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The Most Beautiful Car “Ever”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 15, 2017 11:30 am

The Most Beautiful Car “Ever”

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Thank you for listening to this vision of the Christian heart.

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Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card. Today's episode jailhouse justice previously held at Brad and recaptured and back in the hospital at the various noir is planning on moving next door to Nahum's garage with a new fine for tenant. Lou is transporting grants kidnapped daughter Christie right now. Warren Lewis cooked up a little scheme having to do with light and a little less and we got up this estimation is that the just a few bio lacks is any legal way back red light. I assume a few minutes later after the new hard henchmen drives off.

He dialed his boss, the new are you like you caught me bending the cop crawled all over your low floor might like to know.

Meanwhile Jack is still explaining the whole Christie story to Deputy Eustis. Just as Christie called the beaver County Sheriff's job goals. Christie is really glad Eustis runs out and cranks it up so small. Eustis doesn't notice Caleb camshaft is been too busy being a spin doctor to receive mostly motor oils anointing and now one of his loads is rubbing Penelope pushrod the wrong way. Caleb camshaft always been a rough character.

What's wrong with you like a lunatic take take take say to run again with no help families in motor oil be making me think in most I am just now doing this we find the midnight's okay every time you come around you wearing me out.

Caleb is the more you well. I know got me see these and see camshaft. Mostly motor: cold is what you want. About 20 seconds. No man is just all pushrod around like anything that came there now called learned word painting blank like you got. Would you like you can clean you guys. So now mosey their phone line. Only God can do pushrod plan. Thank you, noisy feel so much better now. When this comes to an okay guy after all. Caleb camshaft without a little push from you. Nobody around you spends Jimmy's Jeep on the mend. Eustis is able to make the Glenhaven knocking on the door to the restroom skills me ladies give me your name. How rude you just assaulted an officer. Excuse me, all all men for another exciting episode jailhouse justice right here here's any dipstick and ran a radiator to review today's episode about great knowing he needed from the anointing Christ is the Greek word anointing like Messiah is the Hebrew word for anointing Jesus was anointed the Christ. Jesus was anointed much more than oil. Jesus was anointed by the Holy Spirit oil on the market will Jesus quoted full old because the Lord to proclaim these oil will see with my believing like an original purpose of the Holy Spirit. Unlike fiction sits on you Hot Rod Christian Car Guy radio show you the most beautiful car ever get to talk about my favorite auto bodies is kind of an interesting subject.

We would also love to hear yours. The most beautiful car ever. Just think about this 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver shadow if you can picture that your mind's convertible just scream elegance and grace. How is it that a car a bunch of metal such as cars do about about a picture. This in your mind 1955 Nash Metro.

Second, you see that your mind do you think a 1950s drive-in culture and bobby socks no it's all a picture of creativity God created so much beauty and as John Eldridge says he was gloriously wasteful if you looked at the sunrise this morning. It was just wow.

So there's more there that we can never take in and inside each and every one of us is that same ability to create such a tour the Christian card and all those gray directors you I can tell you because I got I know what the script read and I got there lines and all the stuff that you wouldn't believe how much they created. Which by the way, go to Christian and see all the wonderful amazing on the rug that is faster.

Some of the who all had involvement in there and I'm just sort of it all. I had a lot of talent.

I take that's an in if you married but anyway I get to mix that I spent a few hours to about last night and I was to Scott man on how awesome is this.

Think of the beauty of that.

But then that same ability.

It was inside John the Lori right when he made the door in early Iacocca Mustang and later Chrysler products just like a caravan and and there's a lot to do with the Jeep grand Cherokee that has to do it lightly. I took it because he understood beautiful things he understood, but there's a lot of beauty and as I sit there and admire these nine car pictures that are Christian If you look I put together a montage of what I thought were in my mind. You know the nine most beautiful cars ever made, but you can pick your own and each one of them. After I made the montage I went back and thought about it and I realized every one of those cars had a story of my life right like you'll see there's a 917 Porsche which is his light blue and orange. It was a golf cart was used in the movie the 24 hours of LeMans was Steve McQueen with a reason why to me that car is absolutely gorgeous was not just the movie but Aurora came out with a slot car said about that time and they have these old 917 porches and I had little furry and they had the lights that actually came on so you could do this slot cart. My brother and I we did a 24 hour LeMans slot car racing all the neighbor kids and we all were on teams. Of course you might guess, I was on the porch teams when I see that car you know it brings back that whole world of you know how much fun with that and all that is amazing cars can bring that up and you.

Oh yeah you know you look at cars that's like you know it music and stuff and a song comes and brings you back to that time. The same thing with cars and talk about favor cars. Mattea loved AMCs and the 73 AMX is my favorite car of all times. I had one of those and to this day.

I'll see one of them and just make the hardest one knows 363 is traveling out noticed AMX. It was in AMX but it was a three, 360 up you can get AMX back then, with the 304 and it that's right so that they had.

You can still get all of the options and engines things and it was the mad Matt what he called it Max Blalock on mad Max blowing all her Mattea what you difficult have become a mustache on yeah T stripe on the front of the hood on mine even had black interior with houndstooth design in the middle of it all.

