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At the AACC Conference

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 26, 2015 11:42 am

At the AACC Conference

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Ronnie Gilmore house on is this. We are live in Nashville, Tennessee at the American Association of Christian counselors at its to be strong at the world conference only happens every other year that they do this, there are 50,000 members of the ACC, the American Association of Christian counselors but 7000 so we need his people while we're here and so were going to give you some examples of that and you can meet some really cool people. We have Clifton Lamberth and he was actually the marketing director for Ford Motor Company at the point in time when they were facing bankruptcy or bailout money and their choices and how that all came about.

He is to be on with me in just a moment and so you will be excited to hear about that and then we have this lady that God gave a vision for this messianic family Bible that they just cannot touch your heart course. You have all the stuff of Christian card I got, course you have a very exciting game of name that noise to play and as always we mentioned the Jesus laborer love car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis across the country.

We have been blessed with so many people that are involved in helping families in crisis there and that's all it Christian but I know that you're excited to play name that noise and so Johnny let's play time to find my beef roller race that I like that hubbub name will finally get to play name is always this morning, 866-348-7884 if you want to call you and see if you can name that noise 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you digitally gifted and you can do that kind of thing. If you can guess today's noise was then Johnny tell him what the company. How exciting is that his last words of Jesus in either book or CD is your choice if you can name this is going way that noise if you would know this is an automotive noise.

I need to add some clarity to that. So this is always a car might make and actually it's a defect that I would like to see if you can identify and if you can identify that we would love for you to call or maybe with any question or comment today, 866-348-7884 is a number to call in 86634 truth and so I just have to share with you is an amazing thing is you are sitting in this conference. We've had an opportunity many live broadcasts this week we have had temp Dr. Tim Clinton himself on the president of the Association of Christian counselors and I've interviewed countless other counselors in the notices nicely on automotive thing.

But while you're think about what that noise is in your calling and win 866348788 form charge on your unit nobody's called and yet but I just want to mention that it's amazing to me how that verse and second Corinthians chapter 4 where it talks about how we are all clay pots or the like is broken pots going on and it's it's amazing how the light shines through our brokenness and when you are walking are and you have an opportunity to infect volcanic crackpots.

If you think about it if you're interviewing these counselors. It's amazing how God has comforted them and now through their comfort is like this like that shining through the broken pockets lighting the way for other people to get to know Jesus and to know the freedom that comes with knowing Christ in the healing that comes as a result of that and so person after person after person that we've done interviews when you hear their story. It's it's fascinating to me how many times that that person. Whatever it was it was their struggle turns out to be their field of work you know if they had a feature of struggle in their marriage they may be a marriage counselor if they were abused sexually.

They may be up counselor in the areas of sexual abuse and time again you will find that the very thing that the person struggled with how they are out there healing people, even people with struggles and faith are now faith counselor and it's just an amazing thing to sit down with each of them and hear those stories here how God came for them and the things that they've learned and glean to be part of the body of Christ using their gifts now to provide for people in all sorts of different ways.

