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False Labor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 30, 2014 3:34 pm

False Labor

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Time for the Christian card I showed today a very special Labor Day addition of Labor Day weekend edition of the Christian car garage show with a live show. We welcome your call today. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth in today's subject. Coincidentally, falls labor and a great topic for Labor Day weekend falls labor anyone is ever had experience paying for car repair knows how the labor charges us seem exorbitant sometimes so what about false labor when working a diving event subject today and the me the problem is much like these Russian nesting dolls, if you've ever seen the Russian nesting dolls. I went to Russia years ago when we bought several of them, but there one inside of the other. Inside of the other inside the other and then you know when you get to the heart of it, there's this little baby that looks just like the one on the outside and so not only are they full of themselves when inherently that makes them self centered right and so by now you may see where I'm headed. I will get there but I need to make sure we all have a common understanding of the labor calculations and how these charges and most car repair shops are calculated and determine cc the traditional way to calculate labor charges for car repairs since I got into in the 1960s actually been into the water till my age, but they were these time guides and there made by Chilton's and motors of their children and motor manuals is what they're called in the principal works like this the way of time God works is they will study to see how long it takes an average mechanic with the right tools to take and perform a job. For example, if there can replace spark plugs in a 1969 barracuda back in the day and a Chilton would say that takes one hour for the average mechanic and that's what then they would tell the labor William shop that they could charge and so they could do an estimate ahead of time in either to replace spark plugs.

I can say with asking to be one hour labor and you would have to wait to see along the mechanic took in order to pay for the charge not only bad, but it would seem fair. It certainly simplifies matter in that if it took him three hours to do the job, you still only paid one hour if it was a good mechanic was unskilled or didn't have the right tools, but the other thing. Obviously if the guy was really good and he could do it in 30 minutes.

It still would cost one hour and so if they were charging $50 an hour to replace the spark plugs might be $50 and oil change, they might say took 1/2 an hour so would be $25 and that's a simple way of explaining the way the time guides work in similar to the Russian nesting dolls. What they did not realize because at first it seemed fair enough, but it turned out that it was corrupted and I want to get into the explanation of how that was corrupted but I want to say that in no way do I want to take on mechanics or repair shops or even time guide companies in all these folks are made in God's image and they wake up every morning thinking that they're going to go to work to help folks. I just want to fly over this issue at 10,000 feet so we can see how the system is corrupted and perhaps more importantly how when we get full of ourselves we to have the problem of Adam. In other words, we want to take God's place like no limited knowledge of good and evil. So having grown up around this culture literally. I was 13 when I got into it and I understand the culture drives much of this behavior, but Chilton's and motors time guide companies on shore became very quickly aware that the more time that they said a job would take the better their time guides with cell right if your mechanic and you could have your choice of Chilton's are motors and Chilton said it took an hour to have to change the spark plugs and motors only set an hour which time God would you buy because you can get paid more time if you buy the time guide that has more time you see immediately. You see the corruption that falls in the system.

Meanwhile, also the competition among mechanics and in the way the owners look at their mechanics is based on who turns the most hours, so in many shops. It's the guy that turns the most hours it's considered the top dog and thus driving the mechanics to want to get the time. Guide bits can give them the most time, not just from the standpoint of pay, but a standpoint of men like to think we got what it takes and we like to know that that we can outperform everybody else whatever you seem a competition among men love that drives these things will ironically the side of the equation.

The manufacturer's you know they have their warranty time guides. Another words, GM and Chrysler and all these people.

