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Diamond in the Rough

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 25, 2015 11:45 am

Diamond in the Rough

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Today we have a very special edition of the Christian Car Guy show, and no one can say it really any better than the cave of wonders VGA out the UCB ability to find a diamond in the rough is an amazing way to take care your family and the jury will absolutely and I keep looking and I today show are going to give you all sorts of examples of that.

Whether your used car manager or your find in that car for your family. You see, just as Sherry Stewart diamond in the rough story that I'm hoping you guys will call in a little bit later with your story at 866-34-TRUTH 7884 but years ago I was fired.

Man, I lost my job and I was destitute and back in those days when you're in the car business and you are fired. You also lost your driver casino wellhead that meant I had no car. I had no job and all I had to spend was about $600 so searching for searching for some all I could find. I had no job.

I had no part was this beat up old Pontiac LeMans and it was not the Pontiac LeMans you may be picturing that there was a Korean Pontiac LeMans will hatchback it was ugly car.

It was a faded red color that it best to put it was riding on one the donuts you may be getting the picture. This card had two hubcaps but real good.

Jerry and here's where my father's training on how to recondition a used car.

It paid off. You, as you know was it with a few weeks I had a job because the car would get me there and then you know I spent a little time I reconditioned it in a true story. I sell that car for more than three times what I paid for including all the money out with very little money.

Actually, I used to recondition it in the thing of it is. The car was worth it. When I got done with Jerry. I mean the paint was horribly faded but a little bit a wax can work wonders a little bit of work and it's amazing what you can do automobile and the inside.

You had to really just smell it in order to appreciate what the poor person that abuse the car and we put some tires on it. We fix that the wheels put a few hubcaps and what was actually a diamond in the rough and now I really could get the car if but except I had another driver because I was still in the car business so on today's show. I would love to hear your version of land did you find that diamond in the rough. We talk before the show when you bought something that looked good, but turned out to be bad, but how about the tough when it look bad and it turned out to be good Collis 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH by the way don't have to be a car. Maybe it was a person like Aladdin. He was a diamond in the rough right Collis with your client diamond in the rough story, but also obviously said today we have Jerry are good friend Jerry from his body shop here with us.

What are some must do what how can you turn the car into that diamond in the rough, something that you can turn to make a lot of money or if you're trying to get your car ready to sell yourself. What you do.

There's a simple thing like he said a lot of it is is is very inexpensive and payback is huge it and you know it is kind of neat that you even have in this this this is that the topic is for the diamond in the run up and reconditioned and taking care.

Your vehicle causes the time of year that you know what I always encourage people to spend some time on their their car moving from winter but all that salt on the roads and the abuse that it takes going into spring and summer.

Perfect time to head to do some reconditioning then living on your vehicle because also there's in this part of the world you got the colonization going on in the sapping of you have Anna so all those things are very important to really get all that within that we have a lot of cool stuff in the day shouldn't be so glad you turn in at the bottom the hour. Your vehicle is talking, but are you listening we have Jennifer picked Escott with Ford's. She's one of their engineers. It works with the audio features on the new Fords and have a talk to you so you can hear a lot about that, Rob. You member the back when GM came was it that mid 80s with the car and it had lots of missing and I've got story on top a story like that thing and then come in over the end of the show, you normally we have our appraisal by the real black book. But we have something special for you today. I'm a Christian Car Guy show a very very special treat. The first edition of Christian Car Guy and theater of the mind. Yes H today is not the mindedness can be had with Nicolette the last thing that the day and today's episode is Sammy the lazy starter and were added to some punishing waters. If you know what I'm saying the yellow that is happening is it's right here. It's the way I roll that you i.e. ROS the Christian Car Guy shows bring the kingdom of God through an automotive platform and on the show we talk about things like racecar driving and not speeding. We also talk about how to take care of your car course today were to be sharing how you take that car from the old beater to the diamond in the rough, but we always need your stories. It's a live show and I bet you bought a car that looks so horrible but it ended up to be just the car of cars, the one that you always remember, that's the story we want here today when did you find the time and in the rough, 866348788486634 truth, we would love to hear about that car that you thought all manner maybe it was handed down to you and you thought man at the last thing I want but when you got it and wrote in the drove in the your driveway and the wife often said what have you done what is that we'll get right to these 11 issues of what you want to do.

