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Gaining Greenbacks With Gas Prices

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 5, 2014 2:26 pm

Gaining Greenbacks With Gas Prices

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186-6342 that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out.

Here's your host Robbie Gilmore oh, are you going to be glad you tuned into the Christian car guys show the day for a number of reasons we're going to be searching searching searching searching for the best gas price that's right work in the same is some serious gas money that's really not the best part just a little bit before the bottom of the hour we're going to reveal to you the Christian Car Guy audience the exact location of the ark of the continent over this. Yes, you heard me right over the centuries many of search for the lost Ark searching searching searching and just a little bit before the bottom hour we are going to reveal to you the exact location of the ark of the covenant God showed me something yesterday morning that I just made me want to jump out of my C and I came down to working out of Fourth of July and I spent the better part of three hours detailing a map of what God had revealed to me and so it's about an hour. This can opposed to Christian card. I want to install the goodies at the beginning but that the map will post and we will share with you where in another.

Sean Connery is not involved in enters Indiana just where is the ark of the covenant so it's also Jesus labor love Saturday and we got a good friend, Jerry Ray's body shop and Jesus is been busy single moms and widows has to little you know there's plenty of need out there and you know what is such an awesome ministry and I know you promoted and you know your this is your brainchild as a matter fact and you know God just works in such a wonderful way, and had been people that are have the ability and service centers to be able to that extend Christ through simple thing that they're able to do them is pretty neat and some of the stories is primarily powerful and we have love to highlight that on the first Saturday a month. That's free car repair for single moms and widows especially, but also many families in crisis. A veteran some like that you send in the need to go to Christian Car

Click on the labor of love and then we asked our all these partners at work with us and sometimes on the network by going to talk about here shortly if they will supply the labor if the if the applicants can supply the parts again. You can find out more about that. It Jesus labor love Christian Car when you get to that some, but also very fun today.

I'm very excited I got Rick Belinsky here now. I said it wrong. I've been sent Mo Zaleski. Rick is a good morning practicing its Rick Mo Zaleski and Rick is as a hobby, so to speak. He's taken on this gas but thing that some of you may have the app on your phone you may know how you can save big money on gas for using gas buddy finding the best gas prices for the talk a lot about gas buddy were to talk about some of the secrets to saving on gas and were to be Sharon Matt today, but again we've got this really special appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for a sermon. Lift up your voice for understanding, and I do when I reveal that at the bottom.

The hourly plenty of times to discuss all that this revelation of the exact location of the ark of the covenant.

What that means to you how you can apply that to your life.

I I'm a just revel in that I'm actually leaving for vacation right after I get off here and we will be enjoying going sailing a bit and I'll be back to do my show next week. Some of the gone from the studio, but I'll be but I'll be here to answer 50 way again. All this is going to and though it'll be up a little bit later as well as a Jesus labor love Karen Mulder's wisdom of the wounded podcast if you can hear the whole show. Are you want to hear about this and you can tune in later. You can go to the website of the podcast. All that information is going to be there but jumping right in here.

We want to talk about this gas buddy situation and and Rick Tellis you got involved in this.

What a couple years ago. Yes, up couple years ago my wife and I got these new tablets. We don't have smart phones yet, but we got these tablets and I thought that I've been aghast by the user. All this time so I thought I'd jump in and see if I can actually use into actually do some price recording myself help some people say's money so and I don't know if you seen this happen.

Get it on your smart phone you can get on a tablet. It's really a cool thing.

