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The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 6, 2014 3:22 pm

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The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 6, 2014 3:22 pm

Christian Car Guy

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Ronnie Gilmore well good morning on this beautiful Saturday morning here in North Carolina. Robbie is out on great with dangerous hearts are doing a lot of hunting and duck hunting and that thing so we're gonna lift them up and then famine the families and all that are involved in that. This weekend, but I'm Jerry Matheson Ray's body shop and wrecker service. I'll be sitting in for Robbie M. Regular on the show in this morning. This use a little bit of time to talk about something that's changing or each and every one of us and that is the fact that were back in school and we may be out of school but were still dealing with the effects of being in school when also I was one take a moment to remind you that this is a call in show give us a call at 866-348-7884 I like to hear some of your ideas on how to protect our kids and that are in school and also things to do to make our sales more prepared as we seem are college kids often will to talk about that over the next next hour and I hope we get a little bit of input from other people this morning.

Also, listen, take time to to look at the fact that back in school. What is that mean you're back in school can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

You know you have the drivers dislike me every morning getting up and trying to get to work and getting to the shop and stuff and a lot of things change that first day of school I had new traffic flow at more stop and go have learned how to adjust my time because of it took longer to get where I was going to for all of us and all of that changes. You having to deal with a lot of kids on the road they're walking, there's new kids driving on the road this kids riding bikes on the road. You have dual school buses in school zones and then for the school kids. The kids are in school. What is that mean back to school, what means note the excitement of school. Ganymede is getting back into it get to see your friends get excited about being there in the morning getting on and off the bus. They have to deal with walking to the bus stop her to the school and the bike riders all the safety items they need to deal with and then also for the young drivers that are on the road. The kids are in high school that this may be the first year that there had the responsibility of driving himself to school and taken their little brothers and sisters and picking up the France of there's a lot of things that back-to-school means for them and for the college kids you know all the sudden back-to-school means that there in different surroundings new surroundings new responsibilities you need to know where to park and where to go and and and justice safety concerns that they have to have to deal with soberness or work our way down that list this morning and I hope you have a pen and piece of paper because I think were going to have some thoughts and ideas that may help each and every one of us out on some no issues that we have to deal with in this morning. Also, I have Junior rentals in the studio with me in Jr's longtime friend, a bit in the industry. I'll let him introduce himself and tell you just exactly because when I say how long he's been an industry realize just how old he is nominees getting up there doesn't look about. This is also the am also going to say. One other thing about about Junior rentals in the. The Reynolds family is up. Talk about this in the past is the fact that we need to make sure that our calling in life is also linked to our calling by Jesus Christ, and he certainly has demonstrated that to me and others over the years and I'm I'm certainly proud to call them friend Junior welcome this morning.

Thank you Gary appreciate Jeremy and this is so good to be back in and for your estimates returns so that makes me feel great when someone asked me to return because I told you this bonus it or you call me back because King anyone take up but it's because I'm using that information 80 values measures are think.

Think you've your family for the Christian stance of the and my business was Reynolds garage and stay in the real left 73 years of eventually sold out to the state for the supposedly the new highway that so a vision they've had for 40 some years I'll never ride on it, you probably never out all it was someone someday will ride alone, but we were there for 73 years. Thank you Lord for that blessing and was able to return to some things. It will feel the Lord called me to do at this time so hope today.