Jerry, you know, one of the very first things we have on there obviously is to watch this good place to start. And just as that old car washer because you know my father was a car dealer, before me, and so he had me out there chamois in hand when I was about 11 and you know there's a few tips along the way that we want to share about washing your card. This may seem simple, but you can really hurt your car by washing it wrong and one of the things that I learned is you always start on the top surface. You know, what would you do that, Robbie.

Because the bottom of the cars covered with all sorts of nasty stuff that if you bring that up to the top you'll scratch those things that looked the best and so whether you enjoy. Start off with water just pure clean water to get it wet because you want to be messing with paint when it's dry. So you'd start off by wedding those upper services, plus the water drips down you know your saving water to whatever extent, especially if you're out in California today.

You want to make sure you do that, but even then when you begin to soap it down with a good soapy in just a real you know I dislike liquid working on some dishwasher light light detergent not Ajax, you would be amazed how many people come in to wash my car and really cleaned it up good and many did have a a gloss to the but now it doesn't look as glossy, what happened what you wash it with. So by all means you, you start off getting it wet and a very very light detergent. Again, nothing. Dishwasher detergents absently find my and another microscope emit in a something that soft is in this paint it it it it's it's sensitive and it does not like, you know, hard course stuff being rubbed all over it very hard to know. It's just one of those things you start off on the top on the roof and you work your way down the course saving your mitt for the mean of the rocker panels and stuff were all the real crime is until the end of the course, you never, never, never use that mid on the Tyra wheel and then bring it up to the top.

Please forgiveness and I would cringe in my chamois records it. It's one of those tincture yeah you know, and it would tell, but that the finish of the vehicle to paint and staff. Another thing, as you mentioned that the sample macaw do anything any foreign substance on your vehicle. The best thing you can do is get it off immediately in a sap with soapy water will come off of a vehicle relatively easy within 2448 hrs. 48 days later trying to get that off as a whole different story. Amino just do it do it as quick as you can and dispatch this time of the year bird droppings that nice purple bird dropping owner. The causes yeah I am in my theories. A lot of folks don't realize it. That is the car heats up in the summer sun or wherever you know even in winter sun and it cools off. It heats up it cools off. So the surface of the metal is expanding and decreasing almost like the skin on your body so it has to.

It has to have pours in. And so you know, here's this bird dropping or whatever on it and now it heats up and it actually opens up the paint and now this stuff gets down inside the lamination and that that's heavy and acid so it etches it into their another thing tell about acid use Ajax. It is amazing.

I mean, this is another thing that especially this time of year once a week or so somebody comes in with these spots all over the car with a taken a Brillo pad are one of them, the Scotch Brite's that you use to scrub your pans to clean off the lab that I bird dropping maybe on a tire maybe not on not on the surface of the car anyway but you see, this gets back to why we want a good waxing. There because if once you've cleaned it completely cleaned.

It got rid of all the foreign stuff that's on it if you'll put a wax on it.

You see, is that wax gets hot the sun. Guess what it does.

It feels in the pores it melts down into the paint so that then you know when it cools off. You know it's protecting things it would come down on top of the wax is not to get down inside the paint.

