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Average Vehicle Age

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 10, 2016 11:41 am

Average Vehicle Age

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 10, 2016 11:41 am

Christian Car Guy

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Thank you for listening to this edition of the Christian heart podcast is brought to you by Mr. Long Road.

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Mr. quick helps people live.

Ran out of gas locked her keys in their car or need to jumpstart an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and the three-time winner of the member's choice award for customer service.

This could be the chance he'd been looking for to serve others at the point of crisis and even share your walk with Christ. Whether you're looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance. Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card to Cargile radio show initiation Bible style initiation and we are having a celebration today on the Christian card I show Christmas is all about life and having it abundantly. How long will your car live recording the IHS study done just last month the average American car age has jumped 11.6 years.

Once again, surprising the so-called experts. Why do you think with new car sales hitting all kind of record levels.

Why are cars getting older is an interesting dilemma. Don't you think, and the question I would love for you to answer today for me and call in and share is how old is your car and how long you plan on keeping it is the question I would love free to call and ensure that by calling us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 in a question, comment, you may have for us this morning. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 for the digitally gifted 866-34-TRUTH and as we said were celebrating Christmas in fact were celebrating the birth of a king and team and out today he were alive from going Christian supply in King North Carolina and on hand we have really kind of the voice of the truth radio network Tom Booth witness how exciting to have Tom always exciting to be here.

Robbie entered a little cyclic song and I could just see you with the red cabinet going up on your big stereo. There is that time of year for a very special day today. What if I hadn't been here to be on the radio I be here anyway because this is one of my favorite stops. I love becoming a brows old all the books like scrapbooks here that you can't find anyplace else you can go to one of the big box Christian stores and find some of these titles are in here and I love the company morale for Saturday and what exciting things going on today is students going to be here Stu Epperson our boss is written a new book and it's a Christmas book.

Speaking of books, right first words of Jesus. And so there's a music good comping thing becomes that's really here and some of that music.

From there we can have stew here. We got so much going on but Christmas is about life and that's what you talk about every morning in Bible for breakfast right Thomas is that life comes in he comes abundantly does admit we celebrate at this time of year, but it's great to see new life come the people July 13, September 7. Whatever it is first yeah that me two days after Christmas.

Number 28. That's right, whatever it may be, so we would love to know this morning as were talk about life and how long will your car live.

That's an interesting question. When you who what I thought when when we took old red on is the parts truck at Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep the 20 some years later, it would still be going strong at 398,700 miles. Last night as I recall looking at the odometer's organ close to 400,000 that is amazing is is very secretive.

There is about that talk about Deborah coming up in our last segment they are praised by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure. Cry out for discernment, lift up her voice for understanding give you great Christmas insights on how long you will live because you know it is not just your car were concerned about the question is how long are you share that with our good friend Stu Epperson coming up at the end of the show and again we always want to remind you Christian car What a wonderful resource. It is a coursers hundred hundreds of articles so that your car can live longer podcast preview show Christian car guy theater right which were coming up on being able to do a Christmas Corolla again organ actually solved the mystery of you know will Allie get out from underneath the clutches of the photographer Brad all that stuff, and just next week. I think some of it but there's a Christian car sales read registry and is also Christian car care care centers that are involved in the Jesus labor love in the Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and we have some of those updates. As you might imagine this time. Here Tom absolutely may have come pouring in.

This week people that you know they just get overwhelmed with all that's that's going on, and so organ to give you some updates and NS are overwhelmed. It's amazing to me to see Tom how God's been faithful to their list and sending in donations wonderful ministry going six-year okay and over 600 people that we've no help by guessing and committing connect comp connected with and you know the neatest things, I have to tell you that I'll get to talk to Tom on the ease and the other part of the building doing Bible for breakfast as I get to talk to the ladies and sometimes gentlemen as a outliner crisis and I've learned that if we are to say. Can we just pray because it always seems overwhelming. They seemed overwhelmed.

I'm overwhelmed as I here because I don't know how in the world.

To meet this need. They need an intimate new transmission. Whatever. And as we stop and pray and seek the Lord. It's amazing the tone of everything changes when you bring God into absolutely and often that's the last thing we think about we think about okay here's how I'm going to do this or whose here's one: is from going to get help and it's what should be our first step is often a step down the road and it's it's great that you do that right up front and an even there's been times that you know the people of called me back and asked me to pray about everything.

