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Mutual Admiration Society

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 2, 2017 11:28 am

Mutual Admiration Society

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Thank you for listening to this vision of the Christian heart podcast is brought to you by Mr. Larson Road. Mr. Quinn is the opportunity for you to start your own roadside assistance business.

If you have more investment in energy than investment capital stop working for someone else. Mr. quick big logging road is the opportunity to have your own home-based business working directly with auto clubs and leveraging a national brand and marketing strategy. Mr. quick helps people have ran out of gas locked her keys in their car or need to jumpstart an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau and the three-time winner of the member's choice award for customer service. This could be the chance you been looking for to serve others at the point of crisis and even share your walk with Christ. Whether you're looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance. Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card sent you will you and Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bible style and I is my and show admiration society. That's were talking about. So that may make no sense to you at this point, but I bet by the end of the show. It's going to mean a lot. I'm praying it will mean a lot to explain the concept years ago back in the day when I was a new car sales manager you're part of my responsibility was to put on a sales meeting every single day. So if you're in that role as a new car sales manager you're hunting material all the time and GMC truck put out these video this.

This is way back in the day they had videoed this and they came up on the TV and they had this idea of a sales meeting called the mutual admiration society and it simply worked like this that you would take all the salespeople in the house and have them put their name on a piece paper, put it in the hat and you would have everybody draw a name out of the hat of course he couldn't draw your own name and then once it was your turn to pull the name the person that was on your sheet of paper you were to tell the rest of the group. Why you felt they would sell a car that day and why you thought they were an outstanding car salesman.

That's the idea of the mutual admiration and so if you can imagine in the sales meeting all these people are hearing another person that they thought highly of it as a salesman tell them what a great note salesman. They were, and it did amazing things for their attitude but it even did more amazing things for the teamwork of the whole group and I could see the fruit of this whole idea of admiration society. Every time I used it and I would use it.

Really once a month and every dealership I worked well. I taught Sunday school this about 20, maybe 23 or four years ago I taught high school kids and we got them when they were juniors we had them as juniors and seniors. I felt good God urging me to use this concept of the mutual admiration society on these high school students, and feel free to use this to battle. It was awesome but is one thing to get a salesman to talk about somebody in an open group.

It's another thing to get a team to do such a thing.

So I prayed a lot about that God gave me the idea with my kids. That was awareness of putting a sign on everybody's back and then handing everybody a magic marker and rather than tell people what you thought about and write it down on their back where they would even know what you wrote because you know all these things were written well and I went to put this together that morning. All I could find was very bright red very bright red yarn and so these things on the kitchen table, looked kind of funny in my kids were like there is no way in the world you can get teenagers to put those things I said well just have to go with it because I think this is what so I going to the class that morning. I give out the instructions. Here's I want to do want to put on the sign in your back everybody has a marker and during the class.

Today I want to go over to everybody in the class and write on their back.

How you think they reflect Jesus and will see what happens when these kids jumped up. Enjoy and for the next 45 minutes.

The writing did not stop. I mean you've never seen anything like these people wrote virtual books on their backs of things that they admired and these other people and then of course when they turned over the page the tears and all I could see that it was a spiritual class and I could see that it did a lot for all with all the students which by the way, I could not recommend this exercise more highly. But the Holy Spirit really had some for me in this, because five years later we had a reunion Christmas party with all the kids from this class and by this time they graduated from college and you know these were young budding disciples wonderful wonderful group of people, and of course word that we have a lot of teachers there, but somebody so all the classes we taught over two years. What was your favorite and immediately solicit all mutual admiration society and some girl goes, oh yeah, I still have my paper and then another one said oh yeah I have my paper and lo and behold several of the students still had their paper and as I pondered this, and I have pondered it over the years how much we desperately need to hear the truth about ourselves to the enemy is screaming in our ear about what all is bad that's going on but nobody is telling you the truth, and when you hear it from somebody you trust it it's it's unbelievably valuable now you may be going let Robbie where is all this going. I have a very specific place where it's going. This week there was a horrible tragedy and a lot of people probably same. Where is God in Houston but those of us with eyes to see.

Have seen something amazing going on all over you sought on TV. Maybe you saw somebody in your neighborhood.

Whatever we have somebody on the show with us today. Any Bowersox good friend of ministry.