Of course we got a lot more about 11 things that Jerry I'm really disappointed. No one scalding yes we were there. I know the route they think about doll and right now it was Old Faithful 866-348-7884. We need your story and make a 663487884. I will make me diamond in the rough. Oh, if you can find one of those treasure whether it's a car or maybe another person. We would love to hear your diamond in the rough story, 866-348-7884's number to call into them? I show are most Robbie Gilmore and we got Jerry Mathis our Christian body shop guy here with raised body shop with us today and were not only talking about your diamond in the rough stories. But how can we take your diamond it out of the rough, so to speak, and again I just am excited to hear and I see the phone, lighten up. Now that some is got a diamond in the rough story for us but keep in on this whole idea of cleaning the car at a big part of the car when you really detail and if you sell a car are the wheels and tires and I see people that they they buy some stuff. Tire dressing and man, Jerry, it's almost embarrassing melt for that stuff on they not realize that a good old tire brush and some soap and water will take you a long way just plain so you don't have to get fancy soap and water and a good tire brush, not something you can use on the finish the car, but a brush for the tires as a way to do that lab so you know the bad thing about some of the tire dressing people really just really just pile it all and then they get in there and a driver that you are the UC amount of the carwashes and they do that and just mopping it on there they go up the road and slings that stuff off of the side of the vehicle and that is another creates another problem you will most the time just with anything with your vehicle interior and exterior tires, wheels, glass, whatever it is little bit of manpower to work and just a little bit of energy into it and do some initially have to bite off the shelf arrived. We got Sandy in North Carolina. She's got a diamond story for us in the Christian cognition. I'm excited to hear this live my car back to 19 oh Gordy came late a pretty silver car and blowing like a sheep dog now might not like that, with one child car and engine. It was unbelievable that she would allow Anger at Shiva.

She did get you lived after actually work for probably five or six years and bought a car like Kermit why she ran and she ran and she ran in my garden and problem here now, after I check on eBay black and carrying it with leather and never clean and you are talking about waxes and finishes on car take her back to her silver college that she anyway. I mean my dad now. Maybe not, what about retirement and the UK work on changing how you like can share the good later on more you got all the name Bathsheba like a reverse Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ever in my life and you see what is it fascinating that sometimes appearances are far from what's down underneath that that we see on the outside but what is in the inside what was designed to be a wildcat was always wildcat. Thank you so much Cindy. That's exactly what I was looking for. God bless you appreciate some colony, you gotta love that me best, she was a wildcat but that brings up another thing that I know you would speak to visit silver and gray cars. They delaminate a lock where it is hard to keep that goes back to keep the wax and step you know that want to get to that point. There's no point to return to do a certain extent, but you know just his maintenance before you get there just taking care in an loving to give wax on keep an acclaimed hose that silver is how metallic colors and pearl colors can really unit the sun just just takes it out of and then there's you know where moving along on our steps to get in his car to where it's a diamond in the rough headlight covers well it's an issue not only for the way they look, but they can be dangerous because it starts to deflect your headlights and you can't see the way that you should Jerry. There's lots of interesting ways to handle that what you you know you're the guy went how do we fix the thing covers you know you can you can bow these kits and everything.

But if you just get some real bond not very aggressive rubbing compound just just rub them and put some wax on it.

If you want to. If you get a car that doesn't have headlight problems.

What is this plastic covers and that he just causes you know just bizarre to you. One thing you can do to to prolong the life of that and not have that problem stop start with time you get a chance. Put wax on your headlights. It'll it'll prolong the life of the headlight, but this didn't take much because it you start having that that when he starts having 20 3040% less light coming out of it. You know this is not just that just doesn't just look ugly is a safety hazard is a safety issue right and just as he says a light rubbing compound. Essentially, when you're buying the kids guess what you're buying it for the most part you're buying a light rubbing compound so you found it comes to cleaning the interiors you know I don't know if you know that some of the pros what they actually do is they will literally enough there pretty good mechanically not awesome or whatever, they'll actually take the seats out of the car and go to a pressure washer and clean the seats with the pressure washer and let them sit on the sun and dry.

Not all bad idea long as you knocking out pressure washing the fabric off but we had so much more in forest cleaning tips but even better than that. He's talking cars we told you about good fortune to be on with this is your are you listening to your car. We got Jennifer Prescott before coming up here in just a minute. We got so much more. Even Sammy started thinking some of you know that sneaky out the diamond in the rough. That's were talking about today on the Christian card so you find that precious diamond in the rough. The car that maybe everybody else rejected but turned out to be the best car ever and what you do with it once you got it.

