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Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 8, 2017 11:34 am

Beat The Heat 5 How-To’s

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 8, 2017 11:34 am

Christian Car Guy


Thank you for listening to this vision of the Christian heart podcast is brought to you by Mr. quick Mr. quick is the opportunity for you to start your own roadside assistance business. If you have more investment energy than investment capital stop working for someone else. Mr. quick big logging road is the opportunity to have your own home-based business working directly with auto clubs and leveraging a national brand and marketing strategy. Mr. quick helps people live. Ran out of gas locked her keys in their car or need to jumpstart an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and the three-time winner of the member's choice award for customer service. This could be the chance he'd been looking for to serve others at the point of crisis and even share your walk with Christ. Whether you're looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance.

Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card and will be Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bible style rule rule summer now that you're on the really sad truth of that statement for those who pass from his wife about Jesus. That's beyond anything I can even imagine we have some really good news. Along those lines on today show is working to beat the heat with five how to number one. Beat the heat this summer.

When you get into your car without some tips along those lines beat the heat when you're getting your car serviced. How you do that how you beat the heat when you're shopping for car beat the heat selling your own car and finally coming up again at the end of the sonar replacement appraisal by the real black book how to beat the heat by staying out of the eternal smoking section.

Plus we have something really cool for you today. If you call us with your beat the heat tip at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you cause with your beeper hit heat tip something that you do to make sure that your card is no heat or that you state the cooler this summer you get a chance to win the first three callers are going to win an overnight VIP certificate.

Good it Annie, red roof Inn in America.

You gotta be over 18 to winds when you call in and all will need is your email address so these particular VIP certificates are good there's no gimmicks to touch. It's good any red roof Inn you're gonna get the certificate we just need your email address and it is got a call in be over 18 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you digitally gifted, what is it you do limits what were asking to beat the heat and always very special way you've learned how to park your car or maybe use those things in the window or what is it that that you do when you first take off to cool it down. The fast is almost tips you could share with America and get an overnight stay in red roof Inn, 866-348-7884 and as always we have all this information about our as well as if you don't get a chance to call and when. Today you can still register to win one of these VIP certificates at the at the website by just selecting your favorite Christian car guy theater episode which I think we got another episode of Christian card, a theater, coming up next week, so that's pretty exciting so you go to Christian card. now and enter as well as with hundreds of other articles podcast of previous shows and Christian card theater downloads you can. Those podcasts are absolutely free and while we had all new records last month with people download and shows in the Christian card theater episodes is just wonderful and we also have this car show calendar so if you want to know where there might be a car show in your area. The commercial calendars there Christian a Christian car salesperson register Christian car care centers in other words, the people to help us with the Jesus labor, love, and if you never turned in before the Jesus labor love it's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and it's the integral part of the Christian card. I showed some ministry.

We started many years ago to help out because we noticed her I noticed as being a Christian card. I so much of my email that was coming was coming from either widows are single moms or poor people that you know needed help.

Along those lines that were in some kind of crisis out the lower part of sinus are hard to start this ministry, which originally started out that we would just supply the labor and the applicants would supply the parts but then we kept him running into situations where people could even supply their own parts and so we put up a donation button there Christian card data calmly became a 501(c)(3), which means that we are a legitimate tax-free.

No enterprise that people can only marry and donate money so that we can provide parts and stuff like that and so I want to give you an update on the Jesus labor love just kind of some of the blessings that I saw this week as we have applicants born in all week long and you may remember a couple weeks ago we had a request from a ministry that works with women that have been trafficked in the sex-related industry and that it was sort of a halfway house where they help get them free from their addictions and other things that led to that problem and there in Concorde North Carolina and they needed a seven passenger van because there haven't so many needs to carry these ladies to the doctor and hospital stuff so they need a seven passenger van and we went on the air and we called and asked I asked him here if anybody had abandoned donate. And sure enough within a few hours. Actually, within a few minutes, a man called and donated the van and how blessing. What a blessing it was this week.