Again, if you go to Christian card. you can click on that first banner that I put up this morning on the Atex AA cc American Association of Christian counselors and you can find out all about this association and in the wonderful resources that they have available right now. Let's let's see if we can play some name that noise working to go to Jesse is in Utah just a year on the Christian card I show the morning and I got a long time that it might. There aren't many time we play name that noise a lot here on the Christie guard I show and I don't think of many times that my first caller got it exactly right right at the very beginning. You have name that noise that noise happens to be the very thing it is a lifter noise. Some people call it a valid tick. It's it's when there's too much clearance there is things begin to wear out and you get that sick and so that's exactly the noise in your winter. God bless you thank you thank you for calling this morning that is absolutely awesome you think you and I would point out is always that we are so blessed to have so many resources there Christian card. next week. As you may know will will be having on another edition of Christian card I theater so all those episodes of the other absolutely free. You know you may know something is in the car as a young man or young woman that you would like to witness for Christ. You know what an opportunity to maybe send in the Christian card. to find out how to mix you know their passion for cars with Christ, and so you know what is that look like well it may look like Christian card I theater where they can hear from Kramer crankshaft or Danny dipstick are all those many characters M the Christian card I theater episodes, but there's also bear the Jesus labor of love, car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. You know that's that's my heart but I'm give you little sneak preview right this minute because this sitting down in in front of me is the lady who got put on her heart to do this messianic family Jewish Bible the tree of life version is absolutely terrific and welcome. It's I'm trying to is Dana Ms. Don you there you go like bass for Tanya but is so awesome to have you here working to be doing a whole lot about this in the last segment of the Christian card I but since I got you right here just can you share with our listeners little bit about how God put this on your heart to start this project and family around for my children's IQ and as a believer in a pneumonic the same time. Here I really ran to the vital Sally Simpson and to learn how to be like the kids get older you want in the back of the leading seminary Jewish guy and suddenly Natalie grandchildren and the Messiah is raising a baby. It was a little bit overwhelming though it was a journey to start placing her family and incorporating in so many ways that Jesus in the Jewish faith in the Senate messianic Jewish is Yeshua and their respect for the name of God itself is clear throughout this translation that you don't throw around just any names you try to be very specific and you try to drive back culture of who Jesus was, which was easy to think is his name and title Jesus Christ can often make it for Jewish people on the idea that Christ is when actually Christ, Christ and Messiah are the same word issue which actually literally means salvation. So when you, issuing a common salvation, and so to be able to share that with our children to be able to hear what the pulpit when their down the rabbis preaching and read in their final was a critical element to saving an entire generation. This Bible is so fast way to get a lot into it.

In the last segment of Christian card.

I but I want to tell you if you go to Christian card. They are offering it for the special price like that had appeared at the conference is 6999.

It is one amazing book and is beautiful green leather with a gold embossed pages all these Bible helps. It has a glossary to help you understand Jewish terms. You always wondered about like: what does that have to do with the you know I thought that was a Jewish last name off of motor so much that no and then they have prayers and then one of the most spectacular things about this Bible is the artwork and when you hear about what went into the artwork about a Bible with pictures again but these are very unique pictures like you've never seen her sit in order years, special price you never brings back so many memories when I hear those wonderful angles and yes you listen to Christian God is very unique Christian card I shown is it where I live from the American Association of Christian counselors be strong world conference. It happens every other year and it's one of the joys of my life to have been here the last couple years and see what God is doing in the world. These literally raising up an army of broken people of God came for me it's it's an amazing thing and I could not recommend it high enough you go to Christian card and find out all about that, but today we have some amazing stuff.

And if you think about those old shingles which I dearly love all I can ever see is that lightbulb, because Ford had a better idea and they do in so many ways and we are blessed to have some current ways that Ford is doing that and I know the Christian card I audience is always interested to know whether some of the new stuff that's coming out.

I have Dennis Levin. He is with this. He is the Ford super duty project manager. Wait till you hear some of the cool stuff.

I mean, I've heard some ideas, but these are the smartest and the most capable ever Ford super duty trucks are welcome welcome Dennis, thank you. You know I was reading through this list the stuff that you guys that we have the super duty truck is coming out. I suppose it is a 2017 model correctly will be available all year and it is the smartest truck ever in the history of the world you believe some of the stuff that this truck was, but it has seven cameras is that right seven cameras are are all over this thing, like a Walmart at midnight right you can equip it with that allow you 300 around the truck and you can configure the front camera such that it is your approaching an intersection looking around the corner. There are two cameras 1:1 that our towing customers who are about 90% of total and those cameras allow you your kit is your backing your truck up to pick up the trailer and just you know you are lying in the middle of the display back it up, and it's the first time ever; there's another camera to go down on the bed unit you have that stuff back there that you know is wrong around worried about it. You no longer have to you know be freaking out turnaround. You can look at your one of your seven cameras Co. you got all that and then I know for campers everywhere.

