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The Christian Car Guy Christmas Carol, or, Scaring the Dickens Out of Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 27, 2014 1:37 pm

The Christian Car Guy Christmas Carol, or, Scaring the Dickens Out of Us

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians by his own cars by the book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. One 866-34-TRUTH that's 1-866-348-7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more.

This is the last Christian car guys show this year and we're hoping it will scare the dickens out of I'm hoping it'll scare the dickens out of me for that matter, because in Charles Dickens masterpiece, a Christmas Carol. There's some phenomenal wisdom that I'd missed really until this Christmas. Christmas wisdom. I may add that you won't find represented all that well in the movies but you will find it in the book wisdom that is timely for both the Christmas season and the end of the year and it all starts with a good healthy scare, so to get you in the mood. I want you to listen to old Scrooge as he gets a visit from his partner Jacob Marley may utilize ghost who I thought I would not sit down. I do it in my reality beyond that is why y'all send is using a fixed slight disorder of the stomach and beef mustard fragment of underdone potato gravy grave, she okay I will. I made blinding by the way you would you know the weight and length of the strong calling you loss a clause in longest this Christmas Eve received nine no doubt Scrooge needed a good scare. You know the fear of the Lord kind of thing how much wisdom is that an alone, but watching folks come in the dealerships with monsters changed after day is hard to take it any salesman with eyes that see can tell you that not a day goes by that they don't see the chains of that people allow 10,015 or even $20,000 more than their car is worth. Yet they come in every day asking for more. What will it take to scare the dickens out of us. Yes, we'll talk about those chains today on the Christian car guys show but more than that. I would love to hear your story of a change of heart like Scrooge when did you get the dickens scared out of you to find that that was just what you need to get those chains off call us with your story, 866348788486634 truth.

If you digitally gifted, like Isaiah 61 Jesus is mission was to bind up the brokenhearted, to set the captives free from chains.

Perhaps to open the eyes of the blind. Did you ever notice that young Ebenezer God is heartbroken as a child that his father would allow him to come home for Christmas with the other children yet that broken heart was the place that Satan got his foothold on young Ebenezer and it wasn't until the illumination of the ghost of Christmas past that help them to see where the chain was set.

How did you break your chains.

When did the illumination of the Holy Spirit help you to see your past and new light. When did you get the dickens scared out of you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and we today being December 27, the ghost of Christmas past has another place in our hearts.

On the show as this is the one year anniversary of young Rob Young short visit here in a Christian car guys show as he went to be with the Lord just 11 days after his visit with us last year and we have our dear dear brother Bob Young, his father here with us today. Bob is the ghost of Christmas past is been kinda tough this year.

It has that that I think back on last year Aslan at home on the cats gene. Then on the radio and just how proud I was help Lisa Leslie my son for being here on the shed. Take my place in my steak dinner. My sickness and it was just an awesome awesome awesome day because it reminded me of my life and I was rather done some things in the past that that it really upset me in and yeah just because Alana M a lot of trouble between he and nine divorce often it just with Sarah, great to hear his voice on the radio that day and I was pretty sure that she is never going to have me back on shed. He did a great job.

He spoke so knowledgeably about the cars and and he just did such a wonderful job in it. This brought back you know how proud my dad was one I turned my life around and you know because there were times that he would run into people and it's all sambal that he be like, oh Lord, was he done that event and I'd experience some of that that the true joy I had from my son in on your radio show and doing such a fine job last year's just an awesome rambler for me. Let's listen in on the precious few minutes of Robbie and when I look at my young Christian junkyard guide Rob young. He wows me because I know how God's work in his life. And if you take a minute and it's all about only got Robin share how God's with guys been doing in your life will I would say the other day I was hauling a car down for 21 S. and the truck I was in started the turbo went bad in it. So here I am broke down the side of the road. I just picked up my first car was a lot people waiting on me to you or I was going to my trucks broke down there's clouds of smoke to fire engines are out there and a is this is really big seen a really reminded me of my life before my coming to Christ. How how big of a wreck. Everything was and I never really was able to accept God's will for my life, but once I came to know Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and accepted God's will for my life. I have being blessed with, with knowledge that he had been able to acknowledge these beautiful things and ended the trees are clapping in the mountains are singing that is for sure, it's just like at her own life as is. Jesus is put in there is the capstone we begin to see things that just had with Mr. before we'd missed it before, like as I was at that funeral of the of the missionary this week and I could hear the stories and hit that somebody type a shofar and it just wowed me on what God had done with her life that I would've missed it. If the capstone had men in place in the trees and started clapping.