That prayer was just wonderfully pregnant and I love to do that because you know if we bring Jesus into the situation. We stand a chance all that stuff. It's getting sick.

Christian car organ to give you some updates shortly on the Jesus labor, love, and some of the things that we actually got to take part in this week but that question is looming out there for you. What is keeping your car live. How is it that you know was such a strange phenomenon where you see their posting new car sales like never before, yet according all the reports the cars are are older than they ever have been 11.6 years now is what they're saying nearly 12 years old is the average car and how does that happen. How is it that people are keeping you know you probably remember Tom not quite as old as it may, perhaps you can remember that when people kept the cart two or three years that was all they did, or that 100,000 miles was, you know, the normal time that they were training.

If if if that will I can remember trading record at 76,000 miles on his last leg don't want to want to talk about it. Gremlins and pintos in my past that I had a gremlin in my path and speaking to gremlins Stu Epperson just came in.

He is here to do his book signing on first words of Jesus and Stu welcome Christmas we get away from the real meaning another three powerful words of the wise men.

The first three words ever said in the whole Bible recorded is where is he anymore talk about that fat guy with a unit with the big hat.

No cross on Jimmy's they were want to know where the King of Kings was eternal and was prophesied in Micah chapter 5 verse two and this is the essence of Christmas were see where you see in here going as we are right now the middle of North Carolina.

Solicitors hereby assigns a book for some people yes sir. Awesome datacenter book for this gentleman here to answer that question is Jesus.

Emmanuel is God with us right and so we are celebrating MSI Road first words of Jesus in the cradle across that's all we have the Christian God heart car guy through a vehicle of vehicles.

The wisemen I don't know what they were in an old red but their camels right and they were but they wrote those babies and you know but they went in a work farm either. Even though the Bible says they came from afar, but they were searching for something that the treasure the treasures of this world that fill their coffers the wisdom they entertain all these years right couldn't fill they were searching for the keen Lord Jesus Christ. We got so much Christian car guy, with Tom both Stu Epperson we are celebrating the birth of the King and King.

So if you're in the area.

Make your way up here because we got so much noise and stuff.

We would love to see it. Love to have you find out more about right now if you're listening maybe in San Diego. Some call 87. We are celebrating the birth of a Carolina car guy show with that King came life. So we've got this for you. How long will your car live.

I would love to know maybe how long is it live so far. You call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 that I H*met with his new study, said the average car living 11.6 years, but how long is your car lasted and what you think is the secret to that you call us at 866-348-7884.

We'd love to hear your version of that we got.

Jim is in Durham, North Carolina. He's got a car question forced Jim you're on the Christian card I show good morning, how are you sir I'm doing good like 14 years old night you going for about 3.5 L six and 100 minute I don't know how you know that this gorgeous guard condition every three months. I keep it that's exactly what kind of car is, it's her Chrysler 300 phone now. My heart Chrysler 300, wow so you must've gotten one of the first ones when they came out anybody style slightly different. I cannot fold your right. That is one of the first that you know you brought up a substantial point that I think that I really do think this Tom.

I think people are understanding more how to take care of their cars and they used to and there servicing them like you talked about everything you know. Three months is change the oil in making sure that the radiators been flushed and in all these kind of things but that's that's the way to do it.

Jim God bless you. Appreciate Scott in the day. God is good. It's great like me to.

Thank you Jim God bless you. All right, we have Gloria is in.

It looks like Baltimore-Washington. Perhaps Gloria, you're up early this morning out there in Washington. How are you very good grandma.

