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Do You Love or Hate Your Car?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 1, 2014 3:18 pm

Do You Love or Hate Your Car?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 1, 2014 3:18 pm

Christian Car Guy

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians binds all cars by the book, not the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore. It's a love hate thing do you love your car or do you hate your car and if you love your car, how do you love your car, a loving and nurturing a child you feed close wash and direct them.

Similarly, the same is true with your car, although feeling it requires gas instead of food, lots of clean air. A good bath regularly and preventive maintenance then occasionally I get sick and it requires care since your child needs maintenance do you hate it or if your baby gets sick. Do you think you should trade it in last week.

My wife's family did some break sort of a maintenance thing in my view, so she says don't tell me this managing to start falling apart a local dealer has a commercial running. He says do you hate your car is it falling apart. Come traded in and solve all your problems and then just make sure you don't miss the hits of the snake. He has his four-year-old son deliver the lie.

Everybody rides but I hate to call him a liar, but everybody doesn't ride.

They really don't. If you went over there and does that by you and find other people that leave there without a car and the car he is selling you is also falling apart.

They all are and buying another car won't solve all your problems. The bottom line folks as I believe that you're much better off if you love your car. Proverbs 1220 says, and says 1227 says the lazy person does not roast his prey, but personal possessions are precious in his delight in first Corinthians 8, it says knowledge puffs up, but love builds up to believe that true that loving your car will build it up brave Robbie all wet and totally misapplying his first well for you. Here's your chance to comment. This is a live show.

We'd love to hear from you. How do you love your car or maybe it's not the issue. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH how do I get my wife to love her car even though it breaks, you know, those are things that that they just need occasionally in that's over talk about today on the Christian Car Guy show how do you love your car often you may do that by washing or change the oil. I would love to hear your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. Also today we have our good friend and Christian insurance guy Bill Mixon ability at force will I was thinking that if I had older car that I really love there is one coverage that I'd want to consider keeping on it. Even with the agent will talk about what that is all the different things that it will do for you and I'm thinking yeah when my wife says can we change the shower curtain in the bathroom that the most traumatic parts of my life is started is what you make that one small change that everything else that have it's sort of like that with the car now. Why do we really need to make that repair we you're not listening to Robbie show enough… Part 11 on your car right life since the week you get those insurance concerns. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and then coming up at the bottom of the hour on track with Andy we have Stingley Steve Wingfield with victory weekend you're gonna be very excited and your course was out at Daytona last week. He's got some updates all sorts of interesting things God is doing out there at NASCAR and enter the next segment. We've got Sema barn enough to try to do this a few times Carl has Ford marketing manager for the focus in the new focus coming up at 2015, has a 1 L engine that's a thousand cc were to be talking to her real shortly than coming up the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure.

Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, while I spent most of last week in Nashville Tennessee at the national religious broadcasters convention. It's amazing thing. I get to do it every year and I have the joy of interviewing media folks from all over Christendom and I use these interviews for different radio shows on our network that I get to take part in, and we interviewed folks from TV, radio, movies, ministries to nursing homes in jails aids victims as well as authors and politicians, and each time someone sat down in front of you actually did I ask God to help me find his glory and that individual in front of me and naturally I could share many powerful stories good. I'm going to and later shows but I believe the most powerful story.

Or perhaps what God was demonstrating to me was the story that was until on Friday morning I was reading Isaiah 61, and it blasted me right between the eyes and it certainly has much to do with today's topic so how easy is it to love under certain circumstances and I get to share that coming up in the show in our appraisal by the real black book the Christian Car Guy show is bringing the kingdom of God alive through an automotive platform and this is the Jesus labor love weekend which is free car repair labor, not the parts, but labor for single moms and widows and we want to honor those service centers that helped out the Jesus labor love in February number one. Algeria's mechanical arm, Wahlberg Rd., Winston-Salem Roy Hendrix muffler and automotive on Hull St., Road in Mosley Richmond, Virginia raise body shop on S. Main St., Winston-Salem Randall tire pros on Patterson Ave. in Greensboro and armadillos automotive on N. Elm St. in Greensboro.

