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March 12, 2016 11:20 am

The Nuttiest Christian Car Guy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book the blue book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore hello carpet ball well with auto and I've been given a great honor today not honored to host the Christian Car Guy radio program. Robbie asked me last week to help him with the show this week. I'm grateful to do that we need to keep Robbie's mom and family in our prayers are there.

We have such a content pack show today I'd like you to sit back with the cruise control on and enjoy the show.

So, no call today just information and a lot of content that I think you really did enjoy it. Many of you may know me from being a guest on the Christian Car Guy program may be seen as raising but if not, let me tell you little bit about myself as well as the fantastic show that we have a line for you today. I grew up in a small town outside Scranton, Pennsylvania. My brothers and I always Cargile over the years I restored collected over thousand cars as well as I've been racing for the last 25 years, auto parts, not my company was formed by three partners. I met my partners, Roy and Jack while racing the Rolex at Watkins Glen in New York years ago when we came together we started auto parts and we been on many radio programs featured on speed TV. We sponsor many race venues, but we wanted to start an auto parts company that would truly serve the Cargile community is owned by car guys designed by car guys and run by Cargile. Now we supply parts for the Jesus labor of love through the critically Cargile radio program, folks develop from or what you like. I hear myself talk about the progression of auto parts not. There is no doubt my mind that God is alive and well today show has evolved into a show about connections helping others has a ripple effect. So take note of the ripple effect illustrated today about this today. I have a friend coming on at the bottom of the hour best friend has one of the largest historic race museums in the world, not the country in the world over 65 cars on display over 50 years of collecting his name is Dr. Fred Simeone Fred is a neurosurgeon in his foundation of the Simeone Museum, the Simeone Museum is considered a must see attraction when visiting Philadelphia today were going to talk about one of my personal favorite cars at the museum 1964 cobra Daytona years ago.

Funny story, guys. Years ago I was at a friends party. I look over and there's Dr. Simeone play approached Michael Haycock what to do with the CSX 2287 Dr. Simeone looked at me and he turned to his friend that he was having a conversation with him.

He said this guy just quoted the serial number of my car for Dr. Simeone at the time just acquired the scope from my wife and I attended many functions done at Dr. Simeone's Museum over the past years. She can't believe the beauty, the history the way the cards are on display.

If you plan to visit Philadelphia before you see the Liberty Bell or try a famous cheesesteak plan on things Simeone Museum for jaw-dropping experience and listen folks that leave me to my next death, and that just will be on the last segment of the show. I'm going to quote Carroll Shelby himself. This is from an interview right before he died he said when I met Pete he was living about 200 yards from turn nine at Riverside Raceway. I never met a man so enthusiastic about automobiles for the first two years. He practically did everything at Shelby America.

Guess who it is that's right folks are top of the hour, death, the famous Peter Brock.

Peter started of the design engineer at General Motors.

He was 19 years old. 10 years later he designed what is now known as the 63 Corvette stingray.

This was a totally new design for Corvette Peter was Carol Shelby's first paid employee.

Peter also ran the Shelby school of high performance driving Carroll Shelby asked Peter when he came out with the AC cobra. He said Peter I need a cobra that cannot be before Aris at Le Mans Europe. The big race and Peter ultimately defined the cobra Daytona coupe, the cobra 1 to 24 hours a Le Mans as well as numerous other women then went on to set a land speed record at Bonneville that you remember me mentioning the power of connections. The car I currently race was raised by Jim Fitzgerald to be in the 1960s, Jim and Peter Brock.

They race together for Dawson on teams like Brock racing and sharp raising these two teams shape Nissan in the direction that Nissan took for years and will be part of the racing community forever.

But getting back to the cobra that Pete designed and one Le Mans with the car talking about that he designed his CSX 2287.

That's the same cobra.Dr. Simeone is now so this is the connection but let me ask today's audience something. Have you ever love someone so much. So when you worked day and night for well I have two boys and that's how I feel my awesome wife and I have two amazing boys will my son Drew is on the show right now Drew is a senior at St. Joe's University in Philadelphia. He is been the CIO, chief information officer of auto parts, for three years he wants to compare new and old performance car information through glad you can make the show this morning and got a beer so anything is aware having Pete Brock and Dr. Simeone on the element both very famous people and he Brock coming. He designed the new Corvette stingray and Simeone as one of the largest vintage car collections out there. I thought he really called compare a couple of old these iconic cars that are modern counterpart to show you how far we've come. The rentalů During the quarter-mile times the fuel economy would be interesting and fun as well and being a connection between couch WP Brock Ellie Michael start Shelby and one Microsoft.