I can let you know some thoughts that I have concerns situation and you know said retirement me one thing you didn't do this, retire home, you'd you change jobs. I mean, I know now that activity at churches no increased end and volunteer there and a lot of work with the youth and working with the programs in the music program at church. You know, and then also as president of the Westin Sunnyside County wrecker Association numbing. Those are is almost 2 full-time jobs in itself it at times. It is a joint all in the appreciate the folks that governments are meant to put me in a situation I love my church. The calling that I have their ministry that I got. I just let you know right now I'm 65 years old I play in the praise team bay and apply the principle of the keyboard. We have an outstanding praise team there instead of your first Baptist Church of Centerville University and we just a floor for the May. The message that he allows us to deliver each Sunday is not about the praise to but it's about the message we have for you from the Lord that he's given us and I think you know and we can talk a little bit about this is we we go into the show a little bit but you know how important music is in and having an upbeat service to me that that drawls younger people into into church and stuff and you know, I know damnable Babb assisted takes that approach. I know Pando Christian church and we take that approach because of you know we we as a as as believers in a realize that you know shouldn't be about us and I know a lot of times I called the churches that that that are sort of closed in that don't reach out and don't believe in you to be more concerned about the people that may be going up and down peters Creek Parkway are that the highway in front your church as they are about the people inside it that I call that the holy huddle on me there doing some great things and their great people but you know what God calls to look for those who don't know him and introduce them to Christ as writing in our churches. Like a lot of churches like yours shirt willing to leave out the traditional services that people enjoy also and we have those and we have the service that the jurors talking about. And yes, I'll tell you something is again. Altium 65 years old, the Lord will eventually bring someone younger to take my place when I can no longer play and you know what that's what over service does deliver a message to the young that they will come up in the church and realize that they also have a mission and ministry for. Therefore, we pray for David absolutely will go back to the two that back-to-school topic. If you go on the website you will see there is back-to-school header for today in has a lot of school bus safety ideas number some sort of read down some of those that were on the website and Junior human communist weight as we go and also if anybody has any comments once again.

Just give us a call at 866-34-TRUTH eight 7884 would love to hear your comments but one of the things on the website.

It talks about is before the first day of school.

Prepare your child by practicing how to walk to and from the pickup and drop-off area that seems like such a simple thing but you know what is. We talked about the force that excitement of being back in school. It's in the morning and Amina could be after school's been in session for months and months is still that excitement talking to your friends and preparing yourself for for beginning school. One step is easy to sort of lose concentration so it's important to walk with them and sort of you know, make sure they know where to go where to wait on the bus and in all of those simple things but that's an important piece of it and then to also ask to escort your kid to that pickup location or the first few days to continue to do that, you know, don't just one day before few days go ahead and just walk with them and make sure they understand all the safety concerns that you have form you know. And if you want to have any your your child is a bus rider.

Make sure that the school universe and be a reason for them to change locations to make sure you notify the school because every year we hear of a school bus that dropped the kid off at the wrong location where you know it the end of the day. Most of the time it was where a parent or guardian, or somebody did not transfer that information to the school system and they just dropped the kid up for the always drop them off at the wrong location of the it gets on the wrong bus and stuff so was just important because I said that excitement of the day. This easy form that lose concentration on that simple task. I can remember none of sure you get to go to school and elementary, especially with safety patrol the remember the oh yeah and in I was a safety patrol of personal bus and I remember helping the allergic smaller kids, you know that you get off the right place and things like that keeping the noise down, keeping the bites artistically as you get the little I got the strap/printer badge on it is, and also get the Lieut. I with the Lord lieutenants. I was proud of that. That was a big hill that was a big help will be back with some more. Those topics and things to do and things look for and things we can do to improve the safety and comfort of our kids back with Jerry Matt Ray's body shop in wrecker service in June talking about back to school when is your mentor before December the safety items that we need to make your that are our you know are our kids reminding them about you just getting on the school bus. The things that you take for granted in so many ways and always say you know awareness is the key part for the students regardless of their age. It is a matter of you know that there there kindergarten or first or second grader you think you need to spend the time go over a lot of the safety pieces of riding the school bus but it doesn't matter if their 11th and 12th graders because it dealing with the same type of issues so one thing that I suggested and most of the experts suggested just sitting down with your students and going over those safety items like we talked about just a moment ago just some of those things make sure the buses stop make sure the arm is out and that type of thing you know, one of the things that sort of gets overlooked when you're having those conversations with your kids is the fact that that the driver has a huge responsibility and you know what the biggest contributor to accidents that are caused by the school bus driver and maybe just run up the road or bumping into something is the fact that there's unruly kids and that driver takes is his concentration off of his job and starts worrying about dealing with the kids in the back that are behaving in that type of thing and it doesn't we talked about in the past. It is a typo. Just a second or a moment. All the sudden run off the road or to bump into something or bump into somebody you never never know. So it's important that those kids on that bus realize that there is safety. They play a big part of it is how they conduct himself on the bus, you agree Junior I do agree in the that's that's very training exercise he should do and pray for that. The driver daily because the responsibility have two care that precious cargo this on board they need to keep focus, and that Charlie's to help do that and it will if you continue teaching safety so that you so so you know is as a parent or guardian or grandparent or aunt or uncle big sister big brother is a spent time talking to the kids about their behavior on the bus so the driver can do his job or her job and another thing they need to make sure they talk to him about is the fact that you know what that the rules of the bus. Are you to make sure the bus gets stopped no one up when a bus pulls up there in the buses stop and that arm is out. That doesn't necessarily mean that the cars are going to stop so that the child needs and not just blindly step out there just because a bus to stop. The arm is out. You know they need to be told him how to look and make sure they protect himself before they walk into traffic or walk across the street because his will will look at a just a moment. Not all cars are going to going to stop and there's in a be violations and that those child is walking in the street that stop on violation could lead into a an accident where an injury or even a death so is important to make sure that they understand that other piece is to make sure that we got young drivers are driving the high school you know personal development drive in a year or two at the most is that they understand the this the bus laws and end at the stop laws and the stop arm laws because you know that that's another thing that we kind of overlook.

