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September 1, 2015 5:16 pm

Christian Car Guy Theater

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 1, 2015 5:16 pm

All three episodes of 'Nahum's Mat' Combined for continious playing

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Time now for Christian card I theater with today's episode. Nahum is math now that Jimmy was back to himself in an effort to give back some of the support he received Jimmy join the volunteer mountain rescue team and within hours of that move his new two-way radio sounded off as 15 C4 emergency beaver County Sheriff's report we have for missing hikers. Repeat for missing hikers back last night will identify as the and group link the most experienced and probable leader 26-year-old male with no medical issues along with his wife, Rena Andrews, a 25-year-old female she is pregnant.

Repeat pregnant and her first trimester with no other medical issues that took along another couple, Jeff Lindsay, a 27-year-old male with no health issues and his wife Marcy 25-year-old. Also, no medical issues. They were headed upward a climbing trip on elk Mountain last seen in vehicles parked at the logging road off Beavercreek Road mountain rescue team C. Please run the checkpoint 1300 hrs. that with Jim and stomping grounds for sure that logging road was the scene of Jimmy's accident and he hiked out mountain all his life. Jimmy packed his gear and cranked his Jeep under the hood. The excitement of another adventure gripped the team, especially Mick and the rocker arm team. The rocker arms being the mechanical parts that open the valves. Every time the engine makes one rotation does rocker arms push down the valves to allow the gas to come in and the exhaust to come out lose. This is what we've been pushing for this adventure, rocks, hikers, Facebook will not guarantee the opportunity I've been waiting for one chance to show a little special something something I like to call my heavy-metal boost.

You know my heavy-metal booster juice and when we drink this juice will be wrapping. This engine mount Lee 08 payback say that you still pay is what they say. I think it's best we stay away right Renée seems pushing and pushing and lighten up you exhaust rocker you don't know how to party with ground Roxy and I can take it from here. If you two are too scared to rot juice winds. Jimmy made it to the rendezvous was assigned the search area around the old abandoned mining town Lulu city Jimmy knew the road was steep to the city so we shifted in the form below and began creeping up the mountain there in a pitchdark old abandoned mine, for terrified hikers scattered since he is sworn to my text to be still alive was down there for all I care.

I have done with Blake trying and trying to stop drinking. I can see carefully the body one false move and we could all be dead I think is best if we all try to stay just as still as we can do. Rena, you sure you're not bleeding in the babies okay despise you guys really think I'm okay I just can't see anything on the floor just came running to stop.

He wasn't two steps ahead of me enough.

This would be over 100 years old.

Crazy cockamamie to follow, rather maybe I can love you Marcy and with me at least a little bit safer now.

The only one close to Blake when he wakes up and I told you.

Maybe he'll fall away this time and never mess up my life again. Really Marcy Lee him this time he got himself endangered my baby grand place with Kathleen right along. You see, you see some kind of writing on that run in the world more craziness I'm not leaving blank to reverse themselves like this one more thing, it says rise and go home now. More to find something to I can feel it. This will give you the Bible in my prayers. If you really want to now chat light appear to read it. When the son get the higher may take an hour or so out on the trail. The Lulu city. Jimmy's Jeep had plenty going on this rate we may get a Lulu city by March. This time we Jeep you Sheila is our all travel heavy-metal loaded down the intake valve all the rocker with closed valves. The engine shut right down.

Jimmy tried to settle, mashing, and he quickly got out saying what happened again this phrase is the real totally just harming him. He heard the rattle on about covers and quickly had them off to find our most rocker guests with it broke the rocker arms putting all the pieces together in a rag. Jimmy threw them in his backpack with his radio and rescue gear and headed for Lulu city to see if he could find some old wreck or something to get some rocker arms, if not the missing hikers.

Jimmy reported in on his radio. By now the sun had risen enough in the mineshaft arena could read the little Gideon Bible all right check this out marked to what happened to Rita where are you just Marcy right here you really is time craziness. You are you all right Blake. I don't think so.

My back is killing me and I can't feel my legs sit still bring the whole place down like the last time, his chin creeping you guys Bible story when Jesus returned after Sunday supported how many were gathered together, so that there was no more room door. He was preaching the word to them as they came breezy in the paralytic, carried by four men. And when they cannot because of the crowd, they removed the roof above him when opening a let down the data on which the paralytic and when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralytic, you are given some of the scribes questioning their hearts. He's blaspheming who can forgive sins but God alone.*I can't see very well my theme.

