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What Can We Do About Human Trafficking?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 28, 2014 12:59 pm

What Can We Do About Human Trafficking?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 28, 2014 12:59 pm

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Welcome to the Kristin car guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore. What can you do about human traffic wow is now in the morning you are ready for that worry about missing it again that's the question that we have to them Christian Car Guy show what can you do about human trafficking yet you know it breaks God's heart. It breaks Karen's hearts.

It breaks victims hearts. It breaks the addicts hearts, the ones that are involved in it and in John Eldridge's book waking the dead. He says there are three eternal eternal truths and I believe they apply here.

Number one, things are not what they seem.

Number two. The world is at war, and number three you you listening right this minute you have a critical role to play on her show today from the truck stop and rest areas across America to the jungles of Malawi. It is our prayer is that this show will help to awaken us all to God's heart on this issue awaken us to how to spot what to do if you see something how to pray. Or perhaps you have another role to play on this.

Maybe it's just getting the word out most of all, it is our prayer that we would find God in this and that that in seeing God and what he's doing here that will offer hope to those trapped both in the slavery itself, but the victims are not just the young girls. There's a lot of people involved in it.

You can find out so much more about that today because in the slavery of addictions that they that lead to all this there is some phenomenal stuff that I have become aware of that that I think is really to help you we have some more than amazing – I mean like while gas that are here to help us. We have my good friend and frequent guest Shelley Lance.

She is a former prostitute in a truck stop Mdm. formerly and for lack of a better term, you know, one of the most redeemed Saints you will ever meet when because God redeemed her through prayers of family members that were more than amazing, but also through a prison in Turkey and without find out a little bit about that. Good morning Shelley good morning Gail, as always, I thrilled because you have such a rare insight for me anyway on on what goes on there how the people got trapped how they continue to stay trapped all those things and addictions and working to just crank off right this minute essay year out there helping people abandon you have your own hotline and so if you know somebody is trapped in one of these addictions is what Shelley wants to talk to them in her number, give it out throughout the show is 855-661-4434 and Shelley we got some stuff to share today knowing or having its I'm really excited about what God can do the show.

As I mentioned from the truck stops to Malawi. We also have David to Turkey with us and David is with an organization called when the Saints and God broke David's heart on this issue through an amazing 21 day fast David of what happened yet. So actually I was 21 years old the time. And like most 21-year-olds were searching to find out what God has created us for, and so was I learned about fasting my church. They did a three week series and so and I decided with you, my friends, we are due 21 a fast and just ask him what it is that he created us for, and on the last night, I believe he made it very clear to me you wanted me to stay up all night in my basement. So for six and half hours. I do spend time with Jesus and he made it very clear to me beyond a shadow but I said I created you for these two things to help girls who been sexually abused but also to mentor and disciple of the men who are doing the sexual abuse and it changed the whole course of the rest my life. Everything I'm doing right now is because of one night in January 2009 when Jesus whispered and and there's the hope of the gospel right there. My friends both went Shelley story and with David's story that Jesus knows that the way to end this is an the addictions themselves then and if there is no demand.

The supply would go away and write that nobody be needed.

No need to steal girls no need to do what goes on with boys it it goes on both sides of the playing field. Unfortunately if this was going on so we got a lot to share. We got how you spot it in a what you do what's dangerous. What's not dangerous. What could be your role be, but this is a live show and were so grateful that God is giving us his platform to share, but he might've given it to you to share today to so if you're really courageous and yet you may have a story along these lines where God showed up for you we would be blessed beyond belief. If you would call in and share. Perhaps something you know about the subject. Maybe somewhere where you saw God work as we always thought detecting here on a Christian car – if so, maybe you saw something we would love for you to call us at 866-348-7884 that number again. My daughter said that was a too fast, 866348788 force number to call in and share.

Perhaps maybe you got a question for Shelley or for David and in their something that's on your heart. By all means call us as over here 48663487884 and as always, all this information is at the website and go to Christian car There you can see all the warning signs you know how you spot this thing will what you call.

There's even a number you can text.

Would you believe that there is now a cell phone app believe it. Truckers against trafficking have a nap you could go to the app store and get it on your phone that tells you here's the number to call.

Here's the number to text. Here's how you spot this is what you do. It is the truckers against trafficking app. It's right there and went in.