They try to figure out how they don't have to pay much money to get repair job so they have their own set a time guides and if your new car dealer near you have a franchise you have to go by their time guides when it comes to warranty repairs, and quite often. Honestly, I would see a job that took a great mechanic three hours to perform that the warty time guides would only pay 1/2 an hour at this I mean the poor mechanic we need to make that up. And so he would go turn to know if there was a repair and on that repair was to warty things and then there were three things that were out of warranty like an oil change or a 30,000 mile service that you see they would turn to these other time guides in order to make up for what they lost in the water repair and bless you. You drove all that to so seeing all this issue and at the big retailers like Pep Boys and Midas muffler and all these people got into the mix, and they found wow we could figure out what are the most price-sensitive repairs and everybody checks like brake repairs and then oil changes in those kind of things in the price goes way down and advertise those to bring customers in and then upsell their way in the making a profit with what you got in there to sell you on a transmission service or to sell you on other things that the car may need again in an effort to make more hours and and dealers then all they saw that Pep Boys always favored La Mesa baby picked up those strategies as well. And next thing you know you got a whole smorgasbord of ways to make a profit and when you look at dealers and retailers is what they measure themselves by who's making the most profit, and thus their drive in similar behaviors, and I would guess. Whatever line of work. I don't know what you do. But if you think about it when we begin to measure and compare we start pushing people to to meet certain numbers, then we can't help but see situations where they corrupt the process to make themselves feel better or look better by corrupting the way they calculate the numbers off the old saying, specially McHargue's figures lie and liars figure right meet their fluctuates to calculate things and so you really put this stress on the way the calculations are done and similar to the Russian nesting dolls right we all get full of ourselves and we see the corruption and we feel this, consider the consequences. So there's there's one I want to discuss with each. We are all in a similar playing field. So what is fair and what is honest you know shops are expensive to operate. I'm telling of special tools cost a fortune.

I could easily three or four people could retire and what I've spent on special tools that were never even open out of the packages because manufacturers make you buy all these tools in the media mechanic takes years of training in the get good at it is like a doctor. In my view they have to train they have to take clinicals at the get certifications.

There's new systems, new technologies, constant training it.

It's a tough job. And then there's all the insurance because guess what will the suit happy culture we live in which he was gonna full of itself to they have to protect themselves against all these people it would sue them if they left a bold offer something so simply put, I don't know another way, a simple way to empty yourself for any business without doing to simply what Jesus said and it's real simple, and is quoted in all four Gospels when he says whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find. See, for Jesus sake, we should consider others better than ourselves, and if will lose all that and empty ourselves. It's an interesting thing in this is so cool I thought about all we can think about these Russian nesting dolls, which by way of your Christian car, got out, got his picture up there to show you see Adam tried to take God's place and not in gaining the knowledge of good and evil and thus became a Russian nesting doll for self and self centered and that required Jesus to come and take our place is the atoms in a take God's place, but Jesus came to take our place and die so that we could live forever and you see if we can empty ourselves in that cell sent all those little baby Russian dolls out of the parts.

This leaves a great opening for the father the son and the Holy Spirit to come in. So if you think about it. Here's a solution. If you can find a good Christian repair shop owner who lives in your area you know there is a remnant, I assure you there are some people in it, you find that shop and you can trust him to work through the corruption.

You don't have to try to figure out all this time by strategy are all the different ways that they could get to you because you're trusting that other person is looking out for your best interest because you know they too are no longer self-centered, but there Jesus center so we do this with their gifts, their part of the body of Christ, and we allow them to do what it is God gave them to do. Thus you go Robbie, where do we find these people, lawyers are good days we have the Jesus labor love participants write all these guys that we know will give free labor for cars for moms and widows in our trouble and all those things and that's a Christian car but in any case, you can find a Christian brother and we come back. I want to put a special shout out to KCI acid in Seattle.

Our new affiliate this morning.