If got it has people that go all over the place and they report back with the price of gas is right in your area and so you know I I've checked it out since I found out about this and what Rick was involved in actually having on my phone and sure enough, the place where I normally get gases right there on my gas buddy yeah and it shows the gas is about two cents cheaper than all the gas stations around it which I've never understood, as long as I live by certain Catholic students of your Matilda understand that. I know that's a secure want to be across the street from the other nothing about anybody go over there but they actually have volunteers across the country. I suppose hundreds of thousands of folks that are called in reporting this every day what the price of gas going on right Rick, that's right, you can go to the website or go to the Alpine and and find these prices and if you remember, you can report you can report them as a visitor to little say visitor not your handle. But anyhow that's the main benefit of it is that it puts information in your hands that normally only that gas station owners and the oil companies knows so you can actually use that knowledge that you didn't have before. I mean everybody knows pretty much where your local gas prices tend to be the lowest or what areas are lowest, or so forth. But what you don't know is when you're out traveling up, especially place that you're not familiar with going you don't you don't know don't necessarily my wife and I went on a trip to Virginia last month. We knew, generally speaking, that Virginia has lower gas taxes, though they had lower gas prices, but we were able to go just a little bit out of the way into this one town that we would normally go around and when prices were in the 320s most other places we pay 315 and again at that its Christian card. you can see there's a link there to gas, but if you need that for your phone and the nice thing about having a new phone. Is it knows where you are based on the GPS featuring your phone and so we can tell you hate within 2.2 miles. Here's a guess. Here's a guest there, and all those kind of things, which leads to the question that I've always pondered.

I really ponder this for years and I never have sat down and actually work through it so I did this morning.

How far should you go to save two cents on a gallon of gas where where's what's the math on that. How does it work out if I can say $0.15 across town. Is it worth me driving 5 miles or if I can save you know $0.10. Is it worth me driving three. How does what's the exact math on that.

So I sat down this morning with calculator in hand and understanding what I know about miles per gallon and mileage in time and all those and I did all the math and then I posted it all the Christian card. to say okay this is how far you should go to save on gas and what I came up with.

Actually, I surprise myself but there is a very simply put, practically speaking, for every sent you save you shouldn't travel over a quarter-mile in other words, if you're only saving two cents a gallon in your drive and 1/2 a mile to do it.

You're losing them of the and and so off that goes. There's a great deal of math that goes into that and I normative share.

A lot of that is we go through the show today, but there's up and another gas secret. While I was doing this math on how far she should go in order save on gastric I game I came across. I said okay. This all has to do with time and money. So if I spent 15 minutes to go 5 miles to save on this gas how much of my making per hour to save on this gas so I did the math on that my went well. There is another way that you can save time and money or that your that your time is worth more money than driving 15 miles to save $0.10 a mile and gas enough. You know me well, a George Liggett I know where you're going for your time value of money thing. There you go, then we are to assure that certainly it is we, but let's get into the Jesus labor love a little bit. We had a ladies car that actually we been trying to fix since August, and it's embarrassing to say sometimes the best mechanics of the world can't figure these things out and it was a Volkswagen and we are really really struggling with it and this poor lady was so patient with us and we are trying to get it fixed and we found another place that might possibly help it. Well how that happens. I called my good friend Jerry at Ray's body shop and Jerry can you relate the story from her yet.

When Robbie called me it was a tough situation for this lady because she had a car in the shop and and if you're familiar with the Volkswagen product and lot of the German products and European products. They can have these little tendencies that are of dark tough to find anything.

But however they had asked we headed service center that is one of the Jesus labor of love, service centers and they just could not pinpoint our come up with what the issue was with the vehicle when it been going on as Robbie said for couple months and is well will get back to that store. But as we got got started looking at it. I knew instantly dealing with the vehicles couple options that are needed because you are only a very few minutes away from finding out the exact location of the ark of the covenant and how to save on gas.

We got so much on the show today you believe the media for all time and all I need to sleep just to register, jealousy, devotion, and really look I today on antenna and I do not live in only yes the exact location of our of the company is in your heart like the Tim woodsman, who he was trying to figure that out and I don't know if you're familiar with the tin Woodman story from the Wizard of Oz, but he got snookered by the world. He thought, wow, if I could just chop wood like crazy. Every time you cut off you got bewitched.

So every time he cut off a limb. You know they put on 10 one and he went crazy, working hard, Jerry.