Sometimes he know he takes club and try to get us to to realize were missing out on the cell yesterday last night about 430 I get a text from my good buddy Bob at 109 that he had come down with the weather. What I consider his son. I was so thrilled to have my new young Christian junkyard guy with me here today Rob I am so grateful for you being here with us today.

I really really am really grateful for the opportunity.

Nice revenue. Robbie, that was an amazing time Bob no doubt, and very proud moment for me. It is we think about how God gave him eyes to see and we think about the chains being broken at work and talk about people getting scared Rob got scared pretty good those last few months of his life but he wrote an amazing song that showed clearly what he could see on the highway.

God's way is a song he wrote the weighted part of that song and the whole song itself is actually several pages and it was too long to put into the song that we actually abbreviated a little bed and worked with its Amanda asked at some point I want to have somebody as a musician actually work with it and everything and see if we can get it to music and and maybe put out because it's obvious what God had done in his life where his eyes got open.

His chains were broken off and we would love to hear your story today when did you get the dickens scared out of you. 866-348-7884. We need your storeroom talk about the chains of that when we come back and you chains are gone. When did you have the dickens scared out of you. What is it that had you bound in chains and God took you with perhaps something similar to the ghost of Christmas past to show you where you had gotten locked into an old wound where you had gotten locked in the chains and now found yourself in the slavery to some addiction was specifically obviously today on the Christian progression over time of the slavery of dad, especially car that will get into that in a minute but we want to certainly give you an opportunity to share your chains 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and right as we are finishing up that segment we are talking about Rob young and his visit with us exactly a year ago right now in his chains had been gone and he'd been set free after quite a scare and he did eat. He wrote this song Bob and you've got, you got it up there for you.

Now we can share the song they will play and we came in half of the break there.

The chains are gone that this really they sing it sonic of the time since his funeral, and I've come completely and glade then this time I was able to hear that part.

But the song Rob wrote was he entitled it. God's highway and this is not the entire song. This is intended to be the chorus of the song but is the excerpt that really really hits the it's the home ran for me. I know not what tomorrow brings. But, oh Lord, I would just in the away from the devils hand lead me a sinful life I've lived. Indeed, I miss the ones that I've done wrong, but now is seeing a different song. My broken life to be real big now to be rebuilt. No more living in shame and guilt. All my needs now will be met. The pain I never will forget he opened my eyes I can see today I'm moving along down God's highway and that song appears on the shirt. We made with some pictures of me and Rob from the racetrack in different things we did together and the sounds on the back of the hand and it's on the on his teams down that we recently got placed and the other night Christmas night. His mother and I got together and and some family members and we went and his mother had died in a place in luminaries and she had said luminaries of one sure if it was once you fly in the air, but we got there, and she'd started placing the bags with the candles and around in the shape of a heart and I've got that picture on the way up here right now. Get it to you. And may we get it on the website and I'm sure to be on the 109 website that the Christmas was really really really different this year. Not many people know the whole story. I lost my mother the day after Christmas and 93 I lost my dad a month before Christmas in 2011 I lost my son two weeks after Christmas last year so the night of the Christmas play at church this year.

I was sitting in their I was just determined that I'm supposed to have a really bad Christmas and this is the way it's going to be on one have a bad Christmas as all this loss of experience to Christmas time and while the kids were up there on the stage and the music was going in the bales and the wires in right at that time, God says smack me right in the head and say this should be your most joyous Christmas ever. Bob and I like seriously, I'm trying to have a chat have a bad bubble here can I do not have a bad bout with a private bed that I just thought me and said in an without Christmas your promise of seeing these folks again and spending time with your son and you parents and and and how that is null and void. You know, because of this moment right here when you think you're having your worst time ever. It should be your most joyous time and I've got through Christmas this year. I'm not going to say it's Hispanics. It's been a lot easier than I ever expected it.

I just expected so much pain and tears and feeling bad and that I got some great friends I've got an awesome awesome awesome wife. I'm gonna awesome God.

That scared me right through this and I got a text other day from Rob's grandma and she's like I is something to think about a sad time for everybody.

I say yeah maybe for us but Christmas with Jesus. How awesome is that you know the if we want to believe we gotta believe that all the way and and it's not just in convenient times in an I was going to be sad at the Christmas play that night and it just I got another direction and I followed that direction and is carried me through.