We got some gift and we all you to call in and share when you got empty work and have some stories we got Dr. Sonny. We had so much, and stated that when working in more than a no and no and no and is Labor Day weekend Christian guard as Jill and we are talking about labor specifically false labor but I do realize like that song so clearly illustrates these guys are out there working really really hard and I just want to look above the system at 40,000 feet and say wow how is this been corrected and how can we really work for others in order to do that is I went through how calculations are done in car repair labor and all those kind of things I did that the first segment. If you're just tuning in, you can go to Christian car I wrote all that out there to explain it but now that that's all said, like the Russian nesting dolls. I talked about winning your life did you find yourself striving is I want to call you and share your stories when I'm really dying this. My favorite partnership is I want you to call in and share when in your life did you strive for that. Whatever it was that care that was being dangled out there and then God found a way to him to you of that and and you filled up instead of being that Russian nesting doll with that little baby that you are completely self-centered or he filled you up when did that happen in your life, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and as I mentioned right before the end of the first segment work so so excited to add KCI at 630 in Seattle, Washington this morning and here's a great example of how you can find a Christian car repair facility. See Doug Linwood, Mazda and Doug Linwood Monday have come along to support KCI as to have the show on the air in every market of your ins and ins in them.

Syracuse's morning New Yorker. If you're in Albuquerque New Mexico you will go to either Christian car or the radio station you're listening to his website dignifying car dealers that support Christian broadcasting will guess what those guys are the ones that you can trust to work through this corruption because it would be. I wasn't there this morning thinking how could I tell a consumer how to work through that that the way to work through. That is, you gotta find somebody who has been gifted to understand clearly and be able to help you with that. And that's a Christian brother with many counselors plan succeed and so like that.

And in doing so, we want to were so excited really to have Seattle with us, that we want to have a special gift this morning.

If you're the first caller from Seattle to tell us your story of one God emptied you, we got a special prize form Johnny tell them what that will have Dr. Sonny's recall notice bookmarked on the back is survival of, and we have the power of God thinking for the first caller from Seattle, RI 866-7884 866-34-TRUTH and without further ado, it's time to introduce our very own recovering bozo in recovering Russian doll keeper Dr. Sonny, I always got a play that Dr. Sonny is just is is part of the deal. Dr. Sonny are out there on the West Coast yourself this morning, I was about Seattle. It early Seattle folks Diego so your pain is good to be with you this morning talking about laborers. There's a there's scriptures in the Bible about labor is the parable of the workers in the vineyard. Some of them were getting getting less less hours for the same. Some of them are getting more more hours for little pay.

It reminded me of what were talking about this morning tell me that in Matthew 20 the parable of the workers in the vineyard. You have to make sure. Also, when you have work done that you get an estimate ahead of time the workers in the vineyard. If you remember in Matthew they they signed up for that area for a day's work, and in the other folks came along later in the day they signed up for the Darius and then when they were paid at the end of the day, everybody got the same about because that's what they were quoted. We also have to be careful on the quote right, Robbie. Exactly right in the great news is we are together caller from when North Carolina we got James and he's got a story where he may got empty James you're on a Christian car guy show the moment morning. What have you got for us several years ago when I met my wife and I were married and Bill are and not we were having really hard financially and not I work from major health organization here will fail in the leading Corporation is a industrial mechanic and an engineer and not get going. I think going to have to I might take a heart condition for us to make or called relocate and don't work. I interviewed several different in the Charlotte area and no probably. I don't know an hour 15 minutes down 30 minutes away from our home right now and not Getting turned down another day I will make it crazy.

I don't know what was going to do it-it take take most never vote and beat my head against the wall.

I mean doing everything college degree. Everything I could possibly think of job. I just can't get turned down and back are. I felt like I was leaving and it was obviously now the amount I wasn't but you take something you don't realize the reality and also hold myself back. Okay you know what you want to do it and not you will have to wait and I went the whole waiting for NF just what was leaving and not become come to find out.

We had another position open up to help me with did make my driving further and now I'm the lead engineer they are and have two additional bait well though while yeah wow James got empty and then got building filled them out and you know what I I'm sorry James. We had a go to a break when we come back. We do have a Seattle caller were to hear her story working to get Dr. Sonny's word on what James had to say and we need hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 call later today on the Christian car guy when were you chasing that dollar or maybe there was another thing you were chasing.

