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Camping Stories

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 9, 2016 3:00 pm

Camping Stories

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Will you Christian Car Guy radio show adjacent Bible style three. I only have a real spring treat you today on the Christian Car Guy show.

I'm your host Robbie do more I'm doing with Steve Clemons is with Bill Clinton's RVs were not figure out why that is a minute that we are thinking that it's like the sun is out this morning. It's beautiful and we were thinking we gotta plan our summer vacation. That's what it would be some ultimate summer fun destinations. And that's from a look to your help today.

Where did your family go right you can help everybody by joining in on the phone. This is a live show.

You can call us with any question, comment 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but where did your family go. That left a lifelong memory. Maybe you saw Mount Rushmore and you had a rush or sometimes memories are made in the struggle what time your dad forgot the tent poles or a bear maybe visited your camper you I had a collar once tell me that they left grandma in the rest area miles down the road and remembered her man I met grandma was hot as before, cell phone, Steve and I don't think that went well for him. So we want your story. What's the ultimate summer fun destination and what goes into that 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and as I said, we have Steve Clemens here from Bill Clinton's RV world and you know Steve years ago I saw a marriage video by Gary Smalley and he said what is the one thing that if you find with people that have been married for 5860 years.

What is the one thing that you would find in that couples life that they all these couples have in common and and you know you would think the family that stays together.

Praise given those kind of things. That's what everybody thought Gary Smalley was leading to since he was a pastor but that is what he said the only thing that they could find in common were with families that stayed together through the years as they camped and the reason he said that camping created that kind of bonding experience is that you go out there, right in the tent or whatever your situation may be, and it rains for 40 days and 40 and all the struggle leads to bonding is is the family come together around this camping experience. That same thing happened in your own family right. That's exactly right. That's true.

We started the 65 years ago my dad started Bill Clinton's RV world before I was born but he started the company, and of course it was automobiles rather quickly. His uncle talked him into going camping in the little trailer and so we did that a few times locally, like Myrtle Beach, etc. and then the early 60s dad and that uncle and another one decided were going to take the family to Florida for the Christmas. Vacation and boy did we bill some memories.

We took off down there and had issues. We are yeah you that's what you can hear what happened to the issues that created the camping legacy in the state of North Carolina but will most all we want to hear your issues, 866 or your memory, you know, maybe it was just a fun time went fishing with your dad. I don't know what it was. You do and we can't begin to plan our vacations until we hear you about your exciting experience and we got you know we got summer coming and we want to be thinking about these things.

What are some things we should be thinking about that you know about because your family experience them.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call you and share. I love it when people do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have loads of lines open and we would love to get your call will get right on now, in keeping with our ultimate summer destination theme right we have a little bit of a name that noise came along that lines time to find my defect. I like that hubbub all that. So as I mentioned, this time it is not an automotive noise it might have something to do with that ultimate summer tested mind. So when you can identify this noise.

Jim don't want though in oh that's the noise itself. Let's play that one more time. That's the noise that we want to know what that noise is 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you can name that noise that we display will play one more time to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if they can do that can tell him about when last Jesus or the accompanying CD. You have your choice of the CD or the book you can name that noise 863487884.

The good news is the lines are lightened up baby got people, commitment, noise, or perhaps they can tell us about their summer ultimate destination. Now we also have a Jesus labor love meat. I want to share with you for those he may not be familiar. We have a ministry within the Christian partnership called the Jesus labor of love and that is car repair labor and sometimes parts for families in crisis.

So we have this across the country. Families in crisis where we sometimes were able to meet the need, and we hope we can and that's corset Christian Car you can find out all about that ministry, but sometimes people reach out to us and we don't have the resources we need and so on times like that I reach out the audience to see if maybe God might help out by putting this on your heart and I got this from a lady in Reno Nevada this morning and we don't have a radio station in that area so we don't have a lot of resources in that area in Reno Nevada we have in Seattle Washington we have in Bakersfield, California apostolic city were all around him. We don't have anything in Nevada and so we we need to see if we can help this lady and I think when you listen the story you need some help. She says I'm a single struggling mom with a daughter who has special needs.

She was born prematurely and has a feeding tube in developmental disabilities. Sydney is her daughter's name in Sydney is nine years old and they go to therapy every Wednesday.

So Sydney can learn how to chew and swallow food safely, as well as for physical therapy for upper body and legs my car and my only means of transportation blew a head gasket is 19 if he's new to 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. I'm just old Steve I can I can get on the 1900 but anyway the 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix, the estimated repairs were $2800. The mechanic which we've spoke to him as well and they've knocked it down to 1800, but being a single mom and unable to work due to her daughter's medical and feeding issues. She desperately needs some help now we course I was.