Those guys all helped us with single moms, widows, families in crisis. In the month of February and we want to honor them. This is a live show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got some issues with our website today. If you gone there. Christian Car We bring up a brand-new website. So if it doesn't look right. The patient of the right. Later on this afternoon, and course it's all their Christian card data, got Mike is in Charlotte refusing someone arrived because of what we lost. My I was interested in that.

He refused somebody ride because they got mad when you find out maybe from him in a minute he'll call back 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It's raining now. It could be my calling back but this whole thing, you know, II wish you know we those of us who understand mechanics to some extent we don't have the same frustrations I think with people that do like my wife. She does understand the artist on the brakes every so often is going to need oil change every so often it's going to need a clutch and so when it doesn't feel like it's falling apart but it's really part of what the car was designed well. Either that or she thought this is a really good opportunity to encourage her husband to consider a car lot manager.

Actually, we haven't had this car very long and so these are just some of the concerns and NII really, if we love our possessions and we have this attitude of taking care of them and prizing them.

I really believe that will last longer. People will not be more inclined to repair them, which is a lot less expensive than buying a new car and got all that kind of thing we got Doug in Burlington: on Doug you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning good morning I'm wonderful.

What if you got force their where you unconditionally care your vehicle without believe that's true because you take care of the vehicle.

It sure will take care of the thinking along the line of like the man infected with Intel and I've barely increased as well as when the master leaves and entrust you to something that you hear of look in good shape when he comes back that's awesome God, you're exactly right. I got a car right now that were telling my brother-in-law got 230,000 miles on it is still running like a top Arab people die all that looked like the article I got about 100 so I really do believe that you take their windshield wiper blade. Every little and I can't live that in my own life Doug because overhead is got 357,000 I think on this point in time so that and I love that thing.

And yes I've had to put an engine in it. And yes, I put lots of maintenance into it over the years, but I told my kids. I was just plan on bearing me on it. Of course I'm a little taller than the bed because a Bentley six-foot 9615 so I still get to put the tailgate down light.

My brother-in-law and yet she has some remorse that your great car for me only here understand that stewardship really caring for something and doing that's awesome God bless you Doug, I really appreciate really appreciate you calling all online program. Did you have a name for that car. No name for the really deserved one year of my life all year. I love names for cars. You know my producer recently got a new car and it was silver and so I forget exactly what the culvert some like crystal your mind and of silver will get that when we come back we have got CMO with Ford talk about the new focus we got on track within the older we have an appraisal by the black book, for you stated. We got so much more common as you love your car car will range the oil level were talking about today on the Christian Car Guy show how do you love your car will be finding out about the new Ford 2015 Ford focus, just minute but we'd love to hear from you on how you love on your car 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth and we do have Mike in Charlotte back in and that we are interested in his story on what he refused. Somebody ride Mike you're on a Christian Car Guy show the morning when he got force Mike you know have a car you know much at if you can turn the radio down in the background.

Mike will help okay okay yeah but God told him I was really going to do any good but I do have things that have to do now. We all do you know what Jesus said you not to ask you to go 1 mile you're supposed to go to so it's it's those are things he got of the sermon asked the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the last and for right it may not turn out so good.

As Bill found out with one story, so there's nothing like prayer in that situation and just in discernment but you know when you can.

You gotta go the extra mile. My precinct on the day all right we got see my not going to attempt a last name Cima you know you and I had talked before, and I am, I gotta tell you I was reading up on this 2015 Ford focus and it just blew me away a 1 L engine thousand cc are you serious you and your literally, we caught a little and all and it has great fuel economy so you know it's really kind of perfect would think one leader would just be phenomenal gas mileage. How much power does know I can't talk about either yet, but mileage but got how are you okay but doing very well and yet when we talk about our billing equipment got on.