I think I read the rest of this. I know I just know the Lord is trying to tell us here it down to you. What does it say okay Mark two. Who can forgive sins but God alone. Okay Mark 28 and immediately Jesus perceiving in his spirit within themselves, sending them why do you question these things in your hearts, which is easier to say to the paralytic, your sins are forgiven. Confused why Jesus just can you imagine the disappointment on the guys face is, it seems backwards man I'm about to fall asleep. I can't keep my eyes open anymore wake me up when it's all over you are praying for help. Jeff drifts off to sleep is terrain on Marcy pray Blake grimaces in pain. About 20 minutes later to hear footsteps outside sounds like moves, small blood is leading yeah I guess that's me. I got a pretty bad – for my leg. I just didn't want to worry anybody down there yes mineshaft. Be careful or you'll fall through as well. Don't come any closer they put radio for help in you.

You all may think I'm nuts but a while ago when I dozed off I had a dream and I dream a dream just like the Bible story you guys read about that his friends lowered him down on the mat to Jesus, the part of the dream that started me was that we were the ones lowering Blake down to Jesus on the mat and when Jesus told the paralytic in this case that his sins were forgiven. That was a moment Jesus looked straight at me saying with his eyes that it was a house that had forgiven Blake for getting us into this mineshaft. Jesus was acknowledging our forgiveness when he said, take heart, your sins are forgiven. It was us three of us lowering him on that. Somehow I knew that it was our forgiveness that was in effect lowering Blake into Jesus arm while Jeff explained his dream. Little did he know the rocker arms and Jimmy's pocket heard every word that we should hear Jesus blues rock is left a little hard feelings were the sort of a raw, good.

Not sure I have that in the group.

Then Tarina cried out from the shaft check destroy my life. I like Blake again much. No smiling back. The sand what in the world is going on Jimmy Welby's hikers while Jim explains the situational really rocker arm begins to plead again with Rex that what we are here legs be anyone hurt you. Pray you, you will start to try with you soon take so you cool pre-Lord's grace and Roxy lien on the all we are shocked how your feet, you can make damn how his name looks over the situation. He calls down the boy with the perfume of six.

This is the most important thing you know if you you go to heaven so Jesus did not always God's arena God to forgive Blake right now. It may be the only chance he has to be spending Tarina to let him down on the map just like Jeff said to Jesus about where you yes has a Bible verse on it went that route to eternity in hell you want to play the fool in the mind drink and so long as lead back and listen to temper the complicate trap and make it my best friend friends.

That was the one Lord that same wrong bound me like that Bible verse to share with you if you can hear me saying Jesus, cross to take away the crazy drinking and almost get you, Jesus, help my friends that forgive me, save me from them. But tell me how to know God's own forgiveness showed me what it felt like actually lowered me in the arms of my Savior. If you ever pray this is more than a matter a lot. It's a matter of the nation were talking about. Can you tell what you Lord to Jesus. We've done what we could do so now let's see if we rest of you.

Three. Pray Jimmy okay far from where Blake slammed. Okay, why should give them the top five.

Share we got a transport rescue seizure transport so will probably take that long to get him topside anyway. When you hear this human Jimmy made their way to the old head frame where the elevator that brought up minors and or call the cage was located was explaining to Jimmy Jimmy. Those kids are trapped on different levels of the original the cage shaft is only a few feet right we can get the bike in time here, grab a couple of waits for the rot a couple for these babies will get us down and put them on the wider cable to the ride back topside while Jimmy and Nahum were loading the cage with rescue equipment down the mine. The conversation continued below just in with this please don't let go free. God give you give you.

Please keep in branding.

Please help him to eternity with ever with you to read so so so forgiveness God forgiveness's hello why would you do Jesus all this so it's Childress as the cage opens many whom sees what he was hoping for.

Blake is lodged in the manhole cut into the side of the ventilation shaft and fairly accessible, except a fallen timber lock part of Blake. Can you see the light here for you Blake, can you hear us timber up a bit when she waits support now Nahum but I need another few inches. The sliding mother that timber leveraged to take another James White okay. I wish we had something about 6 inches strong enough to hold back timber, I have these broken rocker arms also be replaced or something.

Maybe these would work our just need same day would be pushing up Rex and your God rocks rockers localities babies that together Nahum.

I think it will work, shopping, you prop up that timber okay cage and I'll put those white on socks yet. He's breathing is unconscious, but he's got a pretty good pulse. Six months later you have just call him this episode start and all crisp and clean. Bert Rosenberg and Kennedy sealed written by Robert Moran and all produced and directed by the Christian

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