first wife and I were going to move from Colorado to North Carolina and it was snowing and it was then November and when it starts snowing in November and you're on the western side of Colorado. You've got to get to the eastern side of Colorado quickly. Are you not going over the mountain and it's snowing hard so were trying to load this U-Haul truck as fast as we can possibly loaded in overload. Low in the hymen and told her Grand Prix behind. I get the whole U-Haul loaded and I go back to Risa Debbie if you got the keys to the Grand Prix because I gotta take it up to the back and she looked to me and goes keys there in that box while the boxes. If you've ever loaded a mobile in the very front I mean you know over the cab of the truck looked at every piece of furniture. There is no getting to those boxes and that snowing like crazy and so I decided my infinite wisdom of the Christian Car Guy. What I'll just take the driveshaft on the car and I'll push it up there it's it's going I need the driveshaft out of it anyway animal to be tone and sought to take the driveshaft out and all him figure out a way to unlock the steering wheel well I took the horn cover often for those or less technically feasible to eat the keep the steering wheel from turning that keep it a net loss position. What pride out every one of those teeth. What I didn't know was on my trip across the mountains that those teeth would grab hold of my grandmother's prize after whipped it into fluff so that when I finally opened up my grant brings full fluff and the headliner. All that was gotta be careful when you anyway we got Andy, from Daytona. Breakfast be good for me to see focus speed and quick and Maybe Is Harrison Rd., Daytona cranks often. We are so excited to have are on track with anti-segment today live from Daytona and we've got Andy with us and Harrison Road. Welcome Mandy.

We are having a blast and were excited to hear about what God is doing Daytona well. I will work, but there Harrison how are you good morning I'm doing great were down here in the chapel service gardening to have a great and how long before you are out there in your number 15 position qualifying for coming on the restart. Rightly we qualify yesterday and all the start and the restart at 1 o'clock today or want to change the gear shortly will be will be making well so you know this is a very big chore first weekend in the you not work so that we don't the radio promotion on your last couple weeks so we have some guests clearly have we have a pastor from Myrtle Beach which is right down the road we have we have one from Ormonde Beach which is right up the road and somewhere in St. Mary that I've never heard of the earth is already met with the three guys you know the word of encouragement so reiterate the track but what you think about the is more than exciting Harrison I got it. I am interested if you got to pray for your pastor love the right there on the Ashley on me when I'm getting in the car so it drew a little and it looks good on their mouse at the patch of Murray Walker represent the tour in the Lord and what's the number the car so that the fans can identify click the number 24 and bright orange and white car so it definitely pick out the grout. They were a Romulus all format. There's the actual real NASCAR fans out there know that they change the qualify little bit this year, so Erickson tells about the health of the outlet yesterday. Okay yeah talking this year is a three stage to deal almost great format they put all the cards out one time for the first session yesterday there all 49 Garda 1000 crazy and there's a lot of chaos going on at one time, though they do.

The first session for 20 minutes and then after that 20 minutes. They take the top 25 times and they move on to what's called the next round. And in those top 25 compete for that one for 25 opposition and then after about 10 minutes.

They take the top 12 out of those and do another session and compete for the top 12.

The like.

I gave a knockout. It actually is making a little more cutting to the landlord stressful stress just because it more of a chance directing your garden and qualifying but you don't want to do, but it worked out good for us.

Yesterday we were 15th and first session started raining today. I just got ended in there and we ended up 15th of no real happy that it will ornately expected to overrule happy so that they know one car to timeout them. That's over, it's over for the nationwide series and trucks. As of this year and top level captures a single car run. Their main focus was trying to get more fans to the racetrack on more days. Further try to make qualifying more interesting. I think it's definitely done that labor cost to go there so they rob you.

You have been very fascinated to know all the obstacles to overcome in our life. Great. So actually showed up down here.

I think it was Thursday night came down the Harrison looking frazzled is that the writer say looking frazzled. They were literally just the way they had mechanical problems overcoming seven minutes to think about making the right that right that's great Gilly we had practice on Thursday and in order to be eligible to even qualify Friday you have to run at least one lap and practice. The car wasn't quite ready. I got the racetrack and I had to do some things in my seat belt and letter stuff like that for the first rounds we missed the first round, but we didn't really think is a big deal so stick around and can I go from there and we crank it up to start second round the year and are just a lot of grinding and not knowing that you want here. Contrary to the wrong transmission of the car. Believe it or not.