I get up early so much refreshing to hear all about eyes and count them really really is just a question for us about how to winterize your car, maybe I called an outline partly right. I'm calling because I want to tell you my card all and by car graded and my mind is my last car on 71 years old now and I'm retired and not driving it might all about me. It is all about maintenance and like Erica like we don't me God have to grow in Christ and have a good currently only taking care of you brought up my second point that it really say you know in Jesus Tom when he was talking to you the disciples and all he kept me know if you believe in me. If you believe in the one who sent me you to have life in your can I have it eternally and it has everything to do with trusting in Jesus, trusting that his heart is good for you that he wants good things for you, but he really wants you to live forever and you know were so grateful that you call in and and and if you have that kind of faith that wow this is a good car. If I take care of it, it's gonna make it. That is such an outstanding point, I could probably spend 10 minutes on glory. I noticed years ago when they came out with a lemon law that certain people would have struggles with a car and you know they continued and continued and continued to have struggles with a car and then I'd end up buying it back in the linen program and then I had to disclose it was a lemon at a big sign that said this was taken back in slim and I bought it back. Guess how many problems the next person would have a that car almost every time none and then I noticed the people that bought those cars, they never seem to have a lot of trouble with those cars, but the same person that bought the other women you know what their next car was and and it was almost as if that you would see the good that the situation had to do with faith. Do you believe that the car is going to be a good car or you believe that it's going to be in a lemon and I was always shocked at how those things work out because you know I figured, well, man, that the way this card is behaved. It's really it's gonna be hard on these people, but I would agree with you so heartily. Gloria faith has so much to do with whether or not you're currently in the night we heard that in the man from Burma minute ago and now with you glory that that faith has to do with God bless you, thank you for calling in and for sharing our Christmas celebration today. Thank you so much Less all right.

We have Jerry is also in North Carolina.

Jerry, you're on the Christian card I show good morning. We got a break.

I take your call right on the other side of this break we have so much to talk to Jerry about have limited knowledge will exist in Louisville, Kentucky.

We got you got a call at 866-348-7884. We are celebrating the birth and we would love to hear music from the first words of Jesus Stu Epperson book new booking company album that were featuring some of the music from them this morning. We are wondering how long is your car to live how long is it lived. What is up with all these cars lasting so much longer and what's the secret to your cars life right before we went to the break, which by the way, you can call in and share at 866-348-7884. We do have a few lines open 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we had Jerry in North Carolina right before we went to the break Jerry you still with me on Jerry.

Oh, you were delighted to have you on what kind of car you have 2011 word like I am tired glory call and I look forward Saturday morning.

I really did call matter, but it's not MasterCard but I love to hear your body because you smile lonely, sad day, and you make me laugh all the time. I think you know I smile every time. It makes me laugh along thank you and I'm from Canada. Now I have lots of rust under my car even know it was two years old. Here I don't know what can be done about that.

I had problem that we did when we were in Canada with the work will start turning actually bite our now I'm having a problem with the little problem when I close my lawyer shows my driver's door it at night because I realized I would not count outside and it is close the window won't go down automatically. A good LOI right now.

Almost all the time. He stays line the interior light came on for time. I did called Ford that I wasn't sure with limited income, not a mechanic. I know that it is pretty big deal. He thinks I look at if I thought a call Matthew leg, you know, when I Caldera said that possibly because that play the word out that even when car is running possible that withdrawing from and no go off.

I like it in my passenger side and now I lay my passenger side driver-side. I looked really cute. Let me ask you question when you when you get out of the car at night might stay on for a long time around. Okay, I got good news for you.

I don't think it's a big deal to fix it. There's a doorjamb switch that tells the door that it's closed that door jams which it can just be out of adjustment is all and it it will, it would tell the and it would, you know, because the goal might stay on after you get out of the car would indicate that it still thinks the doors open and so it's just that sensor and I would doorjamb switches are not expensive. If it's the switch itself, but a lot of times it's just out of adjustment so I wouldn't be afraid at all to just take that to the Ford dealer can take it might fix it in the service lane for just just a few blocks that will not be hard but II really yeah that's one that could drain your battery and certainly as is it is a big time payment. Thank you for calling us.

God bless you. Appreciate it. You two are right we have see Susan in Louisville Kentucky gets called in Susan drama Christian card I show me I'm laughing many times I've had to climb out the other side of great, great, inexpensive way to get a car today. This should be I can get you when I'm in a send you first words of Jesus on the back on the Holden and our producer, get your name and number and will send you out the book, how it should be a goodly sum because an older but how. It is a part of someone before my daughter car when she was in high school had a seven year and now my car to collect fellowship and I got the car and a wonderful car for 321.

