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Are You Known Intimately & Mechanically?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 7, 2015 1:36 pm

Are You Known Intimately & Mechanically?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

186-6342 that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore year may be familiar with the old saying it's not what you know but who you know this week God had something for me right here that truly astonished me, took my breath help me to see that I was looking at a piece of Scripture totally backwards. God clearly showed me at all sure how he did that little later in the show. They showed me that it's not really who you know that it matters what will be eternally significant is who knows you will Jesus know your name will it be in his book even more significantly, does Jesus know you intimately about now you maybe sing Robbie what the world does this have to do with cars.

I'm glad you asked because this principle is tremendously powerful when you think about do you know a good mechanic or is it far more valuable for a good mechanic to know your car intimately. If you're blessedly good mechanic who knows your car intimately. Then he can anticipate needs. They recognize symptoms more than anything else. They care because they're invested in your cars health. So how do you get that kind of thing going for your car over and talk about that today, but back to the guy get gigantic issue that's in our lives. How do we know that Jesus knows us.

Of course were praying that you know the gospel that Jesus died for you and you have accepted and is Lord of your life. But my guess is that Jesus is let you know that he knows you and knows you intimately.

Even better than you know yourself so they encourage many to seek out this intimacy with Jesus, I am asking that you would call and tell us that story today. The time of Jesus encouraged you by sending something your way to let you know how well he knows you and he knows you intimately.

Maybe it was your favorite seashell that came rolling up right in front of you were a whale siding like John Eldridge mentions in some of his books. We would love for you to call and encourage thousands really that Jesus sent you a link sent you something special that only he knew that you would love and you know it was him calling 866-348-7884 call and share what Jesus sent you that you knew right then that he must know me intimately, 866-348-7884 but also similarly in insurance right to bill our Christian insurance is here with us today and I guess is not whether or not you know what insurance agent but is that insurance agent know you as you and insurance buying insurance and placing claims can be very beneficial dealing with is that one 800 numbers that only try to find a way to undercut your current price can cost you a lot.

Having an insurance professional who looks out for your best interest and that is your situation can be very helpful. I have saved a lot of people money talking some of them in the placing neckline and I've helped a lot of other people by talking to met at a place in the clay, but without knowing your situation, you can add advice because Bill knows me intimately.

He knew I was going to go rent a sailboat last summer and so he knew things to warn me about because he knows me and and there's nothing like having somebody that knows you, so it's not always so you know but maybe who knows you. We love to hear your story of how you knew that Jesus had your number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call him and share and organize certainly get into.

How do you find that kind mechanic relationship and how you establish a counter relationship with your insurance broker, but agent but coming up at the end of the show, teases a little bit. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding on this whole knowledge thing.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the show I was studying this week and I could clearly see something that lined up perfectly, but I could make any sense of it. See in Isaiah chapter 11, where the prophet speaks of the seven spirits of God.

I was studying the fifth spirit which is the spirit of knowledge and you may be fairly familiar with the old saying I may need his healing. The spirit of knowledge and you can see where that might have to do something knowing you as you may know in the book of Revelation, John makes several references to the seven spirits of God.

So when you go look up the fifth church that's meant end of the seventh church. Churches, white might that have to do with the spirit of knowledge. That was the quest. I was on and you can't help but note that each church get something special from the Lord if they overcome when they're talking all about the seven churches in the beginning of the book in the fifth church of Sardis gets a white rope. That's what they get.

If they overcome when the thing that lined up so perfectly without the just sent me on this quest was it later on in the book when the fifth seal is opened. Guess what, they start handing out white robes and soft like wow why robes are handed out to the fifth church white robes are handed out at the fifth seal and so I started planning what to white robes have to do with knowledge. Is there some connection there between the fifth spirit in the church in them and leave you there where I was praying and I am going to cover that coming up within the show at if you see it already. I know your submitted allow.

