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June 14, 2014 4:47 pm


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore it's Father's Day Eve. So as you might imagine here on the Christian Car Guy show we are all about honoring our fathers many many dads are especially proud of their cars so I would love for you to think about that for moments what car was your dad's pride and joy in what was a car that made your father's heart go pitter pat Collis 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear about your dad's car when we have a special treat today for those of you calling with their dad's car cars we have developed the data eliminator yes when you call in with your dad's pride and joy his car. Cars we will place that sacred minute sacred member into the data eliminator and within 15.169 seconds Dr. Sonny will provide with us and for us in acronym is specially designed around your dad's car. Plus we'll send you out a special data eliminator certificate as a keepsake of your call the Christian Car Guy show.

So what was your dad's car of cars, 866-348-7884.

We want to get you on here about your dad's car 866-34-TRUTH if you are digitally gifted so we have Dr. Sonny in the house with us today. Dr. Sonny, welcome Dr. Sonny. I am hoping that we get some technology going here.

We got a bit of a challenge.

It can hear you Dr. Sonny can now now here at Sears we posted this on Facebook and I had several people actually posted pictures of these cars are there. Dads which was really cool, but one of the ones that touched my heart which I would like to just uses a perfect example of what were doing today. When you calling with your dad's car is Vic Hill, son are lead volunteer on the Jesus labor love who went to be with the Lord here about a month or so ago. His sons posted his his trooper. He had this is a zoo trooper that he kept for years and years and years and years like Goldratt, I think it probably had over 250,000 miles on it are over 300,000 like old red and Vic.

It was his trooper and there's a picture of that on Facebook their Christian Car Guy for going to Facebook you can see that but so is you tell us the story of your dad's car cars that 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Just like I just did and we will play set in the data eliminator and within 15.169 seconds Dr. Sonny will give us that's over and put that into the bad nominator right now that trooper John well Dr. Sonny the data eliminator has processed the day what you got for some trooper with Col. there you go a while.

So one more time is enough. I was in there reading awkward offered offered you go you got it all right now you know what that car was made.

Your dance card that you know the one that just popped in your mind Collis and encourage lots 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we got Joey up in Delaware this today welcome Joey.

The item Joanne tells about your dad's car.

Well my dad's car was his favorite car ever had was in 03 Mercury marauder while I still have it today passed away about a year ago and I got it when he passed away that car.

He sat there and rubbed it with rags and it was a marauder. It's basically souped up Ray Markey writes that what Congress like the black marauder will that only makes sense that you have a black marauder so Dr. Sonny. I'm thinking we can put the marauder in the data eliminator. When we got let's listen to Tim Allen first the data and then later you know I hear a lot of bad Dr. Sonny. What is the answer on the marauder well understood that redemption always daily. He was already just like that marauder was special to your master always understood what we needed to do with my life up with Greg that's wonderful stuff. Now we got the calls come in 866-34-TRUTH 87884C about your dad's car.

Then at the bottom the hour.

We are gonna like Ford's got a big announcement for spoken here about that. Plus Andy's update. Hopefully he's out there in California. Staying cool after her prayer that are on track with any segment, and then come up the end of the show and are praised by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding many of you know I work with my Sprint journey and all along this father thing is this thing that you'll find in John Eldridge's books and you'll find in a lot of Christian literature. This thing called a father. One and it's a lot of folks who believe everybody's got one and how is it that Jesus brings you healing to that. Why do know that I necessarily believe that is how I found out I really did have one working to get to that in our appraisal by the real black book today though we are talking about. What was your father, father's car of cars, 866-348-7884 course you can see the data in them later all that stuff it Christian Car got Lisa is in Mount Holly Lisa Telus about your dad's car while I and was he like the kind that would take that one to church on Sunday and I can stand completely. We understand completely.

Is that a good memory for you Lisa all right working to put the Mustang in the dad in lemonade or Lucero to mount and see what Dr. Sonny, all right. Dr. Sonny hopefully can spell Mustang salvation day always with great great day of the right. It's great to keep the rate of love without having to listen and the cool thing is we got a really neat looking certificate that you can see Christian Car and for calling in today having the courage to do that when I send you out a special Mustang accurate data eliminator so that you have is a keepsake of Conant to show thanks for calling and God bless you. We would love to hear what was the car that man. It was your dad's joy of joys to take you out of that car. The one that he you could just tell it made his heart. No pattern tutor Pat 866348788486634 Lisa better and we will get you on and you can tell us a little bit about what was it your dad saw in that car." We want to mention we got Joey off and all over this today and Joey is our labor love participant here in Greensboro are Christian mechanic guy so maybe you're struggling with a technical issue. Today we got Joey with us today so if you got a problem like that, by all means you because with that 866-34-TRUTH 87884C about your dad's car when we come back on Monday were honoring fathers. Some of you might remember father and in pain.

