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Horsepower and Torque

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 29, 2014 11:56 am

Horsepower and Torque

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 29, 2014 11:56 am

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the look now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more Thanksgiving has come and gone, and for many, you are in the grips of winter are experiencing snow and ice and all sorts of things and so we've talked about a little bit before this year will talk about it more. How winter ready are you are you ready to take on the cold and we have a new partner here with a Christian card. I show David Grubbs with quality automotive honor Jesus labor of love affect one of the people it helps us out of that program and welcome, David. It's good to have you. Thank you and glad to be here and so David is has a shop where he's working full-time actually got a wonderful food drive really talk about that is a great day. If you have that technical issue that you been trying to figure out and and you're trying to in you want to call in to a car show and say what I got this dismissed this a great day to do that. David works on cars every day of his life is been doing and how long have you been carpet. I've been in car business. Biggest part of my life.

I probably 30 years now. That's a good while, and so he seen a few things so call us with those issues today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH cell were to talk a little bit about some of those winter ready issues but were also going to talk about. Maybe always wondered how to understand torque and horsepower, but more importantly, how do you leverage using the plan words. How do you leverage torque and horsepower. What's what's up with that sorghum to be talking about that and then the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black but that's where we search the Bible for treasure proud sure understanding we are going to find out how the prophet Jeremiah. He went to God with this problem that you might be facing right now in your life and his thing was is Lord, why are the wicked, wicked prospering wires all the stuff going on and it seems that you prosper the wicked and here I am your profit and interestingly God made reference to Jeremiah's horsepower and with that's forward and talk about and how that similar to horsepower in a car wouldn't talk about that coming of the show in our appraisal by the real black book or should list the Christian card as Cheryl bringing the kingdom of God alive through an automotive top platform and so we talk about things like how to drive safely. If your following Jesus. It's probably the case that you would want to speed. Since you know if you're actually following Jesus. You would be gone by and at 70 miles an hour week we talk about you know how to take care of the car because one of the reasons we start the show was that the whole idea of stewardship that a lot of people out there trading cars with these unbelievable car payments going in the phenomenal amounts of debt to the end of just being a slave to debt and how to get out from underneath that. Are you struggling with that today is there some I can help you with.

We would love for you to call us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you're struggling in that area, but if you take care of your car if you see if you ever noticed if you go to buy the farms out there. They got trucks and tractors and all sitdown the elements since the 40s and there still run a lie is that if you take care of the car. It'll last as long as you do.

So how do we do that how do we take care of our cars. How do we maintain how we be good stewards of what God has given us. That's what the Christian card, I show that is about it. Listen for the first time today. We always take on those topics, but the best part of the show for me always. Is your phone calls your questions what you struggling with in this area, 866348788486634 truth especially when I would like to hear about today is your horsepower. What was the most horsepower you ever got behind in your whole life. I mean that the car that you set down and when you stepped on it. It snapped her head back was at 250 hp was a 300 hp. What was the ultimate horsepower you ever sat down and 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know I was a general sales manager for Galway Buick years ago. They'd come out with the they had these teeth type cars and they come out with a specialty type regal that was turbocharged and they built 500 of them there called IGN X. They built 500 of them for the FBI in 500 of American a gift to each of the bigger Buick dealership. We got one the car.

The time was like $60,000 and it was a turbocharged on it was a monster. David, this car was like 500 hp and so we had it that there can take it in the show and then I asked Hunter Galway who on gallery during the tonsil who you want to drive the car over you. I wouldn't trust anybody but you. Rob you go drive the car you think I would certainly not hammer down on well when you sit down in a car that's got that kind horsepower and you're on your way to Greensboro Coliseum is what I had to do. David, I just had to know. I just had to know what it felt like when you step down on that and all my soul. What a feeling that is when you if you ever gonna know absolutely what's the most horsepower you've ever and you remember I was 500 hp answer feeling and yes there is a good thing and so when you look at horsepower, you're probably wondering what is that what is that mean well in order to understand horsepower.