We put them in the car and send them off and think they know all the all the rules where we as adults have been driving for years struggle with that. So make sure you know your local rules and stuff and was a pretty, they're not. They don't very much a meanness is that that that arms out. You need to be stop and because there's kids come across as straight, especially for young driver the same thing that that kid is is is going to school and excited and trying to think of his got his homework done her homework done and probably has picked up some friends or brothers and sisters in the car and it's easy not to concentrate you know it as as we look at with accidents involving school buses and and schoolkids in one the biggest contributing factors is being rushed and just having other things on their mind and not concentrating on the driving aspect of getting there. So this you know, take time go over that. Make sure they understand the rules as far as being behind the wheel as a driver and also that the hazards that we talked about earlier in the fact that there's more kids on the road is bicyclists out there. There's he is running back and forth across the street there there there just excited you're excited. So make sure they understand all of that you know is we we start looking at that and you start saying you know what, what does that really mean we start looking at some of the some of the figures and according the National Highway traffic safety administration from 2001 to 2010 there were 1368 people killed in school transportation related accidents where you know that's that that's a pretty good number.

How may we start looking at it I'm you break it down as 137 fatalities in a year you not all of those are that you note, you think it be a student and staff. But you know what we start looking at the numbers 1772% of those totality's were occupants of the vehicles other than the bus that were involved in the accident so that maybe you know when people hit a bus is a pretty good size vehicle and it can deftly do some damage and stuff that of that 72% of those hundred and 37 per year, or occupants of the other vehicle 7% were occupants of the school buses sale and 21% when none were not occupants of either vehicles.

That meant that they were either pedestrian a child crossing the street a bystander or a bicyclists or whatever it may be we start looking at those numbers, you know, that's that that's kind of a frightening thought of me that's a lot of lot of people's lives that revolves around school buses and and in school transportation issues. To elaborate a little bit you brought out good point here about the safety involved in the few. Just recently, the last five years you get your license renewed you should be up-to-date to win the stop for scuba.

So what type road to stop for school bus you should be educated on that part. If you're in doubt I would stop if you're in doubt of your and don't know when you're supposed to stop the landing check check out the different highways and how they paid two approaches school buses stop when you're to stop and let's keep our kids safe was keep you safety because you know you can know a terrible thing could happen there with your life be a life-changing moment for you help parents take time to go over that stuff the kids take counter know it ourselves because I can say the life you save may be one your own kids. It may be, you know, a friend, the neighbor next door and stuff is just just just be safe noted. Know the rules of the regulations, so long as saying that I don't know. They go back and we hung around back to school, he got Jerry Mathis raise bodyshop wrecker service with Junior Reynolds this morning for the last stand. Someone throw out as we were throwing some of the stats out the national Association of State Directors of pupil transportation services posted the numbers for 2013 with AMS space to be anticipating a one day survey our one-day tracking of CN. How many stop on violations the drop bus driver. So in a one day.

And they had 29 states have participated in that in North Carolina being one of them in that survey for one day only had 85,000 reported violations 85,000 a minute that goes back to that that one where I said where you know what just because the school buses there and it stopped and that arm is out, doesn't necessarily mean the cars are stop and so you had you just think about that 85,000 violations that could've been 85,000 injuries. If a child is step from around that bus me that that's that's just that mind-boggling to me and just in the state of North Carolina in one day that it was on March 13, 2013 air was 3500 violations reported in the state of North Carolina. I mean that. That's that. They just let you know that you know the drivers know for whatever reason. Either they don't know the law, you know that's what the thing to see the three things that that that that landed that is either the don't know the law don't understand the law, are there just rushed and too much stuff on their mind or just don't care how mean you know that's not not a good combination.