I have the things through auto parts nuts that they've no donated to us that we are able to have that, if needed, and unfortunately they've Artie gotten apart since we were unable to do that. So just ends up being up is simply a donation need and so if God is put that on your heart to help Sydney and her mom then you can either go to Christian Car and you can see clearly there's a button, donate to the Jesus labor love or you can mail a check to the Jesus labor of love. That's simply the name of the ministry is a 501(c)(3), every single dime you give will go to this need. We don't have any administration costs zero we we simply meet the needs with the donations that we get because everybody's volunteers were don't have any don't have any ministration to it. So it's Jesus labor love 238 Sartre essay. You are a lame and Winston-Salem 27 107238 Sartre Ln., Winston-Salem, NC 27107 it's a Jesus labor love again just put down that this is for the lady and in Nevada and we will make sure that every time every penny goes to that need. And obviously her car sitting there getting worked on right this very minute, so very good. We have Jenny in Des Moines, Iowa.

We have Terry is in Everett, Washington. They both want to play name that noise ran to get to that in a minute. We can name the noise and I am dying to hear about your ultimate summer destination 866-34-TRUTH 87884 got lots of lines open. We hear your story.

I know your dad. My dad I is a dad did it all is 866-34-TRUTH back to Christian radio show summer vacation. You remember the most.

And along those lines. We have a very special name that noise. We've been playing that would be based on your soul summer ultimate destination. We've got a couple players come up here Jim Gladden play that name that noise again so people can know what what it is that were naming here. I bet a few people that have been camping would know what that would know what that noise as we got Jenny is in the morning Jenny year on the Christian Car Guy show the morning. What do you think that noise might be. It is, but you know it is a version of sleep. You know, I hadn't thought about that but if they are in a sleeping bag yet will you just you beat me on my own name.

That noise game. I thought about the one in the sleeping bag, but I could easily be in a sleeping guy because I didn't see when they recorded that zipper. I just had another item in mind, but the sleeping bag. I love that you want to work in us and that book out to you. Do you have a up the ultimate summer vacation memory that you possibly might share with right now. I'm sorry that's okay but you can't like you may have spent some time in the sleeping bag at one time brother maybe went camping wonderful God bless you Jenny thank you very much Carol. All right, we have Terry is in Everett, Washington Terrier on the Christian Car Guy show good morning will. I'm wondering if you have another thought in mind with that zipper might be part now you know that that noise is just one of those things that will wake you up in a heartbeat if it's 2 o'clock in the morning and and your father had to go do whatever you had to go.

Do you hear that noise and you jump out your sleeping bag.

It's it's an unforgettable thing, but I'm wondering Terry, do you have one of those ultimate summer memories that you would want to share in Iran and their hearing again, I apologize I'm not from that area. So is an island up there near Seattle are, but I picture Seattle and Lane did everything on your team are rearranged out the current account that's fun stuff and I can remember when we were camping my family out Colorado we would sit under these big canopies and play all kind of games that my mother knew more games and anything in the world and those are just great memories because we're like where we can go hiking whatever so will play in a game of Parcheesi or what there and everything I do in the little drips you know is pouring rain and that this is usually over my head for whatever that you so much Terry. God bless appreciate you calling and thank you to the pot. We had Brenda is in Walnut Cove, North Carolina. She's got a memory for is Brenda you're on the Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning one long Lord and I will terribly camping at the family alarm my mom and my brother born years younger than me. But anyway we had became sure out beyond pickup comps now got a handful and I still have a black scale be one little holy that I got from their daddy help me uncover it and we could stop at top again. It was like he black scale and have it proudly displayed that shale being Marie let every time we was an old scoutmaster and gotten after for church early and we had a big one for mom and dad and a little one sleeping bag got ready and out all cracker girls. Now what is about sisters. Now my son I recently visited my sister in Illinois and she had all these souvenirs from our adventures and we went to the New York world's fair in 1963, and she had the little bitty globe souvenir and it was sitting on a thing). She said look at this and it just took us back to all those amazing memories about what is it about girls can keep stuff like that. I don't think the Lord that we gather we have one 30 a lot and thank you Brenda and if you want to call in and join the fun. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You know you have that memory on the tongue, 866-348-7884 and so much more. 000 to find out a check engine lights and check that they were playing small world at night like me to have actually been there. You think about song from Disney World well yeah Pepsi had an exhibit that they moved to the world but originally it's a small world was the Pepsi exhibit in the New York world's fair in 1963, which was one of my family vacations and my father again work for Buicks. We went on some amazing. That was his thing. He worked really really hard but then he got like three weeks off for vacation and we would go to we weep, pitched a tent in Pennsylvania, but then drove over the world's fair and saw the Amish country and all it was an amazing adventure that I'll never forget my sister Hal still had that little globe with the spheres on it so we are interested in your memory, 866 does work plan this ultimate summer vacation. How fun is it to be this summer to be out with your family and maybe to be raining or maybe it may even be snowing. I don't know but we want to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and as I mentioned to get a little bit about check engine lights and that's an appraisal by the robot coming up the end of the show that you know some of us, the Holy Spirit, acts like a check heart light and that's a yellow light means that something is going on is working to get to that coming up and you can find all this stuff is always a Christian Car Steve you're going to tell us there you are. Your how the legacy started of of Plemons RV was a little trailer down in Florida and things just didn't go right. That's true my day at Bill Clinton's well, we took a family on a vacation we left Winston-Salem in December 13 foot camper, which meant it was a 10 foot box for children. Mom and dad and so here we go taken off to Florida when this three of us together little caravan we get down south side of the Winston-Salem the day of stops, you will some gas him and my older brother got out I went back to look at the camp and opened the door and back in the 60s. I didn't have the technology.