We also do mixing with us here who's out there collecting today Morgan to get all into that but I want you to think about this is your chance to join the mutual admirers Matt admiration society for what you seen God do in Houston or about Houston. Maybe it's in your own neighborhood. You saw people collecting this week. The number to call in and share what you saw that touched your heart, 866348788486634 truth began to hear you been out there this this morning that your work got collection all over Winston-Salem and barrios and I'll help us help Texas what's going on. Well first of all, I have no idea you're going talk about the mutual admiration society, but so thank you for having on-again Robbie but I love love love that idea to an you for those of your list are the listeners and know that our ministry were all about, provide encouragement, lot a lot a lot of that refreshment affirmation and in rejuvenation in the lives of our caregivers are pastors and other ministry leaders where I get to the Texas thing in a minute but I just want to affirm that again that you know in our ministry. We spent a lot of effort, providing that encouragement, affirmation, and, and support and we we have learned that experts tell you it takes seven complements to overcome the effects of one criticism and so if you think about that especially the end and church life in evangelical culture. How many of us are so quick to criticize our pastors and our leadership without falling back up or early scum background so you know what, maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe it was online. Maybe this person does have some as great attributes and this and that in the paper on their back. So I was big as he knows what you're talking about, that we are totally going to take over telling another that we might get a whole church to run around and write words of affirmation encouragement because it's so so important, so I love it.

Now I forget which X is back on that you've been Addario. This more and against Daria's got it. It said no and he is to know that whatever is going on. He has his ministry, but the Holy Spirit grabbed hold of him and since only the peers. This these people are in need. Let's go in and he and he gets involved in that sums going on very well as you know is all too well right there so so like, here's a quick story talked about the big problem is down there and if I use the word tragedy, that's right. What might be among them. Let up on the on the right culture for that stuff, but it's a big problem. It was a natural disaster in your right eye, but I believe that God's got reasons behind it. I believe he sovereign is in control of all this, but what happened for us. Our ministry supports pastors in an caregivers spiritual leadership and so maybe it maybe love you saw the Facebook video of the pastor that was out of this little boat rescuing people and it just it just hit me that here's a guy that already and I don't know the size of the congregation this going to guess it's probably average to maybe even smaller size church and has all kinds of people that have physical needs.

They have emotional spiritual needs.

I have financial needs, and he's not trying to do what he could do this only so much you can do any one person can do right and so I just thought a little. I call it God nudged the say hey there's other pastors like that down there that need your encouragement that needs your support and so I thought well you know what we can go. We've got this great pray for your pastor bus that we take all or you say that you think is around the country with Wiccans load some people up and nothing in granite help these guys. But in the meantime, what are some physical needs that they need also so we started making a bunch of phone calls been on the phone, probably more this week than we ever have, which is saying a lot, but found found that there still a great need for some forfeiture water for baby supplies for diapers for baby wives for formula but then also a lot of Lotta request for cleaning supplies a lot of bleach a lot of things to help to help rebuild so the purpose of our trip were collected. Like you said all the barrios we love to notice. I love your idea of colony and on and on another great things that are God's doing behind the scenes right but then the other part of our trip were were leaving Monday to head down and also to connect to some churches that we can spend over the next couple months restoring help and reach remodel and read you end and renovate as well alright well during the break is a great time to call in 866-348-7884. Mutual admiration society. What did you see this week you let all God, man, you are awesome God that is so cool you call us by Ray. I absolutely I think he's gay now, I like his regime is lying in an illegal to a mutual admiration society today on the Christian card as show and we would love to hear story of what did you admire out there this week if you watched people react to what was going on in Houston. Or maybe it was somebody there right there in the scene or maybe it was in your community that is reaching out and collecting your meeting needs. How, whatever that looks like we would love to hear that story of God at work. It's powerful stuff.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a number to call you and share. We would love to hear your story, of course, here in Winston-Salem we want to say again that today from now until 7 o'clock tonight at all Daria locations that's a wonderful restaurant if you need me there all over the Triad just to barrios and your phone and you'll find plenty of but they are collecting between now and 7 o'clock. These items bottled water cleaning supplies, hygiene products, baby wipes, baby formula and baby diapers. They don't have room for anything else is anti-just explain he's got one big gigantic thing going and Andy, this is this is: you are down there just a little while ago with this happen to Daria yes yes we know it's crazy crisis and chaos. They are gonna go together, but like you said Robert it's good to gets great to see the spirit of people coming together to help out if I thought I got a call this morning from a guy that I believe is a Christian. I believe he disses is looking for place to serve and thought the thought even hit me enough actually back on the head and myself because you, seeing God in different situations. Okay and you got a got a big problem but then you got God's grace and God bringing people together to help and and to unite and so I got a call from the sky. Don't know I'm only know how he or she found out about us doing but he wanted to volunteer to help out and I said that's great and and then I asked him Saturday for Philly with a church in a church home here now, not really. This will help out in the thought just hit me like I know, I know that doesn't have a set some these trailers are just to reach one guy right here right like that's the case on the wall.