1965 Shelby GT 350 now, things introduced in 1950 4 1/2 and only half year later. Rosselli got up and got working magic.

He took the standard 289 V8 added that it is a little weak to it and bump our 306 and the end and had a redline at the art 5500 RPM both very impressive physics for the other time you married Mary Aguilar and this is actually the car.

They got me into the car, rolling it into the cart.

It's just one of the most beautiful shapes that never seem, and I remember going on Google and looking at pictures of the five aspect 55 GT 350 is looking looking up in Broward my dad actually had a race car and he kept in the garage allowed to go out there and there it Broward such a beautiful car is completely infatuated with that.

Now fast or the modern time late last year Ford introduced the GT 350 and GP 350 R Mustang, which are based on the new Mustang platform with independent rear suspension always really cool technology that were available back and the current car has a 5.2 L or 318 in.│ V-8 with 526 hp and a flat plane crank which is what you find an honorary engine which is very expendable or quick high redline 8250 RPM, which is under great, actually. And because of safety equipment and technology, and regulations and current car than you might think a lot heavier. The original was 27 2800 pounds menuing 3700, though at the different without doubt the quite a big difference to but me with the horsepower advantage.

It gets really good performance. Actually very good performance. Look at the quarter-mile times 1965, carded in 14.7 seconds at 90 miles per which is very flexible. Respectable for current time very fast for the time that if I had a new Mustang. I can get to work earlier and save save more fuels that we could tell hundred percent hundred percent so I may now the current 112.1 second that 190 point the welfare now that trap speed is only 5 mph short of the top speed of the 9065 car that is both online and then obviously because of how efficient cars are now and because of the gearing in such the fuel economies are completely different, but 55 carded 12.8 miles per gallon, which was definitely fine.

Back then, but abysmal for today and now the new hundred 21. Imagine having acquired the 0 to 60 in under four seconds during 21 mile ground performance with reserves for Ferrari, Lamborghini, and 15 years ago and now you can get it in a Mustang for $50,000. That's pretty impressive evidence that is incredible but the court will group the Druze senior is a mention of features University is graduating in May. My wife and I are extremely proud of and computer science major and for senior project is currently developing a car out, but it's very cool that you could use from your android phone, tell the statistics of the car RPMs and keep the whole thing to note any type of error codes but kind of secret and I would like to talk about that much through what what is your favorite what your favorite car all honestly virtual breakthrough in the commercial will be back you'll hear about our guys and back card already part of the line today with my one of my favorite people in the world. My son Drew Drew eight Ellie going good. I was I wanted that question that you asked me before the break. He said what my favorite car and you know, I'd say 1967 GT 500 that a believer that that's my favorite one at the very one of the best looking cars out there recover continuing at the same I was thinking because radically Brock on later designed to stingray Corvette. I wanted to compare the stingray two. The new thing that was actually a couple years ago which is a beautiful car now. The Corvette was originally introduced to compete with Ford Thunderbird in the 50s. They had a six cylinder eventually V-8 and that's you know the rest be that we all know and love.

Now for the second generation.

63. That's when he designed it. We were introduced to the stingray, which was gotta be one of the most beautiful cars out there split window iconic shape, honestly, probably one of those iconic American targets.

And you know Corvette is always been America's superpower always a great performer, great looker piece of Ferrari Lamborghini jaguars and you know that the whole the day that the current generation fee seven stingray beautiful car has fantastic performance and the outcome of the father thing recipe from the no let's see what performance you can get your Chevy dealer. Now, compared to what you were able to get 63 now 63 stingray to do the quarter-mile in 14.5 seconds at 100 miles or which is actually very impressive and is still a resident at that at the quick car and you know looking at the stats on the bone away because the deal GT 350 seemed a bit slow, but this is very impressive. And now the current card is 12.217.3 which is held to a different than the what fuel could fuel economy of both the difference well the new Chevy Corvette has a technology called filter deactivation bill at highway speed that actually shut off for the cylinders and warm like a four-cylinder car so you can actually get 29 miles per gallon car which is a name that that's a good move like a hybrid in the original cart got 14 though half past while delivering arugula.

Thanks. Everything you share with us, but that's really incredible and were really proud of graduating coming up and listen to the rest of the show. Dr. Simeone coming on next.

Right now, and the luck to look to start my interview with the friend Freddie there.