That's amazing. If not, we'll share that coming up to the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book course Christian Kardashian was bringing the kingdom of God through the automotive platform. We would love to hear your story. Today we are live 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What's your story of when Jesus sent you something where he knew you. We have John in North Carolina. John you're a Christian, Kardashian good morning good morning tell us your story how did Jesus let you know he knew you okay book on the long-time believer, but in 2008 will I heard something about special significance fifth 2008 might remember back in 2007. There was something that was a big gathering in 1777 branding July 7, 2007 well, 2008 with 88 88 and that was there with the Olympic stand and got the job. The Chinese put specials docked in the 888 auspicious number will I heard and the committee sent me on the Internet that Jesus number with 888… What are they talking about what common numerology of this well when you look at it 888 is it that the there that I numerology of taking the Greek letters and they stood for numbers since about 500 BC taking them, and in nominative case Jesus comes out to 888 when you add up the numbers that the Greek letters well from that I won't go into that but from that I found out amazing about this is kind of numerology in the Bible like in the first verse Genesis and what it comes out to and how it how it works out mathematically, and from that I became aware that the number 37 is very significant. Mathematically, and in the infrastructure, and even in some very important equation. The number 37 is important and gift and being conscious of that all every time I feed the number 37. It's like have you sent the Lord winking at me and I do see it often now. I I can go into well if I thought they 19 would that be when I contacted my 237 well maybe but still when I see 37 and I notice it I made it just subconsciously bear noticed it, but it is like the Lord winking at me.

You are saying is knows and I I see what you're saying to him because he knows what it is it we been studying and praying about and try and understand as we seek to know him better. And all the sudden he he's like I'm paying attention.

Look here, here, since the wink and that is so cool it's exactly what I was talking about John. God bless you and appreciate you calling in the day that is awesome. Thank you by 60 we have Tom is in Maple Valley, Washington.

Tom you're on the Christian card I show how did Jesus let you know.

He knows you will I I also am a longtime Christian and we have a daughter named Andrea thought it through and after battling cancer.

She was her hospital room last line and she could barely breathe, and the last neck.

The last time she got out of her bed.

She went to the window, I have no idea how bad I hate you because I was fixing a break and I know and everybody wants to know what happened here. This sounds huge and I'm so thankful that you called and can you hang on for us to legally come back from. On the other side of the phrase will.

Here's a list of Tom story we want to hear yours. Jesus today on the Christian card I thinking about wow it may not be who knows your heart. But you know who who you know that's a good mechanic but does that good mechanic know your car. Same thing with insurance. We got all his things going on, but when we open the show. I asked for folks to call in and let us know when Jesus had given you in some type of note, some type of message to let you know that he knows your name. That he knows your story, but this ultimately will be the test of whether or not you handling when we get into heaven, and Tom called in from Maple Valley, Washington, and he started telling the story about losing his daughter tragically, Tom.

I'm so sorry we interrupted you, but I'm very anxious to hear what happened after that your battle of my life and I were trying line God where God our prayers are going unanswered.

Were just not right, is not feeling of, and we know God there.

We know what but on the last day. Faith got out of her bed and she went to the window. It was May 2, 2002 and she looked up into the sky.

She said you see that and my wife was on one side and I was on the other, and we were looking up and that we said is and why it is an angel trying to figure out what she thinks it is not electable. One is that she says that clear image round and currently with long way away and knows we will see that and so she accepted that God and the bad in about an hour later she got out one last time. The last time that she went to the window and trailing her oxygen tube and she said you have to see it now. It's huge and it's right outside my window and I said is that clear is that Brown and she said you do see it in my wife and her wisdom. She said no, sweetie, you're saying something spiritual lives that we don't see and was after she passed it. It occurred to me that God's that I'll never leave you or forsake you is what the solid time and then after she died. He says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and I think what happened is that God was saying my answer order healing is no but I'm to show you that this experience to let you know that I'm here and I'm waiting for my Tom. That's it I'm taken her to be with me, so God God is faithful to you.

And I met with Mike. And it's an amazing amount of grace that he often gives us when we are in time of desperately and I am and I think that we have that look back on it. He didn't have to do it is not necessary and and I know it doesn't happen for everybody but that it was your confirmation that your word is true and if that has happened to somebody else that they can be assured that God is there.

Use these and when that child that baby or that adult child does pass that they're passing into his arm while that's that's exactly what I was speaking to today. Thomas does he senses those messages. He knows this better than leaving ourselves to let us know those things and in their interestingly and Donna's name was Faith. Joy named after Hebrews 11 one and faith in Christ we have the joy of this child. I know that Tom to you with your your courageous phone call today, you increase the faith of many who now know that he will be there in their moment as well. God bless your brother I appreciate you so much.

Called and encouraged to make that call today – thank you wow Bill that's a test story. My daughter had leukemia.