Even now I mean even hearing the song that played at his funeral.

Sitting here in his voice while I got wow that's that is just so awesome and I you know I'd remembered parts of the testimony, but the part about the truck in the turbine if it's my growler that the fire engines and everything.

Who in their life is not had fire engines and smoke growl and that and you know bad times but that's just the way life is is not a sack of roses that were promised to nine and that villages really touch my heart right there again. I am speaking of the website.

We will get back picture up there as well as the soundbite that we played of of Rob here on the show last year and the website. We also have a wonderful article on the Christmas Carol and I did. I took a lot of time. Bob to create pictures of the car of Christmas past the carved Christmas present in the car of Christmas future night.

You know to entice you to go to Christian Cartwright, to describe the car of Christmas past, I chose to talk because the talker had that headlight you know that was in the middle that you could kinda shine was. You remember the ghost of Christmas past had that torch come out of his head and for the Christmas present I used a Lamborghini with a lamb roasting over the engine because no the ghost of Christmas present all about the fees the wrong share with the king all sure what the ghost of Christmas future is going to be, but I'm telling you the Lamborghini was always I will be back soon with more Christian Cartwright serve as we are mentioning that the website if you go to Christian you're going to see the picture that Bob mentioned a moment ago were actually posting it as we speak. We have interrupted posting a website with a picture of the luminaries on young Rob's gray but also the article on is card debt scaring the dickens out of you and we have the pictures that I spent time on great the ghost of the car of Christmas past as we talked about like the ghost of Christmas past has that light coming out the front. We use the talker and then for the ghost of Christmas present. We had the Lamborghini with the lamb roasting over the engine. You have to see that picture is one of the Christian Cartwright Classics, which has to do with the fees that were all going to join in and and I'll should all save the ghost of Christmas future for you here in a minute but all too often we find the links of the chains we have forged our own lives to hold us captive. It's it's called a Bitterroot.

I don't know if you've ever heard that said but there's a Bitterroot route agreements that we literally make with Satan in our past, something happens that wounds. It's like Scrooge, his father leaving him at school during the holidays and we make of our an agreement we make that agreement, sometimes with Satan himself that I don't need anyone I can make it on my phone on my own. I'll be just fine and but bam unbeknownst Satan clamps that chain down on your ankle and is gotcha that shows you can do it all on your own.

Whether you've made this vow that you're going to do it on your own, and quite often you find yourself going back there, and anybody knows that Satan loves to collapse occurred.

So we have no idea how to deal with the wounding of the age that happens in the way to see the trap that was set for our young hearts, but just to Scrooge clearly vowed to go to loan I found myself there to. But note the amazing light on the front of the talker also found from the head of the first ghost of Christmas past. Jesus knows when and where you personally where you forge that chain that's now binding you in this year this past year Jesus and I had an amazing time searching around with his light to find some of the childhood files I made, and by asking Jesus and the Holy Ghost to search those wounds, look for them when you break that first link off the chain. Guess what the whole chain falls off and hence because it was that first vow that you made when you when you break that literate agreement you asked for Jesus's blood to get that deep cleansing that comes from Christ forgiveness. That's where it happens and that's where it is with card debt or any addiction is an attempt is an attempt that we have to replace God's comfort with false comforters. So God wants to open her eyes to see the chains see what would chickens show here with these chains was more than phenomenal but often the assets to scare the dickens out of you.

Now it that that God open Scrooge's eyes were the ghost of Christmas past in so many ways and God is open our eyes. He delights in showing us like the ghost of Christmas present. He delights in showing us his rich rich blessings he has every intention of you eating at his his table for eternity.

Bob, you can meet with your your sign and your mother and your father and the grandparents and all these people, including Charles Dickens himself which to sit there and say Charles man you are the boss going on in the ghost of Christmas present is got a torch if you ever that if you read the book. He's got a torch that's not all the movies but he does in the book and it comes with some incense that sprinkled out when he comes across a scene where people start to argue whatever he sprinkled incense on them and and you know that Jesus is the light of the world and so these imageries that that Charles Dickens is using with the light breeze very clearly pointing if you read the book you can see clearly what he's pointing to is the light that Christ brings in our hearts and now as East Texas spirit he takes Scrooge around any shows and interestingly fellowship all over the place. He takes them to church to see the Fellowship of church he takes him to the families.

Obviously you know the one about Bob Cratchit but he takes him to other families.

