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The Innocence of Thanksgiving

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 21, 2015 11:15 am

The Innocence of Thanksgiving

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186-6342 that's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884. What does being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Roderigo more. I am so glad that you are here with us this morning and I have much fun Thanksgiving style Christian card, put it on the Christian card show working to be looking at Thanksgiving sorted from the Christian card, a perspective and working at this again to the original Thanksgiving story that really is. I began uncovering this week. Jerry just blew my mind.

I hadn't really no idea what went on this amazing was under the surface of things, you know, we sometimes a story is a lot different in reality but as I dug into it. I started to see things from a car guy perspective that other people you know may not really think about, like when you really look at the story of 1619 16, 21, all that went on their you can't help but think of holiday travel and yes I did that first Thanksgiving. There was a big fight that was people were thinking was going to happen, but when they wrote arrived at their destination.

You know when you're on your way to your family Thanksgiving you might be thinking there's a big fight had your confinement there some elements to the original Thanksgiving story of a big fight that might've been coming. It just may not be there when you arrive and are American and Native American ancestors were so naïve and innocent really chary… Your rig were so innocent Jerry that they did not know how to spell Plymouth I don't if you've ever noticed that they spell that PLI and not only that, but I thought a Plymouth barracuda was a fish I mean the very thought that I that cigar got there perspective on Plymouth but anyway they did they spell it PLI MO DH there is no you in there and there's no why so they just be know that was how naïve they were in the first but actually the first Thanksgiving.

God proved that he could turn a mess into a message and a test in the testimony as he will with our life. This Thanksgiving, and so I do have my dear friend and fellow Thanksgiving are Jerry Mathis from his body shop in a Christian body shop here to help us to put the Plymouth back in the Plymouth colony welcome Jerry Dr. Rod well I feel I pipe. I personally as I was researching this whole thing. I feel like I'm blessed because I kinda come from the era of never never land and all the idea behind Disney when he did you know Peter Pan will you know cowboys and Indians were one thing pirates were another, and all that look like fun and adventure. But as I studied that in it, rocked my never, never world is like learning the real study of think the real story of Thanksgiving and I came to understand that the Native Americans actually view Thanksgiving is a day of mourning and it's from the horrors of disease and slavery in and all those Indians that died from from war and so it really kind it really did it just I was just the more I studied at them. I was getting depressed and then I started to pray and ponder and think. And God kinda showed me all this, and especially in the miracle of an Indian by the name of Squanto, and he seen on the video.

By the way Christian card. and I should point out, Jerry.

If you go to Christian card. and you click on innocence of Thanksgiving. You not only get to see all that I'm just gonna go over in the history of Thanksgiving, but you also get to see Robbie in 1966 dressed as a turkey with its classic adventure aid. It is classic. I mean it. It spoke volumes as I read you can get to the innocence of Thanksgiving without seeing this picture Robbie is a turkey Christian card and my family, my brothers dressed in multiple line because he looked like he was about a must been about four in that picture and they are actually learning washcloths, my sister and her Indian bag costume and you know is just classic stuff. And if you search go to Christian card. it's there as well as all the background information on what I meant to tell you toilet. On when you go to that picture.

First, thinking Robbie deal more at such a young age as our longest legs that absolutely you know when you think about a turkey leg yeah I know that's why think the big they picked me for the part does bird legs just fit perfect and it was like I think I was little confused between a peacock and a turkey because of the color thing that's on my head, but you know I was 11 to get a So here we go.

According to legend right there was a maven and I believe this is actually very intense to be. There's lots of it must be true.

This based on all the different ways of it goes. But there was a main Native American Wampanoag Indian called Squanto and he was kidnapped about 10 years before the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth he was kidnapped by Spanish traders who actually took him all the way back to Spain sold him into slavery. They thought, but there were some monks that happen to be there and those monks purchased Squanto in an effort to probably convert them and teaching about the things of God, and teach in their own language. According to the legend, actually. They even told Squanto that God was going to use him in all his misery for some great purpose and when you really look at the story.