Engine on the Ford fiesta has vehicle and were expecting it to do equally well.

That's really cool and I am you know I personally see must run a first name basis.

Yeah I my truck with three and 57,000 miles is only a four-cylinder, which a lot of people you really you dry run of force on the truck yeah because you with if you gear right it's got all the power you lever me and gets great gas mileage. So why, why waste that one at some of the other neat things you guys are doing and the right that you've got this driver assist technology stuff standard on this car absolutely clear on everything. You know, a little loud, though we know what you're having gay, you'd really like to get great technology on premium or larger cart and now you can get great technology in color cutting are no longer feel like there your outer your backup. I think some of the features you love like voice-activated blue typically have enough work and and and and rearview camera anger on and you know I love the sense of humor love stuff like this blind spot information system. You guys have named it Bliss and I need Bliss click on several of my card. I cannot live without it will not order carpet outlet. If applicant a little indicator on your view mirror.

Five. You held your card and your blind spot but the one I love that that is not out of park next to you in a parking lot with your truck. I would really love the cross traffic look like To be on one side and I get a truck on the other foot out of the parking lot I might need a little bit more healthy and good coming out my way though cross traffic look and tell me car coming to my left to right and Great great technology you know I had that very thing happened to me.

The course over a doesn't have the a man so that is cool and I you know Ford continues to have a better idea in so many ways were excited about this 2015 once again hit the street were talking here for more for sure terrific will.

God bless you Cima so good to have you back there okay bye-bye all right, for those needing a safer newer car that's pretty cool but for those of us like me that love old red in the and we just you know were being good stewards of what God's given us. We need to know about insurance coverage for some Michael Redd white what's the story there, Bill. There's a coverage that's available to most people called comprehensive other than collision And it pays for things like fire left vandalism, storm damage, including flood, lightning, hail, glass breakage, even protection. If you run into an animal in an older vehicle. He could be only a dollar to a month to see me to tell me that if I had this comprehensive which I think actually do on old red because I have this amazing insurance agent's name is Bill next. But anyway and I had a dear. I thought I would have to have collision you can. That's one the one area where you got it.

Surely she can put colliding with an animal under your collision. You can have colliding with an animal under comprehensive which is called animal collision, but there's never an advantage to going the collision route for everybody always turns the need to have a discussion here because you know a deer hunter such as myself often find any idea when I as long as you don't. She didn't hurt purpose that would be what I'm actually saying is that because if most deer hunters understand your your drive and at the time of day when a lot of deer out obviously and you may need something like this. I'm so glad I listened my own show because I learned that trick I will talk about a link on that comprehensive measures well when we come back we actually got Andy on track, a lot of stuff happened at Daytona last week to find out about that when he got an amazing appraisal by the real black book coming up so much, and are allowed the boat was born about familial learning feels like he's on track with Exxon is still turning around that's that's been formed for on track with what is so good I found that yesterday and I laughed and laughed but before we get on track with which we gotta do a minute. We gotta finish up. We got Weaver strike and beer and stuff and Bill said, you gotta tell them one thing, so go ahead Bill yeah you remember if you ever run into an animal. Don't wash it all because it your responsibility to prove that you did an animal and not up. So if you hit an animal and you clean it up really good before the insurance company sees it. They have no responsibility to pay it into the comprehensive and the comprehensives a whole lot better. There you go, and I would also say that having worked in the body shop. It's rare when you hit an animal that you don't end up with a lot of hair in the paint and so you do there. There isn't. It's pretty obvious when somebody hit an animal and and that's that's part of the equation, but moving on to on track with Andy.

We've got Steve Wingate on with us and Andy. This is a really cool segment. Well, it is firstly ST Wingfield on here with us, I believe, save and savor your yard. He made it through the gate. Well I see you I just think about your soul, you display their and I have it.