Any of those. It would have the same result. If a child is stepping up around a bus or hidden across the street running over the catch the bus and you you you cross that line and you you pass that bus. I mean, there is this the potential of being a pretty horrific accident. There there looks like we need to have a school old motorist public motorist should approach and pass as stop school bus yeah because you know what I mean you is important that NNS was so important to make sure our kids that we go over those safety issues and making sure there extra precautions because of the fact there also having to deal with their responsibility resort like always I was the butter on the motorcycle. You need to drive ride that bike for two people for yourself and also the scars that are involved with it so many times people just just like Sadie just get other things on their mind and on paying attention and and are hard just don't care or are just being careless or not understanding the rules so is just important that we tell the kids to make sure there there there there take an extra precaution and not putting himself in the harm's way, but also you know drivers just need to be awareness was so poor, especially the younger drivers out there.

Make sure that they understand what their obligation and what part they play in the safety of the skids we needed we need to really be cautious of what we do and the teacher kids that you know you may be right that buses righted stop is giving you the right to cross that street but we don't know what's in the mind of that motorist and my wife. She gets only about an intersectional slow down.

Z leaves GREEN light all slow down its use it when you slowing down for in her having a brother one time didn't really know what to read like men and us looking for my brother to go through so I just want to be cautious if he was going to go through. I did want to be his target, but always be cautious in these intersections are behind these buses and you tell your children.

Always be cautious when crossing the street or unloading the loading just be aware of your surroundings, but now we've got we've talked about school bus safety for the young drivers in this area, and an ending your neighborhoods and stuff there off the that to school with elementary and middle school and high school now is talk little bit about is receiving our kids off to college and I to have experienced this one. And so I speak a little bit from experienced unit is a couple things we need to make sure we do a Junior jumping or whenever cousin plugs that I know you've done a load of a seminar in step with the Wake Forest University here in town in step with new students coming on board things that they can do to make their experience with their automobile college a little bit better. One of the things you always say before they leave from school. Make sure you take the time and you knew you had to agree with this is just check out the car. I mean see what the animations all levels are fine, although other fluids in step power steering fluid transmission fluid. Make sure the wipers are in good condition.

Make sure the tires you know the worst thing you do is syndicate off to school with tires or about you know you'd how many people know what aware bar is on a tire.

They need to be familiar with the gas gauge to because kids used to borrowing Debbie's car loans go Woodbury and Oldman.

They would get it to go to work and would be empty so they need to pay attention. The gas gauge to make sure you know the grown-up nail there going to college so they need pay attention to all those gauges and they did mom staff are no less of auto maintenance and what you know what you can pass the Jan and when you're doing that in going over all that stuff you know just just the basics of the automobile's were to go over that you know is if you can take the time to show them how to change the tire.

Find out where the spare tire is how to jumpstart the car if the battery stay at… Those those basic things and things that you overlook it and one of the things that I always am not up big fan of motor clubs, but if I'm sinning a kid out of town out-of-state some type of motor club is a good thing to send them out with because of their there is a lot of lot of degrees of a motor club and you know you can get a standalone Pottle's policy, which may be one of the major major ones. We just purchase a motor club policy, but I encourage you to check with your insurance can be most insurance companies have a a a add-on that you can add on your policy. I know without insurance.

We had an add-on is like $20 a year that provided roadside assistance for jumpstart's flat tires low you know it toe for the nearest repair facility or that type of thing you look at your policy. Talk to your agent, because those are opportunities that it won't cost you much. That may save you a lot of grief because the worst thing to be if you're here in Winston-Salem are our Seattle, Washington, Nara, wherever it may be California, Utah, and York child is a state or two away or even a different town and they have a need for assistance.

You can be able to get there real quick so make sure that you have something that they can that they can just pick up a number and call and go over all of that when the column when not to call but just the basis make sure they understand the logic. A lot of it. They may not need to adjust and as Junior mentioned learn to read a gas hand and also there's lights when they pop up in my need all especially don't don't create a problem until people jury will be going down the street. The field is stated in your traveling in your running great. You got a good speed out that all of a sudden you noticed your temperature lights are gay. Starting going up towards remember this know were on that – does it say drive up to next exit.