Beautiful car, and yet you may remember that my father was the AMC dealer in those years I could. I can think of those cars and you know it's a similar thing they bring back something inside of you, and there's this like wow like wow and in and you can't help but wonder what is it about us that we are so enamored with beauty and and there's a guy named John Willman or something like that. He was quoted as saying the only two things that pierced the human heart, and they are beauty and pain well truth there so you know emotional pain and those kind of things, but beauty can pierce your heart well I think based on an experience that I had with Jesus in prayer one time. In fact, a moment I could say I'm certain that the reason that we are so attracted to beauty you have this unbelievable hunger for thirst for it whatever you want to call it. This desire for I would not know, and I have not had an experience at 4 o'clock in the morning and at this point my life. For some reason I would get woke up regularly around 4 o'clock this desire to tell you what happened to come back next section of things in the meantime if you have such a beauty experience for you got a car. We got some to give away when we come back and get ready to fall in at 866348788 just as is my so right now you might be racking your memory where if I heard that all well if you ever rode the carousel of progress at Disney World or if you happen to be at the 1965 world's fair in New York City. It was the carousel progress and and that's the interesting thing about. It's a great big beautiful tomorrow they would take you through these different faith kitchens and all the stuff in refrigerator and uncle whatever his name was in the bathtub.

The fan you it's all coming together of the creativity of what America has done over the years, but they certainly done that with cars and there's this whole attraction to beauty that were talking about and I was going to get to this prayer but also today because you know what we have Jerry hear from Ray's body shop taking care of the body of your car and those kind of things it is is critical to obviously how you enjoy what it is a God's gift to be a good steward of those kind of things organ help you out with some tips in a minute about those but I didn't want to give you a chance to win one of these red roof Inn certificates. If you call in with a similar experience what I meant to describe right now because I was telling about this prayer. I was crying at 4 o'clock in the morning and it has to do with beauty. Pierce in your heart slam how to get and I was praying like okay if you woke me up at 4 o'clock. You must want me to pray. So I start praying about this lady at the nursing home.

I visit sometimes and I was praying about my wife and I just wasn't getting anywhere and all of a sudden I don't know how to explain it, but this presence was in Munich within the within the room and it was obviously Jesus and it totally terrified and it gave me an understanding of the fear the Lord, I knew it was Jesus. I know he was there, how to explain it other than on my word. I like it at the floor and I was just world and Jesus said to me Robbie what you want and I was so terrified. I glibly said all I just want to serve you, Lord, you know, some just flipped out like that any any any he said do you reset it in a way that was not condemning in the very next moment my life began to flash and from. I know exactly what that means now because all these things started flashing in my mind, but clearly he put for me to do like you're supposed to call this person you haven't talked to them and so long you're supposed to go have lunch with this guy you're supposed to make this connection. You're supposed to send this thank you card all the stuff that I was supposed to do in the flashing in front of my eyes on him so fast. I was like oh I need to do that and so I got up and I got up in a paper I start writing stuff down because it was coming so fast is like this is all stuff I can do.

I don't have to go leave the world I can do this stuff this stuff was so excited that I could repent on these things that the Lord asked me to do and the way to serving as I was laying in bed I went back to bed and I started just retaining band, Lord, I can do this stuff this is stuff I can do.

I'm so grateful that you give me an opportunity to make it right and all the sudden I started to see this phenomenal glories and we can call but similar to what I think the the disciples saw on the Mount of Transfiguration, think about what they saw that day on the mountain, Peter James and John, Jesus coming in his glory, but there was this bright white and there was this look of the face coming and I something welled up inside of me that I did not know was there but I don't. I know I've never been more excited to my wife and I was like I'm a see his face. I even woke Tammy up your shot Jesus showing up right here, right now I get to see him about the time Tammy started to grind out in the world you that picture started to leave, but that I laid back down in this amazing idea flushed over my mind like a wave, and it was remember the question I ask you Robbie what you want. Now you know you see what he was allowing me to understand was that desire for beauty. This overwhelming hunger to see beauty is overwhelming hunger to see Jesus. I mean it and it so Pierce is your heart. You never ever ever the same after it and you'll never forget it and is like a it's a taste of glory.

And I know that man when that moment when when we begin to get the idea that we get to see Jesus, however, that looks there is the most amazing thing that wells up in your house hearts.

Unbelievable that is the story I met up I'm in a be untracked. I'm sure there are several of the out there that have had a similar experience. I would love love love to hear that story and Sargon offer one of these VIP certificates have to be over 18 to win. It's good for one night stay at any root red roof Inn in America is totally no gimmicks know exactly when you want to stay how you want to state whatever and we have the certificate are you to do is call in at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and will get you out dear certificate, but more importantly you have a chance to glorify God in a chance to share with others in a taste of heaven which we all get sealer on my right and you know we share that story.

Robbie, that encouragement is that's your story and and that it that your relationship with Christ and experience for Christ in the center. Nobody can deny Nesta. Everybody who has relationship with Jesus Christ has a story and it is so important that you share that because that may be what encourages somebody else to grow closer relationship with Christ and sometimes we miss those opportunities but just not saying anything and not letting Christ shine through its disorder.