There is no God, no doubt whatsoever.

No matter which. Think about the legend, but God did exactly that, through Squanto see that monks saw Squanto's homesickness in an effort to get them back to America. They sent into England a man named John.

Slavery slain escaping my thing and slavery, but his name was Laney who would help him find a ship bound for America but it took him five years in order to beat do that and during those five years you know what Squanto learned English and English customs and he understood the way the English people were and befriended him and really like the English people. They want the Spanish people other than slavery. So eventually got the ship he came back to his village when he got to his village, which happened to be right there at Plymouth just happening all these things happen with God just happened to be right there. The village was totally deserted because all of his family had died from the diseases that the traders had brought over from Europe, smallpox, and there wasn't a skin disease of some kind and and apparently killed thousands and thousands of the Native Americans were obviously you know he was terribly upset about this and actually, went off to live in a lonely lifestyle in a back-and-forth all year later another Native American named Sansone that visit the pilgrims who admin arrived 1620 Barrett Plymouth and on March 16, 1621 and this is accurate.

By all accounts this Sam set Sam so Samoset the Indian came and when he realized wow like I don't speak these people's language and I and I got a buddy that does so he goes back to get Squanto in Squanto when he sees her situation. Now he's feeling that because he lost all his family to disease and all this for the pilgrims had lost all these people in the winter of 1620 and so he completely related and went about teaching them in English to speak you know how to plant the corn the old trick of you know, three year three kernels of corn and efficient always left the earth and all that stuff and and the next thing you know you teach them how to catch eels and lobsters and all that stuff now here is where the two stories kinda differ. If you look at the two stories. The first one is from our side.

Avoid mailings from humans, but the innocent version of what I think likely happened on that first Thanksgiving is Bradford and the boys and the girls worked which one very cool hats. They wanted to have a fee they want to have a huge harvest feast and they knew that God bless them and and Bradford certainly had a heart for God in the new God loves a good feast demigod ordered an Old Testament while they also love to have shooting contest back down at their fees and that that's actually where the whole idea of a turkey shoot comes from way out big bad Bill was probably shoot them up big time when the local Native Americans heard all the shooting and they figured their friends were under attack so cheap Squanto as chief and his Squanto in 90 Braves came running best. This is true then when they got there.

To their surprise, the pilgrims were just having a party having a father come in for a fight like you may be thinking when you're on your way home this Thanksgiving may be pigmented when I got there there was no fight and and and so William in the spirit of Christian hospitality.

He says hey guys, join us will face in those days were like for three days well in the Native Americans or 90 of them. They outnumber the pilgrims 90 to 53. And you know there it just so happened I think it was God's timing that it was deer season right and so the Native Americans they went out and they shot a number of boxes in turkeys, and all to bring to the party because they didn't want to be empty-handed and you see how it worked out. Jerry, I mean they had a wonderful time. Now when we come back for him to be thinking. How does that play out in your things when you think of the innocent Thanksgiving. What are the smells, the things you remember the time you cooked them stuffing with grandma, what it what is that likely would love you to call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884, especially those trips and that 63 Impala or maybe you actually went to Plymouth in a Plymouth if you did you ever got all 8348 74 and in Thanksgiving Christian guys tile guys show what's your favorite Thanksgiving ride that you remember not like the unions even have to go over to where the student was going on but maybe you had a ride in the Plymouth on the way to Plymouth Jerry or or maybe it was like us. I can remember going to my grandparents 63 Impala, you know, to New York and I mean how fun was that, and I can remember the thing I can remember the backseat of the car like it was yesterday. We would love to hear your story.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 Jerry you got one yourself junction. Oh yeah, you know to think about holidays and load not been Thanksgiving and Christmas you will always remember that was the only time as a family we really ever were altogether humming my dad is not that that the family type a guy humming a Latin where we did a lot of stuff together so really in the car was about the only time sought is always remember that and it was sort of that when you got in, like the Indians not know what you can. If you don't the other side of that door when you got while I was in the here and then it's comical. We look back and stuck in, I guess over the years a member one always remember head at the Ford country Squire wagon for how many years and a member that the packet may be full. Got five kids. It was easy to pack it forth in a seat face banks absolutely get that backseat get that thing you see all the traffic making faces at the feet with a pull up following the FEF 866-34-TRUTH 87884. 866-34-TRUTH is a number to call in and share your Thanksgiving holiday memory. Again, it can be that the stuffing the turkey or that ride.