Most of the God has planned, but maybe just think like if you listen right now think Michelle pray for this guy's name is J and and so throughout your morning, just pray every day for him to meet Jay later always come to volunteer for two hour shift on these barrios and who knows what will happen out of that situation. But all that to say it's been it's been great to see people come together we we stage V trailers at all. Five. Daria tried locations here and we got volunteers working those within and then not to march a relative into a big semi trailer and head out on Monday and the reason were specifically looking for those items is because there's a lot overrun of closers a lot over on some of the things those of the things that are partners down there so they actually still need and so we will help supply that while we go to look for longer-term relationship to help rebuild as well and we know that there are people in Seattle right now. I got lots of people listed in Seattle, you know, there's a location there were there collecting stuff other people in Seattle need to know that.

And guess what you can do you can call in the Christian card as we are live right this minute we got lines open. We would love to hear where you collected in Seattle where you collect in the Raleigh where you collecting enrichment where you collect in the New York we have stations that are just bless our socks off by broadcasting this why not get the word out everybody where they can take part in what God is doing in Houston. Eight. The number to call him 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and you know we have our very own Christian insurance got Bill Mixon with us here today when you think hurting and I know you think an insurance, I'm sure a lot of people just in her thinking insurance right now, but this touched us up in your heart bill that you want to share with I do a lot with the jail and prison ministry in one of the things that I've been sharing for years as I asked the guys if you had anybody that's mad at you and you don't know why it all the hands go up. I asked Comeau how many of you know somebody that was mad and comes to they think you said something about it last week and you don't even remember mention it and all the hands go up. I said would Triad if we only love herself that much. If we only respect yourself that much. It's it very difficult for us to believe that anybody else respects or loves it smooth so we've got this voice this going on in our he had them were saying things we would just be scared to let anybody else here know about, and when some people hear their name or imagine they hear their name. There sure that other person saying the same awful things that they say about themselves and I tell them a voice.

He knew he had. That makes you feel bad is not God's voice this not the Holy Spirit that's a tape recorder that comes from when you were a child and you heard awful things said to you, are awful things said to people that you love and respect you worthless, you'll never amount to anything. I don't understand you. I don't and we've got to fight that voice that Paul tells us you can't get fresh water over saltwater out of the same well we got a flesh that come we gotta get fresh water in the air that God wants us to think good thoughts about ourselves.

And when you put that sign on your back and you get other people to write wonderful things and to share with you with their vision.

Is it opens your mind for a few minutes to be able to see that you would worth in yourself and if you capture that moment you can start growing in the way that God wants you to. I think that we were called to do. Forgive others not because they need our forgiveness. They don't know that your man, but you learn how to forgive yourself through learning how to forgive others and you got to forgive others to be able to love them and to be able to learn to love yourself or you got it do it by learning how to forgive and love other people more because you can't love God any more than you love yourself and you love others and God wants to be loved, far more than where most people start that process macro Anam and again here's a wonderful opportunity for you to begin.

You know, God has this glory that is reflected off everybody that you know and he gave everybody I have a friend calls him a special sauce and if you got to know Andy for very long, you would see the special saw that he saw see her yet. He's got away connecting and intersecting other people you know I don't know a single person. I really don't who could get Dario and radio stations and whatever and mobilize something the way did it or if God puts on his heart to start a prayer that he could start suppressing but that's that's his glory. And when you see that's reflecting off of him. I don't know how many people say man and he that is unbelievably cool but every but everybody is got some way that they reflect God extra special sauce and this is your chance to call in and share.