They actually went up to Durham North Carolina where this gentleman donated this man for them and it was really looking good and so exciting is it 2004 Town & Country seven pastor man really nice man but unfortunately the brakes locked up on the way and so were having to tell dad and get it and so that's one of our prayer requests as we go through this Jesus labor love series that were doing right now is no there was a need that we can figure out a way to get this man told him all the way here, then we gotta get the brakes unlocked and so it's still going to be a blessing is absolutely going to be the case. Naturally, these folks can be on the show next week so I'm chance to talk to them and their ministry.

But along those same lines on Thursday. I have application call in from a lady and she was so distraught I I wonder if you guys how it's just hard when you're on the other end of the phone and this person is crying and got a car that's broke down and it's way out of town. In this case it was more than 300 miles away so telling it was kinda going to be really expensive, and then it needed a new engine which was really really expensive and it was an older car, and so I just said let's just pray that that somebody will donate a car and it's interesting. I said I would put it on the website right now. Many go to website and post visit with prayer request that we needed somebody to donate a car. What will this was on Thursday. Today I got work before heritage is gone and ask anybody for a car or anything honestly I it's amazing how God works put on the website. Obviously, people started praying yesterday afternoon right after lunch I got a call from a gentleman donated two cars. Not one car, but to course to pretty nice cars and so I was actually able and I wish that everybody could heard this ladies tears and joy that was pouring out as she realized that her families needed been met by God to look at the Jesus labor love, not the Christian card I labor law. It's the Jesus labor love in this lady was so blessed and so as of Monday the family will be able to get that car and get back to work and it's just a really cool thing to see how God works through the Jesus labor love that I have to tell you that as the request of port in the summer and we've never had the amount requested.

We've had we ran right out of money and so just like yesterday I had another lady who also was in tears. It was interesting that she was in tears until asked her to pray with me in ways we prayed and all of a sudden it touched her in place and and got touched her and and I could see the emotion and she needs an oil pan is what she needs and we can find somebody that maybe donate the labor to put on the oil pan but we don't have the money for the oil paint and so I know is you could be like me silver and gold have I none but you can pray we can all pray. I pray for the spark and it happened so if you think about right now.

How about in the obviously don't pull the side road or anything inside or if you feel led to an pray that that God will meet this need in the upcoming needs of the of the Jesus labor love and and obviously just praising for the weight than the needs that he's met in just the last few days. It absolutely blows me away what God does through again is called the Jesus labor love.

It's all

If you know somebody that needs help. There's a little button on the menu says Jesus labor love apply for helping you fill out an application and that begins the process and part of that process. As I said, as always, I get an opportunity to pray with these folks and often often it's the prayer that just makes a difference. Just know that somebody up there is willing to pray with you. Is it just really has been an amazing time as we go through that now, as promised, it's a cruel cruel summer and we gotta get to these beat the heat tips we got him lined up.

We got two out of the three are already on the phone ready to give is there beat the heat tips so we got at least one more VIP certificate giveaway.

You can call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with your beat the heat for we have lots of BP Pittsburgh who should care as well as the eternal one we come back we got so much more Christian card I show day. The Christian show organ to be paid heat with five how to use how to beat the heat in your car.

Be picky when his abandonment is a lot. Beat the heat in shopping for a car and servicing your car in selling your own car, and most importantly how to beat eternal smoking section oh we have these five or excuse me. We have three VIP red roof Inn certificates to give away for a night at a red roof Inn. I have to be is over 18 to win and you can call in and Lynn at 866-348-7884 we have one more to give away. We have our first winners Jeff and Earl called Jeff you're on the Christian card I show good morning Jeff, you still with me.

Yes you're on the Christian card I show the morning you wonderful life you gotta beat the heat to porous close, you car first go back and lower it. Three. Parking area is cool although there 20 yards away and my car and through their and cooling down on the state. The cars all open their and I display for travel right players are playing about earlier.again, and about my cars: good to go. That's like there's a lot of there's a lot of science and what you describe Jeff because not only does he rise so when you write if you have a sunroof that's a trick that there heat since it goes straight up if you got a sunroof, no matter what your situation is. Even if you can go get under a tree.