Yes, I have, how are you this morning. I'm really good how about you I'm fine thank you for joining us really appreciate your work and heavy on the third segment as well, but the doctor my favorite car in the museum has to be the cobra Daytona maybe it's not the most rare or most expensive but the car that I really relate to give us your perspective on that on the cobra while the cobra Daytona group clicks all the boxes. First of all history history because it one for us. The first and help win for us. The first world championship makes that which was a big deal when you consider international racing was so important around the world, perhaps less so in America and elsewhere and we can never really the series started in 1953 and we had never really one match so that's history of landmark for America. Secondly, performance the wood base with just the four 289 engine and that cobra roadster chassis, but because of the way the fabulous way the body was designed and styled. It became a performance champion going up to hundred 80 miles an hour on and really beating just about every other car by the world is approved to win the championship makes beauty. I don't even have to go in and I'm not even say words that look at and according to me the most important thing about the car, even though it is that's underneath are pretty much bored with some modification spot on the cake, but the body designed to absolutely landmark I mean there there at that time there was nothing like it was some cars that were just entering the GT category that had the basic shape, but the difference between good and bad. The difference between a 95 in 100 is the biggest difference of all and that car just got 100 in terms of design and we have a bank that young guy who wasn't wasn't out of this design training very long single-handedly made that car a world champion in the course. That's Peter Brock is out. Those are all the boxes performance design history, you can't beat it. I can understand my two favorite II just I just absolutely love love the vehicle when you when you when you purchase that and brought it into the museum of what type of the restoration did you do to the car. Well, we had been in storage in the nice nice warm climate in California for 30 years inside of the storage facilities so it didn't have the usual environmental wear and tear that has happens when a car is outside or use a lot and had very little use shall be sold it to an individual who they cleaned it up and had some rough where as a result of it being Daytona which was the last race. I think you gave Bay Bonneville which was right last race, then that shall be cleaned it up, repainted and sold to an individual who did use it much solar to another individual who not only didn't use it but couldn't really live with its performance being too radical for him and then finally when storage so when I looked at it and I could see all kinds of truck traffic on break for a commercial hold your thoughts on TV detective auto parts not for Chicago radio show will be right back all know card and on the line. We have Dr. studio and we were talking about the restoration of that war cobra Daytona printed what you are talking about will bring home law while I was almost finished the bottom line is that when we sorted for 30 years of storage we cleaned it up and we saw a lot of evidence of its history knowledge many races and then it's wonderful a performance that Bonneville words that the 23 record. So we decided since it have been preserved pretty well for 30 years in California that we would clean it up and restore it mechanically, which meant really taking just about every piece of art cleaning it up and then putting it back together again, making it perfectly safe, but not shiny.

You know, because the other. The other five that exist have all been restored to like new. And we thought we would leave this one like it was when it race that is where it stands to this day. Very usable carů This is fantastic when when you first started up. What was that what would you feel well there you know you get very sentimental and we know that it had run since the very early 70s was an exciting feeling you've taken back to those wonderful days when Shelby and Ford dominated international racing for those four years. Never again to be repeated by an American absolutely absolutely ignore the car. The way the cars displayed in the museum in the history the way you can walk through and just go through history it is truly incredible and as I mentioned earlier, my wife and I attended numerous functions at the Museum and government. Shooting of the defeated children.

You see the older people in religious walls. The display and believe that the rich most of the history assistance is incredible incredible.

You've got a credit incredible job on the museum. Do you have any new additions in the works right now know it we were devoting most of that we are charity all those cars have been donated to a charitable foundation so that we have to run pretty much one of visitors who come there and events that we have solved with it. We that we rent the building for but we don't have a lot of income so we spent pretty much whatever we can to keep the place going and that precludes buying any new cars, especially cars of the type that belong with the other ones that are in the museum church of 20 memory came back to speak to your members years ago. We, you and I just have a conversation. I think throughout the Pittsburgh vintage Grand Prix and were walking down the paddock tonight. I said what's your favorite car and hopefully a story mistress came to my mind as we were talking here that this is when you were you were up hospital and left the hospital and you said I would go down there at lunchtime, pop a chair and I would just sit and if it was the Bugatti I was out for a male government about our America artist. Remember, you was funny because you said I just pop a Charlie for the help of my sandwich up with her how humble is that there is a flick of the alpha. The winds and in what year was that night they could, cars 1938 and I probably got I don't know when we had that conversation, but it was probably in the 70s or 80s I got had the Carson's mid 70s I was probably 70s or 80s is always it always and still has the same fascination as the several others including the Daytona group torture for regrouping of the cars that you have 12 hours always look of vehicles you're the waiter. Well, the way that the museum is set up by grouping the biggest news of the LeMans where we have 10 cars actually break the LeMans from 1930 to 1970. But the best grouping I have is called the winners circle. It's so circle enclosed by checkered flag drapes and it just luckily we had a winner major race winner are from each of the five major countries that raised so they're all grouped together just because they were there were winners and they happen to be among the best cars in the collection so that Friday regrouping forward.