You first gotta understand torque again. If you got questions along these lines, you want to talk about you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but torque is simply the four of the turning force. You know the wheels at some point, gonna turn well when you think about turning a bolt that may be at an easier way to think about torque because if you got a turnabout you may have heard of something called a torque wrench and it measured and how many pounds it takes over a certain distance, so if you got 1 foot and he got 1 pound of torque over 1 foot with 1 foot down of torque and that's the way they measured actually if you picture this wrench on this boat and you put the push down on 1 pound and it move the nut that would be 1 foot, torque not too hard to understand well the way that they measure horsepower is a take 550 of those foot-pounds of torque, and they want to move it over a distance of 1 foot in one second. So if you took 550 foot-pounds of torque, and you can move it 1 foot in one second. That is, one horse, not I want to meet the horse that could do that.

Think about that and there's a wonderful demonstration that shows a picture of this horse with the harness on a Dennis gotta move this 550 pounds 1 foot in one second straight up off this all off the grounds with them to go up 1 foot, 550 pounds in one second that is 1 hp.

So think about this David if you are out there and you are trying to pull a plow and needed to move 550 pounds of dirt 1 foot in one second over a period of time. You can only do so much plowing but if you added a second horse. You now have to horsepower and now you can move much more dirt you have 1100 pounds of dirt that you could move 1 foot in one second. And so this is kind of how they figure this thing years ago. So now getting back to her illustration of your sitting down behind 500 of these horses. If you could lift 550 pounds feet in one second. I don't know what the math is on that, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 pounds that it's been a move 1 foot. One second since the car you're driving in his somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000 pounds you can see that there's a whole lot of force and a lot of energy that's going to go into that but the challenge for that is how do we understand how we use that to get better gas mileage, or how do we use that in order to tell that trailer we need or in your case you got tow trucks and so torque and horsepower.

All part of the equation, something that people studied over the years to try to maximize that with today's technology and computer aided design in computers that are running the fuel systems and computers that are running the ignition systems we now can maximize horsepower and torque with all that technology, which can save you gobs of money now working to get a lot more that we can get to a whole bunch of what about winterizing your car. What is the first and most important thing David when you think about that your scarier than a seat out of this area were down in the southward were not way down the South, but what is it you think most people it comes to winterizing the car failed to really think about well during the summer folks out near their target a little low on coolant their lab water, they don't really think about one of the temperature starts dropping. They've replaced most of their antifreeze with water. Water freezes a whole lot quicker and antifreeze before winter sets in the cold weather really starts. You need to go, but it's only local garage is your regular mechanic, or even Dennis and we check antifreeze for free.

Make sure your down to the proper amount to keep you and keep the car from freezing up. Must have when you see that tempter started to dip down in the 1812 0 and think about that water that's in there while you gotta do something. Don't let that sit in your car overnight. It will cause havoc so we have so much more winterizing more understanding horse) torque behavior falls 866-34-TRUTH 999999. Back to the Christian card I show today were talking about how you leverage horsepower, torque, or during metadata winterize your car. We've got our new partner with this David Grubbs with quality automotive and he's can help us out with some of those winterizing tips for your calls it 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth we have Valerie in North Carolina where this Valerie are on the Christian card I show good morning I'm wonderful you got a question or comment about whether I'm wondering think along the lines of prepared. That's a good question, mostly that you need to check the mileage on your car every 25 30,000 miles may be a little more. You need to replace you. Check your radiator hoses your fan belts. Check your water pump are you if your car savvy you can do this yourself or you take it to your local garage that those things need to be changed about ever at say 25, 35,000 miles in a you need to replace your hoses and belts and you also like to say. Check your antifreeze, your windshield washer fluid in fluid and other several things another. You need to change the hours the hoses and belts. I would say about every 25 30,000 miles get worn out pretty well.

They deteriorate from the inside. The hose is made out of rubber.

It gets hot and cold in the chemicals from the fluids will deteriorated from the inside out. The hose can look fine on the outside but only inside a skin real soft start to give away and that's that's like you say every 25 30,000 miles.

I would, I would recommend changing the hoses and belts because when you when those things. I go you know, in the middle of the winter is not the time when you all of a sudden got that leak because what we see all the time. Valerie and I know David faces this assembly will lose a fan belt or they'll lose a hose and then they'll keep driving the car because they're in a desperate situation and that results in a catastrophic failure because when you overheat your car you you blow the head gasket all sorts of bad things happen and I bet you David. You probably see at least one or two of those weekends I sometimes yes, sometimes this is the bad folks just don't understand.