We we had a few instances where we had real questions about what was going on. God was good.

God showed himself. My heart goes out to all those that have lost a child and it's wonderful to know that people can see Jesus and to see God even in this these difficult times Because again it's gonna not being necessarily who you know it's gonna be whether or not he knows you and what I wanted and I was I'm so thankful for that phone call because I think others can be encouraged as you share those stories of where he did that for you people here that go that sounds just like what happened in my life and it reassures us that yes he's there is with us always. We need to hear your story, 866348788486634.

Truth is the number to call and ensure Bill what one a month most enjoyable responsibilities in life was. I was chairman of our Christian action committee church and part of that was to cut checks for worthy organizations. We had an interim minister who said I want you to guided this this dinner with the Gideons I just write the check mail and it really had me first to show up for this meeting and it said new members meeting are absolutely the tide I'm sit near the table with this God is doing a hard-sell pitch and made out to the folks know the Gideons but it's a business men's group and their purpose is to share your faith into pass out Bibles if you seen a Bible in a hotel or hospital is probably Gideon Bible and I remember walking out of that meeting just this clearest day saying God.

This is a really great important group, but if you want me to join. You've got a free up my schedule. I just don't have the time for the ad talk about here a sense of a few winks your way to hear those but also we do want to share how do you get to know that good mechanic. How do you get to get an agent that you that knows your story and how important is that in our everyday lives of stewardship sorted all that on the Christian card. I sure don't worry but we need your call. Your story how did God ;-) view 866-34-TRUTH 87884. It's not who you know, it's who knows you are talking the hunted guard as though it may not be that you know a good mechanic but does a good mechanic know your car. It may not be that you know a good insurance agent is that insurance agent know your needs. Does he understand what it is that that you're going through. We're talking today about intimacy with Jesus. How do you know did he send you some kind of message that he send you a wink of some kind that he knows you well and Bill was Sharon historical we got lots and lots of calls lined up that of people: and other stories. I'm so excited to hear about Bill was finishing up his that you told God he was genetically your story it clear your schedule if if your argument be a Guinean guy I had the job at the church in that I had a Cub Scout D and we set up an Hispanic neighborhood as six years treasure for PTA it if you know anything about the PTA. That's a no-no. Nobody else wanted and that I was soccer kite and I hate to say I love my son but I hated coaching soccer. But they said if I didn't cut, she wouldn't have a chance to play. So Monday morning I get this phone call and these this lady said we want to set up the kids Café. We want to set up a program with got three churches with gut eight volunteers from three churches and we want to do a dinner dinner our playtime in an hour of tutoring for all the kids in the neighborhood that you've that you Cub Scout program in acid collate that is absolutely phenomenal is a set the Cub Scout den up around the PTA in the church and they said we need your help and I said I don't understand. She said will that the director of the apartment complex, said the only way this would work is if they got hold of me and I helped introduce them to the families ended. It had to interfere with the Cub Scout program. I said well you know here I'm given them two hours a week and you gonna give them three hours a night three nights a week yet.

This is why we set this up so transition that in the next day I get a call from somebody. Should we just moved down here from New York that I want to get involved in the PTA, I was treasure about last PTA and the principal said that I should call you to help get plugged in. With this job to go on and then Wednesday comes in these two dads walk up and they said you not we were talking we were coaches of our older sons soccer team and we were discussing the gate we we might like to take over the soccer coaching responsibility under one condition I said you two fellas have prior experience you want to take over the soccer and you've got one condition they said. What's that fit with two coaches there nothing we won't Nietzsche pass out three jobs one after another and it just was absolutely no doubt in my mind that God heard me.

How do you know God's winking at you. We got to fizz in High Point, North Carolina to fear on the Christian card I show good morning tell us your story will go a lot of storyteller talk little bit. I some of the major things God started my life with me were really miracles him and it worked with members. They run about 76 and not working all my life.

When I was eight years was 11 years old boy scarecrow stranded on a big portion of the lot but brother was on the horse jumped my footwear through the stirrup phenomenal underground in a horseshoe surface, down top my face tells Landon saying not given my last full day movement. I've known a lot of people think one guy trying to kill him.

Mother went to voicemail.