He even takes him to ships out on the sea where the sailors are celebrating Christmas and he takes them out to a lighthouse which I find fascinating that out in this lighthouse for these two men there. They are just the two of them were two or more gathered.

Guess who was there amongst Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas present and never sprinkle a little incense on see the very fellowship.

Scrooge sees in this life we long for. If we come into a new car.

I mean it just doesn't you see a new car. We think it's going to buy all the stuff and ended and it may be something you need. I'm not saying that necessarily, but many many times people buy things as comfort and it comes with its own chain and that chain is debt. And while we see that in in the differences. If you don't have the stress that comes with those chains that we may have spent Christmas with you James. It was going on in the car. Whatever we spent. That takes away the sweet sweet aroma of having all the joy that you can have is your sitting around the table and if you look at the at the movie or you look at the book. Remember Scrooge's nephew Freddie out. Freddie had some amazing grace.

He took a serious beating from Scrooge verbally when he tried to give him some Christmas email before he was visited by the ghost but Freddie just just kept us grace. He Scrooge was his favorite. In spite of the fact that Scrooge didn't deserve to be his favorite is in change.

Freddie's approach toward Scrooge.

He still loved him. He kept telling to come to Christmas dinner and there you see is this picture of grace and so where does the ghost of Christmas present, a Scrooge he takes them back to Freddie's house to see the party and Scrooge can get downwind of himself for a second and that's one of the biggest presence that the ghost of present Christmas present gave Scrooge was. He took him downwind of himself for a minute so he could spell it. That really smelled like an not that sweet incense that was coming out of the torch but what it actually said about you know why don't they die and decrease the surplus population. All those things.

The ghost of Christmas present referred back to Scrooge to give him a picture of what it was that he was missing out on and I give them a picture of himself or what a president would be Bob this Christmas season. As we go between Christmas and New Year's to ask God to give us a picture of what it would be like to actually be downwind of herself.

What it would be like what what what would that smell like what it smelled like the incense that was coming from that torch went smell similar to what Scrooge was leaving behind is because once we've broken some of the chains that Jesus is come to release us from then we can begin to see what eyes as part of Isaiah 61 is gonna bind up the brokenhearted, like he did with Scrooge in a Christmas past, and then is gonna open the eyes of the Bible to Christmas present guy.

He was opening the eyes of Scrooge to see what it was really all about but actually one of the coolest things about the dickens thing that just thrills my heart Bob is the ghost of Christmas future in a course you know we got a picture of a very cool monster. If you go to Christian car I have always written out and there is a picture of this car of Christmas future, which is this Mazda speed, which is odd as well cool. I'm very excited about these tires.

I mean these new tires at their talk about it they don't have wheels that are actually part of the whole sentence so cool but what we see in the ghost and what Charles Dickens gave us in this picture is an opportune and any use it so clearly with the Grim Reaper illustration is that you are going to read what it is that you so and Scrooge got an opportunity to see what that harvest was going to be that he was going to reap if he continued to sell the seeds that he was so and I was telling to Bob just before the show. What a Christmas present if it would be between now and the end of the year for all of us to have an opportunity for God to show us to asked Jesus show me what that that I'm selling.

I'm spent all his time and energy over here sowing the seeds.

What I can with what, what, harvest is economic over there when I'm spending time doing this in a sit in their wasting time doing that. What is that what is the harvest is can accomplish. Lord, show me if I continue to so these seeds what in the world will be the harvest is pretty is pretty amazing what I was speaking about Florida about Bennett's church the other night during the Christmas play and how I had the epiphany about being joyous. I had not about the first Christmas present at that time that I was a couple weeks ago. At that time I had not about the first Christmas present I was, while her and then my Ebenezer ship there and I listen and I just hadn't got and add this, it hadn't hit me at a just hadn't been there something missing and that night United just the big epiphany that I really get to be extra joyous this year instead of super sadness and sometimes I want to be and we would love to hear your story. This is a live show today, by all means you call us with yours. We would love to hear it once touched your heart, you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

We need to take your calls.

When we come back as we want to hear your get mistaken spirit out of it's actually from the movie as he pointed out, the music is absolutely glorious is the feeling that we don't want to spend Christmas alone.

That's about the last thing we were meant to spend it in fellowship fellowship with everybody. Well, I'm so thankful that we have some callers calling with their story and we've got Carol is in Raleigh this morning purely run a Christian car guys show. We would love to hear your story here for having me in black care program next morning you would have to quit a commercial break about something that touched our heart on eye care that suffered a lot and print all that my mom didn't die creek day we got you that she liked going to make it sleep. Then she died that week, and I remember being so brokenhearted.

