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Christian Car Guy Theater 5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 18, 2015 10:30 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 5

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 18, 2015 10:30 am

Radio Distress Announcement: Break:  Standby  Mountain Rescue Team C for Emergency Beaver County Sherriff’s Report: We have four missing Hikers, repeat 4 missing hikers due back Last night: Will Identify as the Andrew’s group.   Blake the most experienced and the probable leader a 26 year old male with no medical issues along with his wife Darina Andrews a 25 year old Female she is pregnant repeat pregnant in her first trimester with no other medical issues.   They took along another couple Jeff Lindsey a 27 year old male with no health issues and his wife Marcy 25 year old also no medical issues.   They were headed up for a day climbing trip on Elk Mountain last seen and vehicles parked at the logging road off Beaver Creek road. Mountain Rescue Team C please rendezvous that check point 1300 hours.

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Time now for Christian card I theater with today's episode now that Jimmy was back to himself in an effort to give back some of the support he received Jimmy join the volunteer mountain rescue team and within hours without moving his new two-way radio sounded off restricting C4 emergency beaver County Sheriff's report missing hikers.

Repeat for missing hikers back last night. I like the most experienced and probable leader 26-year-old male with no medical issues along with his wife Rena Andrews at 25 female.

She is pregnant. Repeat pregnant and her first trimester with no other medical issues along another couple Jeff Lindsay 27-year-old male with no health issues and his wife Marcy 25-year-old. Also, no medical issues. They were headed upward a climbing trip on elk Mountain licensing vehicles parked at the logging road off Beavercreek Road mountain rescue team C.

Please run the checkpoint 1300 hrs. that with Jim and stomping grounds for sure that logging road was the scene of Jimmy's accident and he hiked out mountain all his life.

Jimmy packed his gear and cranked his Jeep under the hood. The excitement of another adventure. Grip the team, especially Mick and the rocker arm team. The rocker arms being the mechanical parts that open the valves.

Every time the engine makes one rotation does rocker arms push down the valves to allow the gas to come in in the exhaust to come out. This is what we've been pushing for this adventure. Rocks will hikers will not guarantee the opportunity I've been waiting for one chance to show little special something something I like to call my heavy-metal boost. You know my heavy-metal booster juice and when we drink this juice will be wrapped in this engine mount Lee 08 Iraq say you still pay is what they say.

I think it's best we stay away right Rene seems pushing and pushing and lighten up you exhaust rocker don't know how to party with brown Roxy and I can take it from here.

You two are too scared to wrap Jim's Jimmy made it to the rendezvous was assigned the search area around the old abandoned mining town Lulu city Jimmy knew the road was steep to the city so we shifted in the form below and began creeping up the mountain there in a pitchdark old abandoned mine for terrified hikers scattered since he is loyal to my text. Be still alive was down there for all I care like trying and trying drinking. See carefully the body one false move and we could all be there. Best if we all try to stay just as we can do. Rena, you sure you're not bleeding in the babies okay despise you guys really think I'm okay I just can't see anything. The floor just came running to stop. He wasn't man enough. This would be over 100 years old crazy run. Marcy with me at least a little bit safer know the only one close to Blake when he wakes up and I told you maybe go for all this time and never mess up my life again. Really Marcy Lee is timing endangered my baby place right along. You see some kind of writing on that run in world more craziness I'm not leaving blank to first sounds like one more thing it says rise and go home now to find something to I can feel it. This will give Bible in my purse. If you really want to now chat line appear to read it with higher taking hours so Lulu city Jimmy's Jeep had plenty going on at this rate we may get city by March this time you sell this all pushing heavy-metal valve spending the next all the rocker with closed valves. The engine shut right down.

Jimmy tried to settle, mashing, and he quickly got out seeing what happened again this phrase is the role totally just arming Jimmy heard the rattle on about covers and quickly had them off to find a guess with the rocker arms putting all the pieces together in a rag.

Jimmy threw them in his backpack with his radio and rescue gear and headed for Lulu city to see if he could find some old wreck or something to get some rocker arms, if not the missing hikers. Jimmy reported in all his radio. By now the sun had risen enough, the mineshaft, Rena little Gideon Bible all right check this out to what happened to Rita where are you just Marcy, you really this time. Craziness. You are you all right blank. I don't think so. My back is killing me and I can't feel my legs sit still bring the whole place down like the last time she creeping you guys Bible story when Jesus returned after Sunday.

How many were gathered together, so that there was no more room door. He was preaching the word to them. They came breezy. The paralytic carried by four men when they cannot because the crowd they removed the roof above him when opening a let down the data in which the paralytic and when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic son, your sins are forgiven. Now some of the scribes questioning their hearts. He's blaspheming who can forgive sins but God alone.*I can't see very well, read the rest of this. I know I just know the Lord is trying to tell us here down to you what to say okay Mark two sins but God alone. Okay Mark 28 and immediately Jesus perceiving in his spirit within themselves. Why do you question these things in your hearts, which is easy to say to the paralytic, your sins are forgiven. Confused why Jesus just can you imagine the disappointment on the guys face is, it seems backwards man I'm about to fall asleep.

I can't keep my wake me up when it's all over.

Rachel Jeff drifts off to sleep. Marcy pray Blake grimaces in pain. About 20 minutes later to hear footsteps outside. Saturday, August 1 for the exciting conclusion of night. This episode of Christian card theater night whom is Matt start all crisp and clean. Bert Rosenberg, Helen Kennedy, Alex seals, written by Robert Moran and all produced and directed by the Christian

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