Reason our North Carolina government to be driving through the parking lot mainlining some caulking right in front of shoot is not a Christian. She said there's no way we did get up there is absolutely no way, but I figure of your side of it. We get to know God put us on earth to be seeking. After some fighting impulsive and for me that's what it is is not a matter of that you had an experience I've had lots and lots of been out of my body.

Been in accidents when I should have been in the medical college admissions tears. Section 1000 and have not turned the page so I missed some of it came on the day mailed answers. Let me cite read a page of physics problems noted answers to three pages under would like to but there's so many things that God is not in my life and still doesn't say fortitude be seeking and finding of it. I don't like for years. I was looking for one indignant didn't. He was working in my life during Merkel.

Jim spoke to me audibly. One time when I was with the girlfriend of 5 million, and I knew that I couldn't believe that I had made a room in my mind to believe it.

So I told her you know I thought it might cause me to lose her… So I just heard a voice and should you fall, but too much later.

The only time I have with Rachel swells that school I she lived 100 miles away. But you got the night that I was so so you had this confirmation supposed to call and in very much like thank you. Well, as we said, you know, one of the things that we gotta make a relationship year to you and I appreciate all we got lots and lots of calls and we get to them. Just a minute is that it is and it is extremely important from there's nothing more important and obviously knowing God and being known by him in the summer.

Talk about but also since this is a Christian card, I show how do I find a good mechanic is one of the most common emails that I did.

As the Christian conduct. Robbie, how I find a good mechanic in my area and it is an interesting thing that to know a good mechanic is not necessarily mean that he knows your car is a lot of great mechanics out there but they're great on Hondas and you've got a Toyota or their grade on a Mercedes, but you know you've got a Dodge and so these are all part of the issue that when mechanics become great. They become intimate with certain cars so they can become intimate with certain systems within those cars and so how I'd how do I discern that well. Prayer is a huge way milling people obviously is one way, but one of the people that knows mechanics intimately are the parts people and so it it if you trying to find a good and I'll say Toyota mechanic if you go to the park store at the Toyota place. I bet they know the great Toyota mechanics the parts guys there because they know who returns parts, what parts they use and what cars they're familiar with working same thing in independent parts store like map or somebody that supplies a lot of independent car places they are handing out parts every day to people that that work in different parcel by going to a place like map and asking in a where's a good mechanic for a Toyota Camry and an Hootie know that the second working. Guess what, they often know even use parts places like Bobbitt when I knew poet. He knows which mechanics specialize in certain cars which ones there intimate with and so prayer is huge but also find the people that know the mechanics and those people you know them intimately know what parts they use and what cars they work on. We have the Pat is in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Pat, you're on the Christian card I show good morning are you I am wonderful and excited to hear your story about how Jesus went to you will hear Sherry every Saturday I make it happen and tell you glass my life and will lay appreciate that I Christian her own brain matter. I literally can't make out the makers during the grantor to earn going hysterically there locked there about 1/2 mile to convene a wonderful name. I expected the Lord when I later Landon Gary Curry, father encouraged and Incoming watchmaking school. I get a good parenting relationship with Karen and when I fixed a little behind attack totally stated I can eliminate coming home and going into the bedroom to make out a week in her friend Carol making her near my car right in front of the character. I just need a transparent batch and an icon on many dear Lord, I don't understand healing. I needed kerning.

I need to know the cherry handling it gracefully turn away from you and please tell Craig to continue my heart clean new 16 year old girl. She told me I looked at hand outstretched. I could not escape. Now in my heart, as well. I will break that is so awesome and I know so many people's hearts is when out to that cabinet Christian in the car business. Nothing like having people that know your story or your car, your situation is invested in it and there's nothing like having a Savior who knows you intimately and I hate that Pat got Don I don't know what happened to the phone line or whatever right at the end of her glorious story is so sad for the think of a 16-year-old girl losing her father, but I'm so thankful that we have a Savior who was there for her. Who cared and showed her something very specific for her that they, as I mentioned in the beginning a show and we've got a lot of causing him to try to get as many as I possibly can. But our appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for the sermon lift our voice for understanding and you know this whole show came up after me because God was winking at me because he knew I was trying to understand this whole knowledge thing and I'm been studying that for spirit that's mentioned in Isaiah 11 the spirit of knowledge and looking at it. Also to different angles, but one of the places that I went looking was in the book of Revelation. In the fifth church was in the church of Sardis.