Sounds good. I will hasten, listen, we got we got something cool here only as you know our are segment focuses on different ministry activities that happened in and around the racetrack and so we got Steve on here but I will give you a little preview of what Caesar talk about okay last week when I arrived in the Daytona. There's all kinds of activity happening at Chick-fil-A down there and the Chick-fil-A's exit across the street from the racetrack but loads of people there.

There's lots of free chicken stuff. There's military for some reason Rick Santorum was hanging out there with them and and so there's a big crowd there and right in the middle of it is the Wingfield and a and I gotta tell you, and say I want you to give us little bit of background us of how you kind of made a small your new focuses but but Steve is there to reach the lost at the racetrack in some unique way.

So Steve tell it tell us what Victor weekend is all about. Well I started about eight years ago I would make sure you do chapel on Sunday morning at the child fell out. I looked up at all those people and begin frothing at the neck got it weighted. I knew of MR oh I knew a great way ministry, but I felt like there was no place for faith-based family-friendly entertainment with the message of Christ, and so that the green was born. I began to talk about the people with people, Jerry Caldwell getting an opportunity first one that the fall like four years ago people learned how not to do it that we can. It was labor-intensive and I was so beat up at the end of the week and that's the shot gave Rick replicate this as result of that sort of thing, but what else we get there we got a mobile state of Maryland felt it was given good $3000 for each 3 foot trailer opened up the stage and we had last year we did NASCAR event for six rating. One was the world of outlaws in Charlotte and out of your outfit have been involved in day-to-day.

All of these goes in the Midwest and really around the world is 35 years and why should we did eight demands for less money spent on one festival say encounter what we call them and get more on state peoples amortization and we really are excited about where God is taking us doubling we can at least 10 events this year and next, hastily stopping for just a minute because I think you just sit on one of one of the key things you know Robbie all over the country, people listen to us talk about these racetrack ministry things and all the different venues in ways that people are trying to engage. But what Steve just said is capitalizing on every week during racing season which is February to November. There's a mass amount of people that are already congregating for some event and like he just said from a stewardship perspective. Steve Steve used to do these be true then and still does. But now they have the opportunity to reach these and enormous crowds without having to do all the marketing without having the heart ahead of time there already there and a lot of times looking for things to do when the actual races and taken place so I've seen Steve do these are scenes of the bands and see like I want you to talk about some of your partners you have with the 20.

I was also thinking how can we as fellow believers partner with you Steve to to get this to be all it can be.

One thing we are really working out right now like being organic campground and like the right not going on people looking for some traffic to go back to E Gregor Blake Cornell and there's a lot of corn hole and a lot of other activity that have a lot of liquid beverage that really opened the store. What we need our churches to send a mission team for the weekend and being a campground we don't want congregating in one spot. Aldrich paragraph Jesus, it will be given an application which is usually on Saturday like to make be there to talk with people pray with people level people not condemning it.we were not condemning anybody for anything which is lot number Jesus very many government as we got posted something on Facebook yesterday catching anything redemptive come out of NASCAR if they waste humongous amount of resources, debauchery, drunkenness, drug but blotting out always really unbelievable but post you nailed it you got to get exactly right man. That's why I'm sick. This would be there. That's where Wesley went and revival came to England. We can't wait for the fish jump in the boat we got to go fishing. I have yet to find out more well-stocked. Just highlight something else and stated he just called it right for you. Okay if there's churches that are looking for unique ways, or even if it's if it's families with a group together to come help out and to be the presence of Jesus there but I tell you this is this is a really easy way to enter, what old time he street evangelism is because the crowds are very friendly. Okay this is this is a camaraderie thing that happens at wherever the track is all over the country.

The scene is the same. It's campers like you talked anyway. The camps and they already will tell you campground people are the friendliest people or are they go to the KOA's here and there. They visit with the tents think they get to be buddies through the weekend and the same thing happens in these campground at the racetrack, so it's a great you know if you're if you're shy about events with your shy about sharing your faith. This is a great way to make a step in growing your own faith to join Steve on these weekends.