Now the doors didn't stay shut his whale so the doors had came open and those ball glass jars of corn and green beans that come out hit the floor and exploded and they were all frozen hanging from the holding period was a frozen green beans and corn is the mass glass everywhere, and my brother says, oh, when mom sees the and my dad looked at him and he said do you want to go to Florida for Christmas. Yeah, and he done the proverbial zipper earlier this morning. Is it purely up get the car will be going home so they got back in the car we start off down the road. Mom will house everything back there. Dad said it's about like it's supposed to be. You need to know we get down to Macon, Georgia about 1130 at night would go. We got a stop in spend the night there in mom's going when we've never done is we got set those little beds at their light campus between poles for the tube in the back. We got up at the table down to in the front and you and on the back to sleep. Six people in the Stanford box and we've we've never done this, and dad said when we got we got another little issue. We got a deal with first and she said what and he told her story.

She said why didn't you tell me and he said what would you have said honey she said widow turned his rig back home and dad says you go for kids in the back looking for Santa Claus in Florida. What we would waiting until the she looked at him.

She said you're right Bill. So we spent our half inside wife and and mop in the whole thing down, cleaned it up. It's mail now in our food gone. It was float in the floor now or make a George's woman 2 inches deep and clean that up. That was our first night. Enjoy. And it got better from there. And those are the kind of things it again. That may commemorate that the bonding and the family that you come up against these kind of things and I think that's what Gary Smalley knew exactly, but interestingly there's a biblical precedent and end. By the way, we haven't heard your story yet so you don't keep procrastinating the shows going on you know you got you didn't hear 866-34-TRUTH 87884. God had this plan for the Israelites that they needed to stay together after they got into the promised life and so he told them we need you to go on a 40 year camping trip right and in originally the tabernacle itself was what it was a tan and these people had this this sort of way of being nomads and and not belonging any place in a way to be the kind of kept separate.

I found out this week that in Jeremiah 35. I don't know if you're familiar with. This is a tribe called the record bites and I'm not sure I'm pronouncing that right and biblical scholars can call in and feel free to correct me. My wife would shake. I think it's pronounced the record bites. It's in Jeremiah 35 and their ancestor was actually Jethro's father-in-law your member who told me needed to reorganize little bit that he was a little bit out of but apparently his son started this certainly order that said from now on.

The record bites. They are going to reside in tents. In other words, we want you going into cities. We want you to live in tents and that was what they were. They were happy campers against what they did and we don't want you to drink any wine and if you think about our pilgrimage through life. You know that much of it is that we are set apart and that that we are to an extent camping out there and and not part of it and I think it's interesting that these record bites got tested when they actually had violated their first order, which was to stay in tents will be came into Jerusalem when Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians invaded Israel and so when they came into town late already violated the one and then God had another test formed to see if they would drink wine and they didn't.

And God use that as an example, that it just if you compromised on one item does not necessarily mean you have to fall for the whole. You know necessarily right and I find that fascinating that that here was a father that said, I want you guys to be campers and when I think of that picture because I I've known Steve for a lot of years I think of your family. This is silly.

The Plemons are really the record bites of the future and interestingly is a blessing at the end of Jeremiah 35 it says record bites will never cease to have a man worshiping before the throne of God and and that's it has to do with that.

We got Angela and she's got a camping memory for essentially you're on the Christian card I show good morning story all right. We'd love to hear okay go lay every every couple weeks night, get up early in the morning were going great. I don't know not, we'd wind up in Virginia wanted.

Favorite Gen. Stonewall Janet and the lead lead AND how we would Washington and Lee University Virginia Military Institute and all went back again and again because that was special time with my place and at least just a very special memory of Thielman. You know when you think about it. Old Testament weights canonized nowadays.