Whatever it is we would love to here for you 866-34-TRUTH we have witness Robert Rosenbach who is with 42 E. he's making new Thanksgiving memories because man that they've got this.

They've got this new MK Z that so quiet that I don't think I think people should be able to sing. We gather together all the way in and not without interruption. Right, Robert, Robbie, thanks again for adding me absolutely, rightly, we are very excited to launch that significantly refresh MPD at the Los Angeles auto show this weekend you're actually right the ad. The intent with this card to deliver not just performance performance. They like to allow for extremely quiet and refined driving experience so quiet in terms of the cabin quiet in terms of feedback you get from the well and some really neat things like this brake pedal thing has me intrigued. I've never heard of this one.

You don't have to hold your foot on it anymore. You're right though this particular feature we call audible and what it does, that landed drivers at a stoplight and having to keep their foot on the brake pedal which will cause fatigue over the course guide the technology will actually hold it in place so that the customer the driver doesn't have to experience that and truly limit what the ready to go. The light turned green. The activate gap filling the ready to go so the place I'm thinking that would be real handy is if you happen to live in Los Angeles somewhere where the traffic is unbelievable. You know where you really will get tired from keeping foot on the break where you sit there and wait to get him in the hall and tumbling some land next to a different type technology that might work really in almost any environment. So the audible work at a stoplight that you don't have to be in graphic. We actually do offer another technology in our suite of driver technology called adaptive control and I think both about the little dog what I adaptive cruise control offers our customers is the ability to go through. And go traffic, but they are driving on the highway and people.

The idea of going a lot slower than you and aided the Carl actually automatically flow your car down actually will come all the way down to a stop if necessary and graphically used it will resume now they only have the break and reset the home cruise control thing is been thought through by the people with the good ideas there for an another thing you've got here that I'm interested in pedestrian detected detection I may not yet that could save lives. And that's huge what on-site work that is no doubt about that are engineering and design really thought through what it means for customers to engage in the vehicle that likely driver technology all the way down completely technology feature that we offer technical pre-collision and it offers pedestrian protection as well so they are driving on the road and something learnable in front of you beat a vehicle or pedestrian vehicle actually using radar in front you the thing and let's say that you're not able to respond in time all the vehicle actually placed brake pedal for you in the event that the driver doesn't respond in time so that I really did an amazing technology and will provide a safety for both the driver and for the thing I'm thinking in this area and certainly a lot of folks is let's like dear protection for you nominee times. You know I hear people hit and in you run into that to Jerry that people hidden animals and that radar at night when you know especially at dawn and dusk, when those animals are moving and to have an early warning system like that's awesome.

Is it send any kind audible's so you just all the sudden it does start stop. There is an audible and visual cue there and again only in the event the driving respondent on the many times we can beat with second decision actually will automatically break the vehicle if the driver on and again the idea around all technology is not bad technology for technology sake. It's really to make driving.