Whenever you start having trouble with the color of the check engine light comes on the temperature gauge goes up, you know, don't try to drive the car any father you need to pull over and stop you know it may be inconvenient or kinda scary to have to sit on the side road for just a little while but it's it's a whole lot cheaper to stop the and you may you may have a 2030 $40 repair versus a two or $3000 repair if you keep trying to move the car.

Thank you for calling Valerie God bless you. Appreciate that very much you to find those are great questions and I often and I'll say it again since I saved all the time that when you see a light in your this red that with the oil pressure that would be overheating.

That's a brake light, those red lights mean stop there. There's no question about that. It's time to stop and check engine lights.

Those could be yellow and yellow lights mean caution, we need to check things out. We need to check our gauges and a lot of the stuff that's not quite as seriously. If you could drive a car into the shop that the check engine light on his yellow then check your owners manual.

Always go by the owners manual, not Robbie. You know it's the it's the source that that that you go by, like we have the owners manual.

The Bible well yeah you might have a pastor tell you to do so so but if it's against what the Bible says will you know that that you that's out the window because your authority ultimately is the Bible the same thing with your car at the ultimate authority is your owners manual and I always will fall back to that position but I will tell you that for the most part you see a red light come on, please.

I see it every week. Here's how I know because we do the Jesus labor love and I can assure you, David really for me isn't rarely a week that goes by that I don't deal with a single mom, a widow somebody that's in a crisis.

And when we figure out what's wrong with her car.

They've driven it when it was hot. They they felt like I can just make it and there you go.

They need engine they need a head gasket. It's it's it's a difficult situation. That's why winterizing your car is so important and we didn't want to bring out you know when were think about this winterizing thing, getting prepared for the winter often means having stuff in your car in case you do, but said that the hose does Buster sent me you got a pullover it's freezing.

You gotta wait on a wrecker or you you're stuck in the snow. What if you got in your car to take care of you if you go to Christian Car, which again has all these articles and stuff and winterizing your car there you can see you nonemergency thermal blanket that thing the ways next to nothing since we talk about horsepower today and how you rob your horsepower by technology weight in her car. If you want these thermal blankets.

What a wonderful, lightweight, I mean, this thing doesn't weigh 1/2 a pound and and you can be warm and the other thing that I have discovered and the more I research I do on this the more I like it is to have an emergency candle in your car.

David, you found out about that yourself what you will you tell me during a break.

They say that you can take a small candle and put inside a 10 can light the candle heat from the candle will heat the can, which will radiate heat out and it can actually keep you from freezing overnight if you get if you do get stuck in a car that long, and make these emergency candles with foreign Wixom and so think about a heat and light. You're stuck in his car you got your mylar blanket on you have light. You've got heat and you got comfort that comes from fire and I'll let you know if your sit there looking at the campfire. You know the comfort that comes from that was already a scary situation so you got you not sit in the dark. You've got heat radiating and you got light and all at the cost of maybe it pound maybe 1/2 a pound. I mean it's to me there's a scrapheap economy it in that whole concept, but in a part of the way that that we want to talk about winterizing is what I love what David is doing calling out about their doing a food drive and so right now if you bring 10 cans of food and you're going to get you get a discount you know on your car repair but we are to suggest people all over the country. Think about canned food right this minute because as you as winter comes on, there is the need arises across the country for all these food drive but one of the things that I think it's critically important to me is that you give them to somebody who gives them in Jesus's name as one of the reasons I really like the Winston-Salem rescue mission here if you're in this area because I know that when they're given the food people don't have to wonder who provided the food it was Jesus and and that's where you know I think the rubber meets the road when it comes to some of these programs where like to give this can people who's going to give in Jesus's name. How effectively exactly transpired.

So we got so much more interesting part I shall, not you call 866-34-TRUTH 784 and NASCAR addition much. I had a little NASCAR sound effects will horsepower there to talk about leverage the day leveraging horsepower.