That means caution. You need to stop it out of the traffic get out the way and it's always cheaper to have a tow service or motor club, and pull you to the next exit and installing engine after those little problems turning to big problems when you ignore those lights and stuff you know and then we start talking about the safety and stuff and there's a couple little things is to know where your kids going to school you know this sort of ghost also to our high school kids are driving and also for us adults you know and make sure they understand. If the weather is bad, and the roads are slick. The best thing you do is stay put. Don't get out in that vehicle, especially if your young driver and we just had a few years ago upside County had a had a young driver who passed away because of heating a slick spot to step in and and numbing the towing industry in junior year and the tone industry when when bad weather hit we were always you're always picking up students that are a fiscal year that are trying to get the score from school were just getting out and decide what's a snow day on one over to Johnny's house and spend the day. The best thing to do is stay put in the same thing in college because a lot of colleges will have classes because they assume that most of the students are on campus, but you have a lot of students that live off campus and some that did steal even drive on campus is to make sure that you noticed. Make sure they understand the best policy is just to stay put and not get out and get behind the wheel. That vehicle exactly right. Your out days of if you have a bad day of whether and you'll make it in. Guess what you won't be in the boat by yourself there be others. There I don't feel bad about not making a guarantee and then also you know a couple little things for making sure our students know and college kids, no and also our sales is is couple things we can do to make a little easier on her sales you if you think were going to get ice tonight or something is go outside and pour your wipers off of the windshield just lift them up and raise him up and it'll make you claim the wish of a lot easier next morning.

Plus your wipers on rose to the windshield because you people get into after bad winter and stuff. We have a lot of people come into the shop to have stripped out there wipers because wipers froze to the windshield.

They turn the switch on them. Things are trying to work and what the interview and after time that is stripped out the gears either that strip out the wiper the strip out the gears in the box and then all the citizen expensive replacement that needs to happen there. You know that and also if you cranking up your car in a lot of places it's good to warm your car up and stuff. You either have a key Bob that they can lock the door so nobody steals a car or get a courtesy cave that will haunt us out the door back in a few moments. Okay were back with Christian Car Guy radio and where back to center kids off to school and just wanted to wrap this up. Couple things I want also mentioned that we center kids off to school within all possible and can't tell you how important this piece is go to spend the day with your child in school where the going to park where they're going to be able to enough. They need help.

Find a find a repair facility before you go up there and make some phone calls Better Business Bureau and and and you have other connections upper binder facility. This close to the school where your child has a an issue with the vehicle where they can go and know that they can get help and stuff and make sure you make contact with them at the top preach that all the time because the importance of that and him in this area and we have kids that are in Winston-Salem stayed in at the school of the arts and at Wake Forest in you know in Salem college that parents will come by because I previous message all the time. The combined will will give them some information. Make sure the kid has a card and stop where even if it's something we can help them with. We can at least give them some direction they have somebody in the industry in the area in the town that the kid is at that they were able to get some help when they are in a crisis situation worse thing is to be in a crisis situation not know where to go as soon as save you some money aside to save you some time us and save you some aggravation.

Just knowing that they're safe you know as we sit there and you go through that Junior mentioned an enema come back to because as we all Perry said come back to that to the windshield wiper thing story about leaving your wipers down and turn in amount. Soma turned back over to him hear what he has to say on that thing. He's probably had this experience happen to them before.

At the in my family. The letter having mechanics you raise out of there.

Many people in the loop about all of his people. It does not listen, but Jerry gives a good advice about wipers while ago in you another little bit of ice cold ice if your Win NT Carter started so you cheek in warm it up and realize the door latch will not open the door. It's froze, or if you have a chelate will you have to let go to key which key in the lock and it will not turn the law you are. You can't get in your car. You can't get it started to get the wipers heat to the wipers are to the doors. I have found. If you will get you a spray bottle of warm or hot water and spray that door latches keep working easily and put warm water only to the slide in their tour this ethernet lock, then take a little warm water (you wipers and make sure the clear the. The windshield let's call off a little bit when you're ready go but note that your break you door handle drama you mean you break your keel and you'll just burn your windshield wipers. If you don't like it little extra time. No greenery. One else is snowing, misleading in scope and you know as we wrap up this part of the show, you note that the thing that goes back to is just being aware as a parent is a guardian make sure our are kids are in in school that they understand the rules and their responsibilities as a driver make sure we understand the rules of the road and dealing with you. Note the increased traffic.