The quicker you can pop the sunroof, the more that hot air is an escape out the roof. You're exactly right.

That's one of the places that Heinrich comes in really really handy. But then I love the other part that you added that you know by spending time with God in prayer as soon as you connect with him all the other heat goes away.

You know, because I don't know if you're like me, but I have that time in the morning when I get all you know cooled off and everything seems fine, but after a minute work about a minute or two they heat this dartboard on a little bird tidily fixes and so that's about right.

Advised thank you God bless you brother appreciate you calling women today. Enjoy your time at the red roof Inn well you may want to win you may have beat the heat typically would love to hear yours and we got one more certificate giveaways, by all means you call us 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and when 866-348-7884 we have Orlando is not in Orlando he's in High Point welcome Orlando llama Christian card I show the morning good morning are you I am wonderful if you gotta beat the heat to porous will. What I do would I kind of open old window unit.

The caller light like Nyhan go outside when you open up all the auditory Derek and the related cool off for about 3 to 5 minute when you call me and you write an article about a block block with the windows down, you will air-conditioning you call it be cool night. You are exactly right Orlando I can said it better myself, but when you roll your windows down creates a vacuum as you get on the road and it sucks the hot air. I and and and the also mentioned that you put the air-conditioning on low, meaning you don't put it on recirculate his recirculating to take the inside air. That's burning hot, but by cutting it on regular outside air on the vent air right at that gets a chance to get the outer side air cooling off the car and away again so I I think that's a great tip. I do it all the time by way so thank you for calling in women. They were meant regular like a good way to the Lord of the word. I only one name given to me by which we might be a that's right though the smoking section is going to be hot in you know to be our economy.

There is fire, and is only great, it would have probably and I'm so grateful Orlando for you and so many of our listeners that understand that fact and that you know I may never get to meet you in person Orlando that I get to meet you up there and I don't remember the time you called God bless you Orlando. Thank you Jerry Marinette at a time at the red roof Inn. God bless thank you thank you all right well it looks like we got another tip that's been called in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so there probably to get the third certificate, but by all means, if you have another tip. I would love to hear it because I don't know of anybody that wouldn't like to stay cooler this summer and Orlando hit really close and as did our first caller on on how to beat the heat when you get in your car first thing in the summer and one of the things is, and I find I have to remind my wife this every summer we been through it and she's married to the Christian card as you would think that it but you each car you get into the controls of a difference in understanding your air conditioning controls is really kinda critical to being able to cool off your car better and different cars do this differently.

I don't know why they've never gotten their act together to say the same thing but in the old days of General Motors would call it maximum air conditioner. The so they would be this word Max and all maximum meant was that it was going to recirculate the air that's already inside the car in.

The idea being just as Orlando described that the air outside if it's over 90. The air inside your car may be cooler than that.

So it's easier for the air conditioner to re-circulate the cooler air and keep making it colder than it would be to continue to bring in 90 air and make it cooler and so a lot of times my wife will say my air conditioner just isn't working and I'll go in and see that she doesn't have a recirculation of her maximum button press and so yes, it keeps getting hotter and hotter because it can overcome that when you start off the car don't go that way and we got another tip along those lines. We got off all those other tips plus another caller coming in and out of the eternal smoking section, hundred percent target in the grand rounds.

We are meeting the Argives show. What are your how to use when it comes to beating the heat. We got some more to share and we got Sharon who is to win the third the IP certificate from red roof Inn.

Sharon is in Havelock, Washington Sharon, you're on the Christian card I show how you beat the heat up there in Washington.

One way is just a little with gotta be cooler. There Sharon are you in the morning how you beat the heat up there.

