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Christian Car Guy Theater 9

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 3, 2015 8:42 am

Christian Car Guy Theater 9

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 3, 2015 8:42 am

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Today's episode garbage in new job at Nahum's garage may be providing money for Jimmy to date his girlfriend Allie. The sudden change in the number one spot of Jimmy's time and attention has hit Allie with jealousy big time. She might say she's dining on peanut butter and jealousy today.

Generally, she hung up like it's a complicated Jimmy walks into the kitchen where his parents and grandmother are trying is mom's experimental cookies women cooking fresh ingredients used in the scent of sugar and coconut oil, raisins, spices kinds of good stuff like Ms. Danny said too much sugar.

We sure knew honey. Try one of those Jimmy cooled off over there and maybe you can cool off as well okay I'll try you now. I tried to tell you grandfather stop drinking so Minnesota's now that fast food and sugar just climbed up to system I still think he currently does longer.

As I said women I know mom. He was such a sweet, stubborn at times, like all men just once in a while man in gnocchi. These are pretty good.

Well were still experimenting state patient eventually tasty as well as healthy pretty good. I just wouldn't come in handy sometimes.

I have to admit that when you drag this to Ms. Annie's little lecture about hell stuff.

I was not that enthused.

I would have never known that Sweeney like Ms. Annie's garbage in, garbage, and you are what you eat, what if you are eating peanut butter and jealousy. So that's the problem. Jealousy that's funny Jimmy peanut butter and jealousy. So that Sally's problem well I guess it is coffee and garbage out. You know it's not just the food we eat, Jimmy.

It's what we feed our minds to light peanut butter and jealousy. You might say if green jelly you eat green eyes you get. It's a kind of sickness so demonic green eyes like the Bible says, but I like to find out why she's jealous dear has she explained she just keeps complaining about all the work I do.

Yeah, I'm feeling that, thanks for the cookies, ladies, I'm headed for work in an hour so the only writer Jimmy approach is high drama going on under the hood, joined by Tammy tensioner Guido gasket, and then suddenly breaks a gastric moment family with you tensioner you see somebody just asked him and you know you this was Guido gasket you know put a lid on the Griswold lodestone military for you so you will be taken out should try to Guido well I got the US of America that is pronounced to stop arguing well. He had no idea it was dark. We Jimmy cranks his Jeep unaware of this drama and heads to work right as he hits Highway 60 going about 45 miles an hour's engine seasons walking up the rear axle sideways hitting the curb and why all this causes your panic under the hood and the gas man. He rolled his Mr. slick talker don't know what your soul called Keisha to our crew with no blue book. Most whoever is like installment plan you want me to conditioner said witnesses called 911 Jimmy hospital bound in short order. Jimmy was unconscious with everyone at beaver County Sheriff immediately called talks to us what God sets because of all alcoholic. He was just here brought a great driver what happened while you want to. There were 20 skidmarks, but stop but lost control what sideways so short a couple times like ours told Raj some answers make something up. Thanks, Brett were suspicious. This is about. I believe we we can have a possible 1311 dear 13 love you so use this possible. So oh you mean 1113 attempted murder one may use this you have the Jeep total to Newton's garage and I do believe that tell us what happened to the bottom of this. Meanwhile over top small shop. Another drama was on Jimmy's longtime rival Steve Simmons plopped down right next Allie with the news, looks like your boyfriend, finally bit off more than he could chew with this overhyped 4 x 4. Have you heard did I say you can take your freak like we like now okay but you may want to cover room 312 of the beaver County Hospital understand loverboy is taken up residence after Jack was sitting in the booth behind Allie and Steve. Pastor quickly responded, Steve, are you saying Jimmy is been in an accident. Oh, that's right, pastor Jimmy's Jeep with the couple of times and Highway 60 he's unconscious but stable in room 312 white Jimmy's heart. I got so know how sick he thinking the hospital sure. Let's go will pray as we walk. Father, we don't know or understand what is happened, but father right now.

Come to Jimmy's rescue as Pastor Jack O'Malley head over to the hospital. Steve is left talking to himself in the booth. Maybe I should just get over Nathan's garage and make sure that is done for. I'm tired of losing the hill condo that hunk of junk to the next episode of Christian card I theater and find out. Will Jimmy be okay in Jimmy's draft will Guido air conditioner had find out next time. Now Randy radiator to review today's episode, you drink all all now daddy leads to diabetes and heart disease. Magic belly fat. Dad agreed eating the fruit of my Bible speaks of the day got yourself garbage fruit all I Think about it, I believe you, today's Christian Jim garbage out.

So mine started having seals is Jimmy Ryan Gilmore is out for the Motorola. Chris Van Cleave for Sheriff Brad Kramer Frank Ryan having Jimmy's bad deputy Eustis Randy radiator Ellen Kennedy break the gas tank and from Vanessa or Tammy to Mark ESV Simon and Vincent Menino. Today's episode was written by an all Kennedy and directed by the

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