Three. Whatever. I was an MW because I got her MW and then send you the wonderful but the thing to keep the car going to get quite a few going prayer conditions and prayer bed anyway. You'll have America Susan you made such a wonderful point. It really is a wonderful point and I had not have that on my list and I should be ashamed of myself, but I can tell you that rarely you know old red. I often make the trip from Blue Creek which is my father's house over to my house which is 45 minutes at night and I pray you know 398,000 miles. I never get an old red. I may know a little bit about cars but there's still some in the media says you know what if that spring decides to break her.

What if something startles you once you know what happened that when you get to know car mileage. It had the odometer 11 MW you, thank you.

Susan got but I think we will do that. I got I got a lot of other colors on the get to me just a minute wax on North Carolina, Louisville, Kentucky, and hundreds before I do that I do need to update you guys on the Jesus labor, love, and until you kind of the things that we came in this week and again I am so grateful and one of the things that I thank God for every time I pray on this issue is people have the courage to reach out when they really do need help and so sometimes, when I'm talking to the ladies I'm sending to be honest with me can. If you know if we can get somebody to install this for you. Would you be able to buy the radiator. I know it's $80 and and there know I really can't write so and I haven't just the humility, the courage to reach out when you have a need to something to speak to because somebody gets a blessing sometimes to help you now.

I may not be able to help you with that ministry may not be able to help you, but God is gonna help you it's gonna work out. But here's what we are. We have a single mom is actually in this area.

She has an autistic son and so she needs to get that son back and forth to his special school and things along those nature and her rear brakes froze to the hub and she's really got a situation where you know that we've got to get the car towed and we gotta get One that came in this week our Lady are single mom in Kentucky that needs a transmission. Still, she's struggling and then I got a wonderful call is not wonderful. From the standpoint.

She has a huge need Tom, but she is in Nevada. It was almost in Nevada and she had such a sweet spirit, but her husband ran out on her year ago and she he she had a 2000 Buick Park Ave. that she really she knew it leaked.

You know, coolant, and she knew it leaked transmission fluid, but she didn't even know how to test those things and she's kinda getting education the hard way. But now the car won't start and and and she just has lots of issues and we don't have no because we just got started in Nevada with the station that were on there and we don't have any resources in Nevada so that's one where I really need donations because I got my way to meet the needs unless I can find somebody there Nevada to help and so you know it's just one of those things that we keep see that we got a lady in Utah. Tell us about her cousin in Virginia that needed help and so they they're pouring in folks and so we want to make sure you guys were aware of those needs.

Again, if you want to help support that you go to Christian car and there you'll see the Jesus labor, love, and the address 238 Saar Ln., Salem, NC 27107 we have so much more Christian card, I shall come up Stu Epperson's witness to be hearing music from his new CD that goes with a book coming back out of the fray.

Amazing stuff that's on the portrait that is music from the first words of Jesus. Absolutely gorgeous pieces and it makes you think of what that magic moment was for Mary just absolutely unbelievable.

We have Lynn is in Louisville.

She's going on forever Linda you're on the Christian card I show good morning dear old demo dealer about IQ every 3 to 5000 miles and not on a great guy. They all do every one of them runs on the grace I guarantee it will tell you all my family in Chicago along. I drank that about 400 miles each way so I think Caroline down courageous is that I got to I can see that I've been an error in my ways, I don't know how to say Louisville.

I said Louisville. I know I did so, but now I heard you say it. I realize there's a better way to hear your time doing that you keep up the great work out there.

Linda God bless you and thank you for calling an insured today on the education in Louisville today so we know that we got a guitar appraisal by the real black book, and I'm so grateful for all the call today and always people taking part in the show but I know everybody list and wants to think about Christmas and what is it with the Christmas spirit why there so many movies and why there's so many songs and what is what is this all pointing to and what some of the Christmas lights in our appraisal by the real black book. I think it has to do with life and having it to the full and abundantly, but everlasting and how does it work out a way where the author of the books know enough about the book but we have an author book 1st words of Jesus. And so those first words of Jesus to the recorded stew are are significant in understanding the mission from the cradle to the cross first go to work. A point to that mission of Jesus is awesome to be out your note. Thank you. Thank you. The Amish warehouse here to got me this vacation giveaway drawing over there to get amazing Amish merger. The water folks here that are doing this water testing of Zumba fitness and goalies. I just signed a book Robbie just get back the appraisal here. I just signed a book to family and I put a sign Merry Christmas as a liquid shows up a little over Christmas across Delaware celebrate life. Talk about life and yet we have a cross which is a symbol of death.