And you like a Russian nesting doll had found yourself self-centered for yourself and God find a way not found a way to empty you we would love to hear your story today you could really, you could you would be shocked at the people that you encourage by sharing what God has taught you today, 866348788486634 truth all about labor time guides how to play risk activated all that stuff's a Christian car and we are blessed to have Dr. Sonny with us this morning and one of the reasons I was with Dr. Sonny, is it has a lightning quick mind which we didn't get to take advantage of because we went to the break before I usually get Dr. Sonny can come up with an acronym in less than about two seconds about a story like that and then share a little biblical wisdom of what James Davis but I know you had way too much time to thank Michael had Dr. Sonny laid on us well where he was waiting he was waiting right you are a wide, precious Redeemer always yield weight that many of my time is not yet go… Yet come. Just a quickie on prayer God answers every prayer are your people. Sometimes I take motorsports chaplain people guided by prayer will remain well it did map it well know, go slow grow what time you have to you have to grow because you're not good enough. What you're asking for. You have to slow down for God's timing and that's what happened with James of God. After that, every player, every prayer no slow grow grow. So don't get discouraged when you're playing forever Johnny well with the Holy Spirit's job to give Johnny say your job before so you get unrealistic expectations that your dog will get them saved always.

The you Playboy no good news really, really good news for me is never first Seattle caller. We have Anna was in Seattle and actually she just got her car back from the mechanic so hopefully we can help her out.

We'd love to hear your call 866-348-7884 good morning Anna how are you you got up early this morning and I good for you. I wish I was on my way to a mountain that sounds real. I bet that's beautiful in Seattle that has to be okay well tell us that this would tell us your story and I all I will wire all that work on and go there. I well encourage and I will not agree with them that I'm agree with you. First of all, I work for Volvo I work from home. Was there really went down his left as I did, but Volvo is truly when those people wake up in the morning when you meet a Volvo engineer they wake up trying to figure out how to make a safer car. It is some of the manufacturers honestly what they wake up trying to figure out how to make a larger profit, but the Swedish people when they started Volvo. They had it there primary goal in life was to make the safest cars out there and and and quite often we used to hear is said that from a policeman. They never had to bring a dead person away from a Volvo asked and it just it wasn't something that happened so I think you made a great choice. Car yeah they are and well you know it's really neat and you probably because you're in Seattle never heard Dr. Sonny, but he is the world's fastest at making acronyms and so you've given them a bit of a challenge. I'm really excited to hear because Volvo Imus can throw that out there.

Dr. Sonny and let's see how you're doing your visa this morning. Volunteers talk about the volunteers that help you fix your car, and their value is just outrageous in a good way. Their value is over and above volunteer for love what you did or did you really just like that, but you bring up a good time.

And Anna, one of the things were hoping to bring to Seattle.

We don't have it all arranged and were hoping to is we do have the Jesus labor of love teammates as a team of volunteers across the country to help single moms and widows that are in a crisis. Now if people can afford the repairs were glad and all that but there are all the times when people get in crisis and they can't get anywhere. And so we've been blessed to often be able to help in a situation and for those of you who never heard about that if you go to Jesus, if you go to Jesus labor leveraging that in Christian car and there you'll see the Jesus labor left program. Find out all about it.

We are blessed that you called in this morning Anna and I really think what we need to contact Pamela. I am so thankful that you called in this morning I blessed by our rights. How cool is that now, what is your story. We would love to hear it 866-34-TRUTH Dr. Sonny in the Volvo. I'm really impressed. I really am. Don't try this at home kids.