You might remember if they overcome they were getting up this white robe and then when they opened the fifth seal their again were handing out these white robes and I kept on praying and asking God what Jesus what is this Mimi's white robes. What is this have to do with knowledge and all of a sudden it hit me that biblical knowledge.

In other words, when you know something you know that Adam knew his wife, and the next thing you know you even got Seth and and and all of a sudden I saw these robes as wedding gowns and when Jesus knows us biblically when his bride see it. And so it was backwards. The first was on his head for me.

I thought it was my knowledge of God, but knows her way around.

His knowledge of me in his knowledge of me is how it will is that we become intimate and how it is that he will know me and and in that famous path is Matthew that worries a lot of us know when he says I never knew you.

Well the good news is there are lots of ways as I begin and examine my own life that he has sent me messages to let me know that he knew me and I don't want to to to miss that. Nor do I want to miss any of the stories of the wonderful people that are calling in. We have Tammy in Northgate and North Carolina were to put on the line Tammy you're on the Christian card I show tell us your story that when Jesus let you know a notion desire to have a sword and thing that I had ever seriously about before they wanted with the sword in one here is the shield made never in hand, and the Lord of the rings trilogy. I went online and I started looking for it and I actually found the sword and I even started to purchase it at different times and I got all the way down to the point where I was ready to click the make the purchase button and each time I would stop and think. I said I did this and each time he said just wait which was very frustrating for me because I thought I only know why I want this ordinary time you have to wait.

Anyway, my 50th birthday is right around the corner and I started dreaming about what it would be like to receive the sword for my birthday but I was embarrassed to tell anybody about it. So I kept quiet. The message that I heard from the enemy was nobody would buy this for you.

Nobody would think of the as someone who could use his sword well well the afternoon came that we were going to go celebrate my birthday and my mom said something special for your birthday is anything that you want and again I just said now there's not really anything that night for dinner and we met at a local restaurant. When I got there my sister had gone ahead and had fixed the remapping and I saw the accident would've been the right size for the sword that I can.

I quickly heard that you think it is. That's a wall hanging on a shelf or something like that. We had a great dinner and I got some really special things. My sister had put together some scrapbook pages with notes of well-wishers and and kind words Fran plans across the country in my family as well.

And finally it was time to open the present.

You can imagine. My heart was pounding and I kept thinking.

Could this really be open went into the box and I instantly saw the sword handle and I lick my eyes just got huge because this handle is on it's very distinct. It has two horses heads that that face one another. So I with my brother Lonnie for his ailments, sword, and he shook his head yes.

I could not believe it was that nobody knew about that myself in the Lord you illustrated this so cool and in the you delivered on something I think is so critical for all of us. The God really does care about the desires of your heart and he knows stuff down in there that nobody else knows and needs. These ease he's in the way to the he's gonna send you a way to let you know Tammy Tammy LLC about a sword, diet, and my heart medicine cool Tammy, thank you so much for going in with that it blesses me now, and terrific right arm.

God bless you, thank you.

We have a need that is in the Silverdale, Washington Anita, you're on the Christian card I show the more that we don't have a lot of time but can you tell us quickly. Yes, good morning.

I came down the stairs and cut the calendar gentleman was talking about. II discovered it with his daughter and I like and in 1983, who interestingly there is another gentleman talking about it getting hot And that happened at the gist of my call on the Lord has been faithful and held me to the most agonizing moment of my life moments of my life years of my life leaving my time, but in needless to say through a divorce, which often happens when people's children and moments after that I walked away from the Lord for 11 years and this is the whole purpose of my call. When I came back to Laura. He was relentless.

He brought me back to him and he did it to the movie passion of the Christ where I went out with that ocean shortened that in 2004. The fog was so thick when we went into the movie to see the movie that you could barely breathe and it with you that movie and hearing the word going over and over in my mind by my strength. You are healed by my stripes, you are healed.

Isaiah 53 five and I came out of the movie theater and I looked up and there was a complete perfect circle of blue skies that had broken through that and fix on and I've never heard anybody talk about a complete circle until I said that man Tom talking about his daughter Julie and I am done counting and dumbfounded by your word of how the Lord has provided he is, we are his pride in the white town because he had in my head to the past. For seeing device connected space are likely to show anything. I'm so you blow me away. Well, if you would not have some like this, why not ask Jesus for your own link this week and then email me and let me know how you did that, I'd love to hear God bless you, thank you for listening

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