Both mental more enjoyable but also favor, and that is just some great ways to save lives in an and certainly properties well because how many deer hit vehicles is timely review seizure and meanness that their continuous and you know it's kind of funny because always think there is no seasons, but will be seen as a trend of deer hits are almost year-round anymore so you great scuffle. Robert is great to have you on pre-Thanksgiving event here and great working for God bless you wonderful guy left and we need to hear your stories. Now we have plenty of time 866-34-TRUTH 87884, now we know you're not back at 56 Chevy 866-34-TRUTH 780 your store of that innocent Thanksgiving back when you know there was the sights and smells and how things fell to her how that car drove 863487884's number to call in and share your story and we again would point you to Christian or you get to see my story where I was actually dressed as a turkey back in 1966 when I was 11 years old turkey legs extraordinaire as well as something were very thankful for Jerry and I which is the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and widows. As always, you know, this year I can't help but be thankful for all the ways God has provided for folks as we went over the 500 mark on just the recorded ones that I know of that where we had applications of the folks you've gotten car repairs were thankful for that. You can find out about car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis. At Christian card but we got an in. I think it's pronounced Michael tell Washington I think the multiple TR I think Squanto would know how to say that around the Puget Sound meeting ground for Americans aren't native Canadians. They came all the way down and had a big gathering there really so you like lived at the Thanksgiving, a meeting place right there you great. That is great.

I'm really good and I and and say that one more time for me because I'm not exactly like it looks. Michael called Teal I LTE all wonderful wonderful if you got it if you got a memory force. I will one year when our children. We have three were very young, the power went out on Thanksgiving Turkey was finishing. Praise God, and we had to decide what we really doing having company which is about 1/2 hours drive with I will attempt the course will be time well we can't serve on food here.

We got a cooked all the veggies and everything else so I called my sister in Seattle. I said the turkey is done, but we can't do anything else.

She said come on down. So while we were packing up our lovely Ford falcon Brown's wagon. All three children had to sit in the front seat because we didn't have a backseat. We called it the Brownlee mobile and we packed everything up to all the food to Seattle. Our dinner was a little later, but praise God we had heat and light and good fellowship in the memory for the ages. We remind ourselves of it every Thanksgiving. My kids are all grown and I have grandkids and we love to talk about that Thanksgiving and you know I think God's heart is just just blessed that I don't because we are we all. But you don't want to bless him and I you know he's you see in that thing that happened in the family tradition. You know, I know that for my family to see my sister dressed up in paper bags, and my brother in the washcloths that you know that that brings back such a fun thing and it all has to do with thanking God for what he provided for own family which one of the biggest things he provided was each other, absolutely. And so that is just a blessing. Thank you Angela wonderful Thanksgiving to God bless, that's all. Thank you, thank you. We have Angela's in Burlington, North Carolina here, on the other side of the country went into the well to the group to guard whale Thanksgiving. Remember my going parents lived on all the farmhouse with a very large shower and that we would all the following leaves until Thanksgiving and all the local got together, they called it in her southern white cleaning out the yards after our thank you and some but I need to incorporate that in my life is not had a plan but I made it made for great memory and you guys go to another queue on the line. Robbie, I just want to say thank you or you for the Christian card show.

You make a lot of great Christian folks in ministry that I wanted her to you. I appreciate your humor in it.

I tell you this, my wife, who is a blonde, by the way, she doesn't have the appreciation for my sense of humor.

It's the last day started off going to Christian card got all talking help make a whole lot so I told my wife this blonde joke expecting that she was going to get mad at me. As always, and she actually laughed so loud that my daughter she said I cannot believe you're actually laughing and so I get to share that since you gave me the opportunity that this book blonde was trying to make a puzzle right and she worked on it for two days and complete frustration and she had the pieces battered all across the table. You know like you would when you're working on a puzzle like that and she got so frustrated she called her boyfriend and and said I have been working on this for two days and I cannot find two pieces that go together in a boyfriend since Lonnie did you go by the picture on the front of the box. What does that look like what is that picture look like and she says let's get this dark blue background and that and then there's this Tiger any schedule honey.

