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Holiday Parking Blues

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 22, 2014 12:00 pm

Holiday Parking Blues

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 22, 2014 12:00 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more the holidays has arrived in with them comes new challenges for driving in heavy traffic in the dreaded holiday parking is a holiday parking if your model has a parking garage, Bob. I don't know if you do this, but it's just tough on so many levels. Now, many of your garage so where hair help this morning we had a recent survey detailing holiday parking strategies very, very colorful strategies. Imad Juergen find out about those today and I am in search of actually a godly backup plan. So if you've got that.

We need your help with that one. Call us if you got the good race car driver holiday parking strategy 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. I believe most of us who see me ugly but call us with a good 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in here to help us out this morning we have our very own Christian junkyard guy Bob from 19 new poet you got some parking experience their lunch in the art. Yes, there lots of it.

The day after day after day. Parking is a big thing with us in and before we had the new places the D parking lot. Parking was a real issue because there were no spots on the ground. It was sister gravel parking lot and we have our Christian racecar guy Clint Thomas with the R12 race team back with us today and he's going to share some with been going on with the R12 race team, but he's always when it comes to holiday parties actually my favorite find out why little bit you know that's like an racecar driver did show you how to get her done in the parking lot you got the bump and run for nothing. So holiday parking strategies will as it turns out, according to recent survey the vulture is the most popular heart holiday parking strategy going to car you vultures out there. 33. 8% of the driver survey claim to be vultures. They circle the lot at least twice before deciding how much you are your vulture. Do you have a better backup plan 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We have lots more colorful worldly holiday parking strategies to cover, but speaking of holiday parking. We are alive today from a holiday parking lot so many different ways is actually the Holiday Inn Express in Lexington on Highway 52 in North Carolina and we are at a special Thanksgiving day event here in Lexington at the children's complex were right off Highway 52 minutes for the crisis ministry of Davidson County. The minister we are told is in a crisis himself, Bob and actually they don't have the resources to even get to December.

Better yet, through December, so out here trying to help him and here to help.

We have what event we have planned Bob, I'm telling you we have an event and I'm I'm I think I see the helicopter now. Yeah, there is something I is signed. Yes, we are having turkey dropout here in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Express on Highway 52 in North Carolina.

If you're in this area. I know some folks in Washington this morning there in Utah and Iowa and they can't make it out but if you're in this area. We love free to come by because we are in fact having a turkey drop.

It's in its amazing thing there out here like bags of wet cement plant with R12 going to Bob's actually if you're in this area and you can find a really cool homemade my daughter used to do with me and my grandpa. My sister used to do with the brown paper bag she would make a holiday of Thanksgiving Indian costume but however you can dress your kids for Thanksgiving. If you bring them out here were to give away a turkey every 15 minutes actually just certificate for $25 to the food line here all this to help the crisis ministry of Davidson County so come on out and join us. Bring your holiday your Thanksgiving clad individual tube to win the contest. Bob, I have some really deep ties with the crisis ministries of the homeless shelter there in Lexington and that assists us in the important thing is too important to let it fade away and people just need to dig a little deeper and have this place that is 95 people with their head on the pillow at that place every night and and not only for the people that stay there so many people my first experience with help and without lesson and help it out like that was right there somebody from churches cologne you need to go with that said, in this not only for the people that stay there but for the people who learn how to help folks by going by there and help in volunteering and taken a meal and is this so such an awesome place and they really need to help so we got that going on today also coming up the quarter hour, Ford has brought back the legendary Shelby Mustang GT and Clint. You notice that somehow I've refrain from use the word turkey work and I have Jerry Bill Dorey 4G functional engineer on to talk about that Carly just introduced at the LA auto show. It is awesome YouTube videos of Christian Car signal find out about that. Which by the way, the details of where we are today. When all is going on out here. It's all there Christian card. as well as a very colorful frustration of all these holiday parking techniques. We have the vulture find out later that we have somebody and I'll call the quitters.

Somebody called this the thief and we have color.

Father Christian to find out about that as well as the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and widows.