You say someone was was coming and moved to Philadelphia to visit the attractions and on the early part of our show I mentioned that your your your museum is a must-see attraction of Philadelphia right now what the distance between the land at the airport the coming of Center City, and for your museum at the air as they go from the airport to the museum about 7 to 10 minute 7 to 10 were yeller were were very close to the airport we see the planes landing or break close the airport from Center City. It's about 15 to 20 minutes from the airport. It's about the under 10 review might disclose and thought I've been out a few functions and one function I was I was a Catholic organization grow fundraiser for the school system and spent 250 people know so you have a belly shoot we can hold up to a thousand, and on the back.

We have, we call it attracted it's really a big parking lot and that will hold 300 so we can entertain a large crowd right right you and I am going to tell the listeners to Dr. Sunil and I were speaking the other day and had a pretty heart-to-heart conversation about faith and will be part of the Christian card I show I thought I would bring up the question about faith and it's a question about something or very private about and some people love to touted which is which is awesome and I respect each mutual perspective, but Dr. Samuel Bingham is a brave brain surgeon, a man of science and and what you told me I just want to assure that if you don't mind your story well as we got into the discussion I had to mention, and sometimes on the selector you apologize for not being a totally devout Christian who can recite recite the Bible and adheres to every evangelical principal well, to some extent medicine. Scientific management takes you away from some of that you know you have to deal with stories of over of recreation and stories of resurrection, and some of those are are in conflict with client but Christianity certainly is the principal vanity.

I will be live by, and the other thing that really made me really really brought out faced enablers.

As you work on the complex organism, particularly the brain. I think of the example I use with UCI guy is a highly complex organism involves lenses and irises the clicker and recognized it see things in circulation and fluids to keep it all together and then complex connections in the brain so that your eyes moving your eyelids blank and that is supposed to be the result of random random mutations in other words, that certainly I wasn't planned and random mutations happen that all of the all somehow after a period of how many billion years. You go from individual organisms to something as complex as they will be high to me to our brain is so complex that it's impossible that all got together through random mutations, which of course is superior evolutionary. It's very popular.

I mean there has to be some kind of force to some kind of direction to make the organism come together in such a logical and to our week brain complex and nights a week brain. We have some 12 billion neurons updated after find their way to get connected and eyes. I say it takes faith to realize that there is an organizational plan that does now, that doesn't have to be an answer month more fickle organizational plan doesn't have to be planned by something that looks like a human, but it certainly my opinion has to be governed by some other type of higher enforcement.

Quite frankly, we don't understand and and Christianity gives you away. An intermediate way to try to relate to that to something we do understand which is the activities of human being, but it's an incredible perspective from a man of science and the you know you mentioned the conversation.

A lot of bills find system the brightest minds out there that actually through their research of mood they may start off as atheist or just nonbelievers amend the paperwork themselves day and night, try to figure this out. Ever prove their right and they actually start start having faith because they think they realize that there is something there is a God there is God so I just think that your process is greatly appreciated and your time on the show is greatly appreciated.

As you have as you have something to tell you is I have told is a chef.but I'm working on spot for you and I on Jay Leno's whispers of all that is great is your back daughter and I are going to on the radio show in the you you well. We promised you also brought them out of the great news is you do.

But before we get to register. Second, I gotta tell you all this information is a Christian card. so if you want to find out more about what were talking about are links to all the resources that we have a solid Christian Car with Andy.

Let's go ahead and introduce her just arrived earlier in the show I spoke about the Peter Brock's history. Also because of our constraint here. I wanted to get your questions really quickly ocular are you doing I'm doing great. Were out here in Anderson and the temperature is about 80░ outside and it's is the place also excellent, excellent wealth. You heard Fred Simeone earlier on the show he was talking about the cobra that the cobra that you designed for the Shelby group back in the 60s and now it's in his museum for everyone to see. I thought it would be appropriate. Pascal here how in the world you have the vision to design such a card was a rendition of the US Corvette stingray Cooper vice a versa. No one actually had very little to do with the stingray of I have always been sort of a student of history and of course with my interest in cars. I had come across from rather complex papers that were written in the late 30s by some German scientist of the narrative metrics for automobiles and I couldn't read the German but I could understand the numbers and they had a very low coefficient of drag and I thought that would be applicable to a new car, because nobody ever use that information. It all been lost after World War II, and I complete avoid those numbers through the cobra Jesse in the came up with a design. Always all inspiration of the reasons behind in the late 1930s. While change your your inspiration to the Corvette stingray which is very similar. I was actually the direction of Bill Mitchell.