Put the frosted flakes back in the box that I again my wise, blonde, and she completely laughing about it was God bless you Angela you gave me an opportunity to share that with what we would love to here your Thanksgiving memory. It may not be uncle Mary's bad jokes or whatever the situation, the I had uncle doing that told the most amazing hunting stories and fishing stories and and that was one of my favorite memories. Jerry was in out was my uncle doing who you know we love to eat me love to tell stories and you know Robbie loves a good storage or you know that we're living in a different time, but because of now was so frustrating to me when you get family together and you've got a group of sorts say younger people in that group that always messing with the laptop or the cell phones and just sort of turned out when Tom I was growing up and you and so many of our listeners. You know that was that time what you did sit around and listen to the stories and in the fellowship and you know what that sort of made us who we are and that's a piece that I think at the next this generation coming up is missing out on. I think we gotta put a rake in their hands they can't get beyond.

None of their stuff. If they're raking the leaves out in the yard and I do not have it with a good idea to have absolute eminent try that. That's just awesome about what the color talk about that loading up in that.

How can wagon and stepped in another piece of that is just the getting in the vehicle because it is the same thing now and every time I get in a car I mean is that you get that ears near CNN and you know and it's about just tuned out. There's no more that that fellowship and that just you know my in the games in the is a little a.m. You know you get the car you'd load up and okay this is sound real site but you have to remember some of the because the people be lay in the back of the package tray on the back window and stuff you know just just packet full and you know that fellowship bombing might not make it there live in an accident of the songs you know I I still just the light absolutely delight in taking my granddaughter to school which I get to be quite often and the second I get my car in ominous thing shall become around the mountain just because you know she and I both just love that verse where we really kill the old red rooster and he won't grow like he used to. You know what's more fun than singing that with your granddaughter.

I mean, you know, 222 ways that are in earbuds and videos and stuff I know is that it is great but you know what just is just a piece of who is my descendents at that that family that we were losing them. You know, one of things I really enjoy own non-mission trips as I drive or that the buses and we don't have the technology. So with their their back your playing games and sing and saw that the man on the next bus home, and with your favorite Christmas song… Thing. I would love to hear that two 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Share your memory 866-34-TRUTH 78474, I and is in how cool is that I love that hymn but Thanksgiving him and I and I love the prayer at the end of it. Lord make us free and an interest in innocence is a big part of that freedom that, unfortunately, so much of what the Satan what Satan may have planned for you is taking away your innocence and maybe it's the innocence of your Thanksgiving experiences that are tainted with an oh so many things that life can come with us at Anna is interesting to me Jerry that this year, this week, specifically God always seems to have a lesson plan for you for the week and it starts out and he's as I'm going through my quiet time is I'm doing these different things throughout the week. He's been teaching me well this week and seem to be.

He was teaching me all week on innocence and the innocence of Thanksgiving was tainted when I started to read how upset people get if you want to see something a little disturbing, is it at the bottom of Christian car, got out, that will work where I posted the innocence of Thanksgiving wonderful turkey picture that we talked about all that there is a video of the story of Squanto. If you read the comments and you'll see how tainted people feel about the Native American experience and all that went on, but there is an innocence that we have that no Institute of joy for me that that came from is ever as I was going through this week. My good friend and all, to does Christian card at theater told me Robbie you need to watch finding Neverland the move, finding Neverland and had never put it together that when Jesus you know brought the little children to him and he said the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these that idea of innocence that idea of you know that childlike heart that George MacDonald speaks of throughout all his writings, that's Neverland. It's where they never never grew up. It's where the boys never grew up and that is the guy in the Sir John Barry what the name of the man was that wrote Peter Pan. He understood certain things that I never had put together from that play of of that innocence of understanding how wonderful Thanksgiving was as a child versus where you may feel about it now, based on family fights or whatever the situation may be.

That is what God has in mind that when you think about Neverland and you really look at it you know what is it that Tinkerbell is represented by a light and what happens when people start to lose faith is the light begins to go out and actually the actress apparently used to clap from the stage telling people you gotta believe in malaria Clapham of the lighter, the brighter that Tinkerbell would would glow will think about that, from a standpoint of faith that the more we believe that God really wants us to have this fellowship and he really wants is to have the speed to me and the brighter the glow, the light that God gave you. You know that you don't hide it under a bushel, that it begins to glow for the other people that are there at your Thanksgiving feast as well and the other thing that I found fascinating. My memory put together on this.