The most atrocious.

The worst way to die the worst execution style in the world in history was the cross execution by crucifixion.

The Romans did was horrible and get across is a symbol of what we believe everything why because the Savior came from the cradle in the cradle that messy cradle to go to that that rough cradle to go that rugged cross to give us life eternal.

And that's the beauty of Christmas. You can have Christmas without the cross because the cross is empty. Why because the grave is empty as he came out of that grave and that's the beauty we miss the cross for Christmas is message that he was giving his parents as my original home alone story to it wasn't Jesus who was lost a spiritual office like always run or omission were clamoring struggling losses, lost that runaround will Jesus Christ said what are you looking for a great question. Why do we celebrate Christmas why we looking for Jesus. Secondly, don't you know that I must be about my father's business. And this is in the mind my new book 1st words of Jesus from the cradle to the cross.

Information were signing books today for for some time. You're going to King north Carolina the whole premises. Those two questions what is the mission of Jesus and how is it house and weave its way through the wise men and the shepherds, Mary, Joseph, Anna, Simeon, even Herod the villain. The story getting into those really articulate details to kiss the Wiseman point to it. It's all pointing to why he came in, that changes everything because Emmanuel, God with us. The question is am I with God.

I connected to him as my heart become a Bethlehem has he come into the messy manger of my life to transform me and one of the neat things that you bring in your message with through the book 1st words Jesus is the day after Christmas for the world for the is is a disaster. I mean there's no more retail in writing or maybe there's lot exchange vitamin but on there's a lot of depression that goes on but really it's just the beginning it was for the shepherds and it is freshly open chapter 7 twisted after Christmas with appalled by that title, but the quote at the beginning that the Lord gave me. It's not really a poem just like little sentences to the consumer. Christmas day is the end to the believer is just the beginning right on this absolutely and so that's really something because it's new birth means new life life abundantly. Not not way down there when I die, I am in heaven forever, which is an amazing right now there's meaning there is purpose in first floor you connected to Christ a beat or be are you going and telling that on the mountain like the shepherds did man didn't get the memo eight drag between the curb all the decorations this things over were going on or next to you ready for suitable parties right out and says in the Bible as they went out spread everywhere they left Jesus and when told everyone about him and that's what inspired the name shepherds inspired the name was slaves in note to let story you know maybe it will more time with to write that song go tell the mountain, over the Hills and everywhere everywhere go tell about what Jesus Christ is and he can be born in you, which is such an opportunity.

This time a year, and that it all these people are wears Christmas. Where are you Christmas you know that's the song in any other kind of find it in Christmas movies may try to find it gone through the mall and whatever but those of us who know the still know what's really going on. You have the light that that can share right time. They can do it by listing the Bible for breakfast at least every morning on the trip to Truth Network.

He wakes me up every morning and all of our wonderful affiliates across this old country world to carry the Christian car guys that are hearing his rage like you are all you do that you take cars and trucks, and driving in gas and naming your cars to eternal being fueled for life by Jesus and is so Christmas doesn't come down to a win and aware in a what it comes down to who the Lord Jesus Christ and said so will your books. Great book. It's a great size to slip into a stocking for Christmas point that I and I agree.

I couldn't agree more that is you think about wow how is it that my car lasted so long is for a lot of folks they trusted that their car would for a lot of folks they trusted the mechanic that worked on the car.

The trust of the people it sold if you can trust the one who built you while wow if you can trust the one who built the world. If you really, really fall if he understand what he did to pay for. You know all the defects that you have been in these given your renewed heart. I mean it's it's such a picture of what Jesus did Christmas so thank you for listening Christian card.

I shall remember slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and as you walk around the mall. Just think about wow you see somebody out there that are hurting their look like they could use some Jesus is Christmas is something that's got you know what you pray with people in you connecting the dots. Statements like

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