Well, I pray when I get in my car because God walked with Adam and Eve in the cooler day okay bring it on down the main and you know that cloud followed me all day long even in depth in United which I cannot handle and I feel so cool and I feel sorry for the people because someone will listen to me and make him a bit. You know that I better received. They wanted a meeting or perspiring well that Dr. M Sharon, that is one amazing I am so glad you called. I just want simple. He did walk with God and the cooler they never put that one together, but you're exactly right.

Well that is awesome red brother that God when it say you pray not. But when it called that's true working that way to that is awesome and I don't like I don't like oh no no no I don't like cold like eight. You know, in between, well you know it's interesting him again to our appraisal by the rubric beat the heat eternal. You can hear some I found out this week.

Along these lines that really speaks I'm excited to share this unless I know I get to it as it really is talking about the very issue that your same. Not too hot, not too cold, just right, God had a plan for that all along and I think I'm I was shocked at what it what was promised was available to us and Jeremias will get that minute. Thank you Sharon God bless your procedure when one more quick thing okay well in Revelation you wish to be hot or cold that not the other. You go, we don't want you to have gone over what the radiator overheat you out. It does all and no one wants to be around the radiator when you doubt no that's as though we don't want to be around God when those that are lukewarm will be a boiling over that we don't want to see joy in listening to this on Saturday morning to make my morning and I have to work because I am the caregiver. Sometimes I have to go to work but when I hear that and make it all worthwhile. Thank them Sharon. It made my day you called an insured today.

Because really, I'll be thinking about this one off all my holiday. God bless you. You have a great don't, I won't I won't I won't forget I will forget it all okay you yeah yeah so a lot of these ideas of what we are talking about the and wow what a blessing that was typical and so you you still may have a tip for us. We would love for you to call in at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got all these BP tips but let me speak to this maximum button on your conditioning or the recirculation button one more time. The other issue that I really cautioned my wife and other people about is if you leave it on Max all the time are you leaving on recirculate, which seems like it's a high button for your conditioner.

Like that's work it's the coldest of the does after you get the hot air on the car.

The challenge is that if you leave it there all the time. No outside air comes in to clean out your system and a lot of times you wonder why does the inside your car smell a gym socks, it's because that water will begin to accumulate in the system and there's no fresh air coming in which fresh air is this amazing disinfectant disinfectant so if is often as possible.

You leave your conditioner on fresh air coming in that will keep out that system a lot cleaner and you won't have the and I've used it on my wife struck many many times you haven't left on maximum I'll turn it on regular air conditioning and within 15 minutes it's cleaned out again and I smell that smell. But speaking of beating the heat. We have a really cool way for you to be preheat the summer and that's the heat of a pastor that begins to overheat because there's nobody praying for them. So we got our good friend Annie Bowersox even energized ministry. He is on his pray for your pastor to her again this year and is already out and about, we got the map of where he's going posted it Christian card. I let Annie this is a big time for you guys. You're out there in that black motorhome with Rob.

I don't think you are right there. I your program are all in there What a perfectly where where were headed right now yeah you you know Rob is the manual for that we do all their and the last year. Please put a broken country and geographical part. Logically, to build this army of believers that are committed to care for their leadership in this year we we are headed into the deep South and I thought to be hot and I think there is a Bentley to get with Gary and you've got a special gift for people as they spot you along the way. Which by the way you see what that man looks like you need to go to energized ministry's Facebook page reading the Christian card. and see this big, beautiful, energized, lack thing, but I you know you know not all were in Charlotte, Carolina. They get the water thoughts on actually rooted out there pick up the water, but but you're right, at the Charlotte area and we got free. Around the South Boulevard rollover Detroit on three and hear about it. They want to stop great bareback will send their pastor of the church that and will be doing that all over the border be Louisiana Ark of Alabama and stop it with other other partner stations like yours, but then also do a lot of church to pray for God's perfection vision for unity among among all of those that are right for the highlight of our year very much looking forward to the very first day of a journey right now and who knows, maybe as you is you go through the summer. Every time that you get really, really hot you think about Annie and this black motorhome that triggers it while I'm really hot.