It says in the end times that God will turn the hearts of the children back towards their father. And you know I don't know. I went to Miss Beck's hundred and fourth birthday party and those of your list of the show after working a pursuit you get here soundbite from that Miss Beck's hundred and four and you'll never have a conversation with her where she won't talk about her father. All and I think about how when Christ comes in and heals us from all these things it would one of the things that he heals is our relationship with her parents. If will look to them to do that if we bring that to him and say how can we, how can we have this fifth commandment which is honor your father and mother that it will go well with you and you live on land right mean you can't that's a deal.

I'll take that and and I think camping memories have something to do with learning to honor your father who can I just call mine, Ted, true blood, because he would figure out a way to make the tent work in spite of the fact that know something just one right answer. I bless you, thank you for sharing that memory and sharing your dad a whole much time that you gotta get your your story is 866348788486634 truth, and as I mentioned these check engine light things there are frustrating as it sometimes. We've got a check heart like story coming up and we need your camping story for your ultimate summer destination, wherever that may be, we would love to hear 866-34-TRUTH 87884 precious time to get back and you got all welcome back today we are talking about your ultimate summer destination memories technique another call coming in. Now the calls are coming in so I'm thankful that people are calling and we want to hear your story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we have Stevenson, Durham, North Carolina. Steve you good morning.

I'm anxious to hear your story, you remember back to Ohio back around 1977, 78. They purchased a pop little campers should wind up the trip planned, but 1 Particular Way called Geauga Lake and and about three Dave Greer and the big huge Lakehead board about two things jump on what have you. The high dive, let me set up. You know you will know I would like blogs because they cannot do campfires campfire data so the whole body, mind you will now think that I want to do, which I have done and will become so and do other camper will put that chip too, did a lot for me in an amazing Steve that when we can get together like that as a family and go exploring things to get even though there's conflict in the you know I had a little brother. Thank you Steve God bless you and appreciate you calling it a good we have Lee is in Raleigh, North Carolina leader on the Christian card I show the morning good morning yeah I'm very excited to hear your story. It started. I think the New York world fair was 65 not 63 what that shows you how old I am.

I bet you're right, I will bet in my mind been six yeah it probably wasn't 65.

Now that I think about it okay directed to me like my wife and I were doing a world murdered. How did you see it's a small world to us in the world's fair when it and we carry a cell of the carousel progress was very fun during the treatment and was that Mike would get there early in the morning would get a light, so we got it all fair.

Well, what was your camping story when I was in Boy Scouts. My dad was the explorer leader for the Explorer Post I would go hundred miles north of Toronto cocaptain week traveling to Portage and with our canoes and one day it was rainy and drizzly and did not exclude pack and the treelike bill was that the left in a complex about well in the middle of the night like big black bear through the whole walk in and we had a like a 5 pound canopy to butter but she popped open with butter. I could look up and yelled wanted out, holding the and there my dad but it will copy don't get back here now there is a large tree in a stock picker on the right side of the tree to see where the bear was the girl speak around the other side screamed in the bill click off and taken back to you Natalie. I'm thinking you're not the only person remembers that incident is classic that is so awesomely.

Thank you so much for calling and ensure that they got bless you about. We have Barbara is in Greenville, South Carolina, Barbara, you are on the Christian card as you I can't stop this is to fund have Barbara and long story, probably about a minute and pray the Lord my dad got out of there when I was 11 years old.

I'm not looking became popular structurally here and hardluck bill structurally here corporation, a block that would hold a sleeping bag. Everything on Cooley Law or clock on construction fully.

My mother had made before we got there we went around it like it everything I know I can. My uncle, my aunt and we usually got their electric light sleep $500 nightly got well my my uncle stream trout and they said okay, what early morning and went down the street well my mom on the car and started Nelly and what they call it now because it was early. Barbara you have to hurry now because we don't my and my uncle and got everything in the car knowing and I and my dad and I could get a fire going on in my brother's current life why you made a memory which is the point Barbara God bless you and appreciate you calling so much in sharing that story and I know there's some folks that didn't able to get their story on today but you can go to Christian car guy anytime and share your stories. We'd love to hear more on our Facebook page either one and I hope that we all see the point that when we spend time with our families. Even if things go ruffled green beans are all over the roof. Steve yeah you know that still you know God is there. He's with this and wouldn't when he helps us get through these things that we make memories. We never forget is if we work through those things together so planning your ultimate summer vacation obviously requires prayer and obviously we hope to gotta be involved in you having something like that to make a memory this year.

Go to Christian card I got, please ask you to do that and check out our labor love that participant in in Reno Nevada that were talked about really need some help to get your help there. Now remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done. 33.

Thank you for

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