This is the way that for you know you think that little light come on in those old commercials. Dennis, this is how you guys are thinking because you know a lot of folks out there campers like I do and you're going into that campsite vanilla night and it's dark you guys you put lights that come out of the rearview mirrors on the side so you can light up the campground. She can see where your part.

Yet we have, but we are LED lamp on the underside of our critical mirror, and they allow you light up around about. And then you know for this Christians the word bliss means you know joy and peace in all these different things that you guys have a different definition of blitz bliss. If I'm driving the super well well I hear that with fellow believer, but with we refer to the blind spot monitoring info.

What we have basically radar in retail lamp on looking rearward, and the cool thing about the work that it not only watches the blind spot if you're describing the truck, but it is also be configured to watch your blind spot when you're going acrylic so that creeping up alongside you with trailer up 35 feet long. You will also be alerted that well and is so amazing and the list goes on and on some other really cool things that I read adaptive cruise control and anybody's ever a cruise control freak like me that most just set it and then you know that guy gone 2 miles an hour to slow drives you crazy in a course. You got a 35 foot trailer behind you is really exciting. So you guys put your best stuff in the in the people that really need it. Yeah, it is really cool. I have driven our trucks are super duty TRW with with a really heavy trailer behind him, going down grade out or not Arizona and would be adaptive that the injured brake on with the total quality transmission that in the total almost basically can drive down that great and just hang on. We'll you don't have to worry about anything. The truck will break for you. "Slow down a little bit and it just really confident, comfortable right.

Let's pop up in this aluminum get inside because this is one of the cool things that I think that Ford is seen.

It looked into the future is that you taken something and made it lots and lots lots lighter with aluminum but you made it 24 times stronger than from what I understand the frame in this truck is 24 times stronger than its predecessor in order to accommodate this aluminum skin you will eat what we were able to do as you know we aluminum first on 115 dearly resaved up to 700 pounds at the vehicle level on super duty. We we introduce aluminum cabin were saving some work on the Neighborhood of 500 pound, but what were doing here were reducing the weight of the vehicle at 350 pounds total, but that extra hundred plus pound we reinvested into the frame and into the break driveline our customer demand capability in the upgrade. And that's where you mentioned the frame we been able to make it 24 times stronger by blocking using 95%. I think you'll by increasing the height of the side rail of by about an and I and I allowed no more and more and do more, you can see that Ford is not the light on in there staying up till midnight. Bless you Dennis I appreciate you being on with so much of what you guys are doing it. Ford keep up the great work. Mark S. Right Way, are you here so much, stating in lives from the American Association of Christian counselors Van Dr. Jim Clinton all these amazing counselors have been here we've been gleaning so much wonderful stuff ordered on we have such an amazing guest coming up for you Clifton Lambert. He was with Ford during the crisis years there in 2008 and I think you're just to be blessed to know God has people in certain places for such a time as this, and he was there for for them and part of the reason we just had that amazing discussion with Dennis there on what they're doing. The super duty is because they chose not to take bailout money and and Henry Ford. Is there somewhere, looking down on them going. That's it, boys. That's how you do it go infatuated and excited to hear from him but I do need to share. I got a call or that's on the line and I met this man. His name is James he I was. It was about 4 o'clock in the morning and I was on my way to Nashville Tennessee Wednesday morning and I'm in the truth van because you may know, I work for the truth radio network and so I drive his bandits is truth all over. It is huge. It says Christian talk on the side of it in a course. I'm just going and actually to get a low phone charger because my phone was dead and I come out of the little 7-Eleven store there at a gas station and there is a man whose a man after my own heart because he throws paper and if you know my story that when I lost my dealership and I was broker than anything back in 2008 is a lot of car people were in order to get the deposit so I could rent a house because we lost our house. I had to throw papers and so this man walks up to me and he goes, what does it mean right there Christian talk and so now I ask him because he had such a miracle story. Would you please call in my show and Jim I know you took a long time to tell that story.