It's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number the calling and share your story 866-34-TRUTH I did, I did want to share my own in 1991 I have been in the car business. All these many years and work my way and strive to know how it gets. You know when were going out there for the carrot and I will eat you know when your car salesman you hope someday to be a sales manager than you hope to be a general sales manager than you hope to be someday to be the general manager in 1991 I got the big promotion and I found out I was the general manager of Crown Dodge and you may remember that 1991 was the year of the Gulf War and Dodge was not the hottest thing going to say the least. In 1991. We we had quite a variety of products, some of which were perhaps the best made, but nonetheless I had my shot at being the general manager and I was so excited and and we struggled and we struggled and I worked and I strived and I was not a Christian at this time. Dr. Sonny, as you ever heard the story, but that everything in the automobile industry, call the customer satisfaction index and not only were we not selling cars. I've been doing this about six months of the general manager Crown Dodge not only had we not been selling cars, but if your customer satisfaction index brought drops below a certain level, you can lose your franchise or they can at least not give you any more franchises so the owner of the chain. The dealerships I work for your customer satisfaction indicate in a rating would somehow or another determine whether or not you were to keep your job, and in the October 15 of 1991 I got a letter from Chrysler and it said that my customer satisfaction rating was 1.9 on a scale of 4.0. At what point I felt like I'd worked, how many years the car business.

I guess 42 find that I was going to crash and burn. And I really had no clue, but I've heard this pastor preach one time the sermon on how to hear from God, and I was not a Christian, but I was determined that I need to be here for contact. As I worked my whole life and I was getting nothing in the way that this he had a prayer like you had mentioned Dr. Sonny that you're supposed to go and part of his prayer that I now call the five slam jam up that's pajama prayer is that you're supposed to try to hear God's voice. You got to ears and one mouth.

You're supposed to listen more than you talking. Prayer is what that pastor had said and that made sense to me said God knows what your issues are.

You just need to listen to what he has to say.

And part of it was that you need to go out and relax.

So I actually went out into a field outside of Greensboro, North Carolina, and laid down in the middle of field in an attempt to hear God's voice and part of that was your supposed to let go and let go and let God what just this week, Dr. Sonny, I God was, show me what I was doing and doing that let go let go I was letting go like of all those little knees inside the Russian nesting doll. I needed to let go of those things in order for him to come in so actually I prayed and prayed and prayed, trying to hear God's voice in that field that day and fell asleep. My boss went looking for me.

My wife went looking for sleep. I was just him things were worse when I Batman I did all this.

And now I'm back so that next Saturday morning I prayed again, and when we come back. I want to share how God did in fact I got to hear his voice for one of the first times and what he said have changed my life forever. So you want is that and we want to hear your story, 866348788486634 truth day on a Christian progression we've been talking about labor falls labor from the standpoint of car repair labor but also from the standpoint of what were you laboring for something.

It turned out to be false what it was you were going after and we would love to hear your story. Today we have Dr. Sonny bookmark for you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got one more segment to go so we got time to get you on 866-348-7884.

You really could encourage lots and lots of folks with your story some way that God touched you so right before the break when we left our hero me. I was asleep in the field of trying to pray trying to hear from God because I finally got my shot as a general manager and I was blowing it horribly and I was not a Christian I if you do know me back then I my mouth was full of bad language. I was a very bad tempered person. I was very driven, that would be a good way to describe me as by the people that knew me.

So there I am the next morning, Saturday morning and I am praying God, I don't know why I've done all this work. I'm going nowhere. None of this is happening. I've got no cars out for the month. My customer satisfaction rating in his fall below acceptable. I am going to get fired. What is it that you want my life to be about, and I am listening and I'm listening and I'm letting go.

Let God this this prayer took literally almost an hour that morning of me trying to hear God's voice when suddenly I heard and he said to me Robbie when it's all said and done, it's knocking to matter how many cards you sell and it's not going to matter what your customer satisfaction rating is what's going to matter is how many people you truly help in all people say Robbie how you know you heard from God that was a concept I had never thought that as soon as my mind begin to wrap around that concept.

Wow, I don't have to sell more cars out and let's get my customer satisfaction rating up all that's when the billing numbers. If all I do is wake up in the morning to try to help somebody then I can sit and succeed. So II call the salesman if part of the story because he salesman believe me when I told him that morning.

