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Christian Car Guy Theater Marathon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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October 24, 2015 10:45 am

Christian Car Guy Theater Marathon

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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October 24, 2015 10:45 am

Christian Car Guy

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We have for you today. Our first ever Christian Klondike beginner marathon your regulars know you may know every three weeks we release a new episode of the that week's episode takes one segment of the show usually about 11 minutes Christian card I theater was birthed last April with our first episode lazy Sammy starter, you can get to hear that in the next segment and I've always loved radio theater of the mind, and with great shows like unshackled and adventures in Odyssey.

I felt God putting it on my heart to do a drama using radio animated car components. I wrote and did all the voices in that first episode and then my good friend and all herself and adventures in Odyssey voice and Hollywood actress heard that episode and she encouraged me to write another and write her into the script. I did and we had so much fun with that episode.

She began inviting other talented actors and actresses to join us then more writing talent joined in with mystery writer Ellen Kennedy said clearly God was up to something with this production. As the team is grown ever since. Today I'm shocked that we have a regular cast of more than a dozen actors and three writers, and now the Lord is even helping me with some additional production folks so to kick off our marathon today were going to start with our first multicast episode which was my way. One winch followed by the pilot episode lazy Sammy starter, then a two-part garbage in garbage out episode that we started three weeks ago and then in today's last segment you get to hear the conclusion of garbage in garbage out with Christian card I theater God continues to show me things that just blow my mind when I start to just obey what he has in mind.

He does things that are just remarkable and hopefully you'll be blessed and share Christian card I theater with somebody else or maybe some are younger audience that would be encouraged by this program. Now sit back and enjoy this Christian card I theater marathon to start off with my way. One winch time now.

Christian car guy with today's episode my way look like Jimmy's Jeep Wrangler was finally on its way home was Sally Bible Belt Tammy pensioner repaired spinning harmoniously under the hood. Not everyone was refined as Jimmy may have hope for and this time it was prudent mostly motor oil was gushing out the hostility. 880's need to get real with you said you know what I'm saying eight land will be asleep Jesus Jabo me is causing me some friction and mosey. Don't go for no friction.

I am motor all about no fake engineer a we needs to be racy gas tank was quick to respond when she had her fill from Tammy pensioner was straining to hold her tongue when she died. Logging Rd., Jimmy Jimmy turned on the right amount to make it. Most would even consider it Jimmy's Jeep had a warrant when Jimmy for but never alone. This challenge started as usual. No exhaust pipe in like this job done.

One of you was a bit high strung and always ready for an emergency is as we just need to tow the line. Watch me handle this. I eat sheer cliffs for lunch and snowbanks for breakfast. Once again Gracie had her fill.

Jimmy got out of the jeep and free will table off the winch as he scampered up the cliff to look for something strong enough to pine trees within inches of each other and reason around with sliding down the cliff monitor and he noted the drop off thought and call for some help. But another voice in his head said you know you can handle this. Think what you would say things your own. This would show him saying especially see Jimmy got back in the cliff walking beside those lights against the rocks lit everything up, almost like the way up before we really want your rainstorm.

If you are washed away some of the soil from the roots of the trees holding the cable in the soil left was softened by the rainy, almost without warning he rolled on literally tugging on the tree of life. So now racy gas tank screamed.

Trouble which you will Gracie prayed and Tammy pensioner added you will warrant had been humbled, and he too was ready to pray. Yes father I never should have tried this without you and help them. Jimmy's dad, I tried to do it my way, way out of line now is Tammy said turn this to both Jimmy and I finding strength in community coupling is a lost art in my line of work. Lord teach us that three strands are not easily broken. Little did Jimmy manage each component, and had already been protecting her the manual earlier when Jimmy was missing in the rainstorm came down and went so far as having a GPS location for Jimmy's cell phone relate.

James was in the U.S. Forest Service and already had helicopters and within moments of the component teams prayers was like there three doctors arrived on the scene and Amy lifting the tree off Jimmy and airlifting him.

Then of course the cable and several others motor. I was overwhelmed by the brothers that was you need my viscosity is all yes it is God and we can talk to is the best part was when Jimmy woke up after surgery and when he gained his senses, his father, James came and sat down on the bed so you had so scared last night I had so scared in all my life.

I know I have never prayed like I prayed last 24 they say you find what you chair be wheelchair-bound for about six months you think you can put up with help like that from your old dad for six James told Jimmy the strange father's eyes had you all wrong, becoming myself the Lord sure took a tough ordeal to become what God intended is to abide in the father's love both my father's, today's Christian card my way and motor oil and all Tammy pensioner Ellen Kennedy feels played Jimmy and water exhaust written and produced Christian. Today's story is heading towards Beaverbrook. The Jeep was precariously navigating the mountain terrain the rain pouring down floods in these parts rain on the soft top top top line will drive here no more than 2 miles an hour as the windshield wiper no matter. It was a slippery road for sure, you could hardly see there was quite a rumble arguing parent who was the most important camshaft this complaint Wikipedia every second round.