That morning, but can you tell that story about how the angel came to you throwing papers at morning are you still there will be games you start. Can you please share with our listeners how that Angel you're throwing papers in the morning like I was many mornings and the window was down and and what happened okay to talk you third you with a lightning. When I got to that parking lot when you plate with me. I needed that. I mean, I'm going through a hard time.

I went on to a prayer for four years. Maybe your answer but I'm maybe God given God by prayer and I'm going to do it all with you.

I'm in all with short, with this show. I will go with it. I want story but I want to start off I send you could not be more God's favor. Isaiah 61 says he declared that this this is the year that James is his favorite. That's the RSV that's Robbie's line version so you gonna test your you're going on the street what happened. Angel spoke to okay but I'm okay how much faith my mother had had with it with the grip that I hurt you. She was an original wasn't a rich mother at any stretch but I'm sure the night before and will tell you the story. I'm so sure that she was praying for some help God with it, ready to use me, so I'm out here deliver newspapers and major paper route they take care of me about your work and all by myself at 3 AM 3 AM in the morning, all by myself to move out right now we gotta go faster. James and the angel okay.Piper my windows are down Angel or stop a bully speaks to my window on the mother and maybe it was a man named Grant.

There's nobody there. I sit on my I'm out here in the country. Obama scares me, and I say 3 AM now away. I don't even carry money with you in general is your out and I got a kind of run because I got so much stuff but I'm a fast-forward of obit for listeners four hours a 4 Hour Dr. his or her is the middle of scope. He takes off and he gets to the house and his mother and interfere in our sisters are sitting around in a circle praying and you like hi mom, you know you all this time and and actually she didn't mention anything about need any money but when you came back out of the bathroom and what happened. I handed her the hundred or one of the four hours to get one. I thought she was three-course in her driveway like McGrath for I grew up around in the hander.

I go in the door. I thought she would have to wait. I will go in the door and startled matter mom got okay you 50 over 50 by that time I go to the bathroom I come back crying cry matter mom five hours from you. If God had told me that you have to bury my James you are the greatest storyteller of all time and sometime I just had the whole show. But what happened was his mom was fixing to go shopping right you didn't have any money sisters repair and the father gave her the $50 to and so here's her mother that God showed up for this need of his mother for the morning had no clue whatsoever 3 AM not so I just want our listeners to be blessed by the story. I got blessed with Mary in Virginia myself early in the morning. God bless you James and our listeners.

Please pray for James. He does have a prayer request that he needs a break when you throw papers you have a day off you go seven-day week and he has been doing this for four years without a day off so everybody out there that can think about it pray for James, thank you God bless you. Thank you. Appreciate you man with I just had to share that I am honored really to have in front of me at Clifton Lambert, who was Ford's was that you were you there marketing director at the point that the story starts to unfold sexier regional marketing manager okay. I have numerous a lot of positions in the 26/27 years before the time when I wrote the book I was what they called a regional marketing manager and and so my understanding is his first look for the American dream.

You wrote, this is almost an exit strategy. Can you share with our listeners. What's going on absolutely and 2006.

It seemed like everything is going wrong with say what about this. What about that, I remember you there very well. We had the same problem will avoid you having to do you and I would say what about this and what about that you might be right for the hundred euro company and are not okay so I would get frustrated and as I got frustrated.

I begin to take notes and talk all my friends. So after 20 years, I have a lot of friends at work, a lot of department for and so as I was talking to him I would take notes and it got too much to be an email. We all know what happens if you send the boss an email saying here are some suggestions to improve the spam filter or they get that right. So as it began to grow. It became sort of a manuscript which is later would become fording the American dream found the right decisions dictate a story of Fidel my wife after I wrote the book and said honey. This book may say Ford Motor Company but it most certainly will cost me my job and my wife asked me three questions.