So the game and my dad frantically got the car back together and and there is there's a lot of hard friend going home between their everybody just got to get things back together.

Try to get in the race know I got answered our prayers and got in the race and you not think there's a reason for that. And I think we can go think they just fear thereof is fairly are literally like frantic gallery got out there in the very next day you are so high alone or we are but they were looking for. Today I still regard pastors great great hours to transfer encourage other churchgoers to support your pastor, these guys were the lucky winners of the contest so were just a few minutes but we can Harrison give a mirror up with you after today all you on your twitter account.

That's really the unmated Beaver Lake call me on my twitter and Instagram is just at Harrison Road and on Facebook at Harrison Road, great all along there and keep up all the update and all the good news and and what of the Lord doing our life and with the team.

Andy is so cool you think that God has a solid and sometimes we need schools to really feel him come through for us and what were to talk about here with Bob going through with his son. You know there's there's these unbelievable challenges that we come up against. But then we get to see God come through as I know he's going to come through for you guys today on the racetrack in ways that we have no idea, but it's awesome and Andy I'm so thankful for both you and Harrison's faith put that pray for your pastor logo on their sort of the target on your back for Satan to say but you know I will be a great day. It's already been my mind around it.

There are really good pastor and just the relationship. We met through their being able to help their careers. Better character that this is truly a unique arrangement and we are absolutely nothing but thankful for. We are to not hurt Andy before its energized ministries, which there's links course the Christian Car the course links to Harrison Road racing and all that stuff is all they are but were so thankful for energized ministries partner with us partnering with us and you do an amazing job and so wonderful to have. After lunch they got bless you guys. And Godspeed you got there. Get ready.

Be sure and check out thank you buddy got bless you here.

Thank you. Have me talking okay that's amazing stuff in that I know Steve you your feeling all that because you work in one of those teams. He works in the children's race team when you come up against a scheduled problem like that.

It's it it's got here yeah you do.

We is just another obstacle that you have to face and overcome. Believe it or not. Between all the teams you'll have it on a weekly basis from time to time and it's at the tracking and NAFTA shop also and it is a great segue, Bob.

I think into some your tell me about this book is call that you know Bob, for those who may be just haven't been following our show Bob younger Christian junkyard guy one of my best friends really lost his son a few weeks ago Rob Young and they started this Bible study and the church for some of those that are grieving over Robin and I think is so cool Bob that you're there with these young people in Steve's there, but you are sharing with me. One of the insights is you've gotten into the book. Was this thing on labels and how with the fire.

Those of you known you for a long time know that you have this gigantic fire at 109 and it looked like everything was lost for your business. Whether the book, brought that back to me. The first chapter I got into the other night with it mentioned that Alan something tragic happens in their lives are an event happens in life we get we feel the need to label it right away. You know we've got to make up our mind before we make up our life. Will the event years ago. The fire yeah we were pretty quick label that is a tragedy of this terrible this and that and yes there were a lot of bad things that happen there. There were so many great ones that came after it was wrong to label at a tragedy because God's plan for you that are amended and we got a lot more following some tracks only come back more about this Bible study.

What you learn to an amazing thing. If you don't know Jesus today you have no idea what I'm talking about the limited share with you that there is a place in your heart that is never been touched and when the light comes on, you will come alive and you will feel loved like you've never felt love before you feel and intimacy that you've never felt before and is easy to get to know him.

You just have to reach out and say I'm ready I would love I would love that part of my dark heart to be enlightened.

I would love to have that touched Jesus. I know I haven't measured up. Forgive me come into my life and and that's what happened Bob for Rob just months before his death, and so there's a different kind of experiences we certainly more in Rob's death. But we know and we have the faith as Christians to know that he had that experience with Jesus the light did touch the darkness heart and and and and so that's part of the label that were talking about here is you look at all this. All the events that are going on around you in one of the things that I admire so much about you is the courage that you've had to do it all in public from speaking at his funeral from being on my show to now doing this Bible study with his friends so that people can see because this was a father and I know Steve you would agree with me if you ever seen a father with a love for us on me. Maybe they hugged every day they were together every day B's businessman and his son were very, very, very close but Bob, your courage in walking through this is an inspiration to all of us but I know people are wondering about that place in your heart that is such a whole, or rather, we gonna want something like this happens there is an empty spot and it will be field at some point was something and thanks to Stephen Darren lots and lots of fun folks and friends and in this book and know I'm John, my very best plunge into the darkness and and and just walk walk on the Intuit and and make up my life and then make up my mind about what it's supposed to become later and we have to do and then I should mention Bob that if they're just you and I want to really talk about where was Bob younger Christian junkyard guy.