Of course the GM styling you'd gone over the turbine show in the 1957 and see all these beautiful little stream letters that we don't like know the mostly Italian Fiat powered record breakers and though they were all have the spirit of the line all the way around the little aerodynamic shapes over each higher Andy Dickens came back with a bunch of photographs met with the prepuce. It looks take this theme of unwanted and the court so there were several newsletters in the studio is working for, but in the end he ended up choosing the decided that I have come up with and that we ran with it and developed it into the corporate story where you see the future of performance at this point I'm initiated. No C7 Corvette at the 06 where he always championships in your burglary and so on work you have there is a better car remained in the world right now all technology standpoint relieve them of the matter Corvette for the money you paid for the car. It's absolutely the finest engineered car in the world and if it does everything it has incredible performance of the wonderful comfortable driver that is all a fit and finish of the fire is European super commercial.

If this can be pretty tough top anything that they're doing right now in that direction. So I think that we will see more, the going in the direction of wealth more efficiency with hybrids and that sort of thing more hybrid technology rather than like you helped us was along the full electric more like a combination yes definitely about you while you're sick, you recently put out a book 63 Corvette stingray to cobra. Yeah, could you sure sure will be with us on that of the mass culture that really fills the whole history of all the Corvette came about with the will Bill Mitchell back in the GM of the course of our will, of Curtis was then the president of General Motors and all they had decided that though the Medicaid industrywide damn all performances on the cover off all development. Often the anything having to do with performance, but Bill Mitchell was just coming into the arena. GM styling taking over from the previous years that all pretty pretty pretty bland stuff and Mitchell delighted that he was going to change the whole look GM styling, but he had horrible curse in the way so excited that you would build the Corvette in secret and he couldn't take it upstairs to the main no design studios would shortly so he took it downstairs were all young interns working in the studio I was working a lot of it gave a set brief to design the car and based on what you've learned over the inability of the torrential and from that angle we develop first prototype Corvette, which eventually became the court took six years from original sketch that I did on November 57 Teledyne it finally came out showing 5757 you were designing 63 Corvette exactly yes well look that long while took that long to get it through of partly because of the bureaucracy of General Motors and the time it took to convince management that it was a viable product so we built a prototype that was all done in secret, and then when they finally discovered that you sign the car. He said you cannot put a Chevrolet name on it. You cannot put the Corvette name on it; stingray and they said that you're gonna run the scar on the truck you have to pay for your so will building, went totally against the management fee solid rate of the current so-called existing regular course it got such incredible public acclaim from styling because it was so far advanced that he completely took management, turned them around and realize that this was going to be the halo car for General Motors and use either starting a whole new online for General Motors and I think it was probably one of his most successful design agreement cars, you know, but that that was the car that really made Bill Mitchell was with the Corvette stingray 63. All your accomplishments.

You should probably look at yourself and say that's just normal day at the office but from our perspective on the side of the racing world you're been a role model mind for years. Racially, I will your partners Jim Fitzgerald for what's your biggest biggest accomplishment will I do not insult whatever the next project is that there was one unfinished project that we get it. General Motors of which are not going to work there when I was 19 I knew what it was like to try to buy a new car when you're 19 years old. You don't have any money you have to go out and buy a used car and went to work by yourself or you have tools or Jack or anything like that so I explained the suit. The idea of building a student car because with the efficiency that they've got in the numbers know the economy of scale we could build a beautiful little car for thousand dollars that any student could buy and that of so we made a couple of prototypes like that and it was a fabulous start great and we got got as far as billing and full-size but Harlow Curtis came along with Devon said no we don't build small cars for General Motors that you'll appreciate that that will evaluate the most exciting project I was involved in end of the ever got see that's great. Going many tremendous things in your life so far as imagining things that literally shape the history of the automotive world, especially the racing world and development of our models and he told the group that they'll tell you because it's in the only car that the ideas of aerodynamics of transferred over to the Dave farm and you look at the Toyota previous work sample.

That's what they call it a little early dynamic shape of the Choctaw fit in the most efficient package that's no matter what you say I still care by a prison. Sorry, by the high being on the show Sherry stories with us.

I really allow has been an exciting show all the way around today on the Christian Car Guy show.

I'm so thankful Andy that these amazing deficits you've lined up for us how God blessed us so again will you already know I'm one of the ways accomplices review the list as those of you had a chance to share with us today. I can't tell you what it means to us to have your after listening so thanks again.

Remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and thank you for list of the Christian Car Guy show Christian Car

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