I have a really cool story of Scripture on that come up here in a few minutes and then coming up in the shown appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crap for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, it's Thanksgiving week and a good friend of mine Vinnie Menino and 84-year-old Italian gentleman from Manhattan. Having grown up in the depressions and in the streets of New York. He taught me something that I never considered about Thanksgiving. I never thought about his topic told him back in the 30s right there's two words there's thanks and there's giving and so what they did. The Italians back then on Thanksgiving day. During the depression they gave thanks and then they went out and they gave all the hungry people that were there in the streets of Manhattan at the time so it's interesting that Vinnie would tell me that story this week is God's got me on this lesson plan from the chapter of bookmark chapter 29 working talk about both those things only get her appraisal by the real black book at the end of the show so looking forward to that. And if you're just tuning your like what in the world of I got myself into it. It the drop in turkeys out here they're talking about cars or talk about parking lots will.

This is the Christian Car Guy show where will we as our prayer that Bob that were bringing the kingdom of God through an automotive automotive platform, like our friend Chris said that brings the kingdom of God through his racing platform right yard 12 ministry in which that are 12 Z stands for, like rugby 12 Rugby Romans 12 do not conform any longer any brothers so don't conform about and is going parking lots to try running about knocking someone out parking spot eroded inside the store will always like exercise report just little further away right and again we have all the now. I did promise a story about Jesus labor love.

I had a lady that called in from Princeton North Carolina this week right asked. Yet she she sent an application in Princeton with I've never even heard of Princeton North Carolina but I found out it's south of Raleigh little bit, but we didn't have anybody there to help and so actually had an old friend that didn't live terribly far from there, but he would never return my call so that was no answer. So I started praying and praying got I got it find somebody in Princeton, North Carolina, of all places to help this lady what to do. So I called their church and I military rest, etc. we come back were also have Ford on. We talk about the Shelby and we got turkeys drop in. We want to give some away you come join us. We have so much more Christian Car Guy is how a all right. We are working in the parking lot holiday parking strategies today on the Christian car guys show we are also live in Lexington, North Carolina, where event for the crisis ministry of North Davidson County and we got a contest going on for and we have two winners already. That is just one turkey. We asked people to come in dressed it in their turkey costumes and we have them right here Clint, could you ask a young man right there what his name is, I believe helped. He is dressed in a Redskins shirt and is sister right little stuffing under that, so I'm not thinking it. Are you saying the Redskins are turkeys are you this is pretty much the and his sisters got the Indian think that is absolutely outstanding. We got it we got a prize for them. So make sure we get that actually can get a $25 gift certificate to the Food Lion on screen here for still for sale shopping center. I apologize. You are so we are so thankful that we also have standing by from us.

I think possibly from LA Carrie with Ford or excuse me, Kenny Ford, Kenny, are you at the LA auto show in Detroit it's carried and I keep I'm sorry I missed opening.

Thank you so much for being with us and there is big news right on the we got a great new car that this very care, Shelby brought out originally tells about it, but the all-new GP 353 build itself upon the all-new muscle thing that you guys are hopefully familiar with by now.

Not long ago. It really is going after the ultimate performer Mustang will be the best well-balanced we've ever produced more content every single area that you've never done before for performance perspective, the powerpack three engine and transmission driveline bodies your Kathy wholehearted completely been redone. It's also meant 500 hp, but from what I understand anything about that.

I actually have Clint Thomas McLean Thomas performance here with us in racing is. This corresponds to be the ultimate road car on top of having 500 hp. Clint is kind of an exciting thing to think of a car that's got that much horsepower and handles yeah as I was told by one guy.

He was about 72 when he gets a call. I said, it takes it back to 18 is named Carol that is so awesome if you had a chance to drive it. Carrie yeah fortunately I get driver pretty much everywhere both on road and on track and are the one that really filing your fate. You need a new assistant don't you read some as you drive it out there. What is the thing that is to actually drive it. It is the most fun to you everything. What are the he would having a card very low balance of the chapter you will handling amount of power to put out the engine for taking the Kathy point, but they're not overshadowing each other pushy point where one gives up before the other cards completely bare dirt very good guys got old engine found everything about the whole car will give you goosebumps, so good, so I can imagine now my father works at Buick when I was younger and we lived in Flint actually in a was how he would get a car like that that was no future production of that kind of stuff but in here it is holiday time and you gotta go Christmas shopping for your life and you gotta take the GT 350 so when you listen to these Carrie when you list all the strategies that we are. We found your car which one strikes you went when you got a park the car in the parking lot there's one called the stalker. That's the guy is looking for the people with bags is not only because of the winter, which he does leave because he does want to park his Mustang. There somebody by get a door you know you need more exercise is called the thief when I when I think of the thief, I think you Clint because you know if they opened the door, you just throw it right on in there what is the most fascinating to me. I Carrie is called the Sherpa now the Sherpa's is like a mountain climber and so they look for the medians they try to find someplace where you're not supposed to park if you see them out there that there up there on the life and so it's in.