I need to pray for my pastor that he doesn't get hot that he walked with Adam in the cooler they like the lady that is called in and talked about that.

If your pastor does walk like at with like Adam with God in the cool of the day.

What a difference it will make for your entire church family right Andy and exactly right at all about this like they're curled up were out the bill that are people that are ordered by nobody. We are they refilling the pictures of our pastor lives. While this power of the Greek bill that was like cool water and then I copy to drop off our I'm too old. I can't drop in some off but again and God bless you guys man I am so grateful for what you do and by all means go to energized ministry's Facebook page or go to Christian card. and and get connected with them.

Get your pastor.

One of these care packages. If you see that if the see the two of most of all, it's all about that one thing is remember to pray for our pastors as they are on the front lines. God bless you Andy, thank you so much for and that they have a great about our ride we got Bruce is in Charlotte. He's got a tip for us. Bruce, you and Bruce doesn't know this, but my middle name is Bruce, so I really have an affinity but Bruce, you call us back 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call in and share your how to be preheat tip but I didn't want to say share some of the tips. As far as beating the heat.

One of the places that when I was in the car business every day in my life that we would see a lot of heat was in the service lane. So how do we beat the heat in the service lane when you're given instructions to that man there that is taking information guitar for how you beat the heat when you're shopping. And of course the most important one. Stay out of the eternal smoking section. We got all that cometh in our last segment of the Christian card as shown.

Hopefully Bruce Kovach 866-348-7884. That's an interesting concept here of a mercy seat that smoking it fits in so well with beating the heat are hot, summer tips and the mercy seat and you'll understand why in a little bit why I was going there. I get get these other tips, and I'll get to the eternal smoking section near the second so one of the heat that I ran into is is when I was in service when I was in the car business is people would not get the complete story or my service advisors would find out what was wrong with the people's car and when I came up to understand was that if you can get the service advisor to ride with you and make it make that noise or make it make that pop or whatever. Then he experienced it.

So not only will he know how to tell the technician what's going on.

But after they bring it back and he testifies that he'll know if it was in fact fixed. You say it makes this noise in a certain speed or whatever take him out on the road the way we used to put this like our businesses as his presentation without demonstration is mere conversation when you can demonstrate something to somebody so much easier to fix and so much better to fix right the maddest I ever saw. So this is how to beat the heat on when you're shopping for car. Maddest I ever saw customers get.

Believe it or not was not when they got taken by the salesman. He told him they were giving him a paint job or some the maddest customers were the ones who had a car sold out from underneath him.

They were to they came in to buy that car and it was gone. Those people went ballistic.

I'm just if I was shocked sometimes and how mad they got in. So here's a way to beat the heat when you're shopping for a car if you want the car, make sure you get it clear with the salesperson you leave a deposit you they understand you're coming back sign something hidden in writing, money talks okay.

Make sure that you hold the car so that you don't end up in that situation make the agreement clear and make it wonderful okay selling your car have you beat the heat when you're selling a car and I believe people should sell their own car.

There's a lot of money to be made selling your own car. I made a lot of money selling cars earlier but the thing that you gotta do is to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you want to put heat in the deal neglected tell them about the time that the car made this noise or whatever situation he had. Here's the thing. If you tell people what the problems where you have of the car. It evokes trust people go this guys tell me and they believe it actually has the opposite effect. You may think it will help you sell the car. It won't hurt you from selling the carcass people go like I was tell me that he's looking out for me and so yes tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth but then you knew I was headed to this the most important thing you can do in your whole life. As far as beating the heat is to stay out of the eternal smoking section you know I'm saying I think that Sam is doing right talking about there I was reading Jeremiah 42, and I came across is kind of obscure passage and don't have time to really go into why Jeremiah made this promise, but he was promising the people Israel.