How is it that you do that. What is the difference between leverage torque and horsepower and how to use that person to get into that in our appraisal by the Brill but black book, the show we talk about Jeremiah's horsepower and were also talking today about winterizing your car and things along those lines. If you have a question force or comment. We would love to hear it is is you think about getting ready for the winter or some other probably are currently struggling with. We love to help you. 866348788486634 truth and along those lines of winterizing your car if you're up in the Washington area or you're in Salt Lake City or someplace where the temperature really really drops one of the things that a lot of folks do not realize they think I don't really need snow tires well and they used to be really noisy and there were all sorts of things that go along with that, but a lot of folks don't realize that the rubber itself freezes and just like David was talking about inside those radiator hoses there special chemicals that they use in snow tires to make sure that the rubber itself stay softer in order to have traction and when it's really really really cold and so especially if you're a nurse horse and you have some kind of emergency service where your often required is one of the scariest times for me David to drive his black eyes, yet there's not much you can do on black eyes, no matter what you have and and you've got in a Parkway wrecker service that you you get to see the results of of people's choices and in attraction becomes a gigantic issue in in tough weather and the way you get stuck often is due hit that black ice and you make a wrong decision which is either hit the breaker hit the gas grill suddenly or the one of the worst things you can do and and always like to caution people this time year about do not set your cruise control if there's any chance whatsoever that there's any ice on the road because it does not know that is slick and so when it's the cars not going fast enough. It keeps pushing down the gas and I can't tell you the actions that I've was aware of back to the body shop business and and people in my life because they had their cruise control set, they hit a bridge there was ice on it and the next thing you know loop the loop off the road you go.

It's a difficult thing in his wrecker. I'm sure you seen plenty that to David and I will absolutely you gotta really be eager to really be aware what's going on whenever the weather changes temperature drops the black ice can be there. You never see it you get on the road to fear not paying attention. Maybe on the cell phone looking around in the black ice will sneak up on you. It'll get you when you're least expected it. And so it's just if the temperatures below 32 you don't know where water might be on the road.

That is no time to use your first draw, I love cruise controls much the next time next time don't use the other thing is if use you see a patch and you go black ice. Okay there is you can see it.

Do not hit the Brekke unit do not step on the gas. Just lightly easy. Take your foot off the gas allow the car to coast over whatever spot that is at and a course, if you've got a turn in that corner and black ice. Again, you don't hit the break. You don't hit the gas you do your best to try to maneuver through that and then the neat thing is today with all the computer systems that they actually can help manage the wheels of the car as it goes through innovative they've got all this anti-slide stuff that that happens in the computers will actually begin to maneuver the car through a tough situation, but every card is now that technology they had to go with the old technology of of you don't step on the gas in the curve will technology a common sense that always prevail. And so you know, one of the ways that we get winter when it ready is not just that you heard the show today, but you may have kids, you may have a daughter and I don't know who you may have or you may need to sit down with them and if this is their first your driver whatever you say.

Now these are the things that you may face.

I failed to do that with my son and you know his first real battle with the weather. He ended up in the ditch and I got the phone call and that's one of those things that you don't just get yourself when you're ready, you have to get those people around you when you're ready and you gotta be talking to him about what's important and tires not just inflation was, things are critically important. Another issue again. We would love your call. You got a question believing we'd love to help you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH one of my favorite things to do in the winter's wiper blades because why go around where you can't see the rubber gets hard it gets brittle and and so what a great time to replace your wife a break blades. This is what they've got some fantastic wiper blades out there these days.

The oh yeah they they they improve them every year. What most folks don't understand is when the weather gets cold.

Wiper blades have been on there all through the summer gotten hot. Several times I get hot brittle and first time you hit a little bit ice on your windshield or frost. It just rips them. What rips wiper blades write up and whenever you don't have good wiper blades. It really affects your vision when you're trying to drive the highest very important wiper blades, and that windshield washer solvent any date, the man nowadays you can get a judge of that stuff. The dollar store for next to nothing and men just use all you want is being able to see you don't know when that child might be coming around the corner in a parking lot or whatever the situation is, you know, there's no there's nothing like being able to see and so that's why wiper blades when she washer solvent all those kind of things critically important to the safety of of the pastors in the people around you because you know wipers are just one of those things that he can't go short and I love these new remakes, blades, whatever. I have Arnold rent a motel you that a lot of times you have no idea you think. Let's not leave and big streaks or anything when I'm washed when I'm using my wench wipers, but it just not quite as clear would you put a new set of of of good wiper blades on and it it makes a world of difference.

The batteries another thing that is so easy to test these days yeah exactly cold-weather is the hardest thing with you will find out how good your battery is let it get real hot or litigate real cold and it's every time the code get it to the one telling you see that CCA is cold cranking amps at that one out. They called it skin affected because electricity does doesn't go through the cold year before winter sets and usually in the fall or just before cold-weather is coming up. Is this a good thing to go by and have someone check your battery check the interject acid.