Wyman was really married to one of those fathers of our country so to speak.

You could say that we are honoring fathers today on the Christian Car Guy show is it is Father's Day. Even we would love to hear about your dad's favorite car of cars that just made him his heart go pitter pat 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share about your dad's car 866-348-7884.

We are inputted into the data eliminator come up with an acronym for your dad's car and send out a certificate. We'd love to hear about your in there, it is a mention that we post this on Facebook and some of these folks actually posted hat they had their dads a picture of their dads car and one of those that also posted was my cousin who was a deal more and she posted my uncle Herman had a Volkswagen bus and it because there were a large family and I and which is interesting because you're my father worked for Buick in size like really your my uncle was driving a Volkswagen instead of a Buick estate wagon, but nonetheless, Dr. Sonny, we are going to go with the folks wagon bus to put that in the data eliminator. Go ahead Johnny and we will find out what kind of an acronym.

Dr. Sonny and I don't expect you to cheat and go with the bus and we are waiting only periodic so what you need to do is worship again to get great alone for you, go well there you go.

It is a vanity thing and your car more than your father, your heavenly father.

I got caught up and that a long time ago I got the Bible and I talked a lot of car guys and gals, and you can just tell much. That car made them and you sometimes have to think in your mind. Well, that car has taken the place of God. You will get your attention. At some point fairly good. Me, so be careful when you have your pride and joy. Don't take too much pride in your pride and joy so that the sermon for the day around your pride and joy, Dr. Sonny and again we got lots of lines open. We would love to hear your dad about your dad's car. Your experience with your dad maybe take you somewhere or something. That's a precious memory for you.

You want on your dad today.

That's were looking for 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Come on now you can do it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but along those lines, Dr. Sonny, I know of a number of men that they were in the car shows and they were and all those trophies in one day the Holy Spirit got up with them that they were making their car more their favorite than they were there family.

I once they gave their heart, father, and that's today father forgiveness and by our Redeemer, yet you are talking about today that car can't take you someplace quite and God many times, bless his heart.

He loves us so much that he will bring along some some crisis to make things go sideways to show you that cargo to carry you through this be for that. I doubt there that one day will just rust away.

It will not carry you. There is no trailer hitch back go. There is no trailer hitch on the hearse that is exactly right. Direct my luggage rack. It's just that, but that's an interesting thing again.

You got the situation where they put it in front of God. They put it in front of your family and and maybe that's a memory that you want to share with us.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Joey again are Christian tech technician what you should what you see in the spring in the way are you seeing lot air conditioning issues are out there right now to a few minutes.

I've seen a lot bigger years for air conditioning. The this time year.

Everybody always comes a no-no. My recognition don't work had bothered to check it all winter to make sure it was okay and now when you need evidence let you down, which it's a good time for us to go over a few basic air conditioning tips and inmate will get air conditioning acronym in a minute but always try to tell people this time year.

You know you got this button and it's different on different cars is called recirculation.

Or it might be called maximum into General Motors they called it maximum. But what that means is that it is going to take the air that's already inside the car and cool it because if the temperature outside is greater than 85 and it is nearly impossible for your air conditioner to cool.

At 85 air down to a comfortable 70 something so by pushing recirculation you can get colder air because it's chemical the air that's Artie cool off once and it re-circulates inside the car challenges. If you keep that button pushed in the morning first thing in your car will start to smell like socks so when the cooler air is around. Don't push recirculates.

We got so much more Christian Car Guy actually only about your dad.

86634 truth. This is Andre Gargano your list.

The Christian Car Guy show today. We are honoring fathers, we want to hear about your father's car.

We want to hear about his pride and joy when you put that dad Newman Nader and Dr. Sonny will provide for us a special dad in them that were looking forward to. We got lines open. We'd love to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 878848664 truth.

But before we get to that, we've got a special announcement from Ford. We understand that telling people everywhere.

You have got to the light not I know what you're thinking. Well they made announcement this week that 7/10 of the new pickup trucks in America by 2025 will be made out of aluminum and certainly that will lighten up the fleet out there are 7/10. I'm guessing that 70% what you think. Joey yet how messes I really got Doug Richmond here with Ford to share. This is exciting news that the for aluminum folks everywhere. I suppose you and I will make it clear I was the aluminum Association at Ford Motor Company. Yeah, I need to be clear you are with the Association so you guys are pumped up about this.