All 400 this week.

Guatemala animal, but that's costing thousands of dollars to go to enter go to build a church or whatever and I Guatemala needs help make a lot of friends to discover they need help with verbal Detrick, Haiti, or wherever else you may choose to go for a minimal money you to send a mission team to a racetrack and you get all the people of every dollar. Looking for something. Work providing the entertainment driver interviews get great music just politely on a military first responders is one of the highlights of the weekend. That's a whole another oriented cell. We've got to do something for standards that have little use for multiple last year. The year before we get on the battlefield and we're trying to make a statement to our veterans and first responders and the suicide rate among police officers that lead towards the military and would try to make it different and it stories that are coming out that I I could tell you a hold out a list of stories that God used those that touch lives. Conflict was like.

Michigan multiplatform.

I got my Vietnam veteran Ellen aren't weeping on controllably finally got together and waited 40 years for somebody to say thank while I came home base bid only that cursed me that I've never felt so honored as I have not wanted really got me young man died in 19 years of age and back in Afghanistan three weeks and tears running down a street preacher you nailed to the wall and I thought he made it up out of nothing. This is got back on the right Jesus with a huge victory. Weekends you can find out about that a Christian Car If you get on track with and you click on that. There's a video. Did your church involvement have so much more Christian card, I shall come another appraisal by the real black book. Since traffic and we got a lot more to find my way, she out of the dust, he said. And interestingly, I heard this week that deal Moody got off the ship coming back from England and this man came up and said oh I mind the presence of the amazing DL Moody and deal Moody grabbed some dust off the ground and he said here's what deal Moody is without Jesus and I couldn't help but think of that song as I heard that story but it also has a lot to do with our appraisal by the real black book you know if you been list of the whole show. We talked about do you love your car or do you hate your car and is easier to love your car when it has all kind of problems are is easy to love your car when it's running great. Well that's an interesting thing when it comes to the verb of love. It's a little bit easier to love a child when they're sick and it happens to be the same with the car, but when we get into that as our appraisal by the real black book. As I said, I spent all of last week. Most the interviewing people at the National religious broadcasters convention and I was doing that for number shows not just Christian Car Guy show, but people in TV, radio, movies, nursing homes jail ministry aids victims ministries authors and politicians, and each time someone sat down in front of me. I really I pray God would show me the glory that he had inside that individual in front of you.

Naturally, I could share some amazingly powerful stories, but I really felt like the most powerful story was the one I didn't see. I know you look at me bill like I didn't see it in on Friday morning I was reading Isaiah 61, and it blasted me between the eyes. Isaiah 61. You may remember is what Jesus said when he sat down in the synagogue in Nazareth. He said the spirit of the sovereign Lord is on me to see the Trinity in that picture is one of the places in the Old Testament you can see the Trinity, the spirit of the sovereign Lord may meter got the Holy Spirit there's God is on me, meeting Jesus to proclaim the good knows to the nations. Know the rich know the powerful, no to the poor, or maybe in your translation.

It says the meek of the reason I mention that is as I sat down it seem like the more powerful stories came from the more broken people, I mean the people that had been I had one guy, he that he had AIDS and if you heard a story you'd left weeping.

I mean how this ministry reach out to him didn't ask him how he got AIDS like like a friend mentioned the more powerful stories came from the people that were the most broken, but I will have to say that the one story that was not said was there was a lack of a better word, a political talk shows sat down in front of me and I tried my best to find God in there somewhere, and I kept asking him questions and he he he would, you know, tell me about your story. Well, I didn't really have a Damascus Road express will tell me about how you know Jesus is working alive.