The battery check the terminals.

Make sure the terminals are good and clean. Check the date on your batteries. Most batteries are good for 4 to 5 years after that you're really taken a risk of maybe being stuck out somewhere in your car not start in her even worse now breaking down going down the highway in cold weather.

We deftly don't want that so and again it's it's not hard to go by any place in getting the chain check in these days it's this is an easy thing you most places will check your battery for free and if some charge, but most most do it as a courtesy you can you like to say you need to have this checked yearly and it's as Veria is very well very good preventive maintenance and so those are the those of the big biggies when it comes to winterizing your car a course you know Deacon always think about that emergency kit and that the thing that I found is extremely helpful in all sorts of situations is a cell phone and if you have a cell phone and cell phone charger because anymore the smart phone. We all know that they will not last all that long. So if you have some type of charger you know think about it if you're to be stuck in that car for 14 hours and you know the technology or maybe you haven't heard this, you know, the idea is you run the car for four, five, six minutes every hour. Well, at that time while you rented for that 456 minutes you're charging the battery yourself on the cell phone is you obviously communication these days it's a flashlight. It has also it's interesting you can take pictures of your candle burning in your blanket out of know. Whatever the situation may be, but all that stuff is there, and one piece of the emergency equipment that I think is absolutely necessary these days is a cell phone that you can contact somebody on the outside, like if you're in that situation, Atlanta you could actually be telling talk to somebody who's outside thing.

Okay, here's what the authorities are telling you to do in this situation. Is it time to get the car. Is it time to stay in the car.

What is it that I need to do.

There's nothing like communication when you're in a tough situation now getting on to our appraisal by the real plaque but that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure.

Cry out for discernment lot.

Listen up for wisdom from God and that's what organ it get to you when we get back.

What about leveraging this horsepower what did Jeremiah need to know about these horses. What was God going to answer them.

When asked the question why do you let the wicked prosper got an answer form to my surprise he is stating a lot more efficient card. I show coming up in my relation with horsepower a year with the Christian card I show today. We are blessed to have a new partner David Grubb here in the Winston-Salem area.

Participant energy, labor, love free car repair labor, single moms and widows in a network of folks like David across the country that help us out when we have those needs and as I always talk about it were always trying to find a mechanic somebody who we can trust because you know there's just nothing like having a Christian brother when you got a problem that understands the things he's gifted in this area that you're not necessarily gifted in if you go to Christian card. and you click on the Jesus labor love yet.

You'll see all the people that participate in the program and you know that if they're giving free labor, not the parts, but labor to single moms, widows, and those kind of folks across the country than guess what they're there trustworthy folks, but maybe you have another question. You don't want your uncomfortable colonists on the air today. There is also a Christian card data, and ask the experts page, so you going to ask an expert page in their ask Jerry or you can ask David you have a problem and you want to ask an expert in that field that you know where we are. We would love to get your emails, we'd love to help out any way that we possibly can. Those are always the we use the Christian card I show in the way that you like. God wants us to be able to leverage this to help as many people people as possible. One of my favorite parts of the show was always when I get a chance to talk about my appraisal by the real black book where God is showing me stuff yet you know that I see from my horsepower from a car person point of view and so when I read this passage in Jeremiah. I thought maybe a little different than some folks because I think of forces I think of horsepower, but in this to give you little background. Jeremiah and chapter 11 they had attempted the priest that he hung out with in Ashkelon or that name or how you pronounce that name in Hebrew, where he hung out where the priests were then attempted to take his life. So at this point in time he's a little confused and he goes to God. Listen questions which I think is a really cool thing to do if if you're wondering some stuff, why not go to God and ask questions like Jeremiah did and so here we go. Jeremiah chapter 12. He says righteous are you, Lord, when I plead with you yet. Let me talk to you about your judgment. He saying out.

I know you're right but can you explain this to me and then he says why does the way of the wicked prosper wire those happy new deal so treacherously you've planted them. Yes, they have taken root. They grow when they bear fruit. You are near in their mouth, but far from their heart, but you oh Lord, you know me you see me and you tested my heart toward you pull them out like sleep for the ships sheep for the slaughter and prepare them for the day of slaughter. In other words, Jeremiah sin, God, why is this going on, how come these other people who are obviously not following you.