This promise, and I have no idea what was in store for me. Here's what he actually says in Jeremiah 4212. This is God speaking through Jeremiah says I will grant you mercy that he may have mercy on you and let you remaining only now God is the I am that sentence he says I give you mercy. But here's the thing. When you look at the Hebrew of that word mercy to find an amazing truth. In Hebrew the word mercy comes from the womb. What I would that be mercy will think about it in the womb you to completely beat the heat for one thing and you don't get hot or cold. It's the perfect temperature all the time. In fact, you're trying to return to this place where your original purpose was, but more importantly your original innocence and so if the Hebrews understood of the Jewish people knew this and Jesus knew this and Nicodemus know is when they are having this discussion.

When Jesus said you must be born again and Nicodemus made mention of the womb. They knew that they were both talking about something that had to do with mercy. How cool is that that Nicodemus was and I can't go back in the my mother's womb, and Jesus is saying oh yes you can.

In fact, he goes on a little further what John 316 right, whosoever believes in him. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

Here's how you get that God won't. Here's how you get mercy now God's gonna put you back in a place to return you to your original purpose to return you to innocence and oh by the way you get to walk in the cool of the day by my caller mentioned earlier with God for the rest your life is never to be too hot. It's not to be too cold it's going to be just right. How cool is that.

I mean really, I will never, ever, is long as I ever live.

Think about the word mercy again without thinking of this picture and if you don't. If you want some fun. Just go to Jeremiah 4212 just like I said, look at the first time uses the word mercy then go to the blue letter Bible or someplace where you can get interlinear look at how that Hebrew word was formed in your gonna find it's clear as it can be.

That is a woman.

Interestingly, it's a masculine noun womb, so it's a picture of God. It's a picture up. I mean, what an amazing thing that we get to walk with God in the cool of the day you may be thinking because you're here in this like Robbie. What in the world you talk about what here's the deal. I've made a lot of horrible choices in my life and I bet you have to I've done some things.

I sold some cars to some people in ways that I should have done you might imagine was a car salesman for a lot of years.

What I'm telling you is that if I believe that what Jesus did on the cross and if you don't know the story he died there. He took these nails. He bled to death in order to take on what Robbie did when he lied about Suncor whenever I did along the ways all man and I'm still doing by the way I need them just as much today as I needed them back 25, 30 years ago when I got when I got saved. But if I will believe that yes this was the son of God went there. Yes, I believe he was born of a virgin and yes, I believe that he did this for me.

Then I get to go back and that God will my get mercy real mercy the real thing and you can have that to.

It doesn't matter what you've done. Listen to me. Those who know me well know Robbie came out of the church of Scientology. I signed a contract that for eternity. I was going to serve. Ron Hubbard of all people, and God let me out of that bill really I don't care what you've done. It doesn't matter. God has this he has mercy for you.

He's got this job, womb, and you will be heat for eternity, like my precious call in Washington said you can walk with God in the cool of the day and is so much more than just beaten the heat as you begin this walk with God as you begin to study his word. As you begin to go into the Bible daily and reading it and getting a feel for this newfound love that you have as you find out about these words in Hebrew or you find out about them. In Greek, you start to become a disciple because what is a disciple disciple is somebody who is learning about God. There an enthusiastic learner and as you do that you're going to get this intimacy with God that you never dreamed possible. And it's gonna completely affect your whole being, not just coming this this innocence that he's gonna give you is gonna put you back in a place where the Holy Spirit can begin to teach about the things of Jesus and begin to bring you back into this relationship with the father the way that you originally meant to be and it's going to be amazing.

Yes, this is staying out of the eternal smoking section that can happen for you when you get out your car here little while and if it's hot out there like it is here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As you sit down. Think about it, my friends, that Jesus walked with Adam in the cool of the day, and that's available for us.

Any moment we want to turn in faith father forget it's right there. Remind me where I'm supposed to be in Helen's theater. Thank you, Phyllis the Christian part. I shall remember, if you can get a chance to win one of those red roof Inn certificates.

By all means go to Christian you can register to win one right there. We still have several six I think. Give way and all of our bombing checkup Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 year. Thank you for listening to Christian part

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