From what I understand Bob are actually suffering from parking zones, disease. I don't know if you've heard about wanting out zones which one would you picked up to park the Mustang enter while driving, and I think I would have to choose the quitter. If I was in that car, but when is it whatever you like to have that current production every week.

The final details of it, but it will be next. All right, so to be a 2016 model when it comes out awesome. Well that is wonderful think is so much for being on with us today.

We really appreciate no everything. Thank you all right will I die.

Did Thomas Bob that I would get to finish that story.

It was time to get to the minute but we've had a call. It is been on for long, or even save up, go ahead rather think that, all right, we got Carol a hypo still with us.

She has a question about a convertible top. Carol you're on the Christian card I show the morning Carol can you hear us. We often hear the music's coming on I get to tease this story one more time. So we come back and you have to be here to see the turkeys and the Redskins and all the stuff that we have the turkey drop out here at the Holiday Inn Raven holiday parking at the Holiday Inn in Lexington on Highway 52. Come join us if you're in the area. We have so much more, whether in Washington are solid, sitting where you explain something is and one assignment. Now is yes. The Christian card I show today. We have another great turkey drop today. Lexington, North Carolina so celebrating holidays holiday style right holidays doubt rather cute little turkeys run around and that they really are.

And so the idea is anybody who comes in today out here Highway 52 in Lexington at the Holiday Inn Express in costume. We are given out with a turkey every 15 minutes actually get your tickets $25 to the food line. There always support the crisis ministry, but were doing at a parking lot style is work where you talk about the different ways that we can address our holiday parking and this is a live show. We would love to hear about a parking strategy different than what we've been talking about.

We would love to hear it.

866-34-TRUTH 878848663 and as we discussed all this is that our website including the asking experts page where if you ever wanted to ask a racecar driver like Clint some question that you know is highly technical.

Hey, good asking experts page. It Christian card that are, or maybe you've always wondered whether they do it all is Bibles that they find in the junk cars and you got a question for John to our Christian junkyard guy. He could probably answer that question you go to ask an expert Christian card. as well as the Jesus labor of love, which is free car repair labor not parts for single moms widows families in crisis across the country. There's a form there that you would fill out and when that goes into our group of volunteers. They think we have a prayer team that begins to pray for them that we have a network of car repair shops across the country, then places a carrier radio shows specifically that help repair these cars, but often we get a request from somewhere where we don't have anybody to help and so that's when the prayer team comes in real handy like this week when I had nobody to help this lady as as I start the story in the second segment and I called a friend that I knew that was in the area he would return my call. I think he knew I wanted some air and then I called her pastor in apparently that was one of those churches that you know the pastorally comes in on certain days the week as I didn't hear from him for a number days so I finally I called the applicant back and I*do you know anybody just tell me what's the closest car replaced car repair place there in Princeton because I don't know any place in Princeton. I'm not seeing anything on. She goes there's a place down the street called Triangle repair and so here's her number called Triangle repair so I go back to the prayer team is the guys I gotta pray because I don't know what we got here so I called Triangle repair and it rings and rings and rings and finally some answers may sit while the owners not here. You have to call back tomorrow. So the next day I call again and the owner's name is Joe, I'm told, and so I said how can I speak to Joe and the lady at answer the phone and she said this is Joe all right, usually when I get a lady that's the owner of the repair shop there. Much more sympathetic to single moms widows whatever and let and Joe had such a nice sound of her voice.

Triangle repair and I told her I was with the Jesus labor, love, and sometimes people just about the time you get out the word Jesus. That's when you hear the outcome. Bob or I needn't car repair labor for free. Then you hear the dial tone that it gets at some point but Joe was asleep and she could be. I said well this is doubly difficult because car is not drivable so you actually have to go into her driveway and hook up your computer to see what's wrong with it, which is a house call.