He couldn't give me anything there and he started to go on and on about it. What he thought nobody was speaking truth and how he actually hated Obama, etc., etc., which are copresident Obama and then I looked at him and the Holy Spirit gave me this question. I said what do you need forgiveness for and I thought he was going to swallow the Musick will you know that that the all of a sudden his agenda was gone because he really hadn't thought about that one or the reason why that was so powerful to me is. Recently I was really trying to deal with my own habitual sin a sin that I do struggle with all the talk I went in there and I was asking Jesus. What am I missing Annette and John and I wanted I read this thing is that there's this deep cleansing of the blood of Jesus. And I don't think I Really Understood It Way, John on Reddit, I just knew that there was a deep cleansing that came from the blood of Jesus. And so I was going through this sin problem.

I was going back and back and back and there is a technique where you go back to when your little guy and when I was little guy my name is Bruce and so I was like Jesus. Can you come in and help Bruce out here because he's he's got a sin problem with felt it's held me captive to in my 50s. I got back to what I think was the original incident and I asked Jesus to come and talk with Bruce and me and he said Robbie do you want your innocence back. I said my innocence. You don't understand. I was guilty I was.

I played a part in this. I was I'm not innocent.

I'm guilty. He said no do you want your innocence back. I can give you back your innocence lasted you don't understand Jesus. I'm not innocent, and he said wait a minute Robbie didn't I pay enough for your innocence down inside of a lot of our habitual sin issues or things that we have never been able to forgive ourselves for that's the deep cleansing that John Owens was talking about. That's the deep cleansing the blood of Jesus that we need you see that's an amazing thing and I really didn't understand it but I needed forgiveness, but I just needed that deep cleansing of the blood of Jesus.

So if you're out there today.

You may have some you struggled with for years and years, you might find inside that you've never been able to forgive yourself.

That's where you and Jesus call them into the situation. Pray with him asking to come in and help you as I can tell you the freedom that he's given me I have now walk in a new normal.

I can't even believe the freedom that Jesus is give me in this area I EAI. There is no explaining and that freedom is available to you, but it comes at the humility of saying you know what I can't forget my site you know I need Jesus his blood.

He paid enough.

This is where it comes from. This is the heart of the gospel folks. This is where it's common right there. See you see people they have all these agendas. It's a whole lot easier for God to love broken people because they know they need a doctor TO put it but when you think you got altogether. It's gonna be hard for him to come in and say will. Where can I help you out here but when you're struggling that's where Jesus and that's why he hung out with the people he did do think about it that he hung out like our friend at the racetrack that we talked a little bit earlier right those people that were struggling and everything that I know what you know, they've never experienced the blood of Christ. They don't know where that comes from and so here you go. The same is true and I know you gone Robbie you gotta be kidney, but the same is true with your car. It's easier to love your car when it's broke down as a verb. This is where I can come in and do something to help my car. It's easier to help my car when it's dirty I can clean my car. I can fill my car with gas when it needs gas. These are ways that I actively verbally love my car, the more I do these things for my car. It's an amazing thing that happened I develop an affection for Michael like old rent. I've had this truck. Years and years and years and years and I and it's out there today and in 357,000 miles later yes what I've saved probably over two or $300,000 by not trading cars every true three years. I keep in the same car yeah I need an engine wants and you have given a brakes and you have given me this is going to be bad, but I'll put what I paid an old rent up against any that's what if you just take care of that car now always say and I do mean that the car is not safe. It's time to do something if you got other issues you know it doesn't meet your family's needs.

Yeah you got it is not about that. You may need. But if you take care of your car in the last as long as you do well, thank you for listed Christian card I show as always, I'm very thankful to my Christian insurance God Bill Mixon for being on with us today.

Thank you, Bill always inflation and our course on track with Andy and Steve Winfield not gate and all you callers. You guys are the ones to make the show.

I do want to again thank you Jesus. A laborer love participants go to Christian card data, clearly get fixed in and spend some time this week trying to think where Jesus can give you some of that deep cleansing comes

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