If you're assuming that Hamlet and anybody that he could cut some serious would concede he love this munchkin girl and it was going to go great for him if he could only cut enough wood to make enough money to build that house and have all the treasure. Then he was gonna be able to live the dream and then he talked his body and the Tinsman left out the hard but interestingly similarly to Jesus. He got this special touch the end of the curse, and he found out what it was like to have a heart and you got 12 when Jesus came in there and you think about it okay in the holy of holies that's behind the curtain you got the ark of the covenant. What did the high priest have to do every year come in there and had to sprinkle that blunt I he had to get in the pool if we got we've got this great high priest right. I was thinking wow and double while God said he would write his law on our hearts right. Jeremiah 31, 33, and you know you got those tablets attention at that.

Guess what, that's written in your heart, and he also said that he would hide his word in your heart. You see, that's the manner it comes down every morning and you can go gather as much as we want, and is sweeter than honey and it goes right into the jar right inside your heart and it's there just to spiritually grow you but actually this is cool as those are my favorite one is the rod that but it right. If you looked inside the ark of the covenant what was in her rod the butted Manna and the law that robbed it, but it according to Matthew Henry.

He taught that that rod is a picture of Christ. The reason he said that is Aaron's rod was made of the almond tree in the almond tree is the first of blossom and it's also the first to bear fruit, and Jesus was our first fruits but he was also. He also said that that Rob was the same one that Moses used to strike the rock and streams of living water came out of it. You see, and so here's a you know, in John 738 Jesus said whoever believes in me, the Scripture says said rivers of living water will flow from within. So think of this rod that you got you got Moses his rod right there in your heart man and if I can take that from my heart to another persons heart their heart of stone now will flow with living water. You get the picture that would Robbie said look we have a responsibility well. The neat thing about that rod. Do you remember the verbal sword in Alice in Wonderland and if you remember the famous line the verbal sword knows what it wants.

She had to face the Jabberwocky listing look scary and that verbal sword to look after the Jabberwocky, but how cool is this that rod that you have in your heart that when the butted the firstfruits that is like the verbal sword man and it knows what it wants and you'll be talking to somebody and all of a sudden that rod you can feel it well up and is just burning in their you have got to share what it is the living water that's in your heart, and by striking another persons heart of stone. What happens is that not too cool while you sit there and you know he's putting that that context the step man you just realize you know how awesome the gospel of Jesus Christ is and how awesome the authority that we have through Christ in us and in there so many things and I don't want to rob you of the joy just spend some time here and I think it's worthy of spend some time when you really think about the ark of the covenant and how much care.

God took to make sure it was over laden goal to make sure it had the chairman out there protecting it to make sure that the high priest came in and kept it holy.

All those things.

That's how he feels about your heart that's beating in your chest that that part of you that is you. God has see the temple was a picture of something better to come.

While that's something better to come your heart if it's been touched by that right and that cool I'm telling you, I just have just gone crazy bed that apologized. The website did not post as I know I did it just posted so the picture of the map that I talked about the exact location of the ark of the covenant is the this Christian card. and if you look at this picture I I spent some time yesterday creating this heart with the staff that butted in the law in the manna it's it's in there like Prego spaghetti sauce. It so how fun is that man. I would love you would have the pleasure of spending some time there, but also if you feel led to say something about that.

You can call us. We are alive today it is Fourth of July weekend, 86634878848664 truth, and Jerry, I'm just man I I'm ominous, then probably the next few weeks just trying to revel in all that that what that means, you know we'd like send you notices when we sit there and we realize you know what Christ has done for us and what is installed in a send and given us the gift of that as part of that you know Christ tells you know would follow me, pick up your cross know what part of that is pick up your cross and helped carry his and not just keep it to yourself.

I mean this is in our heart we shouldn't unite at this, only the holy huddle. We need to get out and reach out and share that end and strike other people's heart and change the world for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if need be, you know I'm Hispanic maybe you can turn it into a snake.

I don't know what all you could do about staff, but I you normative to be think about that working to get back to research and searching searching for the price of gas and and and I wrote this this morning as well. But practically speaking for every cent you save you shouldn't travel more than 1/4 of a mile or you're really not saving.