Okay, rare these yeah I got a rare justice. We can help you, and I was just, you know this is outstanding and so that next day they went out and into her driveway. Unfortunately, the car, her son driven it hot in blown head gasket and it was good for the home team but my hat is still off to the Lord, at least our applicant knows where she's at with her car. Now, thanks to Joe and Triangle repair and often see things like that, were I know the Lord just went out ahead of us and through people's prayer and that kind of thing that we see stuff going on and so getting back to our parking lot talking about the holidays in the parking lots involved, stuff like that. It just brings back great memories because from an early age Robin, I used to take take a few minutes to an hour so on the Christmas Eve when we get out were pretty sure we had most of our shop and then it everything looking pretty good.

We were in good shape and we would just go and walk to the bow and this what's people you know. Check out the parking lot and see how crazy it is and see people with that glazed panic and I've got so you know you feel like you employ the Sherpa. I think I might you think I pronounce that word right, Clint ever heard the word Sherpa.

Apparently some kind of mountain climber in the intermittent Himalayas or something around you. There's a lot of her so that the technique rather and is it parking on the meeting can't do that in a lot of places, but like at a high school football games such as last night when I parked the and at the home games of North Davis and I parked on the developer but will curve which you can do with a four-wheel-drive in camp with a smaller car. So here's an interesting some more interesting statistics about holiday parking that Margaret made you just jump in here, Clint.

Whenever you hear when the graph you are you surprised that more men than women have hit carts, polls Kark corrals, cars and pedestrians that seriously man, 59% of the accidents in parking lots were for men. We are kinda more risktakers sometimes you know that the ladies do tend to be a tad more cautious, especially when it comes to the pedestrians because of the pedestrians hit only 1% of them were hit by women in the parking assessment will I cry the wildlife that's pretty scary when you think about it. So if you're men out there anything about those pedestrians even got you slow down some. Now another thing that happens in parking lots. Believe or not, is there actual altercations over parking spots that here kidding me and we have your statistics. Are you shocked are you shocked to know that actually 20% of these altercations involve women and the ones that actually were physical violence was involved in drop substantially down only 2% so nine lady 98% of the physical violence that went on over parking spot. Clint, it was meant. I've been watching some racing lately and I've noticed at NASCAR that there's a great deal more physical violence. If you notice that Bob yet. It's kind escalated to Ted and it appeared to me to be 100% man you don't see Danica at their deacon that knows that. But III did have the questionnaire you are your on the R12 race team. Clint and man somebody does the hit-and-run spins you're coming you guys. I can imagine. I know the amount of work that you put into those cars and money that you put in, and somebody takes a cheap shot you out there because they're hot how does a Christian conform no longer under those circumstances had to take us to a situation like that and it takes a lot of study and work with Christ and then trying to decide whether whether he's won't you to be guided into love and the other brother or discipline. And that's a lot of times that's a tough call, but most the time if you just let it go now for 20, 30 minutes then all is that you find on a what that means but the and forgiveness asking forgiveness a lot afterwards. That task is in very handy tape because it raised. I ran three races that, gray, and you can find yourself in a in a different frame of mind when someone is damaging to read it. Well, we've got more from this parking on the Holiday Inn Express there's turkeys drop in all God's people, and constantly needed to join us.

Highway 52 in Lexington at the Holiday Inn Express got so much more for show, being seen Amy and San yes it is the addition of the Christian car guys show and we are having a turkey out here. If the Holiday Inn expressed doubt in Lexington, North Carolina for the crisis ministries quicker know it will come in and in costumes women turkeys. We need you to join us if you're in the area course if your area and you've got some holiday parking ideas, we'd love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH course to get her appraisal by the real black book in this segment.

But before we do that well let me finish up with a parking thing is a couple of fine remarkable here. They have rated the people as to how they parking. They say the average person just tries to get the car between the lines 58% of us just tries to get in the middle and and that's pretty good. The planner parks and only spaces where the car can face out because it's much easier to pull out the backout so that's the planner. He finds parking spaces where he can get the full that's only the planner that that's like 20% then there's the perfectionist. I think this is my daughter when she drives no less than five moves to get it in the space. It's gotta be exactly right words to go Bob that's the perfectionist, not me. My wife is a great part. She drove one of my suburbans there for a while and she was driving it.