That's what were talking about, but along those lines were very excited today because we have a very special guest. Your vehicle is talking to you, but the question is are you listening so maybe a diamond in the rough is got one of those old systems work. Talk to maybe remember the show. My mother the car.

I used to I think I still have the theme music to bed and I and she certainly was talking to you but Jennifer Prescott with Ford she works on that kind of thing all day every day.

Jennifer welcome the Christian Car Guy ship. How exciting. Tell us about your job so far as what you feel and terrible nation time down.

Yes, yes, I can tell you that many a battery has extended its life because of the visit is an engineering or Citgo. Now how can I create something that's so obnoxious that people don't get other car without leaving their lights on that kind of what the ID minder to annoy you, but before you recognize that no emergency right and other signals where we really want your attention and we do that by making them a higher frequency louder and cut through the other ambient noise. Crystal Ford collision 1500 her here saying you know to stimulate someone sitting next to all and we know and make them sharper and faster. It works fine at the lake to get your attention. It's really based on how were trying to alert you ignore a lot of sounds in our life goal. Attention store every time you eat tune them out, and after a while I so agree with you, it's me that his struggles with the no on all that communicates you to literally come on buddy buddy, so it is is listed as a member obviously familiar all of us are probably familiar with the headlight time and nothing but what are some of the newer sounds that Ford is is got in their cars today that they may not be aware of like you know blind spot awareness that can technology all are operating moving toward that automated driving when we get more and more a teacher found it already sounds like your headlights are on the headlight on sulfur cross traffic alert link found appropriate for what what the function it sometime will have created with one feature based on how much to get your attention. Years ago and open the litigating, right now you can activate it, keep your instrument panel so keep that silent way back there and you don't realize the get much of a warning so we have told her the liftgate that is coming down like another that are not found in the back of the rear speaker will have a something wrong, something stand out to bid for the second kiss you have Jerry here. One of my Christian and I know he's bitterly disappointed that because you have no idea how many people still gates go up on their garage door opener and in how many of those if you fix Jerry and here they are trying to protect the consumer from leaving your services because that is a great idea. I have no idea how many Dodge vans I've seen over the years that the tailgate was just whacked because they they put it up while the roster was coming down to get stuff out of it.

Leave it up and try to pull in the garages just you know you guys. It must have the better idea. Did you ever think about coming out with a slogan like that Jennifer lightbulb think I'm for it can program it so all your heart area airport how short, perhaps driver it won't go all the way up to the consumer's great idea. The body shops throughout America. Jennifer QAP, the curtain just a minute because you love to get engineers on because you guys get to see what's coming at us and I know you can't spell all the beings but what is common. The just man you. You're excited about that when people see this is going to blow her mind. Go ahead while telling Mike you think that electronically no article in the door so a lot a lot but lock. Looking back, you don't need anything else is all kind of a pushbutton turn signal on or off, which were trying to get toward time left In kind of thing. Now no one knows the door I saw that now are getting very excited to try different file which I recorded emulate that door like the right another kind of walk without warning. You've done what you asked for but maybe it would be an electronic one likely at came up with one that we think make exactly more of elevator door kind of experience that's the Lincoln, you get that experience you guys that is really cool.

What a neat job Jennifer. God bless you.

We appreciate what you're doing now the consumers. Jerry you know he's going to give up crying and have other drivers that I think will be on Saturday.

Thank you so much for calling in today Douglas bye-bye man is a lot of fun stuff going on when you're looking for a diamond in the rough in your list in the cars but I do have to just share with you big common to the next break you can hear some real talking cars. These talking car parts. Even with all sorts of different voices and Sammy.