I adored my mother. It's really just sobbing in my heart breaking again and one in my adult children in the mom you have to look at it at that for all missionary grandmom gone home day and you're still on the mission field & reading the Lord to use back in my life changed my perspective it touched my heart from the holy. And just you know really what great healing for me put my gave me the mind of Christ concerning the great box that I hack I want to thank you for the towel because if anybody knows that feeling I have experienced it and repeatedly, but you know we lose our mothers. That's tough. That is just so tough and that we can deal with laws and we can deal with anything if would just you know keep a heart I've been in the and and just chatted doing in the most Christlike way we possibly can.

And there is a silver lining to every cloud out there. God bless you and II thought how appropriate it Carol. We had a Christmas Carol is very cool. God bless you as tiny with Tim would say everyone. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the count and we got Leroy. Leroy are on the Christian car guys show good morning good morning tell us your versus to apply the wrong time, I'm excited about this in the book chapter verse 21 and 20. Talks about Eva. I don't. I have not read that in the light may be the correct station. What he did end up saying do not curse the king because the changes are that you have done the same thing, but when you apply that to really grow a rope road rage when you go down the road and somebody cut you all for somebody close out front of your water changes are very good that you have done the same thing and you apply that to our sales it will. It might not.*Follow the road great, but it will stop soon. Now Leroy, I'm hoping my daughter is not listening. She's going to be looking up Ecclesiastes issues in the post that on my own on my steering wheel. It will work out. When I read it and applied it to me when people do some of the things I guess they will have done the same thing and Ecclesiastes. Did you say for Ecclesiastes 7 verses 21 and 22 wrote that down now. Years ago I did a contest called the most Christlike accessory and it was actually his time year we did it had people calling with her idea for the most Christlike car accessory ever in the winter. I'll never ever forget were still trying to make it here is the rebuke yourself horn when you hit the horn you know" out Bible verses will now I know Ecclesiastes is when we get on.

We get the rebuke yourself horn going Leroy working to do. Ecclesiastes 7 first are very good. I hope that will one down the road to make sure that you read the verdict first because I really thought often but I don't remember it when you're, you know what word the word when you're quote sometimes like put that stuff down in your heart and you can't read some like that too much Leroy, I can agree with you more.

You read it the more it gets down in there and then the Holy Spirit uses the defendant Bob to slap you upside the head right outside often. Thank you Leroy God bless you and appreciate you clouding this morning. I thank you. When I get now. Thank you so much sometime. Sometimes it's hard to have gratitude for the attitude adjustments we had allied. I just would like to go and say you know what, I had a real treat.

I I started reading a Christmas Carol. About 430 Christmas morning I got up really really early in the book is you can read it in a couple hours and it was one of my Christmas presents this year was actually to and it's free.

By the way, if you have a Kindle or a phone that has the Kindle free if you don't have that app you can put it that you can go to the Kindle store and because old books like that are imminent domain.

It's free. You can download it have the original Christmas Carol for absolute free and so this is Robbie's Christmas present anybody what it is. Go to the Kindle store and go a Christmas Carol. Now to get illustrated want to might cost $0.99, but the original version. When I got without pictures but absolutely free on your Kindle app on your phone and so what what what it treasure.

I mean absolute treasure that book is and there is reference made to the three Kings being similar to the three wise men in the book that you know that they were following that, looking for the star that was the reason for Christmas and one of the quotes that I actually tweeted out later on if you which by the way, you can find me on Twitter at Christian Carter is when Scrooge was being accosted by the ghost of Christmas present.

I mean, of future he was screaming literally that he needed his own salvation, and it occurred to me that really what we see here in the book was Scrooge's conversion, his his heart being changed and him coming to Christ is actually a picture of what really is happening and it really amazed me that this really laid on me this year about that the wise men were contacted by the Angels and the shepherds were contacted by the Angels coming. That's the whole spectrum. You know that's the lead and then in poorly and said there you go. This is a great time to do some reflecting this year.

So remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere when got all them in 33 years, but since some time reflecting before the end of the year. What bitter seeds are you selling ask God to show us the change that we been forging asked Jesus to point to that first link. He wants to set you free. In 2015. Thank you for listing and God bless us here today rather

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