Kinda ignorant, but it's really cool to think about is the crocodile had that clock in it that with tick tick tick. And you know it chased after Capt. Hook and you can who could forget that picture that was meant to demonstrate that worldly people are afraid of time.

That time is always chasing a person that is caught up in the world you know if you're worried about your money are you worried about email you whatever it is that house or whatever it is it that has you worried in the way that Capt. Hook was worried about treasure then you're going to be here and that click click click of the time because it's Gawain Ewing going anywhere without and what I picture what it would what genius to have that picture now illustrated through such a childlike story. Such innocence and an authentic and made me think of this when I went to Denmark years ago I got on the bus and the young man was driving.

It spoke really good English and had a very English accent. From my point of view and so I just said to him I said all your English. I love your accent and he got furious because I am not English.

I'm a Dane and I was like oh I'm sorry goes we hate the English I said you hate the English he goes yeah I said why do you hate the English they sunk our Navy said they sunk your Navy ice and wind that they think you're Navy 1540 man, what was it like it was yesterday while you know so much of prejudice is like that.

You know I have what I know my wife is almost 1/3 Native American, and certainly I have lots of Native American blood in me as well. Not I could get hung up in the whole Thanksgiving thing if I wanted to but I can't help but think that God's heart is blessed to think of those two very diverse groups that met together that the 90 Indians, but 90 Native Americans in the 90 pilgrims got together and ate together and enjoyed got you think God's heart was blessed that you think God's heart was blessed with Squanto's forgiveness of the Europeans. I mean there was a talk about innocence.

These Europeans and enslaved him in whatever yet he came back to help them. I mean it's that in itself to me as a complete miracle and I know that God's heart is blessed by all the fellowship it's going to happen around you cooking with your daughter, your granddaughter, or maybe your mother whoever it is you that you get a chance to or if you like our family, you know I get to cook with my son and my grandson you know all the people that we know we all take part in the thing and that all makes.

Don't you think Jerry that God's heart is going.

This is what I had in mind here guys that you would be together and you would understand that it came from me because at the end of the day that's what Thanksgiving is to realize that God's just blessed to bless us to show us his goodness and had really good it is. You can get is a feast because where we can end up the feast right, the wedding feast of the minutes. It's were headed toward the feast until humans can be cute it is it's it's good to be unbelievable was it was a thing to tell a story and you know what all bulls down to is what God's intention forces unit is pretty simple and what we allow is the world to just keep it in the layer and layer and layer on top of this is where we get to know all the sudden it's all the elements around us is the world in which you live.

The culture which we live that sort of dictates to seal God's is a simple as one have a relationship with you and if we can keep that focus then we can see things to be thankful for if we allow the world to tear us down is hard to see the joy in an initial hearing that tick tick tick and asked Natalie worried about what time it is and how Miami and all the stuff done this season and all that. Then it's a good heart check the think element of the study are driven by say that clock and just discontinue that tick tick tick us what is that everybody for so many people something different is the home you live in is that your status that were at the job you have, it's that the car you drive a Minas know what got to just make a simple and innocent and there's there's a sense of innocence that God can give us only by accepting what his son did at the cross like Squanto was able to forgive only because we have the best picture. Forgiveness ever is Jesus showed us how to get back our innocence and he did that by taking on our punishment and in receiving that we get that childlike heart and that complete innocence which you can ask for right now they the sound of my voice you can state Lord, I want to be innocent and I want to let go of that tick tick tick.

I want that crocodile takes me to try. Thank you all for list and we had so much, I had a blast with this show. I mean this was really fun. Thank you Jerry for being with me and thank you all, because I really really realize that it's our listeners that put this together and give us the fellowship. The blessings God. The Christian card I show so you all have a amazing Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing and hearing you talking to you

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