The starter Christian car guys theaters first installment is pretty exciting year of the one theater of the mind theater of the mind. But getting back we get these people diamonds up to speed. We just got through the cleaning. The headlight part we are talking about cleaning the hood in the trunk. There is another warning warning will Robinson Sony people just taking themselves with pressure washing they think they're going to go clean the engine for goodness sakes, for goodness sakes, for goodness sakes don't do that, you know, this one won't help Jerry, but it would certainly help a lot of mechanics around what you know what it does help me because you would be amazed how many cars in court carwashes, with Dave open that hood and steamed it out that we have to go home to shop. We have a towing business. Also, now there you go, because there are so many electrical things on the bitter that when you go hit me with that power washer what you unplug what you get moisture in it. It's just never was meant to be a power wash environment. There's some nice unit degreaser that you apply on the rag before you actually wipe off the component in a rather than some people just throw degreaser all over the Internet.

We got that in our wiring is also little things.

When we come back here to hear the talking this on so much fun doing Christian car to my right very important time for Christian. Today's story is heading towards Beaverbrook the Jeep Wrangler was precariously navigating the mountain terrain the rain pouring down last floods of these parts gully washer what they call it the rain on the soft top top top round and wind four-wheel-drive.

No more than 2 miles an hour as the windshield wipers were no match.

It was a slippery road for sure and add the you could hardly see under the hood. There was quite a rumble arguing even firing off hearing who was the most important under the hood camshaft lobbed his complaint that Wikipedia every second around.

He is going to get the wrong time around. Never break like that lazy Sammy thought he does his thing. Never have the power you have without Springfield the push poll the whole crank out basely. Sammy is praying for just the main course ring went on under the hood made its way back to the bank. Beaverbrook Jimmy drivers among the soft top door open to see the depth of the group since he couldn't see through the windshield look safe enough, no more than 6 inches or so. Jimmy's focus was what if he could make it home at night, totally removed from the dispute and you need to stop blowing smoke.

Jeremiah manifold with Jeff and wheels for a few seconds and he is got exhausted all the boys been paying that much you get pulled over.

You live your talk. No one moves around here with the people far away all day.

Not Leone and so sputtered lighter defended the piston is all you want to have no idea how to conduct, you know, if you want for my I believe I thought about, especially family thought he was. Words were hardly out of Arnold water came crashing through the radiator.

Meanwhile, now I think the sound of all followed by Cameron crankshaft and you'll know on the whole you know Bernie and Sammy gave the last Jeep on the hillside is keeping the oncoming wall of water we Sammy yelled and we did test you the rest of the engines. Sammy smiled and said I know what you mean, that's what I was really hard.

I was idling you guys were doing then design engineer came to me when I was totally like I deserve the lazy shared design deep inside us: need to do something right something that only because I have a little piece of insight, something that no one else he knew I could long as I reflected his love is his then my time came he told me he'd been preparing me all my life. His thing alone. I would be all he told me that I would need all your hopes and prayers and explain the glory of his divine will take only one Lori what he did great engineer design.

So I began to see what you the thing that he does compare myself with you some great engineer's reflection, you then pure joy when I turned back to the grade and understand my role in the moment you guys started to cheer for me engineer smiling down his designs.

Sammy smiled one more time I will. I had a blast.

As you might imagine Jerry doing different voices goes and flows just a lot of fun and but I think the story illustrates it a very important thing that I've come to learn myself that if I begin to look around to compare myself rather than look up then I'm messing up. That's not where your identity is absolutely united and it's easy. Look around because it's the human side of us was to find somebody who is a little below us or doesn't do as a little more sand than we do so makes us feel better, and it unfortunately in some some no I teach special needs Sunday school and we had a young man that actually was in a wheelchair and he was really really really confines his name was Joshua. He went Lori to swing but what a thing he taught me, even though he couldn't communicate with words. Joshua had a way of teaching me things that only Joshua could teach me and it's it's a precious thing like Sammy starter, you may not think that that person can contribute, but they are the diamond in the rough battle of the one that makes all the difference for your thank you Phyllis for Christian card I show next week will be live from Heritage Woods in assisted living center were to be doing a lot of things about how to transition into that part of driving's were looking forward to that and this week about going out there and looking for that seek ye first the diamond. Remember, you know that God's as God sees it dominant

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