She just got where she could wing it thing in the parking lot put in space. The first time this that's awesome how kind out of the coming clean, which is not my wife for years. Bob pointed out immediately or yours, Clint. I know I'm sure it's not the homecoming queen or king. They parking the angle intake of over two spaces must thank you for percent of the population does that, but it I'm I'm in a claim that my wife would tell you that I'm this guy right here it's the optimist that even though there's not enough room to open. I'm I'm out there, it always true to those people. I can put that car in the drive me crazy. Honestly Bob are the people that back in when they don't know how to back in and they take up half the and so you end up with you come to the church on Sunday, you know, here's a slow parking slot that looks like you know the maybe you know maybe one of those little mini cars definitive.

I put a minivan and it just to show you can delete that's a simple what what is the strategy of a grace car driver, but what curious Clint you have an amazing testimony. I think obviously brought up in a Christian home to an extent, but at some point in time.

Your faith became real to you, and it's obvious in everything and when you look on your racecar.

You look on your your attire.

Everything is connected with ministries that you are out there working with what how did God get Clint's attention just after years but so much of it was just served and myself and asking the Lord to help me get to where I wanted to be an an early age, I'd planned a certain age to. I didn't know what I was going to do and once I got to that agent said it was your time and me open my eyes up to how many years I just been somewhat drifting in the plan that he had was so much better. Teach me compassion, love gifts that he had already put into me in led me around so many people that is just help me grow over the years and so much of our racing is just attached to other people that have been a big part of my life and that's that's a humble answer, but it's the and I see that in everything that you do not know of none. And now a number of years and how that the logos on your cars are a lot bigger for the ministries and the first for Clint Thomas in the end those kind of things.

This is just about over time is what friendships you make is like Bob C involving a brother in Christ and we give a hug and back in the day out of sort of question all dad and well you you you on her appraisal. By the way, you have hit it right on the head as I told them that we need to be thankful. At the same time giving and Vinnie was saying that I came across these verses we can assure you for like I've heard it, but I I'd never really thought through it completely and it really is good to make a difference in my Thanksgiving. I hope it does in yours. It is Mark 1029 and it says and Jesus said, I love it when he says is, verily, verily, in other words, I'm telling the truth. Your guys, I say unto you, there is no man that has left house, or brethren, or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for my sake and the Gospels, but he shall receive a hundredfold now in this time.

If you look in the NIV it's is now in the present time, 100 times as much houses, brethren, sisters, mothers, children's lands and without persecutions and in the world to come eternal life. But what he does say Bob he said in this life you can have 100 times as much brothers, sisters, children, he lists all his relatives. What I think of all the fathers, I'm serious.

I think I could write out 100 fathers that God I have a wonderful father. I have a what a phenomenal mother you further on the show many many times.

But I do devotion at a nursing home. I got a 90 I have 102-year-old grandmother, mother, that God is given me.

I mean 100 times. This, he says. I tell you the truth you're to get 100 times more. I think if you take a pen and started right now and I think when it says houses you nobody houses. I've been given the use of, or somebody said come over or let me use my details are always kind of things he says I'll tell you the truth if you leave these for my sake and the gospel that he is going to give you 100 times as many mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters in lands and persecution, and when I think about my friend Vinnie and him tell me this week.

Thanks and then giving that in doing so when I'm thankful for the father that I can go give a guess what I pick up new children because that's what it says I might get 100 times more children and Bob when I was reading that I couldn't help but think that it's amazing the promise their entrances. Verily, verily, in other words, I'm telling you the truth I can't even begin. I bet I couldn't count my brothers. I mean way, way, way more than 100, you think you got that oodles of brothers that I do struggle with effective only biological service that me and and I know God's got a message right here from me today through your lips and I think that this is an area that I've struggled in the I love Jim and John this really Rob was lonely.

Bledsoe you really got a message for me here today. Thank you and I for one pray you know Bob, I was thing about that. Wow, this Thanksgiving is a hard time for certain

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