So if you're setting to sense you go half a mile, but is not really much savings if you can save $0.10 don't go more than 2 1/2 miles or $0.20 don't go more than 5 miles an here's how it works out purchasing 10 gallons of gas and again this math, you can find all the Christian card data, and it was so hard to grasp is either really think through this, but purchasing 10 gallons of gas each, that you say saves you a dime. In other words, if if it's 347 and you can get it for 340 60 x 10 gallons you have saved yourself a whopping dime.

Now if you asked if it was 345 instead of 347 now you saved yourself big money that would be $0.20. So if your car averages 20 miles per gallon and the gas is $3.50 then each mile is costing you about $0.17. So then if you go 1 mile. The same a dime you lose. However, if you're buying 50 gallons you have gained a gigantic $0.33 and if your car gets 40 miles a gallon. You've gained $0.42. How exciting and off-center trying to think what that would bind.

I can even think of anything that that would be anymore used the search you can say that every single week you get to save 20 bucks for the year at feels like the 42 for the week. That's all that that amounts to. But let's say that you can go 5 miles and save $0.15 a gallon and you're buying 15 gallons of the car gets 25 miles and now that's probably average for a lot of folks you've now saved $2.25 on the gas but challenge he spent $0.70 to get there and if you went 5 miles on your way. You will cents 70 more sense to get back so you gotta subtract that $0.85 and you wasted 15 minutes so to do that for a whole year 52 weeks. You saved a gigantic $44.20 but it cost you 13 hours Beverly $3.40 an hour is all you're making on this deal so I bet your time is worth more well at so one of the values of it is a you don't necessarily have to go out of your way.

Now that I had a thing. But if it happens to be that you have an errand in that direction, then why not go ahead and how absolutely numb and yet that's the neat thing about gas but it tells you this is on your way you can say five cents. That's a clear deal you one that okay but we have got a real's time and money saver coming your way on the Christian target show. I've done some other math surprise you as well about time and money and we really want to save you some money. But man is this revel in that heart picture go to Christian card, look at the map of the exact location of, and there isn't any pain. I find this is a great can I and he's coming in to sprinkle your and offer that deep cleansing John Owen Ike I if you've experienced it. You know what I'm talking about. If you have not experienced. I pray that you will be touched by that route to understand what life really means to come out from underneath that heart of stone that really doesn't understand things doesn't understand was role in life why things are coming at us. It's hard to do when your heart doesn't know how to react, but you will be given this new heart wrapped in gold and fulfilled it inside of it is a precious manna is the is the precious law and the rod that brought how cool is that we been searching searching searching and we wanted to get back to our discussion on searching for low gas prices. But there's another angle here that we gotta talk about because it is a Christian card.

I should so you knew this was coming. So let's talk time and money. The average person drives 15,000 miles a year and an average of 40 mph. That means you spend 375 hours a year driving. Most people do. So if you speed when you go 5 mph over as many of you do you will only drive 333 hours meeting you saved yourself 42 hours a year.

That's less than an hour a week or seven minutes a day so you can save yourself seven minutes a day of driving. If you speed 5 miles an hour over.

According to the EPA. I think this is an ultraconservative you you are spending about $0.26 more per gallon on gas by speeding and if you drove the speed limit. Did you get that $0.26 more a gallon so when you drove 10 miles to say $0.15. If you did that, exceeding the high five. You just messed up girl world because you could save $0.26 per gallon all year long, which is a savings of $270. If you're not talking $40 were talking $270. If you would just drive the speed limit. Now that's $6.42 an hour were not quite the minimum wage. It but we can save you big, big, big money if you think about if everybody in this country went the speed limit and everybody could say that $270 and that money just the 16th millionth of it went to the kingdom of God. What could what could happen if we could just go the speed limit you to rob them sinner and as a male was a man. I'm thinking if I went a mile off of him traveling.