But it's also a Christian card. as well as a Jesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms and widows across the country. If you have a need or maybe you want to volunteer that program. That's all it Christian card. the podcasts. This show will be up there later if you can hear the whole show in your one and wow, here's a story you want to hear more about what David doing to Malawi you can go back and get the show later on. Christian card. Also, don't forget Karen Mulder's wisdom alluded it, it's there some amazing resources. There Christian card data, Sherry, when you were involved in this. Can you give us an idea what actually goes on in those truck stops actually you know that I was involved in the contacted and many of the girls bring probably the youngest would be 14 or 15 on and and at 15 years ago for me enough, though. It was big back then and most of the girls where were at X and somehow you know they they were runaways and got involved with either another girl or a boyfriend that brought them into the business and actually my role was really am not am I you know, was brought in. You note through two men and I had and that it were running drugs and running these women and down it's it's actually the sixth chapter of my book the story about it and it was just a brief experience of my life that lasted about four or five months and it probably was one of the worst for five months of my life because you saw some horrible stuff all sorts of different levels yet and you know I have a lot of abuse horrible horrible abuse and innovate today. Back then, they weren't called human traffickers. They were actually called pant and you know the usually there was one you know big person that basically legend the main trafficker and then they had people that work to understand it would watch the girls control them and their means of control would be giving them drugs and that would keep them in their correct because you know and when you're in that level of addiction you know and the pain that the girls were going through they would continually want to stay now, you now and is very very hard and very difficult to get out of lunch here and try Isaac left the police got me out of that would save my life many times in Malawi is similar, take us through how that kinda works out in other countries definitely Malawi is a little different than what you would kind of imagine a red-hot area like Thailand or Cambodia is not as minute as much tourism people coming in they say 81% of men who travel internationally to a country like Cambodia will participate in the sex trade to.

There's tons of money it's about income coming into the country. It's the government even kinda secretly just allows it to happen and they won't do much know when organizations are trying to change policies. It's very very difficult because of the income that is generated and allow only have so much on this topic. How can you spot it.

What can you do about it. How can you be praying for these people.

What might your role, please find out all those things am a Christian car guys show so by all means say to you got a story you call us 866-34-TRUTH 8780 when things seem so much enable when the sayings new and now is in the sink.

We got up with us today in the studio in the same margin amendment and it's cool the way that David came up with the name that if you're just tuning in, the Christian card. I so yes you are and today we're talking about human trafficking.

What might your role be and you're wondering what is this have to do a Christian card. I well truck stops across America. There's ways that we can spot things ways that we can do things and we feel God's heartbreaking on this issue and we feel like wow we need to get as much information out about it as we possibly can. We have our good friend Shelley Lantz who is involved in this.

At one point time had a miraculous healing.

She can speak to and even has a line to help people that are in this addiction as well as David Petrarca, who is with when the Saints which he can share that story in a minute. But before we do all that we got. Renée is calling you and this is a live show and we would love for you to call in with your question. Or maybe got some where you seen God in this issue, 866-348-7884 Renée is in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Renée here on the Christian card I show good morning good morning Kelly that the girls experienced and that they were given the drugs to keep them.

I guess out of the pain but I don't understand what that means. I I've taken manic medication for Stephanie but think that obviously these girls are six and what can she explain what that is what what can you hear me talking about basically the pain of your heart you know when year when you are caught in any kind of life controlling problems or near outselling your body after day self loathing and self-hatred.

You know that feeling well worth the and you know Max called you know, I know it being an addict myself and in that lifestyle for over 20 years. You know I couldn't function without drive because the pain is too unbearable and I'm not talking about an actual physical pain get the growth did you know were underhand of a lot of abuse. I mean they were beaten, controlled, if they you know if they didn't cooperate their way there trafficker you know head wanted them to explain further that the kind of pain I'm talking about you. Note people do drugs. For one thing can make them feel good. You know, and basically there's no way feeling good in our lifestyle but drugs can always write Shelley that you told me about. Once the is is actually like Satan's got a something special for those people involved in this.

It's not just the girls that get hooked on drugs. One of the things that they told you to do. Shelley was to hook your Johnson that day exactly what they do.

I know a lot of them do they want okay when when a girl will actually go to brought into prostitution with a man they bring to run to get the man addicted you know the man came the girl.