We got Angela Burlington she's got some force in a minute. We need your story, 866-348-7884. It's a mutual sense since it had some mutual admiration society that he and the Christian card – so what have you seen happen and as a result of hurricane Harvey that you just went wow God you are so amazing in the midst of all that's going on. Or maybe you want to take this technique to your Sunday school class or whatever are we got lines open. We would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH we have Angela is in Burlington, North Carolina, Angela, you're a Christian card as sugar morning are the light now right brought out behind the heat out. Well, making pizza delivery on me. She is really think about one a lot of room carpet on her kayak play and I think that while not really that makes my day.

Angela that she saw that name. But God, I agree with you. That's exactly what I was for this morning Angela thank you so much for calling him I'm something you know all turmoil over like lady make all know minuscule. I agree with Bob. It probably good to get right in material right significant blessed. Thank you for calling Angela. We need more stories like that. Thank you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884's a number to call in a 6634 to 4 turnabout mutual admiration society where have you seen people jump in business, so have to be Houston maybe saw somebody in your community is getting things together for Houston or maybe who knows what you saw if you got it and you think God was at work in it. We want to hear it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and since you know this is the Christian card I show I did want to mention at the end of the show we have a fascinating thing. I've been looking at and how a crankshaft relates to the 10 Commandments I have sent you have a wonderful mom. I have an engine that I have come up with that connects the five tablets, five Commandments on one tablet and five Commandments. On the other tablet and then the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Those five first ones, how that makes the crankshaft go round and round on those things work together. The first commandment with the six amendment in the Senate and the Army moved the second commandment the sixth commandment if were to go through that in the show season one. Makes you wonder what time the night he came up with how is fine I think you can have fun with me when we do that, but we need your stories 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and again we got the stuff right now.

If you're in the Winston-Salem area. We are at Dario's right Andy and all, there is even the Mooresville location actually.

So I got six opportunities to come by the beer trailer out there will have some volunteers to help you get your stuff loaded but water candidate will look will take canned goods is not one of the things it was on our list, but somebody actually asked about that earlier so will find a spot for it, but a lot of baby supplies diapers and baby wipes, baby formula and and some really cool.

Which by the way everybody listening to my voice continued.

Yes about this are not an encouraging word for pastors because you you can just go on Google find a church in Houston and send the pastor Encouraging Word died about you.

I'm stuck on your mutual admiration society are since I walked in this morning, I was stuck on that and I think he likes that idea to where we went all to make use of that in our own and our own teams here, but but I was just thinking, and if you're out there right now. Maybe you can't get to Houston.

Maybe you can't get to Winston-Salem or maybe to want is for the drop-off points which I would hear. I like to hear where they're all out all over the US but what about if you just took a minute right now even and either sent you know, I know of encouragement down or even send it to Senate to energize send it on Facebook but I would love to see some notes of encouragement come in for local pastors another, and other ministry leaders dinner that we could just transfer we get down that way. So hey guys there's other people praying for you to have the unit when they drop off their their donations they could include great idea for a letter handwritten note, the mutual admiration society what the whole US today becomes the mutual admiration society and we all discontinue to band together. There are people down there.

They're giving and giving someone just sent me a Facebook video of any covered grill move in, and to help give food other than just the dehydrated food which is often often distributed so this only ways to give. If you can't get there. Everybody can give a word of encouragement. I love to see you to send a Christian card I sent it to us. Energize ministries your Facebook or online and we what we will take these notes and pass the word out because encouragement can drive the spirit of overcoming rather drive the spirit of perseverance, way further than people realize it can and not in often think about the that old story. The kid that was carrying his books right now the stories have infant school Karen. All these books and the books fallen and syrupy walk by one, but one person helps this kid pick up his books and the and the next weekend. He's early in the week and he's coming back to school and his current same stack of books in the same kid comes over and he says what are you Col. those books and on he said, well, I've actually leave and leave in the school because I was going going in my life this weekend and I didn't want my mom that to clean out my locker, but it's because of that one friend that one word of encouragement that the help they could pick up those books and befriend them.

If the kid had enough motivation to make it through the weekend.

Esther is been told for years and years and years, but I see the same thing and people that are giving constantly pouring back out if we could come along. Give them an ounce of appreciation amount of encouragement and support. It makes an eternal difference and the ripple effect from that is far move away from a region.

We realize so send your notes of encouragement energize Facebook to Christian card I Rob you know the other places.