He is going to get the wrong time around right like that lazy Sammy thought would never have the power you have without Springfield made you will know the crank out his pranks are just the main course Jeep made its way back to the bank of Beaverbrook Jimmy drivers among the soft top door open to see the depth of the brook since he couldn't see through the windshield. It looks safe enough no more than 6 inches or so. Jimmy's focus was what if he could make it home at night, totally removed from the dispute and you need to stop blowing smoke by Jeremiah manifold with Jeff for a few seconds and he is a man exhausted but you get older we live. No one moves around here with the way all day and so sputtered, defended the piston. He responded with his wife have no idea how to conduct, you know you want for my I believe I are about especially family thought he those words were hardly out of Arnold water came crashing through the radiator well now Jimmy gripped the wheel and I went for down word here. Don't panic. Jimmy simply prayed Lord I don't know what to do. Remember this, just using the starter Jimmy pulled the question in spite of all this negativity Bernie battery. This was certainly the acid test the frame for all his life started having never having this kind with that he kept turning with Ali battery is Tammy seem to be waning, just something followed by Cameron crankshaft all you know and you know you Bernie and Sammy gave them Jeep up on the hillside is keeping the oncoming wall of water and Sammy yelled and we did test you use. Sammy smiled and said I know what you mean really hard. I was idling you guys were doing then design engineer came to me when I was totally like the lazy shared design deep inside us: need to do something right something that only because I have a little insight something that no one else he knew I could no longer is is is then my time came told me he'd been preparing me all my life is difficult alone.

I would be all he told me that I would need all of your hopes and prayers explained that the glory of his divine will begin to take shape only exploded. Lori, we could see what he did great engineer design. So I began to see what you do. The thing that he does not compare myself with you some great engineer I love his reflection in you then pure joy when I turned back great engineer to understand my role in you the moment you guys started to cheer for me engineer smiling down is his designs. Sammy smiled one more time. Today's episode job at Nahum's garage may be providing money for Jimmy to date his girlfriend Allie.

This sudden change in the number one spot of Jimmy's time and attention has hit Allie with jealousy big time.

She might say she's dining on peanut butter and jealousy, and she hung up like it's a complicated Jimmy walks into the kitchen where his parents and grandmother trying his mom's experimental cookies. Women fresh ingredients used in sugar and cooking oil too much sugar we should do any Jimmy cooled off over there and maybe you can okay I'll try you now I'm trying to tell you grandpa to stop drinking so many sodas, sugar system longer. As I said women just sweet times like just once in a while you know Katie, these are pretty well stayed pretty good in handy sometimes. I have to admit that when you drag us to miss any little lecture about health stuff. I was not used, Sweeney like garbage. You which you eat, what if you are eating peanut butter and jealousy. So that's the problem.

See that's funny Jimmy peanut butter and jealousy.

So sadly's problem.

Well, I guess it is garbage. You know it's not just food we eat, Jimmy. It's what we see our minds to peanut butter and jealousy. You might say green Jeremy you eat green you. It's a kind of sickness so demonic green eyes like the Bible says to find out she's chalice dear she explained she just keeps complaining about all the work I do. Yeah, I'm feeling that, thanks for the cookies, ladies, I'm headed for work in an hour so feel night later. Jimmy approach is drama going on joined by Tammy tensioner and then suddenly crazy gas tank's and you this was Guido gaskets you know put a lid on a graceful lodestone paper.

When you see me taking you out should try and go in the US will Jimmy crank his Jeep, unaware and heads to work as he hits Highway 60 going about 45 miles an hour's engine seizes locking up the rear axle sideways hitting the curb and why this cause in sheer panic and he will will crankshaft complained Mr. slick. I don't know what your soul called Keisha with no escape condition is said witnesses called 911 hospital down in short order.

Jimmy was unconscious.

Everyone in beaver County Sheriff immediately called, was just hospital in sets of cars all great driver bent 20 stop but lost control sideways so make something happen.

Thanks, Brad suspicious is something I believe we we have a possible 1311 here.

13 love you so use this possible. So though will you mean 1113 murder may use this you have the Jeep's garage and I do believe that tell us what happened to the bottom of meanwhile over top small shop. Another drama was on Jimmy's longtime rival Steve Simmons plopped down right next with the news, looks like your boyfriend, finally bit off more than he could chew with this overhyped 4 x 4.