The girl that they drugs with the man and man coming back off the cycle of addiction is terrible, terrible give the girl then maybe a little bit of of how they say it a little bit of power feeling power that now she is interning cooking somebody else like effect on God. If you feeling that affection. The girl felt more in control than at that point. Once you get built for John for money and get him on drugs and we come back and we wait when you can't bilk the John essentially taken taken their money and simply pulling them in the summer and I got bless your appreciate your call so much in your courage to call on this issue appreciate your heart Lesson and you're welcome to call with your question your concern 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so God broke your heart on this issue. David and when you went, what is Jesus woke up with okay Otto I found my way into sexual trafficking. You do yeah definitely was just something that God had to call me into he had to speak.

I just believe that nothing is a sustainable motivator in a healthy way more than the voice of God.

Our emotions can be stirred a heart can be broken. Our minds can be challenged with intellectual statistics and we can be overwhelmed, but will wake up the next morning will wake up. A month later and we won't how those for safe same feelings will forget the statistics that we heard and will just go on with her life will get distracted with the things right in front of us. But if if God speaks that is the thing that will sustain you because we can't in our own strength he has to say. This is what I paid you for the for the purpose. And so for me it was just going to him and just to make a comment you know of on that call, as when the Saints we do believe that the men are just as oppressed there just as enslaved as the very girls that they are enslaving and Satan is the one who is their abuser and they need to be set free. They need to be liberated. Actually, we believe it's more of a sustainable solution to the ending of sexual exploitation is to focus on loving the men. The way that Jesus loved each of us while we were enemies to him while we were in rebellion to him. While we turn our backs on him. These men maybe they need love, you know, just like as much or even more than any one of us because maybe they've never been shown and so they know nothing more than the abuse of other human beings to exploit them to try to take from that and so the we believe that we could pull every girl out of positions of prostitution, sexual exploitation, but ultimately our ministry would be creating a void that these men would just traffic more girl stuff – that's a huge execution point and both Shelley and David are involved in setting people free. And guess what, that's what Jesus came for court. Isaiah 61 where hopefully do some more that when we come back thinking we got a lot when she loves God is so and I when the Saints actually. Especially if you are to be in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, maybe Charlotte or Raleigh area. I just found out that the people that they were supposed to screen their community.

These guys when the Saints did this amazing documentary on what's going on with human trafficking. They are available tomorrow for your church. Maybe tomorrow night service you're wondering why we needed some special we got it for you. You can go to website Christian car you see that great big when the Saints click on that banner and tell them how I need them to come to my church. I need them to show their documentary, I need to get this word out.

That's a lot about were doing on the show today is just letting people know that Jesus came to set them free from these addictions and like my friend David said so clearly if we can come after the hearts of the men's and men and women that are trapped in these addictions then the and the demand would fall out in the supply would not be necessary, but did not cool Shelley what David said that if if we got all the ladies in the world. Out of prostitution we would just create this huge void for more people to be stolen, and I think about how God does that, but we also have a realistic issue that you pull in the truck stop and you're trying to figure out that something doesn't look quite right. Did you know there's a national helpline. There is a national there is a app for yourself.

It's called truckers against trafficking and even at our website right now to go to Christian card. there are probably 15 ways that you can recognize something is not right in this with this young lady you know you see some signs of abuse. You see somebody following you see something's going on. Guess what, there is a number to call its 87. Excuse me, it is 888-373-7888 888-373-7888 if you call that number, which again is a Christian card. that's your best bet because Shelley they do not want to get involved in this.

These people have guns and they are dangerous and the last thing you want to do is go confront these people yourself or try to rescue this girl yourself because this is why we have a policeman like you said policeman saved her life. So to me, I see.

So God God come so clearly you told me someone time about when they closed that door and that Turkish jail how it changes your life. Could you share that story is so powerful. Shelley, I just want our listeners to hear how God came after you. I am actually in international drug crime ring got in with an airline in Turkey and a girlfriend and I had down traveled from Kent however fell into Istanbul Turkey with 25 kg of cocaine through the airline. You know that when you're under the influence that point, you know I was 42 years old and I was tired in my life. You know you can only stand prostitution for so many years and you knowing God was chasing me all along you know I believe without a doubt that he long after me and I had so many people praying for me and quickly we did get busted and and that was basically after 22 years of cocaine and crack addiction. A wake-up call in, but it was the most beautiful wake-up call because it is a story of redemption.

How God met me at work light in the worst kinds of my life and in the Bible with smuggled in community out by an American soldier in his life, and I began to think that word and the three years that I spent at Creighton and he opened my eyes and set me free and transform my life and I can't give the glory to anybody but him and him alone because it was through his word and me, searching for him with all my heart and he came to me and if I can have Paul Damascus experience.