But let's get him down there. Let's encourage this pain has a new enemy. We will get them to Andy and is going down there and while you just don't know. You know how and I am when I when most kids have is if you heard my story beginning a show if you didn't I'm sorry but I have the kids write on each other's back. The thing that they liked about an and five years later, in the Sunday school class. This could still have these notes it's it shows how much you cherish a word of truth, the bit helps come through the clutter of how people really see you, especially people you respect and love and that they know that's coming from a fellow Christian.

It means just to time and and we would love love love to pass those notes those prayers along. You know that's it goes way further than you realize and it's it it's impossible to over emphasize how important continual affirmation. Encouragement is for people that are constantly pouring back out know what nobody nobody can keep emptying out their picture without it being refilled and it makes a difference up because gases were cinnamon online.

However, absolutely. But since were on the subject. We have our insurance guy here. We gotta know you know what what what what word would you have for people that are I guess… Next one coming Isabel or some what insurance wise with what the people need will, there's a point right before the storm hits where you can't make any changes to your insurance or by any insurance site it if you're fairly certain there's something coming in your work you bad the time to do things is added comprehensive on vehicles covers flood a lot of people not realize that so if you got a car and you got a high comprehensive deductible. Not a bad time to call up and say you know can do I have time to drop that deductible down. God tell you you got some responsibilities to park those vehicles at a higher area and get it added the storm's path, but there is a lot of coverage for vehicles for hurricane damage. The houses and your personal property generally flood is excluded. Now, windstorm, and a lot of places is not excluded in North Carolina line and a lot of coastal states. There's a totally different mechanism for wind and hail and for flood that you gotta get through.

In North Carolina the North Carolina joint underwriters program in the national flood program.

It's really great to have a personal insurance agent you can sit down in front of that handles all your insurance because if you got a little bitty insurance was somebody Everett 800 number and a little bit insurance with this person a little bit, then those holes those are all your fault there. We got one more segment for you to call in with your admiration. 866-34-TRUTH 878841 a talk about how to transfer the 10 Commandments so much more efficient talk. I show coming up because 866-34-TRUTH 78826 and yes turning turning crankshaft pistons driving them as you may know it, but one of the cool things is the force of God helps us turn towards him in an act of repentance and when we turn towards him. It's really fun thing to you know I always thought repentance was cut repentance was kind of a difficult word but I learned one time as I thought about and somebody was teaching me about the prodigal son when he turned from eating those pig pods back to his dad to have lamb dinner as he was coming down that road. This was not an unhappy experience.

This was like oh man I can hardly wait to get to dads table that's a picture of the forces that are at work in God's repentance because as builders describes a weld.

God doesn't throw condemnation down there in order to get you turned towards him. He he put godly grief. And that godly grief.

If you look precious for second Corinthians chapter 7 verse 10 it says godly grief leads to repentance, with no regrets, but the grief of the world leads to death. Which begs the question, what's that grief of the world with the grief the world is it Sandy's fault. It's Bill's fault. It's if the hurricanes fault.

It's the snake fault it's whoever's fault. That's the grief of the world that leads to death, but godly grief puts pressure to turn the crankshaft and that I love that song turn turn until you come around right when you get to where you running towards God. On the way to lamb dinner then you're on your way to heaven. And that's that's a picture so I began to study the 10 Commandments in light of all this that I just described. You and ends to see if I could find a relationship between the commandments and how they got to the turn in repentance and I've I needed a way to connect to those in other words I need, connecting rods, I need to crankshaft and I found that it worked really well with the five anointing of the Holy Spirit. And if you want all this information, you can find a Christian card. II wrote the whole thing out in great detail, but in Isaiah 11.

You'll find the seven anointing's of the Holy Spirit. So if you just take those first five and I'll explain I'm not going to the seven minute just take those first five and was lining up for second so what's the first commandment.

Lord Wright is post number one God, no other gods before me.

What's the fifth commandment not murder, unexcused, your father and mother's right the sixth commandment is the first of the six that have to line up your right. Honor your father and mother is in fifth. So how did what does murder have to do with making God. Only God well somehow or another. Wisdom comes in there because that's the first anointing the Holy Spirit and wisdom is right. Sure, the Lord is the beginning of wisdom as you share the Lord. What's the chances of you murdering anybody.