Why do you see this this trend very simply see the cost of fuel has made it really very important in the marketplace that lightweight vehicle orders made a very bold move very early in the program vehicle model changes course very exciting program for everybody and 11. I would think in some of the lighten up idea was righteous, not to shoot another concern that's on everybody's mind is a think about got aluminum aluminum backlit Dragon aluminum roof is how we can get these things painted and is the pink and mistaken in us, things most people already M on their car and they don't even know what really trunks some fingers a bit, aluminum or board and that really has been very very good market acceptance that people in the point of it being people don't know if there same as any other panel fact, in many cases there's. Great aluminum that are used for the absolutely something today so aluminum doesn't and is easily sheet-metal grade very special grades and tempers of aluminum used on body and that material is very very and so are there other advantages to the aluminum that that you guys give you some of the lighter weight, more debt resistant well to aluminum Carol do not rust and wonderful durability in the field around 10 years panels are as nice as they were, that's a great thing to say you got longevity as well.

See you got all that stuff going on with that were talking about our dance card so now would be fair for us not to talk about your dance car.

Do you remember your dad's pride and joy. On the first one I remember I start transmission. That was a very day that will fit in the 50.

I do remember that the car I learned to drive. Those were cool and how when your dad went out there and he was showing off that, what would you do you like to start with very proud that was the first new car he ever had in his life.

He was just very proud Avenue car yeah medical thing that he had and what did you say black. It was that it was a blue-and-white that was it was very crowded.

I seen the two-tone blue-and-white guard with the pushbutton transmission Dr. Sonny it's only fair.

We put that into the dad, Newman, Nader and went one waitlist. Let's hear what Tim Allen has to say here about this.

Here we go to what is Dr. Sonny of got an acronym for your dad's car now within 15 seconds. Go ahead Dr. Sonny will give it all to operation of the dark was generally exceptional but always daily alert that the Redeemer is for today.

Don't put too much on the Dodge dart so cool thank you for being with us today Doug that was awesome. Thank you and I learned I learned a couple things I thought about the you know sometimes my brain just doesn't function the fact that they don't rust is huge and less in their lighter and so maybe there's some, maybe obviously Ford and General Motors and Chrysler all are seeing the need to stuff. Thank you for being with us for all that's what the day to thank you all rights we still got plenty of time for your dad an emanation 866-34-TRUTH 878848664 truth. If you digitally gifted and we will put that in Dr. Sonny's Bremen and so as we were saying I ran out of time of the Internet for segment about air conditioning that if you leave your car on recirculation all the time. It's a fascinating thing God designed air in such a way that it kills bacteria. So if you turn it off recirculation early in the morning or at night when you're driving. When the temperatures below 85 that outside air will actually kill the bacteria inside of your evaporator and stuffer that air is flowing around but if you leave it on recirculate all the time which you'll do often. Some people like my wife, for example, in the summertime to she just got a stay cool. Got to stay cold and stay cool. I understand if the temperatures over 85, but because the outside air never comes in there and deodorize is what happens. Joey sock syndrome yes it is as heater boxes, nice little warm wet place bacteria love to grow and becomes a stinker. So we need the gym sock Dr. Sonny here.

I think we need a gym sock acronym we can put that in what you think. Here is for put that in the data eliminator and see if we can get the gym got for you masterfully. You might yield to his will to come here and sacrifice stock.

Our Savior operate right that I want. I want the application that's right right the quickest man in radio.

I swear that's as if it's a cool thing that your mind works so well. Dr. Sonny, but that is a quick you'll stink with. But seriously, that's one air conditioning tip. Obviously, that that a lot of folks they don't understand their recirculation button or their the same thing exactly as if you put Max at maximum air conditioning, recirculating, and you want to use that.

What are some other tips you can think of Joey for people to keep their commissioner cooler on the wall long long with you, the research and the spiders is about once a month. He takes muscle and sprayed on the vents and sprayed in the air and taken the that a kill that bacterial and won't stink is bad to have a lot of folks to realize that that little mesh screen that's right between the windshield and the hood there that it's a cow is what a lot of people call it. That's where most cars get their air from the outside in order so by spraying Lysol and that and also keeping leaves out a thing yes will keep you from getting horrible noises in your box. So now what a concept we come back we got our appraisal by the real black book. We got some callers, call in with their data in them. So this is your last segment get him 866-348-7884 Bountiful, Utah with how exciting is that Paul, you're on the Christian partnership tell us about your dance lately in 1949 file Frito-Lay hearts and in the we were.