The big yellow buses on the road when they're stopping that we can get in but so much of a rush. You note, leave a little earlier what ever it takes to make sure were not an arrest situation and just Eunice and her kids off the college make sure we go to that checklist and just make to the car is you note up to snuff and and is not gonna be given a problem. Make sure they understand where they can go for help. Try to look into the motor club and you note look into your policy and see if you have had it as I'm talking about policies and other things I don't get it chance to talk. Bill mixes the insurance guy and you can email him on as an expert you know if your local and stuff and see what nationwide has the offer but also just you know in your policy somebody also doesn't cost you very much his rental car insurance and so many times when your urine and actually don't have that coverage. Medicus Schuller make a big difference but is wearable hip juror was the mission will more thing about acute stress are kids going off to college at all that today's technology we can do so many things with folds with myself. I am a telephone a while for me have one except the scenario hello and goodbye. I can't receive takes his or are do anything else with with our kids today.

They have adjusted to the life of coaching in anything they will see or what ever and I think I've come up with a good idea if you get your student your child to say when you're traveling.

When you burn the will that vehicle. We want you to get a designated text ride with you so that you will be doing it.

They'll be doing it for you and that way your kid has his mind on the road on the safety issues and not afraid to go to miss something from home or from the little boy that little girl that they that I'll just little have a designated text absolutely mean anything were behind the wheel of vehicle that should be our sole responsibility. National job is to make sure were doing it safely.

As we wrap up as we always do. At the end of the show is says it's you know appraisal by the black, but the Bible and I want to just sort of sister talk about back-to-school training our kids and get our kids in school so that they learn and prepare themselves for the future and to so they'll be successful in life, to go to Deuteronomy 66 through nine, and this is a passage that I know everybody is heard and and stuff but but you know what God is gave us a pretty strong commandment and an instruction here how we should handle our kids animal read it in source. In verse six these commandments I give you today are to be on your hearts impress them on your children. Read that again oppressed.

Impress them on your children.

Talk about them when you sit at home when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up, tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them to your four heads write them on your doorframes of your homes and on your gates.

Sounds like to me. God is saying in. We got a responsibility and that's to teach them to grow up as children that know Jesus Christ you know so many times in you that we all have heard this, and it would different aspects and staff where people say you know what I don't want to push my religion, my beliefs on my child, you know what this says yet you are you supposed to teach a child you're supposed to be teaching him the commandments that I've given you.

That's your responsibility as a parent and to say you know what I you know Sunday's only day they have with things sleeping and because of other activities and stuff. How many times Monday morning. Do you have a child this in school that they wake up and say I don't want to go to school USA, that's all right. You need that don't go back to school will going to send him to school. We should be sending our kids to church.

We should be making sure that that's important to them. That's part of our responsibility. If we fail and that will fill in the next generation we have at responsibility. You know school is important for our kids because it does it trains them up to be successful where it trains them uptight to learn a lot of you know you know a lot of skills at the going up going to lead them to have a successful life here on earth.

It teaches them. You know that that the social aspect of dealing with other people and stuff but you know what, we have a responsibility to make sure that they learn those skills, we also have responsibility to make sure that they spend eternity in a better place if we fail this part evident. Don't take this responsibility. This commandment and Deuteronomy to heart our kids are going to be out there and they may be successful in this life. This is just the temporal life. We need to make sure we take that responsibility to the next level where is it says impress these on your children.

Talk about them when you sit at home and when you lock walk around the road because you know what going to church for an hour as great but we need to make sure you know there was a time when I was growing up Junior you were growing up where the culture was sort of reinforce and what we will learn and that church now is just opposite.

You know what somebody's in brainwashers kids. I hope will brainwashing them for Jesus Christ and then you know what it is week we close up and wrap up you know what I encourage you I don't care if you're in Seattle Washington in Utah and California and Virginia tomorrow morning get up and go to church if you are in this area goaded go to it to you.

Note Stanley will Baptist Church there's churches on every corner that are going to meet your needs go to ponder Christian church go to Calvary you know Southside of Winston-Salem nor the Davidson County would love to have you.

I'm sure there's a church in Seattle there's a church in Richmond, Virginia be there be part of it and also as were on the road as we talked about. Make sure you know your responsibility know how to be a safe driver a safe student

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