For now, I once was blind but now I see the question for you Shelley this is David. I know some people who say you know being a prostitute can't be that bad like that until you have your life have your income come in by having like honestly having sex lies that horrible and maybe they would you say your story and you having a negative experience might be just the exception, but most girls out there probably love it load you say to someone they love what they're doing now and not even necessarily girls but just like the men who are who are even buying girls. They are there saying like, man am providing them with an income they have pleasure, pleasure, everyone benefits. Why should we try that in this note, I really really after that, I believe that they are blinded to lie. I don't believe that anybody went trapped and played in a lifestyle like that. However, you know, I think it you know they both are both on each other. That's what it is I I think most of the men I have encountered were just as empty and a lot and I what and even I developed relationships with these men and some even when I would think friendship here. There were still many times they became vulnerable to me and would express why they were doing what they did you know and it was basically because they were trying to find a need outside of God and that all it is now very happy in their home life they're not happy they're not getting their sexual desires fulfilled day. So basically they're not looking for got it all, though not looking for God actually living for the enemy. So I only say that I mean I could materially answer you with things that you told me one time. Just as in my mind is most powerful things I ever heard was you said when they slam that door and that Turkish jail for the first time in your life.

You are free well I can't find it so many years, self-loathing for me and for everyone I'm talking for myself that I could not do what I was doing and like I was kind I had to be high.

I you know I woke up and I didn't have to like them.

I could not go out and work. I just couldn't.

I bet when that door shut. It was like this is I just felt looked at and I knew at that moment that my life was going to be forever changed and it wasn't. I wasn't looking at the aspect of I'm to be locked up and not my family I'm never to go back to America. The first thought free from, and it was a long process because I have been known for so many years and you know it took weeks basically for me to start becoming at with my feelings again and my emotion because I have numb them for so long and I'll tell you I don't know what I would've done if I didn't have got the word walk through that you now since the lifeline and now you're sitting there. You may have an addiction right now. You may have a question, by all means call us to give up Shelley's she has her own line for folks that are trapped in addictions that may be a drug addiction that may be a sexual addiction that may be some other addiction and you say wow I would like to talk to this lady. She has been there. She has found her way out. That number is 85566144348556614434 David there's a lot of Christians that they think wow I've accepted Christ on I'm living the good life I'm free but yet they're still trapped in addictions and all those things.

What would you say to those folks. Yeah, I did just the quote came to my mind, you know who GK Chesterton. He says every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is knocking for God so every time you know I want. I do want to bring it personal to every listener every time we do look for something to fulfill an emptiness to no longer know make us feel lonely. We are actually like.

Only God can fill that void in our lives and so we are on tour with this documentary and the main message of this documentary that we want. We just believe every human being needs to hear is for us on a daily basis with our every day interactions, primarily with members of the opposite sex. We may we may try to find identity and that we may even with the slightest things like as a guy I want to tell a joke that'll make this girl laugh, and then give like make her give the attention so that I can find my validation as a human being. Even my sense of masculinity that it can be. There was never a bad time for break. This was we have David on a roll here. The rest of that role hear more from Shelley.

This is the Christian car guy show and we are trying to figure out what can we do about human trafficking and not I'm beginning to think it may have to do with sharing the gospel time to say a lot more as you said is pulled from the side of the road.

I was gonna throw those out there. Perhaps we person listening has some addiction and by freeing yourself from that addiction you then understand the freedom that Jesus gave you and you have that hope living in you so that you can share it in order to do that. You gotta face the fact that Jesus came for you to have an abundant life in your probably Jesus. Satan got some money and he is working and you.

There are ways to be set free.

He came to set you free. And David a hedge on the role we got David Turco. He is here with when the saints and I got Shelley Lance, who has her own ministry to folks that are in addiction. Again, I would be remiss if I didn't say you guys need this documentary at your church because it is all kinds of folks that are sitting in the congregation that need this message they need to be set free and it can come to your church. All you have to do is go to Christian car. Click on that purple banner yes it has to do in Malawi put them out, let him allowing message is coming here to America. So much of it has to do with what's going on with the pew and now will get back to your little David, I'm sorry I yeah just for me and I was addicted to pornography for over a decade and I for about the last four years of that addiction tried everything I could to get free not join all these accountability groups out even share it on a personal level I would confess my sins and maybe I would kind of experience freedom for a couple months but I would just always fail and always fall back into it and I got to a place after four years of struggling at the end of this addiction. I wear I just cried out to Jesus and said God you just can have to love me and accept me or you know who I am as having this addiction and I don't ever see this not being a part of my life.