The first question she cyclic is everything in that book true and accurate. It better be on advice of counsel, it is. And so the second question she asked me she cyclic forwarded to say think you have a chance to help save for maybe just a little piece of the American dream because as you know better than anybody. One out of every 5 to 10 people in the US works directly or indirectly, for the automobile business in your at that time were facing record of employment rates and so if you had another 10% or 20% of the country not do well in the third question is yes.

It was pretty simple. She cyclic. If you don't like the book publishing you think anybody else talk about the things you talk about it. I doubt it is not a popular saver has no cause so she said what you're always talking about doing the right thing is just what you need to do the right thing. I did, I fended off to my publisher. He said I'll hold off now if I clear everything on my house to make sure I'm clear because it was sort of an exit strategy if you work with Fortune 500 company and you write a book like everything going wrong why you working there. You don't ask probably good chance that you will be looking for another job but see I believe one thing if we do the right thing at the right time with the right motivation will get the right results, but more importantly we earn the right to expect others to do the same thing the right thing at right, the right motivation to get the right results, but more importantly you are the right to expect everybody else entertainment everywhere else to do the right thing. Also so as I did it. I sent the first copy of the invite.

He says although your courageous you all this out for crazy, courageous, and mostly therapy director book because I was so frustrated by the first copy to new CEO got them out of a livelihood, you hear the music saying that we got up we got a break coming up is kind of a way to tease our listeners to say that we get to hear the end of the story. When we come back you can see it when I find out more about this messianic Christian Bible about you know what Christian is a go and actually that is one of the coolest things ever. When you begin to understand what it really is. That is the hundred and 18 Psalm and the Davidic cipher and you can find it on YouTube and I also find it at my website but the reason why that's so cool is because that is how perhaps when they are on their way out of the garden of Gethsemane Jesus's disciples were actually six there cantering me the way they sing their prayers is the way they sang the Psalms is how they were actually on their way out there and so you're listening to what may have what it sounded like when Jesus was on his way out to and in the harmony makes it sound like his little alien version but it's it's an amazing thing. And if you're wondering what in the world I listed this a Christian card issuer live from the ace a CC conference in Nashville Tennessee but have an amazing gift with me. All I get right to Clifton Lambert. He was with Ford at that moment of truth for such a time as this, and he was just telling us the story on how God put it on his heart to write this book and now it's getting published, Clifton what happened well. When I asked the taxi got it together. Said to my publisher at said first copy also first copy that he sent back I sent to Alan Alali would just come over from Bowen Airlines and so as any smart guy would do accident out on a Friday and I went on vacation because I want to get that last paid you work in a corporate world you think you get ready, get fired, you will get that last paid vacation, so I particularly took off over the mountains of North Carolina, and on Tuesday, my phone rang and I recognize a number world headquarters in I was a good answer because I will get final vacation, but after that during this time I was praying. Listen to what God said and I really truly believe that God said if you'll do this, everything will be fine. Everything will work out so even though I wanted to trust God on that I did 22 years of seeing people with exit strategies from Ford and so is kind of tricky. You know you want to hope for the best. Pray for the best prepare for the worst, so I didn't answer the phone or let it go to voicemail. Some like a this is Alan Alali before the Saturday I got your book and I really needed document they got ready to be alone either in so after that I waited till midnight calling back and say Harry Allen is from a vacation this week but I'm excited about meet with you to insert on Thursday the same thing happened and I looked in the same message set out to be happy to meet with them excited about meet with you but I really felt like I needed to prepare a little bit before I met with them so there was a lot of running in the mountain walking the God kind discern what God wanted me to do with this opportunity, and so on Saturday after I got back from the mountains. I was a post office in the following valve Alali said I really need to meet with Salome New York Monday, Tuesday, I'll be happy to fight to Wednesday's great so he said to me really. He said what would you like to meet Comeau to reach into the world headquarters. I said I'd rather not think that executive I found rather not know how that work you have about HR everybody else is saying all the people that come on you lawyers and everybody else will probably be the last get to meet fairly manner and here's what's really important fairly manner was to be forced to stay home is where you live exactly where God and so when I got there early, operate, when Allen came in quick to come alone, you know they have they have big people that make sure that anything will hurt me. I don't believe you like that any Fords library. We had a working lunch with her for three hours this guy that God put it. Ford Motor Company is a great leader for three hours. He listened to note any ask questions to see a good servant leader understands leaders. They think servant leaders we can think of a servant leader to pass and often quite servant leaders don't think less of himself.