Have you heard how, okay, but you may want to got room 312 of the beaver County Hospital.

I understand little boys taken up residence after Jack was sitting in the booth behind Allie and Steve. Pastor quickly responded, Steve, are you saying Jimmy is been in an accident.

Oh, that's right, Pastor Jimmy's team flipped a couple of times and Highway 60 he's unconscious but stable in room 312.

Why Jimmy's heart. So now sure, let's go will pray as we walk. Father, we don't know or understand what is happened, but father right now. Come to Jimmy's rescue as Pastor Jack O'Malley head over to the hospital. Steve is left talking to himself in the booth may be asked is Nathan's good nature that is done for. I'm tired of losing the hill kind that hunkered down to the next episode of Christian car guy there and find out. Will Jimmy be okay. Will Guido air conditioner had time now. Randy radiated to today's episode you will drink all should be eating yourself garbage all I believe you guys show today featuring garbage and it was just all I will take you there you just want to see what you tell looking here, you know this strange boy looking around Jimmy's Jeep stirred up the character under the crazy gas tank sounded the alarm will then back that will air conditioner said the you know something about what goes on under said he just got Sonya, you, you said spread use this to see the Sheriff and not what you think it is not that tall. Just then Pastor Jack and Allie were headed into Jimmy's room. His parents and grandmother were already there.

Had hard on the rollbar me out for a few minutes later, concussion.

They say probably fine naturally want to run a few more tests on cookies you and grandma made carving that says it all.

Allie only God's grace that is not came to the hardest part of any Anderson man's physique. His head and the fact that he has an appetite tells me to be just fine. I'm glad you spring. I wonder cookies along just in case we were here you go Jamie thinks grandma in a sling for you have any sugar in selling. So true. We learned from health lecture that Sherry can really make people uptight and none of us need that right now you wouldn't believe how much there is great news Brad to be okay, so someone put sugar and disgusting that cause the engine to cease because this could 20 minutes ago.Scott Simmons sneaking around trespassing's garage over Jimmy's Jeep. He's got them locked up for questioning. Right now his parents rolled away so Jimmy can you think of any reason, sabotage, yeah. I mean well, we compete off road a lot and I always Allie's wrong.

Why are you crying, Stephen Jimmy, I'm so sorry Jimmy you love cars more than you even like me so happy that you liked me so proud to be with someone like you thinks is I didn't know you felt like that Allie really in the car. Cars, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.

Please don't arrest even Sheriff, I'm sure the Andersons will press charges to go clean things up with the Simmons family will stay here. Looks like the Lord brought here for a reason. Family drink lots of sodas course. I think sodas what's your point nothing just curious like Allie in for a big lesson if they can take on today's 60 jealousy issues exist sugar situation.

We can garbage in garbage out part 210 start.

Alex feels Jimmy and all Tammy tensioner Brian habit Eustis and dad and Randy radiated Bert Rosenberg is mostly motor oil. Chris Van Cleave as a share.

Ellen Kennedy is crazy gas tank and grandma Marquis McRae Stephen Brian Gilmore is Allie Pastor James Banks as Pastor Jack Vincent Menino is Guido gaskets and Vanessa or his mom. Today's episode garbage in garbage out to was written by Ault Ellen Kennedy adapted, produced and directed by the Christian how fun was this my first ever Christian car guy theater marathon. I've had much fun with all these episodes myself today.

I'm so glad that you tuned in to hear that. I do want to remind you of a few basics that we always talk about here on the Christian car. First off, Christian car You may think, wow, I would love to share some of these Christian car guy theater episodes with folks or maybe some other great Christian car guys show that you enjoyed in the past. You can always go to Christian car one simple word Christian car and there you find podcasts of shows there's nearly a couple hundred of them that are there to choose from, including all the previous Christian car guy theater episodes also very very important part of this ministry is the Jesus labor of love. That's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

This is a huge part of what we do here is we have a network of repair places across the country that repair cars they they do the labor and the single moms, widows and families in crisis pay for the parts and if you go to Christian car and click on the Jesus labor love.

Maybe you know Cindy has a need. There you can apply for a prayer team and all those folks immediately begin to work on that.

Or you can look at our list of car repair centers because if your significant. Wow, I wonder if there's a good Christian mechanic in my area.

Well, if these people are donating their time and their labor for single moms and widows they would be a pretty good person to take your contract so you can see them under Christian car care Center there Christian car as well as all Jesus labor love things that pray for us all there and again a big part of the hardest ministry. I'm so grateful that you list?

I show today and remember what I always say, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and maybe take some low

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