I've done everything I can to try to free myself and I keep failing and literally at that moment, I just like Jesus said David you finally get it when you finally are at this place that I've been waiting for you to get to where you realize that you can't free yourself.

It's not up to you.

It's not up to you to try harder to be better to fix yourself and at that literally at that moment when I accepted defeat. I supernaturally just felt this thing like break off of my heart and would have been supernaturally liberated for the last five years for an addiction to graffiti and I've also seen that reflect in the way that I treat mostly members of the opposite sex on a daily basis where it freed me because I also just exploited girls like I was talking about it before the break on an emotional level. I would just use them to try to get this fulfillment to try to feel better not to feel lonely to get all of this attention from girls and I found out that that is actually a level of exploitation. Jesus says what happens on the heart level. When you look at a woman.

Leslie and I don't believe loss is only a physical thing on an emotional level is where we can look at some of heart and say what can I take from that person's heart to fulfill myself.

We can do that even girls. We can dressing all and we bet girls can dress like kind of with a low-cut shirt so that he can get attention from men. They feel better about themselves to get a sense of validity, a sense of femininity and I believe that is in addition as well, and that some and that we need supernatural healing from something only Jesus can set us free from when we see how deeply he passionately loves us and how we can find identity in him we don't need to do that with other people may hurt a little bit about share is very similar story when she admitted defeat when she admitted I can't get there's nothing may slam the door in her there. She was similar story from David Brennan Manning said something amazing that when you don't go get healing and freedom from Jesus you robbed the world of that miracle story of how he did it in your life now you can hear Sherry story because she didn't robbed the world she got the freedom and now she's out.

This is just like secular music. You know, as you've been comforted. You can go comfort others so you can hear David out there doing that you can hear Shelley out there doing it and you can call her number. If you have something that you're dealing with 855-661-4434 or you can ask David to come to your church and then you can meet with her personally. Innovate. They are mature. Now you guys been out here for coming months. It's been 13 days that we have another two months of a tour around 20 states all over the US is so cool. God is out of the door for you from this fast and you're out there sharing this wonderful message of freedom which is essentially the gospel and again if you go to Christian card. or you just go to win the saints. I bet you can probably remember the two and find out where they're going to be next but Shelley, I'm interested in your thoughts as you listen to this well. Story all and shared that Rob literally worked out of my mouth that you know it. Finally, when we give up because I had tried so many program my parents trust me did put me through the challenge for lifetime night into detox center counselor, psychiatrist, and always trying I mean I can remember so many times getting on my knees and asking God's forgiveness. I was always a believer, I knew got there. I just didn't have the power to you to overcome the addiction on my own and to be set free and God knew my heart I know you knew my heart that I didn't want it to be entrapped like this forever. I mean, you know, I needed that free and it had to be, and he came and met me at my lowest spot I was in church service. You know everything, doing everything right and the performance mode and all that I was at my worst working that me and liberated me and it was just like David explained it, you know when it was just I give up. God, I'm just can I get them to be like the rest of my life. Do whatever you can change me. Take me do whatever it know an exact kind of salvation for me. You know I just know that he opened my eyes and get it you get it you get all the work in this one little side note, I just can't let go. You know these people smuggled this Bible into you, there's two people in the whole jail that speak English. It's an English Bible. What happened to the Bible showing. Actually, when I transferred to another print. Then I take in the Bible because they could not take anything like that. Then I wrapped it up and and and or might not. And in the jail, and in my prayer in my heart. I think I will ever get the Bible please validity that can read English and your words will touch them and liberate them as they have me and dad two years later I out after I was released and I was home I received a call from an inmate that I was friends with the president that had been released and what to call you back just to be wicked like a holding place until you go back to your country and why she was standing in line.

She had a card to call me and she was telling the woman behind her and calling my friend running Shelley from America because that's what everybody called me and they limited the Maya and she ran back to her bed and came back and she held out the Bible and she said the Shelley from America you're talking about because in my Bible it said Shelley from America billing gaps in your cultivation here. Shelley went to talk to you on the phone and she said my name is Mary Isom, Maya and I come to jail and I pray God Bible. I went to bed.

Shelley we got we got a run, that is. It's just so cool how Jesus came. You can find out more about when the saints you can find more about Shelley number, give her number out one more time 855-661-4434. Go to Christian card. find out what you can do about human trafficking. One thing we can do is accept what Jesus has for our free you're listening to the truth and

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