I just talk to God.

They thought that I was the craziest human that they'd ever seen in their life because they knew me as anything but a godly person but I told her that more NASA guys I have talked to God, and we have a new plan. We are not going to try to sell cars today we are going to try to help people. I don't want to hear that they're gonna buy a car today. I don't hear any of that stuff. I want you to go either way on that customer and you try to figure out how to help them. If that means you got a walkabout of the Nissan store and so many son where the Dodge dealer.

That means you need to help them find a used car.

If that means you need it suggest they don't buy a car. I watched a figure out how can I really help this person and I want you to go about helping that person. And when you come up to the desk. I don't want to hear number I want to hear what is this guy how can we help this man. How can we help this lady. What is it that we can do and I suppose the Holy Spirit somehow or another reverberated that message in my salesman's ears. Even though it was coming from a very ungodly source.

They heard it because it not my message but it was God's message and would you believe that very month, we had 15 cars out on the 15th armor would all do well we sold over 100 dodges that month we outsold the Honda store and actually my boss was supple and what happened and what he heard from what was coming on from the dog store that I was promoted to the Honda store because it was embarrassing for the Honda store to be 90 outsold by the dog store and so within a month of that prayer.

I was promoted in all sorts of things happen in my life to where I proceeded in the car business.

But from that moment on I completely changed the way that I did business I loan longer did business with the concept of trying some more cars or give the customer satisfaction number.

My my motto I had at my desk. I said it all the time guys, all we gotta do is try to help somebody and if we do that, then that's what that's what truly matters in it not amazing Dr. Sonny God came from me with that that literally save my career and later on he came and saved my life and that's another story. It's also a Christian car but you are all that now, Dr. Sonny, if you got acronym this morning is a keyword list this morning you not sure what was going to happen, especially up in Seattle at Seattle. I was baby for a lot of years.

Shipyard limited which just got value for very dear 52 downtown and lithium is probably the word and I'll talk about your briefly, James was the half-brother of Jesus who wrote the book of James I chapter verse 19 he said so then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear and slow to speak and slow to wrath so you were listening like a listers this morning LISP in love is the Savior and today you can have eternal you've never trusted God like Robbie was forced to jump out of your your knee to get him to get you to listen to loving Savior and today he's ready to do what it is necessary to get you where he wants you to go, not necessarily where you want to go detailed his disciples where your treasure is, whatever support you there your heart be if your treasure is moving cars out the door and numbers then that's where you are going to be back where he wanted you want to people and if you help others. It always comes back to you. It just is just the way it is with God, help others comes back to you that Luke 1234 but to the ministry that I have the that God is given me driving to the Bible is built around for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also all your energies being burned up about you and not get anywhere you put God in the center that'll make it work.

Car shows all the time guys love these cars at all and my wife built around the car. Well, what about Christ. Well, I don't think the car waiting to be in the middle of the situation. You also take the place of the car you get the car and you have more fun and you will be speaking of that, I got a little Dr. Sonny, but there's a story we just got about a minute and 1/2 and I'm wondering if you know God did that with you. He emptied you of the desire for car and then he came through and I know that with that if you could tell it in a minute and 1/2.

I was in Virginia I thought that once I get out of my own have everything well I have everything God basically came to be communicated to me you happy no well you got all the stuff doesn't make you happy ethical stuff away you like stuff away and I didn't like it. I do now is accurately what he was doing. I I was centered and not God centered and so would he make that shift Job like what I could tell you today is beyond getting understand. I have no I had everything but if you don't have the those of you who know that you have a lot of you have no by well I would point out I hate to jump in consumer running out of time, but if you don't know God, you can go to Christian car there's a know God button. Please find that piece. Find out how you can get to hear from God. How it is that you can get in that relationship with him. I certainly thank you for listening to Christian card.

I shall remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and this week about doing a little listening a little emptying of that Russian nesting

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