You know it been little kids singing that song about you know let you look like Shannon you know that's what would were to do is sounds childish, but that's what God calls us to the go 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

But there's a reason behind this butte seen whoever like you know Harvey earlier design the Corvette know he was gifted it was creative. It's a beautiful thing.

People still walk for up in any car show then walk over to see a Corvette. Why is that because her getting a picture of Jesus in it in its own little unique way, but Jerry you had a chance all these years to help people restore part of what race bodyshop did was restore Camaros and also saw the cars along those lines, and I'm curious what what are some of the tips that you can she hurt people. They got a car like that man you do not not want to do this. Yeah you know if you have a car you have an older car needs restoring the worst thing that somebody can do to an automobile like that is prolonging doing that, you're better off in my opinion, instead of thinking that I'll get to that is set not in the backyard covered up in the garage or on the carport or whatever it may be, you know what if you don't think you can ever get to sell a lot somebody else can still do it and then look to the Bible because the saddest thing for me. Sometimes when I see somebody has a car that is allowed to just just rot away to the point where it isn't feasible to restore and there's those that Cassie Cassie often and back into the earlier days, we used to thanks be part of a big part of our business which we do more collision work now. The people bringing because we do rebuild and restore rations. The staff and I say some some pretty awesome automobiles brought back to life and I just want to say if you're trying to call in and there several people obviously you are trying to get in and that the lines are on.

I'm so excited I can't believe please call back yet. Q: 866-348-7884. He'll get to you soon as he can.

He is trying to handle all these calls once, but 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and we would love to hear those testimonies and I know all of a sudden I looked up and there were like eight of them lit and so I'm hoping we can we can get Amalia in and that our producer be able to get him. He's a juggling he's Jaclyn. But yeah, I can't tell you that the people that I were I'm aware of that. Let that car sit outside, you know, and they didn't wrist because if the quicker you can get something to keep it from rusting in the floorboards go away. At some point in time.

If the frame you know gets rusted through then you know what it takes to restore it becomes way larger than anything that mattered for comes apart where the time when the car I see becomes a donor to restore another car because you can go out and place it cheaper they keep can rebuild it sometime. So it's you know you got have somebody that that understands the industry and understands cars tests sometimes walk us through those things absolutely what we've got Joe or George in Richmond Virginia. He's got a story for us.

We want to get to these as their start time appear George are on the Christian car got sugar morning. I am wonderful and I cannot tell you how excited I am to hear your story, but I hear that music which means we can't quite get to it yet but we will you hang on for through the right okay right will be back in a in a couple minutes with George's story. We got Beth in Seattle and there's about lines list so apparently he always call back thank you so much. If you want to get yours in 86648788.

She thing you've ever seen. Maybe the most beautiful cars you've ever seen, but we got we left our hero George in Richmond. He was going to share his story of a beautiful thing. George, I'm so glad you hung on with this.

What's your story and I and sister used to tell you I got you a rock-bottom array so you want a basement. He had a heat of the nation that had a dream so that it may begin to trust him and to me and and and I'm testing him and God not the only one reason I'm thinking 30 days of the month in which he to him to find out and God is clearly trying to spend time with him when believe me, I can agree with everything you said more but at what point in your life did you meet Jesus actually in the military and government, and I got baptized at continuing my drinking and then the church just in the class with an had a dream that I will let them down next to me and then he looked to my left knee. I got a bunch of other ones that wanted to Teresa George, thank you for sharing. That's amazing what a wonder story of redemption.

God bless you, thank you so much for you and Sharon we have Beth is next up, she is in Seattle, Washington Beth, thank you for hold non-tell us your story. I never had no loud that the Bible about healing light. I went well like that look like when you don't like one day I had down an alley yet and I had been praying about my future and how it any missionary and I wonder if the guy and I laugh.

I never thought in my wildest got fully and we will later write on what guy got and I knew I was you, your husband was now working out and you and I long and so it now. You're exactly right.

In John 10. It's clear that the sheep hear his voice and once you know that's the one you you don't have to wonder this at it now you know I did.

So cool. What a testimony it is Beth and and I'm sure your husband shares in your joy of doing that. God bless you and appreciate you calling so much of him try to gather want. Susan is in Richmond, Virginia. Susan can you go real quick force and glory, even when we are younger and think about my life. I am a grandmother and a testimony of one in a childlike and different nylon with a mainline give God glory got enough pork beautiful daughter 37 year and we got a grandchildren and got it for anything. He really got out that his senses and God bless you, thank you so much for sharing that. I too am a survivor of a suicide attempt. We have Sarah Linda is in Port Washington. Can you go real fast force. So I am writing on the life of myself and when he was 17.

How we only have about 10 seconds. Can you know that I experience it not only the Lord in his life for some amazing I is awesome medicine loss and you can have an experience like that to you know it's just a matter of Eunice hanging in there reading the word get used to that voice.

Jerry can have on absolutely God speaks to you. You know it all right is a real quick. Robbie anybody interested help with Jesus labor of love, go to the website

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