His son went to be with the Lord a few weeks ago and were walking through this and now this. And now this Bible study with the teacher. Steve Joyce is with us. I'm sorry Bob but I didn't want to rupture, but I thought Manseau's progress and what the world and that that's over time, but it's just like say there is a big big big void in my life. Now there's I mean he was my best friend was my son. He was my only chance at a biological grandson is my business partner and just enough so many things. He was the driver of my racecar is just there is a great big huge void in my life.

And the thing I have to do is make sure that I feel that void with with God and his love and friends.

You know that have come to our aid and and just make sure I feel that void with the right thing because there's every opportunity in the room in the world right now to make some bad choices and I just gotta keep making the next good choice and it was just so important to me at his funeral to speak and and something without was wrong with this guy can stand him speak.

How can even breathe with only way I can breathe and do something like that was because he gave me every every every proof positive for fact that he's in heaven and the things I was learning in the book this week.

It just made me so glad to Stephen Darren got together and decided to do this Bible study because just in the beginning chapters.

I'm already getting a lot from you nicely save a lot yet.

The book is available. Christian Car it's called tracks of a fellow strugglers Steve, one of the big things you been going through for the last couple weeks and I would love for you to share is this whole word discouragement.

Yeah, actually it was one of the first words that we we went through Esparza Bible studies concerned and we take that word, and we break it down and really discourage and discouragement is is one of the stages that could be a long-term effect of grief and is to deprive the confidence of hope and/or spirit. And when you break that word down to the work. Confidence comes in, which is one thing you can't lose an NS trust, trustworthiness, and and reliability of a person and of course hope we all. This is the state which promotes the desire positive outcomes.

If you lose hope and you lose confidence you are on a downhill spiral any entity is a long-term effect in dude with the word actually discouragement always were studied that word first night. I don't think everybody realized how powerful word actually is when you pertain to use word when you use that word hope, I think about George McDonald's picture and he said you know God's got this pallet where he paints things and he paints everything would love and and so if you mix green and yellow you blew how that works. You know, but if you mix faith with love. You get home if you really start in and dig down into that and realize Bob's faith right that his son is where is his faith that Jesus is walking through them with this that that faith mixed with the love that he has for us on the love that he is her Savior. The love that he has for his wife, and I don't know if you're comfortable and talk about this Bob, but I'll just go in there because there's there's an awkward situation.

Bob's mother is not your wife, Rob's mother to me why I keep saying Bob, it's Rob Rob's mother is not your current wife.

And so there was the situation at the casket with Rob's mother here and you hear and then your wife, one of the most beautiful pictures of the whole thing had to me that I can't get over is you brought your wife. We did a commercial for the Winston-Salem rescue Mission on the Super Bowl in one of the cool things I thought was heat brought his wife in the back commercial and in can you speak to that a little bit. I will speak to that end, we were, struggling goes in the commercial or in the spot is not really commercial to me that in the spot that I got from the TV. I say my son Rob and the guy was then should we say our son said no I've already discussed it with my wife Lori and she thinks she thought that out of respect for Tina Rob's mother that I should say my son so as not to fit her for her to feel left out of the very thing you know, so it was just have a more wife there with me to to stand beside me and and be a part of it and everything is really is really made such a difference in if it one for hire in a she's just been such great support for me throughout this and it's just been.

She is really help me along it just no way I could've made it through all this without her there is there is a role that women play in grace and mercy.

They first just leave the God gave us this wife such a time as this to hold us up through said him that I know of another time where she came to the rescue when Bob was kind of freaking out at work and what happened is why showed up and took him home and I was just I just rejoiced in in in the way that God is working through this again Bob, Steve, thank you so much for being on with us today.

We are so grateful with our partnership with you and you can find out more about Bob and all that stuff it Christian Car you can order this book tracks of a fellow strugglers. From there, see, thank you for being with me for having to remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and have out this week. I'll be a good leaders of the people following you don't end up in the and good luck that Hassan raised all yeah they told at 1 o'clock

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