I went a mile out of my route to save however much five cent a gallon I got a make up that time it took me a mile out of my route. So what if I just then I may not think publishers now cost me $0.36 a gallon more. Just because a hate is when you think you know I think we all doing away and there's no doubt when I see that gas price by crossing the South Carolina and the price of gas drops $0.20.

My heart leapt for joy. I'm like hello look at this I thin gas. Heaven, but practically speaking, if I would've just driven the speed limit. I would've saved $0.26 a gallon on my way to do that at and I would challenge you that that math is conservative my math originally when I did the calculations years ago because I was so that you know with 26 million gallons of gas a week was lost on speeding your memories to say that we can have it. You know he was when sitting see those figures like at those huge figures to break it down the $0.26 a gallon, 5 miles over 50 miles an hour me. Now the said nest, or sent home. We start thinking about it. I mean that that sort of brings it back to how that affects my pocketbook.

So now here's a good night Rick, is that you have a combination punch, because if you carry a gas buddy in your iPhone and it says you can save $0.10 a gallon and it's right on your route and need to check your phone you know well there it is.

I can save $0.10 if I go the speed limit on my way to say that I'm saving $0.36 a gallon and what did I do that for the kingdom of heaven.

So there is a way to make it all began to add together right that's right it's it's a matter of coordinating all that and so the neat thing is is there is a combination thing. Saving money is still saving money but getting your priorities in the place. Now here's the thing about speeding that is on my heart more than any other thing about speed is if you are speeding and there is a 16-year-old that is driving alongside of you. Peer pressure is phenomenal and they do not know how to handle that speed and if you just try going to speed limit for two weeks for me would you do that and then notice how many people blow by you and how tempting it is to speed, then think about that 16-year-old who does not know how to drive and how your peer pressure by you speeding up blowing by them is making them think they need to speed up ignored ago the traffic and so it some point in time, they may be put in the place where they literally can't handle the speed because of your peer pressure and I'm not can put a guilt trip on you. I am just saying that were not supposed to put a stumbling block in front of others, and it clearly I've done show after show after show on this and I will go on record as saying it is a sin to speed, you're breaking the law. If you are following Jesus he would not you would not be you would be blown by him and you know turn around look at you know Robbie you just brought up the point about with the young driver and experienced driver just this past week we toted a vehicle that was young driver following family members on the road that had a drop-off on the shoulder.

They went off the road overcorrected coming back on the road, flipped their truck and it was just because of the speed I mean really yummy you note they were following their phone effect. Yeah man, but thank goodness everybody was okay and no one was hurt, the Steelers just that mean we don't think about that. To me, especially if you're an experienced driver.

You don't think you can handle that and then off something happens I can correct it, but and then noticed a habit from know if you are used to driving you get the car you go.

I'm 5 miles an hour over it. That's the habit. And once you've got that habit. And that's a hard habit to break, and you're saying she, Robbie, you sound like a reformed smoker, yes I do.

Because guess what I am from Spain or so. I know it was still one day a Bonfield policeman had the nerve to pull me over for going 5 miles an hour over and he looked at me other regular below allies are going 5 miles an hour over this long before the dark pieces to me are you in the habit of speeding and I said no because we are going 5 miles an hour over. I live through my truck was in the habit of speeding and this guy called me up short. Little did he know how that would be spouted across the airways of the country for the next noticing how I struggle with an Italian abdomen. I get behind the wheel when it's that it's a race mean have got to try to get there is the race have 5 miles an hour over the speed of the stuff speed run anyway you can you can wrestle with the Lord on that one but enjoy some time spend some time this week thinking about where the holy of holies is where the ark of the company.

We have found the location go to Christian card. and you can look at the map is shown exact details of where that is. You need Sean Connery. You don't need Indiana Jones you have the Christian card.

Thank you Jerry will go to Jesus labor located find out what's going on with that you can find out about gas buddy click the link with that. Thank you for being with us today.

Rick, you're welcome. Thanks for having me on.

Bless you and remember, Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all the and 33 slowdown

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