They just think of himself less, they don't love power, but to understand the power of love Alali did that's lasting before we started to build us if you mind if I pray I didn't really have their workout. I just sit Lord guide and direct us in a way smile. We turn Ford Motor Company around. We will give you credit today I'm here to follow through. What I promise.

God is Alan Alali, 2007. Yes yes if you're not praising God right now when you hear that story again. You are probably wondering what is you can get Clifton's public speaker. He's got these books all this stuff is a Christian card. front and center on the post today, you can click on his books.

Find out more about him and his ministry and actually working with one amazing Christian movie that will be hearing a lot about the upcoming but I gotta get to my next visit got so much stuff there and I got to get there, but the honor is if we heard that the phytic cipher. She herself is a cancerous and she she can, she can sing this prayer that's on the back page of this Bible which I've heard it and it's just part of one of the cool things about this Bible that I did not understand, but I will use it on you wise a prayer on the back of his Bible back in the Bible is called the tree of life.

Prayer the Jewish people sing every time they closed the Bible they close up and roll up the Torah scroll service if the commandment to teach your children about the Lord and every day walking to God you learn from the word of God. But we always like by remembering that it is a tree of life to take hold happy others is and when I heard about this version and I said this together.

We've had some amazing conversation is one amazing lady with a heart for God, we could talk for hours and hours. But George McDonald, one of my favorite authors of all time, said something when I saw this version immediately rang true to me that in the middle of the garden was the tree of life and the tree of knowledge and an essentially evil and Adam chose to eat from the tree of knowledge.

Had they chose to eat from the tree of life, then everything goes different and when we go to the word of God in an effort to eat from the tree of life to find out about the issue to encircle our bride. Then we we are eating from the tree of life. But if we go there to figure out you know I need to memorize the Scriptures so I can say that second Corinthians chapter 4 and six and impress other people like that you're eating from the tree of knowledge. Even migrant Orthodox busy trying to build up your knowledge and when you really the reason people open the violence they want to have an encounter with God. People open the Bible to get close to God to hear from them on what he would say about their life today and I believe now you have no idea how I would love to have 1/2 an hour just to go through what a treasure this is an again I would mention it to his front center Christian card I got, the special value you can get for 6999 and is worth more than just the pictures alone, but we gotta talk about this picture because when I was gone, flipping through the Bible and I came across this picture of who you call Miriam which we know is Mary mother. You know she was pregnant and she meets with Elizabeth.

My jaw literally dropped which I can't see that misusing a person.

Obama got my car right now. Baxter explained Miriam that that's one of just that whole thing when he was asking me the artist we commissioned 85 pieces that are in the Bible, the one I asked him please include pictures of women.

So important that women feel connected to the Bible because they were in every story. Although now the story with Miriam and Elizabeth is so critical because Miriam was told by the angel that she was going to bear on the when she was told that she's howling now. I've never been with me that the angel said go see Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the barren is this couple that's picture that goes to Ryan and she runs to the couple that was barren and this woman is pregnant. Nobody knows she's pregnant.

She's only six months but clearly she's telling right behind her is her husband Zechariah who was a priest in the temple. Here's what happened to him in the temple during temple duties, he saw an angel and spoke to him and told him he was going to have to child a dream job and it struck him down.

I background. Oh I hate so much. This show is over that you don't get to find out more about the messianic family Bible. But it is a Christian card. it is an amazing value in the pictures that bring children, all of us in a place where the family can get back to the Bible, which is the whole idea in this translation will add an understanding to you that only the Jewish people that it known that they carry the ark of God) mean that Jesus carry the ark of God and thank you so, what an honor it is to be here with

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