Obviously, far from you yet I see them prospering out of it look like when you think about that. If you're a priest. I don't he's talking about rich people there so much as the priests that are getting the ear of the people team to be the ones that are the wicked ones because these wanton traction as it is a preacher right and he's not getting attraction is a preacher. This so if you look at God's answer to Jeremiah you see more of what Jeremiah is requesting. It was because I sure that God knew his heart the first time I read this I thought wow he would really didn't answer Jeremiah's question. Oh yes he did. He answered exactly what Jeremiah's question was because he knew what was in Jeremiah's heart and here's what Lord said, which is a phenomenal answer.

Jeremiah chapter 12 verse five, which again is a Christian card.

If you run with footmen, and they wear you out, then how can you contend with horses was a reset. If you're running with these footmen.

What if I put you in the big time you not to build a run with horses. Think about that from a pastor's point of view. You know how come I don't have this giant church always people are following well at this point in time.

If you're running the race with these footmen and their wearing out the few people that you got in there wearing out than I can I put you in the big time and in the land of peace in which you trusted Dave wearied you, and how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan for even your brothers. The house of your father.

Even they have dealt treacherously with you yesterday have called on a multitude after you do not believe them even though they speak smooth words to you. What is God telling Jeremiah he's telling me you don't have enough horsepower.

You don't have what it takes to run with the horses.

But why not because what he saying is you put your trust in man, specifically your brothers that you think because they talk good to you that they really like. You may think. Oh yeah you got a great sermon form, but these are the guys a try to kill you Jeremiah. He's also put in trust in his landing gear and say if you're live in this peaceful place and you put your trust. There so we put our trust in our country are safe surroundings. We put our trust in men. We're robbing ourselves of the horsepower see God wants you to have the horsepower to run with the horses in order to do that where the Jeremiah need to put his trust deceived.

God answered his question sure not if you really want to have the power it.

It depends on where you're getting your source from where is where is your real trust. I trust my money do I trust in my land, I trust in whatever or do I really at the end of the day. Trust in God. Now I have this demonstrated to me one time when I was playing basketball. I used to think I was a pretty good basketball player and we were in Georgetown, Texas, and the team I was playing had an opportunity to play the Dallas cowboy football team. The suspect Rogers talk about Drew Pearson IS a long time ago. Okay but anyway we played them in an exhibition basketball player and I thought I was a good basketball player. But when I ran to the horses to tall Jones is on the team but did not play because this guy.

I mean, the sky was huge in one night when he ran down the court. It look like it was absolutely effortless and he went by with me was so fast Drew Pearson. There is no even thinking how fast that man ran when I signed on down the court and I realize that I just simply was out of my league. I mean I was not.

I had no ability. So what mercy is it that God didn't allow me to going to be in the sun simply didn't have the horsepower, but he does know where you do have horsepower and he knew where Jeremiah's horsepower was and so if we allow him rather than smooth talking people around us to guide us if we put our trust in him. I want end up trying to get in the NBA, which I had no business but when I saw this guy play.

I could immediately understand that I have no business plan basketball at any level other than my mom and I enjoyed planning. There's a different there's a different level of things when you actually play against those kind of athletes so when you're thinking about horsepower unit you there's this there's this thing in the book of acts. I think it's come when a team where it says and you will receive power from on high to be my witness and I often think about what an amazing power you have what God did in your life and there when you put your trust back into what he did here now like if I saw him come to the aid of a single mom and the Jesus labor. Love this week which I did. You know where I saw somebody step up and help that person, but ultimately that reset that the person that received the help knew that that came from Jesus and then we testified that fact with his ago. Oh, thank you so much for helping me. Well, we just we had a chance to help you but it really wasn't. You see, God is the one providing it just like we talked about with these candid programs are not out there.

If we can give this stuff in Jesus name. That's the power because of it leads them to Christ. Then they eat for eternity. See, that's the point of of being able to give stuff with the horsepower of Jesus's name. So thank you Phyllis the Christian card I show today. Thank you David for being on with me again, this is wonderful were to look for to have him back quality automotive here in Winston-Salem area, check out the Jesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms and widows, but a great list of resources throughout the country. Check that out Christian card at a comp.

Remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and how about checking into your horsepower this week for little time studying the word

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