We were traveling north of Salt Lake City toward Yellowstone toward Ogden, Utah, and the it was a straight way and my grandmother was with this she came on the trip from Virginia with us in Jesus.

Call if you don't. My dad's name is: Senior call if you don't hurry up. We're never going to get there and my dad looked down at the speedometer he says will mother were getting 105, 49, and instead of being upset. She says will it just seems like were hardly moving and coming back we went. We went through Durango, Colorado in the my desperate cousin owned a restaurant there in the they started talking in and he decided he was to become come back with this he had. He had a brand-new Studebaker and that we were coming up the long halls in the long hills and mountains for coming back in. We were constantly waiting for that new state of Baker Street, a powerful powerful car get back to Virginia and the couple years later somebody sold him the hornet of the six-cylinder hornet and I think he spent several years trying to justify why he bought that hornet begin to compare with an old Street eight that would run like a scared rabbit sounds like one amazing I really, really doesn't Dr. Sonny where you put that into the data Newman Ater.

Let's see Johnny what is actually a YouTube video every Dr. Sonny, are you ready when I yeah Hudson. I underwent supply just like it was taken mom, and on up the road when they could be realize how fast they were going.

It would your life you will be moved to heaven and you will not even understand how fast the trip and I will point out that well run a pretty good listener texted me that he had an acronym for Jim on the gym socks that I know is can help you later on because you you may need this God your master yes there you go Jim God your master list that will work in the mood for appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure trial for the sermon, lift up your voice for understanding and as I mentioned, I work with the masculine during radio show and some ministries that have to do with John Eldridge is wild at heart. But the most common things in the hours of talking that his father wound and one of the guys once was on the radio show I did and he said every man has a father wound and I looked at them like why don't and so I was always wondering what is my father wound.

It actually kinda bothered me that a great relationship with my father.

My father was in the car business. Many of you know, he's been on the show before, but about a year and 1/2 ago my good friend Bob Young and I were talking about our sons, which we we know about Bob son enforcing want to be with the Lord and some struggles that we are having. Along those lines, and he was tell me about how he how he used to upset his dad and how he was his mother's hairdresser. Many turned his mother's hair white and you now. Bob is with his personality. And as I listen to them talk about how his dad had been disappointed with his behavior when he was younger he looked over and he saw tears coming down my eyes and I wasn't used to the man crying out just in front as he looked at me kind with his head because are those happy tears and I said no Bob, I think you just identified something for me that I realize that my father always encouraged me a lot, but when I was really making some horrible choices and most of them running away from God when I was younger I didn't experience that displeasure that you had experienced and he also went on to tell me a story about when his father was proud of him and about his faith and in those kind of things and so I realized that that was my father wound that my father had not really coming along and said, you know, these are your choices and and kinda shown his disappointment that you in a way that showing his love or discipline are those kind of things that you might receive from your father and interestingly I started I was praying along these lines for the next six or seven months and that year on my birthday.

I still have the card in my in my dresser. I looked at it this morning. My father sent me a birthday card and in that card.

He went on to tell me he was proud and it was interesting that God was healing me through that when understanding what my wound was, but I want to tell you but Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me. And so Jesus a lot of us may have had struggles with her father's. He did may not have the relationship I had with mine, but there's no doubt Jesus wants to point you back to the father and he's there and available for healing, but you gotta you got asked for that. You got to begin the walk with Jesus and say how can I get healing. Can you point me to the father because a lot of us relate generally to our heavenly father based on the way. We had a relationship with our earthly father you not insane. Dr. Sonny will relating to women relationship time with their father. Heavenly father is a picture of what their father could have been, or should have been themselves by seeing what God could could do their father after their father get saved so it does work both ways. There's no doubt that's huge all of us have this longing for an embrace from the father. Now we gotta get rid of our sin in order for that to happen, and Jesus paid the price of that you can have that pathway back to the father but you got asked for forgiveness and Jesus is the way to the father, through forgiveness of sin is doctors that he would provide many acronyms along those lines. I always appreciate Dr. Sennett has been seven years some great stuff. Your mind is amazing. Thank you Dr. Sonny and Joey have an ally without all automotive. Thank you for being with us.

Joey neurotic it's always fun to have you now it is Father's Day Eve, so why not find a special way to honor your father tomorrow maybe write a card or something along those lines that Jesus could point thank you for list

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