I mean really, if you think about it that. But then again it it shares with you. Here's wisdom and here's murder and if you have wisdom. What's gonna happen. You're gonna turn to God is gonna be a godly pressure the 22nd commandment, no idols right the sixth commandment is we go through that is no adultery well idols and adultery have always been connected throughout the Bible. When you see somebody unfaithful you can see that in fact Paul in Ephesians talked about. It's a mystery Christ and the church. So what does that have to do with understanding well. In Proverbs the same Proverbs 9 versus 10 Proverbs 910 says write the beginning wisdom is pure. The Lord, and knowledge of the holy one is understanding. Well, if you really know this, Jesus that's coming after you like in the song of Solomon. You're not to commit adultery. If you really have that understanding and I can go there and so it those forces of getting to know him are going to push you back towards repentance. How cool is that. So then moving on. We get to that.

And by the way, in all this is a Christian card at our common SCRIPTURE everything you want to know third commandment is no God. Don't use God's name in vain versus the seven Commandments, which is, do not steal, and what connects them that anointing of the Holy Spirit's counsel so if did you ever think that if you use God's name in vain in any way shape or form. Like if I'd make my ministry about Megan Robbie great I'm stealing God's name. That's where the connection is your stealing God's glory, Robbie, and that's using his name in vain and counsel. If you look at that from a Hebrew perspective has to do with purpose. What is your purpose what your purpose is to glorify God. I say I and so if that's your purpose. The last thing in the world you gonna do is use his name in vain, nor are you going to steal or steal from somebody else's glory. You see what we've been talking about was mutual admiration society is the opposite. See you is pouring into somebody's glory, which is turning again back toward God get to the fourth commandment right. The fourth is remember the Sabbath, which this is really a treasure for me and the ninth commandment is, do not bear false witness, no false testimony and is connected to the concept of the Holy Spirit of might well I don't feel like me but I am really confused by the Sabbath, like in hospitals to work in my not supposed to work and was put I mow the lawn and my really good to be in trouble if I do this you know I get a heart level. I struggle with all that. How does it work out exactly what the world that have to do with the false testimony well if your talkshow host like me and you would see anytime that somebody comes on the show and they begin to give a good testimony. Not a bad testimony, but they give a testimony of how God came through in their life like we heard about the lady delivering pizzas think of them might think the power that's their in that testimony is phenomenal how much power is there right now think about this. What kind of testimony. What kind of might, do you have if you work for the next 20 days without stopping. Another words the Sabbath was meant for you will run out of might you'll run out of energy yield burnout. God knew that you needed some rest and your testimony is to be flawed. If you continue to work past. What the time is useful to work but now think about this you take whatever you consider to be your sap and you give that to God you just pour into the be and worship him and in whatever what kind of might. What kind of testimony do you have come on Monday morning mean it's it's it's it's it's phenomenal. See the pressures of the turning you're trying to write back, which gives you the last minute, which is the fifth one which is honor your father and mother and how does that connect with do not covet well, let's get and I know by the way, connectors, knowledge, and this is so cool because if you think about the prodigal son right.

He had a knowledge that his dad was going to meet his need.

He had no need anymore to covet his inheritance because he knew his dad's heart was good. He honored his father by coming home. You see, I mean if we really trust God. We don't put the blame on anybody else because we know God's going to meet our need.

Even a foreigner hurricane even wherever in the world.

We are I mean that pressures can get you to turn back to God rather than the coveting you see you see the difference if I turn to God rather than I need this need met some other way. Then, while an old by the way, it's a circular argument your back to knowledge well remember what we said in Proverbs sciences and understanding of knowledge of the holy one, and so were going in circles. To some extent because now listen. These are the last two annoying is the Holy Spirit six is the fear the Lord and the seventh is a delight and that your Lord will study Isaiah 1111 beautiful picture you see the circular argument. If you delight in the fear the Lord your resting right there. If I know that God's got this no matter what I mean there's an absolute delight.

There will the fear the Lord leads to a delight in the fear the Lord, it just the more you do it the more you delight in it and the more you use these, you will have literally a V-10 if you spend some time on you will have a V 10 and just rip it to the Lord what you think in this powerhouse you have a V-10 powerhouse is what I think about either area locations across the Triad's burial restaurants where they collected maybe water cleaning supplies emphasis on bleach of the spleen supplies, baby wipes, baby formula and baby diapers. I will be there till 7 PM tonight.

Every trying to relocation love to see and send you notes of encouragement. There is also please those notes of encouragement and and by the way you encourage us just by listening to yes sir we love everyone of you and we pray for you.

Regular thanks Bill and